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Unlock Democracy AGM 2013 Pack

Contents Page 2: Venue details Page 3: Agenda Page 4: AGM 2012 minutes Page 16: Response from the Unlo ! "emo ra # $oun il to last #ear%s motions Page 1&: 'inan e (tems Page 20: $onstituen # )oundaries for 2014 Unlo ! "emo ra # $oun il *le tions Page 21: $onstitutional Amendments Page 23: Poli # Motions Page 2+: Pro,# Vote Proto ol Page 2&: Pro,# Vote 'orm


Unlock Democracy AGM 2012 Venue Details

-$V./ 0he -ational $oun il for Voluntar# .rganisations Regent1s 2harf + All 3aints 3treet 4ondon -1 &R4

How to in! us
NCV" is a##ro$imately 1%&20 minutes walk rom 'in()s Cross *tation+

Pu,lic -rans#ort
.uses -um5ers 16/ &1 and 27& all stop at the 8ing1s $ross end of $aledonian Road 9see /tt#011www+t l+(o2+uk1 for details:; -rains 0rains to 8ing1s $ross/ 3t Pan ras or *uston; -u,e Pi adill#/ $ir le/ Vi toria/ <ammersmith and $it#/ -orthern and Metropolitan lines all pass through 8ing1s $ross 3tation;

Parkin( or #eo#le wit/ #/ysical !isa,ilities 0his is a=aila5le in the ourt#ard 5# prior arrangement >ith -$V./ telephone 020 6720 2404 9$onferen e suite 5oo!ing:; Car #arkin( Par!ing meters in the surrounding streets;? .icycles3 $an 5e left in the ourt#ard/ if lo !ed/ at o>ner1s ris!;?

*tart time 10:00 10:30 10:37 10:40 10:47

AGENDA Pro(ramme

Registration and refreshments AGM open and $hair%s >el ome Appro=al of AGM 2012 minutes and matters arising Response from the oun il in response to last #ear%s motions 'inan 1; 2; 3; e (tems: Appro=al of a ounts Appointment of reporting a ountants: $hantre# Vella ott "'8 44P Mem5ership su5s riptions motion: The meeting resolves that the standard annual membership subscription of the organisation shall be 24 and the minimum subscription shall be 12. The rebate to Local Groups shall be 7.20 or 0! of the subscription" #hichever is the lo#er. The rebate to $evolved %rganisations shall be 2.40 or 10! of the subscription" #hichever is the lo#er.&

11:17 11:27

$onstituen # 5oundaries for 2014 Unlo ! "emo ra # oun il ele tions $onstitutional Amendments 1; "eputising at $oun il meetings 2; *le tions Amendment; 3; *le tions 3pending 4imit "ire tor%s report and @uestions 4un h 'rom Arm hair 0o A ti=ism (n 2014 AA Magna $arta for 2017B 'anel discussion "e5ate and =otes on poli # motions: 1; )ite 0he )allot and Politi al *ngagement 2; Re all of -onC$ommuni ating MPs 3; *nglish "e entralisation 4; $ontra t Pu5li (nformation .nline Re@uired 7; 'air Voting 3#stem 6; Ma!ing Unlo ! "emo ra # More *n=ironmentall# A>are $losing >ords from $hair and "ire tor AGM *nds

12:07 12:70 13:70 14:30 17:17

16:17 16:30

M4NU-E* UN5"C' DEM"C6AC7)* AGM M4NU-E* *A-U6DA7 10t/ N"VEM.E6 2012 -/e National Council or Voluntary "r(anisations8 6e(ent9s :/ar Present0 Vi !# 3eddon 9$hair:/ Peter 'a e# 9"ire tor: and 36 mem5ers/ 44 pro,# =otes re ei=ed; Apologies >ere re ei=ed from Mar# 3outh ott; 4n Atten!ance0 Ale,andra Runs>i !/ Dames Graham/ *mil# Randall/ Margaret Mathe>s/ Dohn 'ranglen/ Don -ar ross; 1+ C/air)s :elcome V 3eddon noted that >e >ere @uorate/ >ith good attendan eE ga=e details of house!eeping: spea!ers% time allo>an es: then e,plained =oting arrangements; (t >as agreed that people >ho had not 5een in mem5ership for three months/ and hen e did not ha=e =oting rights/ ould spea! in de5ates; 0he agenda >as then agreed; 2+ A##ro2al o Minutes o t/e 2011 AGM Ra# George/ $hris $arrigan and Alan "e5enham >ere added to the attendan e list . (pproved #ith the added revision 3+ 6es#onse rom Council to last year9s motions 0his >as a epted ;+ <inance 4tems ;+1 A##ro2al o accounts 0he "ire tor presented the report on a ounts for U" for 2011F12; Dohn Volleamere as!ed ho> mu h mone# >as in Rodell Properties and >as informed all finan ial transa tions for Rodell Properties >ere pu5lished on the >e5site; A @uestion >as as!ed a5out t>o onfli ting figuresE the "ire tor undertoo! to respond to this later; )ub*ect to clarification on this last +uer," the accounts #ere approved. ;+2 Motion0 A##ointment o Accountants 4t was #ro#ose! t/at Unlock Democracy)s current re#ortin( accountants8 C/antrey Vellacott ,e rea##ointe!+ The motion #as carried. 4.3 Mem,ers/i# su,scri#tions: -/e meetin( resol2es t/at t/e stan!ar! annual mem,ers/i# su,scri#tion o t/e or(anisation s/all ,e =2; an! t/e minimum su,scri#tion s/all ,e =12+ -/e re,ate to 5ocal Grou#s s/all ,e =>+20 or 30? o t/e su,scri#tion8 w/ic/e2er is t/e lower+ -/e re,ate to De2ol2e! "r(anisations s/all ,e =2+;0 or 10? o t/e su,scri#tion8 4

w/ic/e2er is t/e lower+ This #as agreed %+ Policy Motions %+1 Policy Motion 20 De2olution or En(lan! Proposer: $llr; Philip "a=is 3e onder: Mar# 3outh ott -/is AGM notes t/e im#ortance o em#owerin( citi@ens at all le2els o (o2ernment+ :e note UD)s e ecti2e cam#ai(ns or new laws su##ortin( localism an! sustaina,le communities8 #lus t/e continuin( cam#ai(n to re orm t/e 5or!s1:estminster Parliament+ Unlock Democracy reco(nises t/at0 1+ E ecti2e citi@en em#owerment also !e#en!s on t/e eAuita,le !istri,ution o #owers across t/e !i erent #arts o t/e U' an! t/at8 since *cottis/ an! :els/ !e2olution8 En(lan! remains t/e most centralise! #art o t/e Unite! 'in(!omB 2+ 5on!on (o2ernment8 2este! in an electe! Mayor an! Assem,ly co2erin( c+C million #eo#le8 stan!s in stark contrast to t/e a,sence o any suc/ !emocratic control o2er maDor ser2ices suc/ as trans#ort8 /ousin( an! re(eneration in t/e ot/er conur,ations o En(lan! an! in ur,an1s/ire areas wit/ lar(e #o#ulations linke! ,y suc/ strate(ic ser2ices & or e$am#le8 t/e Nort/ o En(lan!8 *out/ :est o En(lan! or t/e :est Mi!lan!s+ -/is AGM su##orts t/e nee! or an En(lis/ !ecentralisation an! !e2olution cam#ai(n aimin( to !raw attention to t/is !emocratic !e icit an! to e$ten! !emocratic accounta,ility or lar(e scale key ser2ices to t/e strate(ic areas o En(lan! outsi!e 5on!on; Philip "a=is mo=ed the motion and in M 3outh ott%s a5sen e/ 3tuart <ill se onded the motion; The motion #as ver, largel, carried %+2 Policy Motion 30 *in(le -rans era,le Vote Proposer: )ru e -i,on -/is AGM resol2es t/at Unlock Democracy initiates a maDor cam#ai(n lea!in( u# to t/e ne$t election or an en! to t/e irst #ast t/e #ost 2otin( system an! t/e intro!uction o t/e *in(le -rans era,le Vote+ )ru e -i,on mo=ed the motion/ se onded 5# $rispin Allard >ho then proposed an amendment: that the >ords E or local (o2ernments in En(lan! an! :alesF 5e added to the end of the te,t; 3tuart <ill se onded the amendment; The amendment #as ver, largel, carried 'inola 8ell# then proposed the >ord EmaDorF 5e remo=ed from the motion; 4isa 'ren h 5

se onded this amendment; The amendment #as largel, carried 0on# 8night proposed the >ords E*in(le -rans era,le VoteF ,e re#lace! in t/e title an! te$t o t/e motion wit/ Ea #ro#ortional 2otin( systemB; Philip "a=is se onded this amendment; 0his >as then put to the =ote: <or0 1G A(ainst0 1H A,stentions0 0

