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2013 OK! ALSO IN THIS ISSUE RED CARPET. All rights reserved. NY and at additional mailing offices... Winner will receive a hair and makeup session prior to the event... OK! takes a look at stars’ sleazy bodyguards. P. Periodical rates of postage paid at New York. Pink is all smiles as she’s named Billboard’s Woman of the Year.5).... like Taylor Swift...... Printed in the U.. OK! (ISSN 1556-8172) Vol.. Sheryl Crow and LeAnn Rimes shine bright at the American Country Awards.     5 GUM ULTIMATE ENHANCED EXPERIENCE SWEEPSTAKES 40  36 5 Gum is giving a lucky reader and a guest the chance to fly to L. OK!’s picks for what’s hot in TV and movies this week. WARNER BROS/COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION.... Amanda Bynes adjusts to life post-rehab.. ... EVAN AGOSTINI/AP PHOTO. Box. Filming begins on Fifty Shades of Grey.O.... ANDREAS RENTZ/GETTY IMAGES. NY 10004.... Derulo! 8 Khloe Kardashian has found new love with rapper The Game....00 a year in U.28 BY THE NUMBERS. artwork... FOLLOW OK! ON TWITTER TWITTER.4. manuscripts. STEVEN LAWTON/WIREIMAGE.S. and letters. 9 No. 4 New York Plaza...12. BREAKING NEWS   BIG-DAY DETAILS ASHTON AND MILA ARE READY TO WED! OK!’s got the scoop on Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ romantic dream wedding — and baby news! & BEAUTY COVER STORIES FASHION Busy actress Ashley Madekwe takes time out to talk style with OK!... including but not limited to photographs.. CONTENTS: FROM TOP: a meetand-greet with Jason You can backstage. Copyright © Odyssey Magazine Publishing Group Inc. VIP seating. 37391. U. FOR RULES AND A CHANCE TO WIN..S. ENTERTAINMENT Suri Cruise is already a movie mogul in the making! CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: PICTURE PERFECT/REX USA.... Contents   14 NEWS IN PHOTOS COUPLES NEWS Jewel. 4th Floor.. From drug-fueled rampages to rape accusations.... This New Year’s Eve. NON-POSTAL and MILITARY FACILITIES send address changes to OK! .. MARC PIASECKI/FILMMAGIC.. 2013.72   48  51  54  56  58  60  42 BUZZ Jennifer Lopez wants Casper Smart to grow up — now! Kevin and Danielle Jonas are psyched to meet their baby girl....10 WHO WORE IT BETTER?.A.A. 30 Kendra WilkinsonBaskett opens up on why she and husband Hank don’t want anything pink (or dolls!) for their daughter.......S. is published weekly by Odyssey Magazine Publishing Group Inc.COM UNTIL DEC.. 50037-0037 or call 1-800-284-4438. we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within one year... POSTMASTER: Send all UAA to CFS (See DMM 707. Subscription rate is $78.4 STORY! 32 COVER 4 Mary-Kate Olsen goes engagement ring shopping...... New York. to see Jason Derulo perform live at a special OK! Magazine event. and a guest blog meet Jason on OKMagazine. MARC PIASECKI/FILMMAGIC.COM/OKMAGAZINE We assume no responsibility for returning unsolicited material. 27.. SUBSCRIBERS: If the postal service alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable. JB LACROIX/WIREIMAGE. Will Friends come back to TV for an 11th season? STAY CONNECTED.. IA. FEATURES OK! finds metallic fashions that work with this season’s makeup...29 CAN YOU BELIEVE?. ENTER AT OKMAGAZINE. 52.COM/OKMAGAZINE LIKE OK! ON FACEBOOK FACEBOOK. highlight your best features with shimmering makeup..12 OK! OR NOT OK!.. Boone. 2 DECEMBER 30.

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spending half the sitcom’s eight-year run as boyfriend and girlfriend. family is important to her. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis co-starred as gawky Wisconsin teens Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show. 30. FAMEFLYNET (2). and they see no reason to wait. For the past month. the pair forged a platonic bond that endured through their mutual rise to superstardom. rather than later — and start a family. From 1998 to 2006. They were going to make it official after the SAVE THE DATE Expect the couple to marry sometime early next year. 2013 OK! . Not until April 2012. the Internet has buzzed with gossip that she’s already pregnant. “Mila is great with kids. “They’ve talked about getting married in the UK.” reveals a close pal of the couple.” reveals another insider close to the couple. It’s the most important thing there is in the world. ever since the show was on the air. “He’s been looking at rings and talking to Jason [Arasheben. 51. “Ashton and Mila always had an attraction — and their Dream Wedding A S H T O N & M I L A families have always said they’d be perfect for each other. a wedding with Mila would fulfill a longtime dream. And it looks like everyone turned out to be right. they’re making it legal: In late November.” the insider tells OK!. PICTURE PERFECT/REX USA. “Ashton and Mila don’t want a big flashy wedding [see sidebar next page]. Ashton finalized his long-delayed divorce from Demi.COVER STORY I ACLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: FAMEFLYNET. “They want babies.” Does Mila know something we don’t know? 4 DECEMBER 30. It just happened. sources say Ashton. SPLASH NEWS WITH HIS DIVORCE FROM DEMI MOORE FINAL.” The pal adds the unpretentious IS MILA PREGNANT? “Mila has no problem walking down the aisle with a bump!” according to a friend. “She definitely does want a family. did they take their friendship to the next level.” the pal explains. where they spent many happy weeks together earlier in the year while Mila was filming Jupiter Ascending. Now. of Jason of Beverly Hills] about designing something for her. after Ashton was separated. 35. Ashton’s seven-year marriage to Demi Moore and Mila’s long relationship with Macaulay Culkin.” an insider tells OK!. two years after splitting from the ex-Brat Packer. Offscreen.” For Ashton. “They’re so happy and in love. are set to wed — sooner. ASHTON KUTCHER AND MILA KUNIS ARE SET TO MARRY divorce went through — though they don’t really see the need to issue a press statement about it. EDWARD LE POULIN/CORBIS.” t’s one of Hollywood’s more awwwww-inspiring love stories. and Mila. and an insider thinks there will be an announcement from them shortly. And with that huge impediment out of the way. “They kind of got engaged casually before his divorce was finalized. “He has been wanting to marry Mila since early on in the relationship.

Mark. already calls Ashton ‘son. was it a dress rehearsal for their own big day? “Mila’s father.“It’s cute to see.COM 5 .OKMAGAZINE.’ ” a pal says. Their families always said they’d be perfect for each other” OK ! ! WWW. When Ashton and Mila attended her brother’s wedding in early December.” an insider says of the romance.

” Marchesa makes Mila “feel like a princess. ‘Oh. they were scrupulously discreet. Ashton and Mila’s history as BFFs has done nothing but strengthen their relationship.” THE HALL Odds are Ashton and Mila will say “I do” in the British Isles.” says a pal. “I was like. Since then. she’d never smooched a guy before. Ashton said.” a pal says.” HE WAS HER FIRST KISS EVER Ben & Natalie . they let themselves fall in love with each other” fall in love with each other. looking every bit like a bride and groom themselves in a tux and elegant gown. Petersburg. husband Benjamin Millepied and James Franco are among Mila’s closest friends. Mila as an A-list actress whose career soared after her acclaimed performance in 2010’s Black Swan. They already loved each other and cared about each other very much. “Then I was like. “They have that bond no one can replace or explain.” NO LONGER ‘JUST FRIENDS’ To be sure. It was a pretty normal and natural thing for them to take the relationship further. it’s the Calvin Klein model! ’ ” Mila recalled.” the insider tells OK!. Mila’s folks kept THE DRESS A close insider says. Dolce & Gabbana is a favorite. since they started on That ’70s Show as nobodies. “She seemed as if she’d done it a thousand times. Fla. then 21. BRING ON THE PDA When the couple finally did drop the platonic thing.Inside the Wedding IT’LL BE VERY SMALL— AND QUITE BRITISH lovebirds might just as easily switch gears “and get married barefoot on the beach in California or in a flower garden.” a source says. “Ashton has always looked out for Mila and been protective ever since the show. they’ve stepped out of the shadows. Michael. “They’ve looked at castles and even toyed with the idea of Stonehenge!” a pal tells OK!. ‘I have to kiss him? ’ I was so nervous and uncomfortable. “Even though Ashton was trying to remain low-key and not overshadow the ceremony. then just go out to a restaurant to celebrate. In early December. on That ’70s Show. but Marchesa and Monique are her go-to designers. THE GUESTS “Natalie Portman. They just let themselves “They like the idea of marrying somewhere historic. rarely showing affection in public for 20 months while Ashton awaited his divorce decree. they’ve leaned on each other through all their romantic ups and downs and enormous professional success — Ashton as an entrepreneur and star of Two and a Half Men. however. “Mila fell in love with Dior when doing Miss Dior campaigns. in St. kind of grew up together and got thrust into the limelight together. James When a 16-year-old Mila locked lips with Ashton.” Still.. they attended the wedding of her brother. he’s so cute. Over the years.

” dated restaurateur Harry adds the insider. then his dad. The couple often spent time apart — Ashton sometimes begun practicing the discipline. December. during his marriage to the 15-years-older Demi. driving the few miles to “She says it’s funny.” the insider tells OK!. Now Mila.” says the pal. 20 years her grew up a lot in those junior. FOX VIA GETTY IMAGES. has also DEMI’S MOVING ON OK! WWW. adding the notation “Sunset #nofilter.dragging him into family pictures.” On the way home from the wedding.” Demi Moore is ready to forge “Ashton’s very ahead.” the pal tells OK!. STEVE GRANITZ/WIREIMAGE. “She doesn’t especially enjoy fame and she already has more money than she knows what to do with. but she’s okay with that and she trusts him.” HE’S A NEW MAN “They’re the most perfectly matched couple you could ever meet. insider.” “Ashton and Mila are progressing quickly because [since they were already longtime friends] they skipped over a lot of the steps couples usually go through. Demi sold Mila isn’t a dumb girl Ashton’s 5-carat — she know’s he’s engagement ring to a going to have a boys’ Beverly Hills jeweler. 66. Tenn. the MilaAshton marriage is nearly “a done deal.” the pal says.” And so she has freed up much of her film schedule for 2014 — even though she’s in great demand. night out once in awhile. “They already knew every single thing there is to know about the other person. “Mila loves acting. — Richard Jerome “He rushes home to be with her n and even turns down work so they can spend more time together.] That’s why it’s easy for her to step away While from her career and trying to keep concentrate on things their romance on that are more important the down low.” One legacy of his marriage: Demi had introduced Catholicborn Ashton to the Jewish mystical Demi’s ring practice of Kabbalah. In early he split from Demi.000. where they Instagrammed a selfie locked in a passionate twilight kiss. Ashton to her. although her dream is to be a producer.OKMAGAZINE. soul mate was right in front of you “He’s a completely changed man your whole life. It’s very Their divorce was an anguished different from his process. N/C.” the friend reports. It’s difficult to believe that Ashton once had a terrible reputation as a womanizer. LESTER COHEN/WIREIMAGE. KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES. reportedly cost $250. Ashton and Mila stopped off at Lovers’ Leap outside Chattanooga. [She’s said to be worth $30 million. adding that as far as the Kunis clan is concerned. Mila is philosophislept in his L. “They never. final months before Peter.COM 7 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: SPLASH NEWS. who is Jewish. He Morton.A. Ashton was constantly linked with other women. “I’d rather be in love and have a baby than have a movie. The pressure was off. As Mila once said. ever argue.” and Mila sneaked a Who knew Kelso and September 2012 kiss Jackie would come to in NYC’s Central this? According to the Park.” Indeed.” OK! and adores Mila. but now it seems time with Demi. PETER MICHAEL DILLS/GETTY IMAGES. Sometimes your their home. . SPLASH NEWS . cal about the way things office rather than turned out. In recent months she sweet around Mila..

