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2nd Largest Privately Owned Truckload Carrier Gives Source Intelligence MSDS Contract

U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. is the latest global brand to entrust Source Intelligence to take-on their material safety data sheet management requirement under the ccupational !ealth and Safety "dministration#s standard. $hattanooga, %&, 'anuary (), *(+, - U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. is the latest global brand to entrust Source Intelligence to take-on their material safety data sheet management requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety Administrations (OSHA) 2 !"# $ $%&$2%% standard (Ha'!om 2%$2) and( )here applicable( the current standard (Ha'!om $ *)& +OSHAs final rule combines the Ha'ard !ommunication Standard )ith the ,lobally Harmoni'ed System of !hemical !lassification and -abeling (,HS).( e/plained Scott Hepner( 0irector of Source 1ntelligences 2n3ironmental Health and Safety !ompliance Solutions& 4Source Intelligence ser3es a stable of industry leaders like 5&S& 6press )ith a comprehensi3e compliance solution that addresses Ha'ard classification( -abeling and marking( 7aterial Safety 0ata Sheets (7S0S) 7anagement( and information distribution and training& 1mportantly( 7S0S compliance is 8ust one application of Source 1ntelligences9 robust en3ironmental( social and sustainability compliance platform&. +5&S& 6press is committed to e/cellence and belie3es in setting high standards for our company and our employees(. commented Amy -okken( :ice ;resident( Safety( +<o pro3ide superior ser3ice to our customers )e sought a ne) generation compliance platform that integrated technology and en3ironmental e/perts a3ailable 2*=> that could handle our 7S0S compliance and e/pand into other compliance programs for regulated materials up and do)n the entire supply chain& Source 1ntelligences9 solution and team of e/perts offered e/actly )hat )e )ere looking for&. ?eginning @o3ember 2%$A( 5&S& 6press and Source 1ntelligence9 entered a multi-year contract mo3ing from training on the ne) label elements and 7S0S format to complying )ith all modified pro3isions of the final rule by 0ecember $( 2%$B )hen distributors may no longer ship products labeled by manufacturers under the old system& About U.S. Xpress Enterprises: "ounded in $ CB( U.S. Xpress Enterprises is the nations second largest pri3ately o)ned truckload carrier( pro3iding a )ide 3ariety of transportation solutions throughout @orth America& De are committed to being at the forefront of safety compliance( using comprehensi3e training for our staff and dri3ers and ensuring our trucks feature the latest safety inno3ations& Dith a dedication to minimi'ing our impact on the en3ironment( 5&S& 6press is a SmartDay <ransport ;artner and )as honored )ith a 2%% SmartDay 2n3ironmental 2/cellence A)ard& 5&S& 6press 2nterprises affiliates include Arnold <ransportation Ser3ices( <otal <ransportation of 7ississippi( 6press ,lobal Systems and 6press 1nternacional& "or more information( please 3isit )))&us/press&com& About Source Intelligence: Source 1ntelligence9( a Source ** !ompany( is a data acquisition and analytics company that

combines the best of cloud-based technology )ith a 2*=> 2ngagement <eam to gi3e organi'ations 3isibility into sustainability( en3ironmental and social factors( such as carbon emissions( ha'ardous chemicals or illegal sourcing practices( that can create operational risks in costs( product and reputation& Our technology platform for sustainability( en3ironmental and social compliance programs empo)ers our customers to meet policy requirements( mitigate operational and brand risk( and enable strategic decisions& "ounded in 2%% by career e/perts in en3ironmental solutions and cloud-based platforms for data acquisition( analytics and strategic decision-making( Source 1ntelligence9 has gro)n to a $%%person operation ser3icing E di3erse industries )ith * core ser3ices& Source 1ntelligence9 is headquartered in ne)( e/panded facilities in !arlsbad( !A& Contact: Scott Hepner Source 1ntelligence $ 2$ ;alomar Oaks Day Suite F2%B !arlsbad( !A 2%$$ C>>- $E-EAA> shepnerGsourceintelligence&com httpH==)))&sourceintelligence&com FFF