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Springboards for powerful preaching

By Ray Comfort. (Words in brackets indicate crowd speech) “What I want to do with you today if you’ll let me, is just shake you for a minute. To think about something you are too scared to think about- Death, and the answer. Now the Bible says this- now it’s either true or it’s not- JESUS CHRIST HAS ABOLISHED DEATH AND BROUGHT LIFE AND IMMORTALITY TO LIGHT THROUGH THE GOSPEL. Either that’s true or it’s not. Either death has been destroyed or it hasn’t. You say; ‘what are you talking about, people still die!’ What you don’t understand is that when someone receives Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they receive the LIFE of God! See, when a person dies, life leaves. The soul is invisible. People say dogs haven’t got souls- well what leaves the dog when the dog dies? It’s soul, it’s life. The thing that made it bark and wag its tail. What leaves a person, when a person dies? His SOUL, the person’s life. Life is invisible. Now God Himself is immortal. He is invisible. When someone receives the spirit of God, they receive LIFE ITSELF. (Police interrupt: speech unclear..) Yeah sure- am I breaking the law? (uh….unclear...what is that and who is this?) This is just apple juice and this is just a friend of mine. He’s quite alright. He’s hot, but he’s alive. Would you like a drink? Sit up and have a drink. What we’re doing is just sharing with the people the Christian message. (Police:..unclear) No-one’s complaining. They’re quite happy. Would you like to stay and listen and see what you think? I’m not saying things that are offensive. (Just go to the other side of the park) Which part? The Hare Krishnas, the um...have they bought this area? (They have a permit to be here) So it’s all closed off to the public? (Well they’re having their own thing right here, they have a permit for it) So am I breaking the law? (Can you go to the other side?) I could, but it’s sad if I’m not breaking the law. (Unclear) Ok, ok. Can I say to the crowd what I’m doing? Can I tell the crowd what I’m doing? (yeah) Okay, the officers have very nicely asked me, I’m not breaking the law, but they’ve asked me if I’ll just move to the other side of the park, so that I don’t upset the Hare Krishnas. So if you want to follow us, we’re going to be doing something very unusual just on the other side of the park. So please feel free to follow us, and it’s something you’re never going to forget- what we’re going to do in about 10 minutes. After having moved…

he takes out these cigarettes he paid good. what color you are. Jesus said whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart! “You shall not covet” is the tenth commandment. I’ve always wondered what God looks like” And the reason you feel like that is because you’ve got no conception about God. fat. or a member of the opposite sex? You say “yeah” Well. and what God’re going to die! Have you ever thought to yourself. what you achieve in life.there’s nothing as stupid as smoking. the Bible says this is how God sees you: as a lying. happy or sad.10 out of ten people die.have you ever told a lie.well if you’ve got some sense.KEEP THE WINDOW UP! Breathe in deep! Me. We’ve broken His commandments. You imagine how much a smoker stinks. Tell me this. Hinduism’s got like 400 million Gods! They really can’t figure out what’s going on. Watch what a smoker does in his car. going near someone who’s smoking makes me stink. you’ll do something about it! Time is pushing you closer and closer to the cliffs of death. You say “Man that’s cool. what’s going to happen is you’re going to face God. But the Bible says there’s ONE GOD.just a fib or a white lie? You say ‘oh yeah. So lets look at the commandments and see ourselves in truth. how rich you are.but he can’t smell good you are. short. but we’re not aware of it. Maybe you’re like the Hare Krishna’s. had that thought. poor. whether you’re black.above the city. to bring to your mind the fact that you have an appointment. we’ve all been materialistic. tall. . You say ‘oh yeah I’ve done that. ”Why is this guy pushing me towards a cliff?” You can see the cliff getting closer. we’ve all been covetous. skinny.what does he do? HE WINDS DOWN THE WINDOW FOR FRESH AIR! What??? Get your moneys worth. It doesn’t matter what you do.he lights one up. white. because of man’s sin he proclaimed the death sentence upon humanity. and the judge of the universe has said “GUILTY-execution” The soul that sins it shall die! To a smoking passer-by: How you doing? You smoking? You’re hastening death! Is that good? Move to Los Angeles.who among us can say we’ve never wanted something that belonged to someone else? I mean. Now that’s exactly like sin! We are stinking in the nostrils of God! The Bible says we’re all as an unclean thing. thieving. he’ll see it in truth. Every beat of your heart is the drumbeat of your own funeral march! When you die. He gets out of the city. hard-earned money for. We’re like a man who lives in smog. he looks down upon can’t really figure out what God’s like. rich.So as I was saying: we’re all going to die. How bad you are. surely you’d say to yourself. This is a mock funeral. ‘why am I going to die?’ If someone is slowly pushing you towards a cliff. who hasn’t?’ Have you ever taken something that belongs to someone else? It doesn’t matter how small it is. We have committed a grave crime. but he can’t see the won’t have to smoke! Its true. Maybe you’re like Hinduism. adulterer at heart. I’ve taken little things’ Have you ever lusted after a can see what you’re breathing! You know.