The amendment #as carried. The motion" as amended" #as ver, largel, carried 6; -/e meetin( was t/en a!!resse! ,y An!reas :/ittam *mit// and dis ussion follo>ed; 0he meeting adGourned for lun h 6; A ter lunc/8 t/e meetin( was a!!resse! ,y Vince Ca,le MP/ and dis ussion follo>ed; H+ :e t/en returne! to t/e #olicy motions H+1 Motion ;0 6e orm o t/e Monarc/y Proposer: Merse#side and 2est $heshire Group 1+ Merseysi!e an! :est C/es/ire Grou# reco(nise t/ere are !i erin( 2iews on t/e monarc/y amon(st t/e mem,ers/i# o Unlock Democracy8 i+e+ monarc/ists8 re#u,licans i+e+ a!2ocate a,olition o t/e monarc/y an! t/ose wit/ a #ra(matic 2iew8 t/at is w/y we are #ro#osin( sim#le constitutional re orms o t/e monarc/y8 to im#ro2e accounta,ility8 trans#arency an! airness in royal inances an! to a##ro#riately assi(n #u,lic un!s to t/e -reasury+ 2+ .uckin(/am Palace claims t/at t/e monarc/y costs t/e ta$#ayer aroun! =;0m eac/ year8 re#resentin( e$cellent )2alue or money)+ 4n act8 researc/ s/ows t/at t/e .ritis/ monarc/y coul! cost as muc/ as i2e times t/is o icial i(ure8 makin( it one o t/e most e$#ensi2e institutions in t/e worl!+ 3+ -/e estimate! total annual cost o t/e monarc/y to ta$#ayers is =202+;m8 aroun! i2e times t/e o icial i(ure #u,lis/e! ,y t/e royal /ouse/ol! I=3H+3m last yearJ+ ;+ -/e o icial i(ure e$clu!es a num,er o costs8 inclu!in( roun!&t/e&clock security8 royal 2isits an! lost re2enue rom t/e Duc/ies o 5ancaster an! Cornwall+ %+ Ci2il 5ist e$#en!iture8 w/ic/ #ays or t/e o icial e$#enses o t/e Kueen9s /ouse/ol!8 /as increase! ,y G; #er cent in real terms o2er t/e last two !eca!es+ C+ =202+;m is eAui2alent to G8%C0 nurses8 H8200 #olice o icers an! more t/an t/e total annual Ministry o De ence s#en!in( on oo!+ >+ -/e .ritis/ monarc/y is 112 times as e$#ensi2e as t/e 4ris/ #resi!ent an! 6

more t/an twice as e$#ensi2e as t/e <renc/ #resi!ential system+ H+ .ritain)s royal amily is t/e most e$#ensi2e in Euro#e at more t/an !ou,le t/e cost o t/e Dutc/ monarc/y+ G+ -a$#ayers are not in orme! a,out t/e e$act cost o t/e monarc/y8 !ue to t/e royal /ouse/ol!)s e$em#tion rom t/e <ree!om o 4n ormation Act an! wi!es#rea! misun!erstan!in( a,out t/e nature o t/e royal amily)s inances+ 10+ All 6oyal 2isits aroun! t/e country are met ,y local aut/orities an! not rom t/e monarc/y)s ,u!(et+ 11+ "ur #ro#osals or constitutional re orm o t/e monarc/yB a+ Parliament to set an annual i$e! ,u!(et or t/e monarc/y & inclu!in( an annual salary or t/e Kueen & to ,e mana(e! an! re#orte! on ,y a (o2ernment !e#artment8 not .uckin(/am Palace+ ,+ All security costs to ,e ma!e trans#arent an! accounta,le+ c+ All costs o royal 2isits aroun! t/e country to ,e incor#orate! into t/e monarc/y)s ,u!(et8 not met ,y local aut/orities+ !+ -/e institution o t/e monarc/y8 an! all mem,ers o t/e royal /ouse/ol!8 to ,e reAuire! to a,i!e ,y t/e same ta$ laws an! rules as all ot/er #u,lic ,o!ies an! #ri2ate in!i2i!uals+ e+ -/e Duc/ies o 5ancaster an! Cornwall to ,e ully in2esti(ate! ,y #arliament wit/ a 2iew to trans errin( t/em into #u,lic owners/i#8 wit/ all re2enue (oin( to t/e -reasury+ + -/e monarc/y)s inances to ,e scrutinise! ,y t/e National Au!it " ice like any ot/er #u,lic ,o!y+ (+ -/e Crown Estate to ,e rename! )t/e National Estate) an! its status clari ie! t/rou(/ amen!ment o t/e Crown Estate Act+ Dohn Volleamere/ in mo=ing the motion/ emphasised that it >ould not 5e a priorit# for the organisation 5ut >as intended to gi=e the organisation a poli #; 0he $hair larified that it has 5een an e,isting Unlo ! "emo ra # poli # that the pu5li should ha=e the right to de ide >hether or not it >anted the monar h#; 3tuart 2eir proposed an amendment to add EAll em#loyees o t/e crown estate s/oul! ,e #ai! at least a li2in( wa(eB at the end of motion; 3usan Murra# se onded the amendment; The amendment #as largel, carried. Peter <irst mo=ed an amendment at the end to add: AUnlo ! "emo ra # poli # remains that the pu5li should ha=e the right to de ide on the future of the monar h#;B )ru e -i,on se onded the amendment; The amendment largel, fell. 0he $hair larified that >here the motion refers to AMerse#side and 2est $heshire GroupB this >ill 5e hanged to refer to EUnlock DemocracyF+ Dohn 3trafford e,pressed on erns that the monar h# has a right to =eto legislation 5efore it is de5ated in parliament and that this fa t should 5e e,posed; The motion" as amended" #as carried.

H+2 Policy Motion 10 Me!ia 6e orm Proposer: $lare $oatman 3e onder: Mar! <ermida Unlock Democracy Notes0 1+ t/at a #lural an! et/ical me!ia is essential or a /ealt/y !emocracy8 an! t/at t/e 5e2eson 4nAuiry /as (i2en t/e .ritis/ #u,lic un#rece!ente! insi(/t into t/e ailin(s o t/e #ress to ul il t/is role+ Unlock Democracy .elie2es0 2+ t/at t/ese ailin(s can ,e reme!ie! t/rou(/ action ,y Parliament8 an! t/at t/e #u,lication o 5e2eson)s recommen!ations is a once&in&a&(eneration o##ortunity to ac/ie2e su,stantial me!ia re orm+ Unlock Democracy 6esol2es0 3+ to su##ort or(anisations suc/ as t/e Co&or!inatin( Committee or Me!ia 6e orm in t/eir e orts to mo,ilise citi@ens to !eman! !ecisi2e action8 namely0 a; a re(ulator w/ic/ is in!e#en!ent o (o2ernment an! me!ia #ro#rietors8 ,acke! ,y statute 5; limits on me!ia owners/i# to ensure a #lurality o 2oices ; a conscience clause an! #u,lic interest !e ence or Dournalists (n the a5sen e of the original mo=ers/ )en 4ille mo=ed the motion/ and $li=e )ishop se onded it; "iana 2allis proposed an amendment E or DournalistsF in 6esol2es 3IcJ to ,e remo2e!+ Peter <irst se onded the amendment; The amendment #as carried. The motion" as amended" #as over#helmingl, carried. G+ .usiness Motions G+1 .usiness Motion 10 5ocal Grou#s Proposer: "ann# Hin!us 3utton 3e onder: $hris $arrigan Unlock Democracy reco(nises t/e im#ortance o /a2in( a network o acti2ists in stren(t/enin( our a,ility to cam#ai(n e ecti2ely+ .ot/ in!i2i!uals actin( ,y t/emsel2es8 an! (rou#s o acti2ists workin( to(et/er in a locality8 can ,rin( /u(e ,ene its in mo,ilisin( su##ort or our cam#ai(ns an! in !emonstratin( a #ersistent an! wi!es#rea! !esire or constitutional re orm+ -/is AGM welcomes0 1+ -/e (rowt/ o re orm mo2ement (rou#s ollowin( t/e re eren!um on t/e Alternati2e Vote an! sees t/e (rowt/ o t/ese (rou#s as a 2ital #art o t/e re orm mo2ement9s a,ility to in luence constitutional re orm+ -/is AGM notes t/at many o t/ese (rou#s are in ormal an! autonomous an! are a,le to make use o new orms o social me!ia to or(anise8 network an! co&or!inate acti2ities c/ea#ly+ -/is AGM is ea(er t/at Unlock Democracy work wit/ an! su##ort any an! all #ro#onents o !emocratic re orm8 at w/ate2er le2el t/ey are willin( to work wit/ us8 #ro2i!e! t/at t/ey 8


