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Proposal to Expand Hexthorpe Primary School

January 2014

Please send your comments to: school.organisation@doncaster.go .u! or in "riting to:
Hexthorpe Primary School #onsultation$ #ommissioning and Per%ormance$ #hildren and &oung People Ser ices$ 'loor ($ #i ic )%%ice$ *aterdale$ +oncaster$ +,1 (-.

The Proposal


*e "elcome your ie"s on the proposal to increase the si/e o% Hexthorpe Primary School %rom a 420 pupil 02 %orm entry1 to a 2(0 pupil 0( %orm entry1 primary school %rom Septem3er 2014.


5he purpose o% this document is to set out the 3ac!ground and need %or the expansion and outline ho" ie"s and representations can 3e made and considered.

Why Is The Proposal Needed?
(. 6ll +oncaster7s young people deser e the 3est possi3le education. +oncaster #ouncil is committed to its statutory duty o% promoting high education standards and %air access to education to ensure all young people achie e their %ull potential and succeed throughout their school li es and into adulthood.


5he #ouncil has re ie"ed the a aila3ility o% school places across +oncaster and identi%ied a num3er o% !ey hotspots$ including the -al3y and Hexthorpe areas$ "here signi%icant expansions "ill 3e re8uired to meet the demand %or locally a aila3le primary school places.


*ith the population rising and the increased pressure on a aila3le school places %rom local housing de elopments$ it is essential to act no" to ma!e sure that "e ha e the school places to pro ide the necessary %acilities and en ironment to pro ide a strong education %or our children no" and in the %uture.


9n Septem3er 201( there "ere no spare reception class places "ithin the -al3y pyramid and some parents are ha ing to send their children to schools outside the -al3y pyramid catchment area.


'ollo"ing discussions "ith the Hexthorpe Primary School Headteacher and the ;o erning -ody$ the #ouncil "as a3le to 3id %or and secure %rom the ;o ernment7s Education 'unding 6gency <1.=>4 million o% %unding to help expand and remodel %acilities "ithin the school. 5he +epartment %or Education recognised the strength o% the 3usiness case pro ided %or the expansion o% Hexthorpe Primary School in granting appro al %or this part o% the 3id.


5he proposed pro?ect "ill also help to support the signi%icant housing de elopment on the near3y -om3ardier site in Hexthorpe "ith a potential :00 ne" properties set to 3e 3uilt.

What Happens Next?
>. 5he #ouncil and the ;o erning -ody o% the school support the proposal to expand Hexthorpe Primary School to help deli er high educational standards in the local community in a sustaina3le manner.


5he #ouncil hopes that parents$ pupils and the local community "ill support these plans %or the %uture sustaina3ility o% primary education in the Hexthorpe area.


5he proposal is in line "ith +oncaster #ouncil7s statutory duties "hich include ensuring su%%icient school places$ promoting %air access and di ersity$ supporting high educational standards and parental choice.

12. 5his in%ormation lea%let is part o% the statutory pu3lic consultation on the proposed expansion o% Hexthorpe Primary School %rom a 420 pupil to 2(0 pupil primary school %rom Septem3er 2014.


#onsultation meetings "ill 3e ta!ing place at the school$ "here representati es %rom +oncaster #ouncil "ill 3e a aila3le to ans"er any 8uestions. 5he meetings are open to all including parents@carers o% Hexthorpe Primary School students and those %rom neigh3ouring primary schools.


The open meetings at Hexthorpe Primary S hool are as !ollo"s#

Aonday 2: January 2014 at 2.14pm

*ednesday 2> January 2014 at 2.14pm

6ll ie"s "ill 3e ta!en in to account 3e%ore any %inal decision is made.

The Consultation Pro ess
14. 'ormal consultation "ill run %rom > January 2014 through to 1> 'e3ruary 2014 inclusi e. +oncaster A-# is see!ing comments and ie"s on the proposal. ,o decision has 3een made at this stage other than to consult on the proposal. 12. 'ollo"ing this period o% consultation$ i% the #ouncil decides to proceed "ith proposal to expand the si/e o% Hexthorpe Primary School %rom a 420 pupil to a 2(0 pupil primary school$ it "ill pu3lish a Statutory ,otice on the expansion in 'e3ruary 2014. 5he #ouncil "ill then consider any representations made a3out the proposals in the Statutory ,otice and ma!e a %inal decision on the expansion proposal in 6pril 2014. 9% the #ouncil proceeds "ith the proposal it "ill 3e implemented in Septem3er 2014$ "hen 3uilding "or!s "ould 3e targeted to 3e completed.

5he timeta3le %or the process is planned to 3e: • 9nitial consultation closes Wednesday 1$th %e&ruary '(14 #onsideration o% initial consultation outcomes and pu3lication o% Statutory ,otices: %e&ruary '(14 Period o% Statutory ,otices and consultation: ) Wee*s #ouncil ma!e a %inal decision %ollo"ing Statutory ,otice period: +pril '(14 9% appro ed the expanded Hexthorpe Primary School "ould operate %rom 1 Septem&er '(1,


#opies o% the consultation document ha e 3een sent to interested parties including: Hexthorpe Primary School pupils parents and carers$ sta%% and

go ernorsB #ouncil Aem3ersB APsB teaching and non teaching pro%essional associationsB neigh3ouring authorities and all +oncaster schools. 1=. 5he proposal together "ith a summary o% %eed3ac! %rom consultation "ill 3e reported to +oncaster A-#7s #a3inet in 6pril 2014$ at "hich time a decision needs to 3e made on "hether or not to implement the proposal.

Ho" To %eed&a *?
1$. Cesponses and ie"s are 3eing gathered 3y email to SCH--..-/0+NIS+TI-N12-NC+ST3/.0-4.56 $ 3y completing the online eD%orm at WWW.2-NC+ST3/.0-4.567SCH--.-/0+NIS+TI-N or 3y post to: Hexthorpe Primary School #onsultation$ #ommissioning and Per%ormance$ #hildren &oung People and Schools$ 'loor ($ #i ic )%%ice$ *aterdale$ +oncaster$ +,1 (-.. Cesponses must 3e recei ed 3y 1> 'e3ruary 2014. 'urther in%ormation is a aila3le 3y contacting School )rganisation on 01(02 :(2:24 or email:school.organisation@doncaster.go .u!


Consultation Response Form
Please select one o% the %ollo"ing "hich most closely descri3es you: 9 am a student attending Hexthorpe Primary School 9 ha e children attending Hexthorpe Primary School 9 li e in the area and ha e children aged 4 to 11 attending another school 9 li e in the area and ha e children aged o er 11 9 am a mem3er o% school sta%% at Hexthorpe Primary School 9 am a ;o ernor at Hexthorpe Primary School 9 li e in the +oncaster A-# area and do not ha e children o% school age )ther 0please state1

&our Postcode 2o you support the proposal to extend Hexthorpe Primary S hool? 8Please ti *9.

Proposal To 3xpand Hexthorpe Primary S hool Strongly in %a our 9n %a our ,either %or or against 6gainst Strongly against

Please Explain your reasons for your answers given above.
This is especially important if you are against the proposal .

Thank you very much for taking part in the consultation.

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