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8 Foolproof Ways to Soothe a Sick Child By Rachel Meltzer Warren for Beauty & Confidence 8 ways to soothe a sick

kid. No mom wants her child to feel miserable and the co mmon cold can really wipe a kid out! Fortunately, combining a few simple moves w ith time-tested remedies can help ease your little one s symptoms. So the next tim e she starts coughing and sneezing, try these savvy tricks to soothe your sick k id in no time. 1. Push an ice pop. This frozen treat can help soothe a sore throat, plus provide extra fluid to prevent dehydration, says Dr. Susan Besser, a family physician in Memphis, Tenn., and a mother of six. Giving your child plenty of liquids will a lso help thin out mucus, making it easier to cough it up. 2. Choose the right remedy. An over-the-counter medication is one of the best wa ys to relieve cough and cold; just make sure to check the label for age restrict ions. A multi-symptom drug is useful in many cases, but don t assume that it s a one -size-fits-all treatment. If your child isn t experiencing each of the ailments lis ted on the box, you re giving her unnecessary meds, says Besser. That may cause unco mfortable side effects, like insomnia or nausea. She advises matching up your chi ld s specific symptoms with the medicine you give her. 3. Use lowing eaton, into a an extra pillow. Elevating a child s head will keep those nasal secretions f forward and out of the nose, says Dr. Peter I. Liber, a pediatrician in Wh Ill., and a father of four. That can prevent postnasal drip from turning cough and help her sleep more soundly.

4. Have a cooldown. While waiting for that acetaminophen or ibuprofen to kick in , a cold washcloth or icy drink can provide relief for a feverish child. Skip th e cool bath, though: Liber explains that may raise his core temperature and actu ally worsen fever. 5. Soothe with steam. Adding moisture to the air can help loosen up congestion, sa ys Besser. Keep a vaporizer or humidifier in your child s room, and remember to ch ange the water daily to prevent bacteria growth. Or run a hot shower and let her sit in the fogged-up bathroom for up to 15 minutes. 6. Teach good hankie habits. Clamping your nose with a tissue and blowing forcefu lly can lead to nosebleeds or even a ruptured eardrum, cautions Besser. Instruct your child to clear her nose gently. While you re at it, remind her to toss the ti ssue in the trash afterwards and wash her hands to avoid spreading germs. 7. Calm with creams. Turns out those mentholated topical ointments and creams yo ur own mom gave you really do work. According to a recent study, sick kids whose parents applied a vapor rub to their chest 30 minutes before bedtime slept bett er, breathed easier and coughed less throughout the night than those who didn t. J ust make sure to follow the directions on the package, and avoid using in and ar ound the nose. 8. Protect his nose. You can t always help whether your little guy uses a tissue o r his sleeve to wipe his nose but when he does, make sure he s got a soft facial t issue on hand. And Liber also suggests keeping his skin from getting red and cha pped by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly beneath his nose and on the out side of his nostrils.