3+ ;+

cam#ai(n or !emocratic re orm w/ic/ is cross&#arty an! non& !iscriminatory+ -/e settin( asi!e o a ,u!(et o =18000 #er annum to su##ort local (rou#s t/rou(/ a (rants #ro(ramme an! notes a similar sc/eme in o#eration ,y t/e Electoral 6e orm *ociety+ -/e work t/at Unlock Democracy /as recently !one to work more closely wit/ local (rou#s+ -/e Acti2ists9 Con erence sc/e!ule! to take #lace in .irmin(/am on t/e Gt/ o <e,ruary an! sees t/is e2ent as a 2ital ste# in Unlock Democracy reac/in( out to local (rou#s8 ot/er acti2ists an! to t/e wi!er in ormal an! ormal re orm community+

-/is AGM reAuests 1; Council to consi!er w/et/er t/e current Unlock Democracy constitution ,est su##orts our workin( wit/ a network o in ormal an! autonomous local (rou#s an! to ,rin( !etaile! #ro#osals or any necessary c/an(es to t/e Constitution to t/e AGM in 2013+ 2; Council an! *ta to continue to !e2elo# an! consult wi!ely on a #lan t/at s/ows /ow Unlock Democracy can ,est0 a+ *tren(t/en our relations/i#s wit/ local (rou#s ,y i+ workin( wit/ e$istin( local (rou#s ii+ acilitatin( t/e en(a(ement o acti2ists wit/ local (rou#s iii+ su##ortin( an! #romotin( t/e creation o new local (rou#s i2+ su##ortin( an! #romotin( t/e creation an! stren(t/enin( o networks ,etween local (rou#s an! local (rou#s an! ormal re orm mo2ement or(anisations ,+ work wit/ ot/er ormal re orm mo2ement or(anisations8 inclu!in( ,ut not limite! to t/e Electoral 6e orm *ociety8 6e#u,lic an! #olitical #arty re orm (rou#s in En(lan!8 *cotlan!8 Nort/ern 4relan! an! :ales to #romote an! su##ort t/e o2erall (oo! /ealt/ o in ormal an! autonomous local (rou#s an! t/e connection o local (rou#s wit/ t/e wi!er re orm mo2ement+ 3; Council an! *ta to !iscuss wit/ local acti2ists at t/e Acti2ists9 Con erence an! t/rou(/ ot/er c/annels w/at met/o!s Unlock Democracy coul! use to su##ort t/em ,etter8 inclu!in( ,ut not limite! to t/e ollowin( #ractical o##ortunities a+ 4n ormation on #ro(ress on current issues e+(+ t/e *ustaina,le Communications Act ,+ Emails to all t/e local UD mem,ers a,out local (rou# acti2ities c+ Assistance wit/ national s#eakers !+ Announcements a,out acti2ities on UD we,site an! (i2in( local contact !etails e+ 5inks on UD we,site to t/e (rou#s9 own we,sites + <un!in( to su##ort e2ents e+(8 room /ire (+ Pu,lic lia,ility insurance or same /+ <acilitatin( access to skille! in!i2i!uals 9

i+ A!2ice on as#ects o runnin( local (rou#s D+ :e,&,ase! resources an! trainin( ai!es to assist in runnin( local (rou#s "ann# Hin!us 3utton mo=ed the motion and $hris $arrigan se onded it; 'inola 8ell# proposed an amendment to 6e#lace8 in clause 2 o t/e section E-/is AGM :elcomesF8 E=1000F wit/ E=%000F+ -o one se onded the amendment; The amendment fell. An amendment >as proposed to delete A AGM reAuests 1B; The amendment fell. An amendment >as proposed: 4n AGM reAuests 3IaJ0 1J 6e#lace ECommunications ActF wit/ ECommunities ActF 2J A!! to t/e en! E*ocial Values Act an! #ilot communities ,u!(etsF The amendment #as carried. An amendment >as proposed to clause 3,0 re#lace EemailsF wit/ Ere(ular ,ulletinsF The amendment #as ver, largel, carried. The motion as amended #as carried G+ 2 .usiness Motion 2 an! 30 -/ese motions were !e,ate! to(et/er+ .usiness Motion 20 Election Communication Proposer: $hris $arrigan 3e onder: Mar! Pa ! Unlock Democracy notes t/at0 1+ -/e e$istin( rules or elections to Unlock Democracy9s Council constrain can!i!ate9s communication wit/ t/e electorate to 300 wor!s o te$t an! /a2e ,een inter#rete! to e$#licitly #ro/i,it all ot/er communication rom can!i!ates a,out t/e election inclu!in( ,lo((in(8 t/e use o twitter an! e2en restrictin( t/e way t/ey in orm t/eir rien!s a,out t/e act t/ey are stan!in(+ 2+ -/e !ecision o t/e #rece!in( Council not to c/an(e t/ese rules #rior to t/e election was !escri,e! ,y an out(oin( mem,er as Et/e /y#ocrisy o a rulin( elite t/at are com orta,le wit/ t/e notion t/at w/ilst t/e rest o society are !es#erately in nee! o its (ui!ance as to /ow t/eir !emocratic ri(/ts s/oul! ,e #romote!8 w/ilst t/ey t/emsel2es s/oul! ,e #rotecte! rom t/e im#lications o an in orme! electorate+F 3+ 4n t/at election t/e limite! in ormation a,out can!i!ates an! lack o !e,ate (enerate! rustration or mem,ers w/o !i! not eel t/ey /a! enou(/ in ormation to make a Du!(ement an! or can!i!ates w/o elt t/at t/ey were una,le to make a case or w/y #eo#le s/oul! 2ote or t/em+ ;+ <ollowin( t/e election t/e re#ort o t/e 6eturnin( " icer Dr *tuart :ilks& Hee( state! E4 woul! stron(ly recommen! t/at Unlock Democracy re2iews t/e current rules an! reac/es a 2iew as to w/et/er it wis/es to #ro#ose re2isions to t/em in li(/t o t/e (rowt/ o social me!ia in recent years+F %+ Howe2er t/e Council at its meetin( on 1 *e#t 2012 I,y a maDority 2oteJ 10

