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NCM 105 – Care of Clients with Maladaptive Patterns of Behavior Third year, Second Semester !nits lect!re" # !nits $%& '# !nits Clinical( The co!rse is desi)ned to foc!s on health and illness across the lifespan of clients with ac!te and chronic psychosocial diffic!lties and psychiatric illness* The st!dents will +e prepared to develop self,awareness-therape!tic interaction, a+ility to apply scientific care decisions and professional +ehaviors, as they !tili.e theory and research in n!rsin) and related disciplines, in the families and )ro!ps* $elated learnin) e/perience in ac!te care settin)s and comm!nity are provided for st!dents to )ro!p strate)ies that promote and maintain mental health*

Course escri!tion : information in care of individ!als, en)a)e in individ!al and Pre " Re#uisites Co " Re#uisites : :

General O$%ecti&es :

0t the end of the co!rse, )iven act!al scenarios-sit!ations, thro!)h active participation in class disc!ssion and thro!)h act!al e/periences in relatin) with patients or clients, the st!dents will +e a+le to1 1* #* 0pply 2nowled)e and !nderstandin) of maladaptive patterns of +ehavior in providin) safe and 3!ality care to clients* 0pply the n!rsin) process at the +e)innin) level in the care of individ!als, families, and )ro!p for 3!ality improvement*

. Carl &* '#009(* :ltimate learnin) )!ide* Manila. Shiela %* '#009(* Psychiatric Mental >ealth Philadelpia* ?illiams @ ?il2ins* Balita.erome B* '#007(* Psychiatric N!rsin) <!ic2 $eference Section* Manila.moral iss!es pertinent to mental health* Perform novice leadership s2ills in the mana)ement records and reso!rces in n!rsin) practice for mental health clients* 5emonstrate comm!nication s2ills in relatin) with clients and colla+oratin) with mem+ers of the psychiatric team* 0ppreciate the roles of the n!rse in research and health ed!cation* 8+serve +io.4* * 5* 6* 7* 9* 5emonstrate critical thin2in) re)ardin) le)al and ethico.ethical concepts-principles and core val!es and n!rsin) standards in the care of clients" and. :nderta2es actions for personal and professional )rowth* Re'erences : Mansi+an). Philippines* &d)eworth $eview P!+lications =ide+ec2. Philippines* Tri – Me)a Printin)* th &dition* .

5isc!ssion Class Participation @ $ecitation 1st ?ee2 %ect!re .5isc!ssion Class Participation AA* Psychiatric N!rsin) Practice • Theories of Psychopatholo)y          Psychoanalytic Behavioral Anterpersonal Co)nitive >!manistic Psycho+iolo)ic Psychosocial Psychospiriti!al &clectic AAA* $elate and 0pply Ceneral 4rd ?ee2 %ect!re .e his-her self a+o!t Mental >ealth N!rsin)* AA* 5isc!ss @ Bamiliari..) Strate. the f!nction of a Mental >ealth N!rse and to familiari.ies E&aluation A* 8verview of Psychiatric N!rsin) >istory • • • Mental >ealth N!rse $ole and essential 3!alities The Mental >ealth Team The Mental health Allness contin!m #nd ?ee2 %ect!re .e with the theories of Psychopatholo)y* To!ic Time Ta$le *et+odolo.5isc!ssion Class Participation .Course Outline Learner(s Outcome ) O$%ecti&es A* 5isc!ss the overview of Psychiatric N!rsin).

0ssessment >ospital* Consideration @ d!rin) Clinical 5!ty in Mental • Ceneral 0ssessment Considerations  Principles and Techni3!es of Psychiatric N!rsin) Anterview   Mental Stat!s &/aminations 5ia)nostic &/aminations Specific to Psychiatric Patients th $ecitation A=* 0+le to !se it and apply d!rin) the act!al NP$* ?ee2 Anteractive Sharin) 8r $ole Playin) Class Participation @ <!i.e with the different therape!tic  .5isc!ssion Class Participation =A* To relate and familiari.Clients $elationship   Therape!tic !se of self Therape!tic comm!nication 1* Characteristics #* Techni3!es =* 5isc!ss and relate to the different types of 5oc!mentation in Psychiatric N!rsin) practice* th ?ee2 %ect!re . • B!ildin) N!rse.5isc!ssion $ecitation • 5oc!mentation in Psychiatric N!rsin) Practice    Pro+lem 8riented $ecordin) S80P Narrative $ecordin) Process $ecordin) 5th ?ee2 %ect!re .

