JESSICA & POLLY by JaneyRuth Ramirez © 2007

2 FADE IN EXT. SOMEWHERE ON A STREET IN THE BIG CITY - NIGHT An old beat-up Honda. backfires. Blue smoke out of the tailpipe. It

INT. THE OLD HONDA - THE SAME MOMENT Sound of backfiring. JESSICA, 21, behind the wheel, cute face, nice body. wears a skimpy waitress uniform, which displays her cleavage. She's had a rough day. The car lurches, the engine sputters. JESSICA I hate this car! Hate it, hate it, hate it! Another backfire. INT. JESSICA & POLLY'S APARTMENT - A HALF HOUR LATER Interior has the look and feel of the apartment of two college girls. POLLY, 21, nice-looking, serious, short, a thin, boyish shape. She sits at desk, doing homework. Sound of a car backfiring. Polly looks up. She knows that sound. She

EXT. AT CURB OUTSIDE APARTMENT - THE SAME MOMENT Jessica stands at curb, glaring at car. She's in her waitress outfit and 3 inch fuck-me pumps. She looks very sexy. JESSICA (Kicks car) Take that, you bitch! (Hops on one foot) Owwwww. Oh God, my poor toe! that hurt!


3 INT. JESSICA & POLLY'S APARTMENT - A MOMENT LATER Jessica enters, limping, smoldering. Polly looks up. She knows a rant is building.

JESSICA I am sooo losing it. I was so upset I almost got out and walked. And I would have, except for... Jessica gestures at her shoes. POLLY A suggestion? JESSICA What?!? POLLY Find a job on campus. That way you won't have to drive across town in that clunker. EXT. ON THE BIKE TRAIL - DAY Jessica and Polly, in cycling togs and helmets, riding their bicycles across campus. JESSICA No way. I need my job. The tips are huge. And I don't have to know anything. All I have to do is be cute, serve the food and show a little tit. It's middle-aged men on expense accounts. POLLY It's demeaning. JESSICA It's business. POLLY You should find a job you can walk to. If you had to walk to it, you wouldn't dare dress like a slut. JESSICA This from a girl who works at Blockbuster for nine dollars an hour.

4 POLLY I have my pride. JESSICA You can't eat pride. INT. JESSICA & POLLY'S APARTMENT - DAY Jessica, in her skimpy waitress garb, PennySaver. circles ads in

POLLY My mother said, beware of occupations that require you to wear certain kinds of clothing. JESSICA (Not really listening) Yeah yeah yeah. Jessica finds an ad that looks promising. She dials phone.

JESSICA (On phone) Hello? I'm calling about the car? INT. LUCILLE'S BARN - THE SAME MOMENT LUCILLE, 45, butch, her cell phone propped on the work bench with the speaker on. She attends to two female subs, HILLARY & GILLIAN, 50-ish twin spinsters, gagged, naked, tied back to back on a sawhorse. They've been oiled and creamed. She fits suction syringes to the areoles of their sagging bosoms. Hillary and Gillian gasp through their gags as she draws back on the plungers. Vibes taped to their clitties hum away. Hillary and Gillian are in ecstacy. LUCILLE (Into the phone as she primes the subs) Yes, in good shape. Very good shape. Know it backwards and forwards, every nook and cranny. Keep it greased, oiled, start it up to keep the battery charged, push the buttons every so often and - Lucille pauses to listen.

5 LUCILLE Why am I selling it? Don't need it. Got so many other things to keep me going, car just seems superfluous. You're welcome to look at it. It's parked on the front lawn. INT. JESSICA & POLLY'S APARTMENT - MOMENTS LATER JESSICA ...And she sounds really nice. POLLY Sounding nice on the phone doesn't equal a good car. JESSICA She drives it, she changes the oil and filters. POLLY She says she drives it, She says she changes the oil - JESSICA You are so negative - POLLY She lives way out in Pumpkin Center. That's a long way to go for. JESSICA (Fluttering her eyelashes) I was kind of hoping you'd drive me. POLLY Me? Drive you? Oh no. Don't ask me that. Please don't. I've got tons of things to do. I have tests and term papers and projects and - JESSICA Please please please please please. POLLY I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't.

