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Politically(adj),political(substantiv)= politic;

politics = Politica;
politicians = politicieni.

attraction = atractie;
attractively = simpatic;
attractive = atractiv;
attract = a atrage.

1.Make sentences using the words below:

phone =telefon;
My phone rings very loud.

suddenly = deodata;
embarrassing = jenant;
neighbors = vecini;
laugh = a rade;
whatever = orice;
glass = sticla;
break = a sparge;
shame = rusine;
country = tara;
heart = inima;

2.Select the best word to complete the sentence.

a) Al Gore has a lot of __________ experience.
b) George W. Bush and Al Gore are both __________ .
c) He is not __________ active. He prefers a low profile.
d) I don't follow ________ . Who is running for president?

politically political politics politicians

e) What is your __________ to him?

f) That is a very __________ dress.
g) Did you know that honey will __________ bears?
h) That house is __________ decorated for Christmas.

attractive attractively attraction attract

3.Select the best preposition to complete the sentence:

a) This jacket was made _____ hand _____ Paris.

b) They saw the job advertisement _____ the newspaper_____ Saturday.
c) I got _____ the bus _____ 8:45pm.
d) Russia is the largest country _____ the world.
e) Does she live _____ Maple Street or _____ 525 Pine Avenue?
f) The new Italian restaurant is _____ that old movie cinema.
g) He usually pays for dinner _____ his company credit card.
h) I am traveling _____ Hungary _____ April.

Some prepositions will be used more than once:

on, by, on, in, with, at, to

4.Use a form of Say or Tell to complete the following sentences.

a) The young woman _____ me that she was feeling sick.
b) The police officer _____ that he was giving me a ticket.
c) Johan _____ where the movie was playing.
d) The surgeon _____ the patient that he had to alter his diet.
e) The sun _____ us if it is night or day.
f) The pirate _____ where the hidden treasure was.
g) The boy _____ his mother that he had been stung by a bee.
h) Ali _____ that he was going away for the weekend.

the surgeon =chirurg;

the tresure =comoara;
sting(stung-vb tranzitiv) =a intepa;
the bee =albina;

Say is followed by a noun clause. Immediately after say you should use a noun clause (noun clauses
usually begin with: that, which, whether, what, where, etc.)

Example: She said that her friend was from China.

My brother said where he wanted to go.
They said what movie they wanted to see.

Tell is followed by a noun or pronoun object and then by a noun clause. You will always use a noun or
pronoun object (me, us, him, her, etc.) after tell.

Example: She told me that her friend was from China.

My brother told him where he wanted to go.
They told us what movie they wanted to see.
Susan told Crina that she was sick.

5.Complete the following sentences using a correct coordinating conjunction.

a) Did you go see a horror _____ an action movie?
b) I wanted to talk to her _____ she wasn't home. I'll call again later.
c) He is able to repair wiring _____ plumbing.
d) I have diabetes, _____ I can't eat too much sugar.
e) Does she enjoy listening to jazz _____ classical music?
f) Ali wanted to go shopping _____ he lost his wallet.
g) Bodhan likes skiing _____ scuba diving.
h) It is snowing very hard, _____ I'm not going to work today.

Use one of the following words:

but and or so

wiring =cabluri;
thw wallet =portofel;

6. Complete the following sentences :

a) I like _____ candy _____ chocolate. I hate sweet food!
b) Robert _____ drinks tea _____ coffee.
c) They enjoy _____ traveling _____ spending money.
d) I would like _____ a sweater _____ a wallet for Christmas. Just one thing.
e) _____ cats _____ dogs can speak.
f) _____ rock music _____ folk music sound good.
g) _____ Christians _____ other people celebrate Christmas.
h) We should go to _____ Brazil _____ Mexico for our vacation.

Complete these sentences with:

Both...and Not only...but also Either...or Neither...nor

a sweater = pulover;

7.Complete the following sentences using Few, A Few, Little or A Little.

a) She has ______ money in the bank. She is very poor.
b) There are ______ countries in the world smaller than Andorra.
c) I'm hungry. Could I have ______ chocolate?
d) She bought ______ books at the bookstore.
e) This coffee is bitter. It needs ______ sugar.
f) Are you finished the test? No, I need ______ more minutes.
g) I'm going to the library. I need ______ information for my report.
h) I traveled to Brazil ______ months ago.

bookstore = librarie;
bitter = amar;

The use of few and little can be confusing to those studying English. Look at the following guides for
using these words.

