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OECD warns 25m

‘New GM’ Gets a Visit from a Shareholder jobs at risk from
By Bernie Woodall (Front Row applause. After winning deep
Washington) concessions from the UAW in crisis
Submitted at 9/15/2009 3:28:21 PM 2007, GM agreed to invest $500 (Financial Times - US
million to retool the plant to make homepage)
GM's Lordstown, Ohio assembly a new fuel-efficient small sedan,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:59:08 AM
plant has become a symbol of the Chevy Cruze.
both GM's hard times and its best Obama had nice things to say The recession could mean 25m
hopes for a turnaround after a $50 about the Cruze, which GM people in high-income countries
billion federal investment. A expects to get more than 40 miles- will have lost their jobs by the end
recent bump in sales because of per-gallon in highway driving. of next year as the unemployment
the government's "Cash for "I just sat in the car," Obama rate approaches a record 10 per
Clunkers" program has allowed said of the Cruze. "I asked for the cent, the Organisation for
GM to call back more than 1,000 keys. They wouldn't give me the Economic Co-operation and
workers from layoff. So it was a keys. I was going to take it for a Development warned on
natural backdrop for a return visit little spin. But it was nice sitting Wednesday.
by President Obama, who held a in there. It was a roomy car." The Paris-based OECD said
roundtable with workers and then Consumers will not get the keys that, while recent signs of
gave a stump speech from the to a new Cruze, either, until the economic recovery may mean
factory floor for his economic middle of next year when it unemployment peaks earlier and
policies and health care reform. arrives in showrooms. In the at a slightly lower level than its
But this is not your father's GM meantime, Lordstown is forecast, governments must
anymore and nothing about it member of the union right now, Obama administration, which s t u c k b u i l d i n g t h e C o b a l t , intervene “quickly and
as clear- cut as it seems -- even if you’re spending all your time demanded that union autoworkers a budget-minded Chevy and decisively” to prevent the sharp
you are the leader of the free negotiating about health care. You accept lower wages -- as a vestige of the "old GM." rise turning into persistent long-
world and head of the government need to be spending some time condition to the bailout that saved Consumer Reports in its term joblessness.
that holds a controlling stake negotiating about wages, but you Lordstown -- to match non-union October edition branded the
in the automaker. At one point, can’t do it," he said. workers at Toyota plants in Cobalt as one of the five
Obama -- veering from his In fact, the UAW locked itself Kentucky and Honda plants in "cruddiest cheap cars" on the
prepared remarks -- suggested that into a contract limiting wages and Ohio. market.
health-care reform would allow changes to health care, without E v e n s o , (Writing by Kevin Krolicki.
the UAW-represented workers in the ability to negotiate with a Lordstown is something of a R e u t e r s p h o t o b y L a r r y
the audience to negotiate better threat of strike, until 2015. success story for both the UAW Downing.)
wages. These stands were agreed to by and GM, and Obama's remarks
“Think about it. If you are a the union at the prodding of the were punctuated with enthusiastic
Sept. 16, 1736: One Degree of Separation — Fahrenheit Dies
By Randy Alfred (Wired Top The inventor of the mercury
Stories) thermometer and the Fahrenheit
scale gives up the heat.
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The First Draft: Healthcare, anger and race

By David Alexander (Front reform bills introduced so far decision to speak to students on an interviewed aired Wednesday tiptoed around the race issue, but
Row Washington) have had Republican support. the first day of school prompted on the “Today” show. Carter’s comments pushed the
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:37:38 AM The question is whether the some to keep their children home. Carter, who sat down with NBC debate into public view.
Baucus effort will win over some The Washington Post reported ahead of his 85th birthday Oct. 1, Republican pollster Frank Luntz
Senate Finance Committee Republicans. So far even the on the issue Wednesday, saying said the country had come a long told NBC the anger was not
Chairman Max Baucus is due to Republicans negotiating with him around the Capitol the previous way in its racial attitudes, but the racially motivated, but rather a
release a proposal Wednesday for have shied away from pledging to day “at any given moment, “racisim inclination still exists.” fear of the future and concern
reforming the $2.5 trillion U.S. vote for the measure. someone was expressing outrage “I think it’s bubbled up to the their children will be worse off
healthcare system, giving a boost Opposition to healthcare reform, — or counter-outrage.” surface because of a belief among than they are.
to President Barack Obama’s top and other government initiatives, Former President Jimmy Carter many white people, not just in the “The anger is not directed just
domestic policy goal. has become increasingly bitter in told NBC News much of the South but around the country, that towards Barack Obama. It’s
Or maybe not. recent months. anger was racially motivated. African-Americans are not directed towards members of
Baucus has been working with Town hall meetings produced “I think an overwhelming qualified to lead this great Congress, it’s directed towards
two fellow Democrats and three o u t p o u r i n g s o f a n g e r . portion of the intensely country. It’s an abominable the Senate, it’s directed towards
Republicans — the so-called R e p r e s e n t a t i v e J o e W i l s o n demonstrated animosity toward circumstance and grieves me and the media, towards unions,
Gang of Six– to produce a shouted “You lie” at Obama as he President Barack Obama is based concerns me very deeply,” said towards institutions that we feel
bipartisan healthcare compromise. addressed a joint session of on the fact that he is a black Carter, a Georgia native.
None of the other healthcare C o n g r e s s . T h e p r e s i d e n t ’ s man,” Carter said in portions of The White House has generally FIRST page 4
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After much delay, Baucus unveils healthcare plan

By David Alexander (Front plan. as “an important step forward” people purchase insurance. Some The public insurance option has
Row Washington) Early reaction is not great. because it would not add to the 46 million people in the United been strongly opposed by
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:14:32 AM headlined it federal deficit and would take States have no health insurance Republicans. Hoping to
“Baucus Bill Bust” because of the steps to reduce long-term coverage. circumvent opposition, the
After weeks of delay as he lack of Republican support. healthcare costs. Under the program envisioned Baucus plan proposes the creation
n e g o t i a t e d f o r R e p u b l i c a n Consumer Watchdog charged it “Meeting these standards, also by President Barack Obama, of non-profit cooperatives to offer
s u p p o r t , S e n a t e F i n a n c e would force middle class families set forth by the president, is people who do not have insurance insurance in competition with
C o m m i t t e e C h a i r m a n M a x to pay 20 percent of their incomes critical to reining in deficits and through their employers could private insurers.
Baucus Wednesday unveiled a 10- on healthcare. protecting our economy for future purchase a plan through an In a speech to Congress
year, $856 billion plan to overhaul Julius Hobson, a policy adviser generations of Americans,” insurance exchange. recently, Obama said he favored a
the U.S. healthcare system. at the Bryan Cave law firm, noted Representative Stephanie Herseth The insurance exchange would public option. But he urged liberal
The measure still has no it “not only lacks Republican said in a statement on behalf of include plans by private insurers Democrats to be open to other
promise of Republican support, support but it is not clear if it even the Blue Dogs. as well as a public insurance ideas, like cooperatives, that could
even though Baucus dumped the has ‘full’ Democratic support.” The Baucus plan would require option. Obama argues a public achieve the same goal of
public insurance option favored But the Blue Dog coalition — all U.S. citizens and legal plan is needed to provide effective improving competition.
by most Democrats and agreed to an important grouping of fiscally residents to have health insurance. competition to drive down costs. A pdf of the plan, the
other Republican changes in c o n s e r v a t i v e c o n g r e s s i o n a l Subsidies would be provided on Opponents fear it would drive
hopes of producing a bipartisan Democrats — praised the measure a sliding scale to help low-income private insurers out of the market. AFTER page 4
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What a difference a year makes continued from page 2
have failed us,” Luntz said. focus on the slowly recovering
By Patricia Zengerle (Front But Michael Eric Dyson, a global economy, trade issues
Row Washington) Georgetown University provoked by U.S. “buy
Submitted at 9/15/2009 3:36:48 PM sociologist, said it was clear American” rules and the
racism was a factor, citing those environment.
A year ago, Senator Arlen who challenge Obama’s For more Reuters political news,
Specter was on the campaign trail birthplace or objected to the click here.
in Pennsylvania — appearing for president speaking to Photo credit: Reuters/Yuri
a fellow Republican senator, John schoolchildren. Gripas (Baucus speaks to
McCain, who was in an intense “How much evidence do you reporters after Gang of Six
race for the presidency against a need,” he said. “It amazes me that meeting Tuesday);
Democratic senator, Barack white Americans are incapable of Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Harper
Obama. The two presidential acknowledging what is before our and other Canadian officials
candidates both spent a great deal faces.” outside the Canadian Embassy in
of time in the swing state, which Obama meets with Canadian Washington Wednesday)
ended up going Democratic in the Prime Minister Stephen Harper
November election. Wednesday. Talks are likely to
A year later, Specter is busy on
the campaign trail again in
another tough Philadelphia
continued from page 3
political battle, his own bid for “America’s Healthy Future Act of For more Reuters political news,
reelection. But this time, the 2009 is available here. click here.
former moderate Republican is a What do you think? Photo credit: Reuters/Jim
Democrat. And he wielded the Does it have broader appeal Young (Baucus after a healthcare
Democrats’ most formidable than the Democratic measures meeting on Tuesday)
election weapon at an evening of already introduced in the House
fundraising on Tuesday — the evening. Obama touted before politics, before party.” and Senate? Or does it still
President Barack Obama. Specter’s record and qualities to Specter praised Obama as “a contain elements that will
Specter left the Republican an audience of several hundred transformational candidate generate wide opposition?
party earlier this year, helping to supporters who had donated moving toward being a
strengthen the Democratic $1,000 to $4,800 each. Slightly transformational president.”
majority in Congress. To thank hoarse after a day of speeches to Specter knows about Facebook shows investors the money
the 79-year-old, Obama had said auto workers, the AFL-CIO transformation. By Tom Taulli
he would stand by Specter even in and Specter supporters, Click here for more Reuters (BloggingStocks)
a primary fight to be nominated as Obama later spoke again at a sit- political coverage Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:40:00 PM
the Democratic candidate to retain down dinner for a group of big PHOTO CREDITS: Specter and
his Senate seat in 2010. donors to Specter and the Obama arrive in Philadelphia, Filed under: Forecasts, Rumors
And he stood by him on Democratic Senatorial Campaign Larry Downing/REUTERS. While most of corporate
Tuesday. Obama spoke at two Committee. Aides said McCain and Palin campaign in America is focused on cutting
different fundraising events in Obama posed for 100 pictures autumn 2008, Brian costs, Facebook is trying to
Philadelphia. The Philadelphia with the 200 dinner attendees, two Snyder/REUTERS manage hypergrowth. It's a nice
Inquirer said the twin Specter of them at a time. problem to have -- especially
events were expected to raise Obama hailed Specter as “a man during a recession.
close to $2.5 million, the goal of who has always put his state But the question remains: will shows investors the money
'Heroes' Stars on Season 4: Deathbed, Yes; Lesbians, Maybe the growth stall? No doubt, Facebook shows investors the
nothing grows forever, especially money originally appeared on
By Hugh Hart (Wired Top The twisty, time-travel plotting struggling sci-fi show? Masi Oka in the brutally competive social BloggingStocks on Wed, 16 Sep
Stories) threw some viewers for a loop. and Hayden Panettiere talk about networking space. Remember 2009 12:40:00 EST. Please see
Submitted at 9/15/2009 3:00:00 PM C a n n e w c h a r a c t e r s a n d a the upcoming season. MySpace or even Friendster? our terms for use of feeds.
shortened run revitalize NBC's Continue reading Facebook Permalink| Email this| Comments
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Protests against Obama: race or Garridos in missing girls

policy? probe
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front (BBC News | Americas | World Dublin Police Services said 13-
Row Washington) Edition) year-old Ilene Misheloff vanished
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:52:10 AM Submitted at 9/16/2009 2:12:58 AM 20 years ago from his city - an
hour from the Garridos' house.
Former President Jimmy Carter A couple accused of kidnapping "Recently the investigation and
said out loud what Democrats had an 11-year-old girl and holding arrest of Philip and Nancy
been whispering for a while, that her captive for 18 years are being Garrido for the 1991 kidnapping
the protests against the country’s probed over the disappearance of of Jaycee Dugard came to light
first black president are tinged two more girls. and our investigators immediately
with racism. Police are searching the house started looking into the possibility
Carter’s forceful words threw of Phillip and Nancy Garrido that the Garridos had some
the issue into the forefront of from Antioch, California. connection to the Ilene Mischeloff
public debate. They have both denied the disappearance, " he said.
“I think an overwhelming kidnap, rape and false "As a result of our investigation,
portion of the intensely imprisonment of Jaycee Dugard. we found enough similarities to
demonstrated animosity toward Police are looking for links to obtain a search warrant for the
President Barack Obama is based the disappearances of Ilene Walnut Avenue property of the
on the fact that he is a black man, Misheloff and Michaela Garecht. G a r r i d o s a s w e l l a s a
that he’s African American,” Detectives are back searching n e i g h b o u r i n g p r o p e r t y . "
Carter said in an i nterview on the house near San Francisco In addition officers from the
NBC. where last month they found a nearby town of Hayward are
While others had raised the hidden compound. searching for links to the
issue, it wasn’t until Carter’s blunt chairman of the Republican shouted question by a reporter They say Phillip Garrido, 58 - a kidnapping of nine-year-old
words that it reached a crescendo National Committee, issued a about Carter’s racism comments. convicted sex offender - and his Michaela Garecht in 1988.
as loud as the protests. statement that said: “President Is there an objective barometer wife Nancy, 54, held Jaycee They say Michaela and Jaycee
Carter mentioned his southern Carter is flat out wrong. This isn’t for whether a protest is based on Dugard prisoner there. Dugard were of similar age and
roots in saying ”that racism about race. It is about policy.” racism or policy? Similar vehicle appearance when they were both
inclination still exists” in the Steele accused Democrats of What do you think? Are the Now officers from two nearby abducted.
country and many white people trying to shift attention away from protests about race or policy or police forces are searching the It is clear the case of Jaycee
believe African Americans are not the president’s unpopular both? same property for links to the Dugard has led authorities to
qualified to be president. healthcare plan. Click here for more Reuters other two missing girls. consider whether the Garridos
Critics of Obama have protested “Characterizing Americans’ political coverage A car taken from the Garridos' could be connected to a string of
at town hall meetings around the disapproval of President Obama’s Photo Credit: Reuters/Eric house is similar to vehicles other crimes.
country, rallied in Washington, policies as being based on race is T h a y e r ( C a r t e r a t 2 0 0 8 reported in both cases. Print Sponsor
and even yelled out on the floor of an outrage and a troubling sign Democratic National Lieutenant Kurt von Savoye of
the House of Representatives about the lengths Democrats will Convention), Reuters/Molly Riley
(Congressman Joe Wilson’s “you go to disparage all who disagree (Steele after being elected RNC
lie”). with them,” he said. chairman in January)
Michael Steele, the first black Obama did not respond to a

Senate panel unveils US healthcare plan

(Financial Times - US negotiations, centrist Democrats The $856bn ten-year bill, which Republican objections following a
homepage) finally produced their “bipartisan” was unveiled by Max Baucus, summer of increasingly high-
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:22:29 AM healthcare plan on Wednesday – Democratic chairman of the octane conservative allegations
except that it was unable to attract Senate finance committee, went a against healthcare reform.
After months of intense even one Republican supporter. long way towards meeting
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Carter says race is issue for some Miley Cyrus Weighs In On

Obama opponents Kanye West/ Taylor Swift
By JoAnne Allen (Front Row
Washington) VMA Incident -
Submitted at 9/15/2009 7:25:05 PM (Most Popular - Google News) getting to be in tabloids because
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:34:09 AM of that," she explained, adding
Some of President Barack that any apology he has offered is
Obama’s more demonstrative Miley Cyrus is a good friend of because of all the negative
opponents list any number of Taylor Swift's, so it's fitting that attention. "His apologies are just
reasons why they oppose him and she would be upset with Kanye because he's getting flak for it."
why they’re angry — from the West for ruining Swift's big In addition to weighing in on
bank bailout, to his plan to moment at the VMAs on Sunday. the West/Swift VMA controversy,
overhaul the U.S. healthcare Cyrus told Portland, Oregon, Cyrus also commented on two
system, the direction the country radio station Z-100 that if that had other big events of the night: the
is heading and the ballooning U.S. happened to her, she wouldn't performances by Beyoncé and
deficit. But former President have let West steal her thunder so Lady Gaga. "I heard there was
Jimmy Carter thinks a lot of the easily. some crazy stuff and I heard
opposition is really about "I'd tell him to get off the stage. Beyoncé's performance was off
Obama’s race. It's her moment. For those times the chain," she said of the woman
“I think an overwhelming that you are able to tell your she picked as her VMA winner
portion of the intensely attitude toward minority groups at and concerns me very deeply.”
that time, particularly African Click here for the NBC video. speech, you do it," she said in a last week. "People said that it was
demonstrated animosity toward radio interview on Monday. "And so perfect; you don't know how it
President Barack Obama is based Americans. “And that racism Disputes over race are not
inclination still exists. And I think unheard of in U.S. presidential it's disrespectful as an artist, and I was real."
on the fact that he is a black know he even said his family As for Lady Gaga's bloody and
man,” Carter said in an NBC it’s bubbled up to the surface politics. Click here for a list of
because of the belief among many some of them. would not be happy if someone theatrical performance, well,
interview on Tuesday. did that to them." Cyrus thinks that's just Gaga
Here’s what the Georgia white people, not just in the South Click here for more Reuters
but around the country, that Political News. The singer, who, despite being being Gaga. "That's why people
Democrat had to say: nominated, couldn't attend the love her! Because you never
“I live in the South, and I’ve African-Americans are not Photo Credit: Reuters/Tami
qualified to lead this great Chappell (Carter at a baseball show because she was prepping know what she's gonna do and
seen the South come a long way, for her tour, said that West only something unique," she explained.
and I’ve seen the rest of the country. It’s an abominable game in Atlanta in June)
circumstance, and it grieves me did it to get people's attention and "There's no one like her. She's
country that share the South’s that, well, obviously it's working. bigger than life. Same thing as
"It's what he does it for. He does it Beyoncé. That's why you want to
for press. Don't feed into it. He's watch them. They're so unique."
gonna get what he wants by

Execution date set for US sniper

(BBC News | Americas | World sentenced to death for the murder The lawyer, Jonathan Sheldon, station in Manassas, Virginia. had requested last week that the
Edition) of Dean Meyers, one of 10 people also said he would ask Virginia In August a federal appeals execution be on Monday 9
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:58:42 AM killed during the shootings. Governor Timothy Kaine for court rejected Muhammad's November.
Muhammad's teenage clemency. argument that prosecutors But Prince William County
A US judge in Virginia has set a accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo is Muhammad and Malvo killed withheld critical evidence and that Circuit judge Mary Grace O'Brien
10 November execution date for serving life in prison for his part six people in Alabama and he never should have been chose Tuesday, so the courts
the man behind the 2002 sniper in the attacks. Louisiana before moving on to allowed to act as his own attorney would be open the day before for
attacks on the Washington DC Muhammad's lawyer said his Maryland, Washington and for a portion of his trial because any last-minute appeals.
area. client would appeal to the US Virginia. he was too mentally impaired. Print Sponsor
John Allen Muhammad was Supreme Court. Mr Meyers was shot at a petrol The attorney general's office
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Log blames Ohio execution problems on drug use (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) technicians searched for a vein old Tryna Middleton after left arm, began moving the arm "With three botched executions in
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:06:58 AM strong enough to deliver the three- abducting her in Cleveland in up and down and flexed and as many years, it's clear that the
drug lethal injection. The issue September 1984 as she walked closed his fingers. The execution state must stop and review the
LUCASVILLE, Ohio – A prison arose three years after Ohio home from a Friday night football team was able to access a vein, system entirely before another
log blames a condemned Ohio r e v i s e d i t s l e t h a l i n j e c t i o n game with two friends. but it collapsed when technicians person is put to death."
i n m a t e ' s p a s t d r u g u s e f o r protocol due to problems with Prisons director Terry Collins tried to insert saline fluid. Florida has also experienced
problems finding a usable vein another inmate's IV. said the execution team eventually Broom turned onto his back and problems with lethal injection.
during an execution attempt that No Ohio governor has issued a told him they didn't believe covered his face with both hands. The state halted executions after
was stopped Tuesday after an similar last-minute reprieve since Broom's veins would hold if the His torso heaved up and down and the death of Angel Diaz in
unprecedented two hours. the state resumed executions in execution reached the point when his feet shook. He wiped his eyes December 2006 was delayed for
The log of Tuesday's scheduled 1999. the lethal drugs would be and was handed a roll of toilet 34 minutes because needles were
execution of Romell Broom The night before his scheduled administered. paper, which he used to wipe his accidentally pushed through his
indicates that executioners made execution, Broom told his brother Collins said he contacted the brow. veins, causing the chemicals to go
the observation at 3:11 p.m., more over the phone that he was ready governor at about 4 p.m. to let The team tried to insert shunts into his muscles instead. Florida
than an hour after first trying to to die. him know about the difficulties through veins in Broom's legs, resumed executions in 2008 under
find a vein. "He is tired of being in prison and request a reprieve. causing him to appear to grimace. new procedures.
"Medical team having problem and having people tell him what A medical evaluation Monday A member of the execution team Problems accessing veins also
maintaining an open vein due to to do everyday," according to the had determined that veins in patted him on the back. delayed Ohio executions in 2006
past drug use," said the log prison log. Broom's right arm appeared Broom, who did not have any and 2007.
reviewed by The Associated Richard Dieter, director of the accessible. Collins said that witnesses present, requested that In 2006, the execution of Joseph
Press. nonprofit Death Penalty before Broom's next scheduled one of his attorneys, Adele Shank, Clark was delayed for more than
Broom said at one point he was Information Center, said he execution, the team would try to come to the witness area. She an hour after the team failed to
a heavy heroin user, but then said knows of only one inmate who determine how to resolve the asked to speak with Broom but properly attach an IV, an incident
at another time that he wasn't, was subjected to more than one problem encountered Tuesday was told that once the process that led to changes in Ohio's
prisons spokeswoman Julie execution. About an hour into Tuesday's started, it's protocol that attorneys execution process.
Walburn said Wednesday. A first attempt to execute Willie execution effort, a lawyer for can't have contact with their The state also had difficulty
Broom, 53, has been placed in a Francis in 1946 by electrocution Broom, Tim Sweeney, sent an e- client. finding the veins of inmate
cell in the infirmary at the in Louisiana did not work. He was mail and fax to Ohio Supreme "I want to know what Romell Christopher Newton, whose May
Southern Ohio Correctional returned to death row for nearly a Court Chief Justice Thomas J. wants," Shank told a prison 2007 execution was delayed
Facility in Lucasville where he is year while the U.S. Supreme Moyer asking him to end the official, who told her that he was nearly two hours.
on close watch similar to the Court considered whether a procedure. Sweeney said being cooperative. Since Clark, the state's
constant observation of death row second electrocution would be continuing the effort would deny "He's always cooperative," execution rules have allowed team
inmates in the three days before unconstitutional. Broom his constitutional rights responded Shank. "I want to know members to take as much time as
an execution. Dieter said he expects legal against cruel and unusual what he wants me to do." they need to find the best vein for
"It was the right place to keep challenges will mean Broom will punishment and violate Ohio law Collins said the difficulty in the the IVs that carry the three lethal
him," Walburn said. "The less we not face execution again in a that requires lethal injection to be process "absolutely, positively" chemicals.
can transport an offender, the week's time. quick and painless. does not shake his faith in the Ohio has executed 32 men since
better." "I think this is going to be The team had started working state's lethal injection procedure. Wilford Berry in 1999, an
Death row inmates are housed challenged, whether under our on Broom, in a holding cell 17 The problems prompted the execution slightly delayed also
in a Youngstown prison and standards of decency subjecting steps from the execution chamber, American Civil Liberties Union of because of problems finding a
executed in the death chamber at someone to multiple executions is at about 2 p.m., four hours after Ohio to ask state officials to vein.
Lucasville. There's no precedent cruel and unusual ... whether this his execution was originally immediately halt executions. ___
for housing an inmate whose is in effect experimenting on scheduled. That initial delay was "Ohio's execution system is Associated Press Writer Andrew
execution didn't work. human beings, whether or not due to a final federal appeals fundamentally flawed. If the state Welsh-Huggins in Columbus
Gov. Ted Strickland on Tuesday they're sure what works in Ohio," request. is going to take a person's life, contributed to this report.
issued a one-week reprieve to he said. After about an hour, Broom they must ensure that it is done as
Broom, who spent more than two Broom was sentenced to die for tried to help. He turned onto his humanely as possible," ACLU
hours awaiting execution as the rape and slaying of a 14-year- left side, slid rubber tubing up his Ohio counsel Carrie Davis said.
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SC man died hungry, solo in tent, baffling friends (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) bookworm Condon in 1990 at Boseman. $500-a-month rent for his one- after they left the museum, even
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:38:18 AM Limestone College in nearby His driver's license listed him at bedroom apartment. Two years though his phone was sometimes
Gaffney. "To be such a great 190 pounds, but Boseman said earlier, his truck had been towed disconnected. She said he never
ANDERSON, S.C. – David friend with him, I just don't know Condon weighed 140 when he away because he couldn't afford asked her for help.
Condon died broke and alone in a what happened. It's just like he died. That stunned Drennon, who repairs. Condon also never shared his
zipped-up tent on the banks of a took off. Maybe he was on an said his friend looked normal "I wished he would have come money woes with his best friend,
South Carolina lake, his stomach adventure." when he last saw him two months in and told me about the situation. who said the two were so close
empty and his lungs filling with The 39-year-old loved to hike earlier. I would have given him food, that Drennon would ask Condon
fluid. and camp and often sought Drennon called police Aug. 1 anything he needed to help him for advice on what to get his wife
His friends and family hadn't solitude. His friends are having after he hadn't heard from Condon out," said Waller, who is for Christmas. Instead, they talked
seen the bright but reclusive Civil trouble accepting that he might in nearly three weeks. Condon's organizing a food drive in his about good times and pie-in-the-
War buff in more than two have needed help and never brother and father came from memory. sky dreams, like building their
months. He lost his job as a asked. Massachusetts to search, but The help is needed in Anderson, own canoes, putting them into the
program coordinator at the local He ended up 10 miles down the found nothing. which once thrived with textile river just down the road and
museum last year, fell behind on road from his apartment in a tent Visits to local homeless shelters mills but was ranked this year by floating hundreds of miles to the
his rent and seemed to retreat on the shores of Lake Hartwell, and soup kitchens were fruitless. Forbes magazine as the 10th ocean.
even more into himself than usual. where it was easily visible just The missing person's report said worst small city in the U.S. to find "Dave was a pretty interesting
Sometime in early July he yards from cars roaring by on the Condon had been depressed in the a job. Unemployment in guy, very humble, a little shy
disappeared. On Labor Day state Highway 24 bridge. past and may have stopped taking Anderson County was 12.5 when you first met him," Drennon
weekend, a group of college kids His grandfather once had a anti-seizure medicine. His family percent in July, higher than the said "But once you got to know
vacationing at a condo complex a house there, and another friend did not return messages from The state average of 11.8 percent and him, he'd let it all hang out, full of
few hundred yards from his tent who worked with him at the Associated Press. above the national average of 9.7 wisdom a lot of fun."
found his body. The local coroner museum thinks it was a place that Condon and Drennon drifted percent for August. South Condon loved camping and
said he died of pneumonia, made brought back good memories. apart after college, when Condon Carolina hasn't fared much better hiking, the movie " Animal
worse by malnutrition. He was Three days after his body was spent several years in Mississippi, as of July, it had the nation's sixth House" and the songs of Jimmy
dehydrated and had lost 50 found, the only signs of him were but they became close again nine -highest unemployment rate. Buffet, said Brown, who doesn't
pounds in a few months. tent poles scattered around the years ago when he came back to Condon never found another job want the way her friend died to be
Now those who knew him are bank amid plastic gloves used by work at the college library. They after he left the museum, where the main thing people recall about
left to wonder why he never paramedics. Two camp dishes the met weekly to talk about movies he had worked for 2 1/2 years. He him.
reached out for help. His best size of dessert plates were nearby, and football especially Condon's told Drennon he was laid off, but "I don't want him to be
friend, Craig Drennon, saw no along with boxer shorts and socks. beloved New England Patriots. county records show he was fired remembered as the guy that died
sign Condon was having problems Condon was nude when the Holly Waller, property manager for unsatisfactory work in a tent," she said, "because that's
when the two got together nearly s t u d e n t s f o u n d h i m , l i k e l y for the apartment complex where production. The museum director not who he was."
every week to drink beers and because he was running a high Condon lived, saw him looking a refused to give more details. ___
play backgammon. fever. There was nothing in his bit more disheveled than usual a Dianne Brown, a friend and Katrina A. Goggins reported
"That's what's so baffling to me," stomach, and no sign of foul play few weeks before he disappeared. former co-worker who said she from Columbia.
said Drennon, an athlete who or drug use, said Anderson He told her he was fine, but was fired the same time as
became fast friends with the County Deputy Coroner Charlie Waller said he was behind on the Condon, stayed in touch with him

Oracle earnings preview: Hanging on in Q1

By Trey Thoelcke that is acquiring Sun expect the company to report Oracle earnings preview:
(BloggingStocks) Microsystems Inc.(NASDAQ: earnings per share of $0.30, a Hanging on in Q1 originally
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:20:00 AM JAVA), is scheduled to discuss its mere penny higher than a year appeared on BloggingStocks on
fiscal first-quarter 2010 results ago. But revenue for the quarter is Wed, 16 Sep 2009 11:20:00 EST.
Filed under: Earnings reports, Thursday in a conference call at in August, during which Oracle expected to have fallen 3.3% to Please see our terms for use of
Forecasts, Oracle Corp (ORCL) 5:00 PM ET. You can catch the made another acquisition, as well $5.3 billion. feeds. Permalink| Email this|
O r a c l e C o r p . ( N A S D A Q : live webcast of the call on the as a debt offering, analysts Continue reading Oracle Comments
ORCL), the Redwood City, Calif. company's website. surveyed by Thomson Reuters earnings preview: Hanging on in
-based enterprise software giant For the three months that ended Q1
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Baucus Offers Health Plan, Trimming Cost to $856 Billion -

New York Times
(Most Popular - Google News) accounts for roughly one-sixth of obtain coverage or face a penalty has indicated he could accept. plans offered through employers.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:14:26 AM the American economy. of up to $3,800 a year for Instead, Mr. Baucus seems to The proposal would also impose
The White House issued a low- families. have left the public option to the new fees or taxes on various
WASHINGTON Senator Max key statement characterizing the The bill would create new state alternate health care legislation sectors of the health insurance
Baucus, the Montana Democrat, Baucus plan as a positive step. insurance marketplaces, or developing in the House, where industry, including drug-makers,
on Wednesday unveiled his plan “Last week, the president laid out exchanges, where consumers more liberal Democrats strongly medical device makers and
to extend health coverage to more his plan to bring stability and could shop for insurance and support the idea and the House clinical laboratories. The proposal
t h a n 3 0 m i l l i o n u n i n s u r e d security to Americans who have compare plans. speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has called provides an exemption from some
Americans, providing a detailed insurance, and high-quality, All of the plans offered through it crucial to getting a bill adopted small businesses in these areas.
look at a legislative proposal that affordable coverage for those who the exchange would have to meet in her chamber. While Mr. Obama had strongly
meets many of the requirements don’t,” said Dan Pfeiffer, a White strict new requirements. Insurance The federal subsidies in the endorsed the broad outlines of the
that President Obama laid out in House spokesman. “The Senate companies could not bar coverage Baucus plan would be available to Baucus plan in his speech to a
his address to Congress last week. Finance Committee mark released based on pre-existing medical individuals and families who earn joint session of Congress last
The proposal is the result of by Chairman Baucus is another conditions, and could only too much to qualify for Medicaid, week, the proposal does not
more than a year of preparation by boost of momentum for the increase the cost of premiums but less than 300 percent of the exactly give Democrats a unifying
Mr. Baucus, the chairman of the president’s effort to reform the based on a few factors like age, federal poverty limit, or $66,150 proposal to rally around.
Finance Committee, and three health system.” tobacco use and whether a plan is for a family of four. Those The more liberal Democrats on
months of intense talks among a It would extend benefits to for an individual or a family. earning between 300 percent and the Senate Finance Committee
small group of Democrats and millions of people who are The Baucus plan calls for the 400 percent of poverty, up to have harshly criticized the plan,
R e p u b l i c a n s . T h e t h r e e uninsured by broadly expanding creation of private, nonprofit $88,200 for a family four, would and some like Senator John D.
Republicans in that group are so M e d i c a i d , t h e s t a t e - f e d e r a l health insurance cooperatives to be protected by the cap on health Rockefeller IV of West Virginia
far refusing to endorse the bill but insurance program for the poor, compete with private insurers, a insurance premium costs. have accused Mr. Baucus of
negotiations will continue in the and by offering subsidies to compromise aimed at bridging the Senators in both parties, sacrificing crucial Democratic
days ahead. individuals and families with gap between Democrats who want however, are questioning whether priorities in pursuit of Republican
In a news release accompanying modest incomes to help them buy a government-run insurance plan at the end of the day insurance votes.
his 223-page proposal, Mr. insurance. and Republicans who adamantly will be affordable to the people At the same time, the three
Baucus said that he had pared the The proposal would also set oppose that idea. who need it most. Republican negotiators who for
10-year cost of the bill to $856 limits on out-of-pocket health care As insurers, the cooperatives To pay for the overhaul, which months have worked closely with
billion, the lowest of the major expenses. It would cap at 13 could offer their coverage plans Mr. Baucus has said he will meet Mr. Baucus on the legislation,
health care proposals advancing in percent of household income not on the exchanges. Mr. Obama’s requirement that it Senator Michael B. Enzi of
Congress so far. Other plans had including cost-sharing such as co- And in a nod to the stiff not add to the federal debt, the Wyoming, Senator Charles E.
come in with price tags of $1 payments and deductibles the Republican opposition, the proposal would impose a new, 35 Grassley of Iowa, and Senator
trillion or more, and the high cost cost of insurance premiums for proposal does not include a percent excise tax on the most Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, have
was seen as an obstacle to public middle-class Americans who just trigger calling for the creation of a expensive group insurance plans, balked at signing on to the
support. miss qualifying for the new public plan if the legislation fails those costing more than $8,000 proposal so far, saying it still does
The legislation would vastly government subsidies. to make affordable health for individuals and $21,000 for not meet their demands.
reshape the $2.5 trillion-a-year Starting in 2013, it would insurance widely available, a families.
health care industry, which require nearly all Americans to compromise step that Mr. Obama In many cases, these would be
Barclays creates $12bn credit vehicle
(Financial Times - US sell more than $12bn of risky of so-far undisclosed investors , mortgage trading at Barclays, and
homepage) credit assets to a company it has will buy the securities using a Michael Keeley, a member of the
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:26:16 AM created to try to reduce the risk of $12.6bn loan extended by the Barclay’s Capital management
further writedowns. bank. Protium will be managed by committee.
Barclays has unveiled a plan to Protium Finance, a partnership Stephen King, the head of
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US consumer prices
Torah that survived Holocaust finds home in climb in August
Miami (AP) (Financial Times - US
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) museums and other groups as ghetto. Her mother died at the would have faded away long Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:57:54 AM

Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:43:53 AM symbols of survival of the faith Treblinka extermination camp. before Ahavat Olam gained roots
and a connection to all the Jews "My parents just walked out of in South Florida five years ago. Prices in the US rose slightly last
M I A M I – R a b b i D a n n y lost during the Holocaust. our apartment, which was Hitler's army would have killed month thanks to the climbing cost
Marmorstein uses the Yiddish "We've sent them all over the beautifully furnished with the men and women who bore its of petrol, but inflation remains
word "bashert" to describe how a world," said Evelyn Friedlander, antiques and Oriental rugs and we congregants. And the Torah never muted, easing fears that bold
Torah created in 19th-century the London-based curator of the just walked out and that was it," would have left SS hands. government stimulus measures
Eastern Europe survived the Nazi trust, "and they've come back to she said. "Since then, I've thought Marmorstein knew he wanted a will elevate the cost of living.
regime in near-perfect condition life." material possessions don't mean Holocaust-surviving Torah since In August the consumer price
and landed a world away at his The scroll came to Miami after anything." But a Torah, Lerner the congregation was born. He index rose by 0.4 per cent, leaving
tiny synagogue. Marmorstein placed the said, is different: It's not just the wanted to pay tribute to the Jews it 1.5 per cent lower than the same
"It means 'meant to be,'" he said, synagogue's name on a waiting central symbol of her faith, but who died and could think of no month a year ago, the labour
"and this was meant for us." list several years back. Like all something used in actual prayer better way than through the faith's department said on Wednesday.
The 131-year-old Torah is being the trust's scrolls, it remains the and worship. most prized possession. The result showed prices rising
celebrated at Congregation p r o p e r t y o f t h e L o n d o n Irving Whitman, 88, says he The 54-year-old rabbi shows a faster than economists expected
Ahavat Olam for the first time on organization, on indefinite loan to was a young Army private from black-and-white picture of 11 and faster than the previous
R o s h H a s h a n a h , o f f e r i n g a the temple. Congregations are New Jersey when he helped relatives, his great aunts and month when they were flat.
p o w e r f u l s y m b o l o n t h e chosen, in part, based on their liberate the Buchenwald uncles, grandfather and great-
endurance of the Jewish faith. desire to incorporate the scroll concentration camp. Those grandparents. Only two in the
The sheepskin scroll was into their worship. memories are seared in his mind. photo survived the Holocaust: his
believed to have been completed At Ahavat Olam, the Torah was And he sees the Torah as an father and an uncle who both were
in 1878, the date of the inscription welcomed last month with a extension of his wartime liberated from Auschwitz.
on its wooden handle. The handle procession from Marmorstein's experience. When asked why getting the
also bears the name of the couple house to the Methodist church "It's all part of the same story," Torah was so important, his eyes
w h o d o n a t e d i t t o t h e i r about a mile away where the 100- he said. "It's all part of the same well with tears. iTwinge tactile
c o n g r e g a t i o n i n M o r a v s k e member congregation has been historical moment." "It's in my blood, this whole
Budejovice, in what is now the renting space for worship. It was Susan Boyer, the U.S. director history is in my family," he said. keyboard for iPhone
Czech Republic. to be read for the first time and be of the trust, also heads the Czech "It's easy for us to sit and talk By Doug Aamoth
It was kept in a warehouse with the subject of the rabbi's sermon Torah Network in Sherman Oaks, about it. But when it was your (CrunchGear)
other Torahs and Judaica after when the congregants celebrate Calif., which has helped reunite own father, your own uncle, when Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:00:43 AM
Hitler came to power, coming the Jewish new year on Friday. Holocaust survivors with scrolls your grandfather was killed.
under the Nazis' control. After the Already, its history has from their hometowns. That's why." The $30 iTwinge keyboard may
Nazis fell, the cache from the resonated with members. When she thinks of the ___ be able to grab some brand new
Central Jewish Museum in Prague Bianca Lerner, 80, survived the surviving Torahs, she wonders Memorial Scrolls Trust: iPhone owners who have a bit of
was controlled by communists Holocaust in part by being taken what happened to the people from http://www.czechmemorialscrollst trouble adjusting to the on-screen
who eventually sold the scroll and in by the parents of a Christian its synagogue, the people who keyboard, but most people will
1 , 5 6 3 o t h e r s t o a L o n d o n friend and then hiding in a prayed with it. It is a sad story, Ahavat Olam synagogue: tell you that you get used to it in
synagogue in 1963. Catholic orphanage. She she admits, but she says it is about a week. Although with a
That repository, the Memorial remembers being forced with her buffered by hope, because the potential customer base of
Scrolls Trust, has given the parents from their home. Her faith has lived on. however many bajillion iPhone
T o r a h s t o c o n g r e g a t i o n s , father was killed in a Polish If the Nazis had prevailed, Jews owners there are out there, Mobile
US stocks cling to rising commodity prices Mechatronics (the company
behind the iTwinge) probably has
(Financial Times - US US stocks clung on to rising data. Analysts had been expecting the a leg up by being first-to-market
homepage) commodity prices in choppy The consumer price index rose index to gain 0.3 per cent last with this thing.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:39:12 AM trading early on Wednesday as by 0.4 per cent in August, after month.
investors shrugged off inflation showing no change in July.
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Yale tech's fiancee writes on MySpace: Don't

judge - The Associated Press
(Most Popular - Google News) Wednesday after collecting DNA Tarallo said of Clark. "They didn't compare DNA taken from Clark's
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:11:18 AM samples and questioning him in strike me as someone who would hair, fingernails and saliva to
the killing of a graduate student try to kill somebody." more than 150 pieces of evidence
(AP) – 57 minutes ago who worked in the same lab. Police started tearing down the collected from the crime scene. The New iPod Touch
NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The Raymond Clark III was taken yellow crime scene tape as That evidence may also be Really Is About 50%
fiancee of a Yale University into custody Tuesday night at his daylight broke. At that point there compared at a state lab with DNA
animal research technician says apartment in Middletown, Conn., had been no sign of Clark's return samples given voluntarily from Faster...OK, Maybe a
on her MySpace page that she's and was released into the custody to his apartment, and neighbors other people with access to the Bit Less [Benchmarks]
not perfect, but cautioned people of his attorney about 3 a.m. said they hadn't seen Hromadka in crime scene.
not to judge her. Wednesday, New Haven police the area for days. "We're going to narrow this By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo)
"Who are you to judge the life I said. Loraine Falcon, 32, a nurse aid down," Lewis said. "We're going Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:40:00 AM

live? I know I'm not perfect and I Police left the apartment who lives in Clark's building, said to do this as quickly as we can."
don't live to be, but before you Wednesday morning after the police activity kept her and Police have collected more than Apple says their latest 32/64GB
start pointing fingers make sure searching the scene for hours her three kids — ages 15, 10 and 700 hours of videotape and sifted iPod touch is 50% faster than the
your hands are clean!!" writes overnight looking for evidence in 8 — up much of the night and left through computer records old iPod touch. Macworld tested
Jennifer Hromadka, the 23-year- the killing of Annie Le. her fearful for their safety. documenting who entered what the claim, and they found the new
old woman engaged to Raymond Clark has been described as a "I just want to know if he did it," parts of the research building touch is certainly close to that
Clark III. person of interest, not a suspect, Falcon said. where Le was found dead. benchmark, even if a bit short in
Clark was released from police in Le's death. Her body was found Clark's apartment appeared Le worked for a Yale laboratory some testing.
custody on Wednesday after he stuffed behind a wall in the empty Wednesday morning after that conducted experiments on Booting the old touch took 31
was questioned in the killing of laboratory Sunday, which was to police left. No one answered the mice, and investigators found her seconds. The new touch takes 19.
graduate student Annie Le. He has have been her wedding day. door. The brown flowered body stuffed in the basement wall Loading a web page dropped from
not been charged, but is called a Overnight, state police officers doormat remained. of a facility that housed research 34 seconds to 15. And most
"person of interest." sorted through items on a card During the search, one officer animals. games teetered between loading
The date of the MySpace table set up outside the ground- commented that the apartment On Tuesday, state prosecutors 33% and 50% faster.
posting is unclear. The page has floor apartment's door. smelled like animals. Multiple blocked the release of Le's Despite Apple not reaching that
since been taken down. A tow truck took away a red neighbors said they saw Clark and autopsy results, reasoning that 50% benchmark across the board,
Clark and Hromadka were both Ford Mustang neighbors say was Hromadka load luggage, cats and they could hinder their Macworld is still impressed
animal research technicians in the used by Clark. two rodents into a vehicle on investigation. The Connecticut because the "the new iPod touch
lab where Le worked. Her body A resident of the complex, Rick Saturday. medical examiner had already feels much faster at any task you
was found stuffed behind a wall in Tarallo said he, his wife and 6- Falcon said she also saw Clark called the death a homicide but throw at it: applications launch
the laboratory Sunday. month-old daughter live in a unit loading a suitcase and a duffle bag hadn't reported the manner of Le's (and quit) faster, Web pages load
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS next to Clark and his fiancee, into a car Sunday at about 5 p.m. death. more quickly, processor-intensive
UPDATE. Check back soon for Jennifer Hromadka. Investigators are hoping to Copyright © 2009 The games and programs perform
further information. AP's earlier He said the couple was "really figure out within days whether Associated Press. All rights better-you name it."
story is below. quiet" and lived with an older Clark can be ruled out as the reserved. And the new touch should be
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — man, whom he speculated was killer. faster. TUAW confirmed that this
Police released a Yale University one of their fathers. New Haven Police Chief James latest ipod to have a very similar
animal research technician on "He seemed like a good guy," Lewis said police were hoping to ARM Cortex A8 processor as the
quick iPhone 3GS, which is a
Penis Chandelier—Yes, Penis. Chandelier [Wrongmodo] surprise to absolutely no one. [
Macworld and TUAW via The
By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) this giant penis chandelier, people will find penises quite iPhone blog]
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:50:59 AM apparently made by a Dutch decorative, I think I'll definitely
company called Rock and Royal. pick the second one. [ Rock and
Leave it to our sex expert Debby Their pirate skull and crossbones Royal via Mysexprofessor]
Herbenick to find artifacts like chandelier is quite good too. As much as I'm sure that some
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Jimmy Carter: Racism behind Joe Wilson outburst

