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Thanks for downloading this free sample of our Best Tipster Guide, which will hopefully give you a taste of just how it can help you make money betting. In this free sample PDF, you can read in full our detailed report on just 1 of the 7 tipsters that can be found in our Best Tipster Guide. We also have an article that reveals the profits that each of the 7 tipsters have generated, both individually and as a group. If you enjoy this free sample PDF, you can access the full Best Tipster Guide and details on the other 6 tipsters with a Secret Betting Club membership. It is available to download the instant you sign-up with our service. Not only that, but as we believe so strongly in our ability to help your betting, there is an anytime money back guarantee if not satisfied with our service for any reason. Read more on the Best Tipster Guide here.

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with a detailed and insightful write-up provided for each selection. Bet volumes range from 20 – 60 per Sports Covered: Racing (Flat – Turf and AW) Bet Frequency: 20-60 bets per month Pricing: £59. Northern Monkey Punter is a service which has steadily evolved. supplemented with a smaller number of All Weather picks through the winter months. The focus of the service has.30 – 10. so we’ve got a lot to catch up on in this Email: northernmonkeypunter@hotmail. remained largely unchanged with the bulk of selections advised on flat (turf) racing. Wayne. however. after an excellent first rated and reviewed this service for several years and they are a firm favourite amongst our membership. Selections are generally advised with several bookmakers and Wayne very fairly settles his official results at the lowest quoted odds on the email to ensure members can generally match his recorded profits.99 for 3 months.northernmonkeypunter. Wayne takes up the story: “The turf and AW have been something I've treated as separate entities and after poor winters in 2010 and 2011 I decided I needed to shake things up the winter just gone. where he has remained ever since. professional service we see today. to help showcase the type of information you can expect to read in the Best Tipster Guide. £99.99 for 6 months. the service experienced a relatively poor 2012. I was at a crossroads … as things turned out. £175 for 12 months SBC Discount: SBC members can benefit from a free extra month's membership once signed-up Bet Delivery: Email Service Re-Cap: Northern Monkey Punter. from its early days as a free offering with tips sent out the night before racing. Page | 3 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . BEST TIPSTER: NORTHERN MONKEY PUNT ER FLAT RACING SPECIALI ST WITH EXCELLENT LO NG-TERM RECORD Service Name: Northern Monkey Punter Contact: Wayne Telephone: N/A Website: http://www. Northern Monkey Punter. Bets are reliably sent out between 9.00 each morning. to the highly respected. was upgraded into our Hall of Fame. swung into action back in February 2010 and. Below you can find our full report on 1 of these 7 tipsters. before seeing something of a renaissance during the recent AW season. This coincided with a couple of changes implemented by Wayne. fine tuning both selection methods and advised staking. with the peak occurring in the height of the summer flat season. The team at the Secret Betting Club have tracked.BEST TIPTER GUIDE EXTRACT: Free Tipster Review In The Best Tipster Guide we featured updated reports and reviews on 7 of the very best tipsters we have uncovered in the past 7 years. the decision to try something new could have breathed new life into the service. A comprehensive review and separate analysis featured in SBC magazines #55 and #56 a full 2 ½ years ago. Traditionally strongest during the summer

The service now heads into the busy summer months with Wayne full of renewed confidence and enthusiasm.6 44.3% 18. Page | 4 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine .2 20. I was using a system-based approach to identify bets which was focused around jockeys but it felt too simplistic when rolling it out live and betting in practice. service results picked up notably and effectively the results from mid November are those of the 'reformed service'. It is still the same person selecting bets but the methodology behind identifying bets is new from mid-November. I had to narrow the staking because the performance of the weakly fancied bets was dragging down the reported profits for the service.2% 20. with SBC proofing starting shortly after.1% 22.0 Profit 201.3 points. with a particular focus on filtering out some of the weaker bets which had held the service back a bit in the past. as is the staking. Due to my own gut instinct and member feedback I quickly canned this approach after a month and decided to develop methods I had not done before . There’s no doubt that the total figures are heavily influenced by a fantastic 2010.7 288.0% 18.compiling performance figures .3 399.0% ROC 201. but this was narrowed to 1 – 1.7% 288. using a range of 0.5 points for AW over the winter.” The staking plan was originally much broader. Coupled with a narrowed staking scale.7 ROI 29. and looking to bounce back towards the longer-term performance norm.from mid-November.25 .7% 11. Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total Bets 666 592 549 104 1911 Stake 678.6% 44. in June of that year.7% Note: Bets from February 2010 to end of April 2013. ROC based on 100 point bank. with an overall ROI of 18% and a Return on Capital of 289% in just over three years.Initially.1 22. but we can see from the equity chart below that the service has continued to accumulate steady profits throughout it’s time in operation. Service Results: Northern Monkey Punter’s headline results are excellent. With average odds around 10/1 and a strike rate close to 15% it’s clear that the service has enjoyed a significant edge over the bookmakers. A similar low-end filter has been adopted for the current turf season although Wayne has left some scope for staking more heavily on really strongly fancied selections by opting for a 1 – 3 points stake range – more on this in the Results section.6 398.1% 5.3 1601. Service Proofing: All bets were initially proofed to Racing Index from service inception in February 2010.9 124.