“It’s early. He must also undergo three months of alcohol abuse treatment. who says she especially admires The Game’s charity work. an insider tells OK!. and he’s helping her through her heartache. Clippers next month. 34. DAVID LIVINGSTON/GETTY IMAGES KHLOE FINDS hloe Kardashian has decided to pursue a romance with rapper The Game. 34. That has given Khloe time to think about The Game. MEANWHILE. They both attended a Jay Z concert in L. on Dec. “Khloe’s genuinely crazy about him. but sat in separate parts of the Staples Center. to the point she’s been accused of cheating on Lamar with him in the past.A. Recently Lamar spent a solo week in Rhode Island trying to get back into shape and resume his basketball career. 2013 OK! CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: PATRICK T.A.” THEY’RE SO COMPATIBLE K LOVE! FRIENDS SAY A CLOSE FRIENDSHIP WITH A HOT RAPPER HAS BLOSSOMED INTO SOMETHING REAL 8 DECEMBER 30.” says the source. 9.” The situation changed after Khloe. SPLASH NEWS. knowing full well that it may hurt her estranged husband.HOT STORY Lamar pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in L.” an insider tells OK! about Khloe and The Game (right).” OK! . Lamar Odom.” says the source. and received a three-year probation term. he’s always respected that she’s married and wasn’t available. but Khloe and The Game are closer than ever before. and Lamar. on Dec. But despite the mutual attraction. “He’s making her laugh. separated this past summer. 29. “She loves that sort of thing. Lamar hopes to return to basketball’s L.” notes the insider. and pay $1. 10. FALLON/REUTERS/CORBIS.824 in fines and fees. LAMAR GETS PROBATION FOR DUI “She loves that they’ve been friends first and they have a great connection. And all he wants is to make her feel like the most special girl in the world. “They’ve always been really close.A. “She completely respects and admires him.


she stylishly repurposes the tulle A-line. . 10 DECEMBER 30. EVANGELINE LILLY Evangeline shows off her toned shoulders and arms in this sleeveless Catherine Deane. Her bold red lips draw the eye to her pretty face.Red hot on the |S T A R S Red CA C E L E B R AT E T H E S E A S O N TAYLOR SWIFT The intricate embroidered illusion bodice of Taylor’s Reem Acra gown reveals her tiny frame and flaunts some cleavage. 2013 OK! KEIRA KNIGHTLEY Keira first wore this Chanel Couture frock to her wedding! Adding a sheer. Her long side-braid adds an unexpected but cool and casual touch. beaded shrug on its third outing.

E SBP/STAR MAX/FILMMAGIC . Taryn flaunts her softer side in a flirty Carmen Marc Valvo dress. JAS ON LAVERIS/WIRE IMAGE . metallic Louboutins and teal eyeliner. MIK E MAR SLAND/GETT Y IMAGE S . JESSICA BIEL Jessica creates an edgy. Her nude Stuart Weitzman pumps let the dress’ exquisite floral detail stay the focus. . fashion-forward ensemble in an otherwise basic Chanel dress with a chain-link shoulder piece.ARPET I N W I N T E R W H I T E| BACKLESS STRAPLESS BRA ® The U PLUNGE F R OM LEFT: SPLASH NEWS . SPLASH NEWS . TARYN MANNING With a new ’do.

2013 OK! REESE WITHERSPOON VS. SIGOURNEY WEAVER Gotta give it to the blonde! This twotone Michael Kors sheath pops off Reese’s complexion and highlights her baby blues. JUN SATO/WIREIMAGE. Sandra’s closed-toe pumps make her look sexy and sophisticated in Roland Mouret. Miranda is hot in Burberry Prorsum.| O U R FA S H I O N E X P E R T S G I V E T H E I R O P I N I O N | Reese Did! Miranda Did! They went Who wore it out in the same look! BETTER? CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: VICTOR DECOLONGON/GETTY IMAGES. MIRANDA KERR With loose waves and T-strap Christian Louboutin heels. MIKE PONT/FILMMAGIC. Sandra Did! 12 DECEMBER 30. STEVE GRANITZ/WIREIMAGE. GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE. . ANDIE MACDOWELL VS. The short hem shows off her Casadei shoes! SANDRA BULLOCK VS. JODIE FOSTER While both ladies look great. FERNANDO CALGAT/GETTY IMAGES.


LeAnn blew everyone away! CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE. When the starstudded crowd gave her a standing ovation. 10 in Las Vegas Jewel (left) and Sheryl Crow showed solidarity at the American Country Awards — Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan were big winners. 2013 OK! On Dec. Kellie Pickler (far right) also brought folks to their feet with her hit “Little Bit Gypsy.COM. but it was LeAnn Rimes (inset) who wowed the house with a powerful medley of Patsy Cline’s hits. KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE.COM THE COUNTRY GIRLS 14 DECEMBER 30. a visibly moved LeAnn broke down in tears. DENISE TRUSCELLO/WIREIMAGE.COM.” .

com/altoids .©2013 Callard & Bowser Inc. Curious? Facebook.

Mason. . SPLASH NEWS. Ryan Reynolds certainly looked it on Dec. MOM — THIS IS FUN! With daughter Penelope in her lap.” WOMAN OF THE YEAR! LACEY LIVELY “I’ve never been happier in my life. She said she expected it to go to “Hillary Clinton. Calif. if you’re high. Kourtney Kardashian seemed a bit less enthused than her son. 10 at Disneyland in Anaheim. 10. 10. as they rode the carousel Dec. and have a thing for tongues.” Blake Lively said recently. JOHN LAMPARSKI/WIREIMAGE. when she donned a lingerieinspired silk-and-lace Marchesa gown for the unveiling of Van Cleef & Arpels’ redesigned Fifth Avenue Flagship Maison in NYC.. And Mrs. I feel so not e cool in thess mouse ear ! Pink was stunned to win Billboard ’s Woman of the Year award in NYC Dec.. Angelina Jolie or Miley Cyrus. 16 DECEMBER 30. 2013 OK! CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: NEILSON BARNARD/GETTY IMAGES.C’MON.


NEWS IN PHOTOS SNOWBALL SEASON! One clear advantage New York City celebrities have over their Hollywood counterparts: Their kids get to throw snowballs on the way to school — as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins Tabitha and Marion did on Dec.’ ” MOM’S SHOWING An increasingly pregnant Gwen Stefani took son Zuma to school Dec. ‘You need leggings or pants. “I’m excited with how everything turned out. Enough plaid? 18 DECEMBER 30.B. We just give them the temperature outside and if they don’t pick enough clothing.A.M. 10.” she said. Gwen’s L. 10 in L. 2013 OK! . Style icon SJP says the girls choose their own clothes. then we say. fashion line just launched an outerwear collection. “We tell them nothing.A.

“I gotta spend my one day off dragging kid around shopping for the stuff in the bag [the airline] lost?” BRONX CHEERFUL CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: SPLASH NEWS. hubby Cash Warren and daughters Haven and Honor.A.SJP and Matthew NICE SWEATER. SPLASH NEWS (4) Whattaya mean I throw like a girl? .COM. His smile masked exasperation that an airline had lost his bags the day before. 9. JIM SPELLMAN/WIREIMAGE. On Dec. JESS Jessica Alba looked festive on Dec. Tweeted Pete. Pete Wentz bonded with son Bronx at The Grove in L. 8 while Christmas tree shopping in Beverly Hills with (from left).

free. Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott needed to grab a 12-pack at a Los Angeles supermarket Dec. “There’s nothing like it. 9.” Bethenny Frankel (picking up daughter Bryn from school in NYC Dec. celebrities require toilet paper. ELLEN’S KIMYE SPOOF Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video certainly invites satire. And so on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Dec. pure experience.” . fulfilling. same as the rest of us.NEWS IN PHOTOS We hope Kanye sees the humor in it! ADAM BUYS IN BULK Yes. 9. And with a wife (Naomi) and two children at home. BETHENNY AND BRYN BUNDLE UP “Being a mom is a great. rewarding. Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi supplied their own bit of fun by Photoshopping their faces on a still from a steamy scene for a Christmas card. 9) tells OK!.

Flash!: Underwear model covers up In Hawaii for a gig with his band Maroon 5.OKMAGAZINE.” So happy that she hasn’t asked for Christmas gifts. grungy rocker/The Voice coach/ Proactiv spokesman Adam Levine took a beach stroll with model fiancée Behati Prinsloo. OK! asked Behati — who strutted the runway on CBS’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Dec.COM 21 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: N/C. I just got happier. MICHAEL ROZMAN/WARNER BROS. “I feel so blessed in my life. 10 — if she’s changed since their engagement this past summer: “Changed?! I haven’t changed! No [laughs]. SPLASH NEWS (3) ADAM’S ISLAND PDA .” OK! WWW. I don’t need anything.

NEWS IN PHOTOS KATY COMES CLEAN! Katy Perry (right.” Will wedding bells ring soon? “He’s got a brilliant. mature relationship. 2013 OK! . in London Dec.” 22 DECEMBER 30.” Katy said of John (Dec. “It’s a rad. 10) opened up about her on-again romance with John Mayer (inset) in a new interview. brilliant mind. Katy said she took a “break” from John to deal emotionally with her divorce from Russell Brand and to “search inward.” The lovebirds teamed up for the new duet “Who You Love. 6 on Elvis Duran’s Z100 radio show in NYC).

L. but Justin Bieber played good guy Dec.BIEBS HELPS OUT He made news with recent obnoxious antics. JEOFFREY MAITEM/GETTY IMAGES On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Dec. PAUL DRINKWATER/NBC/NBCU PHOTO BANK. creator of Mary Poppins. passing out toys and clothes in typhoonravaged Leyte. as part of his campaign to aid victims of the November storm. BROWN/GETTY IMAGES. 9. Travers. Banks in Burbank. FREDERICK M. Calif. Tom Hanks had his arms full with wife Rita Wilson (right) and co-star Emma Thompson.” MINI-ME JEANS TOM’S GRRRRLS At the Dec. 9 premiere of Saving Mr. .OKMAGAZINE. MOCKFORD/FILMMAGIC. Philippines. NEIL P. 10.. Simon said he and baby mama Lauren Silverman will name the child “something beginning with S. expectant dad Simon Cowell received a gift for his future son.COM 23 CLOCKWISE FROM BOTOTM LEFT: CINDY ORD/GETTY IMAGES. In the film. Tom plays Walt Disney to Emma’s P. OK! WWW.

2013 OK! .NEWS IN PHOTOS Good things Mommy ha! buff arms 24 DECEMBER 30.

and son Sam. told OK!: “A family makes whatever achievements you’re able to have that much richer. 4. Ben Affleck. 1 (inset). Surely scenes like this are why Jen’s hubby.’ Sam’s hangin with the girls! JEN’S A FUN MOMMY! Jennifer Garner was a one-woman thrill ride when she took daughter Seraphina.” SPLASH NEWS (4) . 8. to a Pacific Palisades park Dec.

