From: Kingsberry,Danny [NCR] Sent: January 9, 2014 5:11 PM To

: Subject: Response to your request - Libraries
consolidation Importance: High

Bi Naigaiet.

As piomiseu, please finu below oui answeis to youi questions.

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!45 6,7 80-& .'9:0:'*( %0;* 9**- +.,(*/3
!<5 6,7 8=+% 80)*:'0. %0( &*) ), 9* (,:)*/3
!>5 ?*1,:)*: %*0:/ )%0) @AA 9,B*( 9*%'-/ +02*( '( C0(D0),,-
70')'-2 ), 9* +0)0.,2=*( 0-/ (,:)*/E F0- GF +,88*-)3
!H5 $%0) '( )%* 1.0- I,: /'2')'J0)',-3
!@5 6,7 8=+% 8,-*& '( 9*'-2 (0;*/ 9& )%'( +,-(,.'/0)',-3

Enviionment Canaua's libiaiies aie available to Enviionment
Canaua employees only. In 2uu8, aftei consulting with
Enviionment Canaua employees, EC began to moueinize oui
libiaiy seivices to pioviue moie equitable seivices anu access to
infoimation iesouices foi all employees. With the suppoit of
Enviionment Canaua employees, the uepaitment began the piocess
of pioviuing electionic access to iesouices anu ieuuce ieuunuant
anu out of uate mateiial. This piocess also incluueu expanuing
libiaiy seivices in some aieas anu consoliuating unueiutilizeu
locations. We have consoliuateu S staffeu libiaiies anu a fuithei 7
unstaffeu minoi (eg. Reauing Room) sites to othei location as pait
of this moueinization initiative.

Libiaiy staff has been woiking continuously on this but theie
iemains woik yet to be uone. The Libiaiy Seivice inheiits
significant collections eveiy yeai as scientists ietiie anu leave theii
books, jouinals behinu. These aie checkeu to see if they ietain
value. As well, we enquiie if Libiaiy anu Aichives Canaua, oi othei
goveinment libiaiies woulu like to claim them. Theie aie
appioximately 6Su boxes of piint mateiial in a stoiage cage at the
National Byuiology Reseaich Centie in Saskatoon, wheie the
Saskatoon Libiaiy is locateu. The bulk of it is tiansfeiieu mateiial
fiom consoliuateu EC libiaiies anu EC Piogiams that has not yet
been ievieweu by local libiaiy staff. This mateiial will be soiteu
anu eithei auueu to the collection oi not, baseu on the ielevance of
each item.

We aie uigitizing almost all EC publications anu many iepoits anu
aiticles anu have an ongoing uigitization plan to put as much
mateiial that is iaie, histoiical anu 'one-off' up on the netwoik foi
all EC staff to use, no mattei wheie it physically iesiues. 0vei
Su,uuu uocuments have been uigitizeu in the last S yeais.

!K5 L%* :*1,:)*: =-/*:()0-/( )%0) '- )%* "MHAN(O"MPAN( )%*
2,;*:-8*-) (1*-) 0 .0:2* (=8 ,I 8,-*& ):0-(.0)'-2 +.,(* ),
"AA 9,B*( ,I ,./ 101*:( I:,8 )%* "MHAN( O"MPAN( :*20:/'-2
1,.0: 9*0: %=-)'-2E Q-/ )%0) )%*& %0;* -,7 9**- )%:,7-
070&3 R.*0(* *B1.0'- 7%& )%'( %011*-*/E

The libiaiy has no iecoiu of specific Polai Beai collections that
have been thiown away.

!P5 F0- &,= +,88*-) ,- +,-+*:-( :*20:/'-2 0++*(( ), ST:0&
U')*:0)=:*S +,..*+)*/ '- G-;':,-8*-) F0-0/0 .'9:0:'*( 9=) -,)
1=) '-), +0)0.,2=*(3

Eveiy item that the libiaiy has access to is ievieweu anu
catalogueu baseu on the ielevance of each item.

V0--& W'-2(9*::&
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