c/ose not to un!ertake t/is re2iew+ Unlock Democracy ,elie2es t/at0 1+ :e nee! to u#!ate our election rules or t/e mo!ern era+ -/ese rules8 w/ic/ were ori(inally !esi(ne! to #re2ent well& un!e! can!i!ates (ainin( an un air a!2anta(e !urin( t/e era o t/e #osta(e stam#8 are now o#eratin( to t/e !etriment o our internal !emocracy an! its e$ternal ima(e+ 2+ Gi2en t/e lack o (ui!ance rom Council we s/oul! a!o#t as ,est #ractice t/e election communication rules a(ree! ,y t/e Electoral 6e orm *ociety in Luly 2012 or t/eir internal elections+ 0he motion >as mo=ed 5# $hris $arrigan/ se onded 5# Mar! Pa !; 3tephen $arter proposed an amendment to repla e A)elie=es 2B >ith: A0his issue should 5e referred 5a ! to oun il to onsider the *R3 rules in prin iple or an# other rules that might 5e appli a5le;B Peter <irst se onded the amendment; The amendment fell. The motion #as carried. .usiness Motion 30 Motion on 2012 elections Proposer: 3tuart <ill 3e onder: 4inda <offman 1+ -/is AGM welcomes t/e success ul recent elections to our Council an! 6o!ell .oar!+ 2+ -/e elections were ,y ar t/e most com#etiti2e t/at Unlock Democracy /as /el!8 w/ic/ is 2ery /ealt/y+ Des#ite t/e com#etition8 t/ere was not a sin(le com#laint o a ,reac/ o t/e rules to our 6eturnin( " icer+ 3+ :e /a2e in!i2i!uals electe! w/o are in!e#en!ent8 Green8 Conser2ati2e8 5a,our an! 5i,eral Democrat w/o are unite! ,y s/are! 2alues o !emocracy+ ;+ -/e e$istin( rules o Unlock Democracy ensure Ea le2el #layin(& iel!F or all can!i!ates w/ere no in!i2i!ual can!i!ate can take a!2anta(e o t/e #ower o money or access to social me!ia+ -/is #rinci#le nee!s to ,e retaine! in t/e uture+ %+ Howe2er8 a clear weakness continues in t/e area o .lack an! Minority Et/nic re#resentation+ -/is AGM8 t/ere ore8 asks t/at a##ro#riate attention an! resources are !e2ote! to stren(t/enin( ,ot/ re#resentation an! mem,ers/i# amon(st t/ese communities as well as im#ro2in( t/e turnout amon(st t/e w/ole o t/e mem,ers/i#+ 3tuart <ill mo=ed the motion; 4inda <offman se onded the motion; Proposers a epted an amendment to remo2e Eor access to social me!iaF in lause 4 / in light of pre=ious motion; The amendment #as carried. The motion" as amended" #as over#helmingl, carried. 11

10+ Constitutional Amen!ment 10 Election *tan!in( "r!ers Proposer: $hris $arrigan 3e onder: Mar! Pa ! 6e2ise A##en!i$ . o t/e constitution IElectionsJ as ollows0 1+ 4n 2+2 !elete Ean! election a!!ressF 2+ 6e#lace 2+3 wit/ 2+3 -/e rules or Can!i!ates9 election a!!resses an! election&relate! materials s/all ,e as ollows0 EaJ 4n all statements an! election&relate! materials8 can!i!ates must con orm to a s#irit o reasona,le8 al,eit ro,ust8 assertion an! !e,ate+ E,J Can!i!ates will eac/ ,e allocate! one A;&si@e #a(e or t/eir election a!!resses Ia mar(in o at least 1 cm is recommen!e! to a2oi! te$t ,ein( lost at a ,in!in( e!(eJ+ EcJ Election a!!resses can ,e su,mitte! in /ar! co#y or t/at t/e or(anisations o ice can #rocess+ E!J All Election a!!resses must ,e ty#e! an! may inclu!e ima(es an! #/oto(ra#/s+ -/e "r(anisations sta will assist wit/ ty#in( w/ere necessary ,ut will not #ro2i!e assistance wit/ ima(ery or layout+ EeJ Election A!!ressees will ,e re#ro!uce! in ,lack an! w/ite or /ar! co#y circulation or may ,e ma!e a2aila,le in suc/ electronic ormat an! 2ia suc/ electronic means as t/e 6eturnin( " icer s/all !etermine+ EJ *tatements an! election&relate! materials circulate! or #u,lis/e! ,y t/e "r(anisation an! ,y can!i!ates or on ,e/al o can!i!ates8 eit/er ,y #ost or electronically8 s/all not contain !irect or in!irect #ersonal criticisms o mem,ers o Unlock Democracy or its sta + Nor s/all t/ey make li,ellous assertions a,out any #erson+ -/e 6eturnin( " icer s/all /a2e t/e inal say on t/e content o all election a!!resses+ E(J -/e 6eturnin( " icer s/all not #ro2i!e access to mem,ers/i#s lists or ot/er resources or election cam#ai(nin( #ur#oses+F 3+ A!! at t/e en! o 2+% ECan!i!ates9 election a!!resses will ,e liste! in t/e re2erse o t/e or!er on t/e ,allot #a#er+ Howe2er8 an al#/a,etic in!e$ will ,e #ro2i!e!+F 0>o amendments had 5een ta5led 5# the mo=er; 0he first >as deemed to 5e te hni al/ and hen e did not in=alidate pro,ies: 1+ 4n 28 2+3I,J8 re#lace Eone A;&si@e #a(eF wit/ Es#ace eAui2alent to one A;&si@e #a(eF+ 2+ 4n 28 2+3I!J8 a!! at en!0 E,eyon! ormattin( into a tem#late s#eci ie! ,y t/e 6eturnin( " icerF+ 3+ 4n 28 2+3I(J8 !elete all a ter ElistF+ This #as carried 0he se ond/ to add: E/J No can!i!ate)s cam#ai(n s/oul! incur any e$#en!itureF8 >as >ithdra>n 0he amended onstitutional amendment >as then put to the =ote >ith the follo>ing result: 12

.n the floor: 20 'or/ 12 AgainstE Pro,# =otes:37 'or/ 3 Against <or0 %% A(ainst0 1% A,stentions0 0

The constitutional amendment #as carried b, the re+uired t#o thirds ma*orit,. 11; P/il *tarr took t/e C/air or t/e ne$t two items .usiness Motion ;0 6etain t/e 6i(/t to Amen! Motions at Unlock Democracy AGM Proposer: 3usan Murra# 3e onder: 3tuart <ill -/is AGM notes t/at t/e constitution o Unlock Democracy #ermits amen!ments to motions to ,e ta,le! rom t/e loor o t/e AGM an! woul! wis/ to see t/is !emocratic ri(/t retaine!+ -/is AGM ,elie2es0 1+ -/at an or(anisation committe! to !ee#enin( in2ol2ement in t/e !emocratic #rocess s/oul! irst look to its own #ractices an! ensure t/at its own su##orters can make as ull a contri,ution as #ossi,le to !e,ate an! !ecision makin( at its AGM+ 2+ -/at some mem,ers may only realise t/e ull im#lications o any motion w/en it is !e,ate! on t/e loor o t/e AGM an! so s/oul! retain t/e ri(/t to amen! motions at t/at sta(e rat/er t/an w/en t/ey irst recei2e t/e AGM #a#ers+ 3+ -/at o#en !e,ate may ,rin( e$tra in ormation an! ar(uments to li(/t an! t/at it s/oul! ,e #ossi,le to make amen!ments rom t/e loor o AGM in t/e li(/t o t/ese+ -/is AGM reco(nises t/at it may ,e more !i icult to time M or ot/erwise or(anise M t/e a(en!a i last minute amen!ments are #ut8 ,ut ,elie2es t/at t/is is a #rice wort/ #ayin( to ensure t/e !ee#est #ossi,le !emocratic in2ol2ement in t/e AGM; 3usan Murra# mo=ed the motion/ and 3tuart <ill se onded it; Vi !# 3eddon proposed an amendment to repla e last para >ith: E-/is AGM reco(nises t/at ,ecause it is !i icult to or(anise t/e a(en!a i t/ere is no closin( time or amen!ments8 t/at any amen!ment t/at is su,mitte! less t/an ;H /ours ,e ore t/e meetin( will reAuire t/e a(reement o t/e AGM ,e ore it is acce#te! or !e,ate;B $hris $arrigan se onded the amendment; The amendment #as carried. The motion" as amended" #as ver, largel, carried. 12+ Constitutional Amen!ment 20 Amen!ments to motions Proposer Vi !# 3eddon 3e onder $hris $arrigan


4nsert a new %+1+> an! renum,er accor!in(ly0 E%+1+> Amen!ments to motions s/all ,e su,mitte! to t/e C/air at least ;H /ours ,e ore t/e meetin(+F Vi !# 3eddon mo=ed the proposition and also proposed an amendment to add EAn amen!ment t/at !oes not meet t/is reAuirement will only ,e !e,ate! i t/e AGM itsel so a(reesF; $hris $arrigan se onded the amendment; The amendment to the proposed constitutional amendment #as carried over#helmingl, 0he amended onstitutional amendment >as then put to the =ote; )e ause of the amendment/ the pro,# =otes >ere deemed in=alid; <or0 21 A(ainst0 ; A,stentions0 0