’ Well. “Words cannot express how amazing it is.l I think this’lr look bette y! on y’all. during rehearsals for her Christmas concert. new parents Fergie (in an Ungaro dress) and hubby Josh Duhamel enjoyed a date night at the Hollywood Palladium for the annual Trevor Project Live event.” THAT POST-BABY GLOW On Dec.” Stacy says. 26 DECEMBER 30. Kelly told OK! she’s grateful for her success: “People say ‘money doesn’t solve everything. 11 on NBC. which aired Dec. 8. COURTESY OF NATURAL HEALTH. the week-long art event and temporary community that pops up every year in the Nevada desert. 2013 OK! In the January/February issue of Natural Health. Stacy Keibler gushes over her time at Burning Man. Kell KELLY’S NEW COSTUMER? Blake Shelton played wardrobe stylist to Kelly Clarkson in Las Vegas. benefiting efforts to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. JASON MERRITT/GETTY IMAGES “One of the biggest problems in our world is people’s egos.” STACY’S A REAL NATURAL CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: JUSTIN LUBIN/NBC. it solves a whole hell of a lot. .

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PIER MARCO TACCA/GETTY IMAGES THE ROBERTSONS SHARE TRADITION The Duck Dynasty stars’ Christmas album.OK! OR ! NOTOK ’s oday show With theT Lee & Kathie Hoda HOLIDAY ALBUMS BY TV AND MOVIE STARS AR CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: N/C (2). ET ON NBC. HODA says: “Yes! Kathie Lee Gifford. a tummy tuck and breast implants.M. THEO WARGO/GETTY IMAGES. N/C (2). Christopher Lee (Saruman in the Lord of the Rings films) rocks out on this 2012 seasonal album. 1 on the country music charts this year. Duck the Halls. RUPAUL CELEBRATES A SEASON OF GIVING KATHIE LEE says: “If they’re talented. need I say more?” . hit No. THURSDAYS AT 10 A. the host of RuPaul’s Drag Race sang that “All I Want For Christmas” is a nose job. Not bad for a 91-year-old actor! SARUMAN LOVES A HEAVY HOLIDAY On this 1997 album. TUNE IN TO THE TODAY SHOW. 2013 OK! FOR MORE “OK! OR NOT OK!” WITH KATHIE LEE AND HODA. then why not?” 28 DECEMBER 30.

500 SQUARE FEET Adam’s huge $4. BY THE S R E B M U N 25 TATTOOS That’s a lot of ink on one body — his designs range from a fierce tiger to a sweet “Mom” tattoo. N/C.000 SALARY 4 SUPERMODELS Adam has dated gorgeous models Arielle Vandenberg. KURT KRIEGER/CORBIS Adam currently makes roughly this much dough for each cycle of NBC’s The Voice. 90210 CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: NEILSON BARNARD/GETTY IMAGES. 90210. At 18.8 million sixbedroom Beverly Hills estate also includes a separate guest house. N/C. $11. TRAE PATTON/NBC.OKMAGAZINE. Anne V and Nina Agdal.A’. SPLASH NEWS.” Adam says of his days at L.6. FAST FIGVORITE A ABOUT YOUR F IES CELEBRIT CLASS OF 1997 “I was just a nerdy. In 2006 and 2008 they took home the prize for Best Pop Performance. MARK SELIGER/NBC. Adam and his band Kara’s Flowers (who later became Maroon 5) released an album and made a guest appearance on Beverly Hills. OK! WWW. awkward kid.s Brentwood High School. ADAM LEVINE URES FUN. 3 GRAMMYS Maroon 5 won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2005.000. but Behati Prinsloo won his heart! They became engaged last July.COM 29 .

“I never er played with dolls. establish her own identity right from the start. “No dolls! Never. I don’t understand why baby girls play with baby dolls. “Unisex is the way to go this time around. 28. 2013 OK! . but he did say she is going to be his little princess. then that’s fine. “We are people who are going to allow her to be who she wants to be. We’re going to do something where she’s not being pushed to be just one way. Why? Are we setting them up to have a baby?” And does husband Hank. 31.” Another of Kendra’s unconventional rules: The baby won’t have dolls. but their daughter won’t. “And if she does turn out to be one way.NEWS K NO PINK FOR OUR GIRL! Kendra & Hank endra Wilkinson-Baskett and her husband.” says Kendra. That’s her decision. have one simple rule in putting together a nursery for the arrival of their new baby daughter: “Absolutely no pink!” Kendra tells OK!. who is due to arrive next year. “so I don’t have to brush it. and girly.” says Kendra. go o along with this? “He agrees with me on the no-pink thing. 30 DECEMBER 30. “I don’t want to shove pink in my little girl’s face! I don’t want to do that to her. Hank Baskett.” Couples RELATIONSHIPS Hank IV wore his hair long.” says Kendra.” It’s their way of letting their new baby.

We have a little stamp to make reindeer feet with. 49. body and soul. will celebrate Christmas in a snow-filled environment.J CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: MELANIE ACEVEDO. “We’re going to be in the Rockies.” Jewel & Ty ewel and her husband. he writes me a love letter. You feel ready to take on the New Year. and Ty. Kase Townes Murray. 37. 44. Coffee-mate wants to raise our mug in celebration of the season and the people in our lives that make the holidays that more delicious! coffee’s perfect mate. and you’re in a really good place. W Perfect Mates BROUGHT TO YOU BY e all have someone that goes out of their way to make the holidays a little nicer. SPLASH NEWS CHRISTMAS LOVE LETTER Jewel.” A SPA NEW YEAR’S Bill and Giuliana Rancic plan to go to a spa in Tucson. ASTRID STAWIARZ/GETTY IMAGES. that’s Coffee-mate. so we’re pretty excited. “For every holiday. and the handsome Irish indie rocker. Its smooth creamy taste has been perfected to not only complement coffee. FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES. “It’s really nice waking up on January 1 with a clear mind. where they held hands. BRYAN STEFFY/WIREIMAGE. 39. STEVE GRANITZ/WIREIMAGE. “I think that how you start off the New Year is an indication for how the New Year is going to be. to make things a whole lot better. A few months after breaking up with actor Brian Van Holt.” says Jewel. want their son to feel “the magic of Christmas.” Giuliana tells OK!. N/C. Courteney Cox took Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid to her pal Jennifer Aniston’s Christmas-tree-trimming party. Courteney. and you’re at peace. rodeo champ Ty Murray. who’s currently living in Courteney’s Malibu beach house.” Jewel tells OK!. but to bring out the best in it – much like the perfect partner. Johnny is good friends with singer Ed Sheeran.” Bill & Giuliana Courteney & Johnny A NEW ROMANCE Courteney drove Johnny to the party. For coffee. Ariz. “I get to have a white Christmas.” This year will be the first that the Texasbased couple and their 2-year-old son. They are the ones who know it just takes a little. spent three hours at the party. “It’s really sweet. are continuing a romantic Christmas tradition this season. on New Year’s Eve. .

” . jeweler Neil Lane. N/C (2) ary-Kate Olsen has been shopping for what appears to be an engagement ring! The former Full House star has put several rings — some valued at around $100. who adds: “Some people are against the love match because of the 17-year age gap [he’s 44. DAVID LIVINGSTON/GETTY IMAGES.” Mary-Kate and Olivier. “They love arguing over politics over a table at their favorite restaurants. SPLASH NEWS. theatre and literature. “She looked at square and cushion cuts with platinum settings. 2013 OK! CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: JAMES DEVANEY/WIREIMAGE (2). 32 DECEMBER 30.’ ” says a close pal.A. she’s 27]. nothing under 4 carats.” “She’s been saying for months now that he’s ‘the one.BREAKING NEWS | B E T H E F I R ST TO K N OW T H E H OT T E ST H A P P E N I N G S | M FRIENDS SAY SHE’S READY TO TIE THE KNOT WITH OLIVIER SARKOZY IT’S SERIOUS Mary-Kate’s twin Ashley has also given Oliver her stamp of approval. who is the brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. She also adores his two kids and gets along really well with them. says the friend. “She likes big rocks. fueling speculation that she’s getting engaged to her French banker boyfriend of one year. She’s lived in an adult’s world from a very young age. Olivier Sarkozy.” says an insider. GETTY IMAGES. share the same tastes in art. MARY-KATE GOES RING SHOPPING Olivier and Mary-Kate got cuddly while attending a Knicks game in New York City. but she always points out that she was forced to grow up a lot earlier than the ordinary girl. this holiday season.000 — on hold at L.

Fans reported that one of the scenes filmed involved the character of Christian outlining his plans for a dating “contract” with innocent Anastasia. She was denied. and Dakota Johnson. was also on the set. HE GOES GREEN AND ELIMINATES THE GAS FUMES LEO FUNDS ELECTRIC RACING TEAM V enturi Automobiles. 24. “The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuelefficient. Fifty Shades of Grey. a small electric car maker. Others noted that Dakota was wearing a plum dress. one of Ana’s signature outfits as described in the best-selling novel. where 10 teams will compete using electric single-seat race cars capable of speeds in excess of 140 mph. will team with Leonardo DiCaprio to sponsor a racing team in next September’s FIA Formula E Championship. Fifty Shades has also inspired a new line of sexy lingerie from the Swedish retailer KappAhl. shot scenes together as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for the first time and. Shamu return to that she asked the sea. Her sea life park to stop request was using it. The film’s stars. keeping Fifty Shades of Grey fans posted on the film’s progress. “sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals. Leo praised the “environmentally friendly” efforts.” she said. James. 31. A park spokesman said a new show was being designed for Shamu. Leo joined his racing partners promoting electric race cars. That may have been due to the constant stream of lattes on the coffee-shop set where they filmed their characters’ first chaste kiss.COM 33 . E.L. saying. at least early on. Jamie Dornan. The book’s British author. More than 200 cast and crew members gathered on a Vancouver set last week to shoot the first scenes of what’s expected to be the hottest movie of 2015. seemed jittery in each other’s company.OKMAGAZINE.” OK! WWW. clean-energy vehicles. and it would not feature Joan’s music.FILMING BEGINS FOR FIFTY SHADES JOAN JETT FIGHTS FOR SHAMU Rocker Joan Jett was so appalled that her hit “I Love Rock ’n’ Roll” was blared at high decibels during the introduction of Shamu Joan also the orca whale at asked that SeaWorld Orlando.

2013 OK! Angelina received her pilot’s license eight years ago. 27. Angelina’s team submitted a renewal form sometime after that. The craft’s “airworthiness” certificate expired June 30. And she’s scheduled to start classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine. The actress was hospitalized in July following a series of bizarre incidents. like to take walks near their home — and shop at Costco! Amanda Bynes is determined to walk the straight-and-narrow path after her release from rehab earlier this month. Lynn. after the New Year. Calif. . “She’s also getting 10 hours of sleep every night. home of her parents. capable of speeds up to 300 mph.000 Cirrus SR-22. has said she got her pilot’s license because of her son Maddox’s fascination with airplanes. “She won’t be going back to New York in the near future. Calif. and is in bed by 9 p. And there’ll be no clubs.BREAKING NEWS AMANDA’S BACK HOME NORMAL LIFE Amanda and her mother. is staying at the Thousand Oaks. but it was rejected for arriving too late. a $360..” a family insider says.. she’s got a list of lifestyle rules. To help her. The plane. Its digital navigation system also makes it one of the world’s safest small planes. 38. Angelina. and later moved to a Malibu facility. Amanda adjusted her makeup at Disneyland. According to a letter from the FAA. has been reported to be one of the world’s fastest single-engine aircrafts. 34 DECEMBER 30.m. ANGELINA GROUNDED The Federal Aviation Administration has banned Angelina Jolie from flying her personal plane after the actress failed to renew its registration on time.” Amanda. according to experts.




risten Stewart is the latest face of Chanel. She’s set to appear in an ad campaign for the fashion line’s Métiers d’Art collection, which will be released in May. At a party in Dallas celebrating the line on Dec. 10, Kristen, in Kristen, 23, who Dallas, regularly joins Blake Lively, wears Chanel on Keira Knightley the red carpet. and Diane Kruger as company spokesmodels, wore a Chanel outfit: highwaist apricot pants, a gray crop top, a charcoal sweater tied around her waist and nude heels. The actress has been a friend and supporter of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s head designer and creative director, since last year.

