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Jesus said to his disciples (Jn 6:63) that his words to them were spirit and life. So it is when God speaks. His Word accomplishes things, such as the Creation of the world, the destiny of men and nations, and the justification of sinners, who are then no longer condemned, but free. Our Heavenly Father is the giver of life and of all good gifts (Js 1:17). Through Jesus He spoke to us words of life. My desire is to impart to you today words of life that are based in God’s Word, the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is the creator of our human spirits. Hebrews 12:9 encourages us to submit to the Father of our spirits, so we may live. We are learning to start where God starts as He makes us and grows us up as His children: namely, with our human spirit. “For what man knows the things of a man, except the spirit of a man which is in him? Even so the things of God no human can know, but the Spirit of God knows Him intimately.” (I Cor 2:11) God’s Holy Spirit has to transform us when we are born again. He has to reveal to us what God is really like and He walks with us every day so we can obey God’s will. When we bless people’s spirit, they are touched by the Holy Spirit at a profound level. I have been studying God’s Word and He has been speaking to my spirit. Using His words as my basis, I want to bless you now as you read with your godgiven, human spirit fully aware. Read each Psalm and my notes of encouragement. From God’s Word I bless your spirit to benefit by the inspired man of God who wrote the text. Read and soak in God’s goodness to you. Hebrews 4 says Jesus has gone through everything we have experienced, so we can go to Him, knowing He understands how we feel. He empathizes with us, but He did not sin then and He can show us how to cope and not sin today. Jesus used to read the Psalms written by David. Jesus quoted from them, even as he was dying (Ps 22). David’s experienced provided Jesus with link between his own human situation and His heavenly Father’s heart. Now we also can look into David’s “prayer diary,” the Book of Psalms, to link with Father ourselves. David wrote down every trial for us to know God understands us as He did the “man after His own heart.” As we empathize with David in his pain, his pain and doubts, we can also be lifted up by his responses of faith and praise and prayer. God’s living Word rejuvenates our spirit to new faith and comfort in God. In each Psalm I have found a theme that may speak to your own experience. Read and re-read the ones you need to rejuvenate your spirit. God bless you!


If your enemies will not repent and David, the writer, knows how abuse soften their hearts and stop their feels: You are surrounded by your evil ways, the Lord will have to retormentors. You are powerless to move them or remove you from the stop them. situation. The Lord Only when you are PSALM 6 God is our Judge and alone can you let A David psalm. He avenges the out your true feelwrongs done against Please, GOD, no more yelling, no more ings of grief at peotrips to the woodshed. Treat me nice for us. Let us not beple's evil and harda change; I'm so starved for affection. come bitter and hard ness of heart, of Can't you see I'm black and blue, beat and vengeful like our pain in your own up badly in bones and soul? GOD, how opponents. Let us fear and desperalong will it take for you to let up? Break rely on the Lord: listion and smallness. in, GOD, and break up this fight; if you tening to us and aclove me at all, get me out of here. I'm no tion on our behalf. good to you dead, am I? I can't sing in Bring your case to your choir if I'm buried in some tomb! He has no joy in our the Lord. He will I'm tired of all this--so tired. My bed has death. He sees our hear you. He is not been floating forty days and nights On tears. He feels our like your father or the flood of my tears. My mattress is pain Himself. He is mother or others soaked, soggy with tears. The sockets of moved with compaswho did not know my eyes are black holes; nearly blind, I sion. squint and grope. Get out of here, you how to love you. Devil's crew: at last GOD has heard my Even if they got sobs. My requests have all been granted, First, I want you to mad at you and my prayers are answered. Cowards, my know you are not yelled at you or enemies disappear. Disgraced, they turn alone in your pain blamed you and tail and run. and despair. Jesus is punished you un(Psalms 6:1-10 MSG) there with you. Ask fairly, now you have Him to reveal Himself. Someone who understands. Your Secondly, He hears your honest Heavenly Father is not like them. emotions and He responds out of He is gracious and merciful. His His own justice and mercy. He will heart is for the weak and suffering not change, so you can rely on Him. and He sent His Son Jesus as a Then, leave it up to Him to do what Mighty Warrior to save you and He wants to do for you. Put yourself your enemies. in His hands and thank Him for receiving you.


I call your god-given spirit to listen in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and ask your soul to learn quietly. I bless you, spirit, because you know the true depths of pain and fear and despair hurting the body and the soul. During the day you have to let things appear normal and acceptable. People and the Enemy put pressure on you to accept pain and punishment as though you are to blame and you deserve such abuse. I bless you with revelation of your Heavenly Father's love and His feelings toward you of approval and understanding and acceptance. Your Father in Heaven created you to know Him even though everyone else around you tells you lies. He is true and faithful and He cares.

I bless you with strength to present your whole picture to God, your King and your Judge. He will listen. He will understand. As David did, you can let out all your feelings and pain, let Him know how awful your abusers are, tell Him your fears and unbelief, confess your anger and nasty reactions, appeal to Him to save you form death and destruction. I bless you with God's comforting presence and comforting words in your neediness. I bless you with confidence in the Lord's strength and justice for the unjustly abused. I bless you with Jesus' blessings of joy promised to everyone who suffers in His name. Holy Spirit, come and seal this blessing! In Jesus' Name, I ask. Hallelujah!


PSALM 27: RELIEF FROM REJECTION AND ESTRANGEMENT NOTES OF ENCOURAGEMENT David, the writer, knows how it feels to live with rejection. You have experienced rejection and isolation. Parents who should have loved you failed to give you what you needed. You long for a friendly, smiling, approving face and words to match. Whether you know it or not, your Father in heaven is smiling at you in love right now. He is proud of the spirit He gave you and He is willing to have His Son, Christ Jesus,

PSALM 27 A David psalm.