- Christian Science Monitor
(Most Popular - Google News) Carter told NBC yesterday (see make the jump to race it’s frenzy over Carter’s remarks, they
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:35:28 AM video below). absolutely ludicrous. My brothers need to cool down.
“I live in the South, and I’ve and I were raised by our parents Will President Obama weigh in
Former President JimmyCarter, seen the South come a long way to respect everyone regardless of on this? He’s got one meeting this
in an interview with NBC News, and I’ve seen the rest of the background or race,” he added. afternoon where reporters might
said that racial politics played a country that shared the South’s Maybe there’s consensus in the be able to ask him about it. We’ll
role in Republican South Carolina
Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst last
attitude toward minority groups at
that time … and I think it’s
blogosphere? HA! Not so much…
The National Review’s Peter
keep you posted…
New iPod touch
week during US President Barack
Obama's speech to Congress and
bubbled up to the surface,” Carter
said, “because of a belief among
Kirsanow lathers on the sarcasm
in his blog this morning:
Make sure to follow us on
gets a speed test,
in certain parts of the opposition
faced by the president since
many white people, not just in the
South but around the country, that
Fresh from having his latest
book endorsed by renowned civil-
| Main
Comments Leave a Comment
zips right on by
taking office.(NEWSCOM) African-Americans are not rights leader Osama Bin Laden, We do not publish all By Laura June (Engadget)
Photos ( 1 of 1) By Jimmy Orr| qualified to lead this great former president Jimmy Carter comments, and we do not publish Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:06:00 AM
09.16.09 country.” sagely pronounces that Rep. Joe comments immediately. The
If you thought the buzz behind Maureen Dowd, incidentally, Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst was comments feature is a forum to The new generation of the iPod
Congressman Joe Wilson’s “You lobbed a similar charge over the based on racism. It’s this type of discuss the ideas in our stories. touch, we've been told, is roughly
lie” outburst last week was over, weekend. Of course, not extraordinary, almost telepathic Constructive debate - even 50 percent faster than the previous
think again. everyone’s buying it. Former insight that made Mr. Carter one pointed disagreement - is iteration. Well, the fine folks over
Think baseball bat meets House Speaker Newt Gingrich, of the most successful presidents welcome, but personal attacks on at the iPhone Blog have done a bit
hornet’s nest. who’s smashed a few hornets’ in history. other commenters are not, and of information collecting on just
Nothing stirs up things more nests of his own, says enough Our friend Yael Abouhalkah, will not be published. that topic -- to see if Apple's latest
than a charge of racism. You put a with the race card. meanwhile, over at the Kansas Tip: Do not write a novel. Keep is actually that much faster. Both
high-profile figure behind the “I think it’s very destructive for City Star sounds a bit like Jack it short. We will not publish Macworld and TUAW did testing
charge – like former President America to suggest that we can’t Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” lengthy comments. Come up with which showed a reduction in boot
Jimmy Carter – and you’ve got criticize a president without it telling those who dispute Carter’s your own statements. This is not a times from 31 to 19 seconds, web
front page news again. being a racial act,” Gingrich told claim that they can’t handle the place to cut and paste an email page loading (using the New York
And that’s exactly what Carter FOX News this morning. truth: you received. If we recognize it as Times) went from 34 to 15
is saying: Wilson’s two-word bit Wilson’s son Alan, who is He’s just stating the facts, such, we won't post it. seconds, while app launching saw
of emotionalism last week? running for Attorney General in whether Americans want to hear Please do not post any time reductions across the board.
Racism. South Carolina, also disputed the them or not. Carter’s complaints comments that are commercial in So -- in essence -- yes, the newest
“I think an overwhelming charge. “There is not a racist bone aren’t aimed at all Americans, just nature or that violate copyrights. iPod touch is about 50 percent
portion of the intensely in my dad’s body,” Wilson said. at those who don’t think a black Finally, we will not publish any faster than the previous model in
demonstrated animosity toward “It’s unfortunate people make person deserves to be president. comments that we regard as terms of performance. Hit the read
President Barack Obama is based that jump. People can disagree — And there are millions in this obscene, defamatory, or intended link to hear even more tantalizing
on the fact that he is a black man, and appropriately disagree — on country. So as the conservative to incite violence. details.
that he’s African American,” issues of substance, but when they base and others get whipped into a Filed under: Handhelds,
Portable Audio, Portable Video
iTwinge Is the Stupidest iPhone Accessory of All Time, Ever [IPhone] New iPod touch gets a speed
test, zips right on by originally
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo) good touch keyboard. press—sounds like a recipe for appeared on Engadget on Wed, 16
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:30:44 AM I mean, if you're going to pay shoddy disastercakes. [ Sep 2009 11:06:00 EST. Please
$30 to horribly disfigure your MobileMechantronics via see our terms for use of feeds.
iTwinge is a dumb, ugly holster iPhone, it should at least be for a ChipChick via Engadget] Read| Permalink| Email this|
that attaches to your iPhone so good keyboard. Not to mention Comments
you can tap out emails using a the implementation—it draws it's just got nubs inside that
shitty "real" keyboard instead of power from the phone, suggesting touches the screen where you
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Lab tech released from custody in Yale slaying

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) have been her wedding day. try to kill somebody." That evidence may also be
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:48:46 AM Clark and and his fiancee, Police started tearing down the compared at a state lab with DNA
Jennifer Hromadka were both yellow crime scene tape as samples given voluntarily from
NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Police animal research technicians in the daylight broke. At that point there other people with access to the Blaze Nintendo DSi
released a Yale University animal lab where Le worked. had been no sign of Clark's return crime scene. game selector improves
research technician on Hromadka wrote on her to his apartment, and neighbors "We're going to narrow this cart management, uglies
Wednesday after collecting DNA MySpace page that she's not said they hadn't seen Hromadka in down," Lewis said. "We're going
samples and questioning him in perfect, but cautioned people not the area for days. to do this as quickly as we can." up your handheld
the killing of a graduate student to judge her. Loraine Falcon, 32, a nurse aid Police have collected more than By Darren Murph (Engadget)
who worked in the same lab. "Who are you to judge the life I who lives in Clark's building, said 700 hours of videotape and sifted Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:52:00 PM
Raymond Clark III was taken live? I know I'm not perfect and I the police activity kept her and through computer records
into custody Tuesday night at his don't live to be, but before you her three kids ages 15, 10 and 8 documenting who entered what Have a habit of losing those DSi
apartment in Middletown, Conn., start pointing fingers make sure up much of the night and left her parts of the research building carts on the bus, in between the
and was released into the custody your hands are clean!!" the 23- fearful for their safety. where Le was found dead. couch cushions or in other darker,
of his attorney early Wednesday, year-old wrote. "I just want to know if he did it," Le worked for a Yale laboratory more taboo locales? Fret not, as
New Haven police said. The date of the MySpace Falcon said. that conducted experiments on the carefree crew over at Blaze
Investigators are hoping to posting is unclear. The page has Clark's apartment appeared mice, and investigators found her has your best interests in mind.
figure out within days whether since been taken down. empty Wednesday morning after body stuffed in the basement wall Hailed as the first 3-in-1 game
Clark can be ruled out as the Overnight, state police officers police left. No one answered the of a facility that housed research selector for Nintendo's DSi, this
killer. sorted through items on a card door. The brown flowered animals. mildly unsightly attachment
C l a r k ' s a t t o r n e y , D a v i d table set up outside Clark's ground doormat remained. In addition to Clark and simply plugs into your game port
Dworski, of Fairfield, said -floor apartment's door. During the search, one officer Hromadka, Clark's sister and and then houses a trio of your
Wednesday his client is A tow truck took away a red commented that the apartment brother-in-law were also favorite titles. Once you've got it
" c o m m i t t e d t o p r o c e e d i n g Ford Mustang neighbors say was smelled like animals. Multiple technicians at Yale's Animal mounted, just flip the switch to
a p p r o p r i a t e l y w i t h t h e used by Clark. neighbors said they saw Clark and Resources Center, according to change the title, though we'd
authorities." He would not A resident of the complex, Rick Hromadka load luggage, cats and Yale records. suggest powering your DSi down
comment further. Tarallo said he, his wife and 6- two rodents into a vehicle on On Tuesday, state prosecutors before doing so. It's available now
Police left the apartment month-old daughter live in a unit Saturday. blocked the release of Le's to solve a problem you probably
W e d n e s d a y m o r n i n g a f t e r next to Clark and his fiancee, Falcon said she also saw Clark autopsy results, reasoning that only think you have for £14.99
searching the scene for hours Jennifer Hromadka. loading a suitcase and a duffel bag they could hinder their ($24).
overnight looking for evidence in He said the couple was "really into a car Sunday at about 5 p.m. investigation. The Connecticut Filed under: Gaming,
the killing of Annie Le. quiet" and lived with an older New Haven Police Chief James medical examiner had already Handhelds
Clark has been described as a man, whom he speculated was Lewis said police were hoping to called the death a homicide but Blaze Nintendo DSi game
person of interest, not a suspect, one of their fathers. compare DNA taken from Clark's hadn't reported the manner of Le's selector improves cart
in Le's death. Her body was found "He seemed like a good guy," hair, fingernails and saliva to death. management, uglies up your
stuffed behind a wall in the Tarallo said of Clark. "They didn't more than 150 pieces of evidence handheld originally appeared on
laboratory Sunday, which was to strike me as someone who would collected from the crime scene. Engadget on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Stealthy Colgate Ad Ruins Ice Cream Forever [Ads] 12:52:00 EST. Please see our
terms for use of feeds. Read|
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo) something a bit more cruelly [ IBelieveInAdvertising via Permalink| Email this| Comments
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:00:00 AM creative than mere toothpaste InspireMeNow]
samples. Instead, advertisers
In Bangkok, Colgate advertised loaded sweets like lollipops and toothbrushes. Low, Colgate. Low.
oral health by passing out cotton candy with wooden
14 Top News/ Gadgets/ Internet News Record
Buffalo mayor beats the
Capuano entering race to succeed Kennedy in trousers off his opponent
by promising new flat
Senate (AP) screen TVs to seniors
By Nicholas Deleon
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) No, there is a history of her being also been active fighting liberal administration over the Patriot
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:16:20 AM able to manage an office, but this causes such as the turmoil in Act. (CrunchGear)
is different." Sudan. House Speaker Nancy As he was with Coakley, Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:30:47 AM

BOSTON – U.S. Rep. Michael The six-term congressman Pelosi tapped him to head a Capuano was laudatory about the
Capuano said Wednesday he will added: "Why leave it to a congressional task force on ethics, personal attributes of other What’s the best way to ensure
run for the late Edward M. question, when there's somebody and to lead the transition when potential rivals, even as he that you win the Buffalo mayoral
Kennedy's Senate seat, arguing he in the race who has proven they Democrats regained control of the dissected them. primary? Why, by promising an
is the best candidate to continue can do it over a long period of House in 2006. Of Boston Celtics co-owner entire voting bloc brand new flat
his fellow Democrat's liberal time?" During the interview, Capuano Stephen Pagliuca, who is screen TVs! Byron W. Brown just
philosophical tradition and better A Coakley spokeswoman did said he wanted to move from the considering running for the won the Democratic primary (he’s
tested in the national political not immediately respond to a lower to upper chamber of Democratic nomination, he said: unopposed in November, so this
arena than leading rival Martha request for comment. Congress because it promised "I really, really, really think that it victory means he just won the
Coakley. Capuano, 57, combines old-line even more influence. He often is incomprehensible to me that the mayorship), and you can see him
The blunt, plainspoken former Democratic values like party laments he made more decisions Massachusetts Democratic party here (around the 50 second mark)
mayor of Somerville said he plans loyalty with the more liberal in a morning as mayor than he would nominate someone who promising to help seniors out by
to formally declare his candidacy leanings of Cambridge and does in a year as a member of supported Mitt Romney against installing a new TV.
at an event on Friday and then Harvard Square, which help Congress. Ted Kennedy(in 1994). He's Why is this on CrunchGear?
pursue a vigorous campaign anchor his suburban Boston "I know being 1 out of 100, you entitled to do that, but I would be Because 1) it’s a fun, light-hearted
before the Dec. 8 primary. The district. can have more impact more shocked." story and 2) who doesn’t want a
special election to succeed He has blue-collar roots in quickly than being 1 out of 435," And he joked that he could be new TV every now and then?
Kennedy, who died Aug. 25 of Somerville's wards but an Ivy he said. "I got involved in politics more successful, if less flattering, No word on what brand or size
brain cancer, will be on Jan. 19. League pedigree after attending originally to make the world a than state Sen. Scott Brown. The Mayor Brown promised, nor if he
"When it comes to the issues we Dartmouth College. better place. When I was mayor, it Republican candidate and former actually plans to deliver said TV
deal with here in Washington, I His seat is steeped in history. was about making Somerville model woke up Wednesday to to the senior center. Here’s
have no idea where she stands on Boston's roguish ex-mayor James safer. ... When I came to find a 1980s seminude photo of hoping.
the war in Iraq," Capuano said of Michael Curley, President John F. Congress, it was about housing, himself on the Boston Herald's via Wonkette
Coakley, the state's attorney Kennedy, former House Speaker health care, war and peace, civil gossip page.
general and the first Democrat to Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill and liberties. In the Senate, the issues "He probably looks better in
declare her candidacy for former Rep. Joseph Kennedy II will be same but the interference underwear than me nor do I
Kennedy's seat. once held it. will be less." expect to find out," Capuano said.
"She says she's for health care, Capuano succeeded Kennedy in He said he would have used ___
but I don't know what that means. 1999. such added clout to more Associated Press Writer Andrew
We've been dealing with those Capuano has made his mark in effectively push the Obama Miga contributed to this report.
issues for years. And is there any Congress serving on the House administration for a federal
history of her being able to work Financial Services and stimulus bill more focused on job
with a large body of legislators? Transportation committees. He's creation, while fighting the Bush

CrunchDeals: Sirius XM employee discount this week, up to 50 percent off radios

By Nicholas Deleon same employee discount that, yes, week, down from $299. garbage, so the stream never
(CrunchGear) employees receive. That means, These are fine deals, you have connected in either Safari or
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:00:20 AM for example, you can get the to admit. Granted, I listen Firefox) so it’s not really for me,
XMP3 portable radio for $115, exclusively online (I use a but maybe you want to grab an
This is one of the better Sirius which is down from $230. program called Radium for Mac early Christmas gift?
XM deals I’ve ever come across. The deal is for both halves of you: the Stiletto 2 is $150 this OS X to listen, since the Sirius
This week only you can get the the satellite radio company, mind XM Web site is 100 percent
Internet News Record Top News/ Tech/ 15

Carter says Obama row is 'racist'

(BBC News | Americas | World from more serious issues.
Edition) "My goodness, we could be
Submitted at 9/16/2009 2:19:53 AM doing this every day of the week,"
said Republican Minority Leader
Please turn on JavaScript. Media John Boehner.
requires JavaScript to play. But Democratic Majority
Jimmy Carter: "There is an Leader Steny Hoyer insisted that
inherent feeling among many in Mr Wilson's outburst could not be
this country that an African- ignored.
American should not be "At issue is whether we are able
president" to proceed with a degree of
Former US President Jimmy civility and decorum that our rules
Carter says much of the vitriol and our democracy contemplate
against President Barack Obama's and require," he said.
health reforms and spending plans Please turn on JavaScript.
is "based on racism". Media requires JavaScript to play.
Mr Carter told a public meeting The moment Republican
there was "an inherent feeling lawmaker Joe Wilson heckled
among many in this country that President Obama
an African-American should not Mr Wilson himself maintained
be president". that his personal apology to Mr
Republican lawmaker Joe Obama should have been enough
Wilson was rebuked on Tuesday to resolve the matter.
in a House vote. Mr Obama "graciously accepted
He shouted "You lie!" while Mr my apology and the issue is over",
Obama was delivering an address playing the race card. They regard Many have not just protested head of government and - like
on healthcare to Congress last it as a cheap shot, because in against the president's policies but heads of state elsewhere - he he said.
some ways racism is the worst have accused him of tyranny, and should be "treated with respect". Mr Wilson's remark came in
Wednesday. response to a passage of Mr
The House resolution of insult that you can hurl at have promised to "reclaim It was a "dastardly thing to do",
someone in America. America". he said. Obama's speech in which he
disapproval described it as "a
breach of decorum". But Mr Wilson's eldest son, "Those kind of things are not His comments were rejected by asserted that his reforms "would
Regarding Joe Wilson, over the Alan, has denied racism was a just casual outcomes of a sincere Joe Wilson's son, Alan, an Iraq not apply to those who are here
weekend we saw people pointing factor in his father's outburst. debate on whether we should have veteran who is running for state illegally".
Some conservatives have a national programme on attorney general in Georgia. Under the terms of Mr Obama's
out that he was once a junior aide
to a segregationalist politician - accused the president's supporters healthcare," Mr Carter said at a "There is not a racist bone in my reform package, undocumented
of playing the race card. public meeting at his Carter dad's body," he said. immigrants would not be able to
and that he was one of the few claim healthcare subsidies, but
politicians to vote for the 'Abominable' Center in Atlanta held prior to the Apology
Confederate flag to fly over the Angry town hall meetings and a Congress vote on Tuesday. In Tuesday's vote, lawmakers they also would not be explicitly
state congress in his home state. recent taxpayers' demonstration in "It's deeper than that." voted 240-179 in favour of the barred from buying private
Mr Wilson hasn't answered Washington have been vitriolic Responding to a question resolution to censure Mr Wilson. insurance through the new health
these allegations. towards the president, reports the specifically on Mr Wilson's The move was backed by most insurance exchanges.
BBC's North America editor outburst, he said Mr Obama was Democrats, but dismissed by Print Sponsor
But conservatives are furious.
They think their opponents are Mark Mardell. the head of state as well as the many Republicans as a distraction

Arizona Dumping Redflex Cameras... But Giving Redflex An Award For Innovation?
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) with the backlash against redlight news that the annual "Governor's Redflex, the redlight camera cameras. Oops.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 3:35:59 AM cameras, with plans to get rid of Celebration of Innovation" maker who was just complaining Permalink| Comments| Email
them across the state. And yet... includes a variety of companies that its revenue was dropping due This Story
Arizona has become ground zero Dave Records alerts us to the nominated for awards... including to public opposition to such
16 Top News/ Tech/ Tech News/ Internet News Record

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gets Rid Of His Yale murder case detainee

Dogs, Blames Kate - Radar Online freed
(BBC News | Americas | World the investigation", he added.
(Most Popular - Google News) Kate for just about everything." comment to about the Edition) New Haven Police Chief James
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:13:17 AM Jon gets a homecoming from his dogs. "Those kids beat them up, Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:58:12 AM Lewis said the DNA samples
kids and dogs climb on them, pull their tails, bite voluntarily given by Mr Clark
Okay animal lovers, divorcing a Jon spends time with his canine at them, drag them around and A US man detained by police would be compared with more
spouse is one thing, but getting rid friends everything you can imagine not to over the discovery of a woman's than 150 pieces of evidence taken
of your dogs is quite another. Jon Jon has given several interview do to an animal, they've done." body at Yale University has been from the scene.
Gosselin is sending his two recently and been brutal on Kate, The Humane Society of Berks released without charge after "We're going to narrow this
German Shepherd's back to the saying he "despises" her and love County, Pa., where the Gosselins providing DNA samples. down," Mr Lewis told the AP
breeder as part of the fallout of his girlfriend Hailey Glassman more live, received numerous Raymond Clark, a 24-year-old news agency, "We're going to do
divorce from Kate. than he ever loved his wife. complaints about the family and Y a l e e m p l o y e e , h a s b e e n this as quickly as we can."
Click here to see Jon spending More on Kate’s relationship animal cruelty, prompting Jon to described by police as a person of Ms Le, 24, was reported missing
his last minutes with his German with her bodyguard release a statement to teh HSBC. interest, not a suspect. last week. She had been due to
Shepherds and the dogs being He's also in the middle of "I would like to clarify a recent He was taken into custody after marry on the day her body was
taken away another scandal, with his kids' statement I made regarding my police obtained a warrant to discovered.
Kate gets a brand new look babysitter, Stephanie Santoro now family's two German Shepherd search his house in Middleton, Police say it was a targeted
While the eight Gosselin coming forward and confirming puppies, Shoka and Nala. The Connecticut. killing and other students are not
children are staying in the family's she had a sexual relationship with statement - if taken literally and The state's chief medical in danger.
Wernersville, PA home, their Jon - a fact first reported by out of context - could be examiner said the death of Annie Ms Le's fiance is not a suspect
parents are splitting time there, misinterpreted and I'd like to set Le, a student at the university, and has helped police with the
trying to avoid disrupting the kids' But Jon's attempts to blame the record straight. We was homicide. investigation.
lives but also not wanting to be Kate for getting rid of the dog understand the esponsibilities of The precise cause of death has Print Sponsor
around each other. simply isn't fair, one source told being good dog owners. been withheld "to help facilitate
Kate has a meltdown The dogs have Whenever my kids are with Shoka
Now, Shoka and Nala, the always been Jon's and while Kate
family dogs are being discarded was willing to do whatever she
and Nala, everyone is carefully
supervised to ensure that no one -
Jurors Required To Sign
and Jon has been telling pals it's had to she simply can't handle
Kate's fault because she won't them and Jon didn't make any
dog or child - is injured. Shoka
and Nala are loyal companions
Promises Not To Google Details
take care of them when he's not at other arrangements for them to be
the house. taken care of. He now lives in an
who we consider members of our
family. We would never do Of Case
Click here to see jon spending apartment in New York City and anything to hurt them, and treat By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) spoken warning. My guess is that
his last minutes with his German never considered getting a place them with the respect and love Submitted at 9/16/2009 1:01:00 AM many will ignore the signed
Shepherds and the dogs being where he could keep his dogs, the that they deserve." promise as well -- in fact, as some
taken away source told us. • My Big Fat Comic Wedding: There have been plenty of stories behavioral research has shown,
Jon blasts his estranged wife "Kate's being gracious about the Archie Finally Makes His Choice concerning judges warning jurors just telling them not to do it, may
"Jon blames Kate for having to situation, she's not going to blame • And The New Judge On not to research any additional make them even more likely to do
give up the dogs," a source close Jon," said the source. SYTYCD Is ... items about a case online, but JJ so. At some point, the courts are
to the situation told Jon wants to end war with Kate points us to what is apparently a going to have to realize that you exclusively. Earlier in the summer Jon first (at least in California). A simply can't prevent people from
"Of course these days, Jon blames caused an uproar when he made judge has ordered the jury to sign looking up more info, and will
Microsoft Sets Up Zune HD for Failure — Again a document that they will not use have to come up with ways to
the internet to research the case, adapt.
By Brian X. Chen (Wired Top store that third-party developers and they can face perjury charges Permalink| Comments| Email
Stories) cannot easily code for. Observers if they're caught doing so. This Story
Submitted at 9/15/2009 4:26:00 PM in the mobile industry agree this Apparently, the reasoning is that
strategy is setting Microsoft up most jurors tend to ignore the
Microsoft launches the Zune HD for failure.
with a "closed store" -- an app
Internet News Record Top News/ World/ Tech/ Tech News/ 17

US senator tables healthcare bill DC sniper scheduled to

(BBC News | Americas | World
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:45:08 AM
cover people without employer-
sponsored coverage.
Like other draft bills produced
patients, for health care providers
and for our economy."
be executed in
by various House committees and
US Senator Max Baucus, a key the Senate health committee, Mr
figure in the drive to reform the Baucus's bill would mandate all
So far, however, his bill has not
received any Republican backers.
And one of the leading
American healthcare system, has Americans to get insurance, and Democrats on the committee, (World news and comment governor, or clemency.
published his version of a bill. would provide subsidies to help Senator Jay Rockefeller, has from the Guardian | Muhammad was sentenced to
The Senate Finance Committee, less well-off Americans pay for rejected the plan, because it does death for the slaying of Dean
which Mr Baucus chairs, will now their coverage. not include a public option. Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:01:31 AM Meyers, one of 10 people shot to
consider his draft and suggest But while the House committees If the Finance Committee does death during a 2002 rampage that
amendments. proposed to pay for the increased eventually agree on a bill, the full John Allen Muhammad, terrorised the Washington area.
If the committee approves a bill, coverage by placing a surtax on senate will attempt to come up mastermind of the 2002 attacks Muhammad and teenage
it will go before the full Senate. families earning over $350,000 a with a bill, based on the versions that killed 10 people, is scheduled accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo
Passing a healthcare reform bill year, Mr Baucus would cover the produced by the Finance to be executed on 10 November killed six people in Alabama and
is President Obama's top priority costs of his proposals by levying Committee and the Health A Virginia judge today set 10 Louisiana before moving on to
for 2009, but so far lawmakers new fees on more generous Committee. November as the execution date Maryland, DC and Virginia,
have been unable to agree on a private insurance schemes. Simultaneously, the House of for John Allen Muhammad, where Meyers was shot at a
bill. Mr Baucus had hoped to attract Representatives will attempt to mastermind of the 2002 sniper Manassas, Virginia petrol station.
Moderate Republican support for his plan, come up with its own draft of a attacks in the Washington DC, Six others were wounded.
The House of Representatives is which is more moderate than the bill. area that left 10 dead. Malvo, who was born in
expected to pass a bill which will b i l l s p r o p o s e d b y o t h e r Once both chambers have The attorney general's office last Jamaica, is serving life in prison
allow Americans who do not have c o m m i t t e e s . approved bills, a conference week requested that the execution for the shooting spree. Last month
employer-provided health "This is a unique moment in committee, made up of lawmakers be on 9 November, but Prince a federal appeals court rejected
insurance to choose a publicly-run history where we can finally reach from both houses, will convene to William county circuit Judge Muhammad's argument that
insurance scheme. an objective so many of us have reconcile the two versions. Mary Grace O'Brien chose a day prosecutors withheld critical
But Mr Baucus's bill will not sought for so long," said Mr If both chambers then vote in later. The date, which falls on a evidence and that Muhammad
o f f e r t h e s o - c a l l e d " p u b l i c Baucus. favour of the reconciled version, it Tuesday, was picked so courts never should have been allowed
option". "The Finance Committee has will be sent to President Obama would be open the day before in to act as his own attorney for a
Instead, he would create not-for- carefully worked through the for his approval, and become law. case they have to take up last- portion of his trial because he was
profit co-ops, which would details of health care reform to Print Sponsor minute appeals, said Jonathan too mentally impaired.
compete with private insurers to ensure this package works for Sheldon, Muhammad's attorney. • United States
The date was picked during an • Gun crime
Facebook Makes Money, Tops 300 Million Users early morning conference call© Guardian
By John C Abell (Wired Top Facebook is making enough on Tuesday, proving the Internet’s with the judge, the attorney News & Media Limited 2009 |
Stories) money to cover its costs and now newest star industry can be a general's office and Sheldon. Use of this content is subject to
has 300 million users, the world’s viable business. Sheldon said Muhammad will our Terms & Conditions| More
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:03:00 AM
largest social networking site said appeal to the US supreme court Feeds
and ask Timothy Kaine, Virginia's

Can't Buy 'Em? Sue 'Em For Patent Infringement!

By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) quite aggressive on the patent patent book at them. Patent
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:09:41 AM front, so at first this didn't seem lawsuits as revenge? Just like
like a big deal. But, this time it's Thomas Jefferson intended...
JohnForDummies alerts us to more interesting, because Permalink| Comments| Email
Broadcom's latest patent Broadcom just spent about a year This Story
infringement suit, this time trying to do a hostile takeover of this seems like a sour grapes agree to be taken over, so
against Emulex. Broadcom is Emulex, which failed. Basically, patent lawsuit. Emulex wouldn't Broadcom decided to throw the
18 World/ Internet News Record

How UK oil company Trafigura tried to cover up African

pollution disaster
By David Leigh (World news settlement: "The claimants are director, was told by the London trucks at a cheap rate. in a critical manner".
and comment from the very pleased." manager, Naeem Ahmed, on 28 Trafigura's libel lawyers, Carter- He wrote: "According to official
Guardian | He was in the process of putting December 2005: "Caustic washes Ruck, recently demanded the estimates, there were 15 deaths,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:54:17 AM a global deal to the victims, he are banned by most countries due Guardian deleted published 69 persons hospitalised and more
said. "The sum being discussed is to the hazardous nature of the articles, saying it was "gravely than 108,000 medical
• Trafigura offers payout to based on the range of short-term waste (mercaptans, phenols, defamatory" and "untrue" to say consultations … there seems to be
31,000 victims of toxic dumping symptoms claimed by our smell) … there are not many Trafigura's waste had been strong prima facie evidence that
• Secret email trail exposes truth clients." facilities remaining in the market. dumped cheaply and could have the reported deaths and adverse
behind £100m legal battle Thousands of west Africans There is a company in Rotterdam caused deaths and serious injuries. health consequences are related to
• Read the emails here besieged local hospitals, and a that burns such waste in a high Both the Dutch paper Volkskrant the dumping."
The British oil trader Trafigura number died, in 2006 after the stack chimney and charges are and Norwegian TV said they were The report is written in cautious
has offered to pay out in a historic dumping of hundreds of tons of approximately $200/kg." yesterday also threatened with terms, but Trafigura's lobbyists,
damages claim from 31,000 highly toxic oil waste around An email from Ahmed the gagging actions. Bell Pottinger, responded by
Africans injured by the dumping Abidjan. previous day to the head of Trafigura launched a libel action claiming to be "appalled", saying
of toxic waste in one of the worst Official local autopsy reports on gasoline trading spelled out: against BBC Newsnight, it was "premature", "inaccurate",
pollution disasters in recent 12 alleged victims showed fatal "US/Singapore and European complaining Trafigura had been "potentially damaging", "poorly
history, the Guardian can reveal. levels of the poisonous gas terminals no longer allow the use wrongly accused of causing researched", and "deeply flawed".
The compensation deal for the hydrogen sulphide, one of the of caustic soda washes since local deaths, disfigurement and Yesterday Greenpeace, which
victims of toxic oil waste waste's lethal byproducts. environmental agencies do not miscarriages, and had "suffered has been investigating the issue,
dumping in west Africa – likely to The traders have been publicly allow disposal of the toxic caustic serious damage to their along with Amnesty, launched a
be confirmed imminently – means insisting for three years that their after treatment." reputation". legal action in Amsterdam calling
the full extent of attempts to cover waste was routine and harmless. Transport of such toxic waste The BBC filed a fighting for the oil firm to be prosecuted
up what really happened can be They claim it was "absolutely not across EU borders was outlawed, defence this week, accusing there for homicide or grievous
spelled out for the first time. dangerous". he told his bosses. It was illegal to Trafigura of knowing its bodily harm. It said: "This
The truth is laid bare in They have until now denied the dump it on any EU landfill. chemicals were "highly toxic, intentional pollution … has
Trafigura's hitherto secret compensation claims, and their The London-based traders potentially lethal and posed a caused many people to suffer
documents, published by the lawyers repeatedly threatened pressed on regardless, the serious risk to public health". The serious injuries and has even led
Guardian today. anyone worldwide who sought to documents reveal. They hoped to BBC also alleges a cover-up, to death."
The company's internal emails contradict their version. They make profits of $7m a time by saying Trafigura's denials "lack Trafigura said it "utterly
show the true nature of the toxic launched a libel case against BBC buying up what they called credibility and candour". rejected" claims of a cover-up.
waste dumped around Abidjan, Newsnight, forced a "correction" "bloody cheap" cargoes of sulphur Newsnight plans to transmit "Every statement that has been
the capital of Ivory Coast. from the Times, demanded the -contaminated Mexican gasoline. another programme on the subject made … has been made in good
Trafigura had publicly claimed Guardian deleted articles, and They decided to try and process on BBC2 tonight. faith."
the waste was harmless. yesterday tried to gag journalists the fuel on board a tanker The UN human rights special The traders said the autopsy
The exposure of the company in the Netherlands and Norway anchored offshore, creating toxic rapporteur Professor Okechukwu reports were unreliable, and that
files has contributed to Trafigura's with legal threats. waste they called "slops". Ibeanu criticised Trafigura for hydrogen sulphide in the waste
climbdown after three years of But dozens of damning internal One trader wrote, on 10 March potentially "stifling independent was only there in "potential"
bitterly contested legal battles. Trafigura emails have now come 2006: "I don't know how we reporting and public criticism" in form. It has never actually been
We are publishing them online to light. They reveal how London- dispose of the slops and I don't a report the oil traders tried and released. They said the emails
today. based company employers were imply we would dump them, but failed to prevent being published contained "crude and distasteful"
Martyn Day is a senior partner told in advance that their planned for sure, there must be some way in Geneva this week. language, but had been taken "out
at the British law firm Leigh Day, chemical operation, a cheap and to pay someone to take them." The report said Ibeanu "views of context" and should "not be
which has brought one of the dirty process called "caustic The resulting black, stinking, with great concern reports that the taken literally".
biggest group actions in legal washing", generated such slurry was eventually dumped company has filed or threatened They repeated denials that the
history, seeking damages of dangerous wastes it was widely around landfills in Abidjan, after to file lawsuits against various slops could have caused death or
£100m. He said today in Abidjan, outlawed. Trafigura paid an unqualified civil society and media
where he has been negotiating the Claude Dauphin, the managing local man to take it away in tanker institutions that have reported … HOW page 19
Internet News Record World/ Tech News/ 19
Israel rejects war crimes findings of UN Gaza continued from page 18
serious injury, and were highly

inquiry toxic. They denied lying about the

composition of the slops.
Trafigura says it is the world's
By Rory Carroll (World news team enter Israel or the occupied reaches the UN security council. and therefore an act of self- third-biggest private oil trader,
and comment from the West Bank. It said the UN human Other senior figures from the defence. Instead, it found the war and declared a $440m profit last
Guardian | r i g h t s c o u n c i l , w h i c h Israeli government are expected to w a s " a d e l i b e r a t e l y year. Its 200 traders are reported
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:00:07 AM commissioned the inquiry, was begin a round of telephone calls disproportionate attack designed to receive annual bonuses of up to
biased against Israel. w i t h m i n i s t e r s f r o m o t h e r to punish, humiliate and terrorise $1m each.
Prime minister Binyamin "The mandate was biased from governments, particularly the five a civilian population". Israeli • Ivory Coast
N e t a n y a h u ' s s p o k e s m a n the beginning and it would have p e r m a n e n t m e m b e r s o f t h e actions depriving Gazans of • Trafigura and the Probo Koala
denounces 'propaganda and bias' been a mistake to give credibility security council, to head off any m e a n s o f s u b s i s t e n c e , • Pollution
Israel refused to accept the to a mission that has more in decision that might lead to employment, housing and water, • Oil
findings of a highly critical UN common with a kangaroo court p r o s e c u t i o n s . T h e H a ' a r e t z and denying their freedom of • Oil
inquiry into the Gaza war and said than it does with a serious newspaper said priority calls m o v e m e n t " c o u l d l e a d a David Leigh
t o d a y i t w o u l d l a u n c h a investigation," Regev said. would go out to EU nations, in the competent court to find that the© Guardian
diplomatic offensive to prevent For its part, Hamas also rejected hope of influencing the debate at crime of persecution, a crime News & Media Limited 2009 |
any risk of prosecutions. the criticism. "The Palestinian the UN human rights council in against humanity, had been Use of this content is subject to
No independent inquiry into the p e o p l e a n d t h e P a l e s t i n i a n Geneva. committed", it said. our Terms & Conditions| More
military's conduct during the war resistance were in a position of The 575-page UN report said But the inquiry also condemned Feeds
last January would be held, a clear self-defence and not of attack. that Israeli military personnel Hamas. It said Palestinian rocket
r e j e c t i o n o f o n e p r i m a r y One cannot compare the simple should face "individual criminal a t t a c k s d i d n o t d i s t i n g u i s h
recommendation from the UN capabilities of the resistance with responsibility" for grave breaches between civilian and military
report. t h e g r e a t s t r e n g t h o f t h e of the laws of war. Although targets, caused terror among
The inquiry, headed by a former occupation," said Ismail Haniyeh, critical of both sides, it singled Israeli civilians and "would
South African judge, Richard a Hamas leader and former out Israel and its policy towards constitute war crimes and may At Last! First Real
Goldstone, delivered a detailed Palestinian prime minister. the Palestinians of Gaza for the a m o u n t t o c r i m e s a g a i n s t
and damning criticism of the war, After the inquiry was published most serious condemnation. It humanity". Gazan security forces Evidence for a Rocky
accusing both Israel and armed yesterday evening, a legal team accused Israeli troops of using – controlled by Hamas – carried Exoplanet
Palestinian groups, notably from Israel's foreign ministry met Palestinians as human shields, a out extrajudicial executions and
H a m a s , o f w a r c r i m e s a n d with other government officials to war crime, and said the long the arbitrary arrest, detention and By Hadley Legget (Wired Top
possible crimes against humanity. prepare an analysis of the UN Israeli economic blockade of ill-treatment of people, especially Stories)
It was by far the most serious report. Netanyahu reportedly held Gaza amounted to "collective political opponents. It also called Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:57:00 AM
international inquiry into the three meetings into the night on the punishment intentionally inflicted for the release of Gilad Shalit, an
-week war, which left 1,400 impact of the findings. by the government of Israel on the Israeli soldier held captive in There’s finally proof that Earth-
Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead Israel is concerned that, when people of the Gaza Strip". Gaza for more than three years. like planets can exist outside our
and which triggered a wave of the UN human rights council It recommended that the UN • Israel solar system: Scientists manage to
criticism across the world. discusses the report later this security council should require • Middle East measure the mass of exoplanet
"This report was conceived in month, it could agree to pass it to I s r a e l t o i n v e s t i g a t e t h e • Palestinian territories COROT-7b, revealing that it's the
sin and is the product of a union the UN security council. The allegations raised, and if it failed • Gaza first exoplanet with a confirmed
between propaganda and bias," security council could then decide to do so within six months the • United Nations density similar to ours.
said Mark Regev, spokesman for to pass the findings on to the case should be passed to the Rory Carroll
t h e I s r a e l i p r i m e m i n i s t e r , international criminal court, prosecutor of the international© Guardian
Binyamin Netanyahu. "Israel is a where arrest warrants could be criminal court. Each country that News & Media Limited 2009 |
c o u n t r y w i t h a f i e r c e l y issued ahead of prosecutions. is a high contracting party to the Use of this content is subject to
independent judiciary … Israel's deputy foreign minister, Geneva conventions had a duty to our Terms & Conditions| More
Everything done by the military in Danny Ayalon, who is on a visit search for and prosecute those Feeds
Israel is open to judicial review by to Washington, said he would responsible, it said.
the independent judiciary." meet the US ambassador to the The inquiry rejected Israel's
Israel had refused to co-operate UN, Susan Rice, to minimise the argument that the war was a
with the inquiry, not letting the impact of the report before it response to Palestinian rocket fire
20 World/ Gadgets/ Picture Internet News Record