e with the Crisis* 6th ?ee2 5isc!ssion @ Sharin) $ecitation .5isc!ssion @ Sharin) $eflection a+o!t the Concept of 0n/iety @ Class Participation =AA* To disc!ss the different concept of an/iety and to 2now what will +e the intervention to it*   • Concept of 0n/iety  5efinin) characteristics of 0n/iety   %evels of 0n/iety Manifestations of %evels of 0n/iety 1* Physiolo)ic #* Psycholo)ic  &)o 5efense Mechanism 1* Bo!r levels of 5efense =AAA* To disc!ss and familiari.modalities* • Therape!tic Modalities  &lectroconv!lsive and other Somatic therapies   Psychopharmacolo)y Psychosocial-Anterpersonal related therapy   Cro!p Therapy Bamily Therapy Therape!tic &nvironment 0lternative Medicine-Therapies 6th ?ee2 %ect!re .

$elated 5isorders $eportin) 8r Sypnosis Paper @ D* To familiari.e his-her self .• Crisis     Types of crisis Phases Characteristics Crisis of intervention 7th ?ee2 9th ?ee2 AD* To disc!ss. &/plaine and familiari. ad!lthood(* The N!rsin) Process applied to Psychiatric N!rsin) Practice. 0ssessin) h!man response the different maladaptive patterns of +ehavior1  Bio.5isc!ssion Class Participation Behavior across the lifespan 'childhood.e with the different care to Mental patients* AAA* Prelim E.Social and Behavioral data N!rsin) dia)nosis and o!tcome identification Plannin) and Amplementin) n!rsin) intervention  Biolo)ical  Psychosocial &val!ation and treatment o!tcomes* • 0n/iety.Psycho.amination Care of Clients with Maladaptive Patterns of %ect!re . adolescent.

Comp!lsive 5isorder 6* Cenerali.ed 0n/iety 5isorder  Somatoform 5isorder 1* #* 4* * 5* Somati.e his-her self a+o!t somatoform disorders. the ca!se and its correspondin) intervention* Eth ?ee2 $eportin) 8r Presentation @ 5isc!ssion Sypnosis Paper @ <!i.ation 5isorder Conversion 5isorder >ypochondriasis Pain 5isorder Body dysmorphic 5isorder Presentation @ 5isc!ssion <!i.ation Psycho)enic 0mnesia Psycho)enic B!)!e 5issociative Adentity 5isorder-M!ltiple Personality 5isorder $eportin) 8r Presentation @ 5isc!ssion Sypnosis Paper @ <!i.a+o!t an/iety disorders. . DAA* To familiari.e his-her self a+o!t dissociative disorders. DA* To familiari. the ca!se and its correspondin) intervention*  5issociative 5isorders 1* #* 4* * 5epersonali. the ca!se and its correspondin) intervention*  0n/iety 5isorders across the %ifespan 1* Panic 5isorder #* Pho+ias 4* Post Tra!matic Stress 5isorder * 0c!te Stress 5isorder 5* 8+sessive.

fearf!l +ehaviors 1* 8+sessive comp!lsive .5isc!ssion @ Anteractive Sharin) @ $ole Playin) Class Participation @ S!mmary Paper  5ramatic. the ca!se and its correspondin) intervention* DA=* To familiari.otypal personality disorder 11th ?ee2 %ect!re . &motional.e his-her self a+o!t sleep disorders.oid personality disorder 4* Schi.DAAA* To familiari.e and to 2now the correspondin) Antervention to each Personality 5isorder* • • Psychophysiolo)ic $esponse and Sleep 5isorders Personality 5isorders 10th ?ee2 %ect!re .5isc!ssion @ Anteractive Sharin) Class Participation @ S!mmary Paper  Childhood Personality 5isorders 1* Cond!ct 5isorder #* 8ppositional 5efiant Behavior  8dd-eccentric Behaviors 1* Paranoid personality disorder #* Schi. &rratic +ehaviors 1* 0ntisocial personality disorder #* Borderline personality disorder 4* Narcissistic personality disorder * >istrionic personality disorder  0n/io!s.

