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Political Theory: meaning and approaches. 2. Theories of the State: Liberal, Neoliberal, Marxist, Pl ralist, Post!colonial and feminist. ". # stice: $onceptions of % stice &ith special reference to 'a&l(s theory of % stice and its comm nitarian criti) es. *. +) ality: Social, political and economic, relationship bet&een e) ality and freedom, -ffirmati.e action. /. 'ights: Meaning and theories, different 0inds of rights, concept of 1 man 'ights. 2. 3emocracy: $lassical and contemporary theories, different models of democracy 4 representati.e, participatory and deliberati.e. 5. $oncept of po&er, hegemony, ideology and legitimacy. 6. Political 7deologies: Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, 8ascism, 9andhism and 8eminism. :. 7ndian Political Tho ght : 3haramshastra, -rthashastra and ; ddhist traditions, Sir Syed -hmed <han, Sri - robindo, M.<. 9andhi, ;.'. -mbed0ar, M.N. 'oy. 1=. >estern Political Tho ght: Plato, -ristotle, Machia.elli, 1obbes, Loc0e, #ohn S. Mill, Marx, 9ramsci,1annah -rendt. Indian Government and Politics: 1. 7ndian Nationalism: ?a@ Political Strategies of 7ndia(s 8reedom Str ggle: $onstit tionalism to mass Satyagraha, Non!cooperation,$ 3isobedience, Militant and re.ol tionary mo.ements, Peasant and &or0ers( mo.ements. ?b@ on 7ndian National Mo.ement: Liberal, Socialist and Marxist, 'adical h manist and 3alit. 2. Ma0ing of the 7ndian $onstit tion: Legacies of the ;ritish r le, different social and political ". Salient 8eat res of the 7ndian $onstit tion: The Preamble, 8 ndamental 'ights and 3 ties, 3irecti.e Principles, Parliamentary System and -mendment Proced res, # dicial ' and ;asic Str ct re doctrine. *. ?a@ Principal Argans of the Bnion 9o.ernment: +n.isaged role and act al &or0ing of the +xec ti.e, Legislat re and S preme $o rt.

11. changing socio! economic profile of Legislators. integrationist tendencies and regional aspirations. &omen(s mo. 2. changing nat re of centre!state relations. 9lobalisation: 'esponses from de. Marxist.ian and 9andhian perspecti. $omptroller and . role of planning and p blic sector. :.anced ind strial and Com!arative Politics: Nat re and ma%or approaches. Social Mo. /.alance of po&er and deterrence.e perspecti. limitations of the comparati.isaged role and act al &or0ing of the +xec ti.e: $haracteristics and changing nat re of the State in capitalist and socialist economies. 2. . 8 nctionalist and Systems theory.e method.eloping societies.eloped and de. significance of 5"rd and 5*th -mendments. Sec rity and po&er. patterns of coalition politics. Party System: National and regional political parties. liberalilDation and economic reforms. ". ad. land reforms and agrarian relations.ditor 9eneral. $aste. 5. /.es. 6. *.anced ind strial and de.ol liberties and h man rights mo. Press re gro ps.ernment. Bnion P blic Ser.ements. Transnational actors and collecti.ements.isions.ements. 8inance $ommission. National 1 man 'ights $ommission. National $ommission for >omen. inter!state disp tes.ironmentalist mo. Stat tory 7nstit tionsC$ommissions: +lection $ommission. State in comparati. National $ommission for Minorities. National .eloping societies.elopment : Nehr . press re gro ps and social mo. Planning and +conomic 3e. 8ederalism: $onstit tional pro. National $ommission for Sched led $astes. 1=.ac0&ard $lasses $ommission. 2. <ey concepts in 7nternational 'elations: National interest.e sec r. 'eligion and +thnicity in 7ndian Politics. National $ommission for Sched led $ommission.?b@ Principal Argans of the State 9o. ideological and social bases of parties.e. A!!roaches to the St"dy o# International Relations: 7dealist. political economy and political sociology perspecti. and.ements in ad.ernment: +n. 9rassroot mo. en. Politics of 'epresentation and Participation: Political parties. >orld . PAPER II Com!arative Politics and International Relations Com!arative Political Analysis and International Politics: 1.eloping societies. 9reen 'e. 'ealist. 9rassroots 3emocracy: Panchayati 'a% and M nicipal 9o.Legislat re and 1igh $o rts.ements: $i. trends in electoral beha.

specialiDed BN agencies!aims and f nctioning. 5.ipolarity. +B. 6. need for BN reforms. 7ndia and the 9lobal So th: 'elations &ith -frica and Latin -merica. illegal cross!border migration. . ?d@ 7mpediments to regional co!operation: ri. rele.ol tion of the 7nternational +conomic System: 8rom . ?c@ $ollapse of the So. :. 7ndia and the 9lobal $entres of Po&er: BS-. c rrent role. n clear threat. leadership role in the demand for N7+A and >TA negotiations. ?b@ Non!aligned mo. -S+-N. terrorism.ement: 3ifferent phases. +. instit tions of policy!ma0ing. 11. #apan.isaged role and act al record. ". *. h man rights. 7ra) and >est -sia.?$o ncil for M t al +conomic -ssistance@. $hanging 7nternational Political Arder:?a@ 'ise of s per po&ers. 7ndia and So th -sia: ?a@ 'egional $o!operation: S--'$ 4 past performance and f t re prospects. 7ndia(s $ontrib tion to the Non!-lignment Mo. n clear proliferation. Third >orld demand for ne& international economic order.retton&oods to >TA.elopments in 7ndian 8oreign policy: 7ndia(s position on the recent crisis in -fghanistan. ?c@ 7ndia(s ELoo0 +astF policy.ance of non!alignment in the contemporary &orld. $ontemporary 9lobal $oncerns: 3emocracy. 1=. &ater disp tes.ements. 7ndian 8oreign Policy: 3eterminants of foreign policy. 7ndia and the N clear G estion: $hanging perceptions and policy. 2. 'egionalisation of >orld Politics: +B. demand for Permanent Seat in the Sec rity $o ncil. Socialist economies and the $M+. India and the $orld: 1. en. 9lobalisation of the &orld economy.ision of a ne& &orld order. Bnipolarity and -merican hegemony. ?b@ So th -sia as a 8ree Trade -rea. gender % stice. ethnic conflicts and ins rgencies. . -P+$. S--'$. Bnited Nations: +n.iet Bnion.ement: -ims and achie.capitalist economy and globalisation. 2. 'ecent de. strategic and ideological . $hina and ' ssia. arms race and $old >ar. gro&ing relations &ith BS and 7srael.ironment. N-8T-. border disp tes. 6. /. 7ndia and the BN System: 'ole in BN Peace!0eeping. contin ity and change.