6 JESSICA Please please please please please. POLLY I can't I can't I can't I can't Okay yes yes YES! Jessica smiles triumphantly. EXT. THE FRONT LAWN OF LUCILLE'S FARMHOUSE - THE SAME MOMENT Car with "For Sale" sign. Hillary and Gillian, in granny dresses, each lugging a suitcase, walking despondently toward the road. Gillian turns and flips off the house. INT. POLLY'S CAR - DAY Mid-morning. They are parked at roadside, engine running, in Polly's 1985 Volvo. Jessica dressed in athletic shorts and a top that shows off her midriff and her cleavage. Practical Polly dressed in jeans and a workshirt. Jessica sits in passenger seat fumbling with map. POLLY We're lost. JESSICA We are not lost. We're just temporarily misplaced. POLLY We left the Interstate, then we left the highway, then the good country road, then the bad country road, then the gravel road. And now we're on a dirt road with a ditch at one end and a swamp at the other end. I'd say we're lost. JESSICA You're always so negative. POLLY (Tries cellphone) The phone doesn't work.

7 JESSICA Forget the phone! Where's your sense of adventure? Go down the road one more time. POLLY We've already been up and down this road four times. JESSICA We may have missed a driveway. POLLY (Mimicking Jessica not in a nice way) We may have missed a driveway. We may have missed a driveway. Grrr. Polly shifts into drive. INT. THE SITTING ROOM IN LUCILLE'S FARMHOUSE - A HALF HOUR LATER Lesbian bondage art on walls. Lesbian figurines on coffee table and hutch. Polly eyes all this warily. Lucille smiles, tops off her wineglass and Jessica's. She can't take her eyes off Jessica. Polly hasn't touched her wine. Jessica is flushed and giggly. JESSICA So I said, try again, we may have missed a driveway. LUCILLE And there it was! JESSICA Yes! There it was! of us! POLLY Uh. Excuse me? slip? Right in front

You have the pink

JESSICA Polly, of course she has the pink slip. She's the owner. POLLY I was just asking.

8 JESSICA And I brought the money. thousand like you asked.


LUCILLE Yes. Six thousand. I was thinking about that after we talked. And I think I'm going to make a change on the price. POLLY (Under her breath) Oh oh. The old switcheroo. LUCILLE I was thinking, how about fiftyfive hundred? JESSICA Five thousand five hundred? POLLY Did you say, five hundred less? LUCILLE Yes. And I only ask one little thing in return. JESSICA One little thing? LUCILLE I want to see the both of you naked. EXT. THE FRONT LAWN OF LUCILLE'S FARMHOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Jessica and Polly still hold their wineglasses. Jessica's is half empty. Polly's glass is still untouched. POLLY Absolutely not! JESSICA But it's five hundred dollars. And all we have to do is show a little tit. POLLY It's not a little tit. frontal. It's full

9 JESSICA It's not like we're stripping for guys. It's more like girls being silly at a slumber party. (She looks at the car) I so want that car. Silence. JESSICA Have you ever stripped? No. POLLY Have you?

JESSICA I've stripped, but not for a woman. Long silence. Jessica looks longingly at the car. Then...

JESSICA Just a hypothetical question. Would you strip for two hundred and fifty dollars? POLLY That's two weeks pay at Blockbuster! JESSICA I'm offering you half the discount. POLLY You're serious. JESSICA (Takes out a roll of bills, counts out $250) Here. Cash money. POLLY (Takes money, grins for the first time) My mother always said, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Polly downs her wine in a single gulp. POLLY (Belches, giggles) Well, what are we waiting for?

10 INT. A GUEST BEDROOM IN LUCILLE'S HOUSE - A FEW MINUTES LATER Jessica and Polly undress. Jessica carelessly tosses her clothes on floor. Polly picks them up, hangs all their clothes on hangers, even tying the athletic shoes by their laces to the hangers. She hangs them in the closet. Despite her attention to detail, she still acts a little light-headed from the wine. POLLY My mother says cleanliness and neatness are next to godliness. JESSICA Did your mother ever strip for a car? Polly considers that for a moment. thought. LUCILLE (O. C.) (In next room) I'm waiting, ladies! POLLY Well, here goes nothing. JESSICA (Grinning at Polly's 32A's) You can say that again. They exit, wineglasses in hand. JESSICA & POLLY (O.C.) Ta-DA! INT. THE CLOSET - THE SAME MOMENT The partition in the wall slides open. the hangers with the girls' garments. A hand takes hold of She giggles at the

INT. THE SITTING ROOM IN LUCILLE'S HOUSE - THE NEXT MOMENT Jessica and Polly stand naked, holding their wine glasses. POLLY (Whispers) Where is she?

