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Full Gospel Lighthouse Church, Inc.

624 Torringford West St., PO o! "2#", Torrington, CT #6$%#&"2#" Phone' "&()6#*&4)%&4"+$ ,,,.fglchurchtorrington.coP.stor' /e0. 1.niel ossid2

January 2014 Dear Friend, Greetings to you from everyone at the church and a Happy and healthy Ne !ear" #he $ord is moving %y His &pirit and it's onderful to %e a part of the (ingdom of God in this day e live" )n Ne !ear's *ve e had a ater %aptism" +t as a great ay to finish off 201, and %egin 2014- )ur friend ho as %apti.ed said later that she has %een so full of /oy since her %aptism that she /ust can't get over it" #he $ord touched her and refreshed her and rene ed her- 0e (no it is only the %eginning as she follo s on to (no the $ord in a greater dimension than ever %efore)ne recent &unday morning service e ministered on the verse of &cripture in Revelation 21:5, hich says, 1And He that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said unto me, Write: or these words are true and aith ul-2 Not too many people can say their ords are true and faithful" *specially hen they are spea(ing a%out the future, hich no man has control over- 3ut God can ma(e this claim %ecause He has never lied or led anyone astray- +n one place Jesus said, 1I it were not so, I would have told !ou-2 0hen a person gives their heart to the $ord, He ma(es all things ne " He comes in and %egins a or( in your inner man that can't ta(e place any other ay- He gives you a ne outloo(, a ne attitude, a ne heart and spirit- 0e all can open our hearts and as( the $ord to come in, forgive us of all our sins 4 hich includes our dou%ts and fears5, and sho us the path of life- He ill guide our steps in the paths of peace as e surrender to His ill- Jesus sho ed us ho to do this- 6 person ho prays and reads the 3i%le each day is a person ho ill %e guided %y God's &pirit each day" )ne minister said once, 10hen you pray, that is you spea(ing to God- 3ut hen you read the 3i%le, that is hen God spea(s to you-2 + have found that the more + serve and follo the $ord the more + ant Him in my life- He does ma(e all things ne - +f you have found your faith to not %e hat it should, let me encourage you to pray and as( the $ord to help

you- He ill not turn you a ay, %ut ill spea( things to your soul that ill cause you to %elieve- 6 man once came to Jesus %ecause his son had sei.ures and no one else could help them- 1"esus said unto him, I thou #anst $elieve, all things are possi$le to him that $elieveth2 4%ark &:2'5- All things7 even your situations and circumstances that loo( impossi%le to you- +f you and + can %elieve, all things are possi%le to him that %elieves" 0hen the father of the %oy heard this the &cripture says, 1And straightwa! the ather o the #hild #ried out, and said with tears, (ord, I $elieve) help thou mine un$elie -2 He made no e8cuses for his un%elief, %ut he readily admitted his short9comings concerning faith- &ometimes ac(no ledging your failure to %elieve is actually the %eginning of your miracle" 0e, too, %elieve: %ut e /ust need help that only comes from the $ord" Jesus too( over and delivered that %oy from his affliction- Ho a%out you; Do you %elieve the $ord Jesus ill help you; +s sin your affliction; He ill deliver you and save you and ma(e it possi%le for you to ma(e heaven your home some day- #he &cripture says that hosoever shall call on the name of the $ord shall %e saved- #hat means you, me, or any%ody else" )pen your heart to Jesus <hrist today- !ou ill never regret it, for He ill fill you ith all /oy and peace in %elieving" =ay God %less and strengthen you 1more a%undantly2 this month<ome and %e my guest at the church- )ur services are held on &unday at 10 6= and > ?= and 0ednesday at >7,0 ?=- )ur church is located at @24 #orringford 0est &treet in #orrington, <#- + (no the $ord ill minister to your heart" &incerely,

Aev- Daniel 3ossidy