Emissions target is unrealistic for China, says

By Jonathan Watts (World Dai – whose think tank works scale economic restructuring. world. We don't want this hat, but
news and comment from the under the government's powerful Dai said he thought it was we may have to wear it for many
Guardian | National Development and unlikely that the two most more years," he said.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:45:35 AM Reform Commission – blamed optimistic scenarios could be The Chinese state council is
rich nations for excessive achieved because of the huge cost currently debating a major new
China's emissions unlikely to fall consumption and for failing to of expanding solar and wind plan for renewable energy and
low enough because 2C target reach the targets set at Kyoto. power and capturing carbon. Even there is speculation that it will
'does not provide room for "Twenty percent of the world's under the least ambitious scenario also announce a carbon intensity Seagate's FreeAgent
developing countries' population takes 80% of wealth China would have to invest 89.9 target in its economic plan for the
Don't expect China to keep and emits 70% of greenhouse trillion yuan by 2050. first time, but they have yet to DockStar Network
global warming below 2C, a gases," he said. "I think two Professor He Jiankun, a co- show their hand ahead of Adapter Brings Access
senior government adviser warned degrees is a vision that is author and the former executive Copenhagen. To Your Files Courtesy
in Beijing today at the launch of difficult to fulfill because few vice president of Tsinghua President Hu Jintao is expected
an influential report on the countries have reached Kyoto University, said China faced huge to outline some measures at a of Pogoplug [Nas]
nation's prospects for low-carbon protocol targets, except the UK obstacles in moving to a low major United Nations summit on By Jason Chen (Gizmodo)
growth. and some others in the EU." carbon path because it was still in climate change next week.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:20:00 AM
Even in a best-case scenario Dai stressed that his comments the midst of development. "There Until now, Beijing has focused
with massive investment in solar are not official government are a huge number of cities to be its efforts on technological Remember Pogoplug, the device
e n e r g y a n d c a r b o n c a p t u r e policy, but they are consistent built. They will consume a large development. Dai said this was a that lets you take any USB disk
technology, Dai Yande, deputy with a hardening of positions amount of steel and cement. This hope, though it was a wild card. and make it accessible to
chief of the Energy Research ahead of the Copenhagen climate means that emissions will not be "Technological innovation is anywhere on the internet?
Institute, said China's emissions change summit in December. reduced for some time." hard to measure," he said. Seagate's just licensed that
were unlikely to fall low enough Dai was speaking at the launch He said the report was not "Nobody could imagine in the technology and put it into the
to remain below the temperature of the most influential study ever national policy, but it was a blue- 1960s that everyone would have a DockStar Network Adapter for
goal recommended by the G8 and carried out in China on the print for change. cellphone and internet access." their own DockStar hard drive.
European Union. possibility of the country moving The WWF signed the • Climate change The concept is the same: you
His prediction will alarm those toward a low carbon path of recommendations and Yang • Carbon emissions plug in the FreeAgent DockStar,
governments and scientists who development. Fuqiang, director of global • China from Seagate, and the Network
warn that a rise more than 2C The detailed study, which was climate solutions at the China • Energy Adapter will bring the drive
risks disastrous consequences in conducted by 10 institutions office of WWF, said developing • Solar power online for access from across the
terms of food security, migration, including universities and the nations were making a "heroic" • Carbon capture and storage internet (or just somewhere in
sea-level rises and extreme World Wildlife Fund, was built on effort to reduce carbon. He added (CCS) your own home network).
weather events. a preparatory study published last that governments in richer • Copenhagen climate change Seagate's solution also includes
"You should not target China to month. countries used the excuse of summit 2009 three extra USB ports to get three
fulfill the two degree target. That Under its most ambitious democracy to claim it was • Kyoto protocol other devices online as well, and
is just a vision. Reality has s c e n a r i o , C h i n a ' s o v e r a l l "politically impossible" to make • Climate change will be available for $100, which
deviated from that vision," said emissions would peak between bigger cuts. • Renewable energy includes a year of Pogoplug
Dai. "We do not think that target 2 0 3 0 a n d 2 0 3 5 , a s s u m i n g He said China would suffer Jonathan Watts service. Each subsequent year
provides room for developing generous financial assistance from more than any other country as a© Guardian costs $30 per year. [ Seagate]
countries." China argues that its r i c h n a t i o n s , t e c h n o l o g i c a l result of climate change, but it News & Media Limited 2009 |
priority must be economic growth transfer, changed consumer was unlikely to shift direction on Use of this content is subject to
to relieve poverty among its vast habits, enormous investment in emissions any time soon. our Terms & Conditions| More
population. renewable energies and large- "China emits most carbon in the Feeds
Temporary tattoos
By Zack Sheppard (Flickr Blog) Photos from mowabby, johnwmacdonald, hattie mahatma,
dreikelvin, smudo, darcitananda, xtrapop, and bethechange21.
Internet News Record World/ Tech/ Entertainment 21
Fox Paid $60k For Video
Preparations for new Afghan vote begin Footage Of Madoff On
A Yacht... And Still Gets
By Declan Walsh (World news statement. of the security problem of further remain committed to the election
and comment from the A senior western official told Taliban attacks, some areas will process," Aleem Siddiqui, a Sued For Copyright
Guardian | the Guardian that the Afghan be left out of the vote," the spokesman for the mission, said. Infringement
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:03:57 AM Independent Election Commission western official said. The row is thought to centre on
had "pencilled in" a run-off vote So far, 93% of votes have been the UN's public stance on fraud By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Second round will take place in for the third week of October, counted. The Independent allegations, with Galbraith Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:30:00 AM
five weeks if Hamid Karzai's despite earlier predictions that a Election Commission is expected favouring aggressive criticism
s h a r e o f v o t e i n d i s p u t e d fresh poll would be impossible to release a full preliminary tally while Eide advocates a "behind JJ sends in the news that Fox
presidential election drops below before the onset of the harsh later today,, but the UN-backed the scenes" approach. News apparently paid some guy
50% Afghan winter. Electoral Complaints Commission One UN insider said the $60,000 for some video footage
Afghan election officials have The IEC has ordered new (ECC), which adjudicates argument had divided opinion he took of Bernie Madoff on a
begun logistical preparations for a ballots from the UK and new disputes, has quarantined votes yacht in 2003 for use on Fox
inside the mission, reflecting a
s e c o n d r o u n d o f v o t i n g t o stocks of indelible ink, used to from 2,500 of the country's wider split over the poll. News and Fox Business, and the
determine the controversial stain voters' fingers, from Canada, 26,300 polling stations. guy is now suing Fox for more.
"There's a heated debate in lots
presidential election marred by the official, speaking on condition The ECC has already thrown Specifically, the guy licensed the
of embassies," the insider said.
allegations of large-scale rigging of anonymity, said, but an exact out votes from 83 stations – work for 45 days for $10,000.
"The difference is that ours has
in favour of Hamid Karzai, it date has not been set. mostly in areas in which Karzai come into the open." After that period ended and Fox
emerged today. A second vote could resolve a won, in some cases scoring 100% The debates in Kabul comewas still using the video, the guy
The second round will take tense dispute with Karzai's main of votes cast with a 100% turnout. sent a cease & desist, and Fox
against the backdrop of a war of
place in five weeks only if presidential rival, Abdullah European Union election paid him another $50,000 for a bit
words in Washington, where the
Karzai's share of the vote – which Abdullah, who claims the 20 observers say 27% of results over another month. Once that
top US military official, Admiral
currently stands at 54% – falls to August poll was rigged. Results published so far indicate fraud. ended, Fox was still using the
Mike Mullen, is fighting to win
less than 50%. so far give Abdullah 28% support. Despite the potential over senior Democrats who arevideo, and the guy sued,
With 10% of ballots currently But it would also be expensive difficulties, many see an demanding at least another
opposed to increasing US troop
under scrutiny, that scenario and dangerous, disinfranchising imperfect second round as deployment. $500,000. First of all... $60,000
appears increasingly likely. Afghan voters in remote snow- preferable to a long winter of for the use of a single video of
Three US soldiers died when
Karzai's team today dismissed bound provinces. perilous limbo. Bernie Madoff on a yacht for ~90
their vehicle hit a roadside bomb
EU claims of fraud, after Phillippe By the third week of October Alternatively, a second round in southern Afghanistan days of usage? Damn.
Morillon, head of the EU election parts of northern Badakhshan and could be averted if Karzai and But, separate from that, I would
yesterday, a Nato spokesman said.
monitoring mission, said 1.1 eastern Nuristan provinces are Abdullah were to strike a power- think that, even though it licensed
The deaths bring the number of
million of about 3 million votes likely to be inaccessible because sharing deal – but neither so far the video originally, Fox could
US fatalities in Afghanistan this
cast for Karzai were suspect. of heavy snowfall. appears inclined to compromise. month to 22. make a decent fair use argument,
"Hamid Karzai's election There would be a risk of further The fraud controversy has split • Afghanistan claiming that the video was for
campaign team believes today's Taliban violence – in the last the UN mission to Kabul, whose • Hamid Karzai reporting purposes. On top of that,
announcement of the number of round, a small number of voters American deputy head, Peter Declan Walsh the guy is demanding to know
suspected votes by the head and had their fingers chopped off after Galbraith, has left for New York© Guardian how much ad revenue Fox
deputy head of EU Election casting their ballot. following a dispute with his News & Media Limited 2009 | brought in from certain
Monitoring commission is partial, The authorities would also have Norwegian boss, Kai Eide. advertisers, as if the video alone
Use of this content is subject to
irresponsible and in contradiction to recruit new staff in areas with a "In any hotly-contested election, our Terms & Conditions| More drove the ad revenue. Still, it
with Afghanistan's constitution," history of proven vote-rigging. there are bound to be differences Feeds seems odd that Fox would license
his campaign office said in a "It could be a nightmare. On top of opinion. But Peter and Kai video for news purposes for a
limited time only. Does anyone
Oprah Winfrey Reflects on Her Interview with Michael Jackson really think it's still possible to put
video online for just a limited
(ETonline - Breaking News) her time spent on Neverland interview with Jackson. to be and as forthcoming as he time?
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:45:00 AM Ranch when she interviewed the The talk show host also referred wanted to be," Oprah reflected. Permalink| Comments| Email
King of Pop in 1993. to the music icon as "very likable. This Story
Oprah Winfrey referred to "I sensed from him how lonely it After this interview, I really
Michael Jackson as "profoundly is. ... How lonely it is at the top," thought I could be his friend. ...
lonely" as she reminisced about Oprah said while watching her He was as honest as he knew how
22 World/ Finance/ Internet News Record

Police release man in Yale murder Can Best Buy revenue

investigation soon match huge gains in
By Daniel Nasaw, Matthew
Weaver (World news and
comment from the Guardian |
person of interest, not a suspect.
In a case that has horrified one
of America's most prestigious
Clark's home on Monday, a day
after they discovered Le's body
hidden in a basement wall of a
market share?
By Brian White universities, the bloodied, battered facility at Yale's medical school (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:04:46 AM body of the 24-year-old that housed research animals. She Submitted at 9/16/2009 1:00:00 PM
pharmacology student was was last seen on 8 September.
Raymond Clark had been taken discovered crammed in a utility Clark moved to Middletown six Filed under: Competitive
into custody in connection with shaft in a heavily-secured research months ago from New Haven strategy, Best Buy (BBY)
the death of graduate student building on the campus on the day where he shared an apartment Best Buy Inc.(NYSE: BBY) has
Annie Le she was to be married. Lewis said with his girlfriend and three cats, been the subject of media
Police in the US have released a police were hoping to compare according to a former neighbour. speculation since the first quarter
laboratory technician who was DNA taken from Clark's hair, Authorities had been tight- implosion of now-defunct retailer
earlier taken into custody in fingernails and saliva with more lipped since Le was reported Circuit City. Billions of consumer Wal-Mart Stores Inc.(NYSE:
connection with the murder of the than 150 pieces of evidence missing last week, saying only electronics revenue dollars needed WMT), where customers have
Yale University graduate student collected from the crime scene. that they have ruled out as a to go somewhere, after all. Based been taking refuge from the
Annie Le, whose body was found That evidence may also be suspect her fiance, a Columbia on Best Buy's most recent economic storm in the U.S. since
on Sunday. compared with DNA samples University graduate student. quarterly results, revenue dollars last fall. Can Wal-Mart really
Raymond Clark was led away in given voluntarily from other Officials were to release an aren't just spilling into its coffers, compete head-to-head for
handcuffs from his home in people with access to the crime autopsy report but prosecutors even as the default market share dedicated consumer electronics
Middletown, Connecticut to the scene. blocked this out of concern that it gain from Circuit City went nuts customers once the money fog
cheers of neighbours. Clark was "We're going to narrow this could hinder the investigation. last quarter. Will it continue? lifts as it is starting to do?
taken into custody while police down," Lewis said. "We're going • United States All indications point to yes. Continue reading Can Best Buy
searched for evidence in his to do this as quickly as we can." Daniel Nasaw Matthew Weaver Best Buy is the lone nationwide revenue soon match huge gains in
apartment, and was released Police have collected more than© Guardian big-box consumer electronics market share?
without charge early this morning. 700 hours of videotape during the News & Media Limited 2009 | retailer that is making all kinds of Can Best Buy revenue soon
Le worked for a Yale laboratory investigation and sifted through Use of this content is subject to cutting-edge moves to remain match huge gains in market
that conducted experiments on computer records documenting our Terms & Conditions| More relevant as its products and share? originally appeared on
mice. Clark works in the same who entered what parts of the Feeds customers change. The theory BloggingStocks on Wed, 16 Sep
lab. research building where Le was around Best Buy's revenue drop in 2009 13:00:00 EST. Please see
James Lewis, New Haven's found dead. the last two quarters centers on our terms for use of feeds.
police chief, described Clark as a Investigators began staking out more consumer electronics Permalink| Email this| Comments
business going to mass retailer

Chrysler releases five-year plan

By Mark Fightmaster plan for the automaker( Wall reporter in the U.S. hopefully by Chrysler releases five-year plan
(BloggingStocks) Street Journal, subscription the end of 2009. ... You will see originally appeared on
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:40:00 AM required). Marchionne believes numbers like you see for everyone BloggingStocks on Wed, 16 Sep
the restructuring will be slow else." One can only assume that 2009 11:40:00 EST. Please see
F i l e d u n d e r : F o r e c a s t s , initially, but should improve this is one of the "whole pile of our terms for use of feeds.
C o n s u m e r e x p e r i e n c e , "significantly" next year. surprises" Marchionne promised Permalink| Email this| Comments
Competitive strategy, Columns We should receive the plan by back in June when Fiat took over
On Wednesday, Chrysler CEO t h e e n d o f N o v e m b e r , a n d Chrysler.
Sergio Marchionne announced Chrysler will start reporting its year. Marchionne stated, "We are Continue reading Chrysler
that he has designed a five-year quarterly results by the end of the going to become a normal releases five-year plan
Internet News Record Finance/ Economy/ Tech/ 23
Ask TUAW: Making
Credit card defaults are up -- is Retail sales hint at jobless contact sheets, adjusting
the consumer maxed out? recovery multiple files' properties,
using network locations,
By Connie Madon By Tom Johansmeyer
(BloggingStocks) (BloggingStocks) and more
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:00:00 PM
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:20:00 PM By Mat Lu (The Unofficial
Filed under: Good news, Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Filed under: Forecasts,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:30:00 AM
Consumer experience, Economic Industry, Economic data
data, Personal finance, Small Retail sales gained a seasonally- Filed under: Features,
business, Financial Crisis adjusted 2.7% in August, Troubleshooting, Ask TUAW
It's clear that we are in the midst according to the U.S. Department Welcome back to Ask TUAW,
of a credit bubble that has burst. of Commerce. This follows a our weekly Mac troubleshooting
The fallout is being felt 0.2% decline in July. The August Q&A column. This week we've
throughout the economy but is results beat analyst expectations got questions about making photo
Co.(NYSE: JPM) at 8.76%, up soundly, lending support to talk of
most prominent in credit card from 7.92%. contact sheets, adjusting
defaults, which are rising and will a recovery. The Cash for Clunkers properties for multiple files at the
Continue reading Credit card program is cited as contributing to
continue to rise, according the defaults are up -- is the consumer August sales. same time in the Finder,
leading analysts. maxed out? automatically managing settings
Two of the biggest credit card Without autos, sales increased based on location, changing the
Credit card defaults are up -- is 1 . 1 % , s t i l l a h e a d o f t h e Continue reading Retail sales
issuers are getting clobbered. t h e c o n s u m e r m a x e d o u t ? anticipated 0.4% gain. Take gas spell check language in iWork
Bank of America(NYSE: BAC) hint at jobless recovery and more.
o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n out of the measure, as well, and Retail sales hint at jobless
saw its defaults rise to 14.54% in BloggingStocks on Wed, 16 Sep retail sales grew 0.6%. As always, your suggestions and
August from 13.81% in July. recovery originally appeared on questions are welcome. Questions
2009 12:20:00 EST. Please see Inventories fell in July, for the BloggingStocks on Wed, 16 Sep
Citigroup(NYSE: C) saw defaults our terms for use of feeds. twelfth month in a row, with the for next week should be left in the
rise to 12.14% in August from 2009 12:00:00 EST. Please see comments. When asking a
Permalink| Email this| Comments 1% decline a tad higher than the our terms for use of feeds.
10.03% in July. Following close question please include which
behind was JPMorgan Chase & 0.9% anticipated by many Permalink| Email this| Comments machine you're running and
economists. which version of Mac OS X(we'll
assume you're running Leopard
Lessons from the Fall of Lehman on an Intel Mac if you don't
specify). And now, on to the
(Financial Sector and Stocks • First, the fall of Lehman cut out for us. The major items on government will prevent these
Analysis from Seeking Alpha) Brothers was the moment that the our to do list include: firms from failing in the future. Continue reading Ask TUAW:
Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:31:18 AM abstract threat of “systemic risk” (1) Taking steps to avoid such (3) Disentangling the Making contact sheets, adjusting
became tangible to many policy enormous shocks in the future government from private firms, so multiple files' properties, using
As you have undoubtedly makers and the public. As we (e.g., by increasing capital that it can again act as a referee, network locations, and more
noticed, this week marks the one- progressed from propping up Bear requirements and reducing not as a player. That will take TUAW Ask TUAW: Making
year anniversary of the fall of Stearns to taking over Fannie Mae allowed leverage for financial time given the enormous contact sheets, adjusting multiple
Lehman Brothers–the moment at ( FNM) and Freddie Mac ( FRE), firms). investment portfolio that the files' properties, using network
which the financial crisis became many observers began to suffer (2) Fixing the problem of too-big government has amassed in locations, and more originally
a severe economic crisis. from policy fatigue, and, in some -to-fail (or, if you prefer, too- financial firms and the auto appeared on The Unofficial Apple
I did an interview on Fox circles, there was concern that the interconnected-to-fail). companies. It is heartening, Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 16 Sep
Business on Tuesday to discuss scale of the government actions Unfortunately, this problem has however, that even Citigroup is 2009 10:30:00 EST. Please see
some of the lessons learned. (My might be disproportionate to the worsened, in many ways, since beginning to ponder how to raise our terms for use of feeds.
wife’s comment on the interview: alleged, but little-seen, risk of a the crisis began. Some gigantic outside capital and reduce the Read| Permalink| Email this|
“You need to straighten your systemic crisis. That changed firms have grown even larger. government stake. Comments
collar next time.”) when Lehman fell, and the And the necessary interventions to
Going in, I had two basic points dominoes started toppling. prop up the financial sector have
I wanted to make: • Second, we still have our work reinforced the idea that the
24 Economy/ Fashion Internet News Record

Kingdom come
(The Economist: News government have deteriorated Buganda caucus is a substantial the lands bill coupled with an an astute political operator and it
analysis) badly during the past year over force in parliament. However, increase in public funds directed would be folly to write him off.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 3:25:18 AM differences on a proposed lands with the memory of suppression towards the kingdom's dilapidated He has presided over 20 years of
bill. The kingdom views the bill under previous regimes fading-- infrastructure. stability and uninterrupted
Sep 16th 2009 as a government scheme to gain Mr Museveni has ruled for 23 Running for election in 2011 is economic growth, an immense
From the Economist control over its land resources years--and with the allocation of looking like an increasingly achievement for a country
Intelligence Unit ViewsWire while the administration argues senior government positions (at daunting prospect for Mr emerging from years of misrule in
Uganda's president faces serious that it will simply improve land some stage the prime minister, Museveni, who has become the 1980s. Some of the posturing
opposition from a region that was security. vice-president and finance accustomed to winning fairly from Buganda would die down if
once the bedrock of his support The confrontation acquired minister have all been Baganda) easily. The battle with Buganda they were given assurances about
The Ugandan president, Yoweri fresh impetus in August, when the insufficient to appease hard-line will remain the epicentre of control over their land and
Museveni, who has held power king repeated calls for the Buganda nationalists pressing for opposition to an extension of his persuaded that a re-elected NRM
since 1986, is facing serious reintroduction of "federo"--a quasi more autonomy, a showdown is rule, but other factors add to his government would direct more
opposition from a region that was -federal system of government looming. Valuable voting block troubles. The discovery of large resources towards them,
previously the bedrock of his that existed before the kingdoms The fracture is growing in oil reserves in the kingdom of something Mr Museveni has the
support. were abolished in 1966. This significance as elections are only Bunyoro (discovered oil reserves ability to do given that oil revenue
A row with the Buganda region would give the kingdom the 18 months away and the Baganda are estimated at 2bn barrels, with will be coming on stream during
over aspirations of self- ability to raise its own resources, people are the most valuable less than one-third of the oil the next presidential term. If the
government boiled over in mid- tax its subjects and reduce its voting block in the country. The region explored) raised the spectre Baganda are not persuaded by
September. At least 15 people reliance on the central political atmosphere has become of further ethnic unrest in August, this, Mr Museveni has total
died and hundreds were arrested government, but is not generally increasingly febrile, with anti- as representatives called for the control of the Ugandan army and
during two days of rioting sparked popular outside Buganda. Thus, government sentiment fed by return of land expropriated under a Presidential Guard which is
when police stopped the Buganda while the riots were partly a show Baganda-owned local radio colonial rule and the reservation effectively his own personal
king, Ronald Mutebi, from of Buganda force, they were also stations. Otherwise ineffectual of political positions. Opposition army, while he has strengthened
attending a rally in the Kayunga borne out of fear of the opposition politicians, eager to politicians branded Mr Museveni his grip on the police force. The
district, an area where the Banyala secessionist desires of districts find a vehicle to tap anti- a tribalist when his preference for opposition parties remain
ethnic group is seeking to secede such as Kayunga, which would government public sentiment, a compromise--involving ring- fragmented and their ability to
from the Buganda kingdom. The diminish the kingdom's influence have allied themselves with the fencing top political positions for harness the full backing of the
violence reflects an increasingly and reduce its overall power if Buganda cause. Meanwhile the ethnic Banyoro--was leaked. Buganda authorities to pose a
fraught struggle between the federo was restored. president is reluctant to cede Adding to his troubles are famine serious threat will recede as long
Buganda authorities and the These events represent a large anything, aware that to do so conditions in the north and west, as cross-party bickering over
Ugandan government over access reversal in popularity for the would make him look weak at a where his inability to bring a final positions continues. Mr Museveni
to land and its concomitant power. Ugandan president, Yoweri time when he is already under end to the brutal Lords' Resistance therefore remains the favourite for
Of Uganda's four historical Museveni, who has previously pressure from potential successors Army detracts from any other the 2011 election, but much will
kingdoms which were restored in enjoyed the strong backing of the in the NRM. Following the riots achievements there. The high depend on his ability to mollify
1993, Buganda is by far the most country's largest ethnic group. He the government shut down four food inflation of the past two the Buganda in what will be a
popular among its subjects and, came to power with the help of local radio stations supportive of years has led to deterioration in contentious, and perhaps bloody,
from the ruling party's viewpoint, Baganda peasants that had the Buganda cause, while Mr living standards for most process.
the most dangerous threat to the suffered during the Amin and Museveni summoned Baganda Ugandans, and the combination of Back to top ^^ Readers'
National Resistance Movement Obote regimes, and he shored up legislators to State House and increasing urbanisation, youthful comments
(NRM)'s political hegemony. The this support by granting the wish called on the king to avoid population and lack of jobs is The Economist welcomes your
kingdom has a constitutional of traditionalists for the return of a meddling in politics. However, it creating urban conditions views.
monarchy, a local parliament, monarchy to the Buganda is likely that Mr Museveni will conducive to civil unrest and open
regional assemblies and, crucially, kingdom in 1993. Since then, make more concessions to to exploitation by opposition
about 17% of the Ugandan most Baganda have cast their vote appease the Baganda, possibly parties. Fighting back?
population. Relations with the for the NRM, and the party's involving some watering-down of Nevertheless, Mr Museveni is
One More Thing...
By blogeditor1 (Material André Balazs, the face of STAFF Photo: Courtesy of Brioni
Interest on Brioni's Fall 2009 campaign.
Internet News Record Economy/ Entertainment 25

Business.view: The age of hostility

(The Economist: Daily confident that even if recovery Shivdasani and Gavriel staggered boards (33%). bosses they employ. That is why
columns) may be slow the worst is over for Kimyagarov, notes that there has In the aftermath of the economic most companies are likely to
Submitted at 9/15/2009 2:56:07 AM the economy and that credit is been a sharp reduction in the crisis, low share prices make lots remain relatively defenceless, and
becoming available. Share prices, protections that managers can use of firms look more attractive as Kraft’s bid for Cadbury will be
Business.view though off their lows, look cheap to resist a hostile bid. In the 1990s targets than they have been for but one of many in this coming
Sep 15th 2009 by historic standards. These are there had been a dramatic increase many years, while the removal of era of hostility.
From The new ideal conditions for a new merger in the adoption by firms of so- defences makes it increasingly It remains to be seen whether
merger wave may bring more wave to form. called “poison pills” that could hard to resist a hostile offer. That this wave of hostile bids will turn
hostile takeovers than ever Yet compared with previous take effect in the event of a hostile is why the Citigroup report argues out any better than those in the
THE battle for Cadbury is waves, the conditions are also far bid, such as the ability of the firm that firms should try harder to 1980s. Many of them ended up in
already turning nasty. One week more favourable for hostile to issue vast amounts of shares to make themselves less attractive as bankruptcy, although their overall
after Kraft, an American food bids—perhaps on a scale not seen friendly investors, thereby greatly targets by, say, doing the sort of effect was to make the economy
conglomerate, made an since, or even surpassing, the reducing the value of shares restructuring that an acquirer more efficient, as relatively
unsolicited bid for it, the British 1980s. That was when such deals, already bought by the bidder and might do, or even reintroducing unproductive firms were taken
confectioner hit back on often accompanied by predictions making the price of buying a shareholder defences. over and reorganised.
September 12th. Roger Carr, of cutting jobs to boost profits, controlling stake prohibitively Various academic studies have One big positive difference this
Cadbury’s chairman, wrote an earned themselves such a bad high. Likewise, many firms found that anti-takeover defences time, though, is that hostile bids
open letter in which he described name that a concerted attempt was adopted “staggered boards” in seem to pay. The premium of the are more likely to be driven by a
the bid as an “unappealing made to abolish them even in free which only some directors (say, purchase price over the share clear business strategy (such as
prospect” that would serve only to -market America. one-third of the board) were up price before the bid is higher on Kraft’s attempt to buy Cadbury to
lock the chocolate-maker into It came close to succeeding, and for re-election in any given year, average when the target has a plug its products into the Kraft
Kraft’s “low growth, hostile takeovers became as rare making it a long and expensive poison pill or staggered board distribution system) than by the
conglomerate business”. Kraft in the 1990s as an underpaid chief process for shareholders to vote in than when it does not. Having an ready availability of debt to
says it is pressing on regardless. It executive. Indeed, as recently as a board favourably inclined to a anti-takeover defence can allow “financial” buyers. Although
is expected to have to improve its 2002, worldwide there were only bidder. managers to extract a higher price credit markets are reopening, they
terms to win over Cadbury’s 15 hostile bids of $500m or more. However, shareholder activists from a bidder. are not yet ready to lend heavily
shareholders. Officially, Kraft’s That number increased from the have in recent years had great This data is likely to be to private-equity firms. This
offer is friendly. Irene Rosenfeld, middle of this decade to a high of success in getting poison pills and mentioned at every opportunity by should mean that there is no
its chief executive, says she looks 81 in 2006, before plunging along other defences against hostile company bosses as they now try immediate repeat of the leveraged
forward to “constructive with all other M&A activity takeovers removed. Proposals to to restore their defences. buy-out hostile bids of the 1980s,
dialogue” with Cadbury. But in (except shotgun marriages of scrap poison pills became a However, it will be surprising if many of which were disastrous
reality the moment Kraft made troubled banks) during the regular feature on annual proxy they convince many shareholders, and gave the whole business of
public its rejected offer, the bid economic crisis. This year, as of votes, often garnering the support as they were mostly already aware takeovers and mergers a bad
became hostile. In this respect, it the end of July, there had been 21 of enough shareholders to make a of the data when they voted to name.
may mark the start of a trend. hostile bids. difference. According to the remove poison pills and staggered Back to top ^^ Readers'
Kraft’s offer for Cadbury is one There are two main reasons Citigroup report, in 2002 some boards. Rather than placing their comments
of several recent signs that life is why, in the words of a new report 300 of the companies in the S&P faith in controversial statistical The Economist welcomes your
returning to the mergers and by the financial-strategy team at 500 index—in other words, 60% analysis, they preferred a system views.
acquisitions (M&A) business. Citigroup, “hostile M&A is of them—had a poison pill, and that made sense to them as
Executives and investment poised to surge”. The report, 302 had a staggered board. As of owners, by allowing them to sell
bankers have returned from their “M&A: Hostility on the Horizon”, July 31st 2009 this had fallen to their firm to a bidder without fear
summer holidays in better spirits, by Carsten Stendevad, Anil 94 poison pills (19%) and 164 of the sale being sabotaged by the
Jon Gosselin Gets Dropped By Divorce Lawyer
(ETonline - Breaking News) messier, with Jon's divorce lawyer Charles J. Meyer filed a petition couple filed the divorce papers in
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:51:00 AM reportedly bailing out on the case. in Montgomery County, Pa. to June of this year.
According to a Fox News withdraw himself as the counsel
The divorce proceedings for Jon affiliate in Philadelphia, Pa., local for the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad.
and Kate Gosselin just got a little court papers show that attorney Meyer represented Jon when the
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War crimes in Gaza: Crimes of war

(The Economist: News international legal action not only Israel conducted the military on the credibility of the whole 575 In its formal reaction, Israel
analysis) against Israel, but also against operations,” the Goldstone -page report. Israel refused to co- declares itself “appalled” at the
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:01:10 AM Hamas, for war crimes and mission concludes. It accuses operate with the mission report. Officials say privately they
possible crimes against humanity. Israel of “indiscriminate attacks” (although individual Israelis did had expected a tough document
War crimes in Gaza It has recommended that the that resulted in civilian deaths and testify), noting that the UN accusing the army of a
Sep 16th 2009 | JERUSALEM findings are handed to the injuries, and also, on several Human Rights Council, which disproportionate response to the
From A UN prosecutor of the International occasions, of deliberately established it, has a long record of years of incessant but largely
mission concludes that war crimes Criminal Court (ICC) in The targeting civilians. egregious bias against the Jewish ineffective firing of rockets and
were committed in Gaza Hague and also urged the UN It also concluded, among other state. In correspondence with mortars from Gaza into Israel.
ISRAEL is reeling from the Security Council and, separately, findings, that 240 Palestinian Justice Goldstone, Israel noted They were shocked, they said,
accusations of a UN fact-finding the General Assembly, to ensure policemen were killed unlawfully, pointedly that other eminent that the mission accused Israel of
mission that it deliberately sowed that those responsible for the 99 of them in bombings on the jurists had declined to serve on deliberately targeting the
death and destruction among crimes are brought to justice. In first day of the operation, even the mission because of its Palestinian civilian population.
civilians in the Gaza Strip during particular the mission would like though some of them may have provenance. The prime minister, Binyamin
a three-week military operation to see the Security Council set up been Hamas fighters. The Israel’s government argues, too, Netanyahu, has given orders for a
ending in January. a committee of experts to monitor bombing of public buildings, that one of the mission’s four diplomatic campaign to discredit
The mission was chaired by a w h e t h e r I s r a e l a n d H a m a s including the parliament and the members, Professor Christine the report and counter the
respected South African judge, conducts domestic investigations main prison, was found to be Chinkin of the London School of mission’s effort to have Israelis
Richard Goldstone and published and, if so, to see how thorough unlawful. Israel’s warnings to Economics, had expressed charged with war crimes.
its report on Tuesday September these are. It also urges that, if the civilians to flee targeted areas “prejudgmental assertions, The Israelis dismiss the
15th. It concludes that “While the experts are not satisfied, the were described as inadequate. The including that ‘the rocket attacks mission’s ostensible
Israeli government has sought to Security Council should refer the report notes that the mission on Israel by Hamas do not amount evenhandedness in recommending
portray its operation as essentially matter to the ICC prosecutor. found no evidence of the to an armed attack entitling Israel that the Palestinians, too, be held
a response to rocket attacks in The death toll in Israel’s Palestinians firing from mosques, to rely on self-defence’.” The to account for firing rockets at
exercise of its right to self- “Operation Cast Lead”, between hospitals or UN facilities, other two mission members are Israeli civilians and for acts of
defence, the Mission considers the December 27th and January 18th, although “this might have Hina Jilani, a Pakistani jurist and brutality and repression against
plan to have been directed, at least i s p u t a t a r o u n d 1 , 4 0 0 b y occurred”. The mission also Desmond Travers, a retired Irish their own people. In the prevailing
in part, at a different target: the Palestinian sources and non- concludes that “It may be that the army officer. atmosphere at the UN, they say,
people of Gaza as a whole.” governmental aid agencies. Israel Palestinian combatants did not at Justice Goldstone, who was a this will remain a dead letter
The purpose, the mission added, estimates the toll at 1,166. Three all times adequately distinguish prosecutor at the international while the recommendations
w a s “ p u n i s h i n g t h e G a z a Israeli civilians were killed by themselves from the civilian criminal tribunals for Yugoslavia against Israel will be assiduously
population for its resilience and rocket fire into Israel, and ten population.” In addition it and Rwanda, insists that his followed up.
for its apparent support for soldiers were killed during the concluded that repression within mission had “unbiased and even- Back to top ^^ Readers'
Hamas”. It held that Israel’s fighting, four of them by “friendly Israel fosters “a political climate handed terms of reference” and comments
partial blockade of the Gaza Strip fire”. in which dissent with the functioned as a “completely The Economist welcomes your
since Hamas took power there “The data provided by non- government and its actions in the independent body.” Israeli views.
t h r e e - a n d - a - h a l f y e a r s a g o governmental sources with regard Occupied Territories is not officials wondered privately
a m o u n t e d t o c o l l e c t i v e to the percentage of civilians tolerated.” yesterday whether he had set the
punishment and violated the among those killed are generally Israeli officials argue that the tone of the report, or was swept
Geneva Conventions. consistent and raise very serious last two points are so patently along by other mission members
The mission recommends concerns with regard to the way biased that they ought to reflect and staffers.
reQall Connects to Evernote for Pro Users [Evernote]
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) reQall and Evernote, can be Weekend Plans to Adam" note a science. The link, however,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:00:00 AM linked together in reQall's iPhone pulls up anything youv'e tagged requires a $24.99 per year pro
app. Hit "Related Items" on any Adam, Weekend, or Plans from account to use. [ Webware -
Rafe Needleman at CNET reQall item, and if you've got the your Evernote database, which is CNET]
discovers that two great remember Evernote app installed, reQall will all kinds of helpful for those who
-everything-always services, show you any items with similar tags or text. So hitting the "Send have their tagging system down to
Internet News Record Economy/ Tech/ Sports 27

Will Regulation Hobble Capitalism? Alumnus Sues NYU

(Financial Sector and Stocks steel producer, and a giant pond because unlike the sludge pond Put in other terms, I will look
Analysis from Seeking Alpha) of toxic sludge. behind the steel mill, they are not for businesses and strategies that Over Logo That The
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:03:48 AM Fortunately, we’ve learned a visible until they finally hit. produce the highest level of costs School Asked Her To
thing or two about toxic sludge in Indeed, they are not even that I can slough off, that will be
Will regulation hobble steel production. The steel deterministic. They might hit or unrecognized by others. Is this the Design
capitalism? I think the opposite is producer, in this case the original they might not – so what we have direction Wall Street has By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
true. Properly done – and I think parent of the Geneva plant, U.S. in financial markets is invisible gravitated? Are the exposures of Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:52:00 AM
most of the financial regulation Steel ( X), has to set aside a fund and probabilistic toxic sludge. traders and banks biased toward
that is envisioned fits into this to pay for the clean-up. The Which makes sludge-producing taking credit risk, being short I'm trying to understand where
camp – government regulation of sludge is part of the production strategies all the more popular liquidity risk, and short gamma? the legal issue is here, but a
the financial industry will move process, and the clean-up is a cost with banks and traders, because if Do they prefer the complex to the "freelance artist" and alumnus of
the industry closer to the capitalist of production, even though it is a you can do things where you simple? Do they push leverage as NYU is apparently suing the
ideal. By capitalism, I mean cost that is not realized until many don’t have to bear some of the far as regulation allows? school because it used the bobcat
where those who take the risks years down the road. As a result, costs, the odds are better you will Regulation and capitalism mascot she designed. But here's
and put up the money get the steel costs are little higher and the turn an apparent profit. Regulation that exposes these the thing: she designed it while
fruits of their labor. And, shareholders fare a little worse The limited liability assault on costs and forces the trader or bank she was employed by the school's
importantly, where those who than if this longer-term expense capitalism to absorb them makes the markets athletic director. In this case, she
take the risks and put up the were not forced onto the The banks and trading firms more true to capitalist ideals. was just an equipment room clerk,
money actually do take the risks, producers. The regulation that don’t have to bear these costs Capitalist regulation forces the but the associate director (a
bearing the full costs of failure as requires setting aside funds for the because of the widespread use of producers to recognize all of their superior) asked her to create the
well as success. clean up might be considered limited liability. Limited liability costs. It undoes the harm to mascot. And then the school used
Capitalism means bearing the intrusive to the core values of creates a ‘heads I win tails you capitalism that comes from it. How is that possibly a
costs capitalism. But it is the contrary. lose’ relationship. The template limited liability and its kissing copyright violation? She was
I sometimes miss the rugged It is forcing the steel mills to for limited liability is the cousins, the trader’s option and employed by the school. Her boss
beauty of Utah, where I spent recognize all of their costs rather corporation, a template that has short term compensation deals. asked her to do some work for the
some of my pre-Wall Street years. than leave society to foot part of been copied to create the trader’s The flip side is that with capitalist school. She did it. I'm having
From my house on the foothills of their bill. option and short-term regulation, no one can take on trouble understanding where
the Wasatch mountains, I could Wall Street’s Toxic Sludge compensation, paid out before the more risk than they are capable of there's a copyright violation.
see the cliffs of Mount Nebo to Wall Street has its own forms of full costs of a product or strategy absorbing. Which means requiring Permalink| Comments| Email
the south, nearly fifty miles away. toxic sludge, longer-term costs are manifest. higher levels of capital on the one This Story
Ten miles north, the western face and negative externalities from If I want to get the most value hand, restricting leverage on the
of Mt. Timpanogas, capped with products and strategies: The out of limited liability, I will other, which in turn means
snow into early summer. To the increase in the risk of crisis that gravitate toward fat tailed and reduced capacity to generate high
west, the sun reflecting on Utah. comes from the opacity of complex businesses, where most returns.
Oh, and on the eastern shore of complex derivatives; the fat tail of the time I pump money out The aspiring capitalists among Benches clear as brawl
the lake, the black smoke risk of positions that are short with regularity, but face some us will decry such regulation
billowing out the stacks of credit or liquidity; negative prospect of a catastrophic loss. because it invariably makes our mars Jays' rout of Yanks
Geneva Steel. gamma trading strategies, How catastrophic? The bigger, the lives harder; we can’t make as By Associated Press
Geneva Steel was built to strategies that in various guises better. It doesn’t matter to me much money. But if the reason is (
produce steel during the war are like naked call writing, how bad things get once they have that the regulation is now forcing Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:07:48 AM
effort, and kept in operation until making money most of the time, passed my liability limit. And the us to bear all of the costs of our
seven years ago. It teetered at the but on occasion failing larger that catastrophic case, the enterprise, then we are feeling the Did you attend this game? If so,
edge – and at least two times over spectacularly; the forced more costs I am passing on, and pain of having the socialist start chronicling your sports
the edge – of bankruptcy, closing deleveraging and liquidity crises thus if a general risk-return trappings removed, and entering memories today with ESPN's
for good in 2002. Left behind that come from high leverage. relationship holds, the more return into a more robust capitalist Sports Passport. Enter the games
were assorted furnaces, presses These costs are easy for the I will get as long as the regime. you attend, upload your photos
and scrap metal sold to a Chinese Wall Street capitalist to ignore, catastrophe is kept at bay. and share your memories!
I was there »
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Venezuela's foreign policy: Friends in low places