Light, space, zest-- that's GOD! So, with him on my side I'm fearless, afraid of no one and nothing. When vandal hordes ride down ready to eat me alive, Those bullies and toughs fall flat on their faces. When besieged, I'm calm as a baby. When all hell breaks loose, I'm collected and cool. I'm asking GOD for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I'll contemplate his beauty; I'll study at his feet. That's the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world, The perfect getaway, far from the buzz of traffic. God holds me head and shoulders above all who try to pull me down. I'm headed for his place to offer anthems that will raise the roof! Already I'm singing Godsongs; I'm making music to GOD. Listen, GOD, I'm calling at the top of my lungs: "Be good to me! Answer me!" When my heart whispered, "Seek God," my whole being replied, "I'm seeking him!" Don't hide from me now! You've always been right there for me; don't turn your back on me now. Don't throw me out, don't abandon me; you've always kept the door open. My father and mother walked out and left me, but GOD took me in. Point me down your highway, GOD; direct me along a well-lighted street; show my enemies whose side you're on. Don't throw me to the dogs, those liars who are out to get me, filling the air with their threats. I'm sure now I'll see God's goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with GOD! Take heart. Don't quit. I'll say it again: Stay with GOD. (Psalms 27:1-14 MSG)

walk with you and stand by your side and defend you. All of your failures and sins and selfishness cannot put Him off. He knows all about you and has wonderful plans to make you His child and give you a fulfilling life. He is with you in all the challenges you face. He wants you to solve problems and grow up to maturity. He even plans to do miracles to make His design happen. David's spirit responded to God's invitation to seek His face and you can too. All the joy your heart still yearns for is to be found in Father God's presence.


I call your god-given spirit to engage with my words. It is safe to listen to the good things God wants to say to you. Jesus is calling you. I bless you with strength of heart as you wait upon the Lord to act on your behalf. He is strong when you are weak. He is a shelter when people and the Enemy attack you. God is for you and neither hardships, nor persecution, nor danger, nor war can separate you form the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. I bless you with joy as you connect with our Heavenly Father's joy over you. He is telling you to seek His face, because He is looking for you; He created you and He delights in what He has made. When you seek Him, He will be found by you, so seek with all your heart. You can know He is there and He will reward you. I bless you, spirit, to hear and recognize the voice of your heavenly shepherd, speaking to you personally, to give you strength and protection. Jesus said, He is the good shepherd and His sheep will know His voice. He is not harsh and unyielding. He knows your weakness and need and He cares about you. I bless your hope. Your hope comes out of hiding when you hear the Lord speak to you in your deepest parts. He is responsive to you when you cry out, "Lord, save! Help me! You see my enemies! I am alone and desperate!" He will answer you. He is your safe place. I bless your faith. In those times when you want to run and hide to save yourself, I bless your faith in the truth. The Lord is God. He made you for His purpose and He is faithful to call you and to answer your prayers. He is greater than your opponents. I bless your memory of good times of encouragement, hope, joy and connection. I bless you to trust the Lord even when things are scary.

Blessed be your desire, your hope, your yearning for more of this loving, holy God. His love burn up your pain and failure and fears. He removes your hard shell in the warmth of His home. As you seek Him out, He will hug you and surround you with light and friendship. Blessed is your belonging in the Lord's family. It is safe to let out the goodness you have been protecting. Heavenly Father invested wonderful, mighty gifts in you. Let them explode in Father's presence. Let out your worship and singing, your gratitude and praise. Your Savior lives! Your Father is glad to see you! I bless you as you worship with the eternal family in heaven. I bless you as you let out the music of heaven in your heart. Start humming and singing whatever bubbles up in your heart. Hallelujah! I bless you, spirit, in your search for companions to walk with you and share and learn together. The Lord loves to walk with His children. He is gentle but strict. He knows your needs and your rebellions. Father has spoken. He has a word for you today. He is teaching you to go His way. He has sent His Son, Jesus, to walk with you and lead you in His right practices, so you can be more like Him. I bless you with comfort as the pain and injustice scream at you for revenge. I bless you with confidence in God's mercy and God's timing. I bless you as you wait for the Lord and you don't understand. Add your "Amen" to David's. You will indeed see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I bless you with new feelings, positive feelings, a new sense of passion. God Himself is a flame of love and holiness. Some of His flame is in you by His Holy Spirit. Flame up, O flame of God! Jesus, Light of the world, light up this spirit! Your home inside this life is warm and secure. I bless your life you share together, spirit to Spirit. I bless you in the Name of Jesus the Risen Lord!


Can you be honest? Will it help? Honesty can be embarrassing. It can be scary too. You can get hurt. And if people make you feel embarrassed, ashamed and unworthy, then how would you want to be honest in front of the all-seeing, holy God, who is over all things.

Let me share some lessons from David's experience. Some days you need this more than others, but it's good to know. Sometimes you are not sure if God is your friend or your foe. Your Our failure, our rebellife can get into a mess, lion, our excuses have PSALM 32 so you're not sure how distorted our impression A David psalm. to get out again. You of who God really is. Count yourself lucky, how happy you must pray and you can't alThat’s why we need an be-- you get a fresh start, your slate's wiped ways see how it helps. objective testimony by clean. Count yourself lucky-- GOD holds When you feel overother godly people to see nothing against you and you're holding whelmed, you wonder if how God reacted to nothing back from him. When I kept it all faith really works. them. Heavenly Father inside, my bones turned to powder, my is better and more wonwords became daylong groans. The pressure Let me reassure you. derful than you ever never let up; all the juices of my life dried God is there. He sees imagined. Spirit, you up. Then I let it all out; I said, "I'll make a you and He cares about want to be connected to clean breast of my failures to GOD." Sudyou. We have records of God, but you are flooded denly the pressure was gone-- my guilt disthousands of years and with overwhelming urges solved, my sin disappeared. These things thousands of people to and desires, you are add up. Every one of us needs to pray; when know how He thinks threatened by people all hell breaks loose and the dam bursts we'll be on high ground, untouched. God's and acts. Remember, who want you to do my island hideaway, keeps danger far from He is good at saving things their way and the shore, throws garlands of hosannas people from their some people use God around my neck. Let me give you some messed up situations. like a club to beat you good advice; I'm looking you in the eye and up. You are confused giving it to you straight: "Don't be ornery like Our Heavenly Father and can only pretend to a horse or mule that needs bit and bridle to loves you, but He is have a handle on reality. stay on track." God-defiers are always in wise and realistic too. The Lord God is Spirit trouble; GOD-affirmers find themselves He knows your goodand He created you to loved every time they turn around. Celebrate ness is inconsistent. walk and talk every day GOD. Sing together--everyone! All you honYour good intentions with Him. est hearts, raise the roof! get waylaid by your (Psalms 32:1-11 MSG) fears and your rebelSpirit, be encouraged. liousness. You have Today the Lord wants to compromised and your conscience bothstrengthen you, teach you and be your ered you, so you made up excuses. One counselor. He will speak to the problems bad decision had to be covered by another. deep within you and work His way outBy now you're not sure how you got here, ward from there to the circumstances nor how to get out. God won't help you around you. and then leave you in charge. You'll just find yourself in a new soap opera.


