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Piano Curriculum


2 and Adult Bk. 1 Python from Cool Pets The Hiccup Song Joyful Bells 2 . 1A) Music for Little Mozarts (1) Piano for the Young Beginner (Primer A. M. Studies Bastien Burnam Czerny/Schaum Schaum Bastien Piano Basics Technic (Primer) A Dozen a Day (Mini. 2) Keyboard Town Piano School (Vol. Preparatory) Book 1 Fingerpower (Primer) Methods Alfred Bastien All-in-One Basic Course (1. 2) Glover Leonard Robyn Suzuki Thompson Collections Harris Celebration Series (Introductory Album) (Frederick Harris) Contemporary Greenleaf Hartsell Mier Linn Maple Leaves in the Wind from My World in Motion Bk. one octave in quarter notes. 1) Easiest Piano Course (Part 1.Level I Technique Demonstration of 1 or 2 scales.1) Basic Piano Library (Preparatory. hands separately.M=72-96. B) Bastien Piano Basics Piano Bastien Piano Basics Performance Piano Student (Primer) Piano Lessons (1.

1) Easiest Piano Course (Parts 3 & 4) Contemporary Bartok Garcia Gerou Massoud Mier Tingley Mikrokosmos (Vol. one octave in quarter notes. 2) Piano Basic Piano (1) Piano Lessons (2.=96-120. op. hands separately. Adult 1) Basic Piano Library (1B. 1) (Boosey & Hawkes) The Guest or The Lone Piano Blues from Piano Talk ALF The Furless Sphinx or Oh.M. 2) (Summy-Birchard) Celebration Series (Piano Repertoire Album 1) Marterwork Classics (Level 1&2) (Alfred) Easy Piano Classics 3 . Studies Alfred Burnam Czerny Czerny/Schaum Schaum Junior Hanon (The Virtuoso Pianist) A Dozen a Day (1) The Little Pianist. What an Alley Cat from Kitten Kaboodle! ALF Moonlit Shores FJH Farewell Blues or Espana from Musical Snapshots ALF Flamenco or Rockin’ Blues from Rhythm n’ Style Bk. 1 Presser Book 1 Fingerpower (1.Level I Continued Technique Scales All Major of not more than four sharps or three flats. 2) Methods Alfred Bastien Leonard Suzuki Thompson All-in-One Course (3. 1 ALF Collections Bigeler-Watts Harris Magrath Bastien Everybody’s Perfect Masterpieces (Bk. 823 Bk. M. 3) Piano School (Vol.

1) (Bastien/Kjos) Essential Keyboard Repertoire (Vol. Studies Czerny/Germer Czerny/Schaum Schaum Bastien Baroque Bach Selected Studies. two otctavesin eith notes.M. others) Bach for Beginners (Starrest) Classic Sonatina Favorites (Vol.Level II Technique Scales All major scales to be played hands separately. All harmonic minor scales to be played similarly.=100.=72. 100 Collections Bastien Bastien Piano Literature Book 2 Easy Piano Classics 4 . Bk. one octave in quarter notes. 3. 3) Level 2. 1) (Olson/Alfred) First Sonatina Book (Palmer/Alfred) Romantic Bergmuller 25 Progressive Pieces.M. 4 First Lesson in Bach (Alfred and Others) Little Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (Barenreiter. M. M. I/Part I Book 2 Fingerpower (2. Op.

Moonlit Garden or Sprites at Play from Musical Fantasies (ALF) Clowning Around (FJH) 5 . 2) The Black Pearl or Fandango dle Sol from From Far Away Places (FJH) The Sound of Jazz (New School) Flamenco Dancer or The Sparkling Brook from The Virtuosic Performer Book 1 (ALF) Stormy Skies or Windchimes from Summer Daze (WB) Evening Lament of Sunset in Madrid from The Best of Dreams (WMC) 24 Little Piano Pieces. MCA) Six Children’s Pieces (MCA) Secret. 39 (Alfres. Goldston Harry Hartsell Dimitri Kabalevsky Dimitri Kabalevsky Montgomery Wilburn Mikrokomos (Vol.Level II Continued Contemporary Bela Bartok Brown Tony Caramia M. op. 1.