(The Economist: News courted condemnation by inviting to Russia. Mr Chávez, a former seven military bases in the
analysis) Sudan’s pariah president, Omar al lieutenant-colonel in Venezuela’s country.
Submitted at 9/15/2009 3:45:29 AM -Bashir, to Caracas, and breezily army, says these weapons will Undaunted, he continues to
announced a nuclear co-operation make it “very difficult for foreign pursue “greater world leadership”.
Venezuela's foreign policy deal with Mahmoud aircraft to come and bomb us”. If attention is what he is seeking,
Sep 15th 2009 | CARACAS Ahmadinejad, Iran's president. Having already spent at least $4.4 he finally seems to have got it. Use Bing Visual Search
From Hugo Since the latter revelation was billion on Russian weapons, he Last week Robert Morgenthau, a to Browse iPhone
Chavez dreams of forging a new made to Le Figaro, a French has now secured an additional veteran New York district
world order newspaper, it fell to the French $2.2 billion credit-line from that attorney, gave warning that Applications [Search]
THE mountains and jungles of foreign ministry to issue a curt country to lavish on more military Venezuela’s alliance with Iran By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
South America are not ideal reminder of UN Security Council hardware. Three submarines are was a threat to American interests. Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:00:00 AM
terrain for tank warfare. So it is resolution 1737. This explicitly among other possible purchases, Bank accounts in Andorra
hard to envisage what role forbids the export by Iran of press reports say. supposedly belonging to Microsoft's Visual Search tool,
Venezuela’s president, Hugo material from its controversial In pursuit of his goal to “break individuals close to Mr Chávez introduced earlier this week, turns
Chávez, has in mind for the nuclear programme, which Mr North American imperialist have been frozen, reportedly out to be a pretty helpful platform
dozens of Russian tanks on his Chávez supports. hegemony”, the Venezuelan because of the American Treasury for browsing free and paid iPhone
latest military shopping list. The The trip did much to bolster Mr president has deployed to the full Department’s suspicions of links applications. It's a trade-off: you
strategic purpose of a recent tour Chávez’s well-earned reputation his prime asset—the country’s oil to terrorism. won't have to fire up iTunes, but
that took him to some of the for outrageous statements. But reserves. Thus Iran was promised Mr Chávez is determined to you will have to install
world’s least salubrious regimes there is method to his madness. 20,000 barrels of petrol a day, in play in the big leagues. His Silverlight.
is, however, easier to discern. And The foreign-policy section of potential defiance of sanctions avowed calculation is that by Reader Anunay writes in with
it led America’s State Department Venezuela’s “First Socialist advocated by America and despite helping to stir up trouble for the link to turn Bing into a robust
to give warning on Monday Plan—2007-2013” (dubbed the Venezuela’s current problems America in many places search for iPhone apps. From left-
September 14th of a “serious “ S i m ó n B o l í v a r N a t i o n a l supplying its own markets with simultaneously, he can bring hand links, you can narrow your
challenge to stability” in the Project”) assigns an “integral fuel. Russia’s national oil about the collapse of “the search by broad categories,
region. political alliance” with Iran, Syria, consortium was also assigned a empire”. The regimes he is so specific prices, publishers, or
Venezuela’s increasingly Belarus and Russia the highest patch of the Orinoco heavy oil assiduously cultivating are, by other criteria. Hovering over an
autocratic leader returned on p r i o r i t y o u t s i d e t h e L a t i n belt. this account, the nucleus of a new app icon gives you ranking,
Friday from a trip that took him to American and Caribbean region. Closer to home, Mr Chávez’s world order. Although this seems category, and release date
Libya, Iran, Algeria, Syria, The rationale for this curious strategic plans have come a little far-fetched perhaps the world information, and clicking an icon
T u r k m e n i s t a n , B e l a r u s a n d hotchpotch of alliances is the unstuck. He has so far failed in his should start to take him a little brings you to a Bing search page
Russia, though he also found time “ c o m m o n a n t i - i m p e r i a l i s t quest for admittance to the more seriously. for that app—which, in turn,
for a visit Spain and the Venice i n t e r e s t s ” o f t h o s e f i v e Mercosur trade block. ALBA, his Back to top ^^ Readers' generally leads you to a
film festival. On his jaunt he was countries—the imperialist in alliance of like-minded comments developer's page and iTunes link.
decorated by Libya’s leader, question being America. governments, lost a member after The Economist welcomes your For those who don't like to (or
Muammar Qaddafi, and embraced Among the scheme’s aims is the a coup in Honduras just over six views. can't) fire up iTunes to browse
b y A l e k s a n d r L u k a s h e n k o , strengthening of national defence weeks ago. And he has failed to and search apps, it's a decent
president of Belarus. and sovereignty. Not only the secure regional condemnation of alternative, even if it requires
Apart from discussing weapons tanks but sophisticated anti- Colombia’s decision to allow installing a third-party plug-in.
and oil with the Russians, he also aircraft systems make up the order American troops to deploy in Thanks Anunay! Bing Visual
Search - Top iPhone Apps
What You Missed Last Night: The Audacity of Hos
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) into the ACORN organization. a very funny piece on it. ( Video The Daily Show, Watercooler
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:28:00 PM Recently two young college also here.) Talk, Reality-Free
students went undercover at one They've come up with great Permalink| Email this| |
If you've been watching of the organization's offices and titles for segments, but "The Comments
television over the summer, you tried to get money for their Audacity of Hos" is one of their
probably know about the Glenn prostitution ring. Last night Jon best.
Beck/FOX News investigation Stewart and The Daily Show had Filed under: Late Night, Video,
Internet News Record Economy/ Gadgets/ Entertainment 29
Patrick Swayze
A balancing act Tribute Planned
(The Economist: News possible deal has been rife for The agreement would not be the effectively over. Since the 1980s, (ETonline - Breaking News)
analysis) almost a year, but a report in a RAFO's first experience of however, the US has increased Submitted at 9/16/2009 5:48:00 AM
Submitted at 9/15/2009 3:26:08 AM recent edition of the Gulf States dealing with BAE Systems. In the military ties with Oman. It has an
Newsletter suggests that mid-1980s Oman signed a agreement with the sultanate for One of the biggest shows on TV
Sep 15th 2009 negotiations could be close to a contract with British Aerospace the pre-positioning of support is reportedly set to pay tribute to
F r o m t h e E c o n o m i s t conclusion. The Eurofighter (as the company was then known) equipment for 26,000 personnel at Patrick Swayze.
Intelligence Unit ViewsWire Typhoon is built by a consortium to buy eight Tornado aircraft. Masirah, Thumrait and Seeb The 'Dirty Dancing' star will be
Oman preserves friendly ties with o f E u r o p e a n a e r o s p a c e However, an oil price crash in airports, and an agreement for the honored on "Dancing with the
both Iran and the West manufacturers, including the UK's 1986 led to questions over use of these airports as bases. In Stars" in a special tribute this
The Omani ruler, Sultan Qaboos BAE Systems. whether such a sophisticated early June Oman signed a contract Sept. 23, according to People.
bin Said al-Said, was the first The Royal Air Force of Oman aircraft was affordable and with Lockheed Martin for the The beloved actor made a guest
head of state to visit Iran after the (RAFO) needs to complete the suitable for a small air force such purchase of a C-130 Super appearance on the show during its
controversial re-election of replacement programme for its as Oman's, and the contract was Hercules plane, which will join first season -- showing his friend
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June. ageing Jaguar aircraft fleet, which cancelled. Oman subsequently the three C-130Hs that were John O’Hurley some moves in
H i s d i s c u s s i o n s i n c l u d e d a was first introduced in the late purchased from British Aerospace purchased in the early 1980s. The rehearsals. He also came out to
proposal for Iran to pump gas to 1970s. There are 16 British- a fleet of 15 Hawk jets, which it new aircraft has the ability to show his support by attending the
the Gulf Arab state, some of supplied Jaguars still in operation has been operating since the operate out of remote airstrips, a finale.
which could be exported using following the replacement of a 1980s. useful attribute in desert
Oman's liquefied natural gas squadron of Jaguars with F-16 The sultanate has a long history operations. To further complicate
(LNG) facilities. At the same fighter jets made by Lockheed of association with the British Oman's hardware purchasing
time, Oman is one of the longest- Martin, a US defence contractor, military and defence industry, decision, the French president,
standing and most reliable allies i n 2 0 0 5 a n d 2 0 0 6 . T h e which stretches back to military Nicolas Sarkozy, visited the
of the West in the Middle East, prospective Typhoon deal is assistance provided by the UK to sultanate in February 2009 with
and it is said to be close to r e p o r t e d t o b e w o r t h o v e r overcome a rebellion in the north the hope of persuading the RAFO
finalising a major order to US$2bn. If agreement is reached, of Oman, in the late 1950s. The that it should buy French-built
u p g r a d e i t s a i r f o r c e w i t h it would be extremely timely for current sultan trained as an officer Rafale jets as replacements for the
Eurofighter Typhoons. the British government and the at the Royal Military Academy Jaguars
Reports have resurfaced in the UK's Royal Air Force. The Sandhurst in the UK and served in Back to top ^^ Readers'
press that Oman is in discussions purchase by Oman would help the British Army in the early comments
with the British government over subsidise the UK's order for 89 1960s. A small number of serving The Economist welcomes your
the purchase of 24 Typhoon jets, m o r e a d v a n c e d T r a n c h e 3 British forces personnel are still views.
with talk of an agreement being Typhoons, which the UK can ill seconded to Oman's military,
finalised within the next few afford in the current economic although the days when the UK
months. Speculation about a climate. posted a contract officer are now

Sleek Audio adds phosphorescent glow to wireless CT6 Aura earbuds

By Darren Murph (Engadget) Sleek Audio's latest. Essentially, green, blue, orange, yellow and Sleek Audio adds
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:56:00 AM these are the same Kleer-enabled white, with pricing set at $25 phosphorescent glow to wireless
CT6 'buds that the affluent among more than the standard CT6. CT6 Aura earbuds originally
Even those with everything us have grown to love, but with an Gnarly, right? appeared on Engadget on Wed, 16
probably wish their high-end obvious twist. Thanks to the Gallery: Sleek Audio adds Sep 2009 11:56:00 EST. Please
earbuds had a bit more inclusion of phosphorescent phosphorescent glow to wireless see our terms for use of feeds.
personality, and if you're reclined particles within the shell and top CT6 Aura earbuds Read| Permalink| Email this|
in your Victorian-era sofa in a plate, the $374.99 CT6 Aura can Continue reading Sleek Audio Comments
robe befitting one Chuck Bass actually glow in a variety of adds phosphorescent glow to
nodding in agreement, we'd colors, giving DJs around the cans and go small. Currently, the wireless CT6 Aura earbuds
encourage you to have a gander at globe one more reason to ditch the CT6 Aura can be ordered in Filed under: Portable Audio
30 Economy/ Entertainment Internet News Record

The CFPA and Small Banks

(Financial Sector and Stocks remove the obfuscation and “bureaucrats,” while later in the
Analysis from Seeking Alpha) refocus the competition on price. comment he says there should be
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:12:14 AM Once more, smaller lenders would more regulators – to regulate non-
benefit from this increased banks, not him. Note that he
By James Kwak transparency and leveled playing doesn’t call those other regulators
To be clear, I favor the field. “bureaucrats;” he calls them
Consumer Financial Protection Now, Stephen Ranzini, an “bank examiners.” I agree that
Agency. I favor it because I think executive at a small bank, did non-banks need more regulation,
it will be good for consumers. I write in with this comment on but I don’t agree with the implicit
also like to think that it will be Pottow’s article: assumption that this can be done
good for small banks relative to Since the penalty for offering by traditional prudential
big banks. My main argument for any product that isn’t ‘plain regulators; we’ve already seen
this is that should not harm the vanilla’ will be severe if that where that got us. Also, blaming
main competitive advantages of product is ‘after the fact’ found to subprime lending on “non-banks,”
smaller banks, which should be be not to the liking of these new is disingenuous, although they did
customer service and local CFPA bureaucrats, only plain
underwriting. But I’m still in vanilla products will be offered.
play a major role. Not only did the
top 25 subprime lenders include
Declaration of Accounting
favor of the CFPA even if it Since large banks can leverage
doesn’t help small banks. economies of scale and a lower
John Pottow(hat tip Mike compliance burden per dollar of
banks such as Citi, Wells,
Wachovia, Chase, HSBC, Games
IndyMac, and National City, but (Financial Sector and Stocks continues to deteriorate and even
Konczal) agrees on the small bank assets to outprice smaller banks most of the others were supported Analysis from Seeking Alpha) if the "value" when you made the
point. His main argument is that and we won’t be able to compete by large banks that provided loan originally was hyperinflated
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:21:20 AM
the CFPA should lower fixed a n y m o r e b y c r a f t i n g n i c h e financing by buying up their on a bunch of hot air and willfully
regulatory costs by making it products to serve niche needs, we mortgages. Gee, isn't this enough for -blind lending "standards" that
easier to get approval for basic will be screwed (as will our Still, though, if the commenter everyone (including in Congress)? amounted to outright fraud in the
products. He also adds this point: customers). Gov’t needs to better is right that the small bank 12:29 *WELLS FARGO CITES underwriting process, thereby
The current credit market, with regulate the non-banks. Michigan strategy is “niche products to ' E C O N O M I C S O F fueling a speculative asset bubble.
its indecipherable multi-page has only 15 bank examiners for all serve niche needs,” then he may LIQUIDATING ASSETS' This, of course doesn't change
contracts, is not competitive. the mortgage firms in the state. have a point. I’m still skeptical, 12:29 *WELLS FARGO whether a "non-performing asset"
Actually, that’s not true: It’s These non-banks created 95% of because his entire argument rests P R E F E R S T O H O L D is generating cash flow.
perniciously competitive — the t h e t o x i c e x o t i c m o r t g a g e s on the premise that regulation will NONPERFORMERS RATHER It is not.
competition focuses on better because they aren’t effectively be so severe that it will be chilling THAN SELL This "strategy" is in fact nothing
hiding fees in small print. Burying regulated. to the market – and when have we 12:26 Wells Fargo Says Non- more than intentional, willful
terms in legal documents is an Now, there’s a fair amount of seen that in the last thirty years? – Performing Assets Expected to b l i n d n e s s a n d t h a t o u r
activity where larger banks again hysteria and blame-the-other-guy but there could be something Increase "regulators" allow it is an outrage.
hold the advantage. By contrast, a in here. First, he throws in the there. Yeah. For the reason they're allowing
true plain vanilla market would insult of calling CFPA regulators The "economics" are that you it you can look right here:
HTV: C. Thomas Howell on Patrick have to take the market price if That's what has to happen
your liquidate assets. "going forward" for those "assets"
Swayze's Smoking But the government will allow to recover their "value."
you to make something up if you Good luck Wells.
(ETonline - Breaking News) concerned about that," Howell "hold it", even if the value
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:19:00 AM says. "But as Patrick would tell
you, 'if you smoke, smoke 'em, if
Actor C. Thomas Howell, who you don't -- don't start!'"
co-starred with Patrick Swayze in Watch the video for more and
'The Outsiders' and 'Red Dawn,' click here to see our full Patrick
comments about the actor's Swayze coverage.
smoking habit to
"He was a smoker, we were
Internet News Record Economy/ Gadgets/ TV 31

Does True Competition Among Comcast to rape subs even

Credit Card Issuers Exist? more by raising cable modem
(Financial Sector and Stocks rental fee to $5 nationwide
Analysis from Seeking Alpha) By Matt Burns (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 9/16/2009 5:08:12 AM
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:28:57 AM

John B just left me an interesting Apparently Comcast is in dire

comment on the subject of credit financial straights. If America’s
cards: largest cable provider doesn’t
Your statement on banks raise the cable modem rental fee
needing to focus on competing, to $5 from $3, it will not be able
rather than pages of agate type is to roll out the faster Internet
correct. but is there a substantially service, DOCSIS 3.0, and
large enough market of major the executives won’t be able to
credit card issuers to sustain true get new trousers. Sure, the
competition? I don’t think so. And provider had enough cash to build
probably not in a more regulated a massive skyscraper and an
environment. impressive HD video wall
It’s a good question, so I used in Philadelphia, but if you want
the data here to chart the share of faster Internet, some folks are
the credit card market held by the reducing the maximum interest bring down their interest rates, going to have to pay more. It’s
biggest issuers. The percentages rate that they charge. that will only result in even more probably a good idea to point out
aren’t of the total market, just of In most contexts, a chart like the people borrowing even more that you can save a lot of money
the top 15 issuers, but it’s close one above would I think bespeak money on their credit cards. But by purchasing your own cable In a statement, Comcast said:
enough: a competitive market. But in doing so is nearly always the modem. “We continually invest in
It’s pretty clear from this chart credit cards, I’m not so sure. On worst possible way of borrowing Amazon has the Motorola providing customers with next-
that between them, the big credit the other hand, do we want credit money, except for maybe going to Surfboard SB5101 Cable Modem generation equipment and
card issuers absolutely have the cards to be highly competitive? the loan shark down the street. for only $55. At that price, it technology that delivers advanced
ability to set prices. It’s also clear I’m not sure that we do: what we Ideally we want the whole credit- would only take you eleven voice and Internet services with
just by looking at their marketing really want is for credit cards to card market to shrink, and for months to recover the cost. But if enhanced capabilities. Our costs
materials that none of them is be transparent. banks to go back to offering your area has the faster DOCSIS for this new equipment will
particularly interested in At the margin, if the card issuers personal loans. 3.0, you may want to spend a little increase by 167% over the next
competing with the others by extra and get the $85 SB6120 two years. As a result, we will
that’s compatible with Internet increase modem equipment
Jonathan Coulton weighs in on Fall TV connections over 30Mbps. But charges by $2.”
The rate hike will start this fall
By Annie Wu (TV Squad) restful night of sleep, because remember, you’ll still save money in select markets, but eventually
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:03:00 AM John Sellers of True Slant has in 17 months. (and you won’t be the whole Comcast nation will be
gotten Jonathan Coulton's take on giving more money to evil affected.
Like most people in this world, I Fall TV. Comcast)
often turn to master geek Continue reading Jonathan Multichannel News,
musician Jonathan Coulton when Coulton weighs in on Fall TV
I'm trying to figure out how I Filed under: OpEd, Celebrities,
should feel about something (you Reality-Free
can smell hair burning when I try and Mr. Coulton was still dealing Permalink| Email this| |
to think for myself). with strictly music-related Comments
So imagine my horror when the matters. Well, I can finally have a
Fall schedule started filling out
32 Gadgets/ Internet News Record

Zune HD Review: The PMP, Evolved [Review]

By Dan Nosowitz (Gizmodo) Part of this difference is due to
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:00:00 AM technology and part of this is due
to UI. The iPod touch uses black
The big question: Can the Zune text on white for music and video
HD compete with the iPod browsing, while the Zune HD is
Touch? I get the sense that reversed. The Zune HD's black
Microsoft isn't trying to, exactly. background acts as a mirror,
While the Touch and its apps making it difficult to see anything
are a multi use pocket computer, but your own annoyed face.
the Zune HD is an evolution of Video
the PMP—not a devolution of To take advantage of that
some smartphone model. Every premium OLED screen, Microsoft
new feature it has is used to is really pushing high-quality
expand the way you absorb video playback on the Zune HD.
media, from the HD video output iPod comparisons aside, my
to the HD radio to the redesigned sample HD clip (a 720p episode
UI. of Battlestar Galactica bought
Hardware from the Zune store) sparkles. Tap
The Zune HD is not a simple the screen while video's playing
curved rectangle with a screen, and "Quickplay controls" bring up
like the iPod Touch, but a every button you need.
resolutely industrial, luxurious, Codec support, however,
angular and slim design. From the reduces the Zune HD's appeal as a
angled back to the visible screws general purpose video player. It
to the long and thin home button, plays WMV, MP4, H.264 and
the Zune HD is a look all its own. DVR-MS (recorded video from
Constructed of aluminum, Windows Media Center), which
rubberized black plastic and glass, means it will play iPod-formatted
the Zune HD feels tough and solid clips (though of course not
in the hand. The widescreen and in lieu of a volume rocker the mark against it. Still, both options straightforward media playback. DRMed videos). That's missing
display offers less space for non- Zune HD has a button on the left would be welcome. T h e y ' r e p r e t t y e q u a l i n every codec video pirates care
media applications like web side that brings up Quickplay Screen responsiveness, both being about about, most importantly DivX for
browsing, but for media (which, options. These options drift onto One of the first PMPs with an as accurate a touchscreen as SD and MKV for HD. If you've
after all, is the Zune HD's raison the screen and offer volume, track OLED screen (the Sony X-Series you're likely to find. got a load of torrented HD video
d'etre), it's a really nice size. It forward/back and play/pause. being the other major one), the The Zune HD's screen is in MKV like I do, you're a bit
won't quite fit in the change Quickplay can be enabled to work Zune HD theoretically has a definitely sharper and with truer s c r e w e d — I t r i e d s e v e r a l
pocket of your jeans, but it'll slip even while the player is locked. sharper picture and deeper blacks colors than the iPod Touch, when converters (iSquint, Cucusoft,
into even the tightest of regular On the bottom of the device is compared with LED screens like compared with the same video (a Handbrake) and never managed to
pockets. The iPod Touch may be the proprietary Zune port (the the one on the iPod Touch. standard-def episode of Anthony transcode MKV to a decent-
a hair thinner, but the Zune HD's Zune HD will work with all of the The Zune HD's screen is a 3.3- Bourdain: No Reservations). The quality Zune-compatible file. If
narrower body makes it feel much surprisingly easy-to-find existing inch multitouch capacitive iPod Touch's pixels were clearly Microsoft isn't going to include a
smaller. Zune accessories) and the touchscreen, in a 16:9 visible and the color seemed converter in the software, the
The gorgeous 3.3-inch headphone jack. It's rated for 33 (widescreen) ratio running at an washed out and weak compared to Zune HD should at least support
capacitive OLED touchscreen hours of audio and 8.5 of video, ironically non-HD 480x272. The the Zune HD. However, it's not a DivX (like Samsung's P3).
takes up the majority of the which is very strong if it's true iPod Touch, in comparison, is a perfect win for OLED: The Zune The thing is, the Zune HD is
device's face. More on that below. (especially since previous Zunes 3.5-inch multitouch capacitive H D ' s s c r e e n i s e x t r e m e l y actually on par with the category
It's surrounded by three hardware were lacking in battery life, to say LED, but in 4:3 (fullscreen) ratio reflective, making it difficult to leaders (iPod Touch, Sony X-
buttons: Underneath the screen on the least). The Zune HD lacks running at 480×320, which is read in sunlight, while the iPod Series) in codec support: All three
the face is the home button, on the both a speaker and a camera, more efficient for web browsing Touch's LED was quite easy to
top edge is the power/hold button, though neither is necessarily a but a waste of space for read in the same conditions. ZUNE page 33
Internet News Record 33
continued from page 32
force you to either get your video Zune HD. However, if you go the tap and hold any item (song, There's a bit of a continuity issue Surprisingly, FM radio has
directly from the manufacturer's cheapskate route, you'll be podcast, video, photo) and pin it with the "one step back" function. become a hot topic in PMPs,
stores or transcode your video missing a major part of what to this top menu. It's great if On the now playing screen, it's a thanks to Microsoft's
into their specific formats. separates the Zune HD from the you're listening to something long left-pointing arrow in the top left announcement that the Zune HD
Microsoft could have scored huge pack. Not that it's bad to toss a like an audiobook or podcast. corner, which is extremely will support HD radio and now
with video freaks by supporting few 128kbps mp3 files on for a History is your recently played obvious. But once you hit it, Apple's reversal on its long-held
DivX and MKV. It's frankly a bus ride, but you wouldn't really items, and New shows the most you're on the song's page (with aversion to FM with its new iPod
huge pain in the ass to have to be taking advantage of what the recent items you've synced to the options like email and rate), but Nano. But HD radio is another
convert every single video I want Zune HD can do. User Interface Zune HD. That last is my favorite now there's no back button. example of Microsoft expanding
to watch on my PMP. Using the Zune HD and the of all—I've got a huge and always Instead, there's a word written in the boundaries of the PMP: "So
If you're really into torrented iPod Touch together is expanding music collection, and huge letters, so huge in fact that you support FM radio? We're
videos, I'd recommend the jarring—they do mostly the same tend to forget which albums I've they're cut off and not readable. going to support it better."
Samsung P3, although in just things, but they look vastly just added to my PMP. It's also Those letters actually spell out the HD radio allows for both more
about every other way the Zune different. The Zune HD's UI is great if you use the ZunePass name of the album, and tapping it stations and (hopefully) higher
HD is a far superior device. everything but an example of subscription service, since you'll functions as a back button, taking quality broadcasts. The Zune
Zune as Media Center Apple minimalism, constantly be downloading so much you'll you back to the album. This can HD's radio will often pick up two
The Zune HD's unparalleled teetering between digital eye forget what you meant to listen to. be fixed with a firmware simultaneous broadcasts from one
ability to output video in 720p is a candy and complete ocular over- Content Browsing update—just add a clear "back" station, like San Francisco's
major selling point for the device, stimulation. It's a white text on The Zune HD uses the same icon like on the now playing KFOG-1 and KFOG-2. The Zune
and let me tell you, it's everything black layout, and has the very grab-and-flick method of screen! HD's reception is excellent, at
you'd hope it would be. Video is cool (and a little ballsy) design touchscreen navigation as the Now Playing least as clear as the iPod Nano,
crisp, clear and smooth, looking choice to zoom in to certain items iPod Touch and Sony X-Series, The Now Playing screen able to pick up a handful of HD
just as good as the same video so much that they're actually though like the X-Series it doesn't cleverly finds a photo of the artist stations, all with RDS data (artist,
played through any bulky media cropped out of the screen. For feel quite as fluid or organic as and uses that as the wallpaper, song name). Like the Nano, the
streamer. The interface as a whole example, on the homescreen, the the iPod Touch. Trying to scroll and I love the screensaver that Zune HD can pause and cache
actually translates really well to a word "marketplace" is cut off at really quickly through a long list slowly scrolls the artist, track live radio, a great function,
bigger screen, slightly dumbed the penultimate letter. Some will of artists feels like it takes longer name, album name, length and though it also cannot record.
down for speed's sake (for hate the design, but I think it's a than it should, which is probably album art. Microsoft nails the Internet Browser
example, there's no background really interesting, aggressively why Microsoft implemented an advanced design work—what This is a serious surprise, after
artist image on the now playing artsy choice. Even when the UI alphabet system. As you scroll about the obvious? How do I seeing the similar Sony X-Series's
screen). It's not as full-featured as feels too cluttered, which it through the lists of artists, albums pause, navigate forward and browser crash, burn, and then
an HTPC, but for just playing sometimes does, it's still great to or whatever, the actual letters are backward, and adjust volume? It's explode shards of awful all over
back your media, it does a great look at. placed in their appropriate spots not as easy as it should be. me, but the Zune HD's internet
job. The screensaver on the now Homescreen (on mine, the list of artists will All of those controls are browser is awesome. The
playing screen looks especially The homescreen is actually two read "Iron and Wine, Islands, J, relegated to another Quickplay narrower 3.3-inch widescreen isn't
awesome on a big HDTV. homescreens in one. You've got Jay Reatard, Joe Strummer and menu, activated either by the left as spacious as that of the iPod
But to take advantage of HD the standard list of features, in this the Mescaleros). Tap any of these side button or by tapping Touch and pages definitely load a
content on your television, you'll case "music, videos, pictures, letters to bring up the full anywhere on the now playing little slower, but besides that it's a
need to buy the $90 AV dock, radio, marketplace, social, alphabet, any letter of which can screen that's not another button. I full-featured, fast and responsive
which comes with the dock itself podcasts, internet, settings," but be tapped to take you right there. don't want to bring up a sub-menu browser. The accelerometer is
(including antenna for radio), a there's also a Quickplay menu This is a decent method to get to do things like pause music or very quick, panning is smooth and
remote, an HDMI cable and a shrunk to the left side of the around long lists quickly, but I'd adjust volume when relatively easy, and the standard multitouch
composite cable. Is it worth it? I'd screen. have preferred to separate the unimportant options like ratings gestures (pinch, drag) work
say yes, if you've got an HDTV The Quickplay menu mirrors letters from the lists of actual get their own space on the screen. nicely. Unfortunately, the Zune
and plan to buy a lot of HD the new front page of the Zune items. I've accidentally hit a letter Again, I get the sense that HD does not support YouTube or
content from Zune marketplace. If software: It shows the album art when I meant to hit an artist, and Microsoft was so enamored with any other Flash video, which
you just want to display some and song title of the song that's that could easily have been solved the beauty of the UI (and it is would have been a nice feature for
video on a TV, you can buy the currently playing (if there is one with a scrolling alphabet bar on certainly full of eye candy) that quickly listening to new music.
last-gen Zune's standard-def AV currently playing), but also your the side. they refused to adjust it to insert The soft keyboard is functional
pack for less than $20, all of "Pins," "History," and "New." Browsing through artist lists is simple playback controls.
which is compatible with the Pins are like favorites—you can mostly straightforward—mostly. Radio ZUNE page 35
34 Gadgets/ Internet News Record

ARM breaks 2GHz barrier with dual core Cortex-A9 processor

By Doug Aamoth Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ hard embedded applications across a Both ARM dual core Cortex-A9
(CrunchGear) macro implementations for the broad spectrum of demanding hard macros will share a common
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:00:00 AM TSMC 40nm-G process, enabling consumer and enterprise devices,” seven-power domain, dual-
silicon manufacturers to have a said Eric Schorn, VP marketing, NEON™ technology
Great Neptune’s trousers! rapid and low-risk route to silicon Processor Division, ARM. configuration supporting SMP
ARM has just announced the for high-performance, low-power “ARM’s parallel development of (symmetrical multiprocessing)
development of a dual core C o r t e x - A 9 p r o c e s s o r - b a s e d advanced, optimized physical IP operating systems with up to 8MB
mobile processor capable of devices. The speed-optimized components demonstrates a new of Level2 cache memory and will
breaking the 2GHz barrier. The hard macro implementation will level of collaborative be delivered with all scripts,
40nm Cortex-A9 CPU will use enable devices to operate at differentiation while enabling our vectors and libraries required to
conventional silicon chips and frequencies greater than 2GHz. high-margin performance- Partners to expand their integrate the macro directly within
each CPU core will consume less The dual core hard macro oriented applications. penetration into high margin any SoC device.
than 0.25 watts of power. implementations are the result of Power Optimized domains traditionally occupied by To enable the development of
While ARM’s aiming the chip ARM’s significant investment in In many thermally constrained proprietary architectures.” high-efficiency, low risk SoCs
at “applications such as set-top a d v a n c e d p h y s i c a l I P applications such as set-top boxes, “ARM’s long-standing using other Cortex-A9 processor
boxes, DTVs, printers, and other development in unison with DTVs, printers and other feature- i n v e s t m e n t i n l o w - p o w e r configurations, ARM also
feature-rich consumer and high- p r o c e s s o r a n d f a b r i c I P rich consumer and high-density leadership and ability to develop provides the silicon-proven SoC-
density enterprise applications,” technology, and leading-edge enterprise applications, energy such high-performance devices level ARM Physical IP platform
t h e S m a r t B o o k a n d M I D implementation flows from the e f f i c i e n c y i s o f p a r a m o u n t enables licensees to lower the cost used to build these hard macros,
movements could probably make EDA industry. Advanced physical importance. The Cortex-A9 power and risk of entering the high- and a range of AMBA-compliant
some waves by using dual-core IP techniques have enabled - o p t i m i z e d h a r d m a c r o margin markets currently system development components
2GHz setups as well. critical circuits within the design implementation delivers its peak a d d r e s s e d w i t h c o m p e t i n g and tools.
The technology will become to be replaced with highly tuned performance of 4000 DMIPS proprietary solutions,” said Will In addition, the ARM Active
available to hardware builders in l o g i c c e l l s a n d m e m o r i e s , w h i l e c o n s u m i n g l e s s t h a n Strauss, principal analyst at Assist consulting service,
Q4 of this year, although “the increasing performance while 250mW per CPU when selected Forward Concepts. “With single- developed in conjunction with the
Cortex-A9 hard macros and the l o w e r i n g o v e r a l l p o w e r from typical silicon. thread performance capable of hard macros, enables ARM
corresponding optimized physical c o n s u m p t i o n . T h e h a r d m a c r o supporting very intensive Partners to efficiently integrate
IP used to develop the speed- Speed Optimized implementations include ARM workloads, the unprecedented the hardened macro into their SoC
optimized and power-optimized The Cortex-A9 speed-optimized A M B A ® - c o m p l i a n t h i g h level of power efficiency will design to realize maximum
implementations are available for hard macro implementation will performance system components enable licensees to introduce system performance with lowest
license today.” provide system designers with an to maximize data traffic speed and compelling new products.” risk and fastest time-to-market.
Full press release: industry standard ARM® minimize power consumption and “ARM and TSMC have enjoyed Availability
ARM Announces 2GHz p r o c e s s o r i n c o r p o r a t i n g silicon area. Each Cortex-A9 hard a long standing relationship of The Cortex-A9 hard macros and
Capable Cortex-A9 Dual Core aggressive low-power techniques m a c r o i m p l e m e n t a t i o n a l s o collaboration to ensure the the corresponding optimized
Processor Implementation to further extend ARM’s includes the CoreSight™ Program development and delivery of best- physical IP used to develop the
A R M C o r t e x p r o c e s s o r performance leadership into high- Trace Macrocell (PTM) which in-class products optimized for speed-optimized and power-
technology and physical IP margin consumer and enterprise provides full visibility into the our manufacturing process,” said optimized implementations are
developed in unison to deliver d e v i c e s w i t h i n t h e p o w e r processor’s instruction flow, ST Juang, Sr. Director, Design available for license today with
high performance and low-power envelope necessary for compact, enabling the software community Infrastructure Marketing Division, delivery in the fourth quarter of
processing for consumer and h i g h - d e n s i t y a n d t h e r m a l l y to develop code for optimal TSMC. “This provides OEMs 2009. ARM’s 40G physical IP
enterprise markets constrained environments. This performance. developing feature-rich consumer platform is also available today at
CAMBRIDGE, UK – Sept. 16, hard macro implementation “The Cortex-A9 MPCore and enterprise devices access to
2009 – ARM [(LSE: ARM); operates in excess of 2GHz when processor has already been widely T S M C ’ s m a n u f a c t u r i n g
(Nasdaq: ARMH)] announced selected from typical silicon and accepted as the processor of excellence and the power of ARM
today the development of two represents an ideal solution for choice for high-performance processor IP”
Internet News Record Gadgets/ Entertainment 35
continued from page 33
Jenna Elfman Baby
(if a little small), built-in Bing Pro models. But with yet another the benefit of these ecosystems. of the iPod Touch shows that that
search works well, and even an Zune shunning Mac compatibility, The app selection just confirms media playback alone isn't (ETonline - Breaking News)
intense site like Gizmodo loads it seems certain that Microsoft has that the Zune HD is a PMP and necessarily enough anymore. Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:30:00 AM
with no problem. Please, given up on converting Apple not a mobile computer. You can't People seem to want pocketable
Microsoft: Stick this browser in zealots. even move an app to the computers, either in smartphone ET has the latest...
Windows Mobile. Syncing Apps homescreen; they stay stuck in the or near-smartphone form, or Actress Jenna Elfman has
The Zune software has been Well, there are apps, "apps" section, way down the list, simpler, smaller devices like the revealed she's expecting baby
updated with a few features and technically. But Microsoft has confined like a grounded child to iPod Nano and SanDisk's Sansa number two!
slight UI changes to match the stressed that the Zune HD is a their bedroom. line. So it's not going to steal sales Elfman announced her big news
Zune HD. It now has a front page media device first and However, the XNA team has from the iPod Touch, but it should today on CBS' "The Early Show"
similar to the Zune HD's foremost—there's no SDK, so just released an add-on for XNA make some Samsung and Sony while talking with Julie Chen
homescreen Quickplay, and puts independent development is out Game Studio 3.1 that will allow executives pretty jealous. about her new comedy
more of an emphasis on Smart DJ, for now, and the Zune team seems developers to create apps for the I'm left wishing Microsoft could "Accidentally on Purpose."
which is an evolution of to have little interest in competing Zune HD. They've demonstrated a get its Zune team to work with Jenna and her husband, Bodhi
Microsoft's Pandora-like with Apple's App Store. At multi-touch drawing app as proof, (read: boss around) the Windows Elfman, already have one son, 2-
recommendation service. If you're launch, the Zune HD has seven which is very cool, but remember, Mobile team to put together a year-old Story Elias.
not a member of the ZunePass games and two utilities (calculator apps (like music and video) need media phone. The Zune HD is a
subscription service, it'll and weather) available. The to be loaded onto the device via great PMP, but it could have been
recommend music in your own games are just ports of the games the Zune software—and who a jaw-dropping, unbelievable
library, and if you are, it'll dig from older Zunes, like poker and knows whether Microsoft will phone.
through the ZunePass's massive sudoku. Even further, Microsoft allow third-party apps into the Flashy and unusual hardware
collection. But it's largely has confirmed that Facebook and marketplace. Excellent software integration
unchanged, which is a good thing. Twitter apps will come to the Best of Breed Advanced media features like
The Zune HD is, like the other Zune HD, but only around The Zune HD is the best HD video-out and HD radio
Zunes, Windows only. It can only November. For some, this may be touchscreen PMP on the market. Surprisingly excellent internet
sync with the Zune software, the big weakness. The iPod Touch It's got the most unique vision, the browser
which is restricted to Windows. is really a pocket computer with most impressive hardware and the Requires $90 accessory to be
This is, of course, a huge an excellent touch-based music most stylish software. It's priced actually "HD"
mistake on Microsoft's part. Mac and video app. When you grab a fairly at $220 for 16GB and $290 UI is beautiful, but sometimes
users would be right in the Touch, you're just as likely to play for 32GB, though I'd call the $90 confusing Video: KORG places an
demographic sweet spot to be a game or check your email as dock a required accessory. Capacity restricted to 16GB and iPhone pocket in its
interested in the Zune HD: Media- you are to play some music. But I'm not sure that's enough. 32GB microSAMPLER, calls it
loving, style-conscious, with Meawhile, Archos and Creative PMPs like the Zune HD and Sony Disappointing codec support
money to burn on gadgets. Hell, both use Android, a mobile X-Series try to advance the genre a day
the 32GB platinum Zune HD even computing OS, to do similar with new and impressive media ByThe
kids L. Flatley
over at Korg are a
matches the unibody MacBook things. The Zune HD doesn't have playback features, but the success (Engadget)
savvy bunch -- they know that the

Looks like iTunes LP can be pirated after all: Muse album found online
By Nicholas Deleon sharing iTunes LP files with one By merely dragging that one .itlp be iTunes LP pirates: it seems that
(CrunchGear) another. Apparently not, since I file into your iTunes library you your iTunes account info is
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:40:40 AM was able to find the iTunes LP now have access to the full iTunes embedded in the files, so I
version of the new Muse album LP album. I checked out a few wouldn’t go around uploading
Maybe there’s no DRM on online a few minutes ago. Exactly pictures, but seeing as though I your .itlp of The Blueprint 3 to
iTunes LP after all? I could have where I found it is irrelevant; wouldn’t know who Muse is if Rapidshare or whatever.
sworn that when Apple what’s newsworthy is that, yeah, they’d punch me in the face (I’m And yes, that USB drive is
announced the completely useless it seems that these things can be more of a house and hip-hop guy; named WWE. I’m a dork.
new feature last week that it had passed around pretty easily. rock, eh…) it didn’t interest me a
said there would be measures in The file is one .itlp file that comparison’s sake, a standard great deal.
place to prevent people from weighs in at around 326MB. (For scene rip of the album is 76MB.) One word of caution to would-
36 Gadgets/ Tech News/ Internet News Record
continued from page 35
best way to perk up jaded into individual hits, not unlike BEAT") which we highly suggest
bloggers (such as ourselves) is to Propellerhead's ReCycle), a preset you check out after the break.
somehow attach an iPhone to their sound library, 21 KAOS-driven Yours now for $750.
device. Unfortunately, what we multi-parameter effects, and a [Via SlashGear]
thought at first glance was an USB cable for managing sounds Continue reading Video: KORG
innovative/insane new way to on your Mac or PC (with the places an iPhone pocket in its
make music on Apple's flagship included Editor Librarian microSAMPLER, calls it a day
handset turns out to be, in fact, software), this could be the Filed under: Cellphones,
little more than a sampler with a perfect companion for the Portable Audio
pocket for your media player and microKORG that's already Video: KORG places an iPhone
a 1/4-inch audio input. While we collecting dust in your bedroom. pocket in its microSAMPLER,
have you here, however, we'd be Of course, Korg wouldn't be able calls it a day originally appeared
remiss if we didn't mention that, to sell this thing at Guitar Center on Engadget on Wed, 16 Sep
as samplers go, this one is pretty without a heavy-handed, 2009 11:29:00 EST. Please see
awesome. Featuring a 37-key borderline silly promo vid our terms for use of feeds. Read|
keyboard, a number of sample ("Suddenly... you receive a gift... Permalink| Email this| Comments
modes (including autonext mode, FROM YOUR OWN MIND... in
which auto-magically slices a beat the form of: THE PERFECT

Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear actually isn't the ugliest thing of
all time
By Darren Murph (Engadget) unpriced Wrap 310 resembles a Continue reading Vuzix Wrap
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:44:00 AM set of sunglasses. Now, these 310 video eyewear actually isn't
aren't apt to be mistaken for the ugliest thing of all time
Could it be? Could it really be? Aviators or those patented Kayne Filed under: Displays,
Has Vuzix actually deployed a joints, but at least you'd look Wearables
video eyewear solution that isn't halfway civilized if caught in Vuzix Wrap 310 video eyewear
completely unsightly in every public with these on your face. actually isn't the ugliest thing of
imaginable way? Our eyes may be Packing a pair of video displays all time originally appeared on
deceiving us, but we're going with and promising a virtual 55-inch Engadget on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
"yes, amazingly" for the time image, these get juiced by just 10:44:00 EST. Please see our
being. Unlike the company's two AA cells and can play nice that'll give it VGA / component in around a score. terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
iWear line -- which looks pretty with pretty much any video outputs in the near future, and if Gallery: Vuzix Wrap 310 video Email this| Comments
much exactly like the specs worn source, iPod and iPhone included. you subscribe to science fiction, it eyewear actually isn't the ugliest
by Geordi La Forge -- the There's also an expansion port could also be used to read minds thing of all time

