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A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Example: They have (have) a new car. 1 Do you like (like) pop music? 2 I _don’t__ (not like) watching football on television. 3 My sister never _eats__ (eat) fast food. 4 How often __do__ you __do__ (do) exercise? 5 What _is_ (be) your brother’s name? 6 My daughter __goes_ (go) to bed very late. 7 He _isn’t__ (not be) English. He’s Scottish. 8 ‘Are they American?’ ‘Yes, they __are__’ (be). 9 The letters __aren’t_ (not be) on the table. 10 What time __do_ you __get__ (get up) in the morning? 11 My sister and her husband __have_ (have) a big house. 12 Where _does__ your brother _work__ (work)? 13 He always _reads_ (read) the newspaper on Saturdays. 14 She __doesn’t_ (not teach) Spanish. She teaches French. 15 __Is_ (be) his father a lawyer? B. Complete the sentences with one word. Example: My father’s an engineer. 1 This __is_ Peter. He’s from England. 2 I can speak Japanese, but I _can’t__ write it very well. 3 My brother doesn’t like the television. 4 We usually go shopping __on___ Mondays. 5 A This isn’t my bag. Is it __yours__? B No, it isn’t mine. 6 My grandparents always come to our house _at__ Christmas. 7 They _are_ at home with Tom’s friends. 8 Our English lesson starts _at_ nine o’clock. 9 _Can/Could_ you help me, please? I don’t understand this question. 10 She’s our new English teacher. __Her__ name is Sarah. 11 Tom Cruise is a good actor, but I don’t like _his__ films very much. 12 This isn’t my dictionary. Give it to Maria. It’s _hers__. 13 Do you like __going_ to the cinema? 14 What sports do you do __in__ winter? 15 A __Whose__ is this umbrella? B I don’t know. It isn’t mine.


Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision

Can you call a taxi. 2. They (7) ____play___ chess and (8) __do__their homework together. 2 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . they (11) ___like____ spending time together. 6 Her cousin is a / an teacher. They hardly ever have dinner at a restaurant. Do/often/go/a /for/you/run? Do you often go for a run? 6. like – early – go – watch – listen – read – play .prepare She gets up (1)___early___ every morning and she (2)___drinks____ milk in the breakfast. 4 Does he can / Can he drive a car? 5 Jack has a girlfriend pretty / pretty girlfriend. He wants to be a pilot E. Shortly. 7 I’m a good student. Complete the words in the sentences. 3 Peter is Davids’ / David’s friend. 4. 1 Please turn off your mobile phone. 8 My sister’s a bank manager. Underline the correct word or phrase. Example: I usually go to bed on / at eleven o’clock. F. at/ We/ weekend/ the/ sometimes/ go/shopping We go shopping at the weekend. 1 Is that my / mine book? 2 I like these / those blue shoes here. 5. This shop isn’t open on Sunday. Her sister (5) __reads__ books and magazines. This/opened/on/ isn't/ usually/shop/ Sunday. 3. 8 Is this Mike’s wife? Do you know he / his wife? 9 Do you work / work you in a shop? 10 What time is it? It’s / I have half past five. She (3) __watches___at least two movies at the weekend. doesn't/ write/ Margaret/ often/ emails Margaret doesn’t often write emails. but her brother is very short 7 They want to get married in July. They/for/ never/ are/ late/school They are never late for school. D. Example: I usually sleep for eight hours every night. 5 I read a newspaper every weekend. Put the words into the correct order. 1. She works in an office 9 I usually wake up very late at the weekend. They (9) __prepare__dinner for their parents and they (10) __wash____the dishes.C. 6 Helen and her sister are both very tall. please? 4 I always have breakfast before I go to work. Fill in the blanks with the suitable words and use the correct forms of the verbs. I’m never / I never am late for class. 2 My brother has a guitar. He plays in a band 3 I want to go home. 10 Jackie’s son loves planes. and she likes (4) _listening___ to rock music. and she (6) __goes___ swimming and running every morning.drink – wash . hardly ever/dinner/they/ at a restaurant/have.

