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Learning From Practitioner-Session

Enterprise (E) is a business organization. Resource (R) in an enterprise comprise of: - Men, Material, Methods, Machinery and Money. Planning (P) means effective allocation and utilization of resources.  Is an extended method to integrate marketing, finance, manufacturing and human resource in single information system.  Standardized record keeping permits information sharing throughout the organization. Sales and Distribution structure consist of: Company Code  Sales organization (VKOR / VKORG) :- Required for legal obligations. Required for goods and services sold.  Distribution Channel (VTWEG) :- Consist of means through which sales material reaches customers.  Division (SPART) :- Group of products. For example API/FDF.  Sales Area :- Combination of sales organization, distribution channel and division. It is basic necessity of an organization.

Master Data: - Pool of data which is accessible by all the divisions or everyone throughout the organization. Kinds of Data:  General Data  Company Code Data  Sales Area Data - KNBI - KNAI - KNVV

Resources with Departments:       Manpower - Human Resource (HR), Environment Health Friendly (EHF), Training. Money - Finance, Accounts, Costing. Material - Warehouse, Transport, Material Management, Purchasing. Machinery - Production, Maintenance, Quality Control. Marketing - Sales, Distribution, Marketing Methods - Administration, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Research and development (R&D), Customer relationship management (CRM).

Application Outsourcing or Support for day to day transactions. Design Build Deploy Testing GO-LIVE Post Sale Support System Landscape:  Development Server  Quality Server  Production Server NOTES: . ORION for Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Financials. 8.When company try to tune SAP across all the divisions across the world after successful installation in one division.Day to day basis activities and key issues are documented. 7.*Processes which are not mapped in BPM are mapped by FIT-GAP. BPM* – Business Process Mapping done for activities documented. 2. . Process followed in System Integration (SI): 1. NAVIGEN for Financial specialization. No major competitor Acquires around 63% of Market Share. BAAN for Supply Chain Management (SCM).  AO .System Integration of Implementation Projects.Other kind of ERP solutions available:      SAP:     Software solution for business process management. Oracle for Financials specialization.  Maintenance – It is a kind of change management. 41 years old. 24450 customers & 84000 installations till date. 3.  Roll outs . ASSI . PEOPLE-SOFT for Human Resource (HR) and Payrolls. 5. 6. 4. Kinds of SAP Projects:  SI .