3) (Clark/Summy) Piano Literature (Vols. B.M. Handel Short Preludes (Henle. four octaves in sixteenth notes.=92. Alfred) Little Notebook for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (Barenreiter Schott) At the Piano with the Sons of Bach (Alfred) The Belwin Master Composer Series: Handel (CCP/Belwin) Classic Joy of Sonatinas (Agay/Yorktown) More Easy Classics to Moderns (Agay/Amsco) Sonatinas (Vols.M. M. I/Part I (later pieces)). C) (Bastien/Kjos) Minor Masters (Vols. op.Level III Technique Scales All major scales to be played hands separately. 125 Piano Etudes (Bk. C) (Agay/ YLP) Sonatina Favorites B. two octaves in eighth notes. Arpeggios Studies Czerny/Germer Heller Clark Bastien Alfred Baroque Bach All diminished seventh chords similarly. 3) Piano Studies (Lvl. one octave in quarter notes. (Book I/Part II) Studies. 3) (Clark/Summy) Essential Keyboard Repertoire (Vol. 4) Piano Basics (Lvl. Selected Studies (Bk. M. 5) Bach/CPE/WF/Etc. 2) (Olson/Alfred) Easy Sonatinas Vol. 2. M.M. 2 (Schaefer/Peteers) Sonatina Album (Small/Alfred) 6 . All harmonic minor scales to be played similarly.=92. 2. Wiener Urtext.=92.

See Cathy Albergo and Reid Alexander. 109 Lyric Preludes Lyric Pieces (Vol. op. 27 Adventures from Ivan Album for the Young (Alfred) Popular Melodies of Poland (Marks) 7 . 16 (1. 3) For Children (1. op. 47 Selected Landled. 2) Young People at the Piano (1. op. 16 25 Studies. 46 25 Studies. 1993). 1. op. Minuets. op. 45 30 Studies. op. Romantic Burgmuller Gillock Grieg Heller Schubert Chopin Schumann Collections Agay 18 Characteristic Sudies.Level III Continued Classic Continued Sonatina Book 2 (Zeitlin/CMP) Additional Collections. Intermediate Piano Repertoire (Harris. other guids. 2) Contemporary Malcolm Arnold Bela Bartok Ernest Boch Aaron Copland Norman Dello Joio Dmitri Kabalevsky Aram Khatchaturian Witold Lutoslawski Children’s Suite. Valses Selected Easier Pieces Album for the Young The Joy of Romantic Piano (Vol. op. 2) (Lengnick) Mikrokkosmos (2. op. 1) The Art of Phrasing. 2) Enfantines (2. 51 (MCA) 15 Children’s Pieces. 3) (Fischer) 2 Children’s Pieces (Fischer) Down a Country Lane (Fischer) In Evening Air (Boosey) Mid-Summer Nocturne (Boosey) 3 Moods (Boosey) Suite for the Young (Marks) Diversions (Marks) Variations.

others (Fischer/Alfred) Easy Pieces Bk. 28 (Schermer). others Poemetti (Ricordi) Japanese Festival (MCA) Scenas Infantis.Level III Continued Contemporary Continued Samuil Maikapar Gian Carlo Menottie Yoshinao Nakada Octavio Pinto Manuel Ponce Serge Prokofiev Paul Sheftel Uri Slonov Robert Starter Trifles. 2) (Eschig) Alexander Tansman 8 . 65 (Alfred) Interludes. 1 7 Vignettes Hexahedron (MCA) Pour Les Enfants (1. 2) Happy Time (Bk. others (Schirmer) 20 Easy Pieces for Piano (Peer/Southern) Music for Children . op. 1 Sketches in Color Bk. 1) (MCA) Ten Diversions (Associated) Les Juenes au Piano (1. op.

