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Engaging the weapon of joy

You cannot be victorious without joy, you cannot overcome without joy. If you know what sadness and depression does, you will fight it with every smile that you can give. Troubles dont leave on their own, they leave by joy. The devil can stay anywhere but cannot stay in a house or a heart filled with joy. The devil cannot come close to a person celebrating in joy. In the same way, God can and will only stand by your side once you are consistently joyful. In this great month, your joy shall be full in esus !ame. Psalms 16 vs. 11 God will show us the path of life in His presence there is fullness of Joy and in His right hand there are pleasures forever more. oy attracts Gods presence and shows you the path of life. That is the right steps to take and the e"act thing to do. If you want to know the will of God then be joyful, if you want to live long and live in health then be joyful. Proverbs 17 vs. 22 merry heart doeth good li!e a medicine" but a bro!en spirit drieth the bones #ickness gives way to sound health once joy is engaged. $epression brings oppression, the devil is happy when you are sad, because no solution comes by sadness, but oy changes everything for the better. The joy of the %ord shall cause great changes for you this month in the name of esus. &hen God is on your side nothing can be against you. No matter the kind of issues surrounding you, it doesnt take time, it just takes God. 'nd you cannot bring God in without oy. oy is a spiritual force that brings earthly results. #in has no power over you e"cept you are sad. #adness encourages sin, but the joy of the lord gives you dominion over sin. If there is one thing you must be possessed with this season it is spirit of oy. To overcome the battles of life you also need oy, esus admonishes us to be of good cheer, this is the only way of overcoming the world and its challenges. John 16 vs. ##. (aul and #ilas where in prison and as they prayed and sang not considering the chains and fetters they were delivered. cts 16 vs. 2$ to #1. God does not answer every prayer but God will always answer prayers made with oy. #trength comes by joy) !ehemiah * vs. +, says the joy of the %ord is your strength. -ruitfulness is impossible without joy

Joel 1 vs. 12 %he vine is dried up& and the fig tree languisheth' the pomegranate tree& the palm tree also& and the apple tree& even all the trees of the field& are withered" because (oy is withered away from the sons of men. You must learn how to rejoice always in all things. This depression will never generate solution. ' heart filled with oy is a life filled with testimonies. In this second half of the year, your joy shall be full, your joy shall be unspeakable, and it shall be irrecoverable. The wind of the #pirit of God will move everything to work together for your good and favor you all the same in esus name. This is the truth. It is the lack of understanding of this that makes many people miss their way. $ont wait for circumstances to change first before you become joyful. .e joyful first and everything will just change for the better. #o as from today any time you feel depressed know that the devil is at work. &hat you need to do immediately is to ask God to pour afresh on you the oil of gladness and instantly oy will show up in your heart then you will discover the solution. I see things favoring you this season in the precious name of esus /hrist. .e blessed.

In case you are reading this mail and you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior, please say this prayer with me. To Him that is joined to the living there is hope. Say this prayer to be joined to the living God. ord Jesus I !now that you died "or me and on the third day you rose again, I accept you and I con"ess that you are lord please come into my li"e, and cleanse me "rom every sin. Than! you Jesus "or saving me. #rothers and sisters you are "ree rejoice and start going to a bible believing church. Important in"ormation, $ %&S% '(T% TH&T & $)&*%) )%+,%STS, T%STI-('I%S &'. C(,'S% I'G -&I S SH(, . #% S%'T T( mail/omegagospelnetwor!.com or click on this link to submit directly into the website

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BE$!USE )O% IS !BOUT #!U"$ I") *OU TO *OUR I) &#!$ES. *OU $!" +!,E RE-UEST .OR +ESS!)ES BOT O" *OUR $E## & O"E !"% E+!I#. *OU $!" S !RE *OUR TESTI+O"IES !"% %OW"#O!% SO+E O. OUR +ESS!)ES( O"#I"E !"% )ET