my God is a God of love. “Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy” We don’t. Look! That’s why they do it! No amount of good works. Who of us can say we’ve done THAT? The Bible says we haven’t. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. I’m going to become a Hare Krishna. I’ll shave my head. Images of God! There is ONE GOD! And that commandment says you shall not make any graven image of any likeness. I’m going to clean up my life. every time you’ve sneaked a look at pornography. Instead of saying s-h-i-t they say “Oh God that hurts!” You know. Oh come on. Now when you stand before God. What you don’t realize is that you have to face a Holy God on the day of judgment. fasting.many of you would say ‘oh. mind and strength. no amount of prayers. The greatest commandment is to have God first in your life.“You shall not kill” But Jesus said if you get angry without cause you’re in danger of judgment! Whoever hates his brother is a murderer. from America. for they shall see God” If you’re not perfect. Hare Krishnaism is creating idols. in Heaven. “Honor your parents” We don’t. What we do is we make a God to suit ourselvesI did it! You see. wether we’re from India. whether it’s on earth.and it’s going to be evidence of your guilt. You’ve shaped a God to suit your sin. A God of’s going to come out as evidence. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ON THE DAY OF WRATH? God has appointed a day in which he’ll judge the world . from Australia. are you pure? Because “Blessed are the pure of heart. I wouldn’t use his name to curse. from now on. and leave a little tail at the back for God to pull me up to Heaven. There is ONE GOD! He said “I am the Lord. I change not” – He’s perfect. a God of truth and of’re going to die because the soul that sins IT SHALL DIE! The proof of your sin will be your death.say ‘man I’ve broken that commandment’ The second commandment says “you shall not make for yourself a graven image” You shall not make an idol. And yet men hate God without God would never create Hell’ – and you’d be right. I wouldn’t do that with your name? I wouldn’t do it with President Clinton’s name! Even though I don’t like his policies.he doesn’t exist! He’s a figment of your imagination. Your God would never create Hell because he couldn’t. and blaspheme His name. what you can do is say this: “well. be perfect. soul. every deed done in darkness. Great Britain. every lustful thought. acknowledge your sin.doesn’t matter where you’re from. “Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? He that has clean hands and a pure heart” Ask yourself. on judgment day all the evidence of your guilt’s going to come out. pouring yogurt or carrying around an idol is going to wash away our sins. And then the Bible says if you want to live. Now. We break all those commandments. under the sea or on the land. New Zealand. We’ve broken Gods commandments. all the evidence of your transgression of God’s Law is going to come out.either with your hands or with your mind.” And “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. “Don’t take God’s name in vain” Listen to how people curse the name of the God who gave them life. the heart of the universe. pure and righteous! The 3rd commandment. every time you’ve had a hateful thought.all the secret sins. holy.

