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Onsite job description

Onsite Location detailed address with ZIP code Chrysler Group LLC. 800 CHRYSLER DRIVE, AUBURN HILLS, MI, USA 48 !" Client Name and Website address: Onsite Account Manager Onsite eporting Manager # : Cummins Inc
Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma

Number o! "PI# resources at onsite !or this project: $% Pro&ide details o! #rainings imparted speci!icall' related to this project : Onsite ole: Associate (olution Architect $ Cummins Global Support for Oracle Applications

Project Name

In&ol&ed in this project since ) **)+eb)*%$* Project ,escription: ) Cummins Inc is one of the major manufacturers of Diesel engines from small capacity to heavy duty. They have also acquired some of their business partners and renamed them to Cummins Turbo Technology, Cummins Power eneration, Cummins !iltration and Cummins !uel "ystems, thus increasing their scope of business in diversified auto products. Cummins has implemented #racle $pplications as a %&P software for running their various business processes efficiently across the globe vi' (orth $merica, )e*ico, +ra'il, China, "outh $frica, ,-, $ustralia, "pain. This project involves various tas.s and activities related to a new implementation and supporting the production environment across these locations. ,omain (-ills:)
Software O.S. : : Oracle Applications 11i Manufacturing Modules Windows and R12 in SMC and

3or. Conduct subsequent C&P 0 . Coordinate . Conduct first C&P for the business users. Coordinate and implement custom processes to improve effectiveness of e*isting business processes. . Data cleansing and data conversion from legacy systems to #racle $pps modules. SQL developer and ata Loader Onsite . Discuss and present my part in the wee. +uild a central documentation repository on I+) (otes Database for the client. Identify the gaps during the C&P and ma. Complete all the relevant setups in the %&P modules. )a. $cquire customer sign offs at various stages of project implementation. Provide Post o 1ive infant care support.ob esponsibilities:) • • $ctively participate in the Customer/s project plan to implement new %&P modules. Initiate quality processes li.$T phases.$T till user acceptance before o 1ive. closely with off shore teams for e*tended support. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • +usiness &equirement gathering of e*isting business processes. Identify the gaps in mapping the business process to the #racle $pps modules.a' . attributes and parameters of relevant modules. Conduct e*tensive user training during the C&P 0 . o 1ive on the %&P project.e &C$ to reduce the number of incidences created in the business processes. Coordinate Integration testing across various modules. &ecommend Custom "olutions to bridge the gaps. $lso do the e*isting production support.e a "olution Design showing how the e*isting business requirement could be mapped to the %&P application using standard functionality as well as custom solutions.nit testing of individual module. Prepare complete project documentation.Database Tools : : #racle Toad.a' to . "uggest and implement 2alue $dded propositions to improve the business process in area of and monthly project review meetings. Present the solution design to client for review and approval. $ctively support all business users during o 1ive by resolving all the issues faced.e modifications in the setups.