The constitutional amendment" as amended" #as carried b, the re+uired t#o thirds ma*orit,. 13+ Director)s re#ort an! closin( wor!s rom t/e C/air 0he "ire tor than!ed the =olunteers and staff for their >or! on the AGM; <e also than!ed past and urrent oun il mem5ers for their help and for holding him to a ount for the past #ear; 0he $hair/ Vi !# 3eddon/ mo=ed a =ote of than!s to the "ire tor and the staffE this >as arried 5# general a laim; AGM En!s


5ist o Atten!ees an! #ro$y 2otes Atten!ees <irst Name $rispin $li=e Peter Paul *d>ard 4iI $hris 3tephen "e55ie Peter Philip Alan Mi hael Paul 4isa Ra#mond 3imon 3tuart Peter 4inda 'inola 0im )en 3usan Dean 3 )ru e Mar! Vi !# Phil $aroline Dohn Andre> Dohn "iana 3tuart Mi!e "ann# *urname Allard )ishop )roo!s )ro>n $arlton $arrigan $arter $ha# "a=idson "a=is "e5enham du Pre *sple# 'ren h George <e>in <ill <irst <offman 8ell# 8night 4ille Murra# -ea=e -i,on Pa ! 3eddon 3tarr 3trafford 3trafford 3trange Volleamere 2allis 2eir 2eller Hin!usC3utton Mem,ers w/o 2ote! ,y #ro$y <irst Name )ar5ara Pamela Anna Maria 'ran! (rene 3usan 8A J=ette Patri ia )r#an Dames Gareth 0homas 2illiam Ro5in Ph#llis Geoff Mi ! Penn# And# Alan Peter Geoff Ro5in 4oiIos <aIel 2illiam 3 (an <elen )rian Melanie Audre# Peter Ri hard $olin Ro# Martin )rian (an Graeme )rian $hristopher Alison )rian D ) Vi toria *urname Allison )ar5er )arnes )onner )ro>nC4ana )utler )utlin $lar!e $ooper $runden "algleish "a=ies "uggan *ast>ell 'ennell 'ullerton Ga# Glass5oro> Goodman Gra#don <armer <in hliffe <unter Doannides Dohnson Marshall Par!er Par!er Kuilter Ra>linson Rennard Rouse 3angster 3ha> 3tephenson 3tone 0horne 2alla e 2atts 2esle# 2iggin 2illiams 2ood 2ood


6E*P"N*E <6"M -HE UN5"C' DEM"C6AC7 C"UNC45 -" 5A*- 7EA69* P"54C7 M"-4"N* -ote; 0his has 5een a diffi ult #ear for U" >ith our resour es 5eing =er# tight/ leading to a redundan # situation; .ur a5ilit# to respond to issues has thus 5een =er# onstrained; Mem5ers are as!ed to 5ear this in mind if our responses ha=e not 5een as great as >e >ould ha=e li!ed; 1+ De2olution or En(lan! This (G- notes the importance of empo#ering citi.ens at all levels of government. /e note 0$1s effective campaigns for ne# la#s supporting localism and sustainable communities" plus the continuing campaign to reform the Lords2/estminster 'arliament. 0nloc3 $emocrac, recognises that4 1. 5ffective citi.en empo#erment also depends on the e+uitable distribution of po#ers across the different parts of the 06 and that" since )cottish and /elsh devolution" 5ngland remains the most centralised part of the 0nited 6ingdom7 2. London government" vested in an elected -a,or and (ssembl, covering c.8 million people" stands in star3 contrast to the absence of an, such democratic control over ma*or services such as transport" housing and regeneration in the other conurbations of 5ngland and in urban2shire areas #ith large populations lin3ed b, such strategic services 9 for e:ample" the ;orth of 5ngland" )outh /est of 5ngland or the /est -idlands. This (G- supports the need for an 5nglish decentralisation and devolution campaign aiming to dra# attention to this democratic deficit and to e:tend democratic accountabilit, for large scale 3e, services to the strategic areas of 5ngland outside London. 6es#onse 0his motion sharpened up our position on de=ol=ing po>ers from 2estminster to *nglish lo alities/ no dou5t as a on omitant to the 3 ottish proposed referendum/ and >as =er# timel# in raising the issue; 0he arguments in the motion himed =er# losel# >ith the thin!ing of the t>o Parliamentar# 3ele t $ommittees: $ommunities and 4o al Go=ernment/ and Politi al and $onstitutional Reform/ >hi h >e had made a su5mission to pre=iousl# on independent lo al go=ernment/ ha=ing as!ed mem5ers and supporters for their =ie>s and su5mitted that as part of our formal e=iden e; 3in e then/ >e ha=e pro=ided information on their proposed AProspe ts for odif#ing the relationship 5et>een entral and lo al go=ernmentB to mem5ers and en ouraged lo al groups to pi ! up the issue >ith their oun ils; Arguments a5out Gust >hat Alo alismB means ha=e ontinued and >e ontinue to raise the issue >here >e an;



A Pro#ortional Votin( *ystem

This (G- resolves that 0nloc3 $emocrac, initiates a campaign leading up to the ne:t election for an end to the first past the post voting s,stem and the introduction of a proportional voting s,stem for local governments in 5ngland and /ales. 6es#onse 3ometimes/ hanges to original motions >hi h are ontro=ersial at the time are seen/ in retrospe t/ to ha=e 5een ru iall# strategi ; 3o it >as >ith this motion/ >ith the positioning on PR for lo al go=ernment; 0here has 5een general a eptan e that hanging the emphasis a>a# from national to lo al demo ra # is the right >a# for>ard/ and ampaigns that >e ha=e supported/ from ARotten )oroughsB to Part# 3tatesB 9the latter urrentl# 5eing pi !ed up 5# some of our lo al groups: are 5eing influential; (t is through the meetings of a ti=ists and lo al groups/ organised 5# U"/ that the momentum for these initiati=es is 5eing maintained; 2e are also de=eloping a ampaign that an 5e used 5# lo al groups to all for PR using the 3ustaina5le $ommunities A t; 3+ 6e orm o t/e Monarc/y 1. 0nloc3 $emocrac, recognises there are differing vie#s on the monarch, amongst the membership of 0nloc3 $emocrac," i.e. monarchists" republicans i.e. advocate abolition of the monarch, and those #ith a pragmatic vie#" that is #h, #e are proposing simple constitutional reforms of the monarch," to improve accountabilit," transparenc, and fairness in ro,al finances and to appropriatel, assign public funds to the Treasur,. 2. <uc3ingham 'alace claims that the monarch, costs the ta:pa,er around 40m each ,ear" representing e:cellent 1value for mone,1. =n fact" research sho#s that the <ritish monarch, could cost as much as five times this official figure" ma3ing it one of the most e:pensive institutions in the #orld. . The estimated total annual cost of the monarch, to ta:pa,ers is 202.4m" around five times the official figure published b, the ro,al household > ?. m last ,ear@. 4. The official figure e:cludes a number of costs" including round9the9cloc3 securit," ro,al visits and lost revenue from the $uchies of Lancaster and Aorn#all. B. Aivil List e:penditure" #hich pa,s for the official e:penses of the CueenDs household" has increased b, E4 per cent in real terms over the last t#o decades. 8. 202.4m is e+uivalent to E"B80 nurses" ?"200 police officers and more than the total annual -inistr, of $efence spending on food. 7. The <ritish monarch, is 112 times as e:pensive as the =rish president and more than t#ice as e:pensive as the French presidential s,stem. ?. <ritain1s ro,al famil, is the most e:pensive in 5urope at more than double the cost of the $utch monarch,. E. Ta:pa,ers are not informed about the e:act cost of the monarch," due to the ro,al household1s e:emption from the Freedom of =nformation (ct and #idespread misunderstanding about the nature of the ro,al famil,1s finances. 10. (ll Go,al visits around the countr, are met b, local authorities and not from the monarch,1s budget.