Ned and Kate’s son was born at a public hospital in Sussex.

Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll welcomed a healthy 9-pound boy into the family on Dec. 7. Kate, 38, and Ned, 35, are “thrilled to bits” with the arrival, a spokeswoman said. The couple’s rep did not immediately reveal the child’s first name, though by referring to him as “Baby Boy Winslet” she hinted that the baby might take his mother’s last name. Ned, the nephew of Virgin entrepreneur Richard Branson, was born Ned Abel Smith and changed his name later in life. He works in the Virgin division planning space travel. Kate was previously married to Jim Threapleton, the father of her daughter Mia, 13, and to Sam Mendes, dad to her son Joe, 10.


“There is a movement happening here, and we have a chance to make things right, to make things just,” said Hayden.


Hayden Panettiere and her fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko, traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, joining protestors opposed to the Ukraine government’s close ties with Russia and seeking more interaction with western European nations. Wladimir’s brother, Vitali Klitschko, is the leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform political party and, like Wladimir, a professional boxer. On Dec. 8, the Heroes and Nashville star addressed a crowd of dissidents gathered in Kiev’s central square. “As an American, I want you to know that I stand by you, I support your fight, and I will support it until the country of Ukraine in its entirety reflects the beauty, the true beauty of the Ukrainian people,” Hayden, 24, said. “Keep fighting. I love you all.”

Angelina’s lawyer said that Mickey’s lies kept him from being allowed in the United States.

Brad & Angie


ngelina Jolie suffered a major red face when her head of security, Mickey Brett, and two others were arrested for allegedly roughing up parents and students at a school in Mumbai, India — calling them “bloody Indians.” Angelina, there in 2006 filming A Mighty Heart, partially blamed paparazzi for the melee. In 2008 she fired Mickey, whom she had employed since 2001, and who, according to her lawyer Marty Singer, was a “pathological liar.” “Mickey had unorthodox practices, but did everything he could to keep Angelina safe; she thought of him like a big brother,” an insider says. In 2009, Ange and Brad Pitt squashed a tell-all book Mickey was threatening to write about them! Mickey was arrested for his role in the fight.

barred from america


eleb bodyguards are meant to be protectors who have their employers’ backs and guard their secrets. They are wellpaid and often have such a close relationship with their employer that they become family. To be sure, many look like scary, hulking thugs, but they’re not supposed to act that way. Yet security staffers to some of the most elite stars have
36 DECEMBER 30, 2013 OK!

Brad bailed his security guards out of jail. been charged or convicted with crimes from attempted murder, to assault, to rape. Here, some of the most shocking examples of bodyguards gone bad.

Beyoncé & Gaga
After the arrival of Blue Ivy, the couple feared Norman was a threat to their family.


scary breakdown

n one of the more stunning — and tragic — incidents, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s former guard, Norman Oosterbroek, was tasered by Miami police in September after breaking into a neighbor’s house, punching a resident and swallowing drugs while naked. The 6-foot-5, 280-pounder, nicknamed “The Dutch Giant,” died in the hospital. Among his former clients are Lady Gaga, Rihanna and the late South African president Nelson Mandela. Beyoncé and Jay Z fired Norman earlier this year for, among other acts, dallying with a prostitute while on duty. “Norman was a major loose cannon,” an insider says. “That’s why all the big names used him. He made them feel safe, because he made it clear he was willing to use force. No one knew he was using drugs, though, and that really shocked Beyoncé, who Lady Gaga was among his clients before his senseless death. is fiercely anti-drug.”


Tom Cruise
“I could have lost my life. Are they insane?” photog Rolando Aviles said.


Tom & Gisele



wo of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s former bodyguards, Miguel Solis and Alexander Rivas, were recently convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to five years in prison for shooting at two photographers during the couple’s 2009 Costa Rican wedding. “To say Tom and Gisele were horrified would be a monumental understatement,” says a family friend. “They would never condone anything like this.”

ormer bodyguard Sean Ringgold has made a leap from guarding stars to becoming one! He’s been a frequent actor on the soap One Life to Live. It all came crashing down when Sean, 36, was accused of sexually assaulting a date last summer. “I have to make sure that he doesn’t do this again to someone else,” the unidentified woman has said. At press time, a grand jury had not decided if the woman’s accusations had enough merit. He denies it: “The associations I have.... Do I look like I need to do that? It’s saddening to hear.”

Tom trusted Sean to take care of daughter Suri.



SCANDAL CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: SMART PICTURES/PACIFICCOASTNEWS.” says a source. but the source says she accepted a fraction of that figure in the settlement. JAMES DEVANEY/ WIREIMAGE. S rough tactics Criminal charges against the rapper and his entourage were dropped for lack of evidence. insisting the sex was consensual and settled out of court. SPLASH NEWS. The struck a photog photographer suffered for trying to minor injuries. But he pays very well. but the woman’s story was completely inconsistent with what her friend said. adding that while the star expects his security to have his back at all costs. 38 DECEMBER 30. “The list of people is long and high-profile. “If there is legal trouble. but snap Justin on a the bodyguard was date. they said she was drunk. his bodyguard and a member of his band were all sued in civil court by Carissa Capeloto. SPLASH NEWS Justin Timberlake PHOTOGRAPHER PUNCHED OUT J ustin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were eating at Nobu in London in 2011 when Justin’s bodyguard punched a photographer to The bodyguard the ground.” This bodyguard was arrested at the Dorchester Hotel where Justin was staying in London. he’ll be the first to disown their behavior.” spills a source.” the three men gang raped her in Sean’s Seattle hotel room in 2010. 2013 OK! .COM. incapable of consent. “Justin is super protective of his good-guy reputation. “He’s known as a gentle giant by the people he used to work for.” The rapper denied the claims. He even worked for Tom Cruise.” insists the source. SPLASH NEWS. Carissa asked for $5 million in damages. The woman says she suffered injuries at the hands of Johnny’s goons. 22. NANCY KASZERMAN/ZUMA PRESS/CORBIS. arrested. JASON MERRITT/BET/GETTY IMAGES. so he hires security to do his dirty work. he’s not quite as loyal. SPLASH NEWS (2). who claimed that while she was “obviously intoxicated. Insiders were surprised by the claims against Sean’s bodyguard. dirty fights Sean Kingston ACCUSED OF RAPE ean Kingston. ALO CEBALLOS/FILMMAGIC. “Sean settled out of court because he wanted to focus on his tour.

The victim said his attackers broke his nose. They’re the only people you have left. They’re still going strong! Johnny Depp J FAN TACKLED FOR GETTING TOO CLOSE ohnny Depp may be famous for trying to keep his private life private. Kate Gosselin was accused of having an affair with her married guard. confiscated her cell phone. “It’s natural to be friends with your manager. an insider tells OK! that Chris rewarded Christopher with a huge bonus.” KIM KARDASHIAN He hid his wife from Kim. the couple started dating oncamera. Chris Brown and his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were both arrested after reportedly fighting a man outside of the W Hotel in Washington. She told Katie Couric.” says an insider. but when Kim admitted to producers that she found him attractive. “He was a nice guy and treated her well. “And sometimes that means using force.C.” A judge. dismissed the woman’s suit. “Johnny isn’t a violent guy. HEIDI KLUM Before her divorce from Seal was finalized.” the source says.COM 39 .OKMAGAZINE. cuffed her.” says an insider.” KATE GOSSELIN In 2009. but he has given [his guards] carte blanche to protect him. “Many celebrities would have fired Christopher for what he did. Steve Neild. At a 2011 Iggy Pop concert. but hiring overzealous bodyguards drew unwanted attention to the actor. tackled her to the floor and dragged her through the Hollywood Palladium exposing her buttocks — for coming too close to Johnny’s seat. saying. Instead of distancing himself from the altercation. [Chris] was happy Christopher had his back.Chris Brown BLOODY BEATDOWN BODYGUARDHOOKUPS? THESE STARS WERE RUMORED TO HAVE FOUND LOVE WITH THEIR PROTECTORS Kim Kardashian didn’t know Shengo Deane was still married when he was on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2010. OK! WWW.” Kate says they’re just friends.. claimed Johnny’s bodyguards restrained her. however. D. a 52-year-old woman who’d paid $600 each for a pair of VIP tickets. I n October. “After everything went down in Washington. your security team. Heidi Klum was seen sharing a vacation with her bodyguard — now boyfriend — Martin Kirsten. The hot Aussie was hired to be Kim’s bodyguard.. “[Martin]’s a great man and recently we got to know each other from a different side… I trust him. She denied it. but Chris told him he’ll be his boy for life and gave him a ton of cash to thank him.

” says a source.” the source says of the one more season? group. “it’s no secret that the whole project will be pinned on Jennifer Aniston [the show’s loveable Rachel Green]. where Matthew. Lisa Kudrow (who played the daffy Phoebe Buffay) and Matt LeBlanc (dim-witted-but-darling Joey Tribbiani) have all found their COCKWISE FROM TOP: NBC/NBCU PHOTO BANK VIA GETTY IMAGES. “It was as though no time passed at all. It’s the perfect excuse to talk seriously about a new project. “Courteney’s been telling Jennifer that she and Matthew Perry [their characters were more than friends on Friends.” friends shocker: KEEPING BUSY In reality. “But she’s been slowly convinced that a reunion could be a good thing. the internet lit up with the news that NBC had reportedly confirmed that they were gathering the Friends cast for a reunion show. “Since the show ended in 2004 it’s been rare for all six of them to appear in public together.REUNION TWENTY YEARS AFTER THEY DEBUTED AS FRESH-FACED KIDS. in which Ross and Rachel did indeed — phew! — end up together. that is. (Rumors last year hinted at a Thanksgiving special and a 2008 movie version is said to have once been in the pipeline. 2013 OK! segued to a movie career immediately following Friends and is now easily one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses — to consider sinking back into the comfy couch at Central Perk? Her old onscreen roommate. COURTESY OF SHOWTIME. In the interim all have worked steadily. set to launch in 2014 and reunite the show’s original cast. the iconic Manhattan apartment she shared with Rachel and around whose coffee table gathered the six-pack of vivid characters who were Friends. Courteney. mostly in TV. “But with next year’s 20th anniversary [of the show’s launch] it’s unavoidable for them to do something together.” the source says. the notoriously compulsive neat freak Monica Geller — Courteney Cox. JUSTIN LUBIN/NBC. KAREN NEAL/ABC VIA GETTY IMAGES. a decade has gone by since more than 52 million viewers watched the show’s 2004 finale. who all still work together regularly (see sidebar). THESE OLD FRIENDS MAY BE GETTING TOGETHER AGAIN P erhaps we can go home again — to Monica’s home.” As Matthew Perry’s wonderfully acerbic Chandler Bing might say: Could this be any better news for millions of Friends fans? IT’S UP TO JEN On Dec. 4. Once again.) This time around. whatever happens. rumors are swirling that NBC is bringing back the beloved cast for at least one more project! The Peacock Network reportedly has green-lit an 11th season of the beloved comedy.” What has swayed Jennifer — who 40 DECEMBER 30. who’s incredibly busy with her movie career. and married by the end] have still got that amazing chemistry after shooting just a few scenes with him guest starring on her TV show Cougar Town. REX USA (4) .

