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1.1 INTRODUCTION: English can be considered as the window to the world. The role of English as a passport to knowledge was extremely important in the second phase of the development of an English as a global language. The English language has brought with it a wealth knowledge and experience which have changed the very nature of Indian culture. English is rich in literature, without the knowledge of English we would have been deprived of joy of getting acquainted with the plays of one of the greatest dramatists in the world, William Shakespeare, English has great importance. Speaking enables a person to use a language for communication. A can tall his mother that he is thirsty and wants water or ask for any other thing which he needs. English speaking is very important for child to learn a subject. At primary level English subject is compulsory for the overall development of a child. Primary level is the foundation because a child learns the basic knowledge in primary classes. To learn any language its correct pronunciation is very important. So, in primary classes’ consonants vowels, phonetics are introduced to them so that they can learn the correct pronunciation of alphabet.

1.2 Need and Importance People need speaking abilities to communicate the ideas, to their work done. When one is able to speak fluently the next stage is mastered with the collection of suitable words and vocabulary and correct sentence structure. A speak should

follow the rule of correct intention, stress and pronunciation he should also use proper vocabulary. English language can be considered as the window to the world. To learn any language the correct pronunciation of words are very important. The student can understand the correct meaning of that word. To keep conversion with the society correct pronunciation is very important when we speak correct words with correct pronunciation then only others can understand what we speak pronunciation of words is the first step towards the mastery in any subject or language.

Importance:Speaking enables a person to use a language for communication. Hence it makes him possible to fulfill his needs. A person can explain the nature of their feeling. When a person learns to change his vocabulary, tone, style of talking etc. according to the situation as well as his relationship with the listener. 1.3 Statement of Problem “A Study of Effectiveness of A Programme Developed to Improve The Pronunciation of std-Iv Students In English Language." 1.4 Operational Definitions Programme Dictionary meaning “Programme means plan of procedure or list of events.”

Remedial speak the correct words of English language. In this Research Remedial Teaching Considered a teaching to avoid mistake of pronunciation of IV std students in English subject. while pronouncing English words. IVth std Those students passed in third standard and took an admission in further class is called IVth std. like review and reteach. In this Research The mistakes done by the students of IVth std. Remedial teaching means sometimes be a simple matter. .In this research “ Programme means set of activities to remedial teaching about pronunciation mistakes of words in English subject. Pronunciation Mistakes Dictionary Meaning Pronunciation.

1. 2) All students of Vth std.7 Hypothesis The Directional Hypothesis was stated for study. 2) To execute the programme for remedial teaching to improve the pronunciation of the words in English subject.6 Assumption 1) Students know different words of English. 3) To develop effectiveness of the programme. There will be significant difference between the achievement level of students of Vth std from Pre-test and Post-test scores. .1. 1. Will participate in the programme.5 Objectives 1) To find out number of student who commit mistake in pronunciation ‘Sh’ and ‘Ch’ sound words.

The further chapter reveals the review of related literature.1. 1. It highlights the Statement of Problem. Objectives of the study. .8 Scope and Limitations 1) This research will be included primary school of Lonavala city. 3) It will be only limited about pronunciation mistakes or vocabulary item of English words. Need and Importance of the study. 2) It will be only for std Vth one English medium school.9 Sample This chapter is an outline about Action Research Study. Scope and Limitations etc. Assumptions. Operational Definition.


. Due to this reason the researcher has done review of related literature with respect to theoretical aspect. “Educated Indian English is a perfectly natured and theoretically sound answer to the needs of Indian learners. who number runs into million. 2.1 INTRODUCTION.2.kshaniksa Bose Doaba House. * The review helped the research to arrange various activities for improving pronunciation. Related Literature * The review helped the researcher to understand the need and importance of pronunciation. The theoretical review is helpful to eliminate the duplication of what has been done and provide useful hypothesis and suggestions for significance investigation. it is significant that in English and many other language we can make a distinction between learning and listening.2 REVIEW OF RELATED LETERATURE Joanne ken worthy-Teaching English Pronunciation Longman in following words. Teaching of English. British Received pronunciation model of English represents an unrealistic objective because it is unattainable and in many others ways insuitable for India.

