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Clinical Skills Centre

Barry Smith Clinical Skills Centre Manager Klaudine Simpson Clinical Skills Tutor Bleep: 151 606 Tel: 01223 586698 Email: Bleep: 151 686 Tel: 01223 586630 Email:

Clinical Skills Unit
Level 1, Box 168 Hills Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 2QQ Tel: 01223 596117

Instructions to candidates at the start of the Stage I OSCE, 3rd,4th, 5thApril 2007

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Please report to the back of the Clinical Skills Centre (Outside room 1) 15 minutes before the start of your circuit session time You MUST be wearing your PhotoID badge You will be directed to your start station at the beginning of the examination and thereafter will move around the circuit from that point. Do not miss any stations out (staff will be around to help direct you )

There are two circuits which you will need to complete, maybe on different days. CIRCUIT 1, STATIONS 1-15 1 CCS station lasting 10 minutes 9 Clinical Skills stations each lasting 5 minutes 1 Clinical Skills station lasting 10 minutes 2 Examination station each lasting 5 minutes 2 Rest stations each lasting 6 minutes TOTAL TIME 1 hour 27 minutes (Including reading time 1 hour 42 mins) CIRCUIT 2, STATIONS 16-24 4 CCS Stations each lasting 10 minutes 4 Examination Stations each lasting 10 minutes 1 Rest station lasting 12 minutes TOTAL TIME 1 hour 32 minutes (Including reading time 1 hour 48 mins)

BETWEEN THE TEN MINUTE STATIONS, THERE ARE TWO MINUTES TO READ INSTRUCTIONS, Please do this carefully. BETWEEN THE FIVE MINUTE STATIONS THERE IS ONE MINUTE TO READ INSTRUCTIONS. • The timing of the circuit is controlled via computer and during the circuit you will hear the following instructions: “READING TIME COMPLETE” When you hear this you may begin the station which will last either five or ten minutes. “30 SECONDS LEFT” When you hear this you have 30 seconds left before the end of the station. “MOVE ON PLEASE” When you hear this you move on to the next station.

Some stations may be video recorded (this is for future examiner training) Feedback will NOT be given at each station, as this will be provided after the exam at a later time. You will be given a candidate number label before the start of the examination. It is your responsibility to advise the examiner of your candidate number when you enter a station. Please ensure that all mobile phones and pagers are switched off. Please ensure that you do not leave valuables unattended and ideally leave coats and bags away from the exam, as storage space is limited and staff cannot be held responsible for your belongings.

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Please note that real and simulated patients will be present throughout the exam and dress code should be that of a professional.