The phrases a few and a little have a positive meaning. They talk about something that you have or
something that exists.

She has a few friends in her new class. (Positive: She has some friends.)
George drank a little water because he was thirsty. (Positive: Some water)

The words few and little have a negative meaning. They talk about something that you don't have or
something very small, almost nonexistent.

She is not popular. She has few friends in her new class.
(Negative: She does not have many friends; almost no friends)

George drank little water and now he feels sick.

(Negative: George drank almost no water; very little water.)

You can use Very to make the negative idea stronger or the amount seem smaller.

They are very poor. They have very little money.

(Negative: They practically have no money; almost nothing.)

Important: Few and a few are used with plural countable nouns.
Little and a little are used with uncountable nouns.

8. If you could go back to some time and place in the past, when and where would you go? Why?
Use specific reasons and details to support your choice in minimum 50 words

9. Speak about the importance of friendship in one’s life. You may give yourself as an
minimum 50 words.

10. Speak about a person or personality you admire most. Give reasons for your choice.

11. Speak about the negative aspects of using the Internet. Give arguments and examples to support your

12. Speak about a day in your life when something happened and changed your life.

13. Speak about the advantages of being a famous person. Give arguments and examples to sustain your

14. Describe your best friend (physical appearance, moral qualities - supported by examples -

hobbies/interests) and say why he/she is special to you.

2.answer: 3.answer:
a) by, in
a) political b) in, on
b) politicians c) on, at
c) politically d) in
d) politics e) on, at
e) attraction f) by
f) attractive g) with
g) attract h) to, in
h) attractively

a) told
b) said
c) said
d) told
e) tells
f) said
g) told
h) said

a) or
b) but
c) and
d) so
e) or
f) but
g) and
h) so

a) neither...nor
b) not only...but also
c) both...and
d) either...or
e) Neither...nor
f) Not only...but also/Both...and
g) Not only...but also/Both...and
h) either...or

a) little
b) few
c) a little
d) a few
e) a little
f) a few
g) a little
h) a few
The happiest day in my life will be the day after the end of the last graduation exam. I hope
that all my friends and colleagues will graduate. We want to have a great party to celebrate
the event and to plan our future summer holiday in details. We will make new plans for
university and relax a little after twelve years of school non-stop.

Having a pet is great but there are a lot of responsibilities too. I have a Burmese cat called
Micheline and all the members of my family look after it. We offer her cat food, we take it
to the vet regularly and we play with it. It is a very loved cat and we like to keep it clean,
healthy and happy. We offer it our love and it offers us a lot of love too.

Today the INTERNET is an important part of our life. The positive aspects of the Internet
are : searching for information, playing games, listening to music, watching films, keeping
in touch with friends or making new friends, writing projects for school, designing projects,
making folders for a photo gallery and so on. A great positive example of using the Internet
is the fact that I could find all the information I needed for the graduation exam and that
helped me to prepare better.

I agree that music is very important in everybody’s life. All the people listen to it and there
is a special song or type of music for everyone and for all occasions. Music makes life more
enjoyable and it is very relaxing, too. I love pop music and my favourite musician at the
moment is NELLY FURTADO.

I would like to visit the United States of America one day. I would like to see the Statue of
Liberty, the skyscrapers in New York, to visit the Grand Canyon on horseback, to go to
Washington to see the White House, to have fun and relax in Florida and to make new
friends or to go to Texas and visit Dallas. I would like to eat a real hotdog and go to a
Superbowl match and I would like to see the daily life of the Americans.

My room is medium large and everything in it has my favourite colors: cream and brown.
There is a brown corner desk near the window with a computer and a TV on it. There is a
chair near the desk and one person bed. There are some shelves and a lot of books and CD-s
too. The carpet is soft and it has a modern design. The walls are painted in cream and the
curtains are cream too. I like to tidy up my room every week too.

