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• Offshore job description

1. Total years of experience 2. Role (Designation) %. &lient 'a(e 4. *roject 'a(e : Total 6 years : ssociate !"bject #atter $xpert

: &"((ins )nc : Cummins Global Support – Existing Business and Business Process Enhancements.

*roject Description: + Cummins Inc is one of the major manufacturers of iesel engines from small capacit! to hea"! dut!. #he! ha"e also ac$uired some of their business partners and renamed them to Cummins #urbo #echnolog!% Cummins Po&er Generation% Cummins 'iltration and Cummins 'uel S!stems% thus increasing their scope of business in di"ersified auto products. Cummins has implemented (racle )pplications as an E*P soft&are for running their "arious business processes efficientl! across the globe "i+ ,orth )merica% -exico% Bra+il% China% South )frica% ./% )ustralia% Spain. #his project in"ol"es "arious tas0s and acti"ities related to supporting the production en"ironment across these locations and enhancements in existing business processes. Cummins Global Support – Existing Business 1 Business Process Enhancements #his project in"ol"es a 24 x 3 (racle )pplications E*P soft&are support and enhancements acti"ities to the existing business processes used in Cummins. It in"ol"es support and enhancement for "arious (racle )pplications "ersion 44.5.46 7 *42 modules from P(% (-% I,8% and )d"anced Pricing. Existing Business Support – • 'ollo& the $ualit! processes li0e *C) to reduce the number of incidences created in the business processes. #his also includes "alue added propositions to impro"e the business process. • 9or0 acti"el! as &ell as guide a team of functional anal!sts to pro"ide timel! solutions to Cummins business users on (racle )pps issues. • 9or0 on Business process re:engineering &here e"er there is gap and scope for impro"ement. • *esol"ing critical tic0ets and high priorit! tic0ets. • 9or0 effecti"el! &ith (racle Support team for such issues that need application of patches% data fixes and bug fixes in the (racle )pps modules.

(rgani+e and conduct "arious /no&ledge #ransition tas0s from implementation team to support team. .ill sets O. • (nce discussed and appro"ed &ith the business managers% then pro"ide a Solution esign% ne& business flo& and draft of the custom objects programs. • *ecommend impro"ements in the existing process to ma0e it robust and fool proof such that no issues get created e"er in that business process. -aintain an up to date project ocumentation atabase of all the Cummins Business . I# -anagement on *C)s <*oot Cause )nal!sis= and 8)s <8alue additions= and other project initiati"es. • -aintain complete documentation of the enhancements in central documentation repositor! !.nits across the globe that use the (racle )pps E*P soft&are. #hereafter start the effecti"e support from off shore. Expedite aging tic0ets for faster closure of the tic0ets )ccomplish "arious sourcing acti"ities li0e imparting internal and external training to the existing and ne& team members to impro"e their performance in accomplishing support tas0s.! !oft. #his includes documents from the project implementation li0e business re$uirements% solution design% set ups% test plans% test logs% gaps in testing% customi+ation and interfaces.or. profile: #his is exactl! as per the "arious tas0s and acti"ities mentioned in the abo"e project descriptions.• • • • • 9ee0l! and monthl! presentations to Cummins.are : 9indo&s : (racle )pplication 44i and *42 modules – (rder -anagement% )d"anced Pricing% In"entor! and Purchasing -odules%Sourcing% Isupplier Tools Database : : #oad% ata >oader (racle Offshore . Business Process Enhancements: • Identif! gaps in the existing business process that create issues for the Cummins business users.