and demonstrates how the service has been held back by the weaker.0 500. with the maximum a 3 pt Win bet.4% -4.4 Strike Rate 13. The table below both highlights just how successful the more confident.3 ROI 1.0 points profit from 106.6 Av Odds 11.4 33.5% Note: Standard stake is 1 pt (1 pt Win/ 0. low-staked picks. Stake Size Small Standard Large Bets 994 621 296 Stake 479. a punter pays for it (in terms of reduced profit) but it provides peace of mind in terms of psychological effects from shortened losing runs.7% 18.9 241. The hope is that Wayne’s new selection/staking approach will filter out the weaker bets.7 Profit 261.5% 81. higher staked selections have been.7 11. there is merit in following the service Win only – overall ROI stands at 25% for Win only – although our view is that.0 -4.4 621. Small stakes were mostly 0. The service has also dabbled unsuccessfully in the past with occasional bets in the National Hunt season.4% 5.8% 14.5% 5. an area Wayne considers his weakest and has now largely shelved.6% Profit 13.0 46. whilst Large stakes were predominantly either 0. Ultimately. A closer look at the effectiveness of Wayne’s staking plan is also helpful.3 10. Wayne tends to advise the majority of bets Each Way making for a smoother ride for subscribers: “I discussed this issue with pro punter 'Mr Gekko' in the past and he likened each-way betting to a form of insurance.8% The service’s strength in the summer turf season really stands out here.5 pt Win/ 0. once you’ve adjusted your betting bank Page | 5 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine .75 points staked over Nov-Mar).Northern Monkey Punter Apr 2013 300 Profit/Loss (points) Feb 2010 - 250 200 150 100 50 0 -50 0 400 800 Points Staked 1200 1600 Dividing the service’s results by racing code proves particularly revealing: Bets Flat AW NH 1214 597 100 Stake 1056.3 498.5 32.5 pt EW). without losing the additional profitability generated by the larger punts. after Wayne had adopted his tighter selection criteria.” For those risk-takers amongst you. although it’s interesting to note that the bulk of AW profits came from the season just gone (35.8 ROI 21.25 pt EW.75 pt EW or 1 pt EW.

but then again the dreadful weather conditions made racing punting hard for everyone – several other tipsters I know were also glad to put 2012 behind them.5/5 Risk: 4 Cost: 4 Transparency: 4.0% 0. still seeing a bigger edge at the higher end of the odds range: Profitability vs Odds 30. and how this may affect the overall running. The selection write-ups are a big bonus for me – Wayne’s understanding of the likely sources of pace in the race.5 Overall: 4/5 Rating: Strong Buy Team Member Experience: Nick “I joined Northern Monkey Punter for the 2011 Flat season and now regard the service as a mainstay of my racing portfolio.0% 15. Back in SBC56 we were surprised to report that Wayne’s tips at odds of 5/1 or less had lost money during 2010. Admittedly.0% 10.0% 5.5 Suggested portfolio weighting: 3. Service Ratings: Returns: 3. I always put a lot of faith in services that look like they’re in it for the long haul.0% Under 5/1 5/1 to 10/1 Odds Ranges 10/1+ Betting Bank: Wayne advises subscribers to use a betting bank in the range 60 – 100 points. Page | 6 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . With a much bigger sample size under our belts. steady bank growth over the last two years and remain very confident in Wayne’s fantastic knowledge and insight. and the service evolving further. and take great confidence from the way that Wayne has developed the service over time and remained focused and unflustered through both the good and bad times.0% ROI (%) account for the additional risk.0% 25. but I’ve seen decent. in line with most services. we can now see that NMP is profitable at all odds ranges whilst. and he’s not afraid to take a chance at longer odds when he can see clear value in a horse in the middle to bottom end of the market. I wasn’t around in the heady days of 2010. Last summer was certainly tough for Wayne. We would recommend a 100 point bank given the selections’ relatively high average odds (10/1) and the likelihood of seeing a long losing run from time to time. really show he knows his stuff. you’re unlikely to see this translate into increased Return on Capital. coupled with his level-headedness.