others) Easiest Piano Pieces (Peters) Fantasies. M. 29 Selected Studies (Bk. one octave in quarter notes two octaves in eighth notes.=92. four octaves in sixteenth notes M. three octaves in triplets. 1. one octave apart. All diminished sevenths to be played similarly at the same speed. op. Peters. etc. Barenreter. First Dozen (Associates Board of the Royal Schools of Music/Presser) Classic Classics to Moderns (Vol. sonatinas. Beethoven. op. all major and minor triads to be played in three positions. one octave in quarter notes. two octaves in eighth notes. 545 Beethoven Mozart Cimarosa Clementi Haydn Mozart 9 . K. 2 Viennese Sonatinas German Dances selected sonatas selected sonatinas from op. Urtext. 2) Two-Part inventions (Henle. 37.Level IV Technique Scales All major and harmonic minor scales to be played hands together. op.M. 821 Preperatory to the School of Finger Dexterity Etudes (Vol. 37 “Music for Millions) (Agay) sonatas. Wiener. be found in standard collections of Schirmer. Mozart. 38 selected easier sonatas Sonata in C. 27. easy variations (such as Swiss Air. 4) 160 8-Bar Exercises. Kuhlau.=80. others) Sonata. Alfred. Arpeggios Studies Bertini Czerny/Germer Clark Czerny Waxman Baroque Bach Scarlatti Telemann Studies. of Haydn. I/Part II (later pieces)) Piano Etudes (Bks. 49 no.M. four octaves in sixteenth notes. 36.

) 5 Little Dances (Schirmer) 5 Dances Op. Op. D. Vol. nocturnes. 91 selected Kinderszenen. Belwin. mazurkas nocturnes Twelve Spanish Dances selected lyric pieces Woodland Sketches. 11 #2. polonaises. 4. Op. 62 selected songs without words 6 German Dances. IV) Concerto For Our Times (Schroeder & Gunther) Birds (Schirmer) Moonscapes (Schirmer) Insects (Schirmer) Enfantines (Schirmer) pieces. Op 51 Six Fireside Tales. 17. 15 Preludes. waltzes. 61 10 New England Idylls Op. Leonard) 11 Pieces Enfantines (Universal) Children’s Songs (Warner Bros. IV The Romantic Period Contemporary Samuel Adler Bela Bartok Seymour Bernstein Ernest Bloch Tony Caramia Alfredo Casella Chick Corea Paul Creston Claude Debussy Norman Dello Joio Madeleine Dring Lee Evans Gradus II (Oxford) Mikrokosmos (III. 15.Level IV Continued Romantic Albinez Chopin Fields Granados Grieg MacDowell 6 Spanish Dances selected preludes. Op. 820 12 Valses Nobles. collections (New School. 22 Mendelssohn Schubert Schumann Scriabin Collections: Agay Anthology of Piano Music. 1 (Shawnee) Arabesque (Alfred) Reverie (Alfred) Valse Romantique (Alfred) Lyric Pieces for the Young (Marks) Colour Suite (Arcadia) 3 Dances (Cambria) jazz style pieces (Leonard) 10 . Op. 77 12 Grazer Waltzes. Op.

IV) Miniatures (Schott) Hungarian Peasant Songs (General) 11 . Op. 65 (Alfred) various pieces (Boston Music) Preludes for Piano (Alfred) The New Virtuoso (Alfred) At Home Alone (MCA) Something New for You (Doblinger/Associated) Pour les Enfants (III. Op. 40 Sonatinas. Op.Level IV Continued Alexander Gretchanimoff Howard Hanson Scott Joplin Dmitri Kabalevsky Aram Khatchaturian Robert Maczynski Vincent Persichetti Octavio Pinto Francis Poulenc Andre Previn Serge Prokofiev Diane Goolkasian Rahbee Katherine Rollins Robert Starer Jeno Takacs Alexander Tansman Joaquin Turina Leo Weiner various pieces For the First Time (Fischer) various rags Variations. 13 Adventures of Ivan (Alfred) Diversions (Schirmer) Sonatinas Scenas Infantis (Schirmer) Villageoises (Salabert) Impressions (MCA) Birthday Party (MCA) Music for Children.