11 JESSICA Maybe she had to go to the bathroom. POLLY My mother never said this, but if you have two naked girls, the last thing on your mind should be the bathroom. Lucille glides in like a queen, dressed in a glittering evening gown with a freshly-opened bottle. LUCILLE I thought the occasion called for formal dress, so... And I brought a nice bottle of brandy for us. JESSICA (Gestures theatrically) Well, we're naked. POLLY And as you can see, we fulfilled our part of the agreement fully and in minute detail. LUCILLE (Fills their glasses to the brim) Shall we drink a toast? Why, yes. JESSICA That would be - -

POLLY Uh no! No. We really have to get back. We have work and tests and classes, right Jessica? LUCILLE (A disappointed look) Oh, too bad. Suit yourself, ladies. Go get dressed and I'll see you off. I'll get the keys. POLLY And the pink slip!

12 INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - A MOMENT LATER JESSICA You didn't have to keep going on about the pink slip, like she's some kind of thief. POLLY I was looking out for your interests. JESSICA I can look out for my own interests, thank you. I'm an adult woman. If I can handle a roomful of horny men, I can easily handle one woman. Jessica opens the closet. JESSICA What did you do with our clothes? POLLY I hung them right in there. JESSICA Then they should be hanging in here. Do you see them? I don't see them. Polly suddenly looks very frightened. She gasps. to the door, turns the handle. It's LOCKED. INT. THE SITTING ROOM - THE NEXT MOMENT Sound of Jessica and Polly pounding on door. JESSICA (O.C.) Let us out! Help! Help! Help! POLLY (O.C.) Help! Unlock this door! She runs

Lucille stands in front of a wall mirror in a policewoman's uniform, tying her tie, humming to herself. EXT. THE BACK YARD - A FEW MINUTES LATER Jessica and Polly stare out through the thick steel bars at the bedroom window.

13 Lucille stands outside window, ramrod straight, in her crisp, sharp uniform, a no-nonsense look on her face. LUCILLE I suggest you ladies get some rest. When I get back from my shift, we're all going for a little moonlight ride. If you need to relieve yourselves, use the chamberpot in the corner. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - THE SAME MOMENT Jessica and Polly turn, stare at the ceramic chamberpot on the floor. They turn back to the window, only to see Lucille striding away. POLLY Wait! JESSICA Please come back! Please! (To Polly) This is your fault. Mine? POLLY I tried to stop you!

JESSICA You didn't try hard enough! EXT. THE BARN - A FEW MINUTES LATER Lucille drives Polly's Volvo into the barn. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - AN HOUR LATER Jessica, face-down on bed, whimpering. pressing her face to the bars. INT. POLICE STATION - AN HOUR LATER Lucille walks down hallway, her boots clicking on the polished tile floor. She passes a TRAFFIC COP. LUCILLE How's it hanging, Jace? TRAFFIC COP By a thread, Lu. By a thread. Polly, at window,

14 They laugh. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - AN HOUR LATER Jessica and Polly curled up side by side on the floor, looking miserable. Polly sips a little brandy. She smacks her lips. Oh my, it's really good. EXT. SOMEWHERE ON PATROL - AN HOUR LATER Barren desolate landscape. Police motorcycle chasing a bright red Porsche convertable, lights flashing. The car pulls to the side of the road. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - THE SAME MOMENT Polly and Jessica, sitting on floor, backs pressed to the wall, taking sips of the brandy. Polly's glass is halfempty. Jessica's is still nearly full. Polly starts giggling, seemingly for no reason. Jessica takes a big gulp. She belches. Polly points at her and giggles louder. Jessica giggles. EXT. SOMEWHERE ON PATROL - A FEW MINUTES LATER Lucille stands next to Porsche driver door, her hand on her thick black utility belt. She looks down through her mirrored sunglasses at the YOUNG BLONDE GIRL behind the wheel. LUCILLE Your driver's license and car registration, Miss? INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - THE SAME MOMENT The glasses lie empty in the corner. Polly and Jessica, giggly drunk now, cuddle on the rug. Polly kisses Jessica, just a shy peck. Jessica looks surprised, then delighted. She kisses Polly back. She uses her tongue. EXT. SOMEWHERE ON PATROL - A HALF HOUR LATER In the rocks by the side of the road, hidden from view. Lucille, with her back pressed against a huge boulder, her pants down below her knees.

