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7mm Remington Magnum

I initially did not include the 7mm Rem Mag in my ammo section because it really does not serve in the sniping community very often. But I have recieved so many questions concerning the 7mm for sniping applications that I decided to go ahead and add it. Like I said, the 7mm has not gained ide acceptance as a sniping round, and the primary reason is because anything the 7mm can do, the .!"" #in Mag does better. $he 7mm doesn%t kick as much but it shoots lighter bullets then the .!"", hich allo s for quicker bleed off of energy, and greater suseptability to ind drift at longer ranges. #ith the right ammo, the "& '"" meter ballistics are ()R* impressive. $he 7mm is easily capable of +""" meter shooting, but it falls short of the .!"", hile steadily outpacing the .!", -#hich really shouldn%t surprise anyone.. Recommendation:$he 7mm is recommended for military applications out to +""" meters. But keep in mind, she sure kicks a bunch more then the .!",, so be careful your team-s. doesn%t develope a flinch. Because the 7mm shoots the lighter bullets at higher velocities, it is better suited to the la enforcment arena then the .!"". But there is still a lot of po er there, and you%ll /))0 to atch the over penetration issue. Military Applications Note: $he 1ederal 2remium +'3gr 4ame5ing as choosen for my military application round because it offers really nice do nrange ballistics. It as the best available considering no Match ammo is readily available. 1ederal 2remium 7mm Remington Magnum +'3gr 6ierra 4ame 5ing 62B$ at 783"fps Bullet 0rop -Inches.
+""y 87m 7""y +,!m !""y 773m 9""y !''m 3""y 93,m






)nergy -Mu;;le & !+8"1t.&Lbs.






#ind 0rift -Inches. +"mph <ross ind

. rapid e=pansion.73 797" 7+3" #ind 0rift -Inches.". minimal penetration.le ? !77" 1t.&Lbs." 9.' .' &8.8 )nergy -Mu.3 Law Enforcement Applications Note: I have chosen another ballitic tip round. 1ederal 2remium 7mm Rem Mag & +3" /osler Ballistictip at !++"fps Bullet 0rop -Inches.. 7..! 3.!m !""y 773m >ero &7.9 +!.3 7. +"mph <ross ind ". +""y 87m 7""y +.9 .3 7.

but they%re situation is rare. Military Applications Note: $he 1ederal Match .!"" gets my highest recommendation for military use.+ :+'.""y 7!7m 8""y . itCs a great round and serves admirably. If you could find a suitable round that limits over& penetration. they don%t have to be too concerned ith hostages.. $he . . the ." &++7.!"" as chosen for my military round.8 :73.' )nergy -Mu. the +8"gr 6ierra Match 5ing has a really nice Ballistic <oefficient. and the . Bne big criticism of the . $he . hich limits its role in La )nforcement. making long sessions at the range a very grueling situation.!m !""y 773m 9""y !''m 3""y 93.!"".!"" is a good caliber to do that.. But ith proper training. $hey Aust need to insure that the possible assassin is stopped. $o be honest.79m +"""y 8+3m :+7. reaching +7""meters on a nice calm day ithout much effort.&Lbs. you can easily develop a flinch in your shooting cycle. Recommendation: $he . it offers a lot of po er and penetration. you can overcome this problem. +""y 87m 7""y +. offering good armor penetration ith the change of ammo.!"" is very capable of e=tending out past +""" meters reliably.!"" is also a great round for going through media in order to hit the target. but not my recommendation for La )nforcement use. I am a are that the 6ecret 6ervice uses the . it really does punish the shooter.le & !33"1t.. this could be very bad. and a gradual migration into the .!"" #inchester Magnum +8"gr 6ierra Match 5ing at 78""fps Bullet 0rop -Inches.!"" could be a very fle=ible caliber.9 >ero &73.!"" is the amount of recoil that the round produces. &'!.!"". 1ederal 4old Medal Match .300 Winchester Magnum $he !"" is an outstanding sniping round for military applications@ But as you might imagine.7 &+73.m '""y 398m 7""y '9+m . If you are not careful.3 :7'.8 :77.

