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Similar but not the same...

5.56mm v. 223 Remington
Deconfusing the issues of a couple of differences...

Almost a quarter of a century ago, SAAMI recognized potential problems with shooters assuming that the 5.5 mm cartridge was identical to the commercially a!ailable .""# $emington round. %ere is their #& 'anuary &()( release, with some minor errors corrected* +ith the appearance of full metal ,ac-et military 5.5 ammunition on the commercial Mar-et, it has come to the attention of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers. Institute /SAAMI0 that the use of military 5.5 mm ammunition in sporting rifles chambered for 1aliber .""# $emington cartridges can lead to higher2than2normal chamber pressures and possible hazards for the firearm, its user and bystanders. 3ests ha!e confirmed that chamber pressures in a sporting rifle may be significantly higher in the same gun when using military 5.5 mm ammunition rather than commercially loaded 1aliber .""# $emington cartridges, according to SAAMI. SAAMI points out that chambers for military rifles ha!e a different throat configuration than chambers for sporting firearms which, together with the full metal ,ac-et of the military pro,ectile, may account for the higher pressures which result when military ammunition is fired in a sporting chamber. SAAMI recommends that a firearm be fired only with the cartridge for which it is specifically chambered by the manufacturer.
In Rifle Chambered For 223 Remington Do Not Use These Cartridges 5.56mm Military 222 Remington 30 Carbine

Additionally, SAAMI.s Unsafe Arms and Ammunition Combinations Technical Data Sheet page states* 3he .""# $emington is rated for a ma4imum of 55,555 167 while the 5.5 mm is rated for 5,555 167. 3hat e4tra &5,555 167 is li-ely sufficient

in a concise monograph by 7aul 9owa-. urther !ie"s on #Differences# At the :ctober "55& IA@A>I 1onference in $eno. "4#(8 or 8#55 Sa!age.. the estimable 1lint Mc=ee of >ulton Armory.""# $emington and the 5. duh<0 %owe! cause a failure in a chamber that. discussed the differences between the . which e4plains this issue in greater /but quite readable0 detail. most notably in the popular Sturm $uger Mini2&D which has been offered in both specifications< 9A3: chambers ha!e a long leade1. when chec-ed with a chamber ream from a reliable manufacturer of each. 3he .#5 caliber shooters.5 mmC9A3: rifle chambers.""# $emington chambers in the A$2&5?2type rifle. 9e!ada. 3he long2time range master for handgun. also ha!e discernable differences in the areas of freebore diameter. but will yield dangerously high pressures in guns using military ammunition andCor which are sub. rifle. a primer may bac.t attempt to shoot cartridges mar-ed 8).ect to high !olume shooting. as a general rule.s +inchester Ammunition site.""# $emingtonCSAAMI and 5. . SAAMI chambers are tighter and ha!e a short leade.8 +ell. addressed this matter as well. :lin. 6nder such high pressures. has thoughtfully pro!ided a brief monograph. carbine and shotgun at Bunsite and de!eloper of the acclaimed Biles 3actical Sling suggested that. Biles Stoc-. gi!en the nature of the on2line confusion e4hibited by . +inchester8 shouldn. drop into the action and cause the firearm to stop wor-ing.5 mm and ..5 mm 9A3:. SAAMI chambers are designed for increased accuracy. 3he difference between 5. in "55&. " 9A3: beyond the fact that those who ha!e rifles chambered in 8#5.out completely. SAAMI Technical Office: P O !o" ##$ !ranford CT %&'%()%##$ /Ironically. and military rifles the latter.s only rated for the 8sporting8 . but there is some o!erlap. no similar SAAMI ad!isory is gi!en concerning ). recreational rifles ha!e the former. retired from 7hoeni4 7olice Department after "5 years ser!ice.""# $emington. freebore length /leade0 and angle of the throat.

8@a-e 1ity8 manufactures and proof2tests small arms /5. It is measured in thousandths of an inch. *.It has been suggested that an autoloading rifle utilizing a SAAMI2spec chamber may increase ris.. also supplies their M&(# as a subcontractor for +inchesterG that round is often made a!ailable in the 6SA white bo4es mar-ed 8F#&#&A. the sole supplier of ammo to the Israeli Defense >orce /ID>0.5 when :lin 1orporation bid and was awarded the contract to operate the facility.S. >or openers. +inchester is also a primary supplier of M&(# to the 6. +.5 mm ammunition. contractor2operated @a-e 1ity Army Ammunition 7lant /@1AA70 in Independence.s 8generic8 or 8budget8 USA. Alliant 3echSystems /A3=0 in con.(#5 acres0 small2arms manufacturing plant in the world. and is a datum of considerable interest to benchrest shooters. In &(((. A3= subsequently acquired >ederal 1artridge from Hlount Sporting Boods Di!ision. 3hat particular E""#$& round is commercially a!ailable in the white 6SA bo4 product encoded 8F#&#&. $inchester #$hite %o&# Confusion 3his has been ma-ing American shooters nuts for a number of years now. buildings on #. particularly in the immediate aftermath of && September "55& when there was a ma. . military. shorter leade which retards the pro. in addition to the A3=2operated @a-e 1ity plant2.of o!erpressure due to the tighter.8 brand of ammunition actually has two different 552grain >M' rounds. and one has to loo. qualitati!ely. >ounded in &(D&.ectile of a chambered round must tra!el upon ignition before it enters the bore of a barrel.ectile somewhat as it is attempting to e4it the case.unction with >ederal 1artridge 1orporation won a ten2year contract to assume the operations.2 3he go!ernment2owned.closely at the 8small print8 to discern the difference. +inchester.2 Leade is the distance the pro.or run on 5. Missouri. It was initially operated by $emington Arms 1ompany until &(.5 mm 2 "5mm0 munitions.8 +hat few realize is that Israeli Military Industries /IMI0.8 Hy most reports. @ea!e the SAMMI chambers to the a bolt action and single2shot rifles. is the largest /D5.. or 8white bo4. it is the same round and performs !irtually the same as the home2grown !ariant.