although there’s a way of winning people over. Seth MacFarlane’s show was nixed by Fox after three seasons in 2002 and brought back in 2005. “The network is desperate for it to go ahead and has already put in seven-figure offers to each to get them on board.” no way that the network’s dream of another series will come about with her busy career. ENTOURAGE Those itching to find out the next act for Vince and his posse will have to wait for the movie. ALWAYS CO-STARS FUN IN THEIR FUTURES? Matthew’s not the only one. “Matt LeBlanc generated a lot of Friends nostalgia when he and Matthew Perry did a series of joint appearances in the lead-up to the Emmys. too. Matt LeBlanc guest starred on two episodes as a compulsive gambler who turns to online therapist Lisa Kudrow on his old castmate’s Showtime series Web Therapy.” wants to do it. he returned the favor with a stint during season five of her TBS hit. of course. who made news when it was announced that they were all THE making $1 million an GANG’S episode by Friends’ end.” THE OLD FRIENDS DO GUEST SPOTS ON ONE ANOTHER’S SHOWS TAKE ME TO COUGAR TOWN After Courteney guest starred on Matthew’s now-canceled series Go On. THESE SHOWS CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD TOO AFTER ENDING. ONCE CO-STARS. “She has happen. THESE SERIES FOUND A SECOND LIFE ARS VERONICA M Seven years after teenage detective Kristen Bell cracked her last case. “Matthew’s 100 percent on board to get the six of them back together for at least another show. which starts filming in March. Cougar Town.greatest successes with multiple television series under their collective belt. it will says a source. ALL HERE “Jennifer was the “ “It’s all really down to ‘go-to’ gal for all the cast Jennifer and her and she made sure she schedule. LET ME FIX THAT FOR YOU In September. this critical and fan fave will be back with a movie in March.” reports the source of the castmates.” the source notes. while David Schwimmer (the geeky but good-hearted paleontologist Ross Geller) is the only one who chose to spend considerable time doing theater. makes movie after movie. Most likely it’ll be a one-off special or a movie version — and they’ll have the time of their lives filming it.OKMAGAZINE. ARRESTED T DEVELOPMEN Fans of the cult series with Jason Bateman did the chicken dance when it returned as a 15-episode series on Netflix.” Only one thing is absolutely certain: Gunther and Ugly Naked Guy would OK! most certainly approve. TOGETHER AGAIN! In 2010 Jennifer Aniston also visited Cougar Town to play Courteney’s hippie-dippy new therapist.COM 41 . FAMILY GUY Initially thought too racy. If she really kept up with them all. OK! WWW. Jen. who burned incense and wore a crystal to ward off cancer.

Lo flipped out. 32.J. “J. 42 DECEMBER 30.” WHO’S IN CONTROL? COUGARS. THE NE JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER An eight-year age gap doesn’t bother JamieLynn. “It’s a control issue.LO & CASPER DRAMA ON J. who welcomed son Beau with minor league baseball player fiancé Cutter Dykstra. They’re waiting to tie the knot. 24. in August. 2013 OK! .” says a source.LO IS SICK OF FOOTING THE BILL FOR BOYFRIEND CASPER SMART After Casper went on a major shopping spree recently.

NOTHING OUT It was Casper’s decidedly unglitzy style that drew the superstar to the low-key choreographer in the first place. the Bentleys…. “Whenever J. of River Viiperi. NOT ENTITLED him. “He started becoming accustomed to the way she lived and got very comfortable with the celebrity lifestyle.Lo glitz — on constant display to the public — is going to rub off on any guy. But she always has him on warning. who can blame him? “He’s just living with her and of course he’s going to become accustomed to her lifestyle.OKMAGAZINE. 19. “She has an insatiable appetite for romance. “He’s so supportive. They are very compatible. This is not his stuff. after Casper went on a $100.” the source says of Casper. 22. AND THE SWEET So what keeps the pair together after more than two years and makes for their authentic performances in the steamy video for her recent song “Dance Again?” “They are both very passionate people. “Once they have their tiffs.” In Casper’s defense. 44. the fabled J. it’s hers. “And who does he think he is? She doesn’t want him to forget A fter hooking up with J. “She was previously with an 18-year-old. They’ve always had an issue with that. 32.COM 43 DIDN’T COIN THE TERM. In the beginning.Lo fight all the time.” . J. things are getting stormy and chilly in the two-year relationship of Jennifer Lopez.” says a source.. He started loving the luxury cars. “He’ll apologize and melt her heart.” But hey. Casper “started liking the spotlight. “They fight over the fact that Casper feels entitled when he shouldn’t. “She seems to like younger men. She made him and she can take it all away.” Including the Bentley the pair used to cruise Miami in December 2011.” NOTHING IN.Lo while he was her backup dancer.” OK! OK! WWW. but who still had a sense of normalcy. someone who was used to performing as an artist and being on tour. regardless of how grounded. “Casper and J. She liked that he had a down-to-earth. gleaming white Dodge Ram pickup truck. and she loves that he’s young.THE ROCKS! D espite their sunny smiles and heated videos. 26. It sparked “a huge blowout fight about the fact that he feels he’s entitled to live the life of luxury when he hasn’t earned it.” reports a source. the designer clothes.” the source says. but the shopping expedition bought Casper a whole lot of flak. “All the fancy things that she lives her life with. he started taking a liking to. BUT THESE XT WAVE THEY UP-AND-COMERS LIVE UP TO THE TITLE! LINDSAY LOHAN NYC model Liam Dean.” the source says. He forgets that and that’s when their fights break out.” says Paris.000 shopping spree on Jen’s dime. her Spanish model boyfriend.” So there’s heat — but there’s also sweet.” PARIS HILTON “We have fun wherever we go. “she loved the fact that he was a very normal guy.Lo was all smiles on that occasion. the source adds. he always sends flowers the next day or writes her a love letter. unaffected thing about him. What else is he supposed to do? It’s like she wants him shopping at bargain basements while she’s shopping at Gucci. and everything will be fine.. When they met. it was passionate immediately. That makes me really happy. because that’s the life that’s around SHOP TILL SHE DROPS HIM? In November the pair had a doozy.” says a source.” that he came into the relationship with nothing and he’ll leave with nothing as well.Lo is with a regular guy who starts to feel entitled. and her former backup dancer Casper Smart. It’s not like she hasn’t been generous in the past: In April of 2012 she surprised him on his 25th birthday with a brand-new. He’s always saying how proud he is of me. it rubs her the wrong way.” THE HEAT.” a source reports. is the latest young ’un to catch 27-yearold Lindsay’s eye.

ALL IMAGES ARE COURTESY OF RAZORBILL/PENGUIN YOUNG READERS. add the chopped potatoes and red bell pepper. 2013 OK! SERVES 4) Directions: 1. Haylie’s new cookbook is called The Real Girl’s Kitchen. Earth Balance or butter • 1 chopped onion • 6 strips bacon.” She suggests serving it with crusty bread for dunking. 3. Warm the butter in a big pot on the stove over medium heat. Discard cobs and save the kernels for later. Once potatoes are soft (about 15 minutes).CELEBRITY COOKBOOK Y HAYLIE DUFF’S Soothing soup ou can enjoy this soup a couple of ways. can green chilies • Kosher salt and black pepper to taste 44 DECEMBER 30. half and half. about another 10 minutes. Continue simmering until all the vegetables are soft. CORN CHOWDER ( Ingredients: • 4 ears corn • 1 tbsp. lower the heat and add the corn. Cut the kernels off of each ear of corn. chilies. chopped into bite-size bits • 2 peeled and chopped potatoes • 1 chopped and deseeded red bell pepper • 2 cups water • 1⁄ 4 cup half and half • 1. salt and pepper. available on amazon. When the bacon is translucent. Add the onion and the bacon.” Haylie Duff says. . 4 oz. Add the water to the pot and bring to a boil. 2. “You can leave it chunky or you can run it through a food mill or use a handheld emulsion blender.

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SCAN HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE OK! TV CONTENT CLIPS • PROMOTIONS • ETC.m. St. LuAnn’s Hamptons house is for sale.m. She discusses her Broadway debut in John Patrick Shanley’s Outside her dream has always been the lights of Broadway. Las Vegas KTNV: 7 p. premiering in January.m. San Francisco KOFY: 11 p. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: PETER KRAMER/BRAVO/NBC/GETTY IMAGES.m. MICHAEL BEZIJAN/GETTY IMAGES.m. Find more stations at oktvusa. N/C. Miami WBFS: midnight Minneapolis KSTC: 9 a.! TAKING THE STAGE Debra Messing has conquered TV but. Louis WRBU: 4:30 p. Gearing up for the sixth season of The Real Housewives of New York City (premiering in February). 46 DECEMBER 30.H C T A W Exclusively on LUANN AT HOME ecently single Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is ready to start fresh after her split from Jacques Azoulay. and a 1940s mobster in TNT’s Mob City. the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer is selling her luxe Hamptons house. 2013 OK! MILO’S DOUBLE DUTY Milo Ventimiglia talks about his latest small-screen starring roles: a dad targeted in a deadly game on Chosen (streaming on Crackle). R ¬ . Watch OK! TV New York WLNY: 11:30 p.m.m. from the massive closets to the handmade bar. as she tells OK! TV ’s Alex Miranda. Los Angeles KCAL: midnight Chicago WCUU: 9 p. & 2:30 a. N/C. Boston WSBK: 12:30 a. She gives OK! TV’s Alex Miranda the complete tour of the dream home she designed.m.


shopping and the general madness that surrounds the holiday season. How has having a baby changed your life? Kevin: It’s brought us closer together. when their first child (it’s going to be a girl!) arrives and joins one of the most popular families in show business. Here. they give OK! a behind-thescenes peek at their life off-camera. Married to Jonas. on the E! network. home. taking a break from baby preparations. will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on Dec. they have starred in their own reality show. Kevin. There’s a lot going on.. Danielle: We want everything to be perfect for her. but it’s all about her right now. The couple sat down for a chat with OK! in their Denville. 19. We want everything that she needs.K THEY’RE TOTALLY PSYCHED TO MEET THE FIRST JONAS DAUGHTER evin and Danielle Jonas can’t wait until next month. They met while vacationing in the Bahamas in 2007.J. and Danielle. and for the past two seasons. I’d go out to the mall and pick up a few things for myself or Kevin. It’s weird. 26. But now it’s INTERVIEW ON THE RECORD BABY! 48 DECEMBER 30. she’s coming soon! We’re setting up the nursery. the eldest of the singing Jonas Brothers. 27. How so? Danielle: Normally. 2013 OK! Gettıng Ready for KEVIN & DANIELLE JONAS . She’s not even here. N. and we’re about to move [to a new house].