There isn’t any milk left. is married and (4) has got children. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Complete the sentences with much. but she (2) hasn’t got any sisters. H. Rewrite these sentences correctly. Complete the story by using ‘have/has got’ or ‘haven’t/hasn’t got. so she’s an aunt. We’ve got just fifteen minutes. I don’t have any news about the exam results. Just one or two tickets are left. William and Philip. 3. It has got five rooms but it (5) hasn’t got a garden. 2 Could I have a bananas? Could I have some bananas? 3 There isn’t many milk left. she (7) has got her computer and a TV. 6 Can I buy a cheese? Can I buy some cheese? 7 He haven’t much time. J. Philip. _There aren’t any potatoes. There isn’t much time before the plane leaves. 0 There isn’t any potatoes. She (8) has got a car but her parents (9) hasn’t got one because they can’t drive. 5 There aren’t some carrots in the fridge._ 1 I have get a new car. When did you go? I went in March. David has a lot of money. Write questions for the answers. some or any. He’s very rich. Her brothers (3) have got brown hair and brown eyes. 2. Where did you stay? 3 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . She (1) has got two brothers.G.000) but not many people live by the sea. He hasn’t got much time 8 Strawberries have any vitamins but not a lot. Strawberries have some vitamins but not a lot. I have got a new car. Ruth lives with her parents in an apartment. Have you got _any_ ice-cream? We haven’t got any onions but we have got some garlic. many. In it. Where did you go on holiday? I went to Thailand on holiday. She (0)has got air hair and blue eyes. 4 I want a lot friends to come to my party. There aren’t many tickets for the concert. 1. İ. 4. There aren’t any carrots in the fridge. I’m sorry. lot. One of her brothers. Ruth is 21. She (6) has got her own room in the apartment. How did you go there? I went by plane. A lot of people live in the town centre (about 15. I want a lot of friends to come to my party.

Example: I usually pay in shops with my credit card. He (4) got married to my grandmother. on. How long did you stay? I stayed for ten days.My birthday is in the spring. musician painter music 9 Rob ________ a lot of exercise. I studied (study) French and Spanish at university.00. 2. 4 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . practises makes does 10 What do you usually do ________ the weekend? by at to N. James didn’t go (not go) to the beach in June. 6. be born get married have leave move retire work My grandfather. He (6) worked as a sales manager for thirty years until he (7) retired last year. Complete the sentences with the correct word. You didn’t watch (not watch) TV last night. L. at on by 6 I can’t ________ the housework now because I have to go out. home to home at home 2 Every morning I buy a ________. having hearing listening 4 My mum’s a ________. make have do 7 Can you ________ a computer? make use write 8 I’d like to be a ________. They (5) had five children. 5. M. 1. at. She works in a hospital. (1) was born in England in 1927. My parents went (go) to university. housewife nurse journalist 5 Penny goes to work. My sister didn’t work (not work) yesterday. Her husband stays ________ home with the baby.Their favourite TV programme is on Thursday night. Complete with the past simple form of the verbs. Ronald Kemp. He cycles to work every day. Now they live in Brighton. Who did you go with? Yes. I love playing the guitar.I stayed in a hotel. Complete the sentences with in. Complete the text with the past simple form of the verbs in the box. Rebecca. dictionary news newspaper 3 My son likes ________ to the radio. I went with my family. stamps credit card identity card 1 I usually go ________ at 6. He (2) left home when he was sixteen and (3) moved to London. K.

_____ caps are green and yellow. A) his B) your C) our D) their 6) You are wearing socks. _____ jeans are blue. A) his B) their C) her D) our 9) You are wearing a head band. A) There is C) Our teacher B) They Tom and Judy D) They 12) There are twelve ____________ in a ____________. _____ earrings are silver. Choose the correct one. A) first B)second C) third D) fourth 15) What is the tenth month of the year? A) July B) October C) September D) November 16) These books are ____________ science. _____ gowns are pretty. O.some D) some . A) my B) your C) our D) his 4) Linda is wearing earrings. 1) Elif is wearing a skirt. A) his B) her C) our D) their 8) Ann and I are wearing caps.I never drink coffee in the evening. A) your B) our C) my D) her 11) ____________ has got a lot of history books. _____ coats are green. A) his B) her C) my D) their 3) I am wearing jeans.month B) days – week C) months – year D) seasons – year 13) There isn't ____________ flour in the kitchen. _____ pants are black. _____ skirt is light blue.a C) any . A) our B) my C) his D)her 2) Bill is wearing pants.We don’t go to work on 1st January 6. A) weeks . I usually have breakfast at 9 o’clock. _____ head band is colorful.any 5 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . A) an – some B) some . A) on B) with C) about D) above 17) ____________ tubes of toothpaste has he got in his cupboard? A) How much B) How many C) Are there D) there 18) We have got ____________ armchairs but we haven't got ____________ coffee tables. A) my B) his C) your D) her 7) Tom is wearing a belt. A) her B) your C) our D) his 10) Sue and you are wearing gowns. A) any B) some C) many D) very 14) April is the ____________ month of the year. _____ belt is brown. _____ socks are white.3.Does your cat go out at night? 5. 4. A) his B) your C) her D) my 5) Jim and Bill are wearing coats.