15 The Young Blonde Girl tongues her, her eyes watching Lucille's every reaction. Lucille tightly grips the Young Blonde Girl's hair, guiding her tongue. LUCILLE Oh yes, that's it. Right there. Deeper. Yes. There. Now suck. Not too hard. Use your lips. Oh yes, that's it. Yessss. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - THE SAME MOMENT Polly's mouth pressed to Jessica's sex. erupting. Jessica is

JESSICA Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohyes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesiloveyouilovey ouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouohhhhh... EXT. BACK AT THE PORSCH - A FEW MINUTES LATER Lucille stands next to Porsche driver door, her hand on her thick black utility belt. She looks down through her mirrored sunglasses at the Young Blonde Girl behind the wheel. LUCILLE No ticket this time, Miss. warning. Drive carefully. Just a

Lucille smiles, turns away. The Porsche slowly drives off. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - LATER The effect of the booze has worn off. Polly and Jessica sit side by side on the floor, backs against wall. JESSICA I'm not a lesbian. POLLY I'm not a lesbian. JESSICA That's settled, then. POLLY Absolutely.

16 JESSICA It was just one of those things. POLLY One of those crazy, once-in-alifetime things. JESSICA Regardless of what I said during orgasm, I'm not in love with you. POLLY Thank God! I couldn't imagine myself loving a woman. JESSICA That's settled, then. Yes. POLLY Absolutely.

EXT. THE ROAD IN FRONT OF LUCILLE'S FARMHOUSE - MUCH LATER Late afternoon. We see Lucille in her car turn into the driveway. We see the "For Sale" sign in the back window. INT. THE GUEST BEDROOM - THE SAME MOMENT Sound of pissing. Polly squatting over the chamberpot.

JESSICA What are we going to do? POLLY (Grunting) We'll jump her. JESSICA Jump her? POLLY We're younger. Faster. There's two of us and one of her. JESSICA Do you really think we can? POLLY We have to.

17 JESSICA I so admire you, Polly. tough.

You're so

POLLY We need to stick together. INT. THE BARN - A HALF HOUR LATER Lucille stands at the workbench, removing her tie, listening to a recording of Polly and Jessica. JESSICA (O.C.) ...Do you really think we can? POLLY (O.C.) We have to. JESSICA (O.C.) I so admire you, Polly. You're so tough... Lucille switches off the video. LUCILLE Hee hee hee. That poor, poor girl. EXT. BEHIND THE BARN - NIGHT A roaring bonfire. Jessica hogtied naked in the dirt. She trembles.

Polly hanging by her wrists from a gibbet, her nipples and clitty lips clamped, the chamberpot pressed down over her eyes. Cold piss drips off her skin onto the dirt. Lucille, still in her uniform, her collar open, a rattan switch in her hand. LUCILLE I hear that Jessica thinks Polly's tough. Why don't we find out just how tough she is. Now you can scream all you want, young lady. No one to hear you except me and Jessica. Four hard whacks on her ass cheeks. Polly howls with pain.

18 LUCILLE If you beg for another, little lady, you'll get one. If you don't beg, you'll get four. If you're tough like Jessica says, you won't beg. If you're not tough, if Jessica's wrong, you'll beg. Which will it be? Silence, except for Polly's whimpering. Please. Then...

POLLY Give me one, I beg you.

LUCILLE That was very wise, little lady. One hard whack on her upper thigh. Polly jerks on the rope, yelps. Lucille's rough hands unclamp Polly. Polly gasps as the blood rushes back into her nipples and clitty lips. LUCILLE You ladies better rest. We'll be going for a ride soon as I wash up. Lucille throws a bucket of water on the fire, then walks away. Silence. I'm sorry. It's okay. brave. POLLY I failed you. JESSICA I think you're very Jessica looks at

Parked outside the barn, a small ponycart. it, wonders what it's for.