11. %ur proposals for constitutional reform of the monarch,7 a. 'arliament to set an annual fi:ed budget for the monarch, 9 including an annual salar, for the Cueen 9 to be managed and reported on b, a government department" not <uc3ingham 'alace. b. (ll securit, costs to be made transparent and accountable. c. (ll costs of ro,al visits around the countr, to be incorporated into the monarch,1s budget" not met b, local authorities. d. The institution of the monarch," and all members of the ro,al household" to be re+uired to abide b, the same ta: la#s and rules as all other public bodies and private individuals. e. The $uchies of Lancaster and Aorn#all to be full, investigated b, parliament #ith a vie# to transferring them into public o#nership" #ith all revenue going to the Treasur,. f. The monarch,1s finances to be scrutinised b, the ;ational (udit %ffice li3e an, other public bod,. g. The Aro#n 5state to be renamed 1the ;ational 5state1 and its status clarified through amendment of the Aro#n 5state (ct. h. (ll emplo,ees of the cro#n estate should be paid at least a living #age 6es#onse (n mo=ing this motion/ Dohn Volleamere stated that he >as not e,pe ting this to 5e a priorit# during the #ear/ 5ut that it >ould 5e useful to ha=e larit# on our position; 2e ha=e agreed that this >as indeed a useful approa h to this issue/ and it has 5een helpful to ha=e this outline; ;+ Me!ia 6e orm Unlock Democracy Notes: 1. that a plural and ethical media is essential for a health, democrac," and that the Leveson =n+uir, has given the <ritish public unprecedented insight into the failings of the press to fulfil this role. Unlock Democracy Believes: 2. that these failings can be remedied through action b, 'arliament" and that the publication of Leveson1s recommendations is a once9in9a9generation opportunit, to achieve substantial media reform. Unlock Democracy Resolves: . to support organisations such as the Ao9ordinating Aommittee for -edia Geform in their efforts to mobilise citi.ens to demand decisive action" namel,4 a. a regulator #hich is independent of government and media proprietors" bac3ed b, statute b. limits on media o#nership to ensure a pluralit, of voices c. a conscience clause and public interest defence 6es#onse (t >as =er# pres ient of the mo=ers to 5ring this motion/ gi=en the ontinuing s andals and the out ome of the 4e=eson (n@uir#/ and su5se@uent manoeu=rings 5# large se tions of the media to a=oid an# !ind of independent regulation; (t has pro=ided a useful and authoritati=e 5ase from >hi h >e ha=e 5een a5le to omment >hen re@uested;


<4NANCE 4-EM* 1+ A##ro2al o Accounts 2+ A##ointment o re#ortin( accountants0 C/antrey Vellacott D<' 55P (t is proposed that Unlo ! "emo ra #1s urrent reporting a 5e reappointed; 3+ Mem,ers/i# su,scri#tions motion0 0he follo>ing is proposed: A0he meeting resol=es that the standard annual mem5ership su5s ription of the organisation shall 5e L24 and the minimum su5s ription shall 5e L12; 0he re5ate to 4o al Groups shall 5e L6;20 or 30M of the su5s ription/ >hi he=er is the lo>er; 0he re5ate to "e=ol=ed .rganisations shall 5e L2;40 or 10M of the su5s ription/ >hi he=er is the lo>er;B ountants/ $hantre# Vella ott


C"N*-4-UENC7 ."UNDA64E* <"6 201; UN5"C' DEM"C6AC7 C"UNC45 E5EC-4"N* 0nloc3 $emocrac, ;otes4 )efore ea h round of oun il ele tions/ the Annual General Meeting has to separate the ountr# into onstituen ies; 3in e Unlo ! "emo ra #%s in eption/ the organisation has used three models for its onstituen ies and in the past this has 5een a 5one of ontention; 'or the 2012C2013 oun il ele tions ho>e=er/ the model adopted appeared to ha=e met >ith general onsent; $oun il therefore re ommends that the AGM retains the e,isting model >hi h is set out on the motion 5elo>; -ote that the motion itself does not determine ho> man# oun il mem5ers should 5e ele ted from ea h onstituen #/ onl# the method of al ulation; 0he e,a t siIe of ea h onstituen # >ill 5e al ulated at the lose of nominations; As an indi ation/ ea h onstituen # had the follo>ing num5ers of oun il mem5ers in 2012C2013: -orth: 3 2est: 4 *ast: 4 4ondon and the 3outh *ast: 6

0nloc3 $emocrac, resolves4 1; 0here shall 5e four onstituen ies/ of roughl# e@ual population siIe 1; Nort/0 onsisting of the Go=ernmental Regions of 3 otland/ -orthern (reland/ the -orth 2est and the -orth *ast 9U8 population estimate: 16;7 million:; 2; :est0 onsisting of the Go=ernmental Regions of 2ales/ the 3outh 2est and the 2est Midlands 9U8 population estimate: 13;6 million:; 3; East0 onsisting of the Go=ernmental Regions of Jor!shire and the <um5er/ the *ast Midlands and the *ast of *ngland 9U8 population estimate: 17;6 million:; 4; 5on!on an! *out/ East0 onsisting of the Go=ernmental Regions of 4ondon and the 3outh *ast/ and mem5ers resident outside of the U8 9U8 population estimate: 16;2 million:; 2; Mem5ers >ho are resident from outside of the U8 shall 5e deemed to 5e mem5ers of the 4ondon and 3outh *ast onstituen #; 3; *a h onstituen # shall 5e allo ated a num5er of oun il mem5ers to 5e ele ted proportionatel# a ording to mem5ership siIe 9using the 3ainteC4aguN ounting method:/ sa=e that ea h onstituen # shall 5e allo ated a minimum of three oun il mem5ers; 'or this purpose/ e=er#one >ho is a full mem5er of Unlo ! "emo ra # on Monda# 2+ -o=em5er shall 5e onsidered; 4; 1+ mem5ers shall 5e ele ted in total;


C"N*-4-U-4"NA5 AMENDMEN-* 1; "eputising at $oun il Meetings 2; *le tions $onstitutional Amendment 3; *le tions 3pending 4imit Constitutional Amen!ment 10 De#utisin( at Council Meetin(s Proposer: Peter <irst 3e onder: 4iI $arlton 'reamble 0his AGM understands that oun il mem5ers under present rules ma# not miss more than one oun il meeting during a term of offi e >ithout good reason or the# >ill 5e deemed to ha=e resigned from it; (t 5elie=es that sometimes there are logisti al hallenges in attending meetings that though ma!ing it almost impossi5le to attend might not 5e onstrued as Agood reasonB/ raising dou5t as to >hether a mem5er an miss a parti ular meeting >ithout reneging on their mem5ership; 2e therefore propose that the AGM modifies the rules in the follo>ing >a#; 'roposed rule change (n Rule 4;1;+/ add at the end OA oun il mem5er ma# nominate an# paid up mem5er to deputise for the ele ted mem5er at a spe ifi meeting 5# notif#ing the offi e at least 3 da#s 5efore that meeting; 3u h su5stitution >ould a=oid their a5sen e 5eing deemed to signif# the# ha=e resignedB Constitutional Amen!ment 20 Elections Constitutional Amen!ment Proposer: Vi !# 3eddon 3e onder: Peter "a=idson
Pro#ose! rule c/an(es to A##en!i$ . Elections (n 1;4/ add at end: e$ce#tin( a can!i!ate9s ri(/t un!er *ection ;+3 (n 2;2 Repla e first 4 lines >ith: -/e nomination orm s/all reAuire can!i!ates to state t/eir name8 a!!ress Ito ensure correct constituencyJ8 email an! si(nature con irmin( t/at t/ey are willin( to stan! in t/is election an! a,i!e ,y its rules+ (n 2;3/ Repla e a: to g: >ith the follo>ing: aJ Eac/ can!i!ate is allowe! t/e eAui2alent o one A;&si@e #a(e or t/eir election a!!ress8 w/ic/ may inclu!e t/eir #ersonal contact !etails8 ima(es an! #/oto(ra#/s8 an! may ,e su,mitte! /ar! co#y or !i(itally+ -/e 6eturnin( " icer will #ro2i!e a!2ice on su,mission8 ormattin( an! #ro!uction+


