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A Vatican of Tibetan Buddhism

Presented by:
Min Bahadur Shakya
Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Methods
• Introduction
• Its Structure
• Entrance
• Angular Walls
• Azima Shrine
• Three Plinths
• Dome
• Harmika and Buddha’s Eyes
• Spire
• Legends
• History of Boudhanath Stupa
• Power places for Pilgrimage and Prayer
• Boudhanath: A Vatican of Tibetan Buddhism
The Main Entrance Gate of Boudhanath Stupa
View of the Stupa as seen from outside the entrance gate
A typical Tibetan shop on the side of the entranceway.
A Caitya on the circumambulatory path of the Stupa
Entrance Gate (Seen from Inside the Stupa Area)
The Dome
Circumambulatory Path and the shops alongside
Tibetan Nuns circumabulating the stupa
Base or Vedika of the stupa
Entrance to the stupa
Entrance to the stupa
Shop dealing in ritual instruments alongside the circumambulatory path
The joined buildings surrounding the circumambulatory path of the Stupa
Palden Lhamo (Azima) Shrine
A Large Prayer wheel inscribed with the mantra of Avalokitesvara
Sakyamuni/Aksobhya Buddha in the niche of the dome
A Varuna Nagaraja
Angular Wall containing the fresco paintings of Enlightened Ones.
An old monk lost in his prayers
A Mongolian Lady on Elephant
General View of Boudhanath Stupa with its three plinths
The view of the Stupa from the topmost plinth
General View of Boudhanath Stupa
The Harmika and Eyes
Double Thunderbolt (Visvavajra) on the lotus pedestal
• Nepalese Legend
• Tibetan Legends
• Maitreya Vihara
• Kanying Shedrupling Monastery
• Sechen Monastery
• Kopan Monastery
• Samtenling Monastery
Map of Monasteries around Bodhnath
MAITREYA VIHARA:Jyam Chen Lhakhang
• Main shrine from outside
• View from interior courtyard
A General View of Maitreya Vihara
Maitreya Vihara: Main Shrine viewed from the Stupa platform
Maitreya Vihara: View from the interior courtyard
• Main Pathways
• Entrance Gate
• Main Monastery Building
• Wall paintings
• Dharma Teaching
A Passageway leading to the monastery
Main Entrance gate of White monastery flanked by slant staircases
One of the Lions guarding the gate of the monastery
Kanying Shedrupling Monastery
Main Shrine hall of the Kanying Shedrupling Monastery
Torma on the altar
A typical Tibetan shop on the side of the entranceway.
Mayadevi giving birth to Siddhartha Gautama
Devotees listening to the Dharma Discourse in White Monastery
• Main Entrance
• Main Shrine Building
• Monks Quarter
Outside garden of the monastery complex
Main Entrance to Sechen Monastery
Sechen Monastery
Building serving as an annexe to Sechen Monastery or Monks Quarter
• Main shrine
• Fresco Paintings in the main shrine
• Kalacakra Mandala-3D
• Maitreya Buddha Statue
• Eleven faced Avalokitesvara
• Great Stupa
• Bodhisattva sacrificing his flesh and blood
• Ksantivadin giving teachings to ladies
• Clay images depicting the scenes from Buddha’s Life
A typical Tibetan shop on the side of the entranceway.
Kopan Monastery Main shrine hall
Main Shrine hall of the Kopan Monastery
The main shrine all of the Kopan Monastery
Six Syllable Avalokitesvara, flanked by Manjusri and Vajrapani
The Wheel of Life
Fresco of Sakyamuni Buddha on the wall.
Three Dimensional Kalacakra Mandala
Maitreya Bodhisattva at the Kopan Monastery Garden
Eleven faced Avalokiteshvara at the Kopan Monastery Garden
Bird Eye View of the Beautiful Kopan Monastery Garden with Stupa in background
Clay images displayed in the park depicting the Mahasattva’s offering of his own flesh to the hungry tigress.
Clay images depicting the story of Ksantivadin, one of previous life of the Sakyamuni Buddha
Prince Siddhartha taking ordination
Clay images depicting the scene from the Buddha’s Life
Buddha’s Parinirvana
• Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche
• Ven. Choekyi Nyima Rinpoche
• Ven. Chobgay Trichen Rinpoche
• Ven. Sakya Trizin
• Ven. Lama Thubtan Zopa Rinpoche
• This presentation has been possible under the auspices of
sponsorship of Publication Board of the International Journal called
“The Great Compassion”, a quarterly Journal.
• We have included this article on this journal with profuse
illustrations and audio-visual materials in a CD together with hard
copy journal
• Today Boudha has become a remarkable center for Dharma Practice.
After 1959, with the influx of high Lamas from Tibet all the Tibetan
Buddhist traditions have built substantial monasteries around the
stupa. Everyday the Stupa is visited by hundred of pilgrims, and the
Tibetan community in exile in the Kathmandu valley has made
Boudha the Vatican of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.