are you going to change diapers? Kevin: Of course! I think it’s a team effort.” a free mobile app for new parents. C FLANIGAN/FILMMAGIC . because I see the things that I need in my life in her. the Jonas Brothers unanimously decided to call it quits less than three weeks after they canceled their fall tour due to “a deep rift” within the band. You talk about things more.OKMAGAZINE. Wow! Kevin. What excites you about having a girl? Kevin: I’ve been around boys a lot in my life.“Do I have diapers? Let me look at some little outfits. so it’ll be nice having a girl.COM 49 THEY’RE STILL BROTHERS FROM LEFT: NOEL VASQUEZ/GETTY IMAGES FOR EXTRA. Do you think you’ll raise your daughter the same way as you were brought up? Kevin: Traditions are always nice to have in a family. Danielle: Having a baby has brought us closer. but it’s getting there. Kevin: She might have me wrapped around her finger. She’ll actually be the first Jonas girl. Somehow that really does bring us together. but we’ll probably end up making our own — and keeping some of our parents’ traditions too.” Kevin tells OK!. but we’re probably going to have way more. It’s more calming. but you end up shopping for her. OK! — Valerie Nome MOVING ON baby app! Kevin and Danielle use Dreft detergent’s “Amazing Baby Days. How many children would you like to have? Kevin: I’ve always said two. I’m like. in a long time. I n late October. “It’s a process. Danielle: I didn’t even think of that. It wasn’t great for a little while there. by blood. but we’re going to figure it out once we meet her. Danielle: I wanted four. available at the App Store. and it’s important that we do that for our relationship.” Kevin: You shop for yourself.” And now? “We’re growing together still. You don’t want to yell at anyone. but after the beginning of this pregnancy. Will you be strict parents? Kevin: I think we’re going to have a common balance. Danielle: I won’t know how that’s going to go until she’s here. “maybe three. and I hope I do the same for her.” OK! WWW.” Why are you two perfect together? Kevin: I think we are opposites in a lot of ways. which was formed in 2005. “We’re choosing to be brothers instead of continuing with the band right now.

! W O N E L A S N O .

writing a fashion blog (Ring My Bell) and curating a collection of jewelry for the month of December on BaubleBar. baublebar.COM 51 . Feminine with an edge. Who’s your fashion icon? Kate Moss. I buy leather versions of everything. Your best fashion tip? A red lip can lift any outfit.PROOF THAT LOOKING GOOD IS BETTER THAN REVENGE PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF IDDO GOLDBERG. N/C (2).99. Fave piece from the BaubleBar line? I love the ear cuff. I’m drawn to directional pieces with a timeless She took time out of her schedule to talk style with OK!. drugstores. She is the perfect mix of classy and provocative. NYC New York Color. $. Ashley keeps warm and looks fierce.OKMAGAZINE. ASHLEY’S GO-TO-GLAM ACCESSORIES Draping a leather moto over her shoulders. Ultra Moist LipWear in Retro Red. $32. B etween shooting a new TV series (Salem). it has a rock ’n’ roll edge. Describe your personal OK! WWW. former Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe has been a busy girl. Winged Crystal Ear Cuff. Any obsessions? Leather. BaubleBar.

com HIT THE GYM IN SPORTING GEAR YOU WANT TO BE SEEN IN. $ 52 DECEMBER everlast HOT Right Now! SPORTY CHIC It’s time to raise the bar at the gym. $199. Flowery Textile. but on a daily basis I’m always in ballet flats. Pretty Ballerinas. puma. Snake Print. “They’re easy for running around in. com Katrina looks adorable pumping iron in her fitted Old Navy fitness Flex Appeal Limited Edition Sneaker With Memory Foam. sears. $42. 2013 OK! . American Eagle Outfitters. while still looking good. com What’s Leggings. riveusa. $70. prettyballerinas. Pink Lace. Breaking a sweat has never looked so good! Bra. Puma.STYLE WEEK Mesh Hoodie With Printed Sleeves.” says Olivia. ae. Skechers.” says Olivia Palermo. ladies! And we’re not talking about more intense workouts. shop. Rivé. skechers. OLIVIA’S SHOE OBSESSION “People see me in heels a lot. $25. “I love ballet flats. $279. Everlast. LIKE KATRINA BOWDEN Patricia Field Exclusive Water Bottle for Rivé.” You can say that again! The fashionista has at least 10 pairs (and counting!) of Pretty Ballerinas (including the ones below). $45. we’re talking attire! Clothing in trendy silhouettes and accessories in fun colors are all the rage. $209.

Hylexin Dark Circle Eraser.” says Mirza. It’s got all these vitamins in it. Michael Kors. Kohl’s We’re loving Sienna’s rose-gold hair hue! “The rose gold is perfectly suited for winter. $10. BEN GABBE/GETTY IMAGES. $18. Yes to Cucumbers. add a peptidepacked dark-circle-reducing eye cream.GO AHEAD.995. I grab cold spoons that I leave in the freezer and put them on my eyes.” For a one-two punch. MIKE MARSLAND/WIREIMAGE. This helps it look almost natural.” he explains.” says Ashley. The amino-acid-filled beverage protects against physical and mental hangover symptoms. Mercy. Bremenn Sarah Jessica Parker. If you’re still scared to take the pink plunge. We may have to break the bank for this drool-worthy python Resort version! ‘IT’ BAG ALERT! Miranda Python Tote. ASHLEY BENSON: “I refresh my skin with a cucumber mask. Ulta GWYNETH PALTROW: “Before I go out at night I drink Mercy. eufora. Apply lightly for Sienna’s subtle look. ALL PRODUCTS ARE N/C AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY MARSHALL TROY. $14 for 4. so you minimize hangovers. IN STARS SHARE THEIR HANGOVER HELPERS CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: LAURA CAVANAUGH/FILMMAGIC. GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE. Mercy Blood Orange.” says celebrity hairstylist Mirza Batanovic of Sienna Miller’s new for store locations .” says Gwyneth. michaelkors. and Jessica Alba are just a few of the A-list celebs (16-plus) to be toting around the Michael Kors Miranda bag. try a temporary color spray. INDULGE THIS NEW YEAR’S EVE — THESE CELEBS HAVE YOU COVERED . It’s also perfectly SHAY MITCHELL: “To get rid of swelling around my eyes. Gwen Stefani. “It’s paler and less intense than the bright fuchsia hues of summer. $2. drinkmercy. SARA JAYE WEISS. “The ends should be the lightest part. Eufora. $59. followed by a lot of moisturizer. The fruit has cooling properties to help soothe. THEO WARGO/WIREIMAGE. Creative Streak in Tickled Pink. Soothing Calming Facial Mask.

Bobbi Brown.” However. use a darker. sephora. HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEST FEATURES S parkle has always been a staple for the holidays. GO LIGHT ON CHEEKS & COLLARBONES These areas can be tricky. “For the outer corner. $13. bobbibrown. $48. “When correctly placed.” instructs Nick. Uplight Face Luminizer Gel in #22. ROSIE HUNTINGTONWHITELEY From left: 24-Karat Gold Dust. Boom! by Cindy Joseph. it can help open the For both. $24. “Choose only one or two areas to highlight.50. matte hue like Rosie. Jane Iredale. Make sure to blend 54 DECEMBER 30. boombycindyjoseph.” says celeb makeup artist Nick Barose. janeiredale. he explains.” says Nick. $29. And steer clear of products with chunks of CONTRAST IS KEY FOR EYES “Use a gold-flecked powder shadow just on the inside corner of eyes. when used incorrectly. Make Up For Ever. Boomstick Glimmer.50. Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette. and no wider than 1 inch. you risk looking like a disco ball.” This brightens the eye and adds depth. Read on to get the glimmer look right on every body part. contour the face and collarbones. 2013 OK! .Shine like a STYLE WEEK BEAUTY THIS NEW YEAR’S EVE (AND BEYOND). and lengthen legs. gently dab liquid highlighter only on the highest points.

50.” says Nick. Topshop Nail Lacquer in Glamorous Triple Shine Nail Color in Oyster Bar. Don’t forget the tops of feet (if they show). Kevyn Aucoin. TOO Nail Color in Penny Talk. Ulta TRY A GLIMMERING SHADE ON NAILS. like Elizabeth’s. $8. The Expert Lip Color in Hanabeth. Jouer. For medium and darker skintones. PICK THE RIGHT LIPSTICK “Fair-skinned women should aim for pink shades. GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE. Kardashian Beauty. as long as you don’t put it all over. $38. $10.WITH SHIMMERING MAKEUP Star! FROM LEFT: FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY Nails in Powder. STEVE GRANITZ/ opt for a champagne-tinted peach hue.caudalie . $35. Essie. essie. $17. then apply the bronzer gently along the front length of leg. $5. $10. jouercosmetics. ALL PRODUCTS ARE N/C AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY MARSHALL TROY. TAYLOR SWIFT PLACEMENT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE LEGS ELIZABETH BANKS Taylor knows sparkling liquid body bronzer is great for gams. drugstores .” says Nick. Caudalie. Sally Hansen. Hydrating Lipstick in Glisten Up Shimmer Spray. Start with untinted lotion to hydrate. nordstrom. $22. not icy. Deborah Lippmann. Divine Legs. bergdorfgoodman. “It’s all about the front part of the leg. The line should be continuous in order to lengthen. that catches the light. us. The sparkle should have a golden tone so the look is warm.

$ Bea Cross-Body. tedbaker-london . zadig-etvoltaire. $92. Glitter Shoe. Shiny accessories instantly add opulence to a look for day or night.” says Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet. Ted Baker. Gap.PUTTIN’ ON TH A LITTLE. $25. Earthy Chic. festive trend with hints of 14K Strawberry Gold with Vanilla Diamond Earrings. $160.. ae. Zadig & Voltaire. $30. $ In a Douglas Hannant Knit Beanie.497. ndulge in the flashy. “You don’t want to clash your sparkle. earthychic. 56 DECEMBER 30. shop-marti .c STYLE WEEK FASHION I Coil Ring. Boots. Nicole Richie matches her silver Christian Louboutin clutch with her shimmery eye shadow. $195. $2. American Eagle Outfitters. 2013 OK! . “If you are wearing more than one at a time. La Mer Collections. Le Vian. Rose Gold Wrap. Shiraleah. make sure they work together tonally. lamercollections . $590.” Leather Belt. .com Ram’s Head Necklace.