The Onion Releases an iPhone App

By Marshall Kirkpatrick lets you flip through very short download of the company's video Will this "flip through the
(ReadWriteWeb) joke-headlines in an interface that and audio podcasts and easy stories" application end up
Submitted at 9/15/2009 9:33:16 PM looks like the old microfiche sharing on Facebook and Twitter. making more money than
readers. There's no satire news It's definitely worth the 99 cents Google's too-serious (yet light-
Comedy website The Onion has stories associated, just funny they are charging for it. Unless weight) Fast Flip, launched
released an iPhone application headlines. The Onion understands you're broke, in which case don't yesterday? That doesn't seem
called The Onion Microfiche that "you must be very busy to bother. outside the realm of possibilities.
Reader. It's pretty cool. The app have such an important phone." The app also offers easy Sponsor Discuss
Internet News Record Gadgets/ Tech/ 37

Mouse steals cheese, iPhone 3.1

jailbreak released
By Kevin Harter (The Unofficial unlock; however the original
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) iPhone should be unlocked
Submitted at 9/15/2009 11:30:00 PM without this additional step.
You will need a Mac to run
Filed under: iPhone, iPod touch, Pwnage Tool 3.1, but a Windows
Jailbreak/pwnage The legendary version is expected in the near
Dev-Team has done it again. It future. Also expected soon is
just released the new version of redsn0w, for both Mac and
the Pwnage Tool, a desktop Windows, that further simplifies
application that's used to create the jailbreak process by avoiding
custom firmware packages to the need to create a custom
Super Talent's 2TB jailbreak iPhones and iPod
firmware package.
Keep in mind, if you've been
RAIDDrive shipping next Jailbreaking is the act of waiting for a jailbreak solution
modifying the official firmware in the first firmware loophole was before upgrading to the latest
order to run applications not exploited and the original iPhone firmware, many users have had
month to the rich and silly approved by Apple. Chief among was unlocked.
those applications, at least for the
fairly substantial issues with
Well, the mouse has stolen the iPhone 3.1. My fellow TUAW
By Darren Murph (Engadget) model that tops out at 2TB. For iPhone crowd, is the SIM unlock cheese once again, and the blogger, Josh Carr, has reported
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:21:00 PM those able to deal with "just" 1TB, that allows the phone to be used Pwnage Tool released today will that lots of iPhones and iPod
there's the RAIDDrive ES and on unofficial cell phone service jailbreak the latest firmware, touches are working poorly after
Remember that 2TB PCIe RAIDDrive WS, both of which providers. version 3.1.* upgrading. You may wish to hold
RAIDDrive we peeked earlier this are detailed further in the read The Dev-Team has found holes The big asterisk at the end of off and stick with 3.0 or 3.0.1
year? Yeah, that was no April link. No exact pricing has been in previous versions of the iPhone that previous sentence is that the until a solution is found, either by
Fool's joke. Super Talent's answer nailed down yet for the flagship O S t h a t a l l o w t h i s c o d e Tool will only work on about half Apple or some other group of
to OCZ Technology's Z-Drive is unit, but considering that the 1TB modification and has developed of the devices that use the iPhone smart people.
on track to ship next month, RAIDDrive GS is pegged at tools to make exploitation easier OS -- only the original iPhone, But, if you're so inclined, you
shortly after it makes a quick stop $4,999 for OEMs, we'll let your f o r t h e a v e r a g e u s e r t o original iPod touch, and iPhone may find links to download
by IDF next week. The device imagination do the rest. accomplish. Once implemented, 3G. The iPod touch line just Pwnage Tool 3.1 on the Dev-
slots into one's PCIe bus and Filed under: Storage the jailbreak process installs an released, as well as the 2nd Team's official blog. Make sure to
utilizes a RAID architecture Super Talent's 2TB RAIDDrive app that acts an unofficial App generation iPod touch and the read the instructions thoroughly,
specifically tailored to work with shipping next month to the rich Store of sorts. The iPhone or iPod iPhone 3GS, cannot be jailbroken and take heed of all of the
NAND flash memory. In fact, the and silly originally appeared on touch user can browse and install at this time. That means if you've warnings. They are there for a
outfit has actually boosted the Engadget on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 games, utilities, themes, and already upgraded to 3.1 on your reason.
transfer speeds from the 1.3GBps 12:21:00 EST. Please see our general applications. Cydia, one 3GS, you still won't be able to TUAW Mouse steals cheese,
estimate to a 1.4GBps promise. terms for use of feeds. Read| of these installer apps, even has a SIM unlock it as of the time of iPhone 3.1 jailbreak released
The aluminum enclosure houses Permalink| Email this| Comments store with applications for sale. this post. originally appeared on The
four discrete SATA SSDs, with Traditionally, when Apple So, if you want to SIM unlock U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g
the RAIDDrive GS being the releases a new iPhone OS version, your iPhone 3G or the original (TUAW) on Tue, 15 Sep 2009
that software upgrade breaks any model, Pwnage Tool 3.1 should 23:30:00 EST. Please see our
jailbreak and SIM unlock present do the trick. On the 3G, you'll terms for use of feeds.
on the device. And so, you end up need to use Icy or Cydia to also Read| Permalink| Email this|
with the cat-and-mouse game that install the ultrasn0w app that Comments
Steve Jobs alluded to shortly after actually performs the software
38 Tech/ Internet News Record

Mashable’s Weekly Social Media & Marketing Job Guide

By Tamar Weinberg big role in a start-up opportunity.
(Mashable!) Read more about this
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:34:09 AM opportunity here. Vice President,
Social Media and Digital
If you’re seeking a job in social Marketing at MS&L in NYC.
media, we’d like to help out. For of our site. We expect you to push media addict. You think 140 clients. They will assist with the As an integral member of the
starters, Mashable’s Job Lists the limits of technology and characters at a time. You have a implementation, monitoring, team, this candidate will be
section gathers together all our interactive design. With so much passion for blogging, participating reporting and analysis of our responsible for bringing a full
resource lists, how-tos and expert to get done, every member of the in digital communities, and campaigns and be responsible for spectrum social media and digital
guides to help you get hired. In team is encouraged to participate creating and sharing multimedia. the overall success of client strategy to our accounts (across
particular, you might want to see in all areas of the group. We Where some merely dabble in programs. our consumer, corporate and
our articles on How to Leverage expect this to excite our social media, you are immersed in Read more about this healthcare practices) and projects,
Social Media for Career Success candidates and find that the right it, super-connected and show opportunity here. New Media along with leading client and new
and How to Find a Job on Twitter. candidates often make great creativity along the way. If that Coordinator at Planned business presentations in this area
But we’d like to help in a more contributions outside their area of sounds like you, keep reading. Parenthood Federation of of expertise.
direct way, too. Mashable’s job focus. You may be the perfect fit for America in New York City. Read more about this
boards are a place for socially- Read more about this BFG’s Assistant Content Manager The New Media Coordinator is opportunity here. Director of
savvy companies to find people opportunity here. CTO at a stealth position in our Savannah, GA responsible for new media project Social Media at Reprise Media in
like you. This week and every prediction market company in office. management, online content New York City.
week, Mashable features its New York, NY. Read more about this implementation, and online You’ll oversee, create and
coveted job board listings for a A stealth prediction market opportunity here. Social Media community and grassroots implement SMM service
variety of positions in the web, company seeks a CTO. This C- Planner at Luckie & Company in outreach efforts. offerings, ensure high quality
social media space, and beyond. level team member will have Birmingham, AL. Read more about this execution of all social media work
Have a look at what’s good and considerable freedom to develop If you’ve got a passion for opportunity here. Engineer, through effective management of
new on our job boards: Mashable an already successful product. social media, a proven knack for Business Applications at The a growing business, and ceate and
Job Board Listings Community You will be compensated via a organizing big projects and strong Dolce Network in Beverly Hills, refine processes related to sales,
Chief at kgbweb in New York, mix of cash and equity. writing skills, you could be the CA. services, renewals, up-sells,
NY. Read more about this new Social Media Planner for Seeking an experienced measurement, reporting and
As the Head of Community opportunity here. Senior Web Birmingham-based marketing Software Engineer to join the IT interdepartmental campaigns for
Development and social media Analytics Manager at Digitaria in agency Luckie & Company. team and help maintain IT SMM, among other things!
you will be a core member of our San Diego, CA. You’ll need to be fast, flexible application footprint. Read more about this
leadership group. You will As a member of Digitaria’s and accurate as you manage Read more about this opportunity here. Technologist
immediately have the ability to growing analytics practice, the everything from launching opportunity here. PR Manager at Intern at Ignite Social Media in
drive our overall direction for user successful candidate will work corporate blogs and Twitter feeds Gaucho in La Jolla, CA. Cary, NC.
acquisition, community with our clients to meet their to coordinating national blogger- We are seeking a PR manager to We are looking for an intern
development and maintenance, reporting needs through ongoing outreach campaigns. join our marketing team. Selected with a background in or passion
and social media engagement. analytics and strategic planning. Read more about this candidate will work cooperatively for technology – a fast learner
You will be the translator between The successful candidate will opportunity here. Social Media with team to promote the onsite who can work alongside our
us, our community of users, and blend analytic and technical skills, Marketing Manager at M80 in and offsite PR activities for Technology Team to write code
the overall tech community. and will be as comfortable Seattle, WA. Gaucho marketing campaigns. and develop custom social media
Read more about this working with clients to establish M80 is seeking a smart, talented Read more about this applications and widgets for
opportunity here. Senior their analytics requirements as and experienced online marketing opportunity here. PHP/MySQL clients.
Interaction Designer at kgbweb in they are implementing analytics professional, with Information Developer at Helptwits in New Read more about this
New York, NY. code on existing sites. Technology category expertise, to York City. opportunity here Traffic & Trends
As a Senior Interaction Read more about this fill a role in our social media We’re looking for a talented Editor at Huffington Post in New
Designer you will be a core opportunity here. Assistant marketing department. This developer in the area to join our York City.
member of our User Experience Content Manager at BFG individual will play a significant team and help take our concept to The Traffic & Trends Editor
group, a small team of highly- Communications in Savannah, role in the stewardship and the next level. We’re interested in will be responsible for
talented wizards responsible for GA. implementation of social media entrepreneurial developers who
the entire design and interactivity Your friends call you a social programs for key Software have a strong interest in playing a MASHABLE’S page 39
Internet News Record 39
continued from page 38
maximizing site viewership and legal). Programmer and Server Admin at He/She will enjoy working in a Washington DC.
through internal content links, Read more about this 1SaleADay in Brooklyn, NY. fun, fast paced, entrepreneurial Qualified applicants must have
social media development, and opportunity here. Digital Producer Large ecommerce retailer environment and thrive being a passion for winning, and a
partnership management. The at Ketchum in New York City. headquartered in Brooklyn, around creativity and excitement. dedication to superb client
Traffic & Trends Editor will also Candidate must have the ability seeking a full-time Programmer He/She will have a passion for service. Candidates will have
be responsible for maintaining a and experience to develop and for building/managing site building great software and be demonstrated work experience in
best practices document for execute comprehensive project backend and CRM, as well as able to effectively work in a team digital public affairs and political
training the editorial staff. plans that include meeting ongoing site maintenance and environment. The individual will campaigns, online reputation
Read more about this delivery and budget milestones, W e b S e r v e r be responsible for all website and management, blogosphere
opportunity here. Designers and requirements documentation, optimization/administration. application builds and own the monitoring and outreach, social
Developers at SwaggerDap in messaging/strategy, content Read more about this end-to-end technical solution, media content marketing and
New York, NY. development, information opportunity here. Social Media from creating the technical design social network engagement. Team
We’re looking for individuals architecture, design, software Marketing Manager at American to developing and testing. He/she members will report directly to
who are proficient in design and development and quality Express in New York City. will be the core of the engineering the Social & Digital Media
programming languages such as assurance processes. American Express is seeking a team that we will build around. Practice Chair and assist in
Jquery, Django, and Drupal,; and Read more about this Social Media Marketing Manager Read more about this promoting clients as well as the
individuals who are experts in opportunity here. Public Relations to help develop innovative social opportunity here. PHP/MySQL Firm, via innovative social
creating and managing complex Account Supervisor/Social Media media marketing campaigns and Backend Developer at Realty networking outreach, blogosphere
database systems such as MysQL. Specialist at Marcus Thomas LLC content that deliver on business Nation in Palo Alto, CA. engagement, and digital
Read more about this in Cleveland, OH. and brand goals. This person will We need a full-time developer marketing initiatives. Agency
opportunity here. Inside Sales The right person to join our seek ways to leverage the voice of to take ownership of the back-end experience in online marketing a
Representative at Simply Hired in team of relationship builders will the customer to drive demand for architecture, take our lucrative plus but not required.
Mountain View, CA. be an unabashed social media American Express products and proof of concept and scale it to Read more about this
Simply Ready for Opportunity? junkie who possesses strong services. 100X, think quickly and solve opportunity here. Director of
Got something to prove? Want to public relations skills, specifically Read more about this complex problems in search and Technology at Resonate Networks
join an organization that is exceptional writing, issues opportunity here. Director, data aggregation, and utilize in Alexandria, VA.
changing the world? Simply Hired management, national media Content Distribution at Beliefnet his/her strong experience in back- Resonate Networks, a dynamic
wants you! We’re hiring relations and high-level message in New York City. end architecture to refine and online advertising network start-
competitive sales reps with 2-4 development. He or she will have You’ll develop and drive traffic optimize the foundations of our up, is seeking a Web Application
years of experience to help bring demonstrated success in creating syndication strategy using content platform. Interface Developer. The Web
the Simply Hired message to and leveraging social media distribution channels, develop and Read more about this Application Developer position is
hiring professionals all over the strategies in the CPG industry drive content syndication strategy opportunity here. Campaign a crucial role in the success of
country. and/or social or public affairs. using widgets, feeds and other Analyst at Visible Measures in Resonate’s ‘Attitudinal Targeting’
Read more about this Read more about this distribution vehicles, develop Boston, MA. platform, the proprietary model
opportunity here. Marketing opportunity here. Digital Account partnerships with outside websites Specific responsibilities will by which Resonate performs
Manager at Disney ABC Director at Feed Company in Los and other media outlets, develop include assisting with video asset online ad targeting for its public
Television Group in Burbank, Angeles, CA. and manage analytics and uploading, data collection affairs, political, and corporate
CA. One of the fastest-growing reporting to support syndication pertaining to Internet video assets customers.
Manage and execute daily social video marketing firms is goals, and work with sales to of all kinds, performing Read more about this
o n l i n e m a r k e t i n g seeking Account Directors to join develop and sell widget subsequent analysis, and opportunity here.
initiatives/strategies for SOAPnet their LA office. You’re a creative- sponsorships. preparing and developing reports Mashable has a variety of web
and ABC Daytime in conjunction driven account director who Read more about this concerning strategy and 2.0, application development,
with marketing leadership. Assist thrives on being the go-to-thought opportunity here. VP of evaluation of online video business development, and social
in the development, launch and -leader for your clients. You’re Engineering at Mr. Youth in New campaigns. The incumbent will networking job opportunities
maintenance of a robust social technical and detail oriented but York City. gain practical experience in a available. Check them out at
media strategy for the brands. able to think strategically and The VP of Engineering will play burgeoning industry and develop Mashable’s Job Board.
Collaborate with SOAPnet/ABC present digital marketing a key role in helping to conceive, a set of marketable skills. Got a job posting to share with
Daytime (marketing, promotions, campaigns clearly and with build and oversee the next Read more about this our readers? Post a job to
online, on-air promotions and enthusiasm. evolution of RepNation, a leading opportunity here. Social and Mashable today ($50 for a 30 day
programming) and internal Read more about this word-of-mouth and social media Digital Media Positions at Levick
departments (affiliate marketing opportunity here. Internet platform developed by Mr Youth. Strategic Communications in MASHABLE’S page 42
40 Tech/ Internet News Record

TechCrunch50: Real-time stream is more like a flash flood

By Caroline McCarthy messages, Twitter replies, instant Next in the lineup was Stribe,
( messages, and also "unbound" which is in the same vein as
Submitted at 9/15/2009 5:49:00 PM communications like general Meebo's chat toolbar and Google
tweets and status messages that Friend Connect--in other words,
SAN FRANCISCO--By late aren't necessarily geared to you. something that a smattering of
afternoon on Tuesday, it was "We built Threadsy to pull you established companies are already
getting awfully hot in the back together," CEO Rob trying--adding social-networking
conference venue hosting Goldman told the audience, citing features to any site by adding a
TechCrunch50. Blame it on the the rapidly growing percentage of chunk of code. Stribe can provide
body heat, or maybe the scores of Americans who are using more metrics pertaining to traffic and
laptops humming away. than one messaging client ona engagement, too.
But the air was sure to get a regular basis. Stribe's social network on a
little hotter when it came time for It's got a slick interface, can also page (click to enlarge).(Credit:
the "Social Media Streams" aggregate automated profiles for CNET / Josh Lowensohn)
category of start-ups to present. your contacts' social-network This was another well-designed
The organizers of feeds, and can track Twitter one, but it was met with more
TechCrunch50 decided to save the queries in an almost dizzying skepticism. "I think one of the
last slot on the final day of the visual format. hardest things about these
event (you know, right before "I think Robert Scoble's head networks is actually getting the
everybody starts downing booze was about to explode," conference community to sign up," Facebook
at the cocktail reception) to organizer Jason Calacanis exec Mike Schroepfer said on the
showcase new start-ups that deal commented afterward, referring to panel of judges. Dick Costolo
with Silicon Valley's most hyped the Valley mainstay's near- gently reminded the Stribe team,
niche of the moment: real-time pathological obsession with social "You can do too many things and
social media. As if Facebook and feed aggregation. then it becomes difficult for
Twitter couldn't be dominating Scoble's response was people to understand what they
enough headlines here, there were remarkably pragmatic. should use your product
six start-ups filling up the "I'm just wondering if it has the for...when you try to do a lot of
"stream" category: Threadsy, FriendFeed problem," he said, things at once, it confuses people
Lissn, Radiusly, Stribe, Clixtr, "which means there's not enough posting the question "What would communication problems for as to how they should use it and
and The Whuffie Bank. And the people in the world that care happen if the moon disappeared?" companies and brands that want then they just don't use it."
panel of judges was joined by about aggregating all their friends' and watched comments and to use microblogging and other The fifth company in the lineup
Twitter-savvy rapper social networks," but added that answers roll in. What wasn't social-media tools--many of received a somewhat better
Chamillionaire as a surprise guest. he wanted to try it out as soon as really clear was exactly why which aren't terribly customizable. reaction. Called Clixtr, it's an
Guess what? The judges, some possible. A few of the other anyone would use it, what with A company can build a Radiusly iPhone app (and eventually
of whom have been known to judges raised questions about how Twitter, Facebook statuses, and profile to create a directory of expanding to more handsets) that
drink Silicon Valley hype Kool- Threadsy will make money, various "conversation" trackers official social-network profiles for combines photo-sharing with
Aid as though it were the world's considering inboxes have never out there already. its employees, manage them location awareness, turning the
finest wine, didn't think we been a huge trove for ad dollars. "Why would I leave Twitter to internally, and share media like phone into what CEO Fergus
needed most of these companies. Goldman's answer was a little bit join this?" Scoble asked. Harsh product images and videos for Hurley called "the ultimate social
Oh, boy. convoluted, which this reporter words coming from the guy who marketing and customer service camera." Clixtr's hook is event
Threadsy's CEO Rob Goldman took to mean that Threadsy hasn't loves to rave about the next shiny purposes. photos: The iPhone app lets you
demos the site.(Credit: CNET / quite figured it out yet. thing that streams words across "I think you guys aimed at the browse pictures from geo-tagged
Josh Lowensohn) Up next was Lissn, which your laptop screen. right target but your dart hit the events, send photos instantly to
Threadsy, whose founders appeared to be a combination of a Lissn lets people begin wall and not the target," Scoble other Clixtr users' phones, and
called it "the world's first news aggregator, a chat room, and conversations about whatever said. LinkedIn founder Reid find events near you.
integrated commnications client," a question-and-answer service. they want.(Credit: CNET / Josh Hoffman chimed in, "In a rare "I think that was awesome,"
was the best received of the bunch "Lissn starts with a conversation," Lowensohn) position I agree with much of Schroepfer said, but expressed
by far. It's a messaging client that founder Myke Armstrong said, Lissn was followed by Radiusly, w h a t R o b e r t ( S c o b l e ) w a s
aggregates e-mails, Facebook and then demonstrated the app by which aims to solve scaling and s a y i n g . " O u c h . TECHCRUNCH50: page 44
Internet News Record Tech/ 41

Opera Mini 5 beta browser strikes it rich

By Jessica Dolcourt single line. To address another Because it doesn't access the
( long-overdue fix, Opera now lets Internet directly but delivers
Submitted at 9/15/2009 11:00:00 PM you type directly into a text field. online content through Opera's
In previous versions, clicking a servers, it can't handle network
These days, Mozilla's Fennec field opened up a blank page, limitations like a Wi-Fi sign-in
and the Skyfire browser have where you were prompted to start page. The workaround is to
been stealing all the thunder in the typing before you could return to simply accept the Wi-Fi
mobile browsing space. On the main interface. provider's terms from the phone's
Wednesday morning (that's Opera Mini gets into Opera default browser and then skip
Tuesday night for us in San D e s k t o p ' s S p e e d D i a l s t a r t back into Opera Mini to do the
Francisco), Opera yanked some of screen.(Credit: Opera Software) real browsing. However, this does
it back with the release of Opera Opera Mini's navigation menu disrupt the otherwise fluid
Mini 5 beta for Java phones. received another overhaul in Mini experience. Opera Mini isn't the
Introducing a graphically 5 beta. Opera moved it up to the only one with this issue; Skyfire
enriched layout topside and new top and made it completely icon- (which competes right now with
features below decks, the new based. Press downward (on a D- Opera Mobile, not Opera Mini)
Opera Mini beta browser is pad for a keypad phone) to engage produced the same road block,
snappier, more attractive, and more items, like bookmarks, too.
more advanced than last year's history, settings, and the Find in Apart from these drawbacks,
predecessor, Opera Mini 4.2. Mini Page search tool, a new one for Opera Mini 5 beta is shaping up
5 beta brings over several features Opera Mini. Find in Page has to become a worthy upgrade from
from Opera's desktop browser ( previously been available in Opera 4.2. It showed solid Wi-Fi
Opera 10 for Windows| Mac.) Opera Mobile for Windows and 3G performance during our
Tabbed browsing is among them, Mobile and Symbian phones, but five days of testing (on a Sony
as is a password manager. Each this is the first time Opera has Ericsson W995), and the four
page opens with Speed Dial, a tailored it for Java phones. text, opening the image, and now, Java phones.(Credit: Opera main improvements--Speed Dial,
grid of nine thumbnail images and Also new to Mini, the password for opening content in a new tab. Software) tabbing, Menu, and Password
Opera Desktop mainstay, that you manager works as expected, What's missing We keep hoping that Opera will Manager--can be put to immediate
assign to favorite Web sites and producing a dialog box the first Opera shook out a few features do something interesting with use. Keep it coming, Opera.
can select among to quickly time you log into a site asking if found in Opera Mini 4.2 when it video other than produce klugey You can download Opera Mini
launch a Web page. The Speed you'd like it to remember your developed Mini 5 beta. Skins alternatives like triggering the 5 b e t a f o r f r e e f r o m
Dial view replaces Opera Mini's credentials. You can turn this off were one casualty, as are the phone's media player to play h t t p : / / m . o p e r a . c o m / n e x t .
previous landing page, a tangle of in the Privacy portion of the ability to create a new search them. You still can play video BlackBerry owners will see a
links capped with a search box Settings submenu. engine from any Web site, and within the browser when you visit slightly different version, one that
and URL field. These thumbnail Many additional features carry most importantly, Opera Link. a site like YouTube's mobile site, integrates BlackBerry's context
images make the landing page over from previous Opera Mini The latter is Opera's service for but they won't play from the menus and copy/paste. It also
more meaningful, both in giving versions, including options to syncing your bookmarks and standard An Opera triggers an e-mail message when
users a visual they can instantly view the page as you would from Speed Dial between your various spokesperson told CNET that you click a Mailto: link in a Web
recognize, and creating an easier the desktop versus a mobile view. browsers, like desktop and t h e r e ' s n o c u r r e n t p l a n t o page.
target for users to accurately hit There are also the usual shortcut mobile. Since Speed Dial is such transcode video, especially when What do you think of the new
on touchscreen phones than a keys and support for landscape an elemental part of the new there is a workaround that doesn't beta?
scrawny little link. mode on most phones (not on design, it's almost certain to return strain Opera's development Originally posted at The
While the URL field and search BlackBerrys, unfortunately, an by the final version. Opera says it resources. They're focusing on Download Blog
bars haven't joined together in this ongoing omission). There are also also plans to reinclude customized browser speed and compression
beta as they have in other mobile additional options that pop up in search, and, at some point, the first.
browsers and in most desktop response to long presses on the multihued skins. We've got one more complaint
browsers out there, Opera has at 'select' key or on the touchscreen, Behold: Tabbed browsing for with Opera Mini as a whole.
least consolidated the two onto a like for selecting and copying
42 Tech/ Fashion Internet News Record
Web 2.0 security risks scrutinized continued from page 39
listing) and get it highlighted
By Vivian Yeo ( every week on (in
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:45:00 AM addition to exposure all day every
day in the Mashable marketplace).
Web 2.0 sites that enable people Reviews: Drupal, Mashable, PHP,
to create content are increasingly Twitter
used to carry out a wide range of Tags: careers, jobs, mashable
attacks, according to a new
security study.
Websense's State of Internet
Security" (PDF), released
Tuesday, notes that attackers are
focusing their attention on
interactive Web 2.0 elements.
Some 95 percent of user-
generated comments on blogs,
message boards, and chat rooms
are either spam or contain
malicious links, the security
vendor warned.
"The very aspects of Web 2.0
Footwear Watch:
sites that have made them so Marc by Marc
revolutionary--the dynamic nature Jacobs
of content on the sites, the ability
for anyone to easily create and By blogeditor1 (Material
post content, and the trust that At the same time, sites that police Web 2.0 properties have half of 2008, and 671 percent Interest on
users have for others in their allow user-generated content been "largely ineffective," compared with the same period Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:56:29 AM
online networks--are the same make up the majority of the top Websense noted. The security last year.
characteristics that radically raise 50 most active distributors of company said its research during The security company also With the riotous colors and
the potential for abuse," malware. Over 60 percent of the the first six months of 2009 found that during the first six patterns on the runway at Marc by
Websense said in its report. top 100 Web properties either indicated that community-driven months of 2009, 78 percent of Marc Jacobs yesterday, we were
Web 2.0 sites, the company hosted malicious content or security tools, which enable new Web pages with glad to see the shoes strike a more
added, comprise "many" of the redirected users to malicious sites people to report inappropriate objectionable content such as restrained note—in particular, a
most visited sites on the Internet. without their knowledge. content, on sites including pornography or gambling, few pairs of suede and leather low
The top 100 most visited Web "With their large user base, good YouTube and BlogSpot are 65 contained at least one malicious -tops in neutral tones. As if even
properties, tended to be classified reputations and support of Web percent to 75 percent "ineffective link. Some 77 percent of Web seeing the laces would be too
as social-networking or search 2.0 applications, these sites in protecting Web users from sites with malicious code were much of a distraction, they were
sites. Nearly half, or over 47 provide authors of malicious code objectionable content and security compromised legitimate sites. covered up with panels secured by
percent, of the top 100 Web sites with abundant opportunity to risks." Vivian Yeo of ZDNet Asia crisscrossing leather straps.
support user-generated content. easily reach a wide number of According to Websense reported from Singapore. MATTHEW SCHNEIER Photos:
This is how Websense victims with their attacks," the statistics, the number of malicious Originally posted at News - Marcio Madeira
categorizes the Web and security report continued. sites between January and June Security
risks.(Credit: Websense) Meanwhile, efforts to self- grew 233 percent over the second
Tommy, size XL
By blogeditor1 (Material feet, Tommy Hilfiger's just- clothes—plus custom furniture, MATTHEW SCHNEIER
Interest on opened Fifth Avenue flagship is antiques scored off eBay, and, of Photos: Courtesy of Tommy
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:37:14 AM (as you might expect) the world's course, a motorcycle or two. Hilfiger
largest Hilfiger outpost. How do 681 Fifth Ave., NYC, (212) 223
At four floors and 22,000 square you a fill a store that big? A whole hell of a lot of -1824,
Internet News Record Tech/ 43

TC50: Two new ways to get the news

By Josh Lowensohn stories are then filtered and and interests based on what
( pushed to a front page as well as they've shared in their tweets.
Submitted at 9/15/2009 5:48:00 PM Thoora's category pages. This also happens for trending
One of the things that factors news topics, which makes for a
SAN FRANCISCO--Two new into what ends up on Thoora's more in-depth news-reading
companies are launching products front page is real-time chatter. experience, since you can drill
designed to get the news to users The company tracks how many down on any topic and see things
faster--and from a wider variety news-related tweets there have like recent mentions, related news
of sources. Both are in private been about that topic in the last and links, and a history of how
beta and not yet available to the hour, as well as "Twitter impact," popular it's been in the past few
general public but were demoed which is a percentage of density weeks.
live at the TechCrunch50 about that topic per 500 messages Instant's front page is made up
conference. across all of Twitter over the past entirely of real-time
Thoora is a new tool that hour. It also tracks things like chatter.(Credit: Insttant)
clusters and aggregates news. It blog comments and linkbacks. Related:
offers people a way to track the Thoora tracks hot news topics Yahoo's Delicious adds a little
latest headlines with a simple across a variety of chatter entirely and uses Twitter's public this goes on a front page, which Twitter
ranking tool, ordering incoming networks including blog stream instead. It takes these can be reordered and personalized Full TechCrunch50 coverage
stories by "Web reaction." It uses comments, tweets, and news tweets and turns them into an with topics the user wants to see. Originally posted at Web
a mix of sources, including stories.(Credit: Josh interactive news page that covers One of the service's more Crawler
Twitter messages, blog posts, and Lowensohn/CNET) people, places, and companies, interesting tricks is that it
breaking stories from more Insttant, on the other hand, cuts including a way to track trending automatically creates profile
traditional news outlets. These out traditional news sources topics and user sentiment. All of pages for people containing links

iPhone photo news: tripods and water drop lenses

By Steven Sande (The isn't a "real" macro camera. What damped out before the photo is
Unofficial Apple Weblog if I wanted to take close up snapped. The app is going through
(TUAW)) pictures of a tiny insect or a detail the labyrinthine approval process
of a flower stamen? right now, and will hopefully be
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:30:00 PM
The Apple Press has a great approved by Apple in the near Aviary launches
Filed under: Accessories, little tutorial today on how to take future.
Hardware, Peripherals, Odds and better macro photos with the In the meantime, I'm going to impressive audio
ends, iPhone The iPhone has iPhone using alternative lenses. go out and take some more
made photography fun for me I'll leave reading the post as an pictures and video with my editor, Myna
again. I frankly hated the cameras exercise for our readers, but let it iPhone. What's your biggest wish By Rafe Needleman
I had in some of my other, older suffice to say that you can do a lot for iPhone photography? A (
phones, and I don't like carrying of really cool macro shots with an telephoto lens? A flash? Leave
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:00:00 AM
around my big Canon digicam all iPhone by putting a small drop of your comments below.
the time, so having a fairly water onto the lens. The Apple designed to help you take better TUAW iPhone photo news: Aviary is great at making
capable camera in my pocket has Press also provides a link to photos with your iPhone. The tripods and water drop lenses advanced Web-based artists' tools
opened up my photo-taking Amazon for an inexpensive Blur Tripod($US14.99) consists originally appeared on The that I haven't a hope of being able
horizons again. magnifier that can fit in your of an iPhone tripod adapter, a Unofficial Apple Weblog to fully use. Case in point, the
When I got the 3GS this wallet, perfect for those who are a mini tripod, and an upcoming (TUAW) on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 new audio editor, Myna, that joins
summer, one of my first tests was bit queasy about putting even a companion app called Blur 12:30:00 EST. Please see our the company's suite of graphics
to take some macro pictures using drop of agua on their iPhones. Software that provides an terms for use of feeds. tools like the Phoenix image
the camera. Sure, the 3GS is Meanwhile, the geniuses at adjustable delay to your Read| Permalink| Email this| editor and the Raven vector
better at macro photos than the Mobile Mechatronics are now iPhotography so that all vibrations Comments
original or 3G models, but it still selling an inexpensive product in the iPhone / tripod combo are
AVIARY page 44
44 Tech/ Entertainment Internet News Record

Google Acquires reCAPTCHA Kelly Clarkson on Patrick

By Adam Ostrow (Mashable!) important because plain text can
be searched, easily rendered on
Swayze: 'He Was Just the
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:35:47 AM

You know those boxes with

mobile devices and displayed to
visually impaired users. So we’ll
Nicest Guy'
funky looking letters that are be applying the technology within (ETonline - Breaking News) there and he sought me out. I
becoming increasingly common Google not only to increase fraud Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:43:00 AM thought it was so cool because
on website registration forms, or and spam protection for Google obviously 'Dirty Dancing' is
on Facebook Pages when you products but also to improve our Kelly Clarkson performed a free everyone's favorite film. He was
want to post an update? They’re provided by reCAPTCHA come books and newspaper scanning concert in Los Angeles on just the nicest guy. And I just
called captchas and they’re used from scanned archival newspapers process.” Monday night, where she shared think it’s awesome that you can
primarily to deter spammers and and old books. Computers find it In other words, those 100,000+ her thoughts about the passing of remember someone that’s actually
bots. hard to recognize these words captcha forms are now Google- Patrick Swayze, and opened up classy in the industry. Obviously
One of the biggest providers of because the ink and paper have powered, with the data being used about the blog she wrote he had a big impact on pop
the technology is a company degraded over time, but by typing to improve Google’s ability to criticizing Kanye West for culture."
called reCAPTCHA, and now, them in as a CAPTCHA, crowds digitize old books and newspapers interrupting Taylor Swift's VMA Watch the video to hear the
Google owns them. The search teach computers to read the to make them Web searchable. It acceptance speech. "American Idol" champ discuss
giant just announced on their blog scanned text.” makes a lot of sense, and gives "I just found out two seconds the news that Ellen DeGeneres
that they’re buying reCAPTCHA, And where does that fit within Google yet another strategic ago that Patrick Swayze died, and will replace Paula Abdul as the
which is used on more than the Google portfolio of products? advantage over would-be he was one of the first people that fourth judge on the hit singing
100,000 websites worldwide. Google Books. The company competitors. I met right after I won 'Idol,'" competition.
Why exactly does Google want continues: On the other hand, is this yet Kelly said. "I did this event, and it
to own this technology? For “This technology also powers another example of Google was a private event, and he was
starters, reCAPTCHA has a large scale text scanning projects having too much power on the TECHCRUNCH50:
unique solution. As Google like Google Books and Google Web? Share your thoughts in the continued from page 40
describes: News Archive Search. Having the comments. Reviews: Google
“But there’s a twist — the words Tags: Google, recaptcha some confusion over exactly how
text version of documents is geotagging could sync up to an
in many of the CAPTCHAs
event. Scoble complimented its
continued from page 43
sign-up process, but said "I'm not
sure it causes enough gameplay,
editor. of royalty-free riffs from earlier this year. But Galpert says, "an artist is an or enough something-else that
I have dabbled a bit in Quantum Tracks and a few sound Just because I can, doesn't mean artist," and he wants to make tools gets me into this." He wasn't the
GarageBand and I do some of my effects from other sources. You I should be editing music. But that let creative people work only one to point out that getting
own podcast production work, so can upload your clips to the Myna does make it easy.(Credit: across media, or to create people to use the app would be a
I get the concept in Myna, service as well, and record Screenshot by Rafe remixes. challenge. "I would up the level of
although I'm far from skilled at directly from your computer. Needleman/CNET) Myna is a free app. It's incentive for participation," Reid
editing audio. The app is a multi- However, Aviary co-founder Myna is a "hobbyist's tool now," impressive and it's a ton of fun. It Hoffman said, and added that
track audio editor, and for a Web- Michael Galpert warns that there Galpert admits, but he also says might even be useful. Facebook could easily build
based app it's freakishly capable. are limits: You can only lay in 10 there are pro-level features Aviary won the Webware 100 location-awareness into the photo
It's easy and fast to pop clips and tracks, and total playing time has coming in future releases. I found Technical Achievement award in feature of its mobile apps.
loops into tracks, drag them to be under five minutes. Galpert GarageBand more capable, but 2009. The last company was what
around, apply standard effects and says this is due to limitations in Myna is more approachable. Originally posted at Rafe's Calacanis called "one of our wild-
fades, and then mix the whole Flash, but that Aviary may find I was surprised to see Aviary Radar cards," The Whuffie Bank.
thing down so you can download ways around them in the future. get into the audio-tool business Named after the deplorable term
it as one file. The technology comes from after creating its first five apps, preferred by marketing-buzzword-
Myna comes with a large library Digimix, which Aviary acquired which are for handling graphics. loving social media consultants
everywhere (basically, it's slang
for social capital, a term coined

TECHCRUNCH50: page 45
Internet News Record Tech/ 45

Revised AIM app for iPhone hooks Will the Zune HD Fail
into new Lifestream service Without an App Store?
By Michael Rose (The By Barb Dybwad (Mashable!)
Unofficial Apple Weblog Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:27:24 AM
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:45:00 AM On Tuesday, Microsoft launched
its answer to Apple’s iPod touch
Filed under: Internet Tools, with the Zune HD. And while the
iPhone There's a first time for Zune Marketplace will be offering
everything: while the updated plenty of content in the way of
premium version of AOL Instant music and movies, what it won’t
Messenger for the iPhone [ iTunes be offering is an App Store to
link] was scheduled to arrive later compete with the Apple iTunes they had actually run out of stock
this month, CNET reported that it model. of the Zune HD (see tweet above).
actually went through the Market analysts appear to be That would seem to indicate some
approval process early(no!) and as -supported AIM client for iPhone. $2.99 for the premium AOL client lining up to condemn that plan — nice consumer demand brewing
such it represents the first of the Although you can certainly or even more for Beejive, it or lack thereof. With the wild — either that, or extremely poor
AIM clients to support the new handle multiple social services should have this bit of success of the App Store setting inventory planning. We might
AIM Lifestream multi-service from several Mac apps ( functionality, don't you think? apart Apple’s player (with almost also look to how Nintendo played
status update capability. EventBox, Tweetdeck, [via DLS] 2 billion apps downloaded in a the launch of the Wii to ensure
If you check out the landing MoodBlast), and the iPhone has Note: AOL is the parent little over a year) the argument that it was continually out of
page for the service at multi-chat tools like Nimbuzz and company of Weblogs, Inc. and goes, how can the Zune stand a stock, essentially inflating, you'll be able Beejive, having the flow of TUAW. chance? demand through artificial scarcity.
to update and monitor your posts statuses pouring in for AIM users TUAW Revised AIM app for There are some other head- Is market demand for the Zune
and pictures on Delicious, Digg, will up the ante considerably. iPhone hooks into new Lifestream scratchers involved with the HD really off the charts, or has
YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and We'll keep an eye out for the service originally appeared on device launch as well, from “why Microsoft carefully orchestrated it
Twitter alongside your AIM status official Lifestream launch next The Unofficial Apple Weblog not have the Facebook and to appear so?
(and with your AIM buddies in week. (TUAW) on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 Twitter apps that will be offered What’s your verdict, readers:
the mix). The Mac and Windows Forgot to mention: Can we 09:45:00 EST. Please see our for the device ready at launch?” to will the Zune HD be an also-ran
clients for the service are please, please have an AIM client terms for use of feeds. “why not integrate the Zune without an App Store? Is the Zune
expected on 9/22; it's not known for iPhone that supports group Read| Permalink| Email this| Marketplace with some or all of HD selling like hotcakes, or did
yet when the Lifestream goodness chat? If we're going to pony up Comments what will be going on in the Microsoft low-ball the inventory?
will make its way to the free & ad Windows Mobile Marketplace?” Did you or are you considering
In some ways it almost seems like picking one up? Reviews:
Microsoft is going out of its way Facebook, Twitter
to ignore some obvious synergies. Tags: app store, apple, itunes,
On the flip side, the company microsoft, Mobile 2.0, zune hd,
reported later on launch day that zune marketplace
continued from page 44
by science fiction author Cory ask them to retweet something seemed to think that however cool Hoffman said. "A lot of cool for them to raise your
Doctorow), The Whuffie Bank is you've posted on Twitter. of an idea it might be, it might be things...I think conceptually it's reputation...It seems like you can
a non-profit organization for Note to the Whuffie Bankers: At best if the currency stays in going to be extraordinary fake it."
building a virtual currency around the very least, please choose a science fiction. difficult." And with that, it was happy
online reputation and influence. different name for your "The problem with these kinds "I want to hear in one line, what hour. Or so everyone hoped.
You can then use that currency to organization. "Whuffie" sounds of currencies is you generally do I get?" celebrity judge
pay others with "whuffie," like like something that would happen need some kind of banking Chamillionaire asked. "It seem
tossing a bribe someone's way to in porn movies. And the judges system to regulate them," Reid like you've got to do a lot of work
46 Tech/ Internet News Record