A) made B) got C) took D) woke 25) What have you got in your school bag? A) the doors B) some books C) some friends D) a few desks 26) How many ____________ has he got? Two. A) taught B) teached C) was taught D) did taught 36) They ____________ lunch at half past one yesterday. A) loves B) is loving C) loved D) is going to love 24) I went to Thailand for my last holiday and ____________ a lot of photos. A) water B) sisters C) money D) sugar 27) ____________ a bottle on the table. A) took B) taked C) is taking D) take 34) What time ____________ home last Tuesday? A) can he arrive B) did he arrive C) was he arrived D) did he arrived 35) She ____________ her husband cooking last winter./ go . A) is twenty desks B) are twenty desks C) is twenty desk D) are twenty desk 38) How many____________ there in your class? A) students are B) student is C) students D) student 39) There____________ in a minute. I’d like ____________ cup of tea. 00 am every day. A) walk B)quit C) get D) sleep 31) I ____________ TV yesterday evening. A) a lot of student B) much student C) a lot of students D)many student 22) This is ____________ friend. it’s B) Yes it's that dog C) Yes. A) It has B) It's C) There's D) There are 28) She ____________ speak French. She ____________. A) a/an B) some/a C) any/a D) a/a 42) What do you do ____________ Sundays? I____________ fishing A) in/go B) at/like C) on/go D) . that is D) Yes.6 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision 19) That is Helen. A) no B) not C) doesn’t D) don't 29) What language ____________? A) do you speak B) are you speak C) speak you D) you are speaking 30) I’m a student and I have to ____________ up at 7. A) haved B) had C) is having D) is going to have 37) There____________ in our classroom. A) goes B) is going to go C) went D) go 33) They ____________ their children to Spain last year. a dog is that 21) There are ____________ in the classroom but only one teacher. A) is sixty second B) are sixty second C) is sixty seconds D) are sixty seconds 40) Don’t buy ____________ oranges. A) Helens B) Helen is C) Helen's D)Helen 23) John doesn't like playing football. buy____________ orange juice. A) saw B) looked C)viewed D) watched 32) Last winter he ____________ from Rome to Paris. but he ____________ playing tennis. A) is long hair B) have long hair C) has long hair D) have hair long 20) Is that a dog? A) Yes. A) some/some B) any/some C) some/any D) any/many 41) Would you like____________ crisp? No thanks.

then. thanks. all right. Doctor: Good. A) go for a walk / watch a DVD B) going for a walk / watching a DVD C) going for a walk / watch a DVD D) go for a walk / watching a DVD 50) Doctor: How____________ fruit do you eat in a week? Patient: I eat____________ apple or a banana every day. A) many / an / a lot of / like B) much / an /any / don’t like C) much / a / much / like D) many / a / any / don’t like 7 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision .50) A) many are/one pound fifty B) much are/one pound fifty C) much is/one pound five D) many are/one pound fifteen 45) A: What shall we do today? B: Let’s____________ B: Oh. A) Are / am / good B) Do/ also / well C) Do / also / good D) Do / and / good 48) Ana: Bob! I need your help! Bob: What’s wrong? Ana: I____________ do my homework. much. I sometimes eat broccoli. A) can’t / can B) don’t/ don’t C) can/ can’t D) don’t / can’t 49) A: What would you like to do? B: How about____________? C: But it’s rainy today. I don’t want. I ____________ have got a ____________ teacher. Let’s____________ at home. Do you eat____________ vegetables? Patient: Not. Bob: I____________ help you because I have an exam tomorrow. B: How about____________ A: Yes.43) Do you want some chips ____________ your hamburger? No. It is very expensive. We can feed the ducks. D: OK. A) watch TV / a cup of tea? B) going sailing / go for a swim C) go sailing / going to the park D) going to a restaurant / cooking at home 46) A: When’s New Year’s Day? B: ____________ A) In January 1 B) On January 1st C) On January the 1 D) On January the 1st 47) A: ____________ you enjoy your English classes? B: Yes. I’d like____________ tomato salad. because I____________ vegetables. A) with/some B) or/ a C) with/any D) or/some 44) How ____________ the biscuits? It is ____________ (£1.

