2009-2010 7th Social Studies Course Expectations Free Times: Before school, 9:18-10:03am, after school until

4:00pm Grading Scale:
A B+ C+ D+ F 100 – 96 92 – 89 81 – 78 71 – 68 61 and below AB C D 95 – 93 88 – 86 77 – 75 67 –65 BCD85 – 82 74 – 72 64 – 62

Grades will be based off of a system of total points earned, including: ○ Quizzes - Exams ○ Papers – Projects ➢ The course will include a variety of group and individual work, notes, reading, projects, papers, and written assignments. The goal is to address all student learning types. ➢ Extra credit assignments may be offered, only if all regular work has been turned in. ➢

➢ Any assignment handed in late will be automatically 50% off. Late is

defined as not in your possession when I ask for it. But remember – some Attendance: Being in class is the best way to get notes and ask questions. However, we all know that being in

points are better than no points!

school 100% of the time is difficult, whether it is due to illness, athletics, or school/family obligations. If you are sick you will be given two days for each sick day to make up your missed assignments unless you have made arrangements with me for something different. If you know in advance of a time you will be gone, all work must be made up before you leave or it will be treated as a late assignment. You are RESPONSIBLE for your own work and finding out what you have missed, however I am here to assist you whenever I can. Being on time is an important part of life. Therefore, you will be expected to be on time to class, and 3 unexcused tardies will result in a 15-minute detention. Note: If you are notified at least 1 week in advance for a test and you are gone the day before the test, you WILL BE EXPECTED TO TAKE THE TEST THE DAY IT WAS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED.

Classroom Rules:

1. Follow all rules in the Student Handbook 2. RESPECT classmates, teacher, property, opinions, and YOURSELF -Respect more or less covers any area that might be an issue; this is a very broad rule. 3. Use class time wisely 4. Work to your full potential 5. Bring your materials to class every day. *Appropriate consequences will be determined between the student and the teacher, serious infractions will be referred to the office. ➢ Webster’s definition of Plagiarism is “To steal and pass off as one’s own the ideas, words, or writings of another.” Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught doing so will receive a zero for the assignment/test/project/etc. ➢ Please keep all homework assignments throughout the semester. You will need to bring a 3-ring binder that you will use ONLY for Social Studies. We will use this all year to look back on assignments for review purposes, as well as a way for you to keep a hard copy of your grades.

Other details:

Course Highlights: Please see school website – teacher pages – for specific dates and assignments

This year in Social Studies the 7th grade will focus on Geography, Throughout the year we will also highlight different cultural practices, as well as map tests, and different regions of the earth. The students will participate in a “world’s fair” of sorts, in which each student will be given a more narrow focus to research. This may be an individual country or a particularly interesting area/region. Some of the major areas of study will include China, the Middle East, and Europe. To parents and students: I expect students to give 100% effort toward the high standards I have set for them. One of my primary goals for this class is to push students to utilize their full potential. My own view of social studies is focused on application and analysis – two skills that students will use every day for the rest of their lives. We will work throughout the year to enhance these skills while participating in a varied and exciting curriculum. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at school – (515) 325-6234 or email me directly at lkeehn@ne-hamilton.k12.ia.us. An open line of communication is crucial to the success of your student. Please sign the form below and return with your student to signify that you have read the syllabus and understand my policies.

I look forward to a great year! Thanks, Leslie Keehn --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please sign and return this portion by Monday, August 31 as your first assignment (5 points). I understand the above information and find these terms acceptable. Student _____________________________________________ Date _________________ Parent/Guardian ______________________________________ Date__________________