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This is to certify that Miss Madhavi Pandurang Ratanaparkhi completed the action report on “A Study Of Effectiveness Of A Programme Developed To Improve The Marathi Pronunciation Of 3rd Std English Medium Students”.

For the partial fulfillment of

D.T.Ed course under my guidance and

supervision and is being submitted to D.I.E.T.

Guide Aateka Mam Researcher Madhavi Pandurang Ratanaparkhi


I, hear by declares that the research Miss Madhavi Pandurang Ratanaparkhi Div : A ,Roll No. 45, work done by the topic of “A Study Of Effectiveness Of A Programme Developed To Improve The Marathi Pronunciation Of 3rd Std English Medium Students”. Is original pieces of research work done by me. I have specified that sources from where the relevant information has been collected. To the best of my knowledge this dissertation is not substantially the same as those which were submitted for any other academic qualification to this D.I.E.T or any other institutions.

Researcher Madhavi Pandurang Ratanaparkhi


E.C. College of education for their valuable guidance. Avinash Kole Head master of the Z.DEDICATION AND VOTE OF THANKS My heart felt gratitude to my guide Prof. Researcher Madhavi Pandurang Ratanaparkhi . Maladh. Shehnaz Mam Lecturer Prof. All the student of this school without whose co-operation and help this study work and experiments would not have been possible. concrete suggestion and encouragement in bringing out study to stature. I will be very much thankful to many authors who all ready completed their research and laid down a mail stone to many authors with their research book with out their reference this research could not be completed last but not least. Society Jr. I owe special thanks to my friend and class mates who have given me co-operation to complete the dissertation.P. I am very much thankful to many authors who raised their helping hand in my completing this task. I am also thankful to all teacher and Mr. Primary School. Sabrina Khan Principle of M.

4 1.CHAPTER-1 Introduction of topic of research 1.3 1.9 Introduction / background of problem Need of the problem Importance of the problem Statement of aims Operational definitions Objectives Assumption and hypothesis Sample Scope and limitation 1.2 1.6 1.1 1.1 Introduction .7 1.5 1.8 1.

Language is the main part of the communication skill the sound system of different language is very vast subject. therefore students of English medium school student Marathi pronunciation are not good. so the children are good in Marathi language. In Maharashtra Marathi is compulsory subject in school level.3 Importance of the problem .2 Need of the problem Marathi is mother tong of the Maharashtra state . It is very important the children are good inn the Marathi language. 1. It is necessary for improving their Marathi speaking skill. the English medium children in Maharashtra their Marathi language. English medium student English pronunciation are good but they are faced many problems in the Marathi language. Marathi is communication language of Maharashtra. Marathi is very important language for Maharashtra children for achieving their aim and development of their personality. In those days parents want to send their children to English medium schools. Marathi is mother tong of people of the Maharashtra. Therefore it is necessary for the teacher to know proper Marathi pronunciation to inculcate in their children Marathi is communication language of Maharashtra most people understand only the Marathi so. Marathi is compulsory in school level. 1.

4 Statement Of Aims “A Study Of Effectiveness Of A Programme Developed To Improve The Marathi Pronunciation Of 3rd Std English Medium Students”. The activity which has been developed by the researcher to help the student in their pronunciation. Language is important for conversation. Program: those student have passed 3rd std and between the age of 9 to 10 years. To develop the programme for improving Marathi pronunciation will help them the further study. 1.6 Objectives: . the fore appropriate pronunciation is important in teaching learning. It is very important improving their language..Human life depends upon language for development. Marathi is “boli bhasha” of Maharashtra people so it is important to the children are good in this language. If the pronunciation is correct then language will also be correct & student can speak & read confidently. Good pronunciation will develop their personality.5 Operation definition. Language: Language is a system of communication which consist a set of sound and written symbols. 1. 1.

1. English medium student make mistakes during conversation.8 Sample : A sample is the population the researcher has selected 20 student for the sample. To make list of mistakes committed by the students. 2) Research hypothesis: There will be significant difference in the achievement of student performance by the programme. 1.7 Assumptions & hypothesis. Sampling: sampling means the method used drawing sample for the population the researcher has selected purposive sample.9 Scope and limitation . 1. 1) Null hypothesis: There will be no significant difference in the achievement of student performance. Hypothesis In research two types of hypothesis are there. Assumptions English medium student know Marathi language.To find out the mistakes committed by students in Marathi pronunciation. To develop the effectiveness for improving the Marathi pronunciation To study the effectiveness of Marathi pronunciation of English medium student.