We eat in the _____________. . Complete the places. some would .P. a) pilot b)builder c)nurse 9. you please . a) grandfather b)nephew c) uncle 4.I work for a newspaper.My sister works in an office. Put the words in the right order to make requests. Example: You can learn English in a school. Example: s_f_ sofa 1 mi_ro_ mirror 2 sh_l_e_ shelves 3 ar_c_a_r armchair 4 c_rp_t carpet 5 6 7 8 pl_t_ c_o_k fr_d_e de_k plate clock fridge desk 8 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . 5 ticket have I can return a ? I would like some coffee. no . a) granddaughter b)sister c) niece 8. Complete the words about things in the house. Can I have a return ticket? 6 like small I’d please a coffee .My mother’s brother is my _____________. 3 any I’m got haven’t afraid we . a) journalist b)politician c)lawyer 3. I’d like a small coffee._ I’m afraid we haven’t got any. She’s a __________. Example: supermarket department store shopping centre police station 1 river square road street 2 bathroom garden hall kitchen 3 wall stairs lamp floor 4 bus station school railway station airport 5 art gallery theatre bridge museum 6 shower bed mirror bath T. 0 problem that’s sure . that’s no problem. Choose the best one to complete the blanks 1. He flies all over the world. offers and replies.The opposite of easy is _____________. Underline the odd word out. Would you like some cheese? Could you please call me a taxi? 2 I like please coffee .My brother’s daughter is my _____________. please R.My father’s a _______. a) dangerous b) difficult c)different Q. 1 You send a letter from a post office 2 You can see old things in a museum 3 You drive your car on a road 4 You can see actors in a theatre 5 You can buy clothes in a dress store 6 You can get a train from a railway station S. I’m a _____________. a)builder b) musician c) receptionist 2. please. a)safe b)cheap c)empty 5.The opposite of expensive is _____________. _Sure. 1 like cheese some you would ? 4 could me a call taxi .You can buy food at a _____________. a) bathroom b) garage c) dining room 6. a) pharmacy b) market c)post office 7.

Write the opposite. summer. gallery. guest. Let’s go! coffee table desk bookcase cartoons W. fork. 6. skating 18. lift. I feel nervous . band. fantastic. groom 9. 3. banana. Don’t be afraid It’s only a small spider. Example: Tuesday Friday July Sunday 1 dictionary magazine TV newspaper 2 daughter uncle mother sister 3 rich slim tall thin 4 bad beautiful dangerous dirty 5 nephew son father aunt X. o. lake. My sister was really sorry when she lost her favourite watch. great. 1. peach 17. second.amazing. 1. advice 8. i. widow 10. reception 2. stairs. Write the types of food. family. 2. b _ _ k c _ s _ _rmch__r armchair 9. e. suggest.sardines. c__k_r cooker 6. 4. unusual. wonderful. housewarming. interesting. offer. once. Add the missing vowels (a. eggplant. grape.birthday. It’s dark and late and Tim isn’t home yet. c _ r t _ _ n s r_g rug Complete the adjectives.towel. 0garlic 1 n _ _ d _ _ s noodles 2 l_tt_c_ lettuce 3p_p__r pepper 4 b _ _ c c _ _ i broccoli 5 c _bb__g_ cabbage 6 h_r_s herbs 7s__d_n_s 8t_m_t_e_ 9c___k_n 10 m _ _ k sardines tomatoes chicken milk . This film is too long and I don’t understand it.U. Cross out the odd one. bride. Eleanor really likes Johnny Depp! She was excited when she saw him in the café. energetic. 7. afraid 3. tired. hill 14. present. bored 16. fish. 4. decide. graduation 12. clothes.bill. museum 13. u) to complete the items found in a house. mug. 5. music. 2. wedding. surprising. strange. d _ s k fr_dg_ fridge 8.sheep. temple. I’m really worried .mountain. three times 6. chef. Example: safe dangerous 1 empty full 6 2 fair unfair 7 3 cheap expensive 8 4 dirty clean 9 5 always never 10 6 eat drink watch cook 7 bedroom garden dining room kitchen 8 coffee lunch dinner breakfast 9 Christmas Easter January New Year 10 nurse journalist pilot brother fast tall start turn on wake up slow short stop turn of sleep Z.nervous. spring. 5. 3. V. I’m bored . whale. menu. 1. angry. song 4. order 9 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision Y. normal. My exam is tomorrow. Where is he? Fiona’s happy today because she won some money. c _ f f _ _ t _ b l _ c_pb__rd cupboard 7. twice.sheep. single. horse 11. weird 5. winter 15. temple. ham 19. married. Underline the odd word out. awful 7. remarkable.

