Reader's Notebook Guidelines

You will read a MINIMUM of 18 novels this year (outside of what we read together in class).

You must turn in a One Pager every 2 weeks. That assignment must be on a COMPLETED book. Further description on One Pagers below. That means you must read a minimum of 6 books each trimester, and you must write six One Pagers every trimester. They are 35 pts each for a total of 210 pts. per trimester You must log a minimum of 800 pages per trimester. There will be no rounding up. This will be inputted at a separate assignment worth 80 pts.



The books you pick need to be about 133 pages each to hit 800 pgs. in 6 books.

o If you pick an average size book (133 pages), you need to read about 10 pages every day/night to stay caught up with your work.

* NONE of the books from your middle school classes (current or past) may count toward your eighteen. I DO have a list of those titles. * ALL books must be within 100 pts. of your Lexile (unless special permission is granted). You will get your Lexile Monday when we complete Lexile testing. If you are having trouble finding books within your level, we can discuss that. I will waive this requirement for the first TWO books of the first trimester ONLY . ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE BOOKS For each book you will fill need to complete an assignment called a One Pager. For the first trimester, I will provide copies, but after you get the hang of it, you will write them out on lined paper. You will need to fill it out completely, as each section is worth a specific number of points. What does a One Pager look like? Flip the paper over to take a look.

A specific reflection question will be assigned every 2 weeks. These will change with every due date & I am trying to accumulate enough questions that you do not have the same one twice ever during the year. There will be different questions depending on the type of book you’re reading – fictional story, biography, or nonfiction. You will need to answer giving SPECIFIC DETAILS from the book to support what you’ve said.

A few other things: * Absences have NO effect on the due date of these assignments. The only exception is if a student is absent ON the day it is due, in which case it must be turned in THE DAY they

return. DO NOT wait until the last minute to try to print, or type these because they do NOT need to be typed. Computer excuses are not acceptable. * Spelling and grammar will not be assessed for this project. * Each semester, the point value for the One Pagers will be 210 pts. (35 pts. each) Do NOT put the project off. * In addition, the 800 page requirement is worth an additional 80 points. * Writing MUST be legible to be graded. One Pagers may be pencil, ink, or typed. I have no preference as far as cursive or printing – use whichever is more legible. One Pagers submitted to me electronically will receive 2 pts. extra credit each, however, these must be submitted TWO DAYS before the due date so if there is an electronic glitch you have the opportunity to hand write it in time to turn it in. * All summaries and reflections must be in your own words. If you choose to copy either from a classmate, website, or back of the book, you are choosing to take a zero.

The first due date is September 22nd. If you are submitting electronically, please do so by Friday the 18th or Saturday the 19th.

Name ________________________________________________________Block ________ My Lexile Level ______ Book Title ________________________________________________Book Genre _____________________________ # of pages _________Author _________________________________________ Book Lexile Level _________________


Fill in the number of stars you’d give this book. Then in 2-3 sentences explain why SPECIFICALLY you gave it that rating. (3 pts) I would give this book ______ stars because

Summary (Tell me the main plot of your book.

Your summary should be 90-150 words. Include the main character, problem the character is facing, some challenges the character faces, & how the character resolves the problem by the end of the story) - (10 pts.)

Reflection (A reflection shows you’ve thought about the assignment)
Which character changed the most in this book? Explain. Include what they were like at the beginning, what event might have changed them, and what they were like by the end.