with a face of a dog. or go over there. and a pig on the other side. THAT WHOEVER BELIEVES. The only way to be forgiven is to trust in Jesus Christ who died on the cross as a sacrifice for your sins. You’ve got a choice. He said “I am the way the truth and the life. Doesn’t matter how much you go to church.what a blessing… come back as a pig or a cow or a fly??? NO! “It’s appointed to man to die once then comes the judgment” God offers you mercy if you’ll repent! If you want to stay in your sins. They’ll say you’re a fundamentalist.BECAUSE SALVATION’S A FREE GIFT! You cannot earn a gift. then God will forgive you of your sin. and sacrificing Jesus again and again and again through the Mass. how good you are. Bible-bashing fanatic! You can’t handle what . the just for the unjust.. that he might bring us to God.there’s more coming…it’s not enough! Now watch what happens. “For it is by grace through faith that we are saved. He had no sin. fasting and prayers. God was manifest in the flesh. that’s your business but you’re deceived.and that NOT of yourselves. “I don’t want to be seen going up for 3 bucks! I’ll feel stupid” How about if I pull a twenty out of here. it’s been signed by someone.and then he gave his life as a sacrifice for our sins.I don’t care what people think of me for $23’. there’s a face of a man . OR TRUSTS IN. it is a gift of God. and see these little kids go up getting(unclear). it’s a gift! You can declare this as a gift! Mr Clinton can’t get his hands on it! Free money. Hear that Roman Catholics? You don’t have to keep going back and taking the Mass. (unclear) No no. and suddenly this became $23? You’d say ‘oh. God offers you salvation from death! What are you going to do? Are you going to repent. “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Christ has ONCE suffered for righteousness! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? The Bible says. so that you don’t have to stand like this (gestures at Hare Krishna’s) as a sacrifice to God. this note is legal tender! This is what many of you sweat for! This is what you live for. You’re afraid of what people will think. You can look at the Hare Krishna religion. AND SOMEBODY IS GIVING IT AWAY-WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?? Let me double it…it’s coming. Well listen to thisthe Bible says God offers you the GIFT of everlasting LIFE. RELIES ON HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE”! Men.but STILL no-one comes! Why? Because of pride! You’re afraid of what people will think of you. It’s genuine money. this is what some of you will die for.“God sent forth His Son”. The moment you repent. But the wicked. and try to earn salvation. through the pride of his face will not seek after God. put your faith in comes to the Father but by me”. put your faith in Jesus and pass from death into life? Never a man spoke like this man. You don’t have to sit on a hard pew and try and earn your way to heaven by listening to boring sermons.I can’t read his signature…but it is United States. you’re saying the His work on Calvary’s cross wasn’t good won’t wash away your sins. not of works lest any man should boast” Now I like to give away a bit of free money. He lived a perfect sinless life. And if you keep having to go back. God became a person. offering up sacrifices! Christ has once suffered for sin.. No longer will you have to say “Hare Krishna” “Hail Mary” and take tests.why aren’t people coming to get free money? Think about it…. freshly printed. Would someone like to just come up and take it? This is free money! Free money.

”God’s kingdom is coming on this earth.” Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life” He said “I am the way. You’ll get crushed! You’re in the path of sin. you’ve got life! If you haven’t. he wants you to come to repentance. you will perish. ( you’re a liar and a thief! A lying thief! No wonder you feel guilty when you look at these guys who look like federal agents! You see your conscience accuses you. you’re still in your sins. (I need to die for my sins) He took the punishment so God doesn’t have to judge you as a lying thief. I wouldn’t be here now if I had been. it comes through having Jesus Christ. and do you know why? (cos no-one took him down?) No. If you’ve got Christ. (for my sins) Yes that’s right. the vehicle of eternal justice is heading for ya.) I’m not talking about everyone. who is our life. yes. no. it’ll upset you. the truth. I’m not sure I need to repent) You’re not sure? (no. What are you going to do on the day of judgment? God is not willing that you should perish. I AM sure. no) You’ll have to stand before God.) (another interjector: he has!) (yes. I’m talking about you(yes) what are you? (who am I?) No.. And you know why Jesus died on the cross? (he died on the cross?) say ‘I don’t believe that’. (But where?) On this earth. Every time you’ve lied or stolen you’ve known in your heart you’ve done wrong. he that has not the Son has not life!” Salvation doesn’t come through calling God particular names. and the life” “I am the bread of life”.. Gods will will be done on this earth as it is in Heaven!” And if you’re a Jehovah’s witness.unclear) You’re a thief! Now have you ever told a lie? (no. CONSCIENCE! And God’s going to judge you friend on the day of judgment. (no. Come On! Everlasting life is what God offers you! (Where are we gonna have everlasting life?) Not in Salt Lake City. know this: “He that has the Son has life.WHAT are you? A Thief! (Are you the. and you feel guilty every time you look at them! Have you been stealing? Are you a thief? Are you a thief? (well. doesn’t come through going to a certain church. have you ever lusted after a woman? . once) Once.) So you are a thief! (Everyone has. You see. doesn’t come through good works... do you know why? Seriously. Jesus said unless you repent. and nothing you can do except put your faith in Jesus can get you out of Gods anger. (Why are your guys wearing glasses? … unclear…) Why do you not like these guys wearing glasses? They upset you. (no) You need to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ. not exactly) Are you a white-collar criminal? (Hmmmm. ‘Conscience’ means knowledge.he took the punishment for your sins. IN HIM IS LIFE! He that has the Son has life! Paul said “Christ. it’s unclear) Well let me help you.people will think of you. You think they’re federal agents. and unless you repent you’re going to perish. but go on the freeway and don’t believe in trucks.