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The circumstances allow his unstable wife Rosalyn (Jennifer) to take control. ET.m.m. Mary J. ET. 27 THE WRONG WOMAN Caring mom Ellen (The Wonder Years’ Danica McKellar) is accused of attempted murder. Lifetime. plus Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo’s duet.Christian packed on 43 pounds to play shady thief Irving. 8 p. Dec. ABC. finale. 25 STYLED TO ROCK Season finale. Rihanna picks the winner — and newest member of her design team — based on the three hr finalists’ looks. 2013 OK! . 20 The critics are already drooling over Amy’s and Jennifer’s performances in this disco-era crime thriller based on a true story. 20 Reeling from the breakup of a long relationship. But their romance isn’t onesided. they’re forced to risk their lives by going deeper into organized crime. NBC. 23 58 DECEMBER 30. Amy Adams. Ben Folds and Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman as judges. Samantha (voiced by Scarlett. When con-man Irving (Christian) and his sexy mistress Sydney (Amy) are nabbed by an ambitious FBI agent (Bradley Cooper).000 and a Sony Music contract.m. Incriminating evidence mounts and her husband starts to doubt her. with Jewel. Dec. inspired by her scent. Dec. she teaches him to see the world in new light.m. Jennifer Lawrence | R | 138 minutes | Dec. Neil Patrick Harris and Nick Cannon host. 28 MARK YOU CALENDARS FOR THESE SHOWS YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS! a double-elimination round. Scarlett Johansson | R | 120 min | Dec. ET. Along the way. as it’s revealed the victim was having an affair with him. Amy Adams. 8 p. Bravo. The winner gets $100. Nick Lachey hosts. 8 p. The H Season T champion a cappella F O EK group is named after WE T BESE THE SING-OFF DISNEY PARKS CHRISTMAS DAY PARADE See performances by Demi Lovato (singing her ballad from the movie Frozen). and even a double date with friends. as ever-evolving Samantha joins him on trips to the city. the mountains and the beach. who never appears onscreen). Rogue. ENTERTAINMENT HER Joaquin Phoenix. This quirky romantic comedy takes place in the near future. Blige and Ne-Yo. Dec. a heartbroken writer (Joaquin) becomes enamored with his Sirilike personal operating system. BY VALERIE NOME MOVIE PREVIEWS AMERICAN HUSTLE Christian Bale. ET. 10 a.

I haven’t decided. FRANCOIS DUHAMEL/DISNEY. Brick (Steve Carell). My eyes tend to open three to four minutes before the alarm goes off.L. BANKS Emma Thompson. the TV veteran. In an exclusive interview. COURTESY OF WARNER BROS. What are you looking forward to in 2014? Time with my family. somber person? This comedy-drama reveals the untold true story of what happened when Hollywood studio head honcho Walt Disney (Tom) pulled out all the stops to turn P. This time. Ron (Will) is married to his co-anchor Veronica (Christina). Christina Applegate. 18 Get ready to LOL when San Diego’s top-rated newsman Ron (Will) returns in the sequel to his shagadelic 2004 comedy. I did a prostate screening on the air. I’m lucky. I don’t oversleep. what has been the wildest thing you’ve ever done on Today? For Halloween. Also. P. HOST OF THE TODAY SHOW OK! Q&A S ince 1996. with the red Baywatch swimsuit. but it’s my priority. MATTHIAS CLAMER/BRAVO. and sports guy Champ (David Koechner). find common ground and go on to work together to create one of Disney’s most beloved liveaction films of all time. 56. PETER KRAMER/NBC. Thinking back. millions of people across America have woken up with Matt Lauer on Today. (Emma) doesn’t want Walt (Tom) to give her script the “cartoon treatment. What’s the secret to waking up early? Setting an alarm and never hitting snooze. Ultimately. PICTURES. I don’t throw a lampshade on my head at parties. was such a complicated.L. Walt and P. I dressed up as Pamela Anderson. It’s rare. GNN (Global News Network. You grew a beard during No-Shave November for men’s health awareness. it’s the 1980s and he heads to NYC with his crew.COM 59 .m. 20 Who knew the woman behind the beloved childhood classic Mary Poppins.L. Will Ferrell.OKMAGAZINE.” MATT LAUER CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: FRANCOIS DUHAMEL. so one day a year. Annie Rose Buckley | PG-13 | 125 minutes | Dec. I blow off steam. Today airs Monday to Friday at 7 a. to take on jobs at the nation’s first 24-hour news channel. reveals to OK! his strategy for making work fun. ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES OK! spoke to Matt at the Animal League America Celebrity Gala in NYC. PARAMOUNT PICTURES. Will you keep it? I trimmed it down to ground cover and may keep it for the winter. Paul Rudd | PG-13 | 119 minutes | Dec. Expect zany humor and lots of spicy situations! OK! WWW. natch). Guys get squeamish about medical screenings. ET on NBC. man-on-the-street reporter Brian (Paul). Eek! Did that make you nervous? No. that’s important. Travers’ (Emma) children’s book into a movie at the request of his kids. so if I can get them to be comfortable and proactive. Tom Hanks.SAVING MR.

that she is already hard at work creating a movie as a Christmas present for her father. Tom Cruise.IS SURI A PRODIGY? D The precocious 7-year-old is already dabbling in movies on’t be surprised if Suri Cruise follows in her movie-star parents’ footsteps to Hollywood — as a screenwriter or director! Though she’s just 7 years old. Suri recently learned how to make short movies on her iPad and she’s so enthusiastic about this new hobby. 60 DECEMBER 30. 2013 OK! FASHION DESIGNER Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon was 13 when she started helping design and promote the Material Girl line of clothing. but the gushing parents have always agreed about how special and talented their daughter is. (Shhhh! It’s a surprise!) Suri discovered her love of movie-making after THEY STAR PROUD PARENTS Tom and Katie may be divorced. .

starred in a Burberry campaign. I think with them. “She picks out all of her own clothes and has since she was one-and-a-half. Romeo Beckham. to follow in his footsteps.” Tom has said. who adds that Suri has learned how to use the devices to film and act in her own short movies.” AN INTEREST IN HISTORY FROM LEFT: SPLASH NEWS(3). Ohio hometown for one of her short films. then 10.” There’s no question that Tom will delight in his precious daughter’s company. SPLASH NEWS(2). it’s just find out what you want to do and support it. Will Smith (who was 20 when he had his first radio hit). so they will be able to see Suri as much as possible. JEFF KRAVITZ/FILMMAGIC. Connor and Bella. She knows what shots she wants. to platinum-single sales for the song “Whip My Hair.” Next up is the movie for her father: “She said she’s going to make a ‘real’ movie for her dad as a surprise for Christmas.she received two identical early Christmas gifts: iPads from both her mother Katie Holmes and one of her aunts in Ohio. She’s so creative. “I guess great minds think alike. Suri’s gift for communication probably comes as little surprise to her mom Katie. “They’ve rented a nearby penthouse apartment where they will stay for a week.” Katie has said. Suri took inspiration from her mom’s Toledo.” says the insider. Willow Smith followed her pop. She’s a mini Tom.KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE FOR MATERIAL GIRL. sister Cass and his older children. “There’s no pressure. CHRISTMAS WITH DADDY This year. who says that Tom is expected to fly into New York with other members of his immediate family.” says the insider. or any of his kids. who has admitted that from the time her ‘SURI IS LIKE A MINI-TOM! IT’S JUST BEYOND ADORABLE’ TED EARLY TOO! ROCK STAR At 10. She knows where she wants to stand to speak to the camera. I love what I do. While other similar-aged kids might film their stuffed animals. “The real surprise is how naturally talented Suri is. .” But the insider says Tom is sure to be proud of Suri.” reveals the insider. reveals the insider. “Suri’s already made two. “What I do is try to find out what they’re interested in and support them in that. son of David and Victoria Beckham.” says an insider. “It’s about the historical statues in downtown Toledo. “It’s going to be great fun for the Cruise side of the family to see Suri’s movie debut! She really is a natural. including his mom. “She reads the placards to the camera and then makes up some extra history. I’m lucky. It’s just beyond adorable.” MODEL This past summer. although the star has previously said that he has no intention of pushing her.” young daughter could talk. Suri will be spending Christmas with her father. Suri has always had strong opinions.

By default. But I’d like it to be my first meal on the other side!” AMANDA SEYFRIED: Uh-Man-Duh Sigh-Fred CHLOË SEVIGNY: Klo-Ee Seven-E. “Sushi gets monthly manicures and Nena Marie gets groomed once a month!” “They make me smile every time I see them.” My Go-To Comfort Food “I’m always cooking for other people and their favorite thing is pasta. 62 DECEMBER 30. I would sleep face to face with my boxer and her stinky breath on my face was something I found endearing. so I’d want that. my favorite thing is pasta. Boo. loved butternut squash. and Nena Marie. I think I ate the entire bowl!” CELEBRITY NAME PRONUNCIATION GUIDE TO BE A HOLLYWOOD INSIDER. That’s what I eat for lunch every day at work. Least Healthy Thing I’ve Had All Week “We did a giveaway of truffle popcorn.” Joyce tells OK!. a boxer who looks like a pitbull. TERESA GIUDICE: Teresa Judy-Chay JULIANNE HOUGH: Joo-Lee-An Huff CHIWETEL EJIOFOR: Choo-It-Tell Edge-Ee-Oh-For V OK! spoke to Rachael at the Animal League America’s Celebrity Gala in NYC.RACHAEL RAY GIVES OK! THE DISH My Diet In One Word “Full. But having kids doesn’t mean the dogs don’t get their share of pampering! “I still spoil them!” Joyce says.” she admits.” T Healthiest Thing I’ve Had All Week “A big salad every day of kale and romaine and lemon juice. a shih tzu. “who speaks Spanish and is simply adorable!” The arrival of her sons Leonardo and Valentino only slightly changed her pets’ status: “They used to be extremely spoiled.” he Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud is a true pet lover who spoke to OK! about Sushi. 2013 OK! . YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CALL OUT THE STARS My Last Feast on Earth MILO VENTIMIGLIA: My-Low Ven-Tuh-Me-Lee-Ah “My first dog.

proved how glamorous it can be when she posted this picture of her breast-feeding her 1-year-old daughter.AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO THE OLYMPICS! I ce-skater Tara Lipinski. INSTAGRAM OF THE WEEK . CHARLES SYKES/GETTY IMAGES. Vivian. BERTRAND RINDOFF PETROFF/GETTY IMAGES. “What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep?” she wrote. will be covering the upcoming Olympic Games for NBC as a figure skating analyst. while getting made up. making new moms across the globe justifiably jealous. And to be a part of the Olympic team is an honor. but I immediately turned pro because I loved entertaining. who has always been a proponent of breast-feeding. ISTOCK (2). a competitor and then a professional skater and touring was my home. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: MIKE WINDLE/WIREIMAGE. I won 15 years ago and I loved to compete. ANTHONY-MASTERSON/THE FOOD PASSIONATES/CORBIS. GISELE BUNDCHEN INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK. But I really like it. LAURA CAVANAUGH/ GETTY IMAGES.COM. Being an athlete and Will it be sad to not be competing? No. so it’s going out of my comfort zone. Why are you excited to be covering the 2014 Olympics for NBC? It’s a new phase of my career. who was the youngest individual gold medalist in Winter Olympics history when she won at age 15. She spoke with OK! about it. she’s a super multitasker! Gisele. CHRISTOPHER AMEROUSO N ot only is Gisele Bündchen a supermodel.

6 million helicopter What do you give the man who has everything? Angelina Jolie knows: a helicopter — and flying lessons! Ian tells OK!: “I once got the first Ducati Monster motorcycle in the country from Ducati in Italy. PRODUCTS: N/C. DOMINIQUE CHARRIAU/WIREIMAGE.COM.000 diamond ring Brad Pitt: $1. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: JAMES DEVANEY/WIREIMAGE. RIGHT PAGE.COM. FROM LEFT: CINDY ORD/GETTY IMAGES.000 Bicycle 64 DECEMBER 30. 2013 OK! LEFT PAGE. CHARLEY GALLAY/WIREIMAGE. and David Beckham gave Victoria two sets.BUZZ SANTA GOT SOME HELP MAKING CHRISTIMASES PAST VERY. VERY SPECIAL FOR THESE HAPPY CELEBRITIES Thanks to husband Nick Cannon. BENETT/GETTY IMAGES. Bestie Courteney Cox told Santa Jen needed a new bike — a one-of-akind Chanel bike with a quilted seat! Jennifer Aniston: $12. SPLASH NEWS.000 car It was an early Christmas for Jennifer when Ben Affleck gave her a 7-carat sparkler for “being a good mom.000 Motorcycle Victoria Beckham: $1.” jennifer Garner: $250.000 in silk pajamas Olivia von Halle silk pajamas cost over $500 dollars. IAN GAVAN/GETTY IMAGES.” Ian Ziering: $14.COM. this customized Rolls-Royce Phantom was under Mariah’s tree! Mariah carey: $400. DAVE M. COURTESY OF VH1 Stars’ Most Unforgettable Holiday Gifts .COM. STEVE GRANITZ/WIREIMAGE.