Let me bless you today with the words of a man who was freed from guilt and depression and released to trust and experience joy. I bless you with hope. God wants you free from rebelliousness and from the shame of failure; free to be honest and forthright, with no need to make excuses and fake it. I bless you with grace and courage. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Look inside yourself to see what He shows you. "Holy Spirit, we ask you now: please reveal today where You want to start this path to freedom. Show us Your agenda as we open up to You." I bless you with light in the darkness. I bless you with clarity in the confusion. I bless you with understanding to name your rebellion, to recognize your failure, to spot your conniving. I bless you with a sense of relief, knowing this is the beginning of freedom, an open door to strength and integrity, God's chance to show you His goodness. Speak to yourself: "Yes! This is my chance to let God in on what really motivates me. I will take responsibility for my failures and my rebelliousness. I will confess my excuses and what I'm afraid of." I bless you, spirit, with godly sorrow, knowing you have not fulfilled your dreams and you have not lived up to God's good plan for your life. You have brought hurt to the Lord who loves you. You have hurt yourself and your loved ones. True sorrow makes you human, lets you feel real emotions. It gives you a clue how God feels about your sorrows. I am pleased to let you know that you are free: free to experience what Abraham, the father of God's people, experienced; what King David, the man after God's own heart, found out; and what Pat the Apostle wrote about. "How happy is the person whom the Lord God treats as

right, not because of doing everything right, but because they trust in Christ." Heavenly Father is satisfied with His Son, Jesus', work for you. Are you satisfied with Jesus' work on your behalf? If you are, then you are blessed with forgiveness and freedom. By letting yourself experience honesty and godly sorrow, by agreeing with God about your sin and what displeased the Lord, because God has put your failure and guilt and punishment on Jesus, He has said He forgave you. Now, spirit, I can only add my blessing to God's own blessing. "How happy is the person whose rebellion is forgiven, Whose failures are covered by love. How happy is the person whose twistedness is untwisted And whose spirit is strong and sensitive." Now the Lord is your help and shelter. From His strength you can tackle life again, looking at yourself and being set free every day. He is wise and He won't take away all the problems until you replace your old thinking with His wisdom. I bless you with God's joy today. You and He have met in the depths of your being. He brings His love and forgiveness with Him, and He will stay there to keep meeting you. Now He is saying: "Pray to me before disaster strikes. Walk with me all day and I will teach you what pleases me and makes you successful. When you get into a jam, I will be your adviser, 'cause I've got my eyes on you. I don't want you to suffer the pains bad people do. Just don't be stubborn like a mule, so you can learn the easy way, not just by hard knocks." I bless you with new joy, new courage, new faith. I bless you with remembering God's presence when you are discouraged. I bless you with songs and answers to prayer in Jesus' Name.


David's advice to us is based on his extensive experience with God and all kinds of people. He tells us to center on the God who can save us and shelter us and makes us stable people. Without quietness resting our soul, we will look around all the time for support and reassurance. truth, so we all pretend to be better than we really are. Without help, we are all just takers, trying to get our "needs" met.

Some day the truth will come out . People will be exposed. Declining econPSALM 62 omy will bring down even A David psalm. the haves. As David said, it's all smoke and mirrors, a God, the one and only-- I'll wait as long as puff of wind. When you're he says. Everything I need comes from him, desperate, money seems so why not? He's solid rock under my feet, like the answer to all your breathing room for my soul, An impregnaproblems, whatever way ble castle: I'm set for life. How long will you you come by it. Don't let short-term survival end in long-term shame and confusion. Listen to King David the psalmist. You have to step back from your fears and insecurities, from all the people and things you think you need to prop you up. Have they really helped? Are your needs met? Or are you running and running just to stay in place? God will have the last word over your life and over everyone else's'. He wants to give you glory and honor. But you won't get it by frantically keeping busy to please people or your church or society around you.

When we look like we have something to offer, people will come to us for what we can do for them. But since they are just as insecure as we are, they rejoice over our weak points as well as our strengths. Even when they flatter us with their lips, in their hearts they are gossiping about how inadequate we really are. If we are looking for popularity and approval to make us feel good about ourselves, we may look for people worse off that us, so we can feel better about ourselves. We'll also try to get close to the in-group to make us more powerful and respectable. When respectability doesn’t work, we're tempted to do something on the sly that will get us ahead. Even if somebody else may suffer, we tell ourselves, "That's not all that bad." If you step back and look at this behavior like David did, you can see it's all a house of cards. Everyone is weak and needy, but won't tell the

gang up on me? How long will you run with the bullies? There's nothing to you, any of you-- rotten floorboards, worm-eaten rafters, Anthills plotting to bring down mountains, far gone in make-believe. You talk a good line, but every "blessing" breathes a curse. God, the one and only-- I'll wait as long as he says. Everything I hope for comes from him, so why not? He's solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I'm set for life. My help and glory are in God --granite-strength and safe-harbor-God-- So trust him absolutely, people; lay your lives on the line for him. God is a safe place to be. Man as such is smoke, woman as such, a mirage. Put them together, they're nothing; two times nothing is nothing. And a windfall, if it comes-don't make too much of it. God said this once and for all; how many times Have I heard it repeated? "Strength comes Straight from God." Love to you, Lord God! You pay a fair wage for a good day's work! A David psalm, when he was out in the Judean wilderness. (Psalms 62:1-12 MSG)

What do you have inside you? Can you rest in God's strength, in His ability to save you in the situation you face today? Can you find peace, pouring out your heart to God as people attack you or let you down? By trusting the Lord for the things that are really important to you, you will find your heart's needs are being met and you are more stable in your relationships as well.