,J Election A!!resses will ,e re#ro!uce! in ,lack an! w/ite or /ar! co#y circulation to all 2otin( mem,ers ,y t/e "r(anisation8 an! may ,e ma!e a2aila,le in suc/ electronic ormat an! 2ia suc/ electronic means as t/e 6eturnin( " icer s/all !etermine+ cJ All statements an! election&relate! materials8 w/et/er #u,lis/e! ,y Unlock Democracy or ot/erwise ,y can!i!ates or on ,e/al o can!i!ates8 must con orm to a s#irit o reasona,le8 al,eit ro,ust8 assertion an! !e,ate+ -/ey s/all not contain !irect or in!irect #ersonal attacks on mem,ers o Unlock Democracy or its sta + 5i,ellous assertions are not allowe!+ -/e 6eturnin( " icer s/all /a2e t/e inal say on t/e content o all election a!!resses+ !J Can!i!ates are reAuire! to a!/ere to t/e reAuirements in 2+3c or all communication ,y t/emsel2es or on t/eir ,e/al 8 in t/e election #erio! I rom !ate o announcement o election an! call or nominations8 t/rou(/ to t/e !eclaration o resultsJ8 w/et/er /ar! co#y8 !i(itally or t/rou(/ social me!ia+ :/ere ot/ers res#on! in ways w/ic/ ,reac/ t/ese reAuirements8 can!i!ates must !issociate t/emsel2es rom t/ese res#onses+ :/ere ,reac/es are !rawn to t/e attention o t/e 6eturnin( " icer8 /e or s/e will !etermine w/et/er t/e can!i!ate /as !one so in a su iciently clear an! ro,ust manner+ eJ -/e or(anisation will #ro2i!e s#ace on its we,site or eac/ can!i!ate8 to inclu!e a Auestion an! answer acility+ J Durin( t/e election #erio!8 can!i!ates may not s#en! more t/an t/e sum a(ree! ,y AGM on in!e#en!ently #u,lis/e! materials+ -/e use or cam#ai(nin( o internet an! social me!ia ser2ices t/at are #art o a can!i!ate9s normal online #resence s/all not ,e inclu!e! in t/is limit e2en i t/e can!i!ate #ays or t/e use o suc/ ser2ices+ (J Neit/er t/e 6eturnin( " icer nor any sta mem,er s/all #ro2i!e access to mem,ers/i# lists+ (n 2;4 after Ado not de lare their gender shall 5e eli5i5le for ele tionB/ insert AonlyF (n 4/ add a ne> 4;1 and renum5er a ordingl#: ;+1 Any mem,er may make a com#laint to t/e returnin( o icer on an issue w/ic/ t/ey

,elie2e tran(resses t/ese rules+ -/e 6eturnin( " icer will consi!er an! make a rulin( on t/ese matters

Constitutional Amen!ment 30 Elections *#en!in(5imit 0his AGM agrees that the limit to spending des ri5ed in ne> rule Appendi, ) 2;3f should 5e L270 for the 2014 oun il ele tions;


P"54C7 M"-4"N* 1; 2; 3; 4; 7; 6; )ite 0he )allot and Politi al *ngagement Re all of -onC$ommuni ating MPs *nglish "e entralisation $ontra t Pu5li (nformation .nline Re@uired 'air Voting 3#stem Ma!ing Unlo ! "emo ra # More *n=ironmentall# A>are

Motion 10 .ite -/e .allot an! Political En(a(ement Proposer: )en 4ille 3e onder: Dames Grindrod 0nloc3 $emocrac, ;otes4 1; 0hat politi al engagement is an e,tremel# important fa tor in the ampaign for true demo ra # and reform in our life time; 2; 0hat )ite the )allot is one su h organisation that has 5een >or!ing hard to en ourage that engagement from #oung people 5oth 5efore and at =oting age a ross the U8; 0nloc3 $emocrac, <elieves4 1; 0hat organisations li!e )ite the )allot should 5e supported in their endea=ours to engage more #oung people in politi s; 0nloc3 $emocrac, Gesolves4 1; 0o support )ite the )allot in its efforts as far as the onstitution allo>s; 2; 0o in=estigate ho> to en ourage 5oth politi al engagement and =oter turnout for ele tions from people of all ages in the future;

Motion 20 6ecall o Non&Communicatin( MPs Proposer: Gordon 3teff 3e onder: -one #et *nsure this or ne,t go=ernment re alls MPs >ho do not ommuni ate from one #ear to the ne,t >ith their onstituents in this *le troni Age;


Motion 30 En(lis/ Decentralisation Proposer: $llr Philip "a=is 3e onder: George Morran 0his AGM regrets the la ! of a tion 5# the U" $oun il or "ire torate on the planning and laun h of an *nglish "e entralisation $ampaign/ follo>ing last #ear1s resolution o=er>helmingl# passed in support of su h a ampaign; 0he 2012 AGM de ision/ noting the demo rati defi it 5et>een 4ondon Ma#oralFregional go=ernment and the rest of *ngland/ alled for Oan *nglish de entralisation and de=olution ampaign aiming to dra> attention to this demo rati defi it and to e,tend demo rati a ounta5ilit# for ertain !e# ser=i es to the strategi areas of *ngland outside 4ondon;O The 201 (G- instructs the 0$ Aouncil and $irector to4 a: ensure an a tion plan onsistent >ith the 2012 de ision is 5rought to $oun il in the ne,t 6 months 5: ensure a mem5er of $oun il is appointed to oCordinate su h a ampaign/ plus a lead mem5er of staff : ensure that at least one pu5li e=ent is held promoting the need for de=olution of strategi go=ernmental po>ers to the ommunitiesF oun ils and regions of *ngland outside 4ondon; d: ensure a report is pro=ided on de=olution to *ngland as a5o=e to the 2014 AGM


Motion ;0 Contract Pu,lic 4n ormation "nline 6eAuire! Proposer: Adrian )ates 3e onder: -one #et Aurrent )ituation4 U8 Go=ernment is the ountr#1s 5iggest onsumer/ and it spends our mone# in so doing )ut >e ha=e no idea ho> >ell it gets =alue for mone# P if at all; 0he gap 5et>een >hat the pu5li !no>s and >hat is hidden is/ to m# mind/ a sour e of signifi ant demo rati defi it; Re ent e,posures sho> not onl# that mu h is >asted through illC onsidered proGe ts/ mu h more is spent on de idedl# @uestiona5le suppliersF ontra tors; Massi=e ost o=erC runs/ huge dela#s/ 5latant orruption oming to light almost e=er# da#; 0he -<3/ M." and 3o ial 2elfare are 5ut a =isi5le sore on the >hole s#stem of pro urement; 0he sums in=ol=ed are so enormous that e=en small impro=ements >ould ha=e maGor 5enefits in 5oth short and long term; )uggested 'olic,4 Unlo ! "emo ra # should adopt as poli # a determination to get an a t on to the statute 5oo! that re@uires all Go=ernment pro urements i;e; the ontra ts it issues and enters into shall 5e des ri5ed in full/ onCline and freel# a=aila5le at the time of a ord >ith the sele ted ontra tor; %utline of desired act4 0he a t >ill re@uire pu5li ation of all pertinent details as to purpose/ ost / timeta5les/ deli=era5les/ ompletion riteria/ penalt# lauses and audit onditions; (n addition/ ontra tors >ho 5id 5ut are not a>arded the ontra t shall 5e identified; $ommer ial onfidentialit# prote tion shall appl# onl# to the intelle tual propert# to 5e deplo#ed 5# the su essful ontra tor 90his does not in lude management pro esses adopted in fulfilment of the ontra t P these must 5e open to inspe tion/ espe iall# as >e ha=e seen e,amples of e;g; su5C ontra ting to e=ade effe ti=e s rutin# or responsi5ilit#:; An# e,emptions to this re@uirement to pu5lish shall 5e limited to =er# small ontra ts 9siIe to 5e determined: or to those re@uiring the =er# highest le=el of national se urit#; 0here shall 5e a presumption to pu5lish; <enefits4 0he 5enefits are manifold; Pu5li a>areness of ho> ta,es are spentE 5etter ontra t definitionE lear and regular auditE onstraint on o=erCruns and spiralling ostsE disC in enti=e for orrupt pra ti e 5efore and during e,e ution of ontra ts; (n general and la# terms all parties in=ol=ed >ill ha=e to thin! harder and more honestl# a5out >hat is re@uired/ >h# it is needed/ >h# it an 5ear the estimated ost and >herein lie the ris!s that it might not deli=er as planned; Ho# to proceed4 Unlo ! "emo ra # should >or! through indi=idual MP1s and espe iall# the Pu5li A ounts 3ele t $ommittee/ >hose mem5ers ha=e done so mu h to identif# the rottenC ness at the heart of the Go=ernmentF)ig 5usiness s>eetheart deals;