my friend there. He will make you perfect. he came and RECEIVED it. It’s like two men on a plane. good to meet you sir.) No. (Thank you) You’re welcome.that building shows us there’s a builder. so we need to be MADE perfect. Christians should not put down other Christians. It was written that you might know that you have eternal life. one’s not. He’ll make you holy.I didn’t judge him. and I’m just saying God has judged him guilty.if Fred dies in his sins. How do we do that? Through trusting in Jesus Christ. (lady interjector: why are you giving money?) The lady asked why am I giving away money? To illustrate that he didn’t stay there and BELIEVE the money was his.he’s committed adultery in his heart.I want him to put his parachute on! If you haven’t got a Bible.what’s your name? (Fred) Fred. Now I can’t judge Fred.“oh I don’t think I need a parachute. if he jumps without a parachute he’s going to suffer the consequences of breaking the law of gravity. come on. you’ve got to repent. (It’s free money!) Free money! (It’s 23 dollars) There you are. But He said. He admitted it as a sin. Things that are made show us there’s a maker. are you? The Bible says you’re not supposed to judge. when you judge. But see.I don’t want you to end up in Hell! You’ve got to repent and put your faith in Jesus. you can’t have faith in God’ Come on! Creation shows us there’s a creator. (by-stander: Give that money back to know there’s a God! Let me ask you a question. “Judge not. I don’t know his heart. but you’ll see your mistake when you jump. and he’s a lying thief. you’re a lying thieving adulterer at heart. He’ll make you just.” Okay. And Jesus said “Be perfect. And I want. I think I can defy the law of gravity. I’ve seen birds flying. GET ONE. Anyone want this free money? Would you like it sir? (I would like it actually) Well come and take it! (Okay) It’s free. Read it. you’re going to end up in Hell! (that’s between God and me)’re not supposed to judge. (another interjector unclear) What’s that? (He sounds like an imperfect human to me) He is! He’s an imperfect human. Man. for the sake of this your great-grand pappy?(shows a picture of a monkey) . I want you to be saved on the day of judgment! I know that if you die in your sins. man) It’s HIS MONEY! (You’ve given it to him?) It’s his. except what he told us: that he’s lustful. Someone leans over the back of the seat and says “Who are you to judge that man?”. you surely are a liar! So now. we’ve come short of the glory of God. believe that if you want. lest you be judged”.one’s wearing a parachute. by your own admission. He’ll make you good. no. SPLAT! This guy says.(maybe once) Just once?? Man. use righteous judgment. as your Father in heaven is perfect” And we’re not. read the gospel of John. how can that be?’ GRACE! Grace is unmerited favor. You say ‘man. it’s a’re going to jump?”. He says “Yeah” “Put your parachute on”. Now let me answer that with a question-can I answer that question? He says ”Doesn’t the Bible say ‘judge not lest ye be judged’? You know Jesus said. (let me ask you a question. You say ‘’re going to get justice. This guy says “hey.that’s what the Bible says! We’re all imperfect. and I’m cleverer than birds.