Spirit, let me strengthen you with the truths of Psalm 62. I call you to engage with God and His Word. He will not condemn you. He wants to encourage you and give you strength. I bless you with insight into your soul's feeling of insecurity. You know the disappointments and letdowns. You know how people have not met your needs. You remember how bitter you became over lost hope and evil betrayal. I bless you with courage to confess that God never intended you to be secure in people or possessions. God intended something better for you and you are still looking for it. I bless you with grace to forgive friends and family who said good things to you but did not mean it. They are needy sinners like yourself and God wants to forgive you, if you are willing to let these sins against you go. If you forgive the people, you will let loose of the pain. I bless you in this divine grace and power. You are free to be like Christ Jesus, who also forgave His enemies. I bless you with the immense joy that Jesus had when His Heavenly Father said about Him, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am very pleased." This is the joy that God wants you to have in His presence when you face the Throne where He rules the world. As you reject everything that lets you down and displeases Him, He can give you the real thing that will satisfy you and bring Him joy over your life. I bless you with the peace that Jesus promised, not as the world says it gives, but the peace that surpasses understanding and overcomes the world's anxieties. In Jesus' peace you will know God in truth. You will experience Him speaking to you. You will find Him teaching you and coming to your rescue. Instead of needing things from people that they can't give you, you will have something to give to them: rightness, peace and joy in God's Holy Spirit. As Jesus said, "Come to us, Kingdom of Heaven!" Holy Spirit of God, plant this blessing deep in this spirit. We love you, Lord. Amen.


When did you experience goodness? Can you remember? When did someone care about you? A phone call, a listening ear, an invitation? When did you learn that God cares Are you excited about the things you see God about you? A friend, a doing in your life and PSALM 77 sermon, something on in the world around An Asaph psalm. TV? How did you feel you? Maybe you're filled that God sacrificed His with wonder at His I yell out to my God, I yell with all my might, I yell Son to give you a betmiracles. at the top of my lungs. He listens. I found myself in ter life? That He loves trouble and went looking for my Lord; my life was you and answers your Or do you see your an open wound that wouldn't heal. When friends prayers? world as barren and said, "Everything will turn out all right," I didn't empty instead? You feel believe a word they said. I remember God--and When did you experishake my head. I bow my head--then wring my like you're on your own. hands. I'm awake all night--not a wink of sleep; I ence Jesus? A healing, God has forgotten you can't even say what's bothering me. I go over the a reconciliation, susteand abandoned you to days one by one, I ponder the years gone by. I nance, courage, a longyour fate. The Bible strum my lute all through the night, wondering ing to read the Bible and the churchgoers how to get my life together. Will the Lord walk off and share with others? seem like an alien and leave us for good? Will he never smile again? Where have you seen planet: no hope for you Is his love worn threadbare? Has his salvation God changing you? there. promise burned out? Has God forgotten his manMore patience, less ners? Has he angrily stalked off and left us? "Just addiction, more rePsalm 77 was written my luck," I said. "The High God goes out of busisponsible actions? by a worship leader in ness just the moment I need him." Once again I'll When did God answer tough times. He had go over what GOD has done, lay out on the table the ancient wonders; I'll ponder all the things your prayer? witnessed the desecrayou've accomplished, and give a long, loving look tion and destruction of at your acts. O God! Your way is holy! No god is Remembering good God's Temple by hategreat like God! You're the God who makes things times gives you an anful vandals. He was happen; you showed everyone what you can do-chor in the bad times. looking for the Lord You pulled your people out of the worst kind of Remembering God at Jehovah to rescue His trouble, rescued the children of Jacob and Joseph. work in history gives People by mighty victoOcean saw you in action, God, saw you and tremyou hope for your own ries, such as God had bled with fear; Deep Ocean was scared to death. history, that it can bedone in the past. But it Clouds belched buckets of rain, Sky exploded with come “His Story.” didn’t happen! thunder, your arrows flashing this way and that. He knew the stories. He believed the promises; that is until he was too exhausted to care any more. Maybe God felt the same way, for all he knew.


From Whirlwind came your thundering voice, Lightning exposed the world, Earth reeled and rocked. You strode right through Ocean, walked straight through roaring Ocean, but nobody saw you come or go. Hidden in the hands of Moses and Aaron, You led your people like a flock of sheep. (Psalms 77:1-20 MSG)

Asaph wrote Psalm 77 to proclaim how important remembering is to bring you out of the pit of despair and give you perspective from outside your own misery.

When you are exhausted and depressed, even the Bible and music and prayer don’t seem to help. They can even lead down to deeper melancholy emptiness. Where do you look for hope? To the present? To the past?

Let me bless you, spirit, with the lessons learned long ago by this believer in a time of hopelessness, when the world looked bleak and dead.


Spirit, you were created by our Heavenly Father to know Him and learn from Him. I call you to attention now in Jesus’ Name and ask you to let go of anything that would distract or interfere. I bless you with strength to face the feelings in your heart and soul. The hopes and desires deep in your heart and the cries of your soul are disappointed. You see the weariness and fear. Old joys, old songs, old Sunday School stories no longer satisfy. They feel like God has forgotten, like He no longer cares, like He has gotten fed up and left the room. Spirit, you can go to Heavenly Father to find resources of strength and insight you don’t have otherwise. I bless you with grace to search the Father’s heart of love and find wisdom how to help your heart and soul. I bless you with new songs to carry you through bitter trials. Your distress and bewilderment are not bigger than God. Let your heart find rest in worshipping in song. Hum! Strum! Sing to Him! I bless you to speak strength to your mind. Bring back the memo-

ries of God’s mighty acts, His salvation to His People. Once He reached down with a strong hand and a mighty arm to rescue a million people from slavery. He even split open an ocean to let them escape a tyrant. Nobody could see God’s hand, no one could see His footprints in the sand. But they felt the wind and saw the water move. They could see the leaders God sent to help them. I bless you, spirit, to see the invisible hand of God in your life; to recognize His footprints in the sand as He carries you through impossible situations. I bless you, spirit, with a sense of wonder at God’s greatness: greater than any politics, any science, any psychology, any pill or drink. He is God and He does wonders. I bless you with faith in place of discouragement. I bless you with hope as you soldier through your days. I bless you with love that had no beginning and will have no end. I bless you with God’s wisdom to solve your problems and humility to learn from them. May you see our Heavenly Father every day and may you hear Jesus’ voice wherever you are. I bless you in Jesus’ tried and true Name. Amen!


