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ABSTRACT The research has been done with the title Margin and Marketing Efficiency Analysis of seaweed

in the village of Mandalle, Mandalle region, in Pangkep to know marketing channels, number of margins and profits, as well as marketing efficiency from marketing agencies. Data were collected throught observation and interview with seaweed farmers. The population consist of coastal seaweed farmers, seaweed collectors, exporters and seaweed industry in South Sulawesi. Selection of the sample (respondents) was conducted by determining the sample farmers (simple random sampling). A purposive sample of traders were determined by selecting a channel merchant of Mandalle village seaweed. The results showed that the pattern of distribution of seaweed in Mandalle region were a) from farmers to traders, wholesalers and then to the exporter. b) from farmers to traders, and then to the exporter. Margins on channel I the same as channel II with the margins and profits earned on channel I was smaller than channel II; short channel (channel II) was more efficient than a long channel (channel I). Keywords: Margin, Efficiency, Seaweed.

cosmetic industry . While South Sulawesi seaweed production has reached 670 740 tonnes of wet or dry equivalent to 63 074 tonnes ( 36. The marine resources have comparative advantage because it is available in large quantity and variety and can be used with a variety of exploration costs low so that able to create a ompetitive bidding capacities . On the other hand needs market is growing because of increased global emand trends increased .INTRODUCTION Marine resources plays an important role in supporting the development of regional and national economy to increase foreign exchange earnings . cultivation and post-harvest technology is easy to implement and does not require a large capital ( Ujung Pandang Express . 2007) . 2008 ) .9 million tons in 2009 . based on the report Department of Fisheries and Marine South Sulawesi (2008 ) seaweed production national reach 1. Attempts to increase seaweed production is possible can be achieved .475 tons in 2007 wet or equivalent 172. And land with potential for seaweed cultivation area of 26.700 Ha ( Nur . until now only used measuring 222 180 hectares or about 20 % ( Anggadiredja . such as West Nusa Tenggara . South Sulawesi is the largest contributor to the provincial production national seaweed . especially in the village of Mandalle . East Nusa Timur. South Sulawesi saving potential of marine resources . matadagangan worth The high economic development intensified with capable targets produce 1. prospects grass sea is very bright due to the need for the world market will reach seaweed 300 thousand tons per year ( Tribune east . so the seaweed production also increased . textile industry . Cultivation of seaweed growing in the Village Mandalle .000 Km 2 .920 tons with a value of 29. 2007) . 2007) .728. Sumatra . Edition : October 29 2008 ) . The potential for seaweed farming activities has been used by farmers . Marikultuer one commodity that is being developed and is one of the coastal economic development programs South Sulawesi is currently seaweed . Edition : July 17. so that research needs to be done to obtain sufficient data and information to determine the margin .biological promising to be managed . has been developed by the farming community in the area .8 economics billion (Central Bureau of Statistics . problem Formulation . the field employment . one of the development activities economy is the government that is being promoted aquaculture development seaweed . An increasing number of It encourages the production of which involves the implementation of marketing activities several marketing agencies . In coastal development . This potential is not only be local but also national asset if managed and utilized wisely . which is 250 thousand hectares . leather industry . In 2006 Pangkep able produce seaweed production of 19. Sulawesi . both biological and non. and income residents .5 % ) . industrial pharmaceutical .1109 million hectares of seaweed . Java and other areas. The increase in production is achieved due to large tracts of land for seaweed development in this area . clappers and marketing efficiency levels obtained at each institution . Indonesia has potential for development an area of 1. Therefore . District Mandalle . Seaweed is one of the non-oil commodity fishery which has good prospects because of easily cultivated and has a very broad usefulness is for groceries . which lead to uncertainty earned income of farmers and marketing agencies are involved . Sea area reached 17. Conditions darting through fluctuating prices . because South Sulawesi is considered to have the potential of coastal fishery resources large enough . grass Sea as one of the world's commodities trading .5 dry ton . Indonesia became one of the main producers of seaweed and capable meet about 60-70 % of the world market . medicine and others.847. Pangkep is one of the districts in Sulawesi Potential for the development of the southern seaweed .