M. two octaves in eighth notes. 330(C). K. 27(G). one octave apart. XVI Nos.M. All Harmonic Minor scales to be played hands together. Op.M.M.Level V Technique Scales All major scales to be played in thirds. 89 (for the left hand) The School of Velocity. 44(g) selected sonatas in particular. three octaves in triplets.=100. 51 selected bagatelles.M. 1) (Henle. Studies Berens Czerny Waxman Baroque Agay (ed) Bach Studies. 332(F). 23(F).=100. Hob.=80. sixths. All diminished sevenths to be played similarly at the same speed. inversions optional. other) Well-Tepmpered Clavier (Bk. Op. Wiener Urtext. M. No. three octaves in triplets. similarly. four octaves in sixteenth notes. 35(C). M. Arpeggios All triads to be played similarly. 299 Etudes (Vol.49. M. Wiener Urtext. hands together. variation sets selected sonatas selected sonatas selected sonatas in particular. All dominant sevenths to be played in root positions. in three positions. one octave in quarter notes.397 selected shorter individual works 12 . and tenths. 2. others) Keyboard Works for Solo Instrument (Dover) Cimarosa Clementi Haydn Mozart Sonatas Op. 40(G). 1. two octaves in eighth notes. Op. op. 282 (E flat). 3) Handel Classic Beethoven The Baroque Period (Yorktown) French Suites (Henle. four octaves in sixteenth notes.=100. 547a(F) selected variation sets Fantasie in D minor. 283 (G). others) Sinfonias (Henle. one octave apart. 37(D). K. 79 Rondos. one octave in quarter notes.

Op. 37b Invitation to the Dance Sonata in C – Rondo Paderewski Rachmaninoff Saint-Saens Schubert Schumann Scriabin Tchaikovski Weber Contemporary Bela Bartok Alban Berg Ernest Bloch Alfredo Casella Aaron Copeland Claude Debussy George Gershwin Alberto Ginastera Howard Hanson Roy Harris Jaques Bert Sonatina Mikrokomos (IV. Op. Op. Op. 18. mazurkas. 1. 23 The Seasons. nocurns. preludes. 82 Preludes. 55 10 New England Idylls. 83 Scherzo in B minor Minuet in G Moments Musicaux. 143 No.) Malambo (Ricordi) Rondo on Argentine Children’s Folk Tunes (Boosey) For the First Time (Fischer) Little Suite for Piano (Schir) American Ballades (Fischer) Histories (Leduc) other collections 13 . V) 3 Rondos on Folk Tunes Romanian Folk Dances (Boosey) Fruhe Klaviermusik I (Universal) Poems of the Sea (Schirmer) Visions et Propheties. 11 No. others (Schirmer) 11 Pieces Enfantines The Cat and the Mouse (Boosey) Images (Oubliees) George Gershwin for the Piano (Chappell) 12 American Preludes (Fischer) Danzas Argentinas (Dur. polonaises selected lyric pieces consolations Sea Pieces. Op. 62 selected songs without words 3 Fantasies. Op. 110 Impromptu in A flat. 16 Variations in B Flat. 2 Moments Musicaux No.Level V Continued Romantic Albeniz Chopin Grieg Liszt MacDowell Mendelssohn Album of 8 pieces selected waltzes. 16 #5 Valse Nonchalant. Op. 3 in F minor Waldszenen. Op. Op. Op.

other works selected portraits. Universal) Toccata (Barry) Bagatelles. Fischer. 55 (Salabert) 14 . sonatas. Op. 1 (MCA) selected preludes.Level V Continued Dmitri Kabalevsky Aram Khatchaturian Leon Kirchner Ernesto Lecuona Witold Lutoslawski Bohuslav Martinu Darious Milhaud Frederico Mompou Robert Muszynski Francis Poulenc Alexander Scriabin Dmitri Shostakovich Alexander Tansman Antonio Tauriello Alexander Tcherepnin Virgil Thompson Joaquin Turina selected Preludes. groups (Eschig. 5 (Alfred). Elkan) Danza Gitanas. Op. other short pieces (Dover) 3 Fantastic Dances. Op. Op. Op. 34 (MCA) many individual works. Op. Salabert. 67 (Eschig) collections (Heugel. Eschig) 6 Preludes (Schirmer) Mouvements Perpetuels (Chester) selected preludes. 38 Sonatina (MCA) Little Suite (Presser) Suite Andaluia (Marks) Suite Espanole (Marks) Bucolica (Marks) The Puppet Saudades do Brasil. etudes (Schirmer.