* Including various activities to give opportunities to the student to correct pronunciation. . * Different activities were prepared for the development to avoid mistakes in pronunciation. * There view helped the researcher to prepare the programmed for study which included the variety of exercise based on pronunciation.


* IVth std was selected for research study. 3.3 Population All students of IVth standard were condered as population of the academic year 2010-2011.4 Sampling Procedure Incidental sampling was used for selection of sample. 3. * Experimental method was selected for Action Research Study to avoid pronunciation mistakes in English subject. . The effect of treatment was judge by the comparison between Pre-test and Post-test scores. Section-A 3. * Single group Pre-test and Post-test design was selected for research study.3. * One English medium school was selected. * One class was selected. It is divided into two sections.2 Research Design.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter describes the details about Methodology of Action Research Study.

Main Tools Observation Questionnaire Interview Tests 3.2 Programme The purpose of programme was to avoid pronunciation mistakes of English words of IVth std students.5.5.5. The purpose of the pre-test was to find out the existing level of students of IVth std about the pronunciation mistakes of English words.5 TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION 3.TOOLS OF ACTION RESEARCH The main tools used for the action research are divided into four types. 3.3 The Purpose of post-test was to find out the effectiveness of the programme. . 3.1 Pre-test.

.Section-B The following flow chart depicts the procedure for the Action Research Study. Preparation and finalization of tools ↓ Preparation and finalization of programme ↓ Execution of pre-test ↓ Execution of programme ↓ Execution of post-test ↓ Analysis and Interpretation of Data ↓ Conclusion.

*30 minutes allowed solving the pre-test.6 Nature of programme.4 Nature of pre-test 3. Q2) Read the silent words. * The nature of questions was as follows. Q1) Read the passage with correct pronunciation.The researcher took guidance of his guide to finalize the tools of data collection.5. Q4) Read words with the stress on the capital letters. 3.5.5. * Each questions carried the five marks totals marks was twenty. 3. . * It is administer before the implementation of programme. * Four questions were formed with equal marks.5 Four questions were formed with equal marks. Q3) Read ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sound words.

5. It administered after the execution of the programme. * One period took for per day to one cute the programme.5. There was no change in the post-test.9 Post-test was formed in some pattern of pre-test. T.7 The programme was prepared for to avoid the pronunciation mistakes of English words.3. 3. 3. * Different activities organized to improved pronunciation of English words.8 Nature of Post-test 3. .10 Statistical tool for Analysis of Data. * The programme conducted for within 8 days.5.5. test The purpose of t test was to test the significant difference of the achievement level of the students of IVth std regarding pronunciation mistakes.

* Implementation of programme for to avoid pronunciation mistakes of English words.PROGRAMME Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Time 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min 30 min Activities The researcher given the ‘Sh’ sound words The researcher had given the practice of ‘Ch’ sound Reading of silent words would know knowledge knife Pre-test pronunciation by children The researcher had given remedial teaching to the children The researcher given post-test 3. * Pre-test was administered to find out the existing level of the students. * Statistical tool were used to analysis the data. * Pre-test and Post-test single group design was chosen. * The population was all students of IVth std in the academic year year 2010-2011.6 Procedure * Experimental method was used in the study. .


It is followed by the observation and interpretation. It is the most common item of a series. Median is the middle number of series above and below witch exactly half of the numbers lie. It is that value of series witch has highest frequency . In statistics average is known as mean. It is the first measure of central tendency. C) Mode – it is the 3rd measure of central tendency.Introduction:The present chapter represents analysis of data collected during the research study. The data collected during the experiment was analyzed by the following statistical tool. Mean = M =mean X=scores of student N=total numbers of scores A= sum of the scores B) Median-Median is the second measure of central tendency. A) Mean is an arithmetic average. The chapter ends with major findings.