Somewhere out there a place? A place for me: where I'm loved, accepted, cared for? A place where I'm not alone, but other people click, we connect, and we resonate with each other? This search, this yearning, this fragile hope begins deep inside us. If you listen, you'll find it, or you'll remember feeling that desperate cry once upon a time. All of us humans were built with a compass in our spirits that points us to eternity, the heavenly city. God created us with eternity in our hearts. That's why you and I are on a search. This world is not our home. Planet Earth gives us a taste of something so good, nothing else satisfies. Actually we are pilgrims. The God who loves us, wants us dissatisfied, because He fashioned us to live and walk with Him. We need to keep moving, from battle zone to battle zone, from tent to tent, from our house to God's House. Our pilgrimage starts with the highways in our hearts. One taste of the goodness of God starts our feet into motion. Where can I find love, joy, companionship, music and dance? When you meet another pilgrim, something resonates deep in your spirit. They have connected with the same source of joy. They too have left worldly pleasures for something better. Even obstacles become part of the excitement, seeing Jesus guide us along and God the Father meet our needs. Am I talking about church? Is that where pilgrims gather? Maybe! Look and see; there may be people ready to climb God's Mountain together. Most likely you'll also find some who like the base camp more than the ascent to the summit. I don't know how far along you are on your journey. But I do know you must trust Jesus Christ, our guide. He came down the Mountain to us to remove the baggage of sin that would have kept us from ever meeting God. If you have placed your life in Jesus' hands, He will be there to save you from every stumble and drought and enemy attack. Then you need the Guiding Spirit of God in your human spirit, so you can follow His whispered guidance. Oh yes and get a copy of the field guide, the Bible. I am climbing the Mountain of God too. I know what it's like at the summit, since the field guide tells me. We get stronger and stronger as we climb; we throw off excess baggage of bad attitudes; we hear some music floating down to us and we send our prayers on ahead.

PSALM 84 A Korah psalm.

Pubs, dance halls and taverns leave a bitter aftertaste and demand more and more from us, while giving no more back. Where we want to go is up to the top of God’s Mountain.

What a beautiful home, GOD of the Angel Armies! I've always longed to live in a place like this, Always dreamed of a room in your house, where I could sing for joy to God-alive! Birds find nooks and crannies in your house, sparrows and swallows make nests there. They lay their eggs and raise their young, singing their songs in the place where we worship. GOD of the Angel Armies! King! God! How blessed they are to live and sing there! And how blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel; They wind through lonesome valleys, come upon brooks, discover cool springs and pools brimming with rain! Godtraveled, these roads curve up the mountain, and at the last turn--Zion! God in full view! God of the Angel Armies, listen: O God of Jacob, open your ears--I'm praying! Look at our shields, glistening in the sun, our faces, shining with your gracious anointing. One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches. I'd rather scrub floors in the house of my God than be honored as a guest in the palace of sin. All sunshine and sovereign is GOD, generous in gifts and glory. He doesn't scrimp with his traveling companions. It's smooth sailing all the way with GOD of the Angel Armies. (Psalms 84:1-12 MSG)

The spirit in us says, "Go!" The Spirit of God says, "Come!" The company of pilgrims, underway and at the peak, all call out "Come join us!" It turns out you aren't alone. Many many have heard the call of the Place they want to be. You can join the pilgrims on the hike. They don't wear any badge or uniform, but they do know Jesus, God's Son, and they keep looking up the directions in God's field guide, His Word, the Bible.

God has guaranteed His reward when we finish the last push. He give us glory and honor. He has every good thing on tap, ready to dispense. That will be where we can rest, not trying to do it all ourselves, but resting in God, our sunshine and shield.

"We come to Mount Zion, the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to uncountable armies of angels, to the general assembly and church of God's children where our names are recorded and to God the Judge of all and to the fellowship of spirits of other cleaned up pilgrims who reached the goal, and to Jesus the guarantor of God's permanent arrangement, created by the value of His blood shed on the Cross for us sinners." (Hebrews 12:22-24)


I speak to you tenderly, spirit, because I know you have been hurt and disappointed many times. Spirit, I want you the know you are not alone. People have harmed us and the Enemy wants us to give up hope. But, spirit, there is a loving Father in heaven and He gave us His strong Son, Jesus, to lead us to a Place that matches the deep desires you were created with. You know without a doubt that joy is your birthright. You are valuable; you're special and talented. Some people knew that and rejoiced over what they found in you. But celebration is short and disappointment is long. You wonder "Why am I here?" "Where do I fit in?" "What am I supposed to do?" People don't have all the answers, nor does school nor church nor television. Spirit, I want to let you in on God's secret. He has placed Eternity in our hearts, a piece of His eternal home where He created us. Therefore we keep searching everywhere in this world for something to meet our needs and make us happy. But you have learned nothing down here lasts very long. That's because deep inside you there is a whisper of a better world, where your Heavenly Father is in charge and has everything ready that matches who you really are. I bless you, spirit, with new hope, new awareness of this divine longing, this nagging discontent. I bless you with confidence to bring your cries to Father without embarrassment. Let Him know everybody else has let you down. I bless you to know the difference between God's tender call that awakens your yearning and your anger over people that let you down. I bless you, spirit, with fresh insight why God's perfect Son, Jesus Christ, had to come into this imperfect world to show us the way

to the Father. Only by trusting Jesus can you escape your frustration, because Jesus is the way. I bless you with joy at getting rid of the heavy baggage God calls sin. He wants to forgive you and set you free if you let Him. I bless you with anticipation, knowing God has a plan for your life that will delight you and fulfill you. I bless you to learn God's dreams for you in place of your own broken dreams. I looked so good to you, but all was not as it seemed. Let Father replace the dust and wreckage with something better: a better you and a new destiny. Heaven is celebrating the goodness of God and the victory of Jesus Christ. Father rejoices over you with singing. He sees the spirit He made, the gifts He gave you and how they will unfold. All of the hosts of heaven are excited over your walk of faith. Spirit, I bless you with new excitement over discovering what your obedience will produce: new creativity, new blessings to other people, new songs of God's salvation. I bless you to see new substance in your heart and soul, even though you have to leave behind old things you thought were good. Cry out to the Lord, he will hear your heart. Send Him your burdens, your questions, your pains and your search for more of Him. He will answer and you will experience the satisfactions of knowing God. Spirit, I bless you with the experience of the Psalmist: "Better is one day in God's presence than 1,000 elsewhere." "I would rather hang out with the Lord than with the wrong celebrities." "Father will not withhold any good thing from me in my growing maturity." "Happy is the person who rests in the Lord of hosts."


