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Amelia Kerton Mr.

Hoffman World History C 30 September 2013 Properly Capitalized Title First comes your introductory paragraph! Give a couple sentences to introduce the idea of the Mandate of Heaven. Then comes your thesis statement. In about two sentences write what the Mandate of Heaven was, why the Zhou used religion to influence the Chinese people and how the Zhou would relate the Mandate of Heaven to the United States government today. Your first paragraph should start with a sentence that says what the Mandate of Heaven was. This whole paragraph should be about describing the Mandate of Heaven. Write the who, what, where, when of the Mandate. The first sentence of this paragraph should include a transition (also, another aspect, in addition to, etc.) and should say why the Zhou used religion and not something else to influence the Chinese people to overthrow the Shang dynasty. The rest of the paragraph should be about the Zhou using religion to overthrow the Shang dynasty. Your third paragraph again should use a transition (Considering this, therefore etc.) and should state how you think the Zhou would say the mandate of heaven relates to the United States today. This paragraph will then have examples of current aspects of American society that support your position.

Your last paragraph will conclude, or sum up, what your paper has discussed. Youll want to restate your thesis statement; what the Mandate of Heaven is, why the Zhou used religion to influence the Chinese people to overthrow the Shang Dynasty, and if the Zhou were still around how they would relate the Mandate of Heaven to the United States today.

Helpful Hints About MLA *If you ever have questions about MLA formatting (Or APA or Chicago Style for that matter) you can reference the online writing lab at Purdue. They have very detailed information about formatting, citing, footnotes, works cited etc. Check it out! 1) Before you begin, go to format and mouse over and click on paragraph. In the window that pops up, look at the bottom half of the box where it says spacing. Around the middle will be a bar under line spacing where it probably says single. Click the arrow and change it to double. Then click Ok. Now your essay will be double spaced. 2) Also before you begin, go to file and scroll down to page setup. One of the tabs at the top will say margins. Click there and change your top, bottom, left and right margins to one inch (1). Click Ok. Now your margins are all set! 3) Your heading will be the first thing you type. Youll start at the left margin with your first and last name. Then press enter and write your teachers name. Press enter again and write your class and period (World History B/C/D). Press enter one more time and write your due date in day, month, year format (27 September 2013). 4) Your Title comes next. Youll press enter again, center your text and title your paper. Remember! We capitalize the first letter of each word (except for words like a, of, and the when they come in the middle of your title). 5) Then you can begin your essay. Press enter, move your text back to the left margin and begin. Always indent the beginning of new paragraphs! 6) CITING OTHER SOURCES! If you use another persons writings or thoughts thats great! If you dont tell us that those words or thoughts arent yours, not so great. In fact, thats called plagiarism and thats illegal. Lets not go to jail. All you need to do is to be sure to cite (give credit to) any sources (books, articles, speeches etc.) you use. MLA has a fancy way to do this. Youll place in quotes () the sentence or phrase that you want to quote from someone elses work. When you close the quote with a quotation mark (), youll follow it with whats called parenthetical citations. In parentheses youll write the last name of the author, a comma, and then the page number you found the sentence or phrase on. After your parentheses, youll put your period. Dont place a period inside your quote, even if your quote is a sentence. Place your period after your parenthetical citations . That all sounds a little confusion doesnt it? Let me give you an example. In Suzzane Collins book, The Hunger Games, theres a quote on page 20 that I want to use in an essay. This is how I would do it: In the book The Hunger Games, Katniss shows great courage in an attempt to protect her sister when the unthinkable happens. As district twelve waits for the results of the reaping, Effie Trinket crosses back to the podium, smoothes the slip of paper, and reads out the name in a clear voice. And its not me. Its Primrose Everdeen (Collins, 20).

7) You also need a header. This is your last name in the upper right corner with page numbers. This is in case your stapled essay comes apart. It ensures that teachers dont lose pages of your essays. Under Insert, go to header and footer. A header will appear at the top of your page, so click inside the box and type your last name. Then choose the page number option. This will add a page number after your last name. Under your header and footer tab, there should also be an option that says Different First Page. Check the box next to it. This will remove your header from your first page, but keep your header on the rest of your pages. (Your first page already has your heading with your name in it. You dont need your name twice on the page.) Dont forget to reference the OWL at Purdue if you need more help! Good luck. (May the odds be ever in your favor!).