watch what hand this goes into. but I don’t know where the builder came from or if there WAS a builder) The hedge you’re hiding behind is very thin. I’m talking to you because I have a science degree.Darwin operates on truth) He operates on faith.) I’m not asking you if the building exists.000 years old. it’s all rubbish. reading about a fossil.) How do you KNOW a painting has a painter? (I know that the painting exists) I’m not asking if you know it exists. you cannot offer me proof that shows that God exists. watching the progression of fossil structure that finally we evolved into man. Listen. there was a builder? The building itself. wait. There’s no fact.can you see the scarf? Which hand is it in? Could you tell me? That one. (No.all evidence has disappeared.Anybody here? Some people do. This one’s brain is about the size of mans. (wait. (unclear…proof for the evolution of man…unclear) HERE IT IS! This is the proofNebraska man! Scientifically built up from a single tooth. And until you do. (OK then I can’t answer that) You don’t know if a painting has a painter? . I’m saying how do you know that there was a builder? BECAUSE THE BUILDING IS STARING AT YOU! And anyone who looks at a building and says ‘I don’t know if there is a builder’ is an airhead. You probably believed the diagrams Mr Clinton showed us last night on television. watch this. You believe what you were told. (You operate on faith. I believe what I can perceive through my five senses. it’s still in the hand.I can see by looking at a fossil. Now you say seeing is believing. Now. You really believed that. or that one? (It’s gone) It’s gone? It’s under my ring. I can’t buy it man)What’s’ your name? (Gabriel) Gabriel. listen to this. New Guinea man.dates way back to 1970! Cro-magnon want proof of God’s existence? If I can prove to you God exists will you repent and put your faith in Jesus? (Yes) Ok. Look at his forehead! One day he looked in the mirror and thought“I wonder…” The fairytale of evolution. I believed it for years. I put to you that to believe in God you need to…unclear…now. See they’re not teaching Darwin’s theory in school. because of my five perceptions. Faith in the word of man! Look at this(Interjector: unclear…the proof) There’s no proof for the theory of evolution. I’m a human being. See that building up there? What proof is there.the jaw-bone turned out to belong to a modern ape! Peking believe the diagrams.later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig! Piltdown man. I’m talking about…. but you’re wrong. (I am skeptical.100.they saying apes became men! Noone should teach that. isn’t it? Isn’t the building absolute proof there was a builder? (I’m not even sure the building exists. And the reason they do is because of this manCharles Darwin.. My five senses. wait) And lets just ask another question( I know there is a building here believe what your teacher told you.

‘oh need faith to operate in your world… …it’s very difficult to believe that without actual evaluation that leads you to that kind of observation. and you can’t point to one thing that has been made that didn’t have a maker. Some guy rapes your sister. He should have a sense of right and wrong.. in the world. beats her up. . you know. if there is a painting.I’m going to punish rapists. evolution perhaps. women. Well that’s fair enough. you have no proof! How do you know these people are suffering in Hell. I can tell you what exists. murderers. If some guy takes your mother. The painting means there was a painter. you know. You can’t point to one painting that didn’t have a painter. then you’re being unreasonable. a smack on the back. If you do. that’s probably why he did it’. you know. and it’s just beyond us. the idea of God. irrational. it’s hard to . Things made prove there was a maker. If God isn’t going to judge murderers.) Why do you find it difficult to handle? (It’s just. there was a painter) Oknow what university did you go to? The man has come to a conclusion that if there was a painting.000 unsolved murders!!! Now God has seen them. I mean.) No. should he be given a five dollar fine? Should the judge say. You can’t point to one building that didn’t have a builder. But God says I’m not going to stop at murder. strangles her to death.should that guy be brought to justice? Should he be punished. But I can’t tell you. NO man! You think a guy should be punished by the law if he did something wrongisn’t that right? (yeah) Good! 63. kind of. (unclear…. everything created has a creator. intelligence in the cosmos. like. I think that there’s an infinite.that tree shows you there was a creator. ‘well. he should be punished. the guys shoes were a little tight when he was growing up. I mean. you know. who has got civil law.. (I find it hard to accept the idea of judgment though.some guy rapes your have never seen it in a vision. that because the painting is there. certainly there’s a maker. He should have more sense of justice than man. What about thieves? You’re a thief remember? (That’s it right there. that God is just some sort of guy that writes down everything we do. Now it makes sense if God exists. then God is unjust by nature. the guilt. There’s a lot of other things that make a lot more (unclear) intuitively.(I can take a leap of faith.000 murderers went away scot-free in the United States between 1976 and 1986. The idea of coming down partially on someone’s… for sin. there was a painter! A kid could tell you that! A little child will tell ya. it’s really incomprehensible. that’s not convincing) What’s not convincing? (The guilt. Because of my sensory instincts. there was a painter’.) EVERYTHING MADE HAS A MAKER . I can tell you what is here now. 63. when those are the things that perhaps are the most natural to respond to) Fred have you got a sister? (no sister) Have you got a mother? (I’ve got a Mom) Okay. illogical and unintelligent. he should be punished. like. rape people. people who have taken the lives of children. not even in an hallucination. rapes her. But the idea that troubles me a lot about Christian thinking is just. burns her body. to the modern person. and prisons and punishment. isn’t it? God should punish rapists. It’s a really difficult proposition to handle.