The Cognitive Mismatch Between Newspaper

Execs And Newspaper Readers
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) other local sources first. 45% said
Submitted at 9/15/2009 10:44:00 PM television. 37% said other
regional/national online
I've been having an email debate publications. 35% said radio. I
concerning newspaper business believe a key point of
models with the David Carr of the disagreement between Carr and I
NY Times for PBS' MediaShift, reflects this same sort of issue.
which I believe will be published Carr suggests that there aren't
later this week, so I won't reveal many outlets for people to go to if
too much now. However, the key the newspapers walled up. I
points are that Carr believes argued that there are an immense
paywalls/micropayments make number of options -- and they're
sense and I don't. We've gone growing daily. The problem is if
back and forth on it, and I think you think of the market as being
it's been quite an interesting "newspapers" or "sources that
discussion, but one key point that disconnect between how they they took down their web content, people go to for news." I believe Gimme some sugar,
I keep trying to make is that Carr t h i n k r e a d e r s w i l l r e a c t t o 75% of readers would switch to t h a t i t ' s t h e l a t t e r . M a n y baby: Army of Darkness
seems to think enough people will p a y w a l l s , a n d h o w r e a d e r s t h e p a p e r v e r s i o n o f t h e newspaper people seem to think
pay to make such things a viable themselves actually say they'd newspaper. Meanwhile, readers it's the former. sounds on the iPhone
model. I have trouble believing react to paywalls: If you can't see w h o w e r e a s k e d t h e s a m e Permalink| Comments| Email By Tim Wasson (The Unofficial
this, and some recent research that image clearly (you can click question had only 30% saying This Story Apple Weblog (TUAW))
(highlighted by Steve Outing) on it to get a larger image), they would go to paper sources. Submitted at 9/15/2009 7:00:00 PM
suggests that many newspaper newspaper execs believe that if Above that? 68% said they'd go to Filed under: iPhone, App Store,
execs have a stunningly large

iTwinge: The Keyboard Sleeve That Turns Your iPhone Into a

By Stan Schroeder with real, physical ones. Cool, one translate well to iTwinge. Not to typing errors by 70 – 80%”.
(Mashable!) might think for a split second: I mention the fact that it won’t If you’re interested, bear in
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:35:23 AM can finally type without looking! work particularly well when you mind that it must be plugged into
However, a closer inspection of flip the iPhone over to its side. the iPhone, and it uses some of its
Newsflash: the iPhone doesn’t iTwinge reveals a number of Still, it might be useful in power, but luckily it doesn’t
have a physical keyboard. Does problems. certain situations. For example, if require any software. It works
this mean one has to crammed First of all, it makes your you must write a blog post or a with the iPhone 3G and 3GS and
into (or onto) it at all costs? If iPhone a lot fatter than such a long email, and the only device you can get it for the price of
you’re a former BlackBerry s e x y g a d g e t s h o u l d b e . you have at your disposal is the $29.99.
addict, perhaps it does. Furthermore, iPhone’s keyboard iPhone, iTwinge might come in Tags: iphone, iTwinge,
Enter the oddly named iTwinge, h a s s o m e a d v a n t a g e s o v e r you need it), it gives you a choice handy. According to the keyboard
an iPhone sleeve that does the physical keyboards: it adapts to of typing some alternative manufacturer, “an average user
trick in the simplest of fashions: it different situations (for example, symbols if you press and hold a will improve their speed by 30%
merely covers the software keys the “.com” key is only there when key, etc. None of those will really to 40% and simultaneously reduce
Internet News Record Tech/ Sports 47
continued from page 46
iPod touch, App Review Long most full-featured iPhone app, but
Myna: Garage Band in
before I was an Apple nerd, I was
a horror nerd. More specifically, I
was an Evil Dead/Sam
for the horror fans out there it will
make a great addition to your
iPhone dock.
Your Web Browser
Raimi/Bruce Campbell freak, and The app is free and, as far as I'm By Christina Warren
even maintained a website concerned, essential to every (Mashable!)
devoted to their 1993 masterpiece. iPhone. If you like it, be sure to Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:16:22 AM
Dana White
I'm both surprised and excited to check out the other MGM
see my two obsessions collide in soundboard apps [ iTunes link] Aviary is already well-
established as an online image
Furious at
the form of an iPhone app devoted with audio clips from Robocop,
to Army of Darkness [ iTunes Silence of the Lambs, Fargo and editing suite, but today the Rampage Jackson
link], the third of the Evil Dead Rocky (all free except for Rocky, company is expanding its creative
reach and bringing multi-track By Michael David Smith
series. Sure, some people use their which is $0.99). (FanHouse)
iPhones to be more productive [via iPhone Savior] audio editing to the cloud.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:13:00 AM
and create spreadsheets, but Thanks to Seth for the tip! The service, called Myna, is sort impressed with the speed of the
sometimes you just need a simple TUAW Gimme some sugar, of like Garage Band in your web app. You can playback clips by Michael David Smith
app that screams "shop smart, baby: Army of Darkness sounds browser. You can import audio before dragging them to the time Filed under: MMA Videos,
shop S-Mart!" or "see this? This is on the iPhone originally appeared directly into it, record a track into line, which is really nice. UFC
my BOOMSTICK!" on The Unofficial Apple Weblog the application, or use clips from Check out this video UFC President Dana White says
The app is a simple soundboard (TUAW) on Tue, 15 Sep 2009 one of Aviary’s provided clip demonstration: he's so mad at Quinton
app, consisting of 16 audio clips 19:00:00 EST. Please see our libraries. I’ve always been opposed to "Rampage" Jackson for
from the film that can be played at terms for use of feeds. All audio effects are non- using online audio editing tools, postponing a fight with Rashad
the touch of a button. There's also Read| Permalink| Email this| destructive and you can automate because I haven’t found them to Evans in order to play B.A.
a "slideshow" mode where you Comments fades and pans, modify gain over be robust or fast enough to be Baracus in an upcoming A-Team
can hear all the clips in a row time, loop, stretch and reverse compelling to use. Myna just movie that he isn't even talking to
accompanied by an image audio clips and more. Once might change that, because think him. Video below.
slideshow. It is definitely not the you’ve got your track just the way about how convenient it could be Dana White Furious at
you want it, you can mixdown to to start a project on one computer Rampage Jackson originally
your desktop or publish directly to and pick it up some place else. appeared on Fanhouse MMA
your Aviary account. How do you edit your audio? Blog on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
The entire process takes place What do you think about using 08:13:00 EST . Please see our
inside your web browser (Adobe online editing tools? Reviews: terms for use of feeds.
Flash is required) and the Aviary Permalink| Email this| Linking
interface is both robust and easy Tags: audio editing, Aviary, Blogs| Comments
to use. Anyone familiar with multi Aviary Myna, Myna
-track audio apps will be familiar
with Myna’s layout, and I was

HOW TO: Share Files From Your Hard Drive to Twitter and Facebook
By Barb Dybwad (Mashable!) local hard drive right to Twitter, Besides saving yourself some Do you see yourself wanting to
Submitted at 9/16/2009 5:36:20 AM Facebook, and Myspace. time on uploads and setting up make use of file-sharing from
In other words, unlike other sharing, the new features give you your local drive to your social
Recently we profiled a number services that help you share files a range of options depending on networks? Reviews: Facebook,
of great gadgets for social media with your Twitter followers, you what privacy level you’d like for MySpace, Twitter
lovers, and Pogoplug made the list don’t actually need to upload your files: publicly in your Tags: facebook, file sharing,
for its ease of socially sharing anything to enable sharing. With Twitter stream, or relatively myspace, pogoplug, twitter
local files on your hard drive. the Pogoplug device, the files you privately if you protect your
Today the device takes sharing a want to share already simply live give your friends access to updates, or to match the privacy
step further, by adding quick and on your external hard drive or whatever you like over the web. settings you’ve already enabled
easy sharing of files from your USB thumb drive, and you can on your Facebook account.
48 Tech/ Internet News Record

Bruce Sewell to join

Apple as General Counsel
& senior vice president
By Steven Sande (The expect this to be a seamless
Unofficial Apple Weblog transition."
(TUAW)) Sewell has been responsible for
Submitted at 9/15/2009 10:00:00 PM leading Intel's legal, corporate
affairs, and corporate social
Filed under: Apple Corporate r e s p o n s i b i l i t y p r o g r a m s ,
Apple has a new General Counsel managing a team of attorneys and
and senior vice president on its policy professionals located
executive team. Bruce Sewell, throughout the world. In his new
who held the same position at role at Apple, Sewell and his team
Intel Corporation, will be joining will defend Apple against attacks
A p p l e i n p l a c e o f D a n i e l on the company's intellectual
Cooperman. Cooperman, who has property. We'd like to give Mr.
been General Counsel and senior Sewell one big piece of advice for
vice president of Legal and his new job -- read up on the
Government Affairs for the past Psystar case as soon as you can.
two years, is retiring at the end of TUAW Bruce Sewell to join
September. Apple as General Counsel &
Apple CEO Steve Jobs was senior vice president originally
quoted in a press release as appeared on The Unofficial Apple
saying"We are thrilled to have Weblog (TUAW) on Tue, 15 Sep
Bruce join our executive team, 2009 22:00:00 EST. Please see
and wish Dan a very happy our terms for use of feeds.
retirement. With Bruce's extensive Read| Permalink| Email this|

ReQall gets useful link to Evernote experience in litigation, securities Comments

and intellectual property, we
By Rafe Needleman items you get will be those that $24.99 a year, to use this feature.
( have "Joan" in them or the word I'm most interested in this
Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:00:00 AM "present." And since Evernote addition since I'm a big Evernote
recognizes text in photos you've user, and one of Evernote's
The clever memory jogger stored on the service, you might biggest weaknesses is that it
service and voice-recognizing find related pictures as well. If doesn't have a to-do list manager.
mobile software app ReQall is you have the Evernote app on This isn't quite that, but if you do
getting a link to my favorite note- your phone, when you click on use ReQall for to-dos, now they'll
taking app, Evernote. the related item, ReQall will hook into related topic pages from
The new iPhone version of launch Evernote for that note. Evernote.
ReQall puts a "related items" The Related Items button links The link will be available only
option on all entries. That option you to Evernote and ReQall in the mobile app for the time
will link you to other ReQall entries that share keywords. In the being; the ReQall Web service
entries as well as Evernote items rightmost of these screenshots, the will get the link "soon," CEO
that match up. image items are in Evernote. The Sunil Vemuri told me.
Items are linked by text. If you others are in ReQall.(Credit: Read: More stores about ReQall|
have a ReQall item that says, ReQall) Evernote
"Buy present for Joan," the related You need a pro ReQall account,
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5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook

By Sarah Perez they're just too confusing for most high school, your college, a You're not friends with any of
(ReadWriteWeb) non-tech savvy people to handle. professional organization you these people anymore for a
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:05:57 AM And often, folks don't want to listed, etc. reason, right?
bother to take the time to learn. You can also block certain As it turns out, you can still
When the President of the To simplify the process, we're groups from seeing these sections, enjoy Facebook without some
U n i t e d S t a t e s w a r n s offering five easy steps you can when selecting who can see what too. On any item that offers an folks ever knowing or finding you
schoolchildren to watch what they take today to help make your (or who can't!) when configuring "Edit Custom Settings" option, thanks to the search privacy
say and do on Facebook, you Facebook experience safer, more the security settings described you can click that link to display a settings.
k n o w t h a t w e ' v e g o t a secure, and more private. Step 1: below. pop-up box where you can choose Click on the "Settings" menu on
problem...and it's not one limited Make Friend Lists Step 2: Who Can See What on people or lists to block (see where Facebook's homepage and then
to the U.S.'s borders, either. Yes, it will take some time, Your Profile it says "Except these people"). If click "Search" on the following
People everywhere are mindlessly especially if you're connected to a At the top right of Facebook, you haven't made custom lists as page. You'll be taken to a Search
over-sharing on the world's couple hundred friends already. there's a menu that many people explained in step 1 above, you can Privacy page where you can
largest social network, without a But this step, while not the probably ignore: "Settings." But enter individual names here specify who gets to find you on
second thought as to who's quickest, is fairly simple. And it this menu is now going to become instead.(Sorry, mom, dad, boss - Facebook. Want to be wide open?
reading their posts or what effect will be one of the most useful your best friend. To get started, this is where you get blocked.) Change the "Search Visibility"
it could have on them further things you can do on Facebook. hover you mouse over the Step 3: Who Can See Your drop-down box to "Everyone."
down the road. For example, did Friend lists, like they sound, are Settings menu and click "Privacy Address and Phone Number Want to keep it a little more
you know that 30% of today's lists for categorizing your friends Settings" from the list that Did you list your address and limited? Select "My Networks
employers are using Facebook to into various groups. The nice appears. On the next page, click phone number on Facebook? and Friends," "Friends of
vet potential employees prior to thing about this feature is that "Profile." This takes you to a page While that's a handy feature, you Friends," or "My Networks and
hiring? In today's tough economy, once you set these lists up, you where you can configure who gets may not want everyone you Friends of Friends" instead. Don't
the question of whether to post won't have to do it again. We to see certain information on your friended to have this information. want anyone finding you on
those embarrassing party pics suggest that you put your work profile. To access this configuration page, Facebook? Change it to "Only
could now cost you a paycheck in colleagues and professional Before making changes, think you follow the same steps as Friends." That means only the
addition to a reputation.(Keep that acquaintances into a friend list carefully about the sorts of things above in step 2 to display the people who you've already
in mind when tagging your designated "work," personal you want public and the things Profile Privacy page. You'll notice friended can find you in a
friends' photos, too, won't you?) friends you're not very close with you want private. Should that the page has two tabs at the Facebook search.
But what can be done? It's not into a list called "Acquaintances," "everyone" get to see photos top - click on the one that reads On this page, you can also
like you can just quit Facebook, and people you're related to into a you're tagged in? Or would you "Contact information." configure what information
right? No - and you don't have to list called "Family." Those three like to limit this only to those As previously described above, displays when your info is
either. You just need to take a few main categories will separate out you've specifically chosen as you can again use the drop-down returned as a search result (e.g.
precautions. the groups of "friends" who you Facebook friends? lists provided to designate who your profile picture, your friend
Sponsor may want to hide some Underneath each section on this gets to see what and/or block list, etc.). In addition, you can
Unbeknownst to most information from. page (basic info, personal info, certain people or lists from check and uncheck the boxes for
mainstream Facebook users, the To create a friend list, click on status, etc.), you can designate viewing this information. The network-based searches too. For
social network actually offers a "Friends" at the top of the who gets to see that particular bit sections on this page include "IM example, if you don't want anyone
slew of privacy controls and Facebook homepage. In the left- of information. For anyone not Screen Name," "Mobile Phone," from high school to find you,
security features which can help hand column, click "Friends" using custom lists (see step 1), the "Other Phone," "Current uncheck the box next to "people
you batten down the hatches, so to again under the "Lists" section. best thing to enter here is "Only Address," "Website," and your in high school networks."
speak. If used properly, you'll Now you'll see a button at the top Friends." Anything else opens up email. Step 5: Stop Sharing Personal
never have to worry about that says "Create New List". Click your profile information to people Step 4: Change Who Can Find Info with Unknown Applications
whether you should friend the it. In the pop-up that appears, you you may or may not know. For You on Facebook via Search Remember when we told you
boss and your mom. You can can name your list and pick example, choosing "Everyone" Sick of getting friend requests about what Facebook quizzes
friend anyone you want while members. If you've ever shared an makes that info public, "Friends from old high school pals? While know about you? Using
comfortable in the knowledge that application with your friends, the of Friends" lets your friends' for some the beauty of Facebook Facebook's default settings, you're
n o t e v e r y o n e g e t s t o s e e process of doing this will be very friends see it, "My Networks and is that it lets you reconnect with unknowingly sharing a plethora of
everything you post. familiar. Friends" opens up your info to everyone you ever knew personal information (and your
The problem in implementing When you've finished making anyone in your networks - that throughout your life, others find
these privacy options is that lists, you'll be able to use them means anyone in your city, your this intrusive and annoying. EASY page 53
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Apple Explains How to Use iPhone's New Anti-Phishing

By Sarah Perez update, the new feature didn't don't launch the Safari browser as not to incur any additional data
(ReadWriteWeb) actually materialize until this prior to charging their device - if fees for the end user. But
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:24:15 AM month when the company anything, they close down any launching the browser? We
released the OS 3.1 iPhone/iPod open applications before plugging almost wonder if it wouldn't have
Amid the hubbub over new Touch software. According to in the phone to charge. Poorly made better sense for Apple to
iPods and iTunes' LPs announced A p p l e , t h e a n t i - p h i s h i n g Implemented, Poorly Explained implement the feature in the new
at last week's annual Apple event, protection feature will display an If you follow the above steps, iTunes update instead. The
one feature that was a little under- on-screen warning message when the feature will work. However, desktop software could retrieve
h y p e d w a s t h e n e w " a n t i - you attempt to visit a known most users will never know to do the updated anti-phishing
phishing" protection built into the malicious website. this unless they happen to closely database from the internet upon
iPhone's Safari web browser. The Once the update was released, follow technology news and launch and could then sync it to
added feature, available via an security researchers and other blogs. The general mainstream the iPhone or iPod Touch the next
iPhone software update, warns Apple enthusiasts began testing population - the very demographic time it was plugged in. That
users when visiting fraudulent the new technology. The results Apple so craftily attracts via their would also alleviate another
websites using Safari. This sort of were immediately disappointing. source: he asked Apple. Apple billion dollar marketing common problem with the current
t e c h n o l o g y i s a l r e a d y "I've not been able to get it to Says "You're Doing it Wrong" campaigns - expects things to implementation - if the phone isn't
commonplace on the web, but is block anything," Michael Sutton, Apparently, this was not a case "just work." That is the Apple plugged in long enough, the
r a r e l y s e e n o n t h e m o b i l e vice president of research at of the anti-phishing technology promise, after all. update won't complete and users
platform. security firm Zscaler was quoted being broken. It was a case of Yet even on Apple's own will only be partially protected.
Unfortunately, there seemed to as saying. He had been testing the everyone simply "doing it website where they detail the On the other hand, the inclusion
be a problem with the new feature using known phishing wrong." As it turns out, in order various new features in the OS 3.1 of the database via a sync would
s e c u r i t y f e a t u r e : i t w a s n ' t websites identified by the anti- for Safari's anti-phishing database update, there is no mention as to have ensured that all the data was
working...or at least, so it seemed. phishing database hosted at to update, there are a few how the anti-phishing protection copied over to the phone.
As it turns out, the problem was PhishTank. The Mac Security particular steps that need to be should be utilized. It simply lists In the end, though, Graham
that users weren't informed as to Blog also found after extensive followed, explained an Apple that the feature exists. A helpful Cluley, a senior technology
how to properly activate the anti- testing that it simply "does not spokesperson. After updating the link to a "how to" guide would consultant at Sophos, reminds us
phishing protection, an issue that s e e m t o w o r k . " M a c W o r l d , phone to the OS 3.1 update, users seem appropriate here or, at the that maybe we shouldn't be too
points to a poor implementation however, found that the feature need to do the following: very least, a footnote. hard on Apple. "Many other
of what could and should have worked sometimes, but the • Launch the Safari web Having to perform the smartphones don't offer even the
been a major breakthrough in inconsistency hinted that the browser. somewhat unintuitive steps to get most elementary form of anti-
mobile computing technology. technology was not "ready for • Connect to a Wi-Fi network. the anti-phishing protection phishing protection to their users,"
Sponsor public consumption," they • Charge the iPhone with the feature to function properly seems he says. That may be true but,
The Problem: Anti-Phishing r e p o r t e d . screen off. like an unusual miss for a unfortunately, the way Apple
Protection Doesn't Appear to What gives? Did Apple really The spokesperson added that for company who generally makes chose to deliver their anti-
Function release a broken feature? Were "most users" this process should things simple and straightforward. phishing protection feature means
Although Apple touted the anti- they even aware of the problem? happen automatically when they Why does it need Wi-Fi, for that most iPhone users won't be
phishing protection back in March Blogger Jim Dalrymple of The charge their phone. We would example? Apple claims that the protected either. Discuss
when they announced their 3.0 Loop decided to go straight to the have to disagree. "Most users" Wi-Fi connectivity is required so
Catherine Malandrino's Pierced Leggings
By (ELLE News ‘80s, Madonna-obsessed NYC course). But yesterday, when I —Violet Moon Gaynor
Blog) youth. Back when Betsey Johnson spotted a black pair with silver Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 5:23:00 AM had a children’s line, I’d wear a metal piercings at the Malandrino
different printed Lycra spandex show, I instantly wanted them,
I’m not a leggings kind-of-girl. "skinny pant" every day of the coordinated Reebok hi-tops of badly. Click here to shop the
They remind me too much of my w e e k ( p a i r e d w i t h c o l o r - designer's latest styles.
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Astro Boy Gets the Hollywood-Blockbuster Treatment

By Article: Brian Ashcraft,
Slideshow: Hugh Hart (Wired
Top Stories)
Submitted at 9/15/2009 5:00:00 PM

Astro Boy—the beloved '60s

Japanese anime series—is
launching on the big screen on
October 23! Woo ... wait a
minute. Haven't we been here
before? The Technicolor
hemorrhage that was Speed Racer
recently taught us that anime
doesn't necessarily benefit from
the Hollywood-blockbuster
Astro Boy, however, promises
to be different. For starters, it's
not live-action; it's CG produced
by Imagi Studios, Hong Kong's
version of Pixar. The company's
founder, Francis Kao, not only
secured the movie rights but also
hired the son of Astro Boy creator
(and god of manga) Osamu
Tezuka as a creative consultant. "I sound effect, and we use it a little Sutherland. abstract works inspired the >>
was encouraged to expand on the bit in our movie as an homage." But make no mistake: Astro filmmakers to use simple shapes Cartoon characters with saucer-
universe," says the flick's director, We hear that. Behind the Scenes Boy himself is the star. Created that they then brought to life shaped eyes didn't start with
David Bowers. "But at its core the Slideshow by Osamu Tezuka as a manga through advanced computer anime. In the course of prepping
movie is still faithful to the By Hugh Hart| next image >> comic book character in1951, the lighting, texturing, and modeling the film, Bowers learned that
original." Case in point: Our Get ready for Astro Boy. They boy robot hooked more fans when techniques.| next image >> Tezuka was influenced by
favorite rocket tyke sports a call him the Mickey Mouse of he starred in a 1963 TV series. This pencil sketch captures the Disney's Pinocchio character.
windbreaker and slacks (good-bye Japan, and this fall American Inducted into the Robot Hall of essence of Astro Boy as imagined The sickly green background is
red undies and go-go boots), but audiences will get a chance to see Fame in 2004 and immortalized by director David Bowers, who no surprise: Astro Boy inhabits a
his original powers (x-ray vision the iconic anime character on the on Japanese postage stamps, made Hugh Jackman's animated world in which pollution has
and turbo butt) remain unchanged. big screen in an English-language Astro Boy, complete with a high- rat movie Flushed Away.| next ruined Earth's atmosphere.| next
Even Nicolas Cage, who voices movie. crested haircut, jet-powered boots, image >> image >>
scientist Dr. Tenma, was a stickler The film, set for an October 23 and mighty cannon arms, Renderings were produced by Animators for Astro Boy drew
for accuracy. "The first time we release, features a big-powered commands center stage in director Hong Kong-based animation inspiration from 19th-century
met, Cage went into incredible voice cast, including Freddie David Bowers' adaptation. outfit Imagi Studios. Founder woodblock artist Katsushika
detail about the '60s version, Highmore ( Charlie and the Here's a look at Astro Boy in Francis Kao said, "We worked Hokusai, whose landscapes
including the very specific sound Chocolate Factory) along with the making.| next image >> very closely with Tezuka eliminated visual clutter in favor
Astro's feet make when he walks," Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Production designers developed Productions and with the creator’s of a stripped-down image.
Bowers says. "So we went to the Theron, Nicolas Cage, Kristen the film's look by borrowing from son, Macoto Tezka, to ensure we
Tezuka archive and found the Bell, Eugene Levy, and Donald architect Isamu Noguchi. His got everything right.”| next image
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Could the eBook Version of 'The Lost Symbol'

Outsell the Hardcover Edition?
By Frederic Lardinois currently subsidizes). Sure, you
(ReadWriteWeb) could leave the house and actually
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:26:07 AM walk or drive to a local bookstore,
but you could also get it delivered
Even though some people are to your eReader within seconds Best Virtual-Desktop
seriously asking this question and without ever having to get out
today, the answer is obviously a of your pajamas. It would also be Manager: Compiz
resounding "no." There can be no interesting to see how many of
doubt that The Lost Symbol, Dan these copies end up on iPhones, [Hive Five Followup]
Brown's sequel to the immensely but Amazon doesn't publish these By Jason Fitzpatrick
popular Da Vinci Code, will sell numbers. (Lifehacker)
extremely well on the Kindle and We did, however, get some Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:30:00 AM
may easily turn out to be the interesting data from ShortCovers,
bestselling fiction title on the a small but interesting eBook Last week we asked you to share
Kindle of all time. The fact that vendor who sells books in the your favorite tool for managing
the Kindle edition is currently ePub format and offers a number virtual workspaces, we tallied the
outselling the hardcover edition of mobile apps as well. For results, and you voted on your
on Amazon hints at some of the ShortCovers, the release of The favorite among the top five. This
advantages eBooks have over Lost Symbol meant a 2x increase week we're back to share the
regular books, but there can be no in sales yesterday and the book results of the poll.
doubt that the paper editions of sold more copies in one day than The top five contenders covered
The Lost Symbol will easily the Twilight series did in the last Windows, Mac, and Linux
outsell the eBook version. 2 months. operating systems—there is
Sponsor The demand for eBooks is something for nearly everyone in
Instant Delivery vs. Pre-Orders picking up and is starting to reach the Hive. Because of the diverse
It's almost ludicrous to argue a mainstream audience. Once the nature of the poll we asked you to
that the eBook edition of The Lost them up at their local Barnes & for the Kindle version today and new eReaders from Plastic Logic, vote on which virtual-desktop
Symbol could outsell the Noble, airport bookstore, or most of Dan Brown's fans without iRex, Asus, Sony and others manager you could use if you
hardcover edition. Yes, the eBook grocery store. a Kindle had already ordered become available in the next few weren't constrained by your
version is currently outselling the It's also worth noting that theirs or planned to pick a copy months, the increased competition operating system. With that
hardcover version on Amazon. Amazon had been accepting pre- up at a brick-and-mortar will surely drive prices for direction in mind, you voted
However, with 5 million copies of orders for the book for months - bookstore. A Symbol of Things to eReaders down and adoption rates Linux-based Compiz into a
the hardcover version printed for indeed, the pre-orders kept The Come? up - unless, of course, Steve Jobs' landslide victory followed by Mac
the U.S. market alone, these Lost Symbol in Amazon's Top That said, though, the fact that prediction that nobody wants a -based Spaces and rounding out
numbers simply won't hold, 100 for the last 150 days. If you the eBook version is doing so well single-purpose eReader device the top three with VirtuaWin, a
especially because this is a book own a Kindle, however, you don't shows that eReaders and eBooks turns out to be right. Discuss Windows-based manager.
that will draw in a lot of readers need to pre-order the book as it's are on the right track. The real For more information about the
who don't usually pick up immediately delivered to your killer feature, here, is the instant top five contenders, check out the
hardcover books and don't usually device anyway. Chances are that delivery that eBooks can offer and full Hive Five.
buy books from Amazon but pick there was simply a lot of demand the cheaper price (which Amazon
Street Chic: New York Fashion Week
By (ELLE News Who: Frances Tulk-Hart Photo by Kelly Stuart Daily.
Blog) What: Rugged boots toughen up Think you are Street Chic? E- Follow ELLE on Twitter.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:00:00 AM an expertly draped dress. mail us your photo and you could
Wear: Zero + Maria Cornejo dress, Preen bag appear in's Street Chic
Internet News Record Tech News/ Tech Tips/ 53
Aviary Rocks with Free, Web- continued from page 49
friends' info too!) with various Applications page and delete the

Based,GarageBand-Like Audio Facebook applications and the

developers who created them. The
problem is so bad that the ACLU
apps you're not using anymore.
(Use the "X" to remove them.)
You see, once you authorize an

Editor recently created their own

Facebook Quiz to demonstrate
how much information an app has
application, you're telling it that
it's OK to access any information
associated with your account that
By Jolie O'Dell serviceable variety of audio access to. it requires to work. While some
(ReadWriteWeb) effects, such as pitch shift and It's time to take back control! developers may only pull what's
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:32:32 AM reverb. From the Facebook homepage, actually required, many others
Projects saved online are by hover your mouse over the just pull in everything they can.
Aviary, the free, web-based suite design collaboration-friendly and "Settings" menu and choose Scary, isn't it?
of image-editing apps, is hatching make for great educational tools "Privacy Settings" from the drop- Conclusion
a new addition today: A free, web The very fact that the app has for students and hobbyists. Aviary down list. On the next page, click While this is by no means a
-based audio editor to rival been so long in development sells $25 yearly subscriptions that "Applications" then click the tab comprehensive guide to Facebook
GarageBand and its ilk. c o m p l e t e l y c o n t r a d i c t s t h e allow for some privacy and IP
that reads "Settings" which is next security and privacy, these five
The application, called Myna, "launch early, launch often" protection; non-subscribers must to the "Overview" tab. (Oh, and if steps can help you get started in
will allow users to create and mix mindset; the result is a very save their audio projects publicly you want to really be freaked out, creating a safer, more secure, and
up to 15 tracks of up to 5 minutes polished product. for other users to browse. read that overview!) more private environment on the
in length, composed from "A bunch of artists I've been The app runs fairly lightweight, On this page, you can check and social network.
Aviary's library of 3,000 loops talking to just want to give us as well. "The file size itself ends uncheck boxes next to your However, if you choose not to
and beats and/or user-recorded their stuff," said Galpert, who also up being small. Because of the personal information (picture, take any precautions, then you'll
tracks. Obviously, this is leading said he doesn't see the app storage, we built the technology to education history, wall, religious only have yourself to blame when
to the next logical step: A free, replacing professional audio minimize the size and not kill the views, etc.). This controls what an errant wall post or naughty
online video editor. editors any time soon. "For record servers," said Galpert.
labels, they're interested in using applications your friends are using photo makes its way online and
Sponsor In addition to working on AIR- can see about you. Yes, your straight into Grandma's News
To kick off the Myna launch, our tools on their websites to based desktop versions of all the f r i e n d s ' a p p s c a n s e e y o u r Feed, or worse, your boss's. These
Aviary is staging a remix contest engage fans." Aviary apps, Galpert revealed that
with band Major Lazer. In addition to pulling from the a video editing program is in the personal info if you don't make days, it's better be safe than sorry,
this change! Believe it or not, you so go ahead and delve into those
The project has been underway extensive Aviary library of loops, works. don't have the same control over settings! Discuss
for about a year, according to riffs, and fills, users can record "We plan on releasing a video your own apps. The best you can
c o f o u n d e r a n d p r o d u c t audio of their own, a feature best editor," said Galpert. "But to get d o i s h e a d o v e r t o t h e
d e v e l o p m e n t l e a d M i c h a e l suited to vocal tracks. And though the video right, we needed to get
Galpert, who spoke with us there's currently no input for the audio, as well. As Flash,
yesterday. recording instruments, users can memory, and browsers improve,
"We're excited to see what upload their own audio tracks in we try to be at the front of that
people will do with this," he said. most standard formats. technological curve." Discuss
"It's been a long time coming." The app also offers a limited but

Order a Free Copy of the Consumer Action Handbook [Free] CitySourced

By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:05:00 AM
You can grab a free PDF now, or
have it mailed to anybody.
about anywhere. It's a decent
resource if you're looking for
gives Ranters
The tech-savvy types will
The Consumer Action Handbook probably just want to download a
unbiased answers. Consumer
A c t i o n an iPhone App
is a free government publication, PDF or browse its topics online. If Handbook[ By Dana Oshiro
stuffed with advice on filing you know you've got a lot of via Consumerist] (ReadWriteWeb)
consumer complaints, finding buying and money issues coming
money for college, resolving air up, or you want to help out a reading a dead-tree version, free Submitted at 9/15/2009 8:46:00 PM

travel issues, and much more. friend or relative more prone to copies (up to 10) can be sent just

54 Tech Tips/ TV Internet News Record
continued from page 53
Are you pissed off about take action.
Waze Generates and Reports and Real
potholes, graffiti or broken street
lights? Similar to the Federal
government's efforts with
While programs like Apps for
America and Apps for Democracy
work to crowd source
-Time Traffic Data on Your Phone and Google's recent
Public Sector release,
CitySourced is offering users a
programmer-driven applications,
CitySourced can be utilized by a
non-technical user. In addition to
By Jason Fitzpatrick
chance to take government the decision-making data being (Lifehacker)
matters into their own hands. This generated from this service, cities Submitted at 9/16/2009 6:30:00 AM
year's TC50 third place runner-up, also offer users an active outlet
CitySourced is a crowd pleaser on for their frustrations. Instead of iPhone/Android/Windows
a number of levels. If you're the sending out arbitrary rants and Mobile: Waze turns your GPS-
type of person who writes letters suggestions to their Twitter enabled phone into node in a
to congressmen, editors and accounts, users still get a chance network of real-time traffic
counsillors, you're likely to help to complain while receiving a reporters. As you use Waze you
power this app. direct line to their municipal reps. build maps, get traffic data, and
Sponsor If cities have the courage to make alert other commuters to events
CitySourced offers citizens a these complaints public, the site on the road.
chance to photograph their local could become as entertaining as Waze is focused on bringing
pet peeves directly from their Craigslist's Best Of page while you live traffic information and
iPhones. Users send their pictures still maintaining its usefulness. maps via crowd sourcing. Each
and complaints to their local Discuss phone with Waze installed
municipalities with a couple generates map data and through
clicks. From here, governments user-interaction also providing
are recognize the needs of their information about construction, analyzes the areas you regularly additional information to the maps
constituencies and are forced to traffic jams, and other road- drive in and suggests optimal to help other commuters. Even if
related events important to routes. you don't use Waze on your
drivers. Check out the demo from Waze phone, you can still visit the Waze
Waze also provides turn by turn to get a better feel for how the site and view their live map of
driving directions, which are system works: your area.
adopted in real time based on In addition to the application on Waze is free and requires an
traffic conditions and other your phone, there is also a iPhone, Android, Windows
information in the Waze dashboard system on the Waze Mobile, or Symbian phone.
network—it should be noted web site. There you can flag areas Waze[via jkOnTheRun]
however that Waze currently of the map that need to be edited
doesn't function as a long range or repaired, make changes to the
navigation tool but instead map to correct errors, and add

President Obama to appear on Letterman this Monday

By Brad Trechak (TV Squad) coming Monday, Sept. 21. He is measures. will do for now.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:00:00 AM the sole guest and will take up the Why stop with Letterman? He Filed under: Programming,
full hour of the program. could stay another hour on CBS OpEd, Celebrities, Reality-Free
Writing about this is just asking It is the first time a sitting U.S. and appear on Craig Ferguson. Permalink| Email this| |
for trouble from the more President will be appearing on And why not appear on Leno's Comments
politically extreme, but it's Letterman's CBS show. Obama is new show? Or Conan? Or Jimmy
television news so I'm writing likely trying to promote his new Fallon? Or even Jimmy Kimmel?
about it. President Barack Obama health care reform. Usually a campaign trail for the office. However, the President is likely a
will be appearing on The Late television appearance like this one Desperate times call for desperate busy man and doesn't want to
Show with David Letterman this is reserved for those on the spread himself too thin. Letterman
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Maximize Firefox 3.5's Viewing Area for Your Netbook

By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) /* remove new tab button next to
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:00:00 AM last tab */
.tabs-newtab-button {display:
Your netbook's screen is tiny and none !important}
processor less than mighty, so you Remove the search box's
want to maximize the web page magnifying glass. You can just hit
viewing area without any the Enter key to execute a search
performance-killing Firefox from Firefox's search box, so the
extensions. Here's how to magnifying glass "go" button is
consolidate Firefox 3.5's chrome just unnecessary eye candy. With
for your Windows or Linux-based your address bar up on the same
netbook. level as the menus, you want as
Even if you don't have a much horizontal space for typing
netbook, these modifications still search terms and web site
work if you want to consolidate addresses, so it makes sense to
Firefox 3.5's chrome on your kill the magnifying glass. Here's
regular PC. the userChrome.css bit that will
(This whole Firefox do just that.
consolidation undertaking sound /* remove magnifying glass from
familiar? For longtime readers, it search box */
should be. Way before netbooks .search-go-button { display:
got hot, we consolidated Firefox 2 none !important}
back in 2006, and then Firefox 3 Remove and combine disabled
with the help of Stylish in 2008. buttons. When there's no page to
This version addresses a few go back to or forward to, nothing
Firefox 3.5-specific items and loading to stop, or nothing loaded
clears out the clutter sans add- web page viewing area and Firefox's chrome without using an With Firefox closed, open the t o r e f r e s h , a l l t h o s e
ons.) declutter Firefox's chrome. add-on like Stylish, you edit a file userChrome.css file and append buttons—back, forward, stop, and
Here's what Firefox 3.5 looks Relocate the navigation toolbar, called userChrome.css, which is whatever CSS bits listed in this reload—just sit there, greyed out,
like by default (on my Eee PC buttons, and search box to the stored in your Firefox profile article you want to apply. If a doing nothing but taking up space.
running Windows XP). Click to menu bar. To get this done, right- directory. This file is user-specific userChrome.css file doesn't exist, You want as much horizontal
view actual size. click on Firefox 3.5's toolbar and and you can easily copy it from save userChrome-example.css as space as possible, so you can hide
There's quite a bit of whitespace choose Customize. From there, one Firefox installation to userChrome.css. disabled (useless) back and
on Firefox's chrome just asking to drag and drop elements on the another. Here's where Windows Got your userChrome.css file f o r w a r d b u t t o n s , a n d e v e n
get utilized more efficiently. You lower toolbars to the menu bar, and Linux netbook users can find open and ready for modifications? combine the stop and reload
can trim the highlighted areas in and check off "Use small icons." userChrome.css. Let's declutter. button to make a dual-use single
the image below from Firefox (That will flatten the fat "keyhole" Windows XP Remove Firefox 3.5's new tab button. Here's the userChrome.css
3.5's interface: back button.) Hit play for a 30- C:\Documents and button. Tab bar space is at a code that will do just that.
After a little toolbar second demonstration of the Settings\[User Name]\Application premium on your netbook, and /* combine stop and reload
rearrangement and interface process (featuring old-school Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx you already use the Ctrl+T buttons */
decluttering, here's what Lifehacker design). xxxxx.default\chrome\ keyboard shortcut to open a new #stop-button[disabled] { display:
consolidated Firefox 3.5 looks Trim unnecessary interface where xxxxxxxx is a random tab—so you don't need the new none }
like. You can see that a whole doodads with userChrome.css. string of 8 characters. (and kind of annoying) Firefox #stop-button:not([disabled]) +
other Lifehacker post fits into the Just like you can style web pages Linux 3.5 new tab button. Add this bit to #reload-button { display: none }
viewport after the consolidation. with CSS, you can also style userChrome.css to kill that button /* don't show back or forward
Click to view actual size. Firefox's chrome. In order to ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.defau and make room for more open
Here's how to maximize your modify certain aspects of lt/chrome/ tabs.
MAXIMIZE page 56
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continued from page 55
Front Row Designer Devotion
buttons if there's nothing to go into your userChrome.css, and display: none } By (ELLE News
back or forward to */ restart Firefox. # f o r w a r d - Blog)
#back-button[disabled="true"] { /* remove new tab button next to button[disabled="true"] { display: Submitted at 9/15/2009 8:57:25 PM
display: none } last tab */ none }
# f o r w a r d - .tabs-newtab-button {display: How do you customize M odel/actress Devon Aoki
button[disabled="true"] { display: none !important} Firefox—or any other app, for arrived at Rad Hourani's spring
none } /* remove magnifying glass from that matter—on your netbook? 2010 runway show wearing a pair
Optional: Hide bookmarks bar. search box */ Let this newbie netbooker know of sexy sequined, slashed pants by
A lot of my web work depends on .search-go-button { display: in the comments. (For more the designer. In an unexpected
easily-accessible bookmarklets, so none !important} userChrome.css fun, see our list uptown-meets-downtown twist,
I did not hide my bookmarks bar, /* combine stop and reload of functional Firefox user styles.) she paired the tough-as-nails
but others who don't feel the same buttons */ Gina Trapani, Lifehacker's trousers with an Armani corset.
can gain more vertical space by #stop-button[disabled] { display: founding editor, likes her Firefox There’s no denying Aoki looked
doing just that. From the View none } pared down on her netbook. Her like the chic poster-child for line, Rad by Rad Hourani, will be
menu, Toolbars, uncheck #stop-button:not([disabled]) + weekly feature, Smarterware, H o u r a n i ’ s b r a n d o f e d g y available online in November.
androgynous cool, but what do —Violet Moon Gaynor
"Bookmarks Toolbar." #reload-button { display: none } appears every Wednesday on Follow ELLE on Twitter.
All the CSS in one shot /* don't show back or forward Lifehacker. Subscribe to the you think about wearing a
designer’s clothes front row at Photo: Kelly Stuart
To get all these changes in one buttons if there's nothing to go Smarterware tag feed to get new
fell copy-and-paste swoop, grab back or forward to */ installments in your newsreader. their show?
them from here and drop them #back-button[disabled="true"] { Rad's equally-chic lower-priced