Polly and Jessica harnessed abreast, hitched like ponies to the cart, with leather straps fastened around their waists, above and below their breasts and between their legs. Tiny bells jingle from their nipples as they move. Bridles and bits strapped to their mouths. Lucille, in cowgirl clothes and boots and looking very butch, sits in the cart, holding the reins and a whip. Polly and Jessica pull the cart at a slow trot.

19 LUCILLE That's it, ladies. A nice easy trot. We have a fifteen degree grade coming up just before the cabin. I don't want you two pooping out on me. POLLY This crotch strap hurts. WHAPP! Lucille smacks Polly with the whip. LUCILLE No talking, ponygirl! POLLY (Whimpers) Yes, Ma'am. EXT. AT A POND SOMEWHERE ON LUCILLE'S FARM - LATER THAT NIGHT Polly and Jessica, still harnessed and hitched to the cart, kneel at water's edge, their lips to the water. They drink. The moonlight reflects off the water. Lucille, standing nearby, smokes a cigarette. EXT. ON THE PATH GOING UPHILL - LATER THAT NIGHT Polly and Jessica strain to pull the ponycart, their feet digging into the soft dirt. Lucille uses the whip on their ass cheeks to urge them on. LUCILLE Come on, ladies. Get those young muscles in gear. Pull! Pull! EXT. A CAGE OUTSIDE A CABIN ON A HILL - LATER THAT NIGHT. The ponycart parked under a tree. Adjoining the cabin, a ten by ten cage with steel bars and a dirt floor. The cage door is locked with a chain and a huge padlock. Polly and Jessica lie on the ground inside the cage, exhausted. Lucille is nowhere to be seen. JESSICA Oh, my poor feet.

20 POLLY Oh dear, I can't move a muscle. JESSICA I am so dead. I could sleep for days. POLLY You better not. JESSICA Why? POLLY I think she wants you. Wants me? JESSICA How do you know?

POLLY She was giving you the look just before she went off to wash up. JESSICA What look? You know. POLLY The look?

JESSICA I didn't see a look. Anyway, she'll have to wait. I'm tired, exhausted, dirty. And I have a headache. The moon passes behind a cloud. INT. THE BEDROOM IN THE CABIN - LATER THAT NIGHT A single lightbulb hangs down. floor. A bare mattress on the wood

Jessica, her wrists tied, lies faceup on the mattress. Lucile, naked and sweaty, straddles Jessica's face, grinding her cunt into her. Her breasts heave as she rocks and shakes and contorts in ecstacy. She is near climax. LUCILLE Oh God! Yes yes yes yes yes yes oh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

21 THE BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Jessica, a dildo gag strapped to her mouth, kneels between Lucille's open thighs. She fucks Lucille hard, fast and deep. Lucille is close to climaxing. LUCILLE Oh God! Yes yes yes yes yes yes oh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Lucille, her face pressed into the mattress, her ass up high. Jessica's mouth buried in her anal crack, eating her deep and with vigor. Lucille is close to climaxing. LUCILLE Oh God! Yes yes yes yes yes yes oh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Lucille, mounted on Jessica, assfucking her with a strapon. She smiles the smile of a totally satisfied woman. She leans in, kisses Jessica's lips tenderly. She sucks gently on her earlobes. LUCILLE Did you like what I'm doing? JESSICA Yes, Ma'am. LUCILLE Is there anything you don't like? No, Ma'am. Ma'am. JESSICA Everything's perfect, We see it's

Lucille works the strapon a little faster. hurting Jessica. LUCILLE I'm not hurting you, am I? JESSICA No, Ma'am.

22 EXT. THE CAGE - EARLY MORNING Jessica, very still, lies face down on dirt floor. Polly opens her eyes, sees Jessica. She draws close, reaches out a hand. POLLY You're back. JESSICA Don't touch me. POLLY What's the matter? JESSICA My cunt, my tongue, my behind, my anus. Oh God! POLLY Sounds like you were a busy little beaver. JESSICA She went all night. With guys, it's once, twice tops, and they're like beached whales. That woman came and came and came and came. POLLY Dear me! I guess I'm lucky she likes you. JESSICA You're getting your turn, Miss Smarty-Pants. She's out on her morning duck hunt right now. When she gets back, she's having us both for breakfast. Polly gulps. Sound of a shotgun firing in the distance.