I ____ home. plate. B. _____. B. A start B do C watch 18) I get up early _____ day. Get up. please? A on B in C by 1 0 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision A up B at C on 16) When the class finished. 11) It’s a good restaurant and it isn’t _____ expensive. _____. name 4. tube.pan. lift. second. ticket.stir. chocolate cake 21. A read B take C go 22) I can’t find my glasses. cola 2. shop. arrive. Make. fork. lunch. bowl. winter. A every B all C once 19) They go on holiday three _____ a year. spice AA.bag. thanks. guests. Family. squeeze. Return. A week B day C date . A do B take C have 14) _____ your homework before you go to bed. foreigners 3) clean A dirty 4) beautiful A cheap 5) tall A wet B old B tall B short C high C ugly C empty Choose the next word A. fry. or C to complete the sentences. A times B time C day 20) AWhat’s the _____ today? B It’s the second of April. A hungry B thirsty C tired 13) I never _____ breakfast in the morning. get. A May B August C October 8) first. A fourth B seventh C ninth 10) autumn. A made B went C did 17) My parents never _____ TV. home. Please help me to look _____ them. drop 22. ice cream. bar 3. station. reception.Apple pie. _____. heat 24. Please turn _____ the lights. A. A March B June C April 7) June. 1) difficult A easy B expensive C slow 2) expensive A new B cheap C white 23. tin 25. A off B at C on 24) Can I try _____ these jeans. Souvenir. or C. or C to complete the sentences. A for B with C on 23) It’s very dark in here. 21) Don’t forget to _____ your umbrella when you go to London.20. souvenir. A Have B Make C Do 15) He always wakes _____ two or three times at night. colleagues. February. July. sixth. A summer B Christmas C spring Choose A. B. 6) January. leave. A not B very C much 12) A: Do you want a sandwich? B:No. A fourth B fifth C third Choose A. boil. Circle the correct one to make word partner ship 1.arrive. friends. B.drop.relatives. _____. a cake. or C. _____. 9) fifth. come 26. late 5. homework VOCABULARY TEST Choose the opposite adjective. arabashi soup. I’m not _____.

A lyrics B word C guitar 34) think A thought 35) read A red B thinked B readed C thoughted C read 38) _____ out on a Friday night A have B see C go 39) _____ an email A get B make C do 40) _____ breakfast A can B come C have Choose A. Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision 1 1 .25) A_____ don’t you like the book? B Because it’s boring. A group B band C orchestra 30) I like this group’s music but I can’t understand their _____. A afternoon yesterday B the last afternoon C yesterday afternoon 44) We went out on _____. Richard Gere falls in love _____ Julia Roberts. 31) leave A leave B leaved C left 32) say A said B sayed C saide 33) sleep A sleppt B slept C sleeped Choose A. A last night B the last night C tomorrow night 42) I started learning English _____. 41) We didn’t go out _____. A What B Why C When 26) In Pretty Woman. B. B. A the night B night of Friday C Friday night 45) My sister got married _____. B. or C to complete the sentences. A ago three years B three years ago C three years before 43) She didn’t come to class _____. A with B by C on 27) Can you play _____ piano? A in B a C the Choose the past simple form of the verbs. or C to complete the expressions. 36) _____ dressed A make B get C go 37) _____ a drink A have B use C come 28) My father’s favourite _____ is Imagine by John Lennon. 46) _____ TV A look B watch C make 47) _____ to the radio A listen B hear C do 48) _____ the guitar A do B play C make 49) _____ fast food A eat B take C use 50) _____ the newspaper A read B see C ride 51) My mother’s son is my _____. or C to complete the expressions. He plays in an _____. A the last year B last year C year last Choose A. A song B band C lyrics 29) He’s a violinist.

A niece B cousin C sister 1 2 Speakout Elementary Unit 1-6 Revision . I’m _____. A at B on C with 61) My aunt’s daughter is my _____. A teacher B journalist C pilot 59) He’s a _____. A uncle B cousin C aunt 56) Do you work _____ an office? A in B on C by 57) I don’t have a job. She’s _____ school. She works for The Times newspaper. A son B boyfriend C husband 53) My mother’s father is my _____. A waiter B lawyer C footballer 60) My niece is 13. A politician B retired C nurse 58) She’s a _____. A grandfather B cousin C uncle 54) My sister’s son is my _____. A niece B nephew C cousin 55) My father’s brother is my _____. Her _____ is a lawyer. He plays for Manchester United.A brother B nephew C uncle 52) My sister got married last year.

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