4. low number of bets." User Experience: Aodhan "The Northern Monkey: Low subscription rate. quoted odds of 11.The service is very reasonably priced and Wayne’s customer service is excellent – he even runs the occasional members’ competition now and again to spice up interest in the likes of Cheltenham and other big festivals. I've been subscribing to NMP since 3/31/12 and in tracking all his picks at his suggested bet units he is currently +4. I took this opportunity to review my personal betting records the other day and was pleased to find that I’ve slightly exceeded Wayne’s official odds –my average odds have been 11. professionally run service with regular returns" User Experience: Veselin " I've been betting actively on horses since beginning of this year only but already can say that NM has firmly established himself as one of the main cornerstones of my little racing Page | 7 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . generous terms if results hit a bad period. a lot to like about Northern Monkey Punter and I‘m particularly looking forward to seeing how Wayne gets on with his tighter selection and staking approach over the next few months … and praying for a bit of sunshine! “ User Experience: Mike " Living in the US I can only bet to SP. given that I can only bet to SP. A fantastic service. and I’ve found that this allows me to follow the service effectively by spreading stakes around my mostly-restricted bookmaker accounts (and occasionally Betfair). It’s helpful that Wayne normally quotes several bookies. Excellent customer relations.13 units.63 units. helpful with any queries. I have to be a little more creative in how I use tipsters. Price sensitivity is a recurring theme amongst all of the popular services and I’m pleased to report that NMP holds up pretty well on this front. Steady profits. and I’ve matched or bettered the advised odds with 77% of the bets I’ve placed over the last two years. Whilst you will often find the top-quoted price may get gobbled up within 10-15 minutes of Wayne’s email. easy to obtain odds. covering the best and next best price. I currently flat bet all NMP win picks only with SP >= 7. very reasonably priced subs. However.8 vs. it’s normally not too much trouble to get on at the next best price down on those occasions. so to find a tipster that can be profitable is one thing. For win only. and since 3/31/12 NMP has gained +70. I also like that he in constantly looking for ways to better his betting method. he is +15. All in all.69 units. low key. to find one profitable at SP is another. making sure he "stays ahead of the bookmakers" so to speak. Another great. Is this as near as we'll get to the Holy Grail of racing tipsters?" User Experience: Brian " I have been with Waynes service since he was first mentioned in SBC. NMP has great write-ups with his picks that help explain his rationale and give me insight into how one goes about finding bets.

excellent value for a very affordable fee. Odds on advised selections are holding pretty well.bets are issued within a narrow time frame usually between 930-1000 am. Northern Monkey easily ranks in top 5 % of all tipster services out there. the prices are usually with at least 3 bookmakers.5 indeed). I really like his steady results and professional attitude (never chasing losses or something like that). yet I can perfectly estimate any given tipster service in any sport. even taking into account my quite limited bookies accounts left (2 BOGS only. more like 1. I even enjoy reading his analysis although I don't get more than 40 % of the information really :) Well. I might not know much about horse racing in general. Wayne is providing excellent customer support also. having tried or back-tested more than 150 services in last few years.the results are always updated on the last day of the month. advising me on the usual rookie questions.there is reasoning behind every bet and a post race analysis and the service costs less than buying the daily express every day" Page | 8 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine .services portfolio." User Experience: Pete "A long term profit of 10%+ is possible even without getting top price on all of the selections.

