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Business Communication 2.


Year Size #of Industry Business Nationality

COMPANY Est. (Large, Medium, Employees Line (s)
1938 LARGE More than ELECREON digital media ROK
SAMSUNG 80.000 ICS division,
ELECREONICS information
division and
liquid crystal
display (LCD)
1896 LARGE More than Heavy Electro- ROK
DOOSAN GROUP 35.000 Industry & materials,
Constructi Fashion,
on, construction
Infracore . and
Enginneeri engineering,
ng & Const financial and
, insurance
Beverage . business.

HANJIN 1945 LARGE More than The transportation ROK
21,636 distribution by truck and
industry, railway, port
Shopping stevedoring,
shipping, Parcel
Home- delivery,
delivery warehousing,
service, moving,
Rent car packing,
service. international

Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 2/3)

Major Major Past Current Future

COMPANY Services Products Achievements Projects Goals

LCD Pannel LCD Pannel Developed world's GREEN DDR3 It's our aim to
SAMSUNG IT Business Semiconduct first 512Mb DRAM (40 NANO develop innovative
ELECTRONICS Network or Ranked No. 1 of CLASS 1.35V technologies and
Semicondu world's Top 100 IT 2GB DDR3) efficient processes
Companies by that create new
BusinessWeek markets, enrich
Development of the people's lives and
54"TFT-LCD, the continue to make
largest digital TV Samsung a trusted
monitor in the world market leader.
Developed the
largest Flexible LCD
Consulting, Machine With completed Product Low- Global TOP-TIER
DOOSAN GROUP Financial tools, acquired three speed Diesels total ISB company
Services, Engineering business Breaks 60M bhp,
Industrial & divisions of
equipment, Construction Ingersoll-Rand,
Infrastructu , Doosan acquired
re support, Oil & gas the Chung-Ang
IT Services, processing University
etc foundation
The Services Hanjin’s growth Hanjin offers the Serving the Nation
HANJIN distribution began to take off finest services and Creating
industry with the signing of in Korea, Affluence,
a stevedoring and effectively Creating the
transportation catering to World’s Top-class
contract with the various Transportation
U.S. Forces in customer needs, and information
Vietnam in 1966 with the Service
during the completion of
Vietnam War. cutting edge
In 1992, Hanjin logistics
began Korea’s facilities
first door-to-door
delivery service

Business Communication 2.0/Winter09/COMPANY DATA MATRIX (page 3/3)

COMPANY Why I think this company is “great”

SAMSUNG They always think of human first and they are also leader of these electronics
ELECTRONICS indurstry over the world. However as you know, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS hasn’t
have not enough times to get the top of this industry over the world so I think this
comapany is great.

DOOSAN GROUP I think Doosan company has a lot of passions to make company prosper and they
also has good sense of business. The one thing that I focused on is their service
area. They work on Heavy Industry & Construction part, financing part, beverage
part. Even they have clothes industry. How do you imagine about it? From beverage
to Heavy industry, they are covering most parts of the world industry.

HANJIN Hanjin has specific part of service. It’s a transportation. They serve the door-to-door
service first in Korea and now a days, they transport everything include people. They had 2
chances to make them grow up and they caught the both of chances. In this case I think that
they are so great for getting their own chances.