331 (A). 457 (c) 15 . Op. hands together. XVI Nos. in particular. two octaves in eighth notes. M.M. others) Partitas (Henle. others) English Suites (Henle. Schirmer/Kirkpatrick) Clementi Haydn Mozart selected bagatelles from Op. 72 Etudes. two octaves in eighth notes. 2) (Henle. 740 Handel Scarlatti Classic Beethoven The Well-Tempered Clavier (Bks. 6 Fantasie in C selected variation sets Selected sonatas. XVII No. 333 (B flat). four octaves in sixteenth notes. one octave apart. sixths and tenths.M. M. 50 (C). 126 selected sonatas selected variation sets selected sonatas selected sonatas.M. Hob. 33. All melodic minor scales to be played hands together. 21 (c). Wiener Urtext. IV School of Finger Dexterity. one octave apart.Level VI Honors Technique Scales All major and harmonic minor scales to be played in thirds. in particular Hob.=112. 41 (A flat). one octave apart. Arpeggios All triad and dominant sevenths to be played in all ositions. others) Suites for Keyboard (Henle. 1.=112. 331 (D). Wiener Urtext. others) Sonatas (Editio Musica Budapest. 310 (a). All diminished sevenths to be played similarly. M. 52 (E flat) Variations in F minor. Vol. 311 (D). four octaves in sixteenth notes. Studies Chopin Cramer Moszkowski Waxman Czerny Baroque Bach selected etudes 50 Studies Etudes. K. similarity. Op. 119.=112.

waltzes Bamboula. liebestraume. Op. 7. scherzi. 11 #6.Level VI Honors Continued Romantic Brahms Chopin Gottschalk Grieg Liszr Mendelssohn selected waltzes. 14. 16 #1 Cracovienne Fantastique. mazurkas. Op. 28 Rondo capriccioso. 2 selected shorter works Preludes. 2 in A flat. 21 Sonata No. Op. 39 Paderewski Saint-Saens Schubert Rachmaninoff Schumann Scrianbin Weber Contemporary William Albright Samuel Barber Bela Bartok Seymour Bernstein William Bolcom Alfredo Casella Aaron Copeland selected rags Excursions (Schirmer) Ballade (Schirmer) Nocturne (Schirmer) Mikrokosmos (V. 142 Sonata in A. 52 6 Etudes. 2 Phantasiestucke. concert etudes. Op. Op. Op. Op. others (Marks) 11 Pieces Enfantines (Universal) 4 Piano Blues (Boosey) “Rodeo” Dance Episodes (Boosey) 16 . 7 Ballade. 111 Impromptus. 14 #6 6 Etudes. ballades. 24 selected Hungarian rhapsodies. 24 Polonaise. 14 Scherzo a capriccio in F sharp Legende in A flat. 90. V1) (Boosey) Allegro Barbaro (Boosey) 14 Bagatelles. Op. Op. Op. Annes de Peleringe. Op. Op. polonaises. 5 Fantasie in F sharp minor. Op. Op. Op. Op. 79 selected nocturnes. Pasquinada. Op. 120 selected Preludes. preludes. Broude) 3 Ghost Rags. 14 (Boosey) New Pictures at an Exhibition (A. 32 Papillons. others Sonata in E minor. intermezzi Rhapsodies Op. Op. 23. 6 (Boosey) Suite. others Capriccio in F sharp minor. Op.

) Gershwin at the Keyboard (song improvisation) (New World) Suite de Danzas Criollas (Boosey) various pieces (Schirmer) Sonata No. Op. Op. Huegel. Elkan. 60 selected other large-scale works Toccata (MCA) 8 Preludes (Universal) Ricercare and Toccata (Belwin) selected individual pieces (Salabert. 7 (Schirmer) Trois Pieces (Salabert) Sept Pieces Breves (Eschig) The Overgrown Path (Artaria) In the Mist (Artaria) Sonatas. others) 6 Preludes. Presser) Sonatina (Galaxy) Improvisations (Salabert) Nocturnes (Salabert) Promenades (Salabert) Intermezzi (Salabert) Sonata #2 (MCA) selected individual pieces feom Op. Op. Op. 32. 6 Suite. 30 Masks. 3. Op. Rondos. Sonatine (Schirmer) Arioso (Presser) Norman Dello Joio Claudia Drews George Gershwin Alberto Ginestera Charles T. Griffes Paul Hindemith Lee Hoiby Arthur Honegger Leo Janacek Dmitri Kabalevsky Aram Khachaturian Frank Martin Gian Carlo Menotti Olivier Messiaen Robert Muczynski George Perle Francis Poulenc Serge Prokofiev Maurice Ravel George Richberg 17 . 9 (Schott) 5 Preludes. many others. 2 (Schott) Ludus Tonalis (Schott) Tanzstucke. 22. Op. 12. Op. 4.Level VI Honors Continued George Crumb Claude Debussy Night Thoughts (Boosey) A Little Suite for Christmas (Peters) Suite Bergamasque Danse Suite Pour le Piano Children’s Corner Suite Selected preludes Suite for Piano (Schirmer) inventions 3 Preludes (Warner Bros. 40 (Schirmer. 13 Seven.

