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History 310, Essay 1, Fall 2011 Due in class on Monday, October 10.

NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED If you are absent, please email your paper as an attachment to ahpo any!csupomona"e u Essay Topic: Analyze the accounts of the life of Sargon of Akkad assigned for class and address the question: Why did the Mesopotamians consider Sargon to be a great king? Be sure to include the following in your answer: What were some of Sargon s achie!ements" according to his own royal inscriptions? What did he say was his relationship to the gods" in his own royal inscriptions? What were some aspects of his reign only mentioned in later legends? #ow did the image of Sargon change" or get e$aggerated" from his own inscriptions to the later legends? Guidelines: #our paper shoul be at least fi$e pa%es lon%, type , ouble&space , in '(&point Times or Times Roman font" #ou shoul use )uotes from the primary sources in the han outs an in Pritchar to support your points, %i$in% the pa%e number from *hich you re* the )uote in parentheses" Please on+t )uote the te,tboo-s or other secon ary sources" Come up *ith your o*n analysis. on+t use other *ebsites or sources /thou%h you shoul rea the materials about Sar%on from the Leic- an Po any boo-s for bac-%roun information0 1a-e sure your essay has an intro uction, *ith a clear thesis statement /statin% your main ar%ument0, an a conclusion" 2e sure to analy3e the ocuments4 on+t 5ust summari3e them" 2e sure to ans*er all parts of the )uestion" Please spell chec- an rea carefully for %rammatical mista-es or a*-*ar sentences" This shoul be a formal analytical essay, so a$oi usin% the first person /6I7 or 6*e70" Materials on w ic to base your essay: Royal inscriptions *ritten in his lifetime8 o Te,ts 2 an C un er 6Sar%on an the A--a ian Empire7 in the han outs Later le%en s about Sar%on, *ritten at least ',999 years later8 o Te,ts A, D, an E in the han outs o 6The Le%en of Sar%on7 in Pritchar pp" :(&:; !ote on t e translations o" t e te#ts: S)uare brac-ets < = are use to mar- brea-s in the ori%inal te,t" Parentheses / 0 are use to mar- *or s that ha$e been a e in En%lish /thou%h

they are not in the ori%inal0 to help you un erstan the te,t" Ellipses />"0 mar- places *here somethin% has been left out in the translation" A )uestion mar- in parentheses /?0 in icates that the translation of the prece in% *or is not certain" An e,clamation point in parentheses /@0 notes that the translation is accurate, e$en thou%h it is surprisin%"

Glossary $also see t e list o" %ods in t e andouts "or %ods& na'es(: An3u&bir 8 a mythical bir Double&mile8 a measurement of istance ensi8 the term for a %o$ernor Ailili& emoness8 a mythical fi%ure Places8 A--a B A%a e8 Sar%on+s capital city in central 1esopotamia /both spellin%s are correct0 Ce ar forest8 forests in Lebanon Country of the Cest8 Syria Dilmun8 the islan of 2ahrain in the Persian Dulf Ebla8 city in *estern Syria Elam8 lan to the east of 1esopotamia E&Ninmar8 city in 1esopotamia Eassum8 city in northern Syria Aish8 a city in central 1esopotamia" 6Ain% of Aish7 *as the tra itional title for the most po*erful -in% in 1esopotamia La%ash8 city in 1esopotamia Lo*er Sea8 the Persian Dulf 1a%an8 Oman 1ari8 city in eastern Syria, on the Euphrates 1eluhha8 the In us Falley Purushan a8 city in central Anatolia /Tur-ey0 Sea in the East8 Persian Dulf Simurrum8 city in Syria Tuttul8 city in Syria Gmma8 city in 1esopotamia Gpper lan 8 Syria Gpper Sea8 the 1e iterranean Gr8 city in southern 1esopotamia Gru-8 city in southern 1esopotamia #armuti8 city in Syria