OIL INDIA LIMITED Expression of Interest (EOI) EOI No: EOI/GM (E)/2013/1

Services” for feasibility study of various options and preparation of medium term and long term plan for augmentation of electrical power generation and distribution network capacity at Oil India Limited FHQ Duliajan, PHQ Noonmati and Moran Field.
1. Oil India Limited is a premier National Oil Company having “ Navaratna”


status under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India. 2. OIL intends to obtain “Consultancy Services” from interested experienced and capable parties/firms for augmentation of electrical power generation and distribution network capacity at Oil India Limited’s FHQDuliajan, PHQ Noonmati and Moran Fields. 3. Interested Parties / Consultancy Firms / Consortium of Parties meeting the prequalification criteria are invited to submit their EOI ( in duplicate) together with necessary documents to reach the following address on or before ‘ 07 December,2013 (day) till 15.00 hrs. (IST). Chief Engineer Electrical (Planning & Admin.) Electrical Engineering Dept. Oil India Limited, Duliajan, Pin – 786602 Dist: Dibrugarh, Assam (India)
4. For details on the above EOI (Details of Expression of Interest), please

refer to the OIL’s website: www.oil-india.com 5. OIL reserves the right to (a) accept or reject any/all EOIs submitted by parties and (b) cancel the process at any time without any liability and assigning any reason thereof.

Assam. Scope of Work: Consultancy services are required for feasibility study & to prepare short term. Best suitable technology for power generation (Gas Engines / Turbines / Any other). Study of present load condition. Measures (short term. involving latest. with latest/energy efficient technology and system. 1./State Govt. appropriate and proven technology . Present load survey and future load forecasting: This involves understanding of the present power supply system. medium term & long term) to meet the deficit. selection. preparation of Engineering Bid Package. Demand Side Management & energy savings thereof.ANNEXURE-I Prequalification Criteria and Scope of Work: 1. 2. Recommendation of technology to be adopted while deciding generation capacities (gas based) to meet the deficit in power demand: This includes study of gas availability. A. procurement. 1. Distributed Power Generation system vs the present power generation & distribution system & its advantages/disadvantages with costbenefit analysis. medium term & long term plan for augmentation of electrical power generation and distribution capacity. Cost benefit analysis of the recommended technology. a. Future forecast of load demand. . Project Management including preparation of specification. during last 7 (seven) years in central Govt.2 The experience of the Bidder for Engineering & Project Management Consultancy Services must be of their own and not with the support of another party/ parent company/ subsidiary/ partner firm/ group firm/ backup Consultant etc.1 Prequalification Criteria: The bidder shall be a consultancy firm providing Engineering and Project Management Consultancy (EPMC) services. Strategy for power generation (including Distributed Power Generation system) to meet the additional demand. The bidder shall have experience in successful execution & completion of EPMC jobs incorporating Front End Engineering Design (FEED). in Oil India Limited at Duliajan and Moran./PSU/Pvt. installation and commissioning jobs in projects for gas/diesel supplied power generation and distribution network only. Limited Company.

Analyzing the load profile. ii) Feasibility of hiring or procuring Gen-sets for meeting power needs. customers availing Open Access in the respective state and otherwise. Availability of the recommended sizes of power generation units in the market & the sources. v) Distribution Network: Recommendations on the present distribution network. if any involved in closure of the same. considering existing and future load points. Cascade combination strategy based on sizing (plug-in type). Preparation of Savings model in case OIL India’s facility avails Open Access.45 MW GT sets with another 20 MW or cascade of smaller sets. both in short and medium terms: This includes cost benefit study of procuring the recommended sizes of power generating units vis a vis hiring the same on rental/Kwh basis (gas supply by OIL). involved to Open Access. Plan for short-term & medium-term based on the recommendations.45 MW Gas Turbines & its replacement strategy: This shall include the possibility of replacing the existing 2x14. facilities available and required to be developed at these sites. Sizing and running configuration of alternators and prime movers: This involves sizing of the prime-movers. etc. etc. Recommend installed capacity with standby strategy. iii) Feasibility of tapping power from State Power Utilities / Central Power Utilities: Analyzing the feasibility of options available under open access for OIL India’s respective facility in Duliajan & Moran. iv) Siting of power generation units: Identification of possible locations for setting up generating stations. tariff structure. Redundancy. and changes (technology / configuration) to be made in view of future load growth and added generation. Analyzing the issues that may arise. Cost-Benefit Analysis. Cost benefit analysis of various combinations of power generation units based on their sizing. Case study of existing PSU/ Govt. Understanding the present power supply arrangements with Central and State Utilities and the penalties .B. Feasibility of buy-back strategy of replacement & the sources. Evaluation of phasing-out plan of existing GTs based on the residual life after the internally planned & partly implemented (rotors refurbished) / partly under implementation (control systems) strategy. Techno-Economic study of a grid system for Distributed Generation system shall also be investigated. Analysis of the Open Access regulations for the Assam state. alternators & other auxiliaries. i) Phasing-out plan of existing 2x14. .

and its solution (purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates). Integrating renewable source of energy into gas based generation. Applicability of Renewable Power purchase Obligation (RPO) to Oil India Limited. . taking into consideration of future demand. vii) Any other points that may be required for augmentation of power generation and distribution capacity: This includes the future road-map for power generation strategy based on the existing system vis a vis the recommendations of the report.vi) Feasibility of generation & utilisation of Renewable Energy (RE): Feasibility study for use of renewable energy in OILs premises (residential/field installations) & the capacity.

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