amination • S!+stance.5isc!ssion S!mmary Paper @ $ecitation .personality disorder #* 4* 5ependent personality disorder 0voidant personality disorder  Passive 0))ressive D=* To 5isc!ss @ Bamiliari.$elated 5isorders  S!+stance 0+!se  S!+stance 5ependence  S!+stance Anto/ification  S!+stance ?ithdrawal 0+!sed s!+stances1 1* 0lcohol #* Bar+it!rates 4* Anhalants * 8piods 5* Stim!lants o Cocaine o 0mphetamine 6* >all!cino)ens o MariF!ana 1#th ?ee2 14th ?ee2 %ect!re .e different s!+stance disorder and its harm to o!r Mental >ealth* *idterm E.

 Schi. • Schi.5isc!ssion @ $ole Playin) @ Sharin) 5oc!mentation 8r S!mmary Paper @ <!i.o Phenycyclidine 'PCP( o %yser)ic 'STP. M50( 7* Poly S!+stance dependence o N!rsin) Ass!es • Mood 5isorders  $eactive 0ttachment 5isorder  Bipolar A disorder  Bipolar AA disorder  Cyclothymic disorder  5ysthymic disorder  MaFor 5epressive 5isorder .ophrenia 1* Catatonic type . Clients at ris2 for s!icidal and self.ophrenia and other Psychoses 15th ?ee2 %ect!re . 5MT.destr!ctive +ehavior D=AA* To 5isc!ss. e/plain and $oll play a+o!t Schi.opreneia and other Psychosis 5isorder* D=A* To disc!ss and relate with different mood disorders* 1 th ?ee2 %ect!re .5isc!ssion @ Anteractive Sharin) <!i.

 8ther Psychotic 5isorder 1* Schi.e his or her self a+o!t co)nitive disorder*  Co)nitive 5isorders 1* Betal 0lcohol Syndrome #* 0ttention 5eficit >yperactive 5isorder 4* 0!tism * 5eliri!m 5* 5ementia 6* 0l.ophreniform disorder #* Schi.ed type 5* $esid!al type 16th ?ee2 %ect!re .oaffective disorder 4* 5el!sional disorder * Brief Psychotic disorder 5* Shared Psychotic disorder D=AAA* To 5isc!ss and Bamiliari.#* Paranoid type 4* :ndifferentiated type * 5isor)ani.5isc!ssion @ Sharin) S!mmary Paper @ <!i.heimerGs 5isease 7* 5iff!se %ewy Body 5isease 9* Horsa2offGs 5isease .

infarct • &atin) 5isorders 1* Pica #* $!mination 4* Beedin) disorders * 0nore/ia Nervosa 5* B!limia Nervosa DD* To familiari.E* >!ntin)tonGs 5isease 10* Pic2Gs 5isease 11* =asc!lar 5ementia 17th ?ee2 D=A=* To +e a+le to en!merate at least # eatin) disorders and )ive e/ample each* %ect!re .5isc!ssion @ Anteractive Sharin) Class Participation @ $ecitation and M!lti. . disc!ss and relate the a+!se and violence across lifespan* Anteractive Sharin) • 0+!se and =iolence across %ifespan @ $esearch ?or2 $eflection Paper  =ictims of violent +ehavior Child.e.5isc!ssion $ecitation 8r <!i. spo!se and elderly  Tort!re and rit!al a+!se  $ape and se/!al assa!lt A=* %e)al Ass!es affectin) Mental >ealth N!rsin) =* B!t!re Trends and Ass!es in Mental >ealth N!rsin) %ect!re .

=A* Comm!nity. S-stem: 1* MaFor &/am 'Prelim.amination 19th ?ee2 0J 15J 15J 10J 10J Prelim Midterm Binals Case St!dy Total I I I I I #0J #0J 50J 10J 100J Gradin.. Midterm @ Binals( I #* :nit &/am #* <!i.o!rnal ?ritin) 6* 0ttendance Total I I I 5J 5J 100J Course Re#uirements: 1* Case St!dy of oneGs choice #* .es 4* ProFects @ $esearch papers * 0ssi)nments @ Seatwor2 I I I I 5* Note+oo2 @ .Based Mental >ealth pro)rams Final E.o!rnal ?ritin) 4* Note+oo2 * $esearch Paper '%atest Trend a+o!t Psychiatric N!rsin)( .