he now KNOWS it’s hot. with all their gods. Now. And you don’t want to. (ok) I believed in Jesus before I was a Christian. good question. you’ve got to do it yourself. (But who’s to say he’s really suffering in the afterlife?) God. you want to see the Eiffel tower. well. its hot” The kid says “ok.(It’s very difficult to apprehend) So you’re saying if a guy murders your mother. You had no idea where to find it. He opened up the Bible to me. he’s got an intellectual belief. you love . where is he?) Where is God? Good question. (How can a Bible be self-proving?) Ok. He gave me new desires for what is right. I had an intellectual belief in God’s existence. you know there’s a building. (ok) If you’re in Paris. you know. I’m saying you’ve got to obey the gospel and trust in Jesus. that preferred lying and stealing to telling truth. (Now what was the sensory experience that brought you to that level? That’s what I wanna know) God took my rotten. and everyone told you different directions. you were confusedwhat’s the best thing you could do? (Get a map) Find yourself a reliable map! Isn’t that right? The Bible is a reliable mapall you’ve got to do is read it. because you love your sins. And you need the light. He moves out of the realm of personal belief into the realm of personal experience. How do you know…which maker. If Jesus appeared here today he’d be hated because all he would say is the same as what I’m saying. There’s a little kid looking at a heater. But on the 25th of April 1972 I reached out and I touched the heater bar of God’s love and His forgivenessand I moved out of the realm of belief into the realm of personal experience. I’ve got to put my trust in it. how do you know the right way? Well if you’re in France…and. I just hid it very well. but he died for our sins. Dad goes out of the room. now God did come down. he did talk.ARE YOU LEAVING FRED? (yeah I got to go) I want to show you something. as a non-Christian. but men hated him. But we have humanity. you see it. If I was going to go to the top floor on one of these high rise buildings and I believed in the elevator.well to believe…you’ve got to believe in Jesus to be saved?) I didn’t say that. I believe the heater’s hot” At the time. and not wrong.I was no different to any other person. (You have that building right there. You look around. you see the Hare Krishna’s. Reaches out his little pink fingers and grabs the heater bar. And that’s exactly the same with God’s provision for your’ve gotta repent and put your faith in Jesus. it’ll take 30 seconds. and believed with all my heart. He took was like a light coming into God’s word.Hinduism has 450 million gods. it’s self-proving. they crucified him. I’m not going to get to the top. they killed him. and he transformed me. The kid’s staring at its bright orange bar. he’s going to feel guilty. that’s enough punishment for him. His Dad says “Don’t touch the heater son. And God cannot lie.. The kid thinks “I want to find out if it really is hot”. The second his flesh burns he stops believing the heater’s hot. And men hate the light. You’re blind in your sins and you’re dead in your sins. You’re a slave to pornography. we have life. in France. (Wouldn’t God…. I had a belief in Jesus as the son of God. dirty heart that loved to lust.that’s what you need. for 22 years. with infinite more conviction. to believe in? I mean. I can’t convince you. 420 times the New Testament mentions hell. He’s proven it to himself. I’ve got to put my faith in it.