Bring thin clients to the home

(CNET of PCs of all stripes with locally give you a standard desktop company that offers what it calls anything approaching a
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:47:00 AM installed and administered image along with a profile that Desktops-as-a-Service. widespread way.
software. And this, to basically could be personalized (including Essentially, it sells software that Such a service wouldn't be for
I visited my dad in Maine over look at photos, play solitaire, and your desktop background) and enables enterprises and service everyone--or even most. Many are
the weekend and, as is often the read e-mail through a browser. space for your user data. They'd providers to build a hosted more than willing to trade off the
case, part of the weekend was The frustrating thing to me is back up the whole thing and desktop infrastructure. sometimes frustrating
devoted to "IT administration," that we basically know how to would be able to restore to the Service providers can then resell complexities of a full-fledged PC
a k a a t t e n d i n g t o P C s a n d deal with this problem. It just isn't standard desktop image in the these hosted desktops to others. for the flexibility it brings.
associated gadgetry. implemented in anything event of problems. For example, in April Desktone (Although I do wonder if it
While some of the time approaching a widespread way. The thin client doesn't even announced a deal with ICC wouldn't be interesting for a
involved transferring photos It's also an approach that various need to be a desktop. Mobile thin Global hosting around offering supplemental device intended
among various devices, a decent people have been bringing up off clients are also readily available. cloud-based virtual hosted primarily for browsing even in a
chunk was devoted to working on and on for years. Take this article It would have no local storage-- desktops based on the Desktone house with one or more PCs.)
a PC whose operating system had by Rupert Goodwins from ZDNet that is, no local hard disk to crash. Virtual-D Platform to But it does seem to me as if the
decided to irretrievably corrupt in 2004. There are various wrinkles that organizations in the academic, cable and telecommunications
itself somehow, requiring a fresh This solution is delivering a service providers would need to public sector, and mid-tier companies have fallen down when
rebuild. And, yes, it was Windows hosted desktop over broadband to work out--such as dealing with business markets. it comes to offering what could be
--Windows XP to be precise--but a client device offered as part of additional applications that users So hosted desktops, which you a very useful service for many.
please don't try to tell me that this an ISP's service. In other words, might want to install and drivers can think of as a cloud-computing And, not incidentally, one they
sort of thing never happens with for some additional monthly fee, for locally attached USB devices -oriented implementation of could charge an additional fee for-
your favorite OS of choice. you'd rent a thin client from such as printers. virtual desktop infrastructure -something that they're never shy
This story isn't about Windows; Comcast or Verizon just as you But we, as an industry, know (VDI) are real. They just haven't about doing.
it's about the inherent complexity can rent a DVR today. They'd how to do this. Desktone is one made it out to consumers in
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PC shipments still have that sinking Zito stops Rockies as

feeling Giants cut wild-card lead
By Associated Press We're not going to trail. We've
(CNET percent. toward thin, light laptops using ( still got a lead. But the
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:05:00 AM However, the growth in CULV(consumer ultra-low Submitted at 9/15/2009 11:37:37 PM opportunity of having a cushion
portables came at a cost. voltage) processors will limit the versus giving it back -- that's what
It's still dog days for those in the Traditional laptops saw shipment market share of Netbooks, Rockies Nervous? tomorrow is all about."
business of making and selling growth of 13 percent for the boosting the value of overall PC With the Giants creeping up on Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki:"I
PCs. quarter, but the financial value of shipments. the Rockies in the NL wild-card mess around with our trainers all
Global PC shipments fell 2.4 those shipments declined 6 "Although mininotebooks have chase, is Colorado feeling the the time and I say, 'We don't want
percent in the second quarter of percent. hurt margins of traditional heat? Here's their take: to run away with this thing. We
the year compared with the same Netbooks proved the most notebooks, we can expect Manager Jim Tracy:"Here's the want to play meaningful games all
quarter last year, and the value of popular, with shipments rising Ultrathin Notebooks based on deal. Here's our situation. It's very the way through because come
those shipments dropped 19.1 almost 25 percent, from 5 percent new low voltage processors from simple. It's black and white. playoff time, that's what we're
percent over the same period, a year ago. But again, this trend Intel and AMD to somewhat stem There's no gray. There's no going to have to do anyway, and I
according to a report released brought down overall value, with the tide," said Jay Chou, research m i d d l e a r e a . W e ' v e g o t a n think that helps.' So I like where
Wednesday by IDC. Netbooks costing around $400 analyst for IDC's Worldwide opportunity to win a game in this we're at, that we're keeping it
Desktop shipments dropped 17 c o m p a r e d w i t h $ 9 0 0 f o r Quarterly PC Tracker. series, which is something that close and not running away with
percent for the quarter as more t r a d i t i o n a l l a p t o p s . Over the longer haul, shipments we're obviously striving for, and this thing." Do the trainers like
and more people continue to opt IDC sees better times ahead, of portable PCs should rise 17 you move on and you're 3½ that kind of talk? "No, they don't
for portables, according to IDC's expecting the market to improve percent on average through 2013, ahead. Or you lose and you're 1½ like to hear that," a laughing
Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker for both unit growth and value. delivering 11 percent growth in ahead and then everything's up for Tulowizki said.
report. Consumer laptops and Desktop volume is forecast to be total PC shipments and close to 5 grabs. I'm not sitting here saying --Jayson Stark
Netbooks accounted for the only flat in 2010, but portable PCs will percent in the value of those to anybody that we're trailing.
b r i g h t s p o t , w i t h o v e r a l l grow 16.5 percent, said the report. shipments.
shipments growing 44 percent The Netbook market will
over a year ago from a low of 28 continue to rise. But the trend

Modern Warfare 2 limited edition Xbox 360 revealed

(CNET and an Xbox 360 headset. regarding specialty products
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:51:30 AM The Modern Warfare 2 console designed specifically for Sony's
is black and features a prominent console or the PC.
The new Modern Warfare 2 "2" on the face of the device. The limited edition Modern
X b o x 3 6 0 . ( C r e d i t : M a j o r Elsewhere on the product are Warfare 2 bundle is available for
Nelson/Microsoft) different markings from the game. pre-order now. It costs $399 and
Microsoft and Infinity Ward An Infinity Ward spokesman said will be released on November 10-
announced a limited edition Call i n a p r o m o t i o n a l v i d e o o n -the same day Call of Duty
of Duty Modern Warfare 2 bundle Microsoft's site that his company's Modern Warfare 2 hits store
in Los Angeles on Tuesday. vision with the console design shelves.
The bundle features a limited was to "make it look like a piece Although the limited edition PlayStation 3 and PC. So far, Check out Don's Facebook
e d i t i o n X b o x 3 6 0 M o d e r n o f m i l i t a r y e q u i p m e n t . " console is exclusive to the Xbox n e i t h e r I n f i n i t y W a r d n o r profile, Twitter stream, and
Warfare 2 console, a copy of the According to the company, every 360, Modern Warfare 2 will also Activision, the game's publisher, FriendFeed.
g a m e , t w o b l a c k w i r e l e s s marking "has meaning to the b e m a d e a v a i l a b l e o n t h e has made any announcements
controllers, a 250GB hard drive, game."
58 Tech Reviews TV Internet News Record

Curb Your
Enthusiasm, season
seven -- An early look
By Jonathan Toomey (TV
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:02:00 AM

The beauty of Curb Your

Enthusiasm has always been its
roots. Born from the mind of a
man who launched a show about
nothing, Curb is little more than
an edgier version that's still...
about nothing. It only makes
sense that one day we would
witness the colliding vortex
created by those two masses of
nothingness and that day has

Aviary launches impressive audio editor, Myna finally arrived. Well, almost.
Season seven of Larry David's
Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres
(CNET track audio editor, and for a Web- tracks, and total playing time has Myna is more approachable. on HBO this Sunday night,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:00:00 AM based app it's freakishly capable. to be under five minutes. Galpert I was surprised to see Aviary September 20, at 9 p.m. ET and
It's easy and fast to pop clips and says this is due to limitations in get into the audio-tool business having seen the first three
Aviary is great at making loops into tracks, drag them Flash, but that Aviary may find after creating its first five apps, episodes, I'll say this about the
advanced Web-based artists' tools around, apply standard effects and ways around them in the future. which are for handling graphics. long-awaited Seinfeld reunion -
that I haven't a hope of being able fades, and then mix the whole The technology comes from But Galpert says, "an artist is an it's real and it's spectacular.
to fully use. Case in point, the thing down so you can download Digimix, which Aviary acquired artist," and he wants to make tools Continue reading Curb Your
new audio editor, Myna, that joins it as one file. earlier this year. that let creative people work Enthusiasm, season seven -- An
the company's suite of graphics Myna comes with a large library Just because I can, doesn't mean a c r o s s m e d i a , o r t o c r e a t e early look
tools like the Phoenix image o f r o y a l t y - f r e e r i f f s f r o m I should be editing music. But r e m i x e s . Filed under: OpEd, Curb Your
editor and the Raven vector Quantum Tracks and a few sound Myna does make it easy.(Credit: Myna is a free app. It's Enthusiasm, Early Looks, Episode
editor. effects from other sources. You S c r e e n s h o t b y R a f e impressive and it's a ton of fun. It Reviews, Reality-Free
I have dabbled a bit in can upload your clips to the N e e d l e m a n / C N E T ) might even be useful. Permalink| Email this| |
GarageBand and I do some of my service as well, and record Myna is a "hobbyist's tool now," Aviary won the Webware 100 Comments
own podcast production work, so directly from your computer. Galpert admits, but he also says Technical Achievement award in
I get the concept in Myna, However, Aviary co-founder there are pro-level features 2009.
although I'm far from skilled at Michael Galpert warns that there coming in future releases. I found
editing audio. The app is a multi- are limits: You can only lay in 10 GarageBand more capable, but
Internet News Record Tech Reviews Apple 59

Tesla raises $82.5 million for new Nano Ad Screen Goofs?

By Chris Ryan (TheAppleBlog)
retail stores Submitted at 9/15/2009 1:00:17 PM

(CNET With the new iPod nano

Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:16:00 AM featuring a built in video camera,
Apple’s latest commercial really
Tesla Motors in Los Angeles, highlights how easy it is to use.
Calif.(Credit: Tesla Motors) Entitled “ Nano Shoots Video,”
Tesla Motors has garnered the spot makes it look super easy
$82.5 million in "Series F" and trendy to shoot video, but
funding for the purpose of correctly (indicating it was added
does the commercial really tell the after the fact, something Apple
expanding its chain of stores in truth?
North America and Europe. actually admits in fine print at the
Looking at the structure of the end of the spot). At first, I just
The deal was first announced iPod nano, the camera is actually
Monday by participating investor thought this was a result of
found in the lower left corner of motion blur, but going frame by
Fjord Capital Partners. Tesla the backside. For some, this
Motors then confirmed the deal to frame, it’s fairly inconsistent
would be be a bit awkward when throughout the entire piece.
several news outlets on Tuesday. holding it, to ensure not covering
Daimler, already a 10 percent The very last scene of the
up the camera. commercial showcases all of the
investor in Tesla, and Abu Dhabi Generally speaking, Apple’s
fund Aabar Investments also nanos in a row. Here is another
commercial takes this into example of where the video shifts
contributed to the fund. account, with careful positioning
The California-based electric- inside the blue nano as it is added
of holding the iPod. But in reality, to the group. Look at the vertical
vehicle manufacturer has had is the location of the camera the
stores in Los Angeles and Menlo alignment of the video. As the
maintain full retail control over its also follows the unveiling of best possible place? For those of nano comes into the frame, it’s
Park, Calif., for some time. It cars and brand, Tesla announced Tesla's production model of the you who have already purchased
recently opened stores in New more aligned towards the bottom
in early September. Model S sedan, as well as a tuner one, what are your thoughts? A of the iPod and when it sits into
York, Chicago, Miami, London, Tesla Motors in Menlo Park, version of its Roadster, at the Few Goofs?
Seattle, and Munich. It has plans place, it becomes centered (most
Calif.(Credit: Tesla Motors) 2009 Frankfurt auto show this We know Apple’s award obvious when you compare
to open a store in Monaco before "Tesla takes its showroom cues week. winning ad campaigns are
the end of the year, and has said frames 1 and 2 to frames 3 and 4).
from Apple, Starbucks and other The prototype of the Model S creative, inspirational and very Another interesting catch is
it's scouting for locations in customer-focused retailers. Tesla was unveiled in March as a way memorable. (How many of you
Washington, D.C., and Toronto. around 19 seconds in when the
stores provide a welcoming spot to augment Tesla's lineup with a have bought songs on iTunes guy who is moonwalking is being
But don't call them dealerships. to surf the Web, test drive cars more "economical" option to its because they were featured in an
Because the electric cars are filmed by an iPod nano that is
and learn more about Tesla, the Roadster luxury sports car. The iPod commercial? Consequently, being held up by just a thumb.
light on service work, and don't only production automaker selling Model S is expected to cost this song in the latest ad is called
need things like oil changes, Tesla Have you noticed anything like
highway-capable EVs in North around $50,000--about half the Bourgeois Shangri-La, by Miss this in Apple’s ads before? If
plans to forgo the traditional America or Europe," Tesla said in cost of the Roadster. Li.)
dealership/service business model you’ve bought the new nano, is
statement. Sometimes though, a close look this commercial a realistic
of yesteryear's car industry. News of the latest funding deal at the commercials can reveal a
Instead the company plans to representation of the video
bit about how they are made, and quality, color accuracy and the
show a few goofs. For example, like? I’d love to hear what you
look close at the screen grabs think.
from this commercial below.
You’ll see things like video that
isn’t quite centered on the screen
60 Apple Internet News Record

Retro Gaming Roundup: 40 iPhone Games to Take You Back

in Time
By Andrew Bednarz Price:$4.99 iTunes Price:$5.99
(TheAppleBlog) Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Adventures Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:11:26 AM iTunes The classic point and click iTunes
Missile Command adventure games let you guide Flight of the Amazon Queen
There are few iPhone games that Release Year: 1980 your character around a scene, Release Year: 1995
I will immediately buy. Most of Original Platform: Arcade interacting with computer Original Platform: Amiga, PC
the ones I do, however, are the Price:$4.99 characters and objects by either Price:$4.99
classic games I played as a Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, entering text or clicking on action Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
teenager. iTunes words. Sierra and Lucas Arts were iTunes
The iPhone/iPod touch is more PAC-MAN the kings of this genre until the Shooters
than powerful enough to handle Release Year: 1980 3D graphics revolution when they The memories of borrowing my
these games and it seems that Original Platform: Arcade seemed to die out. Myst took a school’s greyscale brief-case
there are many people like me Price:$5.99 different take on the genre while sized 386 for the weekend to play
who are keen to experience these Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, InfoGames was one of the the shareware version of
classics again. So, here’s a iTunes original companies where text Wolfenstein 3D are still with me.
roundup of modern ports of Ms. PAC-MAN adventures all started (Frotz is an It started a new era of gaming can
classic games. Only official ports Release Year: 1981 open source interpretor of text now be fondly relived on the
of classic games are detailed here Original Platform: Arcade adventure games and includes the iPhone. Duke Nukem 3D is
— clones and the like do exist but Price:$5.99 M.I.T version of Zork). Zork another old favorite, athough ID
I had to draw a line in the sand. Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, (available in Frotz) was clearly the leader. Wolf 3D
I’ve also included links to iTunes Release Year: 1977 Release Year: 1992
Wikipedia for those interested in Galaga Original Platform: DEC PDP-10 Original Platform: PC
the history of the games. Classic Release Year: 1981 Price: Free Price:$1.99
Arcaders Original Platform: Arcade Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
The Video Arcade is where Price:$4.99 iTunes iTunes
mainstream gaming began, and Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Mystery House Duke Nukem 3D
there are plenty of original ports iTunes Original Platform: Arcade Release Year: 1980 Release Year: 1996
from this era to re-live your youth Frogger Price:$1.99 Original Platform: Apple II Original Platform: PC
shoving coins into cabinets. I’d Release Year: 1981 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Price:$5.99 Price:$2.99
still like to see BubbleBobble Original Platform: Arcade iTunes Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
make an appearance here to Price:$1.99 Space Ace iTunes iTunes
completely satisfy my urges. Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Release Year: 1984 Secret of Monkey Island Platformers
Space Invaders iTunes Original Platform: Arcade Release Year: 1990 While the original jump’n'run
Release Year: 1978 Dig Dug Price:$4.99 Original Platform: Atari ST, platformer Super Mario Bros isn’t
Original Platform: Arcade Release Year: 1982 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Macintosh and PC available (yet?), Sega’s main
Price:$4.99 Original Platform: Arcade iTunes Price:$7.99 competition Sonic The Hedgehog
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Price:$4.99 Time Crisis Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, is, as well as other classic
iTunes Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Release Year: 1995 iTunes variations of platform games
Super Breakout iTunes Original Platform: Arcade Simon The Sorcerer (including hack’n’slash
Release Year: 1978 Pole Position Price:$5.99 Release Year: 1993 platformers like Golden Axe).
Original Platform: Arcade Release Year: 1982 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Original Platform: PC Golden Axe
Price:$1.99 Original Platform: Arcade iTunes Price:$4.99 Release Year: 1989
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Price:$2.99 Alpine Racer Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Original Platform: Arcade
iTunes Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Release Year: 1995 iTunes Consoles (Sega System 16)
Centipede iTunes Original Platform: Arcade Myst Price:$4.99
Release Year: 1980 Q*Bert Price:$1.99 Release Year: 1993
Original Platform: Arcade Release Year: 1982 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Original Platform: Mac RETRO page 61
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iTunes UI: Deconstructing 8 to 9

By Chris Ryan (TheAppleBlog) “adding to shopping cart” versus specific episodes. When syncing
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:31:25 AM buying with Amazon’s licensed 1- photos, users can take advantage
Click technology. Added is an of the iPhoto ‘09 Faces and Places
The one thing many people did option to use the full window aspect to sync photos of particular
not expect with a new version of when browsing the iTunes Store. people or a particular place. Many
iTunes was that Apple would use iTunes 9 Store Preferences of these areas also provide a
the opportunity to cause dissent iTunes 8 Store Preferences search field, making it easier to
among its fanbase by introducing Browsing Content quickly narrow down and select Jay Leno's set
another new user interface. Some Browsing content within iTunes the specific content you’re
classify the new styling as has also received a refresh. While looking for. reminds me of ...
“ n e e d e d ” a n d “ e l e g a n t a n d browsing music in List Mode, the Syncing TV Shows By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
r e f i n e d ” w h i l e o t h e r s h a v e artists have been grouped along Syncing Ringtones
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:29:00 AM
resorted to a variety of hacks to the left, making it easier to narrow Syncing iTunes U
return to the UI of yesteryear. down your selection rather Syncing Music Watching The Jay Leno Show
We’ve gone through every quickly. them a more glossy, shiny three Syncing Photos
dimensional look. The toolbar has the other night, I was trying to
corner of iTunes we could find iTunes 9 Music List Mode The biggest feature in the figure out what his set reminded
and dug up all of the major When browsing in Grid View, also been realigned, removing the redesigned sync options is the
‘View’ label and moving the ability to organize your iPhone me of. Not the main stage where
changes in the interface. Here’s the first thing you will notice is he does his monologue or the area
what we found. Welcome to that the dark black background is ‘Search’ label instead the Search and iPod touch apps directly
field. The information area has within iTunes. Check the ones where the band plays (which is so
iTunes 9 gone and now albums are far away it seems like another zip
The first thing many noticed is scattered amongst an off white also been updated, providing you wish to add, highlight to
more useful information during select them and drag them to code), I'm talking about the chairs
that iTunes 9 now launches with a background. Badged content, such where he interviews his guest.
Welcome to iTunes screen, as Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U syncing and downloading of whichever home screen you
content from the iTunes Store desire. Selecting multiple apps is Leno made a big deal about how
offering quick links to videos and Movies feature blue badges he wouldn't have a desk, as if
showcasing some of iTunes instead of the original red. Gone (such as time remaining). a cinch and moving them between
iTunes 9 also brings about many home screens is equally easy. that's innovative (and it's not true
features. Similar to apps like from this view are the tabs to sort either - he uses a desk for
iPhoto and iWeb, users can content within an area (such as refreshed icons, including many Syncing Apps Everything Else
of the icons in the sidebar. "Headlines"), and the chairs and
disable this by ticking a checkbox. Music) by Albums, Artists, Upon a user’s first visit to a end tables he's using remind me
iTunes Preferences Genres and Composers. This can Specifically, playlist icons have section, such as creating a new
gotten the most attention, while Playlist, or visiting the Podcast of something.
iTunes Preferences also featured be re-enabled via the View menu. has it all figured
a few notable changes, ITunes 9 Podcasts TVs, Movies, Audiobooks, and area, they are greeted with a new
Applications have seen slight UI that discusses how that out: it's an airport!
specifically adding support for Cover Flow view is pretty much Filed under: Reality-Free, Jay
grouping iTunes U content. the same, with the refining of the refreshes as well. particular concept works.
Syncing Leno
iTunes 9 General Preferences “full screen” icon. iTunes 9 New Playlist Permalink| Email this| |
iTunes 8 General Preferences iTunes 9 CoverFlow Syncing is by far the area that While this overview is fairly
received the most attention in this exhaustive, there are likely many Comments
Parental Control also received a The iTunes 9 Equalizer also
new icon (matching the icon in received a refresh, styling the revision. Specifically, users now other features that users will
Snow Leopard) as well as some control knobs with blue accents. have the ability to sync content continue to discover. If there’s
more selectively. When choosing one we’ve missed, please use the
continued from page 60
slight rewording. iTunes 9 Equalizer
iTunes 9 Parental Controls iTunes 8 Equalizer Icons & a TV show, for instance, they can comments to let us know! Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
iTunes 8 Parental Controls Buttons sync specific seasons or specific iTunes
Removed from iTunes 9 are Buttons and displays in iTunes 9 episodes. When syncing a Rick Dangerous
references in the Store section to have been overhauled to give podcast, they can choose to sync Release Year: 1989
Street Chic: New York Fashion Week Original Platforms: Amiga,
Amstrad CPC, Atari ST,
By (ELLE News ensemble lets her statement Daily. Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum,
Blog) necklace stand out. Follow ELLE on Twitter. DOS
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:59:07 AM Photo by Kelly Stuart Price:$1.99
Think you are Street Chic? E- appear in's Street Chic
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62 Apple Internet News Record
continued from page 61
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, 400/800, Apple II, MSX, ZX
Apple Negotiating Deal
Sonic the Hedgehog
Release Year: 1991
Sim City
Release Year: 1988
Spectrum, Commodore 64,
With Second Chinese
Original Platform: Sega Mega
Drive / Genesis
Original Platforms: Amiga, Mac
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage,
Crystal Quest
Cell Carrier
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, iTunes Release Year: 1987 By Liam Cassidy
iTunes Civilization Original Platform: Apple Mac (TheAppleBlog) apparently negotiations hit a
Streets of Rage Release Year: 1991 Price:$0.99 Submitted at 9/15/2009 2:05:02 PM roadblock over Apple’s business
Release Year: 1991 Original Platform: PC Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, model which, at that time, was
Original Platform: Sega Price:$4.99 iTunes No one said Apple’s partnership based around revenue-sharing. In
MegaDrive / Genesis Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Pinball Dreams with China Unicom is exclusive, November 2007, speaking at the
Price:$4.99 iTunes Release Year: 1992 right? It’s an open relationship. GSM Association’s Mobile Asia
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Puzzlers and Others Original Platform: Amiga Y’know how it is, dinner dates, Congress in Macau, Mr Wang
iTunes From the original puzzle game Price:$4.99 the cinema, maybe even told attendees that he did not like
Flashback Tetris, to early classics like Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, occasionally meeting the parents. the new business models
Release Year: 1992 Bomberman. Rogue iTunes But it’s totally cool for them both emerging in the mobile phone
Original Platform: Amiga Release Year: Early 1980s Pinball Fantasies to see other people, OK? industry — specifically, device
Price:$4.99 Original Platform: UNIX Release Year: 1992 And that’s precisely what’s manufacturers seeking to share
Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Price: Free Original Platform: Amiga happening. Back in July, I revenues with cellular network
iTunes Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Price:$6.99 reported here that China Unicom operators. Instead, he asserted,
Super Methane Bros iTunes Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, had secured the deal to supply to “We still think we can maintain
Release Year: 1993 Bomberman iTunes the iPhone in China. Just two the operator-centric model
Original Platform: Amiga Release Year: 1983 Worms weeks ago other sites were because we have the customers,
Price:$0.99 Original Platform: MSX, NEC Release Year: 1994 reporting the same thing and now, the end users.”
Links: Webpage, iTunes PC-8801, NEC PC-6001, Sharp Original Platform: Amiga according to the Wall Street They certainly do. China Mobile
Strategy / Simulation MZ-700, FM-7, ZX Spectrum Price:$4.99 Journal, rival carrier China is the country’s largest cell
Sim City and Civilisation are Price:$7.99 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, Mobile appears to be getting in on network operator with over 420
two of the most well known and Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, iTunes the action, too. million subscribers. That’s more
loved strategy simulation games iTunes Vay Speaking at the World than the entire population of the
and of course they make a Tetris Release Year: 1994 Economic Forum, China Mobile’s United States.
showing in this list. Personally I’d Release Year: 1984 Original Platform: Sega CD chairman Wang Jianzhou said that This move marks the first time
love to see the old Bullfrog Original Platform: PC Price:$4.99 Apple’s deal with competitor since the launch of the iPhone in
Amiga classics PowerMonger and Price:$4.99 Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, China Unicom was “…absolutely 2007 that Apple has not expressly
Populous appear on the App Store Links: Wikipedia, Webpage, iTunes not exclusive.” fostered an exclusive arrangement
too. Archon iTunes “We are still in talks,” added Mr with a single carrier in a country,
Release Year: 1983 Boulderdash Wang, “so I can’t say anything but is instead pursuing
Original Platform: Atari Release Year: 1984 else.” arrangements with multiple
Price:$2.99 Original Platform: Atari China Mobile was, for a time, carriers.
the favorite for securing a deal to
offer the iPhone in China but
Internet News Record Apple Tech Blog 63

How-to: Get Google Gears Working Brad, let's get together

(Scripting News)
in Snow Leopard Submitted at 9/15/2009 6:31:39 PM

By Alfredo Padilla any hack, proceed at your own Brad Fitzpatrick did what I used
(TheAppleBlog) risk, but my own experience has to do, say what he really thinks in
Submitted at 9/15/2009 4:00:52 PM been flawless. Once I installed a blog post about RSS stuff. It's
this version of Gears, Mailplane fine, but it is just his point of
Snow Leopard was a remarkably to do a clean installation that will and Fluid were once again able to view. There are other points of
painless upgrade for me, but one run into problems. take advantage of the offline view that are valid, like mine.
particularly important piece of Specifically the new 64-bit features of sites like Gmail. About "just happen to work at
software was broken: Google version of Safari includes updated Even with this version of Gears Google" -- come on, man -- how
Gears. s e c u r i t y f e a t u r e s t h a t a r e installed you won’t be able to use many people who don't happen to pretend it doesn't because it does.
For those who don’t know, incompatible with Google Gears. Gears with 64-bit Safari. If you do work at Google can add code to You blew every kind of smoke at
Gears is Google’s framework for If you tried to install Google want to use Gears with Safari you the following products: 1. it when we talked. That's really
storing browser data offline. It Gears for OS X you would get a will need to run it in 32-bit mode. Feedburner, 2. Google Reader, 3. good motivation for a guy like me
works with many Google services warning telling you that Google This can be done easily by right- Blogger. who takes pride in his work.
as well as some third-party Gears won’t install on a version of clicking on the Safari package, Further, prior art is really Now why did I get busy with
products. I use Gears primarily OS X higher than 10.5. Now this choosing Get Info and putting a important, it's how you keep the rssCloud? Primarily because I
with Site Specific Browsers makes some sense since Gears check in the box next to “Open in breadth of the pile of tech we wanted to remember how it
(SSBs) like Mailplane and Fluid, simply won’t work with the 64-bit 32-bit mode”. Those of you who create as small as possible, worked. Once I got started, I
which give me offline access to version of Safari, but it also use Gears with Firefox may be allowing us to build higher with remembered why I liked it, so I
G m a i l , G o o g l e R e a d e r a n d means that other programs like wondering what all the fuss is the finite brain capacity each of us kept going. That's all.
Remember The Milk. Mailplane and Fluid, which will about as Gears works fine with has. The cloud element was right Brad, we should get together
These are some of my most work fine with the current version that browser. That’s because there in the spec. And when we and talk about bringing our
used programs, and as such it of Google Gears, are unable to get Gears for Firefox is actually a talked, you knew about it. So to projects together. This is what you
became eminently obvious to me access to it’s features. Firefox extension, rather than an say you never heard of it, well -- I were going to have to do whether
after the Snow Leopard upgrade Google gears won't install on a operating system service as Gears think you had. I reactivated rssCloud or not,
that Google Gears was no longer clean Snow Leopard installation. for OS X is. It's true -- I was pretty freaked because RSS is there, and it's
working. To be clear, not all Thankfully, the helpful folks I hope this helps out all those when I saw the note at the top of huge, and you were trying to
Snow Leopard installs will cause who developed Mailplane have other Snow Leopard users who your spec that RSS didn't matter. ignore it.
Google Gears to stop functioning. created a hacked installer for depend on Google Gears and lost Sometimes I think Google really
If you do a standard upgrade, Google Gears that skips the the functionality during a clean believes that. Now I'm here to say
Gears functionality should be version check and allows you to install. Hopefully Google updates RSS does matter. You can't
carried over. Rather, it’s those install the program in Snow Gears to work natively with Snow
like me who see a new operating Leopard. You can pick up the Leopard soon so workarounds like
system update as an opportunity modified installer here. As with these are unnecessary.

Screen saver in Snow Leopard

(Scripting News) about the Mac is its screen saver, as if the "Choose Folder" option Used to be there could only be
Submitted at 9/15/2009 10:20:50 AM cause I love high-res photography on the screen saver had one folder, now you get as many
and one of the nicest ways to use disappeared. But I figured as you like.
Believer it or not there's been a great photos is to hang them on someone on Twitter would know Just thought I'd leave a pointer
lot of controversy about the the wall on a 50-inch HD monitor what happened, and sure enough, here to anyone else who gets
screen saver in Apple's new and use the Mac screen saver to Mike Murry pointed me to the confused.
operating system release. drive it. Try it sometime, you new way of doing things.
I know this isn't something most won't be disappointed. There's a plus and minus at the
people spend a lot of time That's why I was bummed when computer, first Leopard then bottom of the list. When you click
thinking about, but I happen to I did a complete fresh install on a Snow Leopard, when it appeared the plus you can add a folder to
think one of the nicest things Mac that's being turned into an art the list. Nice little improvement.
64 Apple Sports TV Internet News Record

Rumor Has It: New iMacs and MacBooks

Coming Just in Time for Windows 7
By Darrell Etherington The iMac is also well behind its
(TheAppleBlog) PC counterparts in terms of
Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:18:03 AM internal specs, so the prediction
that it could see the introduction
Apple beat Microsoft to market of Core i5 or i7 processors is
in terms of new operating systems probably not too far off base. We
(although “new” doesn’t really may also see Apple’s first move
apply in the case of either 10.6 or away from NVIDIA’s GeForce
Windows 7), but that means 9400M as the fallout from GPU-
Microsoft will have the spotlight gate continues. Expect any
uncontested when it launches internal hardware changes to
Windows 7 on Oct. 22. That’s specifically compliment user
why one research firm, Wedge experience with the new Snow
Partners, is predicting new Leopard operating system.
MacBook and iMac hardware in
the coming weeks.
While some point to the
significance of the recent iPod
Did you hear the one
A significant hardware upgrade event as evidence that Apple about an Arianna
on Apple’s core lineup of iMac would not make another major
desktops and the lone MacBook announcement so closely on its Huffington sitcom?
notebook would indeed go a long heels, it was only last year that By Allison Waldman (TV
way towards stealing the wind Apple’s “Let’s Rock” iPod and Squad)
from Microsoft’s sails. Especially me at the beginning of September has been in play since August of music special event in September Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:04:00 PM
if it prices the new models lower, that new iMacs were definitely on 2007, and the white plastic was followed immediately in
as the same research firm suggests the horizon, and that retail MacBook case goes back to May October with its major notebook When I first read the headline
it may. management was being prepared 2 0 0 6 . T h e s p e c i f i c d e s i g n event, at which it introduced the about Arianna Huffington getting
Normally, I don’t have much for a major launch of the updated predictions made by Wedge new unibody MacBook and into the TV comedy business, I
patience for the ramblings of computers. partners stand little chance of MacBook Pro design. Clearly, it’s had visions of her as Maude or
those soothsayers in the so-called No mention was made of the being accurate, but a new look historically possible, and Apple something equally as bizarre.
“analyst” line of work, but this MacBook, but it, like the iMacs, would definitely be in order. has seen the financial sense it Fortunately, it was just my
r e p o r t s t r u c k a c h o r d w i t h are definitely due for a refresh, Expect Apple to leverage its makes in the sales numbers it skewed sense of humor at work,
something I heard earlier in the and, as Wedge Partners predicts, a unibody construction method for recorded last holiday season. because Arianna Huffington, the
month, which alone wasn’t visual design change as well. The b o t h , s i n c e i t r e p r e s e n t s political talking head and co-
substantial enough to write up. A aluminum and glass iMac design significant investment on its part.
source who works for Apple told

Does Shaquille O'Neal Have a Bright Boxing Future? Freddie Roach Thinks So
By Ariel Helwani (FanHouse) Roach. As a result of his fight against Miguel Cotto. He appeared on Fanhouse Boxing
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:36:00 AM numerous appearances on the also talked about why he thinks Blog on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
show, Roach, the owner of the Shaquille O'Neal could beat either 07:36:00 EST . Please see our
by Ariel Helwani Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Klitschko brother if the NBA star terms for use of feeds.
Filed under: Boxing Video, Angeles, has become arguably the trained with him for a year. Check Permalink| Email this| Linking
H B O , F a n H o u s e E x c l u s i v e most famous boxing trainer in the out the full video interview below. Blogs| Comments
Perhaps the biggest star to come world. Does Shaquille O'Neal Have a
out HBO's critically-acclaimed FanHouse recently spoke to getting his prized pupil, Manny Bright Boxing Future? Freddie
24/ 7 series has been Freddie Roach about his next challenge: Pacquaio, ready for his Nov. 14 Roach Thinks So originally
Internet News Record Sports 65
continued from page 64 Donovan McNabb of Philadelphia Eagles being
creator of The Huffington Post, is
not starring in a sitcom. ABC has
is swept up in the movement of
change... one has been in politics held out of practice
bought Huffington's idea for a for a long time, and one is a By Associated Press's Matt Mosley writes would be Kolb's backup. He will
multicamera sitcom. And just to master of the media and sound ( about all things NFC East in his be the No. 3 emergency
make sure it's funny, they've hired bites," said Malins. Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:47:36 AM division blog. quarterback if McNabb starts.
executive producer Greg Malins ( Continue reading Did you hear • Blog network: NFL Nation Michael Vick and Garcia will
Friends, How I Met Your Mother) the one about an Arianna PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles McNabb was held out of share snaps running the scout
to develop the project. Huffington sitcom? coach Andy Reid says practice Wednesday because of team this week. Vick is not
20th Century Fox TV is Filed under: OpEd, Celebrities, quarterback Donovan McNabb is his cracked rib. eligible to play.
producing the show for ABC and, Reality-Free making progress in recovering Kevin Kolb is expected to take Information from The
yes, it is about politics. See, there Permalink| Email this| | from a cracked rib, but adds it's the snaps with the starters Assocoiated Press was used in
are these three freshman members Comments too early to say if he will start Wednesday. Reid again made this story.
of the House of Representatives, Sunday against the New Orleans clear that Kolb will start against
two men and a woman (but no Saints. the Saints if McNabb can't play.
pizza place). They share an NFC East blog Recently acquired Jeff Garcia
apartment in the D.C. area. "One

Ohio State Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel won't give up

By news services criticized Tressel's conservative an easy field goal on fourth-and- Tressel said. "So, no, I (1-1) preparing to play Toledo at
( approach to the game and his goal at the USC 1 early in the philosophically wouldn't go Cleveland Browns Stadium on
Submitted at 9/16/2009 5:12:49 AM handling of the team. second quarter. He also favored against that." Saturday, the glow of that 2002
Tressel's offensive philosophy punting on fourth-and-1 at the The vitriol Tressel has faced national championship game
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio basically is built on playing for USC 45 in the third quarter. after the game is unlike any he seems light years away.
State coach Jim Tressel says he field position, avoiding turnovers With around 8 minutes left in has encountered in his eight-plus Tressel said he has received
has no desire to give up calling at all cost and relying on defense the game and Ohio State gripping years as Buckeyes coach. His first critical e-mails, but said the fans'
plays and will not change his and special teams to win the a 15-10 lead, the Buckeyes drove Ohio State team went 7-5 in 2001 poison makes him feel sorry for
offensive philosophy in the wake game. to a first down at the USC 35. but beat Michigan, earning him them.
of the Buckeyes' sixth consecutive "I'm not sure exactly what a After a run gained three yards, genius status with the Buckeyes' "When I read some of them I
loss to a top-10 team. wholesale change would entail. I quarterback Terrelle Pryor threw frequently fickle fans. feel terrible for them because
Big Ten blog mean, are we going to go to the an incompletion and then was Since then, he led the Buckeyes there's no way they're happy," he's Adam Rittenberg Navy triple option? Probably not," sacked for a four-yard loss that to a surprising national said. "They've got to be some of
writes about all things Big Ten in Tressel said Tuesday. "Will we go meant kicker Aaron Pettrey would championship in 2002 and has the most unhappy people in the
his conference blog. conceptually to this or that? If you have a 53-yard attempt on fourth- dominated the series with the world, and I feel bad because we
• Blog network: look at our teams from 2001 on, and-11 at the USC 36. Tressel archrival Wolverines, winning just made them less happy, and I
College Football Nation they haven't been exactly the elected to punt again. seven of eight meetings. hate to be a part of making
For the first time in his now- same because, you know, you That punt led to the Trojans But landslide losses in the 2006 someone less happy. I mean,
nine-year tenure in Columbus, don't have the same people. But I taking control for an impressive and 2007 national title games to they're already miserable."
Tressel is catching fire from all don't know that we would make a 86-yard drive that won the game. Florida and LSU, and subsequent Information from The
directions in the wake of Saturday wholesale [change]." "I'll always believe that you win defeats in high-profile games to Associated Press was used in this
night's 18-15 loss to No. 3 USC. Tressel, who said he makes tough ballgames by making sure USC, Penn State, Texas and again report.
Letters to the sports editor of the most of the play calls even though that you're the group that makes to USC have caused the critics to
local newspaper, bloggers, Web Jim Bollman has the title of less mistakes, wins that field- come after the guy in the sweater
sites, columnists, radio talk shows offensive coordinator, disdained position battle, [and] wins the vest.
a n d T V a n a l y s t s h a v e a l l going for a touchdown in favor of battle in the trenches statistically," With the 11th-ranked Buckeyes
66 Sports Internet News Record

A Unique Brand of Broke Baseball in Texas

( The Daily Fix) lately. “From a business Florida and Tennessee is the Manny Pacquiao/Miguel Cotto
Submitted at 9/16/2009 9:16:38 AM perspective, the choice would be week’s most anticipated college- match, is a self-styled throwback,
an easy one: Sit him down and football game, and justifiably so. and the subject of a nice profile
The Texas Rangers enter avoid saddling the club with a big But Yahoo’s Matt Hinton argues by the Newark Star-Ledger’s
Wednesday’s action 5.5 games and unnecessary salary for 2010,” that the matchup between Oregon Jerry Izenberg.
behind the Boston Red Sox in the Grant writes. “But, now, the issue and Utah may actually wind up “There is so much more to
American League Wild Card race, has become more complicated being the weekend’s most Foreman’s story than his long-
but miles ahead of even the most because it might just be in the best important contest — if not in the shot chances,” Izenberg writes.
optimistic preseason expectations. interest of the Rangers’ 2009 BCS race, at least because it could “Never (David vs. Goliath doesn’t
The Rangers’ 80 wins (over 144 season.” him work his way back up be a make-or-break game for two count) has a potential rabbi taken
games) already puts them ahead That the debate is even through the minor leagues in a suddenly shaky-seeming a week off Talmud study to come
of their season total from 2008. happening at all is a testament to series of rehab starts, and there programs. to a place where victory goes not
The Rangers’ next victory will just how strange things have were questions about whether “The winner still has a chance necessarily to the guy who can
guarantee them their highest win become. Team president Nolan he’d be able to help the team (with apologies to Dennis Green) quote the Psalms but to the guy
tally since 2004. But while Texas Ryan engineered an amazing again this year, or possibly ever. to be who it thought it was, with the strongest left hook.
has been one of the season’s most turnaround of the team’s culture Those questions were answered, moving on into their respective Welcome to the strange odyssey
striking stories, there’s a unhappy in general and pitching staff in in the short term, on Wednesday conference schedules with visions of a bicycle-riding, yeshiva-
subplot to this tale. Despite their particular. Gary Thorne lauded night, when a commanding of the top-20 and possibly a shaped Jew who breaks every
on-field success, the Rangers are the team’s stepped-up Matsuzaka fired six shutout darkhorse BCS bid intact,” Hinton stereotype you ever heard about
an economic mess, and essentially conditioning in USA Today, innings against the Los Angeles writes. “At the very least, this his ethnicity.”* * *
in receivership. Getty Images If while ESPN’s Tim Keown wrote Angels in his first big-league start kind of win assures them of some Close your eyes and imagine the
only there were some brash, an in-depth feature on the team’s since June. respectability. The loser slinks basement of an NFL defensive
sports-loving, super-rich guy in new attitude. But Ryan doesn’t “He was Dice-K, which means away virtually guaranteed of back. Do you see a game room? A
the Dallas area to help the have an actual contract, and is he was unlike anyone else,” the landing in a second or third-tier THX-equipped home theater? A
Rangers and their owner, Tom operating under a handshake Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan writes. bowl game, with the added shrine-like collection of that
Hicks (right). agreement with Hicks. And while “Pitching from behind on the uncertainty of losing one of the player’s lifetime of football
“Owner Tom Hicks essentially the team’s television ratings and count doesn’t faze him, any more key, winnable games that can memorabilia? There are surely
has lost fiscal control of the team, attendance are up, the sense than pitching ahead of the count make the entire season.” Hinton many such cellars in the NFL, but
which has had to borrow at least persists — witness the Montreal emboldens him. First-pitch strike, may be overstating things they’re worlds away from the
$15 million from major league Expos comparisons in this post by no first-pitch strike, it didn’t somewhat, as it’s still September. basement-bound personal project
baseball,” the Fort Worth Star- Cory Dunlap of Dallas Sports matter. He was in charge, In the Washington Post, Steve of Baltimore Ravens cornerback
Telegram’s Jim Reeves reported Fans — that the team’s newly continually coming up with the Yanda reports on a very serious Domonique Foxworth, who has
Saturday. “MLB is making many found success is tenuous. right pitch for the occasion.” early-season challenge facing all used the millions he has made in
of the calls regarding Rangers’ In Forbes, Mike Ozanian argues The Red Sox would have some college teams this season. That the NFL to fund a personal
moves, including the one that cost that Congress needs to investigate truly intimidating postseason would be swine flu, which is museum of memorabilia from the
them the ability to sign No. 1 draft what’s going on with the team. pitching depth with a dialed-in currently sweeping campuses and American civil-rights movement.
pick Matt Purke.” The report led No, seriously. It’s that bad.* * * Dice-K slotting in at the back of has already sickened scores of Surprising? Maybe, but so is
to speculation that the Rangers Daisuke Matsuzaka’s the rotation, Danny Knobler players in different major-college Foxworth. In the New York
might shut down starting pitcher unconventional approach and writes at CBS Sports. “This is a locker rooms.* * * Times, Alan Schwarz profiles the
Kevin Millwood — who is 4 1/3 unusual pitches made him a guy who has started seven Yes, there is a long history of speedy young star, who comes
innings shy of triggering a $12 smashing success in 2007 and postseason games the last two Jewish boxing champions. It just across as one of the most self-
million option for next season — helped him win 18 games in 2008. Octobers, with the Red Sox happened to unfold in the three aware, self-effacing and
in the heat of a pennant race due In those years, he was better than winning six of them,” Knobler decades before World War II. The intelligent athletes to come down
to the unwillingness of the team’s most pitchers in the game. This writes. “This is a guy who was ring has been the property of the pike in quite awhile.* * *
de facto owners to absorb that year, Dice-K put up an 8.23 ERA named the Most Valuable Player various ethnicities in the decades Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily
cost. What is going on here? for the Red Sox through June 19, in the World Baseball Classic — since, but Russian-born, Brooklyn News spent 37 years of his life
Millwood’s case is complicated, which — by the numbers, at least both of them. And this, right now, -based middleweight Yuri covering the Cincinnati Reds,
as Evan Grant writes in D — made him worse than just is the Red Sox’s fourth starter Foreman, who will fight for the which is a half-dozen more years
Magazine, by the fact that the about any starter in baseball. The come playoff time.”* * * WBA super welterweight title on
veteran starter has been terrible Red Sox shut him down and had Saturday’s clash between the undercard of November’s UNIQUE page 67
Internet News Record Sports 67

