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Travel in Human Life as Per Lal Kitab

By Rabinder Nath Bhandari, India
Volunteer: Maurício Avila, Brazil

Rabinder Nath Bhandari was born on
26th Dec 1950 and is a science graduate from Punjab University. He has been studying astrology since 1978 in which 28 years he has spent in extreme deep study of Lal Kitab. Being well versed in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi & English he has delved deeper into Present day Palmistry along with Indian Samudrik Shastra apart from doing vast amount of readings for people. His interests likes in nature photography & the exactly how nature is simple, this simplicity reflects in his persona being an extremely humble and loving human being. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on Lal Kitab alive today.

owadays, where technological development has been playing a major role to providing to men the chance to go to several places. Either inside own country or between countries, traveling is becoming a common event in our society where globalization allied to technology makes our world increasingly smaller in a sense. Along with this phenomenon grows the concern about the safety and good fortune connected with it. But what knowledge LAL KITAB could share regarding this kind of event? This article demonstrates how these different journeys can be seen and analyzed through the palm of our hands. How it is represented on palm through lines and planets in native’s horoscope. Let’s not forget that the original science of Lal Kitab is a science of astro palmistry though nowadays even experts follow the watered down versions of only upayas via Lal Kitab.

Journey by air is under control of Jupiter (air).First of all. Moon (water) is representative of journey by ship across ocean. when there is a horizontal line (--------) on mount of Moon. 3. On human palm. frequent land traveling or linked with works of Venus will be there in the life of native. Such traveling will always be beneficial. . let’s talk about planets responsible for different modes of journey: 1. Land travel is governed by Venus (earth). Image 1. because a vertical line on palm represents planet Venus. 2.

This line is supposed to be restricted to the boundaries of mount of Moon only. direction of such lines towards other mounts. If direction of this line is towards mount of Mercury. results may be linked with business or works related to these mounts. when beneficial results are expected otherwise if it enters the mounts of Sun or Mercury. Similarly. progeny will be affected. Image 2. . the journey will be business trading related.When Sun Line starts from mount of Moon or a vertical line (vertical line on palm represents planet Jupiter) with direction toward mount of Sun traveling will be necessarily of utmost importance and may be linked with government duty.

the native will go abroad. (Image 3) Image 3. When Life line sends branch or branches to the mount of Moon and main line maintains curve towards mount of Venus. the native will love to reside at his native place and will spend his last days of life at birth place.) . but will come back to his native place in last days.When Life Line turns around mount of Venus without sending branches to mount of Moon. (Image 4.

the native will remain away from his native place and he will have to reside abroad. away from his home in his last days. . In case Life line sends its branches mainly towards mount of Moon or terminates there without going towards mount of Venus.Image 4.

planetary conditions are: Ketu.: Travel less than 100 days is not considered as travel. Mars – Ketu or Mercury planets are placed in house No. Days of week Tuesday Wednesday Friday Sunday Direction When in annual transit chart (Varshphal) as per Lal Kitab.Image 5. Sun – Ketu. No. No. 6 Ketu. 10 or 11. Travel in under mentioned circumstances is considered giving adverse results. or Venus – Ketu are placed in house No. Obs. 6)* West (H. No. 10 – 11)* 02 . 01 North (H.

Certain transfer to the native place (transfer is must with no guarantee of promotion). Results Even though preparations for journey are completed. However.3 is dormant. Result of travel generally depends on placement of Ketu (Varshphal chart) in various Houses. Transfer with promotion. When. according to Lal Kitab system Varshphal. 7 is vacant. away from his kith and kin. *the house numbers quoted here represent the direction as per house horoscope.8. first of all no change in residence is expected and if journey takes place it will always be beneficial to the native provided 10 th house is not afflicted. Even if it takes place. No transfer of city. If it happens. Will have to live alone. he may have to return back within a time period of 100 days. order for transfer has been issued and he may be ready to shift his bag and baggage. outside the city. when house no. 3)* Ketu. it will be beneficial provided Jupiter is positive. 1 – 5)* South (H. provided the Moon is not destroyed. If already left for journey. i. but ultimately journey will not take place and will have come back from air port. No.e.03 Monday Saturday East (H. provided Ketu is awake. Moon or Ketu are placed in positive (benefic) houses or Ketu is placed in prior houses and Moon is placed in adjoining house. the travel will never be against the will of the native and will always be benefic. if on the contrary travel does take place. 2 from house no. only there may be an interdepartmental change or may be a change of room. First of all there will be no travel. will be cancelled once after being issued from high officials. especially when house no. if native does not comply with the transfer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . 1 or 5. which is treated as a temporary journey. No. otherwise nothing will take place till negative influence is not affecting house no. Moon – Ketu or Saturn – Ketu are place in house No. 04 Thursday Ketu or Jupiter – Ketu in house No. Transfer / travel orders. it will only be up to the place where his/her mother is living. when Ketu occupies house number 1 to 12 as per detail given in chart below: Ketu in Houses No. without going away from residing place. 3. both things will take place together.

journey will be 11 times auspicious so long as no adverse effects of 3rd house affect. promotion is certain without transfer. if ever transfer takes place. if Saturn is adversely placed or is negative in its influence. House no. sister/daughters son. status of brother at his sisters in-laws house. 2 or if some other planets improves effects of house no. Ketu (DUNIYAVI KUTTAWORDLY DOG). so one would have to move to another place. Orders for transfer will never reach the individual after being issued by high officials. favorable in horoscope. Time to live with family members. 2 will be of help or remedy of Moon via House no. results will be more adverse. If house no. or improve house no. travel will be twice negative. it will be very beneficial provided it is not ill affected by poisoning of house no. it will be twice auspicious. pour water mixed with milk towards Sun in morning hours. Adverse effects of Ketu in such case will be felt in the form of ailments of ear. donate milk in temple and give equal quantity to dogs (stray dogs) for continuous 15 days. Doubtful travel. there will definitely be a travel and its results will always be positive. he may fall seriously ill or have to face some health hazards. Most auspicious. if house no. 6 and 2 and both these houses should be good in position. 5.e. legs. provided ill influences from third house are not affecting Ketu adversely. (DOODH-PAANI KA ARGH). WISHING EVERY ONE A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY ALWAYS. 2. Remedy of Moon.8 9 10 11 12 order gladly.11 is occupied by inimical planets (Moon or Mars) to Ketu. if Saturn is good. back bone. 1 is not malefic and Ketu is awake. transfer on promotion to native place willingly with best placement. untimely travel. If it takes place. As a result. . Because lord of travels. full of happiness travel. Ketu will give its exalted results. Unpleasant and unhappy travel and would be against the will of native. and native self at the house of his in-laws. or joint pains (rheumatism or gout) and even this adverse influences may extend on to pet dog of native or three relatives (worldly representatives of dog) i. will be laying on the way. from where onward journey will take place and this will be a temporary movement. 8 is occupied by malefic planets. provided house no.