INT. THE KITCHEN IN THE CABIN - DAY Sound of bacon and eggs frying. Polly and Jessica naked in stilettoes, dressed in aprons open at the back. They stand at the stove preparing Lucille's breakfast. Welts visible on their ass cheeks. Their ankles are loosely shackled. Lucille sits at table in hunting shirt and hiking boots, her pants hanging from a hook on the wall.

23 Lucille snaps her fingers. Polly fills a plate and serves her at the table. Jessica pours coffee, adds milk and cream. Lucille snaps her fingers again. Polly and Jessica get on all fours and crawl under the table. Lucille sips the coffee, nods approvingly. bacon and eggs, nods approvingly. She tries the

Suddenly, she grabs hold of the edges of the table, sits bolt upright, her thighs wide apart. LUCILLE Oh God! Yes yes yes yes yes yes oh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! EXT. ON THE DIRT PATH HEADING BACK TO THE FARMHOUSE - DAY Morning. Birds chirping. A babbling brook.

Polly and Jessica harnessed abreast, hitched to the cart, with the leather straps and the bridles and the bits, the tiny bells on their nips jingling. Lucille, dressed again like a cowgirl, sits in the cart, holding the reins and a whip. She hums a happy tune. EXT. A MEADOW - LATER THAT MORNING The cart rests under a tree. Lucille lying on a blanket, looking up at the sky, smoking a cigarette. Nearby, in the grass, Polly, mounted on Jessica, drives a strapon into her cunt. It's tummy slapping against tummy, nipplies rubbing on nipples, heavy breathing and sweaty bottoms all around. JESSICA This doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. Deeper! POLLY (Works it deeper) Of course not. Like this?

24 JESSICA Yes, like that! I just don't want you expecting this every night. Faster! POLLY (Works it faster) Like this? Don't worry. going to ask.

I wasn't

JESSICA Yes, like that! That's settled then. POLLY Absolutely. It's been put to bed, once and for all. JESSICA Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohyes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesiloveyouilovey ouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyouohhhhh... Lucille cocks an eye, grins. INT. THE BARN - DAY Early afternoon. Polly's Volvo parked nearby. The hangers with Polly and Jessica's clothes on a hook at the wall. Polly and Jessica stand naked. Polly, the shorter of the two, in 3 inch heels. We see a double pussyhook suspended by a rope from the rafters. LUCILLE A little going-away exercise, ladies. POLLY (Whispers) Hope she greased it. LUCILLE Yes, it's greased, Polly. Now, ladies, come to the rope and hug each other with the rope between you. Polly and Jessica do so. Lucille cuffs Jessica's wrists around Polly and Polly's, around Jessica. Then she fits the hooks inside them, pulls the rope up a bit higher so the girls are on their tiptoes. She ties their thighs together so they are face-to-face, cunt-on-cunt, then she secures the

25 rope to a peg on the wall. She fetches an old milking stool, sits to the side of the girls, takes out two thin vibes, switches them on and teases the girls' anuses. The girls begin shuddering and shaking. JESSICA Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohyes yesyesyesyesyes yesyesyessss... POLLY Ohnoohnoohnohnoohnoohnoohnoohnohnoo hnoohnoohohohohohohgodohgodohgodohg odohgodoh... EXT. THE BARN - A FEW MINUTES LATER Lucille walks out of the barn, chuckling. INT. THE BARN - THE SAME MOMENT Polly and Jessica stand, cuffed and pussyhooked. anuses, the vibes hum. In their

They buck and rock and shake and rub. They stare into one another's eyes, as if seeing themselves mirrored there. They struggle to kiss. They cumm explosively. INT. POLLY'S CAR - DAY Late afternoon. Polly and Jessica dressed in the same clothes in which they came. Polly drives. Jessica sits in the passenger seat. POLLY So we'll drive back here next Saturday and pick up the car, yes? JESSICA It's been so intense. I can't trust myself to drive alone. POLLY Don't worry. I'll drive you. I'll always drive you. (Silence) I think we should call a time out for a few days.

26 JESSICA I think that's very wise. POLLY We need to be sure. A time out will let us reflect. JESSICA Consider. POLLY Weigh the pros and the cons. JESSICA Exactly. They pass a meadow very much like the one where they fucked. JESSICA Stop the car! POLLY What? JESSICA STOP THE CAR! EXT. THE MEADOW - A MOMENT LATER The car parked on the shoulder, the doors open. Polly and Jessica running across the meadow, undressing, laughing.

The End

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