Primary School Maladh. CHAPTER – 2 . Limitation: This work is restricted only for the Marathi subject.Scope: Marathi language is the very important in Maharashtra for the communication to each other. All Maharashtra people speaks in the Marathi. This work limited only the 3rd Std Div. This works is limited only for std 3rd of Z.P. The researcher works is restricted only for the std student. Marathi is the widely speaking language of Maharashtra. Therefore it is necessary for student to understand concept clearly of the Marathi language.C student this work is limited only for Marathi pronunciation..


Introduction -: Review is to establish intellectual connect to establish pereneal state of knowledge on the subject Since action research is the under take to solve the current problem. It may be necessary to review the available research material every time. But it is quite natural that every research want to exhibit that research is different from any earlier research made on the same subject To plant the research method the researcher has to make use of available materials & took he can use this material for completing the material for his own research This is states that review of the research material is required since only then one can establish his own indentify & prove that his research is different Sources Books Newspaper Maxine Booch Voum Thesis Inter-net Review related material .

D level and this research were carried on higher student The present research is done on IV std student previously this research was not done at primary level.L Kohli.Phil.2 Novelty and usefulness of research work The research had taken the review of various literature the research realized that all this research were done M. New Delhi. This research useful for all the student to improve their pronunciation This is novelty of research work Novelty – This research work done by primary student CHAPTER NO.Books (1) Techniques of the teaching of Marathi in the new millennium” A.3 . 1 edition 1983 Audio Visual aids can also be used profitably for teaching pronunciation 2. Ph. Dhanpat Rai publishing company New Delhi new edition 2000 Marathi is spoken and understand in the state of Maharashtra but one thing is Marathi is that no two district have same type pronunciation (2) “Teaching of Marathi made easy” P V Sengupta . R.P Shastri doubaa house .


present oriented or future divided into three group as given under Research Method Historical Research Experimental Research Survey Research The research has selected experimental for the research The research has used experimental method Experimental Research Method -: The research in which effect of one factor on the other is studied is called „Experimental Research‟ In scientific terms experimental research means examining the hypothesis indicating the causes and effect relation Experimental method provides systematic logical method Experimental research method is conducted to understand the effect of the factors like teaching method education instrument or tools used while teaching or the effect of number of student in the classroom etc. on other . Research method can be called planning method an execution undertaken by the researcher to solve a specific research problem The research problem can be past problem can be past oriented.In this the researcher may use method to gather information.

age. A sample is a part of the population which represents the exact population.factors like their motivation level and the attitude towards education For this study only an experimental method is considered appropriate The experimental method is useful to the research work Characteristics of Experimental Method (1) For making a comparative study of experimental study of experimental and controlled has a minimum of two sets are required (2) This helps in finding out the effect of the action taken and in assessing as to which action is more effective (3) The action and to what extent it is to be taken decided by the research (4) It is not possible to handle independent variables like sex discrimination. social and economical conditions (5) Sets or groups are divided equally by using random sampling method 3. . Regarding indications of the population.2 Sample Sample is very important to research work. Every factory of the sample is from the population only A Sample is the basis for drawing conclusion.

Similar any difference between the conclusions drawn from the sample and those studying the population depends on the method used for selecting samples Method of Sample-: Sample means method used for Sample Multistage sample Random Sampling Stratified sampling Quata Sample Cluster sample Purposive sample Incidental sample SAMPLE Purposive Sampling In purposive S.g. Student weak in English prounouncation are selected by the research to give the treatment .M the research select the sample from population of his purpose and which satisfied with particular purpose e.

There are four main type of tools. . Arrangement ok question is a key factor in a good questionnaire. Tools Observation Questionnaire Interview Test Questionnaire:- A series of pre-arranged questions put forward for collecting information is called a Questionnaire.3. “Well arranged set of the questions given to the person form whom information is be collected” is called a questionnaire Both quantize & qualitative information can be collected by using this tool free & bound question can be asked in a questionnaire. This tools used the research work. The main tools used for action research can be divided in to four basic types.3 Tools and techniques of action research The research requires various tools to conduct his action research The tools of action research is important. the second tool used in Action Research According to Bar.

(5) Typing of the questionnaire should be tidy and neal Advantages. (1) There is no provision for judging the exactness of the answers given to questions in the questionnaire (2) Research to a questionnaire can only be collected from persion who can read and write .Characteristics of Questionnaire (1) The questionnaire should jorecis and its language clear and specific (2) The question should be intelligible (3) The questionnaire should be clear and unambiguous. Disadvantages. (4) Questions should be small and correct. (1) It is possible to get responses form respondents staying at different location (2) A large number of persons can participate as respondents (3) A respondent can send his response as per his convenience.

3.4 Remedial Major Introduction Programm was prepared by research on topic “A study of effectiveness of program develop for improving Marathi pronounciation of std III the programme implemented on 20 student. Programme In the pre-test researcher had given the passage to student for reading thought thus test the research realize the students of Std IV committed following mistakes while reading the sentences & word based on following pronounciation. Joint words ð δ § ζ .