) (Belwin) Bravo Brazil I. Fischer. Universal. Op. II (Appleby ed. II (Summy) Easy Russian Piano Music (Aldridge) (Oxford) Educational Series of Russian Music for the Piano (Chester) Eleven Variations on a Theme by Glinka (by several Russian Composers) (Associated) Expansions Series (Hal Leonard) 18 .) (Alfred) American Composers of Today (Marks) American Composers of the Twentieth Century (Schaum) American Music by Distinguished Composers (Presser) An Album of Spanish Composers (Kalmus) Anthology of Piano Music IV: The Twentieth Century (Agay ed. Eschig) 6 Little Pieces.) (Alfred) Contemporary Piano Literature I-VI (F. Clark ed.Level VI Honors Continued Joaquin Rodrigo Erit Satie Arnold Schoenberg Alexander Scriabin Dimitri Shostakovich Robert Starer Igor Stravinsky Bartokiana (Presser) various works (Salabert.E. Durand and others) many individual works and collections Prolo de Bebe.) (Yorktown) Blue Ribbon Series I-IV (Flatau ed.) (Summy) Contemporary Russian Composers (Schirmer) Cream of the Crop I.) (Kjos) Classic Piano Rags (Dover) Concert Pieces by Soviet Composer (Peters) Contempo Series (M. 34 (MCA) selected preludes and fugues (MCA) Excursions (MCA) other selected individual works (MCA) Serenade in A (Boosey) Tango (Boosey) Piano Rag Music (Boosey) Pastoral Prelude (Fischer) Alleluia in Form of Toccata (Fischer) many individual works (Heugel. Presser. 19 (Belmont) selected preludes (Dover) Etudes (Dover) selected Preludes. Marks) EtudesIV (Galaxy) Louise Talma Alexander Tcherepnin Joaquin Turina Hector Villa Lobos Donald Waxman Twentieth Century Collections & Anthologies A Contemporary Album for the Young (Palmer ed. Op. Clark ed. many other works (Eschig.) (Myklas) Contemporary Composers (Schaum) Contemporary Israeli Piano Music (Magnamusic Baton) Contemporary Music and the Pianist (Candy ed. Eschig) selected workd (Salabert.

) (Alfred) Masters of Early Contemporary Period (Hinson ed.) (Alfred) Masters of Impressionism (Hinson ed.) (Hal Leonard) Joy of Ragtime (Agay ed.) (Alfred) Masters of Our Day (Fischer) Masters of Today (Universal) Mosaics (Miller ed.) (Harris) Horizons-Music by Canadian Composers (Waterloo) Hungarian Piano Booklet (Marks) Jazz and Blues 5.) (Yorktown) Klavierstucke Sowjetischer Komponisten fur Kinder (Peters) Masters of American Piano Music (Hinson ed. 6 (Kraehenbuehl arr.) (Summy) Jazz Piano Transcribed Solos (Priestly ed.) (Sonos) Music of Our Time (Kjos) Musica Hungarica (Boosey) Musik der Zeit (Universal) New Sonatinen fur Klavier (Peters) New Music for the Piano (Alfred) The Pianist’s Book of Early Comreporary Treasures (Kjos) Piano Music by Distinguished American Composers (Presser) Piano Music for the Young (Galaxy) Piano Pieces by Children (Hyperion) Piano Pieces by Soviet Composers for Children (Peters) Russian Music for the Young Pianist (Zeitlin/Goldberger) (MCA) Seven Americans – Seven Compositions for Piano by Contemporary American Composers (Kjos) 19 .Level VI Honors Continued 51 Piano Pieces (Schirmer) Five-Finger Music (Summy) From Russia for Youth (Berlin ed.