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Baked Chicken Nuggets Prep Time: ! "inutes Cook Time: ! "inutes Read# $n: %!

"inutes &er'ings: ( )* Parmesan crust li+ts these chicken nibbles abo'e the ordinar#. &er'e alone or ,ith an arra# o+ dipping sauces.) $ngredients: - skinless. boneless chicken breasts / cup $talian seasoned bread crumbs // cup grated Parmesan cheese / teaspoon salt / teaspoon dried th#me / tablespoon dried basil // cup butter. melted Directions: /. Preheat o'en to %!! degrees 0 1 !! degrees C2. . Cut chicken breasts into / // -inch si3ed pieces. $n a medium bo,l. mix together the bread crumbs. cheese. salt. th#me and basil. "ix ,ell. Put melted butter in a bo,l or dish +or dipping. -. Dip chicken pieces into the melted butter +irst. then coat ,ith the breadcrumb mixture. Place the ,ellcoated chicken pieces on a lightl# greased cookie sheet in a single la#er. and bake in the preheated o'en +or ! minutes T,eaks : great tip to crisp up chicken Place chicken on a ,ire rack 1like the kind #ou cool cookies on2. This allo,s the bottom o+ the chicken crisp up as ,ell. $ baked /4 minutes at %!!. then broil +or 4 minutes +or extra crispness. $nstead o+ butter i+ #ou ,ant to sa'e calories is to add a cap+ul o+ 'inegar to some milk 1it is a substitute +or buttermilk2. This tenderi3es the chicken as ,ell and the coating sticks ,ell to it. Then sprit3 ,ith a light spra# o+ oil and bake. This recipe also ,orks ,ell ,ith Panko or corn+lake crumbs. $5'e used this recipe to o'en +r# 3ucchini and mushrooms too. * much more health# alternati'e than deep +ried and the# actuall# taste better6 $t5s ama3ing ho, man# calories #ou can sa'e b# using these simple steps. these ,ere great6 7er# tast# and crisp and much better than +ried. $ used a beaten egg to get the batter to stick rather than melted butter +or a lo,er +at content. $ didn5t ,ant to use all o+ that butter. so $ used t,o beaten eggs mixed ,ith a splash o+ oli'e oil. $ ,as running short on Parm so $ used hal+ the amount. &er'ed ,ith 8one# mustard dressing- 'er# tast#6 $ used / // lbs. chicken tenders cut in hal+. 9sed onl# // tsp.salt. &ince bread crumbs ,ere seasoned. $ reduced basil to // tsp. and also added //% tsp. black pepper. Put all dr# ingredients in a plastic baggie and added m# chicken.a+ter dunking in butter. in small batches to coat. 9sed some o+ the le+t o'er crumbs sprinkled on top and dri33led ,hate'er butter $ had le+t o'er on top o+ the chicken. $ used +resh grated parmesan and the# came out ,onder+ul6 $ used to pan +r# m# chicken nuggets and it took +ore'er.this is so much +aster and easier and the best nuggets $ ha'e made so +ar.

&,eet and sour chicken Description: Breaded +ried chicken strips seasoned ,ith ginger. garlic. and onion. in a reddish s,eet and sour sauce ser'ed o'er rice :ield: % ser'ings $ngredients: pounds boneless skinless chicken breast. sliced into bite-si3ed pieces / cup +lour / teaspoon ginger //% teaspoon pepper teaspoons garlic salt / teaspoon onion po,der // teaspoon seasoned salt // cup oil -/% cup sugar // Tablespoons cornstarch // teaspoons ,hite 'inegar / cup ,ater Tablespoons so# sauce - Tablespoons ketchup / cup o+ rice. cooked ,ith / // cups ,ater according to package instructions $nstructions: /. $n a medium-si3ed container ,ith a tight-+itting lid. mix +lour. ginger. pepper. garlic salt. onion po,der. and seasoned salt. *dd chicken pieces. put lid on. and shake to coat. . $n a large skillet. heat oil o'er medium heat. Drop in +loured chicken. and +r# until chicken in bro,ned and +ull# cooked. Drain on paper to,els. -. $n large saucepan. ,hisk sugar. cornstarch. 'inegar. ,ater. so# sauce. and ketchup. 8eat until mixture boils. stirring constantl# to a'oid lumps. ;hen mixture is thickened. add chicken pieces and toss to coat. %. &er'e chicken and sauce o'er hot rice. T,eak : $ used orange <uice in place o+ the ,ater. to make it an orange sauce and <ust ser'ed the sauce alongside the chicken to be poured on as desired. 9n+ortunatel# some o+ m# children think ketchup goes best ,ith chicken.