Julia Roberts is a famous, talented American actress whom I admire very much. She is a
very beautiful woman and she worked hard to become a successful actress. She studied
theatre in New York and worked at the same time. She comes form a modest family and she
has one brother and one sister who work in the film industry too. She became famous acting
in “PRETTY WOMAN” and “THE PELICAN BAY”. She won an Oscar for the film “
ERIN BRONCKOVICH”. She is a model mother for her two children and she is married
with a cameraman.

I do not think that children should have the same jobs as their parents except if they want to.
Today there are a lot more possibilities when you take a job and you can change it at any
time. For example my parents are working in the oil and gas field and I am interested in
archeology. Parents can offer guidance but we must take the final decision.

Computer or the mobile phone? This is a good question because nobody today can live
without them. In my case I would choose the computer because it is easy to use even it is not
easy to handle. I am very good at computers too. Computers soft can stay on the market
longer than the mobiles so I can have time to use them for a while without any problems.
Mobiles are small but easy to lose and must be charged from time to time or there are areas
where we do not have signal.

Today smoking is a real threat to our life. More and more people smoke putting in danger
their own life and the life of the people they live with. Even people who do not smoke can
get cancer because of the passive smoking. Smokers live a shorter life and they can get
cancer or heart attacks easier. The company of smoking friends can turn a non-smoker into
an addicted smoker, too. It is great that smoking is more and more restricted in public areas.

A person I consider a role model for me is my father. He is my best friend since I was a
child and he is always there when I need him. He is a loving husband for my mother, a
caring son for his parents, a great friend and colleague for his friends and co-workers and a
great father for me. He always helps people and offers good advice and I consider him a
good role model for my future adult life.

My favorite season is SUMMER. It is the season of our great holiday. The weather is fine
and sunny and I can spend more time outside than usual. I can go swimming in the sea or in
the lakes, I can travel more than in the rest of the year or I can do a lot of sport activities.
Summer is also the season for my parents’ holiday and we can spend more time together,

Drug-addiction can be a threat today because more and more people are badly influenced by
their companions to take drugs. Films are also a bad source of presenting this addiction to
young people. There are a lot of examples of musicians, sport men or actors who died
because of the overdoses or simply destroyed their life using drugs. Drugs kill every day or
cause mental disturbances or illegal or criminal acts. There should be more strict laws
against drugs.

I think it is better to watch the film than read the book because we do not have time for
reading as living in the century of speed. More than that I think that films are more attractive
than books and a famous film made after a book can be a good way of convincing people to
read the book after seeing the film.

Television definitely influences everybody’s life. It keeps me informed and connected with
the entire world, it is a nice way to relax after a long day. The disadvantages are the fact that
more and more people stay in front of it too many hours and they can also watch bad or
violent programs that can influence their life.

A life experience that taught me a positive lesson was my driving course. It was something
that taught me to respect more traffic regulations and the other participants in traffic because
those rules could make the difference between life and death. It taught me new
responsibilities and offered me the possibility to use the car and to drive safely.

My favorite free time activity is meeting my friends. When we meet we talk about hobbies,
school, we have fun, we go out and we listen to music or go on trips. I think at this age we
feel better together with people at the same age because we have a lot of things in common
and we communicate very easy.

Keeping fit is one of major problems of our society. People do not have time for healthy
food and there are many fat people. I keep myself fit by going to the gym once a week,
eating healthy food, I do not smoke or drink and I spend my free time not in front of the
computer but outside with my friends.

The disadvantages of being a famous person are: he or she has no private life because
everybody is trying to find out more about that so the journalists are always looking for new
good or bad things about them, he or she can have more enemies than friends in the
professional area, they do not have time for their friends. The tragic case of Lady Diana is an
example of how fame can be a disadvantage or even a tragic one.

The advantages of being a famous person are fame and fortune and a happy life. For
example BILL GATES – is one of the most famous men in the world making a fortune in
the computer area. He is one of the richest men on this planet too. He lives a happy life and
he can have anything he wants: a happy family and all the things money can buy and he is
an important and respected member of society too