You are busy, but take a few minutes to think. You’re under pressure, but take a moment to rest. The Lord God is here with us. Eternity asks only a few seconds to download truth to your spirit. You’re ready. Your spirit is crying out for more of God, more of His reality in your life. Let’s look at your experience. Let’s look at God’s experience and at King David’s and at Paul’s. There is so, so much you have to do: money and cooking and cleaning and repairing; the boss, your family, your husband or wife and children and friends; cars, home, doctor, shopping; paying bills, planning gettogethers, vacations. What is it all for? Who is in charge? I anyone getting something out of all this effort? Am I my appointment calendar? Instead of looking around, let’s look inside for a moment. Inside you is a holy place, fashioned by God our Father as a place for you and He to meet together. He wants to furnish it as a home, full of light and love. He wants to plant a garden, freed of bitterness and growing fragrant flowers and sweet fruit. Let us go there and meet with Him. First, we want to ask God to guard this holy place. “Lord Jesus, we claim the cleansing power of Your blood and ask You to surround this poor, needy soul with Your hedge of protection. Meet us here. Thank you.” who your are and what you can rely on, no matter how you feel or how your circumstances look.

Second, your conversation in your soul opens up new feelings. Ask the Lord for His joy to dwell in you. Imagine lifting your soul up in your hands and asking Him to fill you like a drinking glass. Did you know the Lord has feelings? He rejoices over your trust in Him. PSALM 86 As you feel His approval, you A David psalm. are strengthened. Tell Him, “Lord God, Your joy is my Bend an ear, GOD; answer me. I'm one miserable strength. Forgive me for all the wretch! Keep me safe--haven't I lived a good life? thoughts and deeds that stand Help your servant--I'm depending on you! You're in the way of knowing You and my God; have mercy on me. I count on you from receiving what You want to morning to night. Give your servant a happy life; I share.” This conversation in your soul will never stop. There are times of thanks and rejoicing, times to release worship of the Lord for His goodness and His great deeds, because He is unique and His glory shines through all heaven and will shine in the whole earth. Security and peace in your soul releases your heart to hope and to care. Life is change; life is conflict. You can ask God to teach you His way in the confusion of choices. Ask Him to give unity in your heart, where many conflicts arise. Let Him have the last word over your feelings, your decisions. God’s way may lead through threatening situations, but you can trust God has a good purpose. Obedience will lead you to praise. Insecurity is not the end, faith is a step toward God’s glory and your fulfillment.

Your soul is special to the Lord. He created your spirit to spend time with Him and learn His ways so He can teach your soul, your mind, your will, your emotions. He gives you godly, eternal perspective on your life, your work, your family, your job, your enemies.

put myself in your hands! You're well-known as good and forgiving, bighearted to all who ask for help. Pay attention, GOD, to my prayer; bend down and listen to my cry for help. Every time I'm in trouble I call on you, confident that you'll answer. There's no one quite like you among the gods, O Lord, and nothing to compare with your works. All the nations you made are on their way, ready to give honor to you, O Lord, Ready to put your beauty on display, parading your greatness, And the great things you do-- God, you're the one, there's no one but you! Train me, GOD, to walk straight; then I'll follow your true path. Put me together, one heart and mind; then, undivided, I'll worship in joyful fear. From the bottom of my heart I thank you, dear Lord; I've never kept secret what you're up to. You've always been great toward me--what love! You snatched me from the brink of disaster! God, these bullies have reared their heads! A gang of thugs is after me-- and they don't care a thing about you. But you, O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and you never, never quit. So look me in the eye and show kindness, give your servant the strength to go on, save your dear, dear child! Make a show of how much you love me so the bullies who hate me will stand there slack-jawed, As you, GOD, gently and powerfully put me back on my feet. (Psalms 86:1-17 MSG)

Now we can check out the landscape. Are you surrounded by opponents? By hardened people? By dangerous risks? Call out to God to show Himself: He is Savior; He is mercy; He is strength. Once Jesus saved you from the darkness and despair of hell. Many times He brought you through scary, troubling problems. Ask Him to do it again. We can look confidently to Him a third time, because if you are God’s child, Jesus’ follower, a servant of the most high God, then His Name and reputation are bound together with your life. Let us go to Him, “Heavenly Father, your Name is great in all the earth. We are asking for a token of Your goodness in the middle of this situation so people may see and believe and be saved, even if some turn away and go to destruction.”

Your soul is a place to talk together, you and God. Your spirit brings insights from the Father’s heart to yours. Your mind thinks over God’s revelation of Himself. Moses asked God to show Himself and in Exodus 34:6 we read what God said, “The Lord Jehovah, the compassionate and merciful God, slow to anger and abundant in grace and truth.” The truth of Who God is lays the foundation to know


Spirit, I have good things to say to you. Soul, leave behind your grief and doubt and fear. Spirit, I invite you to experience more of God’s joy and strength by seeing more of His salvation. Spirit, I bless you with the revelation Moses experienced in Exodus 34. The Lord Jehovah wants you to know He is the compassionate and merciful God, who is slow to anger, but abounding in grace and faithfulness. He pardons wickedness, rebellion and sin, but does not let the guilty go unpunished. The Lord has made a covenant with you through Jesus’ perfect sacrifice and He will do signs and wonders in your life so people around you can see how awesome He is. Spirit, take a moment to savor your privilege to get to know this spectacular God, who will be faithful to you and will answer your prayers… Spirit, this time I bless you with David’s faith expressed in Psalm 86. Spirit, the Lord’s grace is great toward you: He has delivered your soul from destruction in hell and from every threatening danger. In your day of trouble you will call to the Lord and He will answer you. God will do great and marvelous deeds because He alone is God. I bless you to learn God’s way and walk in His truth. I bless you to receive an undivided heart to fear the Lord’s Name. You will be blessed with signs of God’s

goodness and you will praise the Lord your God with all you heart. Many will see and hear and be transformed. Now I want to let you in on the blessings Paul wrote about in II Corinthians. Spirit, God has shined His light into the darkness of your heart so you can experience the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of the Lord is meeting with you. I bless you as He transforms you by looking into the mirror of Jesus’ glory. You are becoming more and more like your Lord. I bless you, spirit, as you experience weakness, even deadly weakness, with Jesus. Today Jesus is alive by the power of God and He will break into your weakness with His power. I bless you in weakness and in God’s power as God shows grace to the people watching your life. Spirit, all these things are for your sake, that abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many abound to the glory of God. Just as the suffering of Christ seem to overflow in your life, He will overflow you with comfort and companion-ship only He can supply. I bless you, spirit, with God’s mercy in your need and with God’s glory in your answered prayers.


