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Cairo University Faculty of Engineering Depaft ment of Electronics

Electronics(1)- ELC101(B)

and Cornmuaicat;ons Engine€r;ng 6izo Campus

Time allowed : 75 Minutes Number of Pages: 5

Question 1( 7 Point ).
Put a circle around the letter corresponding to

the best answer for each of the following. Each

MCQ is of 0.5 point grade.
For the circuit in Fig.1: Vtn=1V, pn*cox=20pA lV2,L= 1um for all transistors, W1=W2=10um,and W3=W4 = 40um, neglect channel length effect ( l,=0)


{s-r--o Q, s^t




c) 0.225 mA. d) None ofthe above.



2. V2=.....................
b) c) 1V.
d) None ofthe above.





o)25 aQrh^,= oAto/,),

- u'


o,,J n a


lf width of transistors Q3 and Q4 increases by the same value, then 12will increecp and and\/?*rill a) 12 will increase, V2 will lnrraeco lncrease.


Tn,, * *Y4= - t'l'JhA

will decrease, andV2 will decrease_ , @Zwill increase, and V2 will not change K d) None ofthe above. Note: This change in width of e3 doesn't affect its region of operation.




o,3 =

tvlrar U3 incft^ror K{i" bclrre-n wdth oD e3 tl^.& uilfl, ope, Uitl lncy.*S





/t'l 1o

aS5nme ur= [r ttr= €o t|n

\ '^A&' Colc'ttl"l<


3 uitl .---.od Ai=4 ci Ao= --tn.' + vin S. The bulk terminal of Q2 . =- :.a( efi*4.. should be connected to S a) Source of b) Supply = 5Y.. { tKtry. _\ :--/ $n. then the absolute value of voltase eain will +r= ffi + T.Ai =rc Rin=0. Ml : Fig.'h>Kp . Kn >Kp. .rSe- \A'\- lf DC current source was added to previous circuit as shown in Fig..L1 b) < 1 always c) =1 d)can'tbe h P' ' determined q^il ffi.. = -{ :kar.....fe=$il --1 Hr= t[:ansamt-"rfr" "ffi aitt Tz 1Ao. then #r \ of voltage gain will .tbedetermined Tr = :rz-t...'l For the circuit in Fig. *\hq+ I rcllac. s*rr e9u*t =) b:.. h e-t .-l*.J.r -H p_ P.. fourth terminal of transistor which represents the body transistor.2 =+_.a^Cl'r^ l..ll -f. Ai= 0 c)Rin=x. neglect channel length effect t thwutt' Pn f. = . operates in saturation region... ttr unT. sq [yra/" &_' _> A k-/-''z For the circuit in Fig. . €Sr Yt4 G. 1--* Yrf -+_fzf arI vi"*{ {r."' Ac 4oJe1 Rc A.i m_mf . -. uilt bc X[^+..=0) 5..-4-- + €. oo a) Rin = 0. Ai= 0 b) Rin = -.@b)increasec)decreased)can'tbedetermined bC GnPoncn"l ixcl'6. b.1lift drr..tq Yoo lf DC component of Vin increases. absolute value of voltage gain fal.sqlv^/. TtJt- q ..Ai Q=o Rin = u/i...15*-..\ 4.. thcn lA... Q2.tACW'Sc ts a)notchange@c)decreased)can.l t.3.2:assume Ml.

5.:. rhe circujt in Fig.r.. 7 = voa4- Fig. ForthecircuitinFig.-f_/e]*.'.'.i => Az o fu -4 static power consumption in this inverter = a)Vdd*tDP E b) Vdd2 /( Ronp+Ronn) t La5* LeCure d) None ofthe above r--J I - L_- I 12."€.. For the circuit in Fig." d)vdd.\lctot * vrt). .. b)0 Vout @raa-vtn d) lvtpl (\os L . For the circuit in Fig. vlD-l Vt\)r.4 v$)nz-_GVe) 11.J. _+ Vt:1r.4. I Flvdd b) Vdd-Vtn = c) d) None ofthe above lVtpl Jcf ('{ t la'r (^l heCK ^teXt : I iJutl 3/s . c *tp _o v6'''' " VnI ltt+ *l *=-p r)ry2-+rVsJ-\VtA.i17g*:} '.efY:}. a) o Vix =6 9[:J. c * Vor * = vorr{ fluj+ br FaS... . lf Vin 0 then Vout = = .tr..9.Ronp and Ronn is the equivalent PMOS and NMOS respectively in triode region r*... rrVin=vaa.:ll= a) Vdd t ulo 1 Vin. i0.jju-.#.l_1.5 represent cMos CMOS inverter. lf Vin 0 then Vout = .l3*&{ res.i*i .

6 vil Mn Mp I Vm off Ohmic X1 x2 X3 X5 X6 Ohmic x4 off Fig. The CMOS transmission gate consists of a) only PMOS transistor.e'.4 has a voltage transfer characteristic { relation between input and output waveform ) as shown in Fig. 5 The missing regions are x2 Sat Lc' X3 il . The inverter in Fig. Q90th of d) BJT PMOS and NMOS transistors.13. 4/s . b) only NMOS transistor.' i rt {c X5 X1 (a) x4 Sat Sat X6 Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat triode Sat triode triode triode (ID (c) triode triode off Sat Sat Sat triode Sat (d) off off 14. transistor.

..neglect e?1r.(r. ": giiqq' *.aae@ vr.*ffif. i @d*a.r. \. s.t) /'o $e{ 4.. + i L.andM2operateinsaturationregion.J }rcl o. W R'*R.{ bo** i Fis.7.= TX= t n. R.5. Vgb J R .. R ou'4.assUmeM1.= w *n5*.n"circuitinFig.{ :) ( o.5.7 r\ Mr-. bnh{ Rr 0. )uX .l n'*R.