!+!3 77'" 797" 7++3 +.' #in >ero &!.7" #ind 0rift -Inches. -4ood marksmanship can make up for a lot of ammo deficiencies.7 9'.. I am skeptical about the penetration potential of both rounds." /osler Ballistic 6ilvertip at 783"fps Bullet 0rop -Inches..9 &8.! )nergy -Mu.3 +"+3 . 2M< 787" 798.3 +"." Law Enforcement Applications Note: I have chosen t o rounds that could be possible candidates for La )nforcement. #in & !97. 2lease insure proper tests are e=ecuted to investigate the penetration of these rounds.' '+..&Lbs.le ? 2M< & !3+7 1t.' 7. . • • 2M< D 2M< 6ilver Line . +"mph <ross ind ".!"" #in Mag & +3"gr 6ierra 4ame 5ing 62B$ at !73"fps #in D #inchester 6upreme . +""y 87m 7""y +.+ 7.9" +383 +!73 ++.!"" #in Mag & +." &++. al ays be sure you have a good backstop behind the target if the shot must be made.7 !9.9 3.9 79.!m !""y 773m 2M< >ero &7. and of course. #in !"39 7'7! 7!!+ #ind 0rift information is not available for these rounds... 7".+ +'..

Realistically.8.!!. but it is becomming more available as time passes.60x70mm (. match ammo is sometimes difficult to find. but it does bear the distinction as being the first and only caliber designed specifically for sniping. and in the right shooting conditions. and others producing .338 Lapua) $he . FI. #hile this round as actually developed back in +8. or for barricaded suspects. Fnother concern is the recoil of this caliber.. #e all kno the legal liability of using hand loads. $his caliber is not recommended for La )nforcement. $his caliber is designed primarily as a military e=treme range anti&personnel round.. unless you need a super penetrating round for either armored vehicles. there really is no La )nforcement applications. it asn%t until the last fe years that it has gained in popularity. $he effective range of this caliber is about + mile -+'""meters.3"BM4 falls short -0o to accuracy problems ith current ammo. sniping rifles. it could come very close to the 7""" meter mark.!!.!.le brake. Fmmo is another problem. Recommendations: 1or military e=treme long&range anti&personnel purposes. its brisk. provided you have the right rifleEammoEopticsEshooterEspotter combination.!!. +7"" meters is ell ithin the average sniper. )ven the . 6o don%t try a rifle ithout one. $here is not a lot of rifles chambered for the .!!. $he caliber as designed to arrive at +""" meters ith enough energy to penetrate 3 layers of military body armor and still make the kill. even ith a good mu. is fairly ne to the sniper community. Military Applications . the . Lapua is king. Be sure to practice the fundamentals of shooting to try and prevent a flinch from developing. so that is out of the question.. but the list is gro ing ith the likes of 6ako.

9.79m +"""y 8+3m ".I have chosen the Lapua factory load ith a 73"gr 1MG&B$ at !"""fps -#o @. +""y 8+m 7""y +.&Lbs.. or grant me permission to use them@ !""gr bullet travelling at 7.7 (elocity 7. 33.!m !""y 773m 9""y !''m 3""y 93. and I hope they are not copyrighted@ If so." :7+.8 >ero &7+.!m !""y 773m 9""y !''m 3""y 93.33 77+3 7378 799..m '""y 398m 7""y '9+m . +""y 8+m 7""y +.""y 7!7m 8""y . someone let me kno .""fps..7 7. .' &+!7.' 9!..9 +." )nergy H (elocity -Mu. !"""fps.""y 7!7m 8""y .8 73.' $he follo ing three images ere taken from the 0akota Frms homepage.8' +'. +"mph <ross ind +""y 8+m 7""y +. .79m +"""y 8+3m :++.' 7'7' 7!87 7+!! +. at !"""fps Bullet 0rop -Inches.!m !""y 773m 9""y !''m 3""y 93.' +7..m '""y 398m 7""y '9+m .+ &3". 9.9 :7!.+ +7.. $his load has some a some do n range ballistics.""y 7!7m 8""y . +79+ #ind 0rift -Inches.79m +"""y 8+3m )nergy 9373 9"8+ !'87 !!73 78. Lapua 73"gr 1MG&B$ -LockBase." !!.! :+!.le ? 988' 1t.m '""y 398m 7""y '9+m .+ :+8.! &.. 7!7" 7+8' 7"7' +8'" +.!!.