(I don’t want to kill them) I’ll tell you--look at this (unclear) I’m not even mentioning God at the moment! I’m talking about the murder of can’t acknowledge that its’ murder. A woman’s’ body may be ripped apart if she’s trying to kill her kid. and it stops with this persons life. and see who’s happier. will you say to yourself ‘well I don’t like this’.He’s given you a conscience. I’m saying…) Are you a father? (No I’m not a father) When you have your child and it’s sitting on your we have… (unclear…maybe were abused. “You shall not kill” You’ve got a conscience! LOOK at me! God has given you life. What you do is. Now listen. and you’re advocating the murder of children. who maybe grew up and didn’t have the chance to live a perfect life. and you find the poorest people you can find. and check out those fat little brats. That doesn’t make it right. Do you know 25 million Americans killed because the law of the land says ‘you shall kill’ God’s law say you shall not.) Oh! So you want to kill them because they might be unhappy? You go to the forest..if you kill a child it’s murder. (what if the mother might die too) You cannot justify the killing of a child! (unclear) We’re not talking about God. (unclear) It starts with this -unclear-. so it means you can commit murder because other people are doing it? (No I don’t think you should. and then go to Beverley Hills.. and you watch those little doesn’t matter what you believe. Look at it! (Do you think the happy. who haven’t got much.) Here are some fetuses. you’re like a moth to the flame. This is a Canadian abortion hospital. loved children that were born instead of being aborted…) Yes. You’re a slave. they’re so hungry. but you’ve got to convince yourself. could you cut it’s throat? . I’ll save you from hell. Does that make it right? A murderer may trip over and break his leg while he’s trying to kill someone. The poor kids who you want to kill in the womb. That doesn’t make it right! You shall not kill! It’s written on your heart! You have to face God on judgment day. God says ‘if you call out for me I’ll save you from your sins. This lady says “Oh well.don’t you touch it. you just can’t help it.. You know this is bruise it and I’ll take you to court!” Don’t want it? Throw it in the sack. You say “what about rape?” (people are killed every day by a cold indifferent society) Ok.a bag full of children. I am a fetus. they’re playing basketball. who wants this kid? Oh Doc!! I want this is.“You shall not kill” is written on your heart. it’s a newborn babe..lady you’re a fetus that’s grown up! But your understanding is darkened. (its not as black and white as you make it out to be!) Oh. I’ll save you from judgment day’. those poor little black kids who’ve hardly got any have to face God on judgment day if you’ve taken the life of your child. (These fetuses. we’re talking about YOU.your pre-marital sex. I’ve got three children and I thank God you weren’t my mother because I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you right now because you would have killed your kid.

and they kill themselves? It’s the same thing! (what???) You’re just saying that because a child is in a womb then it can be killed. But what you’re doing is you’re saying “I know it’s this way.’ go ahead. and loved the child as her own flesh. LOOK AT THIS! What about rape? A mother’s raped--a woman’s raped. She had to concede. if it’s outside the womb it shouldn’t be killed. If you choose death. you’ll find people who have died! Why? Because’re taking a leap of faith all over the place. (You say “you shall not kill”. you’re going to face God. and I’m going to convince you that it’s His way!”) Isn’t that what you said about evolution before? . I don’t care about a savior. it’s not murder.she wasn’t willing. If a doctor does it in a womb. Why? Cos it IS her own flesh! This is her child! And some of you could be the products of rape! Did you know that? Your father could have come home. they can’t legally get one?) WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MURDER KIDS. (what about all those women who are frightened and kill themselves as well as the baby because they can’t get an abortion. If you read John 14:21 this is what Jesus said. not everyone does. because you’re operating. God will give you justice. What happens if the child’s’ premature? He’s 3 months premature. If you haven’t got Jesus Christ.would you protect it with your life? (yes I would) Ok. I too will love him and will reveal myself to him” (unclear…Monologue or dialogue.her mother. Unless you repent you’ll perish. You go to a graveyard. she was raped. forced his wife into sex. he’s born premature. Dialogue reveals to me a certain sense of following a system of observations that lead to a conclusion. It doesn’t matter what age you die at. Obey the Bible right?. Don’t kill the kid for the crime of the father! This little girl was the product of rape. By law. Instead of killing the kid for the crime of the father she went ahead and had the child.its either true or its not-He said this “He that has my commandments and keeps them. good point! He said “Who kills humanity?” God does. therefore it’s Jesus’ way. it’s getting rid of a fetus. the judge of the universe. if you say ‘oh I don’t care about Jesus. that’s exactly what I’m saying. he it is that loves me. Can you read that? This sums up what all the scriptures say: Unless you repent you’ll perish! God offers you a way of life. and you’re going to die. not everyone can be a father or a mother to a child they happen to have…) WELL WHAT ABOUT ADOPTION? You don’t kill a kid because you don’t have the ability to look after it.. has proclaimed the death sentence upon humanity. The soul that sins shall die.. And he that loves me will be loved of my Father. THEY’RE JUST SO UNHAPPY! Because they just can’t find any kids to murder. He was drunk. Listen to this. you’re going to die in your sins and God will give you kill that child it’s murder.should she kill you because of the crime of your father? You don’t kill a child. She’s from’ve broken God’s law! Yeah. who causes-unclear) GOD! God kills all humanity! You’re going to die because you’ve committed.(I would protect it with my life) What say it’s in the womb.. (But I have the luxury of being able to do that. and she’s pregnant. and a way of death.