like an action movie. You are the star in your own crimefighting, monster bashing, war movie. For you to make it to glory requires you to have a really big and tough We all have an Enemy who hates God friend, who’s stronger and smarter than and hates us too. He schemes to disall the bad guys—some of whom are honor the human, but PSALM 91  L o r d some of (An expanded literal translation from the Hebrew   G o d ’ s whom are by Martin Van Horn)  good charinvisible, 1. The one who settles in the shelter offered by the Most High to whomacter. All ever runs in, will find lodging so close he’ll be under the shadow off The  m e a n i n g of us huthey can Almighty.  2. Personally, I have decided to tell Jehovah “You are my  mans are outsmart protection and my mountain fortress; I am trusting You as my  b e i n g and God.” [my Lawgiver, Teacher, Protector, Defender, Provider and Object  you duped into sneak up of worship and my Source of identity] 3. [By revelation and by my exhelping on you unperience I give you assurance:] Jehovah will extract you from the sneaky  him injure mesh of the Trapper and from the pervading pandemic. 4. The motherly  a w a r e s . and disstrength of His feathered wings will cover you and you can find shelter  Even a macourage there. His faithfulness will stand between you and your Enemy like a  chine gun our fellow broad shield and breastplate. 5.You will not fear panic attacks at night,  won’t help. nor the attacks you can see during the day. 6.[Jehovah will preserve you  You need a creatures. as you go through] the plague at twilight or the destruction that strikes  We think super acat noon. 7.All around you, you may see a thousand fall [into trouble,  we’re the tion hero confusion, destruction and death] even a great number right beside you  good guys with any [but don’t flinch] 8.Because you [will live to] see the wicked get what is  and those army at his coming to them. 9.[A lot of these things happen in spiritual realms  mean peocommand. where we can’t see them, but] if Jehovah is really who you go to for  ple ore the And you shelter and the Most High God is the One you hang out with 10.then  baddies. have one. evil [that starts in the spirit world] will not trouble you and these potenTruth is, His name is tial disasters will not get to your earthly location. 11.For Jehovah has  you and I Jesus. armies of heavenly angels He can order to guard you in all your activiare badties. 12.Their hands will be there to lift you over [fears, temptations, addies in our He helps dictions and traps] that might trip you up. 13.Instead you will exercise  own way, you avoid god-given authority [in Jesus’ Name] to tread on the lion and cobra, to  scheming booby traps trample the great lion and serpent. 14.[Jehovah knows you too, since  to get and land you rely on Him and have seen what His authority can bring about, so  what we mines. You He wants to reassure you.] “Because this one is so attached to Me, I will  want, even can run for help him slip through the opponents’ fingers. I can lift him because he  if someone has submitted himself to the authority of my Name and he knows Me.  cover and else has to 15.I will listen when he calls to me; I am with him in his trouble and get  stay in rapay. him out of trouble and honor him. [After all he has been through,] his  dio contact. long life will make him satisfied and I will show him all that I have  When enesaved him for.”   Thanks be mies attack to the he sends Lord of reinforceglory that ments and air power. Even though you all our lives are not “nasty, brutish and may not know what’s going on, Jesus short.” God made us and we are a magsees the whole battlefield. He wants nificent work of art and engineering. you to trust Him. He’ll see you He loves us and has a wonderful plan through, even though you’re overfor each of us, but bringing it to pass is whelmed and scared.



Spirit, let me bless you in Jesus’ mighty Name. Listen to God’s reassurance as you fight your way through the battlefield of life. I bless you, spirit, to know your own weakness, but to grab hold of God’s strength. He is reliable to shelter you despite your pain and despair. Go to the Lord for His strength, for His perseverance, for His calm in the middle of turmoil. You feel you can’t go on. Call on the Lord; tell Him He is your oasis, your home away from home, your roadmap and guide. Run to the Lord and draw on His resources to refresh you. Spirit, listen when your alarm bell rings. God is warning you something is amiss. You may not understand, but that’s all right. His Spirit is letting you in on things going on behind the scenes. Ask the Lord to explain what to look out for. Don’t barge ahead into the Enemy’s trap. Spirit, take heed! The Lord is a mighty warrior and he is a motherly nurse. He knows you need a breather and He can give you quick cups of spiritual energy, or eyes to see His great goodness. I bless you to synchronize your needs with His timing. You can relax under His covering, His wings, His canopy. He is there for you. You don’t have to do anything; just rest. Spirit, take His peace! Spirit, you don’t always understand what God is doing. You can ask Him for wisdom, but many times He does not answer the question, “Why, God?” Only He Himself knows the end from the beginning, sets out the times and seasons to accomplish His will. Spirit, take faith! The Lord is assuring you that you are special to Him, spirit. You are subjected to money problems, health problems, family problems just like everybody else. But the Lord know all about it and He puts all His resources at your disposal, right in the middle of it all today. Take hope! You are pressured by these problems, but

not crushed. Spirit, you can be pro-active. Guard your mind from the spirit of the world: seeking selfish advantage, paying back damage for damage, imagining all the pleasures you could enjoy for your self and avoiding the hard work of obeying the true and living God. Spirit, say, “Yuck!” The Word of God is your spiritual food. Look out for His Spirit to hit you between the eyes as you read or remember what Father has said; there are treasures in the Bible waiting for you to uncover. You will need them for nourishment and for war. Spirit, you are at home in the invisible world of spiritual reality. Everything good starts in Heavenly Father’s heart. Take grace to explore the wisdom, healing and power He has ready for you in Jesus. Yes, there is opposition. Everything good meets resistance. Everything evil also starts in the spiritual realms. Thank God, not all the evil aimed at you has reached you. Jesus has sent the armies of heaven to help His family. Some of these warring angels are shielding you right now. You pray and they fight. Take courage! The Spirit of God will alert you of dangers. He wants you to avoid them. Evils can also attack you, threaten you, shock you. Reach out and hang onto Heavenly Father’s promises when you are surrounded and get stuck. By the authority of Jesus’ Name, spirit, bring God’s power into your battle. Say, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! In Jesus’ Name, be gone!” I bless you with confidence in Messiah Jesus. The Lord Himself says, “Because you have attached yourself to me, the Enemy cannot hold you. I will bring you closer to Myself. Because Jesus, my Chosen One, has all authority and you submit to Him, I will hear you when you call to me. And the Name of Jesus will be mighty to save you. I will honor you because you honor Him. Spirit, I created you, I am with you now and you shall be with me forever. You will see all I have prepared for you.”