Argentina’s Tower of Tandil Reigns Over Federer

( The Daily Fix) like a one-man fireworks display, Bills follower was wondering most teams would panic at losing
Submitted at 9/15/2009 8:01:38 AM bash everybody in sight, and wrap about this team,” Gerry Sullivan their top defensive stars, the
up another U.S. Open writes in the Buffalo News. “A lot Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh
All signs pointed to a sixth c h a m p i o n s h i p . ” of people were simply hoping writes that the Bears have enough
consecutive U.S. Open “It was the night disbelief took they’d be competitive, that they depth to survive.
championship for Roger Federer over center court, the night wouldn’t embarrass themselves. Washington, on the other hand,
on Monday. The Swiss star faced fantasy overcame logic, the night Instead, they outplayed the could enter panic mode if it
an inexperienced Argentine, Juan Roger Federer lost control, the Patriots for much of the night.” doesn’t defeat at least two of its
Martin del Potro, whom he had night a dynasty tumbled,” Art The Pats’ rally was just like old next three opponents, Tracee
b e a t e n i n a l l s i x p r e v i o u s Spander writes for CBS Sports. Nadal’s worst defeat in a Grand times. “This would have been Hamilton warns in the
meetings. Del Potro, all of 20, “There’s a new champion in the Slam, a 6-2, 6-2, 6-2 semifinal surprising were it not so familiar. Washington Post.* * *
was making his first appearance U.S. Open, Juan Martin Del rout on Sunday,” Deitsch writes. The smarter team won,” the The difficult economy has
in a Grand Slam final. This Potro, who’s still a few days from “Marat Safin, who beat Pete Boston Herald’s Ron Borges contributed to falling attendance
matchup looked like another his 21st birthday but already has Sampras at the 2000 Open, was writes. “The more aggressive in many baseball cities, but the
standard Federer romp. Getty come of age in tennis. Del Potro, the last No. 6 seed to win the team won. The team that plays to Cincinnati Reds’ losing ways
Images Through an optical the 6-foot-6 guy those homeboys Open title. But that win came in a the end every week won. The have left their fans disillusioned,
illusion, Juan Martin del Potro from a meatpacking town in blowout; Del Potro defeated team that, frankly, knows it will leaving the team on pace for its
actually appears shorter than Argentina have nicknamed the Federer in one of the epic U.S. win, won.” lowest home attendance since
Arthur Ashe Stadium. Tower of Tandil, indeed towers Open finals.”* * * In Monday’s late game, Darren 1998, Tom Groeschen writes in
But del Potro prevailed in a over all the improbability of Buffalo’s losing streak against Sproles’s touchdown with 18 the Cincinnati Enquirer.* * *
stunning five-set upset over sport.” New England should have ended seconds left lifted San Diego over The NBA is a year away from
Federer, who had won 40 straight As the match progressed, del at 11. The Bills took an 11-point Oakland, 24-20. And while it was the 60th anniversary of African-
matches at Flushing Meadows. At Potro was the dominant player lead with under six minutes left in a tough loss for the Raiders, the Americans breaking the color
one point in the fourth set, and Federer looked out of place. their season opener in Foxboro, Oakland Tribune’s Cam Inman barrier. At Yahoo Sports, Marc J.
Federer stood only two points “ I n t h e f i n a l s e t s , F e d e r e r Mass. But that was enough time thinks better days lie ahead for the Spears says that’s the perfect time
away from the championship sometimes could not turn his for quarterback Tom Brady to long-suffering team. to honor the league’s barrier
before del Potro rallied to force a normally supple body, could not rally the Patriots to a 25-24 Not everyone agrees. In the Los breakers, Earl Lloyd of the
fifth set. Federer would not win give himself the normal follow- victory. Brady, making his first Angeles Times, T.J. Simers Washington Capitols, Chuck
his 16th Grand Slam. It was del t h r o u g h t h a t p r o d u c e s h i s start since his season-ending blames owner Al Davis for the Cooper of the Boston Celtics and
Potro’s second big upset in two w o n d e r f u l t o r q u e , ” G e o r g e injury in Week 1 last season, Raiders’ abysmal showing in Nat ‘Sweetwater’ Clifton of the
days, after he ousted Rafael Nadal Vecsey writes in the New York threw TD passes 76 seconds apart recent years. New York Knicks.
in straight sets in the semifinals. Times. “He looked leaden-legged to rally the Patriots, aided by a In the San Diego Union- – Tip of the Fix cap to reader
“It isn’t Roger’s Rumpus Room and tentative against a man little Leodis McKelvin fumble on the Tribune, Nick Canepa writes that Don Hartline.
any more,” the Boston Globe’s known, until recently, outside the kickoff return after Brady’s first the Chargers played nowhere near Found a good column from the
Bud Collins writes. “He was meatpacking hill town of Tandil, TD pass to Benjamin Watson. the level expected of a team with world of sports? Don’t keep it to
served an eviction notice from a Argentina.” “Considering the recent run of Super Bowl aspirations.* * * yourself — write to us at
playroom called Arthur Ashe Sports Illustrated’s Richard events — replacing Turk The Chicago Bears not only lost and we’ll
Stadium to which he thought he Deitsch says del Potro’s win Schonert, cutting Langston their season opener on Sunday, 21 consider your find for inclusion in
had a lifetime title. It had become might not be that much of an Walker, the horrid preseason — -15 to Green Bay; they also lost the Daily Fix. You can email
an annual custom for Roger upset. “Del Potro is 17-1 since even the most relentlessly upbeat linebacker Brian Urlacher for the Garey at
Federer: drop in on New York Wimbledon and responsible for season with a wrist injury. While
continued from page 66
than your Fixer has spent honored in a pregame ceremony thanks former Reds infielder world of sports? Don’t keep it to
breathing. That tenure earned before Wednesday’s Reds game. Aaron Boone for a pep talk that yourself — write to us at
McCoy, who will retire at the end In the Daily News, Tom prolonged the writer’s career. and we’ll
of this baseball season, a berth in Archdeacon pens an appreciation — Tip of the Fix cap to reader consider your find for inclusion in
the writer’s wing of the Baseball of his colleague, while McCoy Fred Sternburg. the Daily Fix. You can email
Hall of Fame, and he will be himself delivers a column that Found a good column from the David at
68 Sports Internet News Record

Front lawn of Buffalo Bills CB Leodis McKelvin

vandalized after defeat
By Associated Press not say it was McKelvin's home. earlier in the day. "He's a dynamic runner and he
( Mitchell warned fans that such "To see that type of response was trying to win a football game,
Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:05:30 AM behavior is disturbing. from so-called passionate fans is ice a football game," Jauron said,
"W/ all the safety issues n the taking things to the extreme," said adding that McKelvin attempted
HAMBURG, N.Y. -- Bills NFL its not funny at all," Mitchell Wilson, who is the team's union to protect the ball with two hands.
players are concerned with their wrote. "We have Fam at our representative. "You can blog and "It's just one of those things that
privacy and safety after the front homes to protect. If u show ur
lawn of a home belonging to face on my prop Ill make sure I do
make your opinions, but to go to a
person's residence, you're taking it
happens, but I don't have any
problems with Leodis. He plays
cornerback Leodis McKelvin was everythin to keep my Fam safe."
vandalized following Buffalo's Mitchell warned that he would
to a whole new level."
McKelvin, selected in the first
the game hard."
With a nod to Terrell Owens,
Biggest Fan:
season-opening loss to New consider vandalism threatening
England. behavior if it happened to his
round of the 2008 draft out of
Troy, set a team record and
defensive end Aaron Schobel was
upbeat a day after yet another Hugh Hefner
AFC East blog home. ranked second in the NFL with Monday night meltdown by the By Elie Seckbach (FanHouse)'s Tim Graham writes "Its my job to protect my home 1,468 kickoff return yards last Bills. Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:30:00 AM
about all things AFC East in his as it is the job of all home owners. season. He also scored a "I think Terrell said it best
division blog. Dont push the limit," Mitchell touchdown. before and after the game," by Elie Seckbach
• Blog network: NFL Nation wrote. He opened this season by taking Schobel said. "He said he's been Filed under: WBA, WBC, IBF,
Hamburg police on Tuesday Though Bills fans are passionate over a starting job opposite on a lot of teams and said we've WBO, Boxing Video, FanHouse
confirmed the home of a Bills about their team, Monday's night's veteran cornerback Terrence got talent. We've just got to put it Exclusive, IBO Elie Seckbach, the
player was vandalized, but vandalism is surprising. Bills McGee. together. I think he's right." Embedded Correspondent, brings
declined to release details of their players previously have hailed the After the game against the Schobel did express concern his exclusive video reporting to
investigation after an obscenity team's fans for being respectful Patriots, McKelvin was criticized that the Bills continue to struggle FanHouse. Check back regularly
and the score of Monday night's a n d a l l o w i n g p l a y e r s t h e i r for running the ball out of the end to seal victories. They lost 29-27 for more videos.
game -- a 25-24 loss to the p r i v a c y . zone rather than taking a knee. to Cleveland on a Monday night While the sport of boxing is
Patriots -- were painted in white Bills spokesman Scott Berchtold After being hit by Brandon last season on Phil Dawson's 56- extremely popular online, it's far
on the player's lawn in suburban declined comment by saying the Meriweather at the Bills 30, yard field goal with 1:39 left. Two from the front pages in the
Buffalo. team considers this a police McKelvin attempted to gain an years ago on a Monday night, mainstream media. In this
McKelvin fumbled a kickoff matter. extra yard before being stripped Buffalo gave up 9 points in the FanHouse video we talk to a few
return with under two minutes to A message left on a phone listed of the ball by Pierre Woods. final 20 seconds in a 25-24 loss to hardcore boxing fans including
play and the Bills leading 24-19. to McKelvin was not returned. Following the game, McKelvin Dallas. Hugh Hefner(who tells us what
Three plays later, New England's It's not clear if there was anyone said he was disappointed that he "The bottom line is when you the sport needs to do to get back
Tom Brady hit Benjamin Watson at home at the time the vandalism fumbled but noted he would run have a chance to win the game, front and center) and Reno 911!
for the go-ahead touchdown as the occurred. the ball out of the end zone again win the game. We didn't do that," actress Jesse Camacho, who loves
Patriots overcome an 11-point Bills players had the day off if given the same opportunity. he said. "It's a long season and Manny Pacquiao.
deficit in the final 2:06. before returning to practice "Next time I get the opportunity, we're going to be all right. We've Check out the video after the
Bills linebacker Kawika Wednesday to prepare to host I am going to hold on and make a just got to get on a roll." jump.
Mitchell referred to a teammate's Tampa Bay this weekend. better decision," he said. Copyright 2009 by The Boxing's Biggest Fan: Hugh
home being vandalized in a post Bills safety George Wilson was Coach Dick Jauron defended Associated Press Hefner originally appeared on
on his Twitter page, though he did shocked upon learning the news McKelvin. Fanhouse Boxing Blog on Wed,
16 Sep 2009 10:30:00 EST .
Please see our terms for use of
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Blogs| Comments
Internet News Record Sports 69

The Count: Federer Faltered on Jake Peavy to Start Saturday

By Tom Fornelli (FanHouse)
Serve and in the Clutch Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:50:00 AM

by Tom Fornelli
( The Daily Fix) Open titles. More obscurely, it
Submitted at 9/15/2009 2:48:49 PM snaps his streak of 126 Filed under: White Sox, AL
consecutive Grand Slam matches Central, MLB Injuries When
Juan Martin del Potro knocked won against players ranked White Sox general manager
off Rafael Nadal in the semifinals outside the top five. That streak Kenny Williamspulled off a late
of the U.S. Open, then got inside ends only on a technicality, shocker minutes before the MLB
Roger Federer’s head like only though; del Potro, ranked sixth at trade deadline back on July 31 to
Nadal has been able to do before the time of the match, was going land injured starter Jake Peavy he
in a Grand Slam final. Getty to move up in the rankings to No. had two motives in mind. One
Images Juan Martin del Potro saw to 66% in his last four wins. But 5 after the match whether or not was that adding Peavy, who is
a lot of second serves against the better indicator of Federer’s he won. Still, for accuracy’s sake, signed through 2012 with a club
Federer and won on 44% of them. problems with Nadal was his w e c a n r e d e f i n e F e d e r e r ’ s option for 2013, to his team's
Before Monday’s big upset by inability to convert break points. incredible consistency against rotation leaves the White Sox set
del Potro, Federer was 13-0 in Federer won 35% of all points on players outside the highest tier by to contend in the AL Central for
Grand Slam finals against players Nadal’s serve when Nadal didn’t saying he retains a streak of 120 years to come. The other was that
other than Nadal (he’s 2-5 against have a break point in hand. But consecutive Grand Slam matches should Peavy be able to return
from his ankle injury quick peak at the team's future this
Nadal). Del Potro’s shotmaking when Nadal was facing break won against players outside the Saturday in Chicago when Peavy
and fitness deserve a lot of the point, Federer won just 22% of top six. That adds to his ongoing enough, he might be able to help
the White Sox reach the playoffs makes his White Sox debut.
credit for ending that streak. But the time. That’s a very un-clutch streak of 22 straight Grand Slam Jake Peavy to Start Saturday
Federer’s shaky serving played a ratio of 0.64; a ratio of 1 would semifinals reached, as well as this season.
Well, seeing as how it's the originally appeared on Fanhouse
role. And the serve, the only shot suggest that Federer was equally seven straight finals and 17 of the MLB Blog on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
a player can control entirely, good returning serve with a break last 18. middle of September and the
White Sox are 5 1/2 games behind 11:50:00 EST . Please see our
r e f l e c t s f o c u s a n d m e n t a l point in hand than without. For the second straight match, terms for use of feeds.
toughness. Federer landed just Against del Potro, that ratio was an opponent of Federer’s was the Detroit Tigers in the AL
Central, it's probably too late for Permalink| Email this| Linking
50% of his first serves in play, 0.71. In Federer’s last three wins victimized by bad calls. Del Blogs| Comments
and hit 11 double faults, double in Grand Slam finals, the ratio Potro, who before the match was Peavy to make a playoff push.
faulting on 6% of his points was a clutch 1.54. successful only one-third of the Still, the team isn't giving up and
played on serve. The wind may Del Potro is the fifth opponent time when challenging calls, got White Sox fans can get a sneak
have been a factor, as del Potro Federer has faced in the last five three calls overturned on four
double faulted six times himself. finals. As other players stepped up attempts. One of these gave him a WWE CEO Linda McMahon to
But the Argentine did land 65% of with Nadal sidelined or short of break point he converted to stay in
his first serves in, while hitting full strength for several recent the second set. Del Potro could Run for Senate in CT
them equally hard. Both players Slams, Federer saw more variety have been four for five, but he By Ryan Wilson (FanHouse)
averaged 116 miles per hour on in the final round. It will be decided not to challenge a call
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:00:00 AM
their first serve. interesting to watch how he that CBS later showed would
In his three most recent losses to adjusts when next playing del have been overturned when the by Ryan Wilson
Nadal, at consecutive Slams from Potro — and whether other chair umpire told del Potro he Filed under: Pro Wrestling
last year’s French Open through players on the rise can push thought the call was right. That Vince McMahon's official title is
this year’s Australian Open, Federer out of his comfort zone. missed call gave Federer a break Chairman of the Board of World
Federer’s nerves also betrayed Two other observations on the point early in the fourth set but, in Wrestling Entertainment. And his
him. That was reflected somewhat men’s final: keeping with the theme of the wife, Linda, is currently WWE's
in the serving stats. He landed Federer’s loss to del Potro snaps match, Federer failed to convert. CEO. But she's got her sights set
61% of his first serves in play his streak of five straight U.S. on something more than
during those matches, compared overseeing an operation that has
made millions on the backs of a
bunch of sweaty dudes running around in their underpants.
Via The Fix, page
WWE Mrs.70
70 Sports Game Internet News Record
continued from page 69
Republican, "will formally enter appeared on Fanhouse Backporch
the Connecticut Senate race on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 10:00:00
today, adding a celebrity element EST . Please see our terms for use
to a contest that promises to be of feeds.
among the most competitive in Permalink| Email this| Linking
the country." Blogs| Comments Konami announces
WWE CEO Linda McMahon to DSiWare puzzle-
Run for Senate in CT originally
platformer 'Reflection'
By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:47:00 AM

click for gallery Konami has

decided to dip its massive toes
into the murky waters of the
DSiWare platform with Reflectio
Anatomy of a Trade: Bill Guerin n, a downloadable puzzle-
platformer designed to invoke the
Goes to the Penguins handheld's dual-screen
capabilities. In the game, you play
By Adam Gretz (FanHouse) Ray Shero discusses the anatomy
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:00:00 AM of a trade, focusing on the
deadline-day acquisition of Bill
No plans for 250GB Xbox as Kirra, an adventurer on a
journey to recover a broken magic
mirror. Actually, you play as
by Adam Gretz Guerin from the New York
F i l e d u n d e r : I s l a n d e r s , Islanders. drive outside Modern Kirra's good and evil halves
simultaneously on the two screens
Penguins, FanHouse Exclusive Anatomy of a Trade: Bill
Pittsburgh Penguins general Guerin Goes to the Penguins
manager Ray Shero was kind originally appeared on Fanhouse
Warfare 2 bundle, MS says -- a nasty side-effect of the
aforementioned mirror-breaking.
By Kevin Kelly (Joystiq) you could afford it anyway. Though the game's art (seen in
enough to spend nearly an hour on NHL Blog on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
the phone with FanHouse's Adam 10:00:00 EST . Please see our Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:45:00 AM So, Microsoft doesn't have the gallery below) isn't exactly
Gretz discussing a variety of terms for use of feeds. "plans" per se, but Pinello pointed stunning, that concept actually
topics. This is the second of a Permalink| Email this| Linking Shortly after the announcement out that, historically, these things sounds pretty neat. According to
three-part series that will run Blogs| Comments of the Limited Edition Modern become available separately. Until t h e g a m e ' s p r e s s r e l e a s e
throughout the remainder of the Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle, we then, if you want a massive announcement, it's set to drop this
offseason. Wednesday's entry: had a chance to grill Microsoft's 250GB of Xbox storage, your fall, so we should be seeing
Albert Penello, director of only avenue is purchasing the Reflection in the DSi Shop soon.
platform marketing for Xbox, $399 Modern Warfare 2 bundle. We also expect to see it in a snow
about the bundle. While Pinello Gallery: Xbox 360 Modern -covered hill, shortly before the
confirmed the bundle's absence of W a r f a r e 2 L i m i t e d E d i t i o n landslide brings us down.
any additional accessories - no C o n s o l e Gallery: Reflection (DSiWare)
high-definition cables, no WiFi No plans for 250GB Xbox drive Konami announces DSiWare
adapter - he also commented on outside Modern Warfare 2 bundle, puzzle-platformer 'Reflection'
the 250GB hard drive. When MS says originally appeared on originally appeared on Joystiq on
asked if Microsoft had any plans Joystiq on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 Wed, 16 Sep 2009 10:47:00 EST.
t o s e l l t h e s i g n i f i c a n t l y 11:45:00 EST. Please see our Please see our terms for use of
embiggened hard drive separately, terms for use of feeds. feeds.
Pinello said, "I wouldn't say plans. Permalink| Email this| Read| Permalink| Email this|
Maybe. I hear this story every two C o m m e n t s Comments
years. It was the 20s, and then the
60s, and then the 120s." Not that
Internet News Record Game 71

Free Realms coming to PS3

mid-2010, may support
PlayStation Eye
Euro Wii 'Ambassadors' to receive By Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)
Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:15:00 PM
would be specifically tailored for
the MMO's console outing,
saying, "For the PlayStation 3
keys to the Virtual Console The Q&A session following the
Free Realms-centric keynote
speech, delivered earlier today by
version, it's very likely that the
Eye is going to be something we
support." We hope the Eye's
By James Ransom-Wiley Wii Points). (Presumably, when far better: Hit your twenty
(Joystiq) connecting for the first time, there connections and -- you guessed it Sony Online Entertainment implementation isn't of a
Submitted at 9/16/2009 11:15:00 AM will be an option to credit an -- you've attained "platinum president John Smedley at GDC voyeuristic nature -- if there's
Ambassador.) status," essentially granting you Austin, contained a hopeful tidbit anything our late-night Uno
Eager to show its disconnected And if you extend your services the keys to Nintendo's Virtual for those looking to play the sessions taught us, it's Camera +
patrons that their Wiis can do to the maximum of twenty Console catalog. That's right, all aforementioned free-to-play Internet Strangers = Terror.
more than Wii Sports-- you don't p r e v i o u s l y o f f l i n e c o n s o l e first- and third-party NES, SNES MMO on their consoles. When we Free Realms coming to PS3 mid
even have to eject the disc! -- owners? You're looking at a and N64 games -- for free. asked about the release window -2010, may support PlayStation
Nintendo has appointed pretty 10,000-point payout ($100 worth Quick! Google map the twenty for the PS3 version of Free Eye originally appeared on
much anyone in Europe savvy of old games you probably have nearest old folks homes and get Realms, Smedley cheekily Joystiq on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
enough to visit Wii's Connection tucked away in cart form, plus all ambassadoring! replied, "I'm wondering, too!" He 12:15:00 EST. Please see our
Settings menu an "Ambassador." those WiiWare options) -- not Euro Wii 'Ambassadors' to then added, "It's next year terms for use of feeds.
Here's how the "Connection bad, eh? receive keys to the Virtual sometime, toward the middle of Permalink| Email this|
Ambassador Promotion" works: But wait! There's a more Console originally appeared on the year." Comments
Beginning in October (as seen in tempting perk to this promotion. Joystiq on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 During his speech, Smedley also
Japan), if you help another Wii A s A m b a s s a d o r , o n c e y o u 11:15:00 EST. Please see our addressed the functions which
o w n e r e s t a b l i s h a n o n l i n e connect ten users, you'll achieve terms for use of feeds.
c o n n e c t i o n , y o u a n d y o u r "gold status" and be free to Read| Permalink| Email this|
incompetent friend will both download all first-party NES titles Comments
receive five Nintendo bucks (500 on Virtual Console. Oh, but it gets
72 Game Internet News Record

Dutch retailer boycotts sale of Nick Mason: We'd consider

PSP Go Pink Floyd Rock Band or Guitar
By Alexander Sliwinski games is how game stores
Submitted at 9/16/2009 10:15:00 AM
typically make money.
According to Eurogamer,
Nedgame isn't the only no-Go By David Hinkle (Joystiq) just like other celebs do), he did
Eurogamer reports that retailer in Europe, with Submitted at 9/16/2009 12:45:00 PM add, "Everyone's looking at new
Nedgame, Holland's "largest Eurogamer Spain also claiming to ways of selling the music because
specialized retail outlet," won't hear whispers from retailers Despite how some musicians the business of selling records has
sell the PSP Go when it launches refusing to sell the handheld. feel about music 'n' rhythm almost disappeared." Especially
this October. The €250 price for We've yet to hear of any North games, Pink Floyd drummer (and those vinyl ones, which (gasp!)
the device (the PSP-3000 sells for American retailers officially part-time T-Zero agent) Nick weren't even interactive.
€80 [$117] less), along with the boycotting the system. Mason isn't entirely ruling it out Nick Mason: We'd consider
absence of UMD drive, is cited as Dutch retailer boycotts sale of for his band. With The Beatles: Pink Floyd Rock Band or Guitar
justification for the boycott. It's PSP Go originally appeared on Rock Band having just released, Hero originally appeared on
speculated that the core reason Joystiq on Wed, 16 Sep 2009 the BBC asked him if we could be Joystiq on Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Nedgame doesn't want to sell the 10:15:00 EST. Please see our seeing a Pink Floyd Rock Band or 12:45:00 EST. Please see our
device is because the company terms for use of feeds. Guitar Hero game, to which he terms for use of feeds.
won't be able to sell games with Read| Permalink| Email this| replied, "I think we'd consider it." Read| Permalink| Email this|
the handheld -- and, well, selling Comments While he isn't a big supporter of Comments
the genre (he thinks it deters kids
from learning real instruments,
Internet News Record Fashion 73

Sitting Next To My Style Icon Datebook: 9.16.09

By (ELLE News outfits because I was staring at her By blogeditor1 (Material International Ozone Day. Begone,
Blog) Interest on ye methane producers, begone!
and there she was: life-size doll funky-cool Brian Reyes gold suit- - Today in 1630, the village of
Submitted at 9/16/2009 4:36:00 AM
Submitted at 9/15/2009 6:08:36 PM Rachel Bilson. I have always dress ensemble, but when I did Shawmut underwent a name
loved her style, because it never turn my attention toward the Five things worth knowing today change. Haven't heard of the
Today I hit the Brian Reyes seems too planned out, and runway I was equally blown
show, which was incredible! Not always seems organic to her. She away. Everything was feminine - The brothers Caten—better "before"? You've probably heard
only because of the clothes (more takes chances, and always owns with an edge. The torsos are so k n o w n a s t h e d e s i g n e r s o f of the "after": We now know it as
on those later), but because I sat it. One thing we have in common beautifully constructed. I can tell Dsquared²—have become the Boston. Probably for the best.
next to my very own personal (that I couldn't help but loudly that Rachel and I will be happily latest designers to star in their "The Shawmut Red Sox" just
style icon, Rachel Bilson. own reality show. Launch My doesn't have the same ring.
blurt out to her) is that we are fighting over a few of the pieces, Line, which finds the brothers - And today in 1952, the one, the
I took my seat and said hi to the both 5'3”. Some would call this like the black strapless gown
ELLE gang. I have been waiting limiting in the world of high (minus a few feet of course) and advising ten hopefuls on founding only, Mickey Rourke was born.
to see one of Brian's shows ever fashion, but Rachel has never the bright green short strapless their own labels, premieres He's had his ups and downs,
since I saw the dress he made for once, in all the photos I've seen of number. So happy I could see tonight on (where else?) Bravo. s u r e — s t y l i s t i c a l l y a n d
America when she won her first her in every fashion magazine out Brian's show, and hope I didn't - T h e A r m a n i - s p o n s o r e d otherwise—but it's hard not to
Emmy. I have heard nothing but there, seemed "short" in any way. scare Rachel with confessions of exhibition of pop artist Richard route for the guy. Especially
nice things about him as a person. She knows her proportions, and my girl crush! Hambleton, co-curated by fashion when, as below, he's capable of
And every time I slip on one of what works for her body, and Photo: Getty Images -world progeny Vladimir Restoin- speeches like Randy the Ram's
his dresses, I feel effortlessly put pulls off everything she attempts. Follow ELLE on Twitter. Roitfeld, opens today in New epic "piece of meat" speech from
together. Just as the show was I almost missed the first few York. The Wrestler.
about to start, I turned to my right - That takes care of artistic MATTHEW SCHNEIER
philanthropy. For the day's green
initiative, be advised that it's
Toronto Film Festival: Day 4
By (ELLE News designed and contributed the
Blog) school uniforms.) Movie has a
Submitted at 9/15/2009 6:32:17 PM scattering of stars—an under-used
Amy Sedaris plus Chris Kattan
Yesterday began and ended with and Tom Everett Scott as two
two good debuts. First was very different but equally
Derrick Borte's The Joneses about shameless hitters on young girls.
a very odd but perfect-seeming But the movie belongs to its four
suburban family with a taste for fine young unknowns. The image
the good life. Headed by David that stays in my mind isn't from
Duchovny and Demi Moore (has the film—it's the girls lined up on
anybody noticed lately how good stage afterwards with their equally
she is in everything?), it's a sharp, f r e s h - f a c e d
funny, and very timely satire all producer/writer/directors, the lot
about antimaterialism, bless its of them stalky and blooming on
decent little heart. The premise is almost comically extravagant high
so clever and creepy I won't give heels like so many long-stemmed
it away; this is a movie to be seen flowers as the audience sent them
with as little advance info as Furstenberg and Francesca wave after wave of applause.
possible. Then later on to the Gregorini. (Von Furstenberg is — Karen Durbin
modest but very enthusiastic Diane's daughter— and contrary Photo: Retna
evening gala for the refreshingly to a malicious rumor, the film was Follow ELLE on Twitter.
unsentimental private girls-school financed by the usual desperate
drama Tanner Hall, impressive indie patchwork and NOT by
first flick by Tatiana Von Diane or Barry Diller. Diane
74 Fashion Internet News Record

S.T. Dupont's strong suit

By blogeditor1 (Material available in America—was the
Interest on classically detailed, assertively
Submitted at 9/15/2009 2:11:17 PM tailored S.T. Dupont suit on the
exec next to me. Men's suiting is a
At a dinner last night hosted by pretty crowded market on these
S.T. Dupont CEO Alain Crevet to shores, so you can understand the
celebrate the legendary French company's decision to stick with
We'll drink to Black Fleece's new scent accessory brand's reentry into the its core pens-bags-and-lighters
U.S. market, attendees were given business, but I'll say this to the
t h e c h a n c e t o o g l e s e v e r a l folks at Dupont: If you ever
By blogeditor1 (Material which smells, as you might came swathed in the material.
Interest on expect, a lot like pepper. If this $ 1 2 5 , a v a i l a b l e a t intriguing new releases, from a change your mind, you've got one
Black Fleece man is drinking, he's b r o o k s b r o t h e r s . c o m line of leather goods treated with potential customer all lined up.
Submitted at 9/16/2009 7:45:53 AM
sipping a vodka-and-grapefruit PLUS: While at Black Fleece, diamond dust (for both durability S.T. Dupont's in-store boutique
Brooks Brothers' new Black Greyhound: Sharp notes of the we also had a chance to preview and, one assumes, because, dude, at Davidoff of Geneva opens
Fleece cologne, according to citrus fruit abound, with a not Browne's Spring 2010 footwear it's diamond dust) to a new tomorrow, 535 Madison Ave.,
d e s i g n e r T h o m B r o w n e , i s unwelcome edge of ginger. for the line. No big surprises lightweight ballpoint pen made N Y C , ( 2 1 2 ) 7 5 1 - 9 0 6 0 ,
"evocative of that man sitting in a And speaking of gray—hounds here—shoes like the double-soled with technology from the Airbus d a v i d o f f m a d i s o n . c o m ; s t -
library or parlor, smoking and and otherwise—the package wingtip brogue (below) are A380 (luckily, it's not a double- TYLER THORESON
drinking whiskey." Why, these deserves special attention (above). collection standards. But for decker wide body). Just as Photo: Courtesy of S.T. Dumont
are a few of our favorite things! The flacon comes tricked out in a Spring, the brogue got a tune-up impressive—though, sadly, not
We put it to the test to see if it box filled with die-cut gray felted- in an appealing new cream color.
stacks up. The results: yes and no. flannel textiles—a cool, creative MATTHEW SCHNEIER
Library? No. Smoking? No. touch, and a nod to both Browne's Photos: Elissa Wiehn; Josh
Whiskey? No—there's bourbon preferred fabric and Geoffrey Peskowitz
mentioned in the parfumeur's Beene's landmark Grey Flannel
précis, but it's bourbon pepper, fragrance. Beene's bottle, too,
Internet News Record Culture 75
By stylemens (GQ: The onscreen but off that your heart
Editors) plumb goes out to him.
Submitted at 9/15/2009 11:21:58 AM But Chloe, it turns out, has not
only a devious streak but designs
Toronto Film Festival: Round on Moore, which. . . oh, the hell
Three been pretty gnomic, too. Starring etc.) could give a Cuisinart an with it. Didn't photographing poor
Why remake somebody else's Nicolas Cage in Harvey Keitel's inferiority complex, the director's Alison Lohman with vaginal juice
movie? To a studio, that's a no- old role, the movie is a glorious documentary side gets an airing on her chin in Where The Truth
brainer: ca-chung. Franchises get crock: Not only have the original's via the post-Katrina New Orleans Lies sate Egoyan's zest for
a new lease on life, proven crowd- b a d - C a t h o l i c t h e m a t i c l o c a t i o n s , w h i c h a r e s o conning comely young actresses
pleasers are recycled for a new underpinnings been dumped like evocatively photographed you can into going lesbian for art's sake?
generation, well-reviewed foreign so much moldy lasagna, but feel the mugginess. There's no While Chloe might have been
films can be transformed by Herzog's trademark fascination good reason for the mix to work, tolerable as either a nasty comedy
reverse alchemy into crappy with the romance of willful but movies don't always need 'em. or a forthrightly meretricious
A m e r i c a n o n e s . B u t w h e n craziness has all the depth here of Me, I'm just hoping Herzog will thriller, it's grotesque as an
directors allegedly in it for the art a Wile E. Coyote tribute dinner. tackle Dr. Dolittle next. If ever ostensible showcase for Egoyan's
opt to piggyback on pre-owned That didn't stop Port of Call New there was a movie he was born to ostensible humanism. If he ever
material, it's usually for one of Orleans from being the most get right, that's the one. deserved that rep, his work this
GQ Hits
two reasons. Either the earlier purely enjoyable movie I've seen
movie is a stimulus for something in Toronto so far.
fresh that suits their own flukey
These days, I'm not convinced time out makes you appreciate the
Atom Egoyan could even get The c a n d i d p r u r i e n c e o f P a u l
If you've got a weakness for Sweet Hereafter right—and since V e r h o e v e n ' s S h o w g i r l s .
priorities—cf. Philip Kaufman's Cage in full bug-eating mode, you that's still the directing credit his That's why my heart also went
Invasion of The Body Snatchers, won't be disappointed. Even festival bios tout a dozen years out to Seyfried, an appealing
David Cronenberg's The Fly— or though, as usual, whether he later, it's fair to say his recent performer with more than a hint
else they're fresh out of ideas of k n o w s h e ' s o v e r a c t i n g i s output hasn't been a succession of of Drew Barrymore's blithe early By stylemens (GQ: The
their own. Not too surprisingly, anybody's guess, his performance triumphs. After the botched charm. A regular on HBO's dandy Editors)
filmmakers acting on Reason B is a blast from start to finish: wild Where The Truth Lies and the Big Love, she may have imagined Submitted at 9/16/2009 8:46:49 AM

have an amazing capacity for s t a r e s , u n p r o m p t e d g r i n s , fumbling Adoration, the Toronto her well-publicized Toronto
deluding themselves it's really windmilling body language and a programmers who haven't stopped twofer—she's also in Jennifer's Yes, festivals like Coachella,
Reason A. Bonnaroo, and SXSW attract
guided tour of all the neat things casting him as Canada's gift to Body—would show off her range. legions of fans and some of
Today's examples are Werner he can do with that phlegmy voice world cinema may be privately But tendentiously conceived parts
Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of of his. Despite a human cast that w i s h i n g t h e y ' d a n o i n t e d like Chloe have a way of irking music's biggest names year after
Call New Orleans, which spins off includes Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer Cronenberg or Guy Maddin reviewers into faulting the year. But there's something to be
like a banshee from Abel Ferrara's a n d t h e a l w a y s w e l c o m e instead. Chloe would benefit from blameless actress instead of the said for New York's yearly three-
1992 Bad Lieutenant, and Atom Brad(Deadwood) Dourif, who either one's sense of absurdity. director's dumb fantasies, day All Tomorrow's Party
Egoyan's Chloe, which leans for even gets to play someone sane festival, which holds a couple
The increasingly painful-to- especially when said director is thousand folks rather than the
inspiration on Anne Fontaine's for a change, Cage is upstaged watch combo of self-love and someone in whom they've got a
2004 Nathalie like a Q-Tip only by a number of animals, at radiant masochism we once knew prior investment. Especially since 150,000 that packed into this
propped up by balsa. In neither least some of whom are the hero's a s J u l i a n n e M o o r e i s a n nobody will see Chloe anyway, year's Coachella. Held in the
case was the public baying for a hallucinations; I'm pretty sure unconvincingly successful ob/gyn Seyfried has enough going for her Catskills (about two hours from
2.0 version, so each is best seen as about the iguanas, undecided doctor—you wouldn't trust this that she'll probably overcome it, Manhattan) at Monticello's
an index of the director in about the crocodiles. But all of neurotic jitterfest to deliver a but I still couldn't help wondering Kutschers Country Club—a
question's creative energy. kitschy, '70s-style joint complete
them, in true Herzog fashion, are letter, let alone a baby—who hires as I headed exitward whether I'd with an indoor pool, a lake, and
From Aguirre, The Wrath of treated as more deserving of call girl Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) seen her promising big-screen
God up through Grizzly Man and respect than their two-legged to test her music-prof husband's career peak and flame out in all of multiple bars—ATP New York
Rescue Dawn, Herzog's reasons counterparts. gathers indie rock's biggest
fidelity now that the zing has gone 72 hours. heavyweights and most promising
for doing anything have always In the midst of this circus, out of their marriage. He's played
been pretty gnomic. But my best whose plot (gambling debts, a by Liam Neeson, who's had such newcomers to play shows in
guess is that updating Ferrara was murder investigation, drug binges, a horrendous year not only banquet halls so intimate they feel
his idea of fun—which has always a little like the coolest prom ever.
We stopped by on Saturday to

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76 Internet News Record
continued from page 75
witness the fuss first-hand and it Criterion screenings of cultish album, was no different than their
was an all-out sensory overload. film classics If… and Paris, others, in that it was, simply put,
The day was ushered in by the Texas, and performances by the kind of experience that
crooning of indie heartthrob Black Dice, the Melvins, and one reminds you why you're
Sufjan Stevens—he of the of our latest favorites around the compelled to see live music in the
admittedly impossible vow to office, Sleepy Sun, whose debut first place. There are no
release an album inspired by album Embrace we urge you to wallflowers. No crossed-arms. No
every state and likely the most download right now. It's moody, posturing. Just bands of folks,
earnest act on the hipster- sexy, slightly ominous, and totally arms in the air, moving like
endorsed music scene—who worth the $7.92 iTunes will there's no tomorrow to some of
nursed a room full of hangovers charge you, but don't just take our the noisiest, mind-rattlingly good
from the previous night's Feelies word for it. Wayne Coyne from music you could hope for. And
and Drones performances with the The Flaming Lips—who curated around 1:30, as glowsticks
entirety of his Seven Swans, a the three-day event—stood streamed through the air during
banjo-strummin' folk album that backstage fist-pumping in delight their final song, "Fireworks," we,
predates his Illinois success. during their 45-minute set of acid- dead tired and sufficiently drunk,
Instead of rocking out with a full rock goodness. Take a look at gave a few last hollers before
orchestra and that massive set of their performance of "New Age" loading out and heading home for
wings he's infamous for, he for more proof. some shut eye.
delivered a restrained, mostly The rest of the evening, A few days later, our ears are
acoustic set with the help of three Wayfarer-wearing cool kids ate still ringing a little, but we're all
bandmates, all dressed in over- free Ninja Turtle ice cream bars, the better for it. And we'll be
sized tie-dye tees from a local gift drank Bud, and played table down for it again this time next
shop. tennis in anticipation of one the year, if the party's still on.—
In the afternoon and early festival's headlining acts, Animal andrew richdale
evening, attendees took breaks Collective, who started promptly
from their mid-day naps, on schedule at 12:15. Their show,
afternoon swims, and lakeside mostly songs from their most
beers to check out on-site recent Merriweather Post Pavilion