4.2 The data collected in this research is given below Table -1 A) Marks obtained by the students of std IV in pre-test Roll Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Marks 9 8 11 8 9 7 6 5 11 11 10 9 7 6 7 8 .

17 18 19 20 Table-II Post-test Roll number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 7 6 10 9 Marks 14 11 15 16 20 12 10 17 13 17 17 15 11 12 13 12 11 .

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Name of the Student Marks of Pre-test Marks of Post-test .18 19 20 12 15 14 Mark sheet of Pre-test and Post-test. Sr.

35 .14 15 16 17 18 19 20 ANALYSIS OF DATA The collected data is analyzed in the following ways A] Mean of the PRE-TEST M=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA m=AAA M=813.

35 Hence it is clear that the marks of reading of English words had increased after remedial teaching.Mean of marks of past test = 13. Mean of pretest <means of posttest 8.35 from the above two means it is clear that. ‘T’ Value Student No.15 < 13. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Marks in Pre-test Marks in Post-test D (Q2-Q1) D2 .

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Equation .

Interpretation of data .

M1 M2 Pretest 8.e. No.Interpretation of data is this way researcher has completed this research more knowledge and understanding the writing skill more effectively after remedial teaching THE MEASURE FINDINGS OF THIS RESEARCH ARE GIVEN BELOW TableSr.e ‘t’ calculation value > ‘t’ table .771 Hence The value of ‘t’ by calculation is greater than value of ‘t’ by table i.15 --------------Post-test -------------13.89 and the value of ‘t’ from table at 0.05 level 1.35 From the above table it is clear that the mean of post is greater than pretest i. M2 > M1 THE VALUE OF ‘T’ from calculation is 13.


it also create interest in the student it builds enough confidence of the student to read Researcher hopes that this research will play the qteat role as guideline to the next research .5. these activities are more useful improve the sub – skills of pronuncining words by practice Practice makes man perfect according to this tough tha practice of pronuncining words .1 Summary This research is conducted in auxilium convent high school lonavala The students are having many problem in the basic linguistic skills so in order to improve the reading skill of the student above the research is most useful under the execution of the remedial activities leads to the positive resulttt in post lest .

2 suggestion 1] as the research is carried in reading skill similarly the research should be in the speaking . stress. listening and other also . paragraph poem and essay with proper speed pronunciation.3 Conclusion The deep of this research leads to the following conclusion 1] Student gets the knowledge about the sub – skills of reading or pronouncing words 2] Students read the story. 2] the attitude of present should be change 3] the parents also provide their attention towards their children like a teacher 4] new method of teaching should be used 5] regular practice of pronouncing words should be taken 5. full’ stop 4] Student develops their pronunciation of words with the helps of practice 5] Student acquires the micro-skills of reading . stress and intonation 3] Student pronounces the word proper intonation. because these are also linguistic skills.5.

but also used in higher education and other schools 5.5 suggestion for further action research study 1) the same problem can be study the mistakes in different language . Provide the guidance to the other teacher the research will not be used only for 4th std.4 recommendation Above research is very helpful to the students to develop reading skill along with student it is beneficed to teachers also :It is very useful to give the information about the diffident creativities witch develop the students pronunciation Teacher can follow the activities in order to develop the reading skill of the student teacher can take new interesting and excellent activity witch brings creativeness in teaching learning process This research is helpful to develop reading skill in other.Researcher observed these change in the students in experimental method while conducting pretest and posttest by using Statistics Graph 5. Language also such as Hindi English.

5. 9. 11. 6. 7. 3. 4. 10.2)different standard or level can be including for the same problem ] APPENDIX Programme for pretest words 1. 12. 8. 13. 2. Verandab Silent Exactly Gleamed Shimmered Narrow Especially Knowledge Know Different Would Knife Customer .

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C. . Society Junior Colloege of Education Pune has administered the test for gathering the data required for her thesis from our school.E. Place. Data.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Miss Yasmeen Iqbal Shaikh student of M.