I’m that person who always speaks their mind. How did you deal with dating someone who was in prison? You can’t go out to the movies. If something’s not right. “Big Ang is a sweetheart. I bring it up.” .MEET THE NEW MOB WIFE THE STAR DISHES WITH OK! ABOUT THE NEW SEASON OF MOB WIVES: NEW BLOOD NATALIE GUERCIO I t isn’t easy being the new kid — especially when it comes to mixing it up with Mob Wives — but sexy Philadelphia funeral home owner Natalie Guercio proves she’s got what it takes as she goes one-on-one with OK!. How does your family feel about you doing the show? My family’s supportive because they know I’m doing this basically for other women to [tell] them: Don’t ever let anybody hold you down. I stand up for what I believe in. Is there anything else you want us to know about you? I’m a very loyal person. I’ll tell you. You can’t have family night. not at all. The Mob Wives have been known to fight. Sometimes people are very timid. It was very difficult to even keep a relationship like that.M. always get what you want out of life. Me? If I’m there and it happens. Are you scared to mix it up? No. I don’t regret it because it actually made me stronger. but I stuck it through. MOB WIVES: NEW BLOOD AIRS THURSDAYS AT 10 P. I always say what’s on my mind. ET ON VH1 Natalie tells OK!.

2.5 million for Celine Dion’s oceanfront Florida estate — but it essentially comes with your own personal water park. One of the logos is missing. 6.BUZZ It took over two years for Celine and her husband Réne Angélil’s dream house to be built. two four-bedroom guest houses. . 2013 OK! 1. CELINE’S $72 MILLION FLORIDA ESTATE Y es. 5. which includes three outdoor pools. One of the drinks is missing. Chip has disappeared. 66 DECEMBER 30. Ring is off Reza’s finger. 4. the price tag is a whooping $72.7 acres with 400 feet of beach frontage. There is plenty of room for entertaining. Tomatoes are missing. two curly waterslides and a lazy river! The estate on exclusive Jupiter Island also boasts walk-in automated closets. 3. The house has an open living concept. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Try to find six differences in these shots of Shahs of Sunset stars Mike Shouhed and Reza Farahan enjoying Sabra hummus at Jingle Ball in L.A. a tennis house and a beach-side cottage! The main house sits on 5. Painting on left-hand side of picture is missing.

Carrie didn’t do “My Favorite Things” with the kids! NBC was so thrilled. but didn’t sing! Kelly’s special helped promote her new CD Wrapped in Red.” At 8 p. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE..m. Texas. CARRIE UNDERWOOD Dallas Morning News: “Kelly’s awesome voice was flawless. debuting her new FLOWER beauty collection of winter nail shades. RAVES RATINGS BEST MOMENTS WORST MOMENTS WINNERS! The Hollywood Reporter: Carrie “can deliver the songs.. MARIA NGUYEN. the upscale NYC sports bar.” Airing at 10 p... 5.A. PAUL DRINKWATER/NBC.6 million viewers watched this live show! Singing “Do-Re-Mi” saves the family from the Nazis. nail destination Olive & June.. VIVIAN KILLILEA(2).. JUSTIN LUBIN/NBC.. singing four songs on Sunday Funday — their new concept that includes surprise appearances along with food and drinks. .. 18. Kelly’s “Silent Night” with Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood. 14! Blake Shelton was there.HOLIDAY SPECIALS DID YOU WATCH KELLY’S CAUTIONARY CHRISTMAS MUSIC TALE OR CARRIE’S THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE!? OR BOTH?! KELLY CLARKSON VS. Scott Disick and Jennie Garth were at EnV Group’s Formula 1 Weekend in Austin. CELEBS OK! SPOTTED OUT AND ABOUT: Drew Barrymore at the recently opened L. Gabrielle Union and two pals enjoying lunch at Mondrian South Beach in Florida. Travie McCoy at Bounce Sporting Club. they re-aired it on Dec. SPLASH NEWS(4).m.3 million viewers tuned in.

This 10.) recog she was HOT THIS WEEK Christina TIFFANI’S HAIR SECRET L OK! TOP SPOT: CHI LIN ocated on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. buying John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-out Spray.000-square-foot urban retreat offers traditional and speed spa services. The restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine and luscious cocktails invoking the spirit of ancient China with the glamour of 21st-century Los Angeles. McDonald’s kicked off its “One Hot Holiday” Instant Promotion with Xbox One at a party in West Hollywood. a spa and beauty boutique in Union Square in NYC.BUZZ | T H E T R E N D S A. so it’s not surprising that celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Ryan Seacrest often have been spotted dining there. 68 DECEMBER 30. Chi Lin embodies high energy and sophistication. NEW SPA DEBUTS IN NYC Elizabeth Arden has opened The Red Door. a beauty bar for experimenting with the latest in skin care.A. makeup and color trends. 2013 OK! DEMI PLAYS XBOX .L I ST E R S A R E LOV I N G What’s the key to Tiffani Thiessen’s always-gorgeous locks? The star was recently spotted at a CVS in L. Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were among the stars playing Xbox games. and even a hair salon. (Bonus: She also smiled sweetly when as recognized.

“Giuliana got into the holiday spirit and had a blast picking out gifts with people. It equals almost two months of great shaves at a discount of more than 10 percent over buying the products individually! $29.COM Z INE COM 69 CELEBS PARTY IN L. The kit. which makes head shaving faster. N/C(3). pouch or clutch. luxury shave cream and a pack of replacement cartridges. RICK WILLIAMS. The ATX Kit is the perfect gift for any man who shaves his head and a perfect introduction to the revolutionary HeadBlade shaving system. Strain into martini glass. STEFANIE KEENAN/WIREIMAGE. meanwhile.J. includes an All-Terrain razor. WHERE THE STARS SHOP Rachel Bilson (left) checked out the clothes and holiday statement jewelry — she spent over 30 minutes trying on 10 gorgeous pieces — at where Hollywood’s top rs stylists showed their latest collections. safer and easier. Lancer — while dining on LUVO treats! AZINE.headblade. crème de cacao and grenadine over ice in a cocktail shaker. N/C. Giuliana Rancic. MIKE COPPOLA. Mena and Jaime are both wearing Parker blouses . CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: MICHAEL SIMON. is such a fan of T.A. add a splash of half and half and top with lemonlime soda. DAVE KOTINSKY/GETTY IMAGES. crème de cacao • 1⁄ 4 oz. Maxx in West Hollywood. Burnett’s Candy Cane Vodka • 1 oz. grenadine • splash of half and half • lemon-lime soda Shake vodka. MICHAEL SIMON(2). Get yours at vianelstudios . Everlane and Dr. She ended up taking home three gorgeous necklaces. The stars ne got to shop for items from James Jeans. N/C.ENJOY EVERYDAY LUXURY Celebrity users like Scott Disick and Emmy Rossum know that the Vianel cardholder is the perfect size p for your pocket.99 at www. Maxx that she worked the phones on their Holiday Hotline to help customers find the perfect gift no matter what their budget. JASON MERRITT/GETTY Mena Suvari and Jaime King were among the p stars at The Parker Party.” an onlooker says. Josh Duhamel used his Moto X phone to snap pics of the Christmas tree he bought for son Axl’s first Christmas! JOSH GETS A TREE OK ! Drink of the Week Here’s a fabulous way to toast the New Year! PEPPERMINT MARTINI A GIFT FOR HIS HEAD Ingredients (For 1 drink) • 1 oz.J.


From silly to serious.OKMAGAZINE. nostalgic pop culture moments out of the vault! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: You never know what the stars are going to reveal just to OK!. SHOEOLOGY WITH EVELYN LOZADA: Every week. NEWS AND VIEWS . beauty. they’re glimpses of celebs you won’t see anywhere else! PHOTOS: Getty Images EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS. PREVIEWS. STYLED BY STASSI: Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder styles herself and her friends in fashion’s current trends and tells readers how to re-create these outfits at home. Check it out every Monday. DON’T MISS REALITY ACCORDING TO REZA! The Shahs of Sunset star doesn’t hold back with his funny and sassy take on the week in pop culture. Follow Us on Twitter @OKMagazine for More Hot News and Scoop GET GLAM WITH GRETCHEN The Real Housewives of Orange County star offers fashion. the Basketball Wives star reveals how to wear the hottest and chicest shoe trends of the moment. and décor tips plus reveals how to get her looks every Thursday. VIDEOS! We hang with the stars and catch it all on camera.COM #ALWAYS TRENDING Hang out with all your favorite stars 24/7 OK! OLD SCHOOL: We travel back to the ’80s/’90s every week and pull your favorite.

tore it apart and rebuilt everything (except the transmission) from scratch. ISTOCK.S. West Virginia. Ryan found it in a junkyard. THE CHOSUNILBO JNS/GETTY IMAGES. They’re docile and sweet.Ryan Gosling RESTORED THE 1973 CHEVY MALIBU HE USED IN DRIVE After the film’s director told him he could pick out his character’s car.” Reese told Ellen DeGeneres. Reese Witherspoon RAISED HER DONKEYS HONKY AND TONKY IN HER BACKYARD “They’re actually miniature donkeys. ISTOCK. SPLASH NEWS . 2013 OK! Matt Damon USED TO BREAKDANCE IN HARVARD SQUARE Before his acting days. RANDY HOLMES/GETTY IMAGES.” Jennifer Garner PLAYED THE SAXOPHONE IN H. Jennifer was proud of her role in the George Washington High School marching band in Charleston. Matt would bust a move or two in the popular Cambridge student gathering spot for tips. “They’re called donks. 72 DECEMBER 30. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: REX USA. JON KOPALOFF/FILMMAGIC.

2013 and ends December 31. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. and audio formats.! Jamie McGuire ORDER A Beautiful Wedding for the chance to win a trip for 2 to Vegas! Visit ABeautifulSweepstakes. Visit ABeautifulSweepstakes. ebook. Open to legal residents of the US (except Puerto Rico). Sweepstakes begins November 22. Maddox. Pick up or download your copy today! PROUDLY PUBLISHED BY No purchase necessary to enter/win. age 18 or over. 2013. . You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became for a full set of for more information and official rules. But what do you *really* know? Comment © TRISHA JOHNSON Share Available in hardcover. Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes only.

2013 ORAL-15297 .com life opens up with a whiter smile *vs.3DWhite. Crest 3D White Whitestrips go beyond where most toothpastes can reach.. safely removing stains below the enamel surface. to whiten as well as a $500 professional treatment. laser © Procter & Gamble Inc.* www.SH AK IRA STEP INTO THE SPOTLIGHT WITH A CREST 3D WHITE SMILE.

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