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2009-2010 Profile

Lawrence Free State High School , the LAWRENCE FREE STATE
city’s second high school campus, HIGH SCHOOL
Administration 4700 OVERLAND DRIVE
opened in 1997. It sits on 77 acres of LAWRENCE, KS 66049
Principal………………....Mr. Ed West land located in northwest Lawrence. CEEB 171-691
Associate Principal…...Mr. Ted Berard The school’s name honors the role the
city of Lawrence played in opposing
Assistant Principal…….Ms. Lisa Boyd slavery so the territory of Kansas could
Assistant Principal……..Mr. Mike Hill enter the union as a free state in 1861.
Free State currently services
approximately 1,100 students in grades
Student Services
Counselor……...Ms. Aimee Ziegler

Counselor……….Mr. Joel Frederick

Counselor……….Mrs. Gay Willson

Registrar……...Mrs. Teresa Arevalo

Lawrence Free State High School is accredited by the North Central
Association and the Kansas Board
Secretary...Mrs. Becky Browning of Education.

Mascot: Firebird

Colors: Green and Silver

Class of 2009
378 Seniors Post Secondary Attendance: 4year 60% 2 year 16%

ACADEMICS Grade Point Averages

Forty-six credits (23 units) are The Lawrence school district uses two STUDENT HONORS
required for graduation in 2009-2010. different systems to determine grade
One credit is issued for the successful point averages. The primary system, 8 National Merit Scholars
completion of one semester (one-half which is used to determine class rank,
top ten percent, and Valedictorian, is a 8 National Merit Commended
school year) of a course. One unit Scholars
equals one school year. Required non-weighted, four-point formula where
courses: for every class A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, 1 National Hispanic Recognition
D=1.0, and F=0. A secondary system, Program Scholar
Course Credits
which students may use on college or
English 8 4 Kansas Governors Scholars
scholarship applications, uses weighted
Mathematics 6
grades for all AP (advanced placement)
Science 6 28 Kansas State Scholars
classes where A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.5,
PE 2
D= 1.0 and F=0. All other non-AP 1 Siemens Student Award for
Social Studies 7
(Social Studies in grade 9, Modern World classes are figured on the traditional Advanced Placement in Math
History in grade 10, American History in grade 4-point system. And Science
11 and Government in grade 12).
Fine Arts 2 TEST DATA
Total Minimum 46 ACT Mean Score CUMULATIVE GPAs
English 23.8 21.4 20.6 Class of 2009
Advanced Placement courses that are Math 22.8 21.7 21.0
offered are designated on the Reading 24.7 22.4 21.4
Science 23.0 21.8 20.9 Range Class GPA
transcript with AP and include: Studio
Comp 23.7 21.9 21.2
Art, Drawing, Music Theory, 3.51-4.00 35%
Statistics, Calc AB, Calc BC, SAT Mean Score 3.01-3.50 18%
European History, US History I and LFSHS STATE NATIONAL 2.51-3.00 20%
II, Government and Politics: Reading 637 581 501 2.01-2.50 16%
Math 600 589 515 1.51-2.00 7%
US/Comparative, Biology, Physics B, Writing 605 564 493 1.50 & below 4%
Chemistry, Latin Vergil and
Literature and Composition.
Advanced Courses include Advanced Advanced Placement Exams
Algebra II, Biology, Physics, 213 Students Tested; 323 Exams Taken USD 497 Lawrence Public Schools
Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Educational Services & Distribution Center
Physiology, English 10, Epic PSAT 110 McDonald Drive
Tradition, American Literature I and 106 Tested Lawrence, KS 66046
World Literature, Foreign Language Verbal 58.5; Math 57.4; Writing 55.2 785.832.5000
Levels IV and V for: French,
German and Spanish.