Seeing violence on television is shocking, hearing about crime on the radio is horrifying and reading about exploitation in the news provokes our outrage. But if you have been a participant, then you have been traumatized like the writer of Psalm 94. Rely on the Lord to do what is right and choose to side with Him. He is going to judge you and the evildoers both. He wants to give you a peace that overcomes the world while He is preparing just punishments for the murderers, exploiters, traitors and boasters. There evil come a time when the swaggering bullies fall into a pit dug by their own ambition. Inside yourself you can proclaim their defeat, their foolishness, their ignorance. They delude themselves into thinking they escape God’s justice.

Your world has been scrambled, or at least it looks upside down, The bad guys are winning. You could slide down this same slippery slope. They’re stronger and they boast grand schemes When you are to take over. The and GOD, put an end to evil; avenging God, show your colors! Judge of  disoriented Lord God you bedepressed, seemlieved in to make the earth, take your stand; throw the book at the arrogant. GOD, the  right prevail seems wicked get away with murder-- how long will you let this go on? They  ingly alone and to have shrunk and brag and boast and crow about their crimes! They walk all over your  overwhelmed, it is easy to give up on disappeared. people, GOD, exploit and abuse your precious people. They take out  your only anchor: anyone who gets in their way; if they can't use them, they kill them.  faith in the God You want to hid They think, "GOD isn't looking, Jacob's God is out to lunch." Well,  who is faithful. If and you’d really like to lash out and think again, you idiots, fools--how long before you get smart? Do you  you grab hold of “show them what think Ear-Maker doesn't hear, Eye-Shaper doesn't see? Do you think  the Lord, he will hold onto you. for.” How can you the trainer of nations doesn't correct, the teacher of Adam doesn't  Not only does His make sense of what know? GOD knows, all right-- knows your stupidity, sees your shalgrace support you, happened? And the lowness. How blessed the man you train, GOD, the woman you inbut His comfort truth better not be struct in your Word, Providing a circle of quiet within the clamor of  brings you inexall depressing beplicable joy evil, while a jail is being built for the wicked. GOD will never walk  cause you need new t h roug h y ou r away from his people, never desert his precious people. Rest assured  hope and strength. that justice is on its way and every good heart put right. Who stood up  spirit to your soul. You can recover. for me against the wicked? Who took my side against evil workers? If  You can stand on a GOD hadn't been there for me, I never would have made it. The min- You need protection, a place to firm foundation ute I said, "I'm slipping, I'm falling," your love, GOD, took hold and  hide and rest. The and there are others Lord is your forheld me fast. When I was upset and beside myself, you calmed me  already standing down and cheered me up. Can Misrule have anything in common with  tress. You need there too. you? Can Troublemaker pretend to be on your side? They ganged up  allies to stand with you and fight Our writer adon good people, plotted behind the backs of the innocent. But GOD  for you. The Lord dresses God and became my hideout, God was my high mountain retreat, Then boosent His Son Jehimself; he talks to meranged their evil back on them: for their evil ways he wiped them  sus to stop the the bad guys and out, our GOD cleaned them out for good.   cascade of evil and the good guys. You revenge by absorb(Psalms 94:1-23 MSG)  need to hear him ing the injustice   and you need to and giving forspeak out yourself. giveness in return. Tell the Lord God The Devil gave to set things straight, to pay back the evildoers Jesus his best shot, but the Lord came back for their wickedness. You need to let out your stronger than ever. He will help you rebound as desire for revenge, because God told us only well. He is allowed to take vengeance for us. We only make matters worse. Jesus Christ and His People need to stand together. Some want to compromise with the Tell the Lord to show He really does care about world system to get influence, but God’s the People identified with Him: the believers Throne in Heaven is pure and unadulterated. who trust Him for life and salvation. Until His righteousness prevails, God will keep sending judgments and the godly will work for Remind yourself: if you do bad things, you berighteousness wherever God makes an opening. come an evildoer, just like the ones you hate.


The Father of our spirits is speaking to us through His Word. I bless you, Father-created spirit, in Jesus’ Name with insight from God. He sees your sufferings, your questions, your trauma. I bless you with discernment to see the God who suffers with us, but without sin. The Psalmist asked, “who will rise up for me against the wicked and take a stand against evildoers?” God’s answer is Christ Jesus, our Champion and Savior and King. All the evil you see and don’t see was laid on Him and judged and punished. In return for evil done to Him, Jesus gave back forgiveness and love. Because He overcame evil and death, He now lives to give us a different kind of life. Our writer declared the blessing of this new life. “Happy is the responsible person the Lord disciplines, though with suffering. The Lord personally gives them insight from His Word.” I bless you, spirit, to receive discipline from the Father’s hand in your suffering and to be open to listen to God speak personally to you from His Word. I bless you to be more like Jesus in suffering and in triumph. Until the end Jesus lived in God’s peace, not dependent on circumstances. He passed His peace down

to us, “not as the world gives, but a peace that overcomes the world.” Here you too are comforted, protected, loved. You are like a refugee from the evil. You run to the Lord for shelter and He becomes your fortress in the middle of plotters and boasters. You have to wait until His time to deal with the wicked, violent people. I bless you with Jesus’ peace that goes beyond comprehension, the peace He had from Heaven. Until the end you can get back at the Lord’s enemies by launching missiles of love and prayer-propelled blessing. Your caring deeds and spiritual rain falling from heaven will undermine the power of evil. Your own anger will dissolve as you see their prison of hate and Jesus the Liberator. God will pull out the rug from under the cycle of attack and revenge. I bless you with grace to bless your enemies. Bless them with revelation of the Holy One. Bless them with mercy and grace to repent from their sin. Bless them with an encounter with God’s love and Jesus’ Cross. Bless them with understanding for the Good News of salvation in Christ Jesus. Spirit, celebrate the grace of God that saved you from being an evildoer. Thank Him for His help in your confusion and distress. Thank Him for His gift of peace and joy. Praise Him for His righteousness and justice and timing.

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