Motion %0 <air 2otin( system Proposer: )ru e -i,on 3e onder: -one #et 0nloc3 $emocrac, <elieves Respe t for our politi ians and our demo ra #/ mem5ership of politi al Parties/ and turnout at ele tions/ espe iall# amongst #oung adults/ are all at an allCtime lo>; (t is hardl# surprising; 2hen >e fa e en=ironmental atastrophe/ an e onomi risis and huge po=ert# in our o>n ountr# Cone of the ri hest in the >orld C politi al leadership is failing us; 0he auses are multiple; Unlo ! "emo ra # is addressing man# of the issues =igorousl#; 'or e,ample mu h needed reform of the <ouse of 4ordsE Part# 'undingE .pening up 4o55#ingE 'reedom of (nformation and 4o al 2or!s; <o>e=er se=eral issues seem to ha=e dropped off or do>n the agenda; 0his is parti ularl# unfortunate in the run up to the ne,t ele tion; ( am =er# a>are that >e must prioritise and use our small 5ut highl# effe ti=e resour es in the most effe ti=e >a#; 1; A air 2otin( system for 5oth -ational and 4o al Go=ernment ele tions;

2; De2olution to t/e Nort/ C pre=iousl# reGe ted 5ut perhaps no> >ith a 5etter han e C and further de=olution to 3 otland/ -orthern (reland and 2ales; 'urther de=olution is needed in lo al go=ernment; .ur nation is still dominated and stifled 5# entral go=ernment inter=entions; 0he prin iple of 3u5sidiarit# should appl#; 3; 4; 7; 6; An En(lis/ Parliament must ome as de=olution is e,tended else>here; E$ten!in( t/e 2ote to si$teen an! se2enteen year ol!s+ More women in Parliament an! Go2ernment+ A written constitution+

" t/ese8 t/ese8 a air 2otin( system or ,ot/ National an! 5ocal Go2ernment elections8 is ,y ar t/e most im#ortant+ Many #eo#le currently eel unre#resente! in Parliament and that their =otes are >asted; Greens ha=e little han e of 5eing ele ted under the urrent s#stem; 0ime and time again >e ha=e a parliament >hose mem5ership does not represent the =otes or >ishes of the ele torate; .ur MP "a=id Gau!e in )er!hamsted Gust represents 0ories and their ideolog#/ not the =ie>s of other onstituents; ( ha=e to sa# ( ha=e gi=en up >riting to him as a omplete >aste of time; 0he ase is >ell !no>n and has 5een iterated man# times 5efore; 0he urrent situation is hugel# frustratingE man# people are e,tremel# angr#; (n m# =ie>/ this must 5e put on the politi al agenda again; Ha2in( aile!8 yet a(ain re entl#/ after man# pre=ious attempts/ partl# 5e ause the proposed s#stem >as hard to understand and onl# marginall# 5etter than first past the post/ ( 5elie=e it is most important that Unlo ! "emo ra # no> prioritises getting this on the agenda of either 4a5our or the $onser=ati=es so that it 5e omes an ele tion issue for 26

the nation; <a=ing e,perien ed a oalition/ onditions ma# no> 5e more fa=oura5le parti ularl# if a 5etter s#stem is offered; *d Mili5and might ha=e the ourage and 5e >illing to ta!e the ris!; 0he 4i5 "ems might tr# again; :e nee! to aim /i(/ an! ins#ire+ 0here is so mu h disillusionment at this time; 0he histor# of PR is too long; 0his is an issue that ould inspire enlightened people parti ularl# if the proposed s#stem is li!el# to ma!e a 5ig differen e and is made eas# to understand; Hence my #ro#ose! motion is0 0nloc3 $emocrac, Gesolves A2or! to get a fair =oting s#stem onto the agenda for the ne,t ele tionB;

Motion C0 Makin( Unlock Democracy more en2ironmentally aware Proposer: Peter <irst 3e onder: *ithne 'lanagan 0his AGM re@uests that all do uments produ ed 5# Unlo ! "emo ra # in luding the Annual Report are printed using re # led or 5iodegrada5le paper and en=ironmentall# friendl# in! and that ele troni ommuni ation is used >hene=er feasi5le;


P6"N7 V"-E & P6"-"C"5

Protocol on use o Pro$y 2otes at Annual General Meetin(s

Mem5ers una5le to attend the Annual General meeting ma# opt to e,er ise a pro,# =ote; 0here are t>o options: 1; Pro$y 2ote allocate! to a name! mem,er o Unlock Democracy 0he named mem5er >ill e,er ise the =ote on 5ehalf of the a5sent mem5er; 0he named mem5er ma# e,er ise =otes for up to three a5sent mem5ers; .n registration/ the named mem5er must produ e the pro,# =ote form ompleted/ signed and dated 5# the a5sent mem5er/ and >ill then 5e issued >ith a =oting ard distinguisha5le in olour from ordinar# =oting ards; .n =otes 5eing alled/ the named mem5er >ill =ote 5# holding 5oth his or her o>n =oting ard/ together >ith the pro,# =oting ards in the air; An# attempt to an=ass for pro,# =otes >ill render the =ote inadmissi5le; 2; Pro$y 2ote allocate! to t/e C/air 0he $hair >ill e,er ise the =ote on motions ir ulated in ad=an e/ as indi ated 5# the a5sent mem5er; 0o e,er ise this =ote/ the a5sent mem5er must return the pro,# =oting form/ ompleted/ signed and dated to arri=e at the Unlo ! "emo ra # .ffi e at least 4+ hours 5efore the start of the meeting/ indi ating ho> the =ote is to 5e e,er ised on the motions ir ulated; .n a =ote 5eing alled/ the hair >ill announ e the pro,# =otes/ to 5e added to the =otes of mem5ers present; Notes 0here >ill 5e no pro,# =oting on pro edural motions/ in luding hallenges to the $hair; 2here a motion has 5een amended 9other than through minor drafting amendment:/ pro,# =otes allo ated to the $hair >ill not 5e used for that motionE the $hair >ill determine >hether an amendment is more than minor drafting; Jou an fill in the en losed form and return it 5# post or fa,;


( onfirm that ( agree to the a5o=e as a pro,# and ( ha=e not 5een an=assed to sign this pro,# =ote form 3igned: "ate: Please return t/is orm to0 Unlock Democracy8 3> Grays 4nn 6oa!8 5on!on :C1N HPK or a$ it to to 020 >2;2 G;%>+


P6"N7 V"-E & <"6M Unlock Democracy AGM 2013 Pro$y Vote <orm =f ,ou #ill not be attending the (G-" ,ou ma, e:ercise a pro:, vote" b, completing and signing this form. <irst Name A!!ress *urname Postco!e

7our Pro$y "P-4"N "NE0 Please indi ate 5# ti !ing on the right if #ou >ish to allo ate #our pro,# =ote to a named member/ and if so the name of that person; -ame of the mem5er >ho >ill e,er ise #our =ote "P-4"N -:"0 Please indi ate 5# ti !ing on the right if #ou >ish to allo ate #our =ote to the Chair/ to 5e ast in line >ith #our >ishes on motions ir ulated >ith the papers for the meeting; Please indi ate 5elo> ho> #ou >ould li!e #our =ote to 5e re orded: 7our Vote Minutes8 <inancial Motions an! Election Constituencies 'or Against AGM 2012 Minutes A ounts 2012 P 2013 Appointment of reporting a ountants 9$hantre# Vella ott "'8 44P: Mem5ership su5s riptions $onstituen # )oundaries Motionfor 2014 Unlo ! "emo ra # oun il ele tions Constitutional Amen!ments 'or Against 1; "eputising at $oun il meetings 2; *le tions Amendment 3; *le tions 3pending 4imit Policy Motions 'or Against 1; )ite 0he )allot and Politi al *ngagement 2; Re all of -onC$ommuni ating MPs 3; *nglish "e entralisation 4; $ontra t Pu5li (nformation .nline Re@uired 7; 'air Voting 3#stem 6; Ma!ing Unlo ! "emo ra # More *n=ironmentall# A>are




IMP R!"N!: #o$ m$st si%n this &orm overlea& to a$thorise it.