The programme developed by the researcher is following Day Monday Activities The researcher give the one paragraph of Marathi language book (pre-test The researcher give practice of ð § δ ζ words to pronounce orally The researcher give practice ---* and joint words in Marathi The researcher give the post test to the students the researcher research given the passage to read (post-test) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday STATISTICAL TOOLS The Researcher used following statistical tools for analyze the data collecting during experiment E E T X R = = = = = T1x T2 (R) Experiment Pre-test Treatment Randomamized After implementation of programme post test was administrated marks were allotted to this post test the scores of pre-test & post test were analysis & conclusion was drawn .



remedial majors is given In present chapter presentation of information & data analysis & interpretation & Conclusion is given Table no 1 & 2 .In previous chapter. sample tools & techniques. Implementation of research in research methodology.

2 Analysis & Interpretation .-1 Pre-test 9 8 11 8 7 6 5 11 12 10 9 7 6 7 8 8 7 6 10 9 163 Table No.In this marks obtained by the student of std III in pre test in 1table & 2 table marks obtained of post test Roll No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total Table No.-2 Post-test 14 11 15 16 20 12 10 17 13 17 17 15 11 12 13 12 11 12 15 14 267 4.

-1 Table No.-2 D1 Pre-test 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Total 9 8 11 8 7 6 5 11 12 10 9 7 6 7 8 8 7 6 10 9 163 Post-test 14 11 15 16 20 12 10 17 13 17 17 15 11 12 13 12 11 12 15 14 267 5 3 4 8 13 6 5 6 2 7 8 8 5 5 5 4 4 6 5 5 104 25 9 16 64 9 36 25 36 4 49 64 64 25 25 25 16 16 36 25 25 594 D2 STASTICAL TOOLS .Analysis of data Roll No Table No.

650 Graph .650 i.01 level is 2.T =t= t = T = cal =13.89 Value of „t‟ at 0.e table = 2.

The researcher analysis the data by using graph.e Null hypothesis is rejected & research is accepted .65 i.89 > 2. graph is important to analysis the pretest & post test data The following Graph is prepared by the researcher. Interpretation of data T calculated > t table 13. 300 250 200 150 Column2 100 50 0 Pre-Test Post-test In this graph analysis the data this graph show the pretest & post test total mark this show the pretest marks are very less than the post test after the training give post-test in this post in cress the student marks.

That means programme developed by researcher is successful. . The programme developed by the researcher proved to be helpful for improving the Marathi pronounciation of the students.CONCLUSION There was a significant difference in the scores of pre-test & post-test.


5.1 SUMMERY INTRODUCTION Marathi language is mother toung of Maharashtra state. It is necessary for improving Marathi speaking skill. Now a days parents wants to send their children‟s in English medium school There for students Marathi pronounciation are not proper. A good Marathi pronouncation will help them in the future study and for developing their skill. It is very important for the communication The purpose of this study was to improve Marathi pronounciation of English medium student of 3rd std. . There fore it is necessary for teacher to know proper Marathi pronounciation to inculcate the same in their students Need & Important English medium students English pronouncation are good but they face many problems in Marathi pronounciation.

Primary School Maladh. The researcher work is restricted only to Marathi subject.operate There are two type of hypothesis research & Null hypothesis Sample The research select twenty student for sample & select purposive sample method Scope & limitation Marathi is widely spoken language of Maharashtra Therefore it is necessary for the students to understand the clear concept of Marathi language. It is limited only to std 3rd of Z.P.Statement of Aim A study of effectiveness of a program pronounciation of 3rd std student Objective To find out mistake committed my the student in Marathi pronounciation To study the effectiveness of Marathi pronounciation of English medium student Assumption and hypothesis English medium student know Marathi English medium student make mistake during the conversation Student will co . .

There was a significant difference in the score of pretest an post-test.3 RECOMMENDATIONS:- Teacher should tell the importance of good pronunciation to the student & parents To improve the pronunciation of the students. parents & for society .2 CONCLUSION Most of the students make mistakes because of negligence towards the proper pronunciation. After implementation of programmed the pronunciation of student improved The student state to recognize the difference between the pronunciation & try to pronounce joint word properly 5. teachers should arrange elocution completion Teacher should tell the rules about pronunciation of words at initial stage Parents should pay attention on the pronunciation of their child Researcher prepares present research not only for the students but also for the teacher.5.

5.4 Suggestion of Further Research While conducting the research felt that there are same areas further research can be carried out in further as per following object. This type of study can be done on different standard in school reated to English subject. This research work can be done on different standard in school related to all language This research can be conducted district & state level In the present research the research conducted research on English medium student Marathi & Urdu medium should be consider for the research. .