If they smash your was beneath your dignity intellectually. and has a percentage of correctness is not of God. but in Bible times. Matthew 24. and the Bible says stone them to death. 25. read the book of Job! Job 38you read it! (show me some analogies. When it says “an eye for an eye. serve sentence and you’ve got no car! They should be made to go to work and all the money comes to you.dinosaurs) The BIBLE mentions dinosaurs. the devil is doing his thing on you) Did you get one of these? You can have that. that led me to my conclusion. because what you’re … (unclear…the Qu’ran…) No. If they steal your ox. you like intellectualism. You probably know someone who was murdered. (…. . Which is what has happened in the United States.. a tooth for a tooth. well what will happen is murder will become rampant. do it through the laws of justice. I said I can offer you proof. second Timothy chapter 3. if the law becomes wimpy and says ‘oh. If someone steals your car they should buy you a new one. Thank you. Capital punishment. If they take someone’s life THEY GIVE THEIR LIFE.(No. Why? Because the law has lost it’s guts. so you can get a new car. read Luke 21.. that primates evolved into man) But you’ve only come to your conclusions because you believe what you’ve been told! (I believe what I can feel. you say ‘no. will be done on this earth as it is in heaven. to the crowd: The devil is telling you to say this right now. (But Nostradamus predicted a lot of these things. The Bible will prove itself to you through it’s prophecy. very scientific proof that you might not buy. like I was saying: The Bible says don’t take the law into your own hands. Because they’re false prophets! (New Interjector.unclear…. they buy you a new watch. they would have been down the tubes. And if you do not have capital punishment in a nation. his shoes were too tight as a kid’. they pay you back an ox. what I can touch) Yeah but. The Bible says that if it’s 99% correct. show me some. It means go to court. If you’re like this man. Not the end of the world. I appreciate that.) Does that make sense what I’m saying? Could you stand up and speak up. It’s very simple. even without a religion or a God) Who? (Nostradamus) Oh yeah. they shouldn’t go to prison for it. stone them as a false prophet. what I can see. in which you’ve followed some. a tooth for a tooth” it doesn’t mean to say ‘you stole my tooth! Take that!’. Now listen. The devil is telling you to say what you’re saying.) I have given you so many analogies and each one offended you. They’re into a demonic realm. you do it primarily because he’s done something wrong. If you read the Bible it’s self-evident. no. You don’t punish a criminal to scare off other people. anyone who delves into demons to try to predict the future. no. Now we can’t do that cos the Law says ‘no’.. who gazed in a bowl of water and made predictions that were 70% correct. And you’ll see the words of Jesus parallel history before it came into being.000 people murdered. and anyone like Jeanne Dixon.Nostradamus was a backslidden Jewish Catholic. and anyone else here who doubts what this man is sayin. Remember the kid touching the heater? Nothing could be clearer than that. You’ll see Jesus gave certain signs of the end of this age.there is a time when God’s kingdom will come on this earth. I want it worked out’.. His will. you’ve SEEN a theory? You’ve touched a theory? (Unclear. God is 100% correct. An eye for an eye.

and then you find later. or the people who bear the responsibility ultimately when they get it wrong? When they say ‘he’s guilty of murder’. if it’s all circumstantial. Settle down guys. you should never take his life. that you were wrong? It happens in the United States!) Good point. Here come the Hare Krishnas for your entertainment. That is biblical. That’s what the Bible says. listen to this: you should never ever put anyone to death without witnesses.there must be two or three witnesses. .(You’re in favor of capital punishment. What do you say to the government or the judges. Circumstantial evidence is not enough to take a mans’ life. It doesn’t matter how many people he’s killed. after you’ve put him to death.