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?. )O% %OES "OT I") WIT OUT *OUR E..ORT /. O'ER$O+I") T E TRI!#S O. #I.E 2. T E T I" #I"E BETWEE" &O'ERT* !"% &ROS&ERIT* =. T E %E'I# !S "O &OWER !"*+ORE

@. BE !"AIOUS .OR "OT I")

B. TUR"I") OBST!$#ES TO +IR!$#ES. C. O"E +!9OR T I") T !T $!" STO& )O%S B#ESSI")S D. *E!R /<?<0RESTOR!TIO" !"% +!"I.EST!TIO" 'S. 9U%)+E"T !"% 'E")E!"$E1 E. $O"'ERTI") S&IRITU!# B#ESSI")S TO T E & *SI$!# ?<. T E .OU"%!TIO" .OR TRUE RI$ ES ??. &I$TURES O. T E .UTURE ?/. BRE!,I") %OW" T E B!RRIERS TO *OUR .I"!"$I!# !R'EST ?2. E'ER* T I") S+!## BE$O+ES )RE!T T ROU) T !",S)I'I"). ?=. T E +OT ER O. !## +IR!$#ES ?@. OW TO STO& SEA !"% E"9O* *OUR RE#!TIO"S I& TI## +!RRI!)E ?B. T E &OWER O. T E +I"% ?C. +!RRI!)E WIT OUT STRESS IS ! &OSSIBI#IT* ?D. T E )O% O. O'ER"I) T I"TER'E"TIO"S ?E. O'ER$O+I") .OR"I$!TIO" !"% S!'I") *OUR RE#!TIO"S I& /<. +!R$ I") .ORW!R% /?. //. /2. /=. /@. /B. /C. /D. /E. 2<. 2?. 2/. 22. W !T )O% IS S!*I") TO *OU I" T IS +O"T T !T +IST!,E S !## BE $O"'ERTE% TO ! +IR!$#E )O% IS STI## I" T E BUSI"ESS O. )I'I") #I.E &!RT"ERS( E WI## )I'E *OU *OURS *OU S !## BE EAE+&TE%( #I.TE% U& !"% $E#EBR!TE% O'ER$O+I") U"S&E!,!B#E $ !##E")ES T E &OTE"$* O. T E O#* ) OST OW TO #I'E *OUR #I.E !S I. &ROB#E+S %OES "OT EAIST %E!#I") WIT !#$O O#IS+ SO+ET I") )RE!T IS !BOUT TO !&&E" TO *OU T E T REE ,I"%S O. %ESTI"* T E /= OUR +IR!$#EFWOR,I") )O% T!,I") IT B!$, B* .OR$E T ROU) O&E $RE!TI") ! "EW BE)I""I").

2=. #I.E I" T E +I%ST O. %E!T 2@. E"OU) IS E"OU) ( ITS TI+E TO E")!)E *OUR !")E#S 2B. $!RRIERS O. B#ESSI")S 2C. T E 2D. 2E. =<. OUR O. RESTOR!TIO".

T E %E'I# !S "O &OWER !T !## T E $ROW"I") B#ESSI")S I" 9UST O"E "I) T &OI"T

=?. %O "OT )I'E U& *OUR BRE!,I") &OI"T IS *OUR BRE!, T ROU) =/. #O'E $O"-UERS !## =2. IT IS 9UST !BOUT *OUR TUR" .OR ! TUR" !ROU"% ==. +!RRI!)E &RI"$I&#ES

=@. O'ER$O+I") U")O%#* !BITS 0S ORTEST W!*1

=B. #E!'E T !T &IT =C. )ET RE!%* .OR %I'I"E SUR&RISES =D. *OU $!" W!#, OUT O" +!STURB!TIO". =E. *OUR +O+E"T O. $ !")E IS "OW. =E. T E RE!SO" .OR %E#!* @<. W !T *OU "EE% TO ,"OW !BOUT *OUR %ESTI"* @?. .U#.I##I") *OUR +!RIT!# %ESTI"*. @/. T E &RO$ESSES O. ! $ !")E% #I.E &!RT ? @2. E")!)I") T E WE!&O" O. 9O*

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