This is not to say that you need either £10. we have put together this special article on just how much profit you can make with the 7 tipsters featured in our guide. we have an example of a portfolio featuring all 7 tipsters with a £10k bank. Don't let the fear of having to spend money on these subscription fees prevent you from making money from following tipsters. we thought it would be useful to list just how much money you can make if following them in. Although It’s probably unrealistic to expect that any of you would latch onto all 7 tipsters at the same time. Each Tipster Last 3 Years Results To start things off we put together the results for each of the 7 tipsters for the past 3 years as follows: Year 1 runs from the start of May 2010 to the end of April 2011 Year 2 runs from May 2011 to April 2012 Year 3 runs from May 2012 to April 2013. Read on for full details. to the profits if following them as a group or 'portfolio' of tipsters. So in this article. You can of course just follow 1 service and make a fine profit. We’ve summarised each service’s three year performance in the following table: Page | 9 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . it is representative of just why following these 7 tipsters can be profitable. This ranges from observing the profits of each tipster individually.000 or even £3. Even when deducting the subscription fees that each tipster charges for their service.000 to follow any of these tipsters and make a profit from them. but we thought this article would provide a good examination of the potential profits on offer as a group or combination. plus a more affordable option of the profits available with just 4 tipsters and a £3k bank. Often the fees are affordable and are dwarfed by the profits you can make. there is a clear profit to be made. but how much money can they actually make you in reality? To help provide you with answers... BEST TIPSTER PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS COMBINING THE CREAM OF THE CROP To help showcase just how profitable the top 7 tipsters in the Best Tipster Guide actually are.BETTING WITH TIPSTERS: How Much Profit You Can Make? Knowing all the best tipsters is one thing. we have the profits on hand if following a 'portfolio' of all 7 tipsters as a combination. Following All 7 Tipsters Together First off.

0 1644. so we wanted to rely on their performance a little more heavily. we are using tipsters. we have split our stakes accordingly amongst each of the 7 tipsters.0 Profit 263. TABLE KEY Betting Bank: This is the points betting bank recommended for each individual service.0% 432.indicates the amount you would have won in relation to stakes.9 1296. Stake: The total amount of points staked in the past 3 years.8 415. Each tipster has its own methodology and approach in terms of bet numbers. Except in this instance.2 258.2% *Please note. aside from Northern Monkey.4% 12.2% 258. In our calculations. a 1365.0 432.7% 144. and allowed for 1. ROI: Return On Investment . i.000. Page | 10 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . (e.2% 277. so in the example below.indicates the amount you would have won in relation to your betting bank.4 52.0% 13.0 750. we’ve also assumed a total starting Financial Betting Bank of £10. So as the above table indicates.1% 8. ROC: Return on Capital .g.2 11252. We've also upped the weighting of two services (each at 20% of the portfolio’s annual turnover). as this is available to full purchasers of the Best Tipster Guide only.5 times “leverage”. with the remainder balanced equally (about 12% of turnover).9 ROI 28.e. each is hugely profitable. we “lever” more from our £10k bank by allowing the sum of the seven individual banks to exceed £10k (in this case about 50% more at £15.3% 17.2 1365. indicates your betting bank will have grown 13. we have to make sure we get the 'balance' of how much we are staking on each tipster right.2% 211.9% 7.175).65 times itself in 3 years). but across the board.7 115. how quickly they grow your bank and also work involved.Service Tipster 1* Tipster 2 Northern Monkey Tipster 4 Tipster 5 Tipster 6 Tipster 7 Betting Bank 100 100 100 100 80 25 150 Bets 916 2143 1796 11319 383 758 3154 Stake 916. that we have removed the identities of each tipster. This is similar in many ways to how a stock market investor might have a portfolio of stocks and shares.2 1483. Setting Up the Portfolio One of the ways we assist all new Secret Betting Club members keen to follow tipsters is to provide advice on how to follow more one tipster service as part of a combined 'portfolio'. each of the 7 tipsters in the guide have made a substantial profit over the past 3 years. Profit: The total points of points profit in the past 3 years. Bets: The number of bets advised in the past 3 years.2% 1365.7% ROC. First of all.0 3154.2% ROC 263. Our rationale here was that we regarded Tipsters 2 and 4 as the two strongest elements of our portfolio.7% 26.

there were 31 winning months and only five losing months over the three year period.0% ROI. Check out the profit graph of how this 'Best of SBC Portfolio' Bank would have grown over the past 3 years: Best Of SBC Portfolio £60.800 £15.957 £18.453 £1.851 £4.600 £12.147 Year 2 £5.757.652 (before costs) but after taking into account subscription costs this dropped to £36.(Don't worry if this a little complex as when you join us at SBC we have a whole host of simple guides to explain it all in a way you can understand!) £48k Profit In 3 Years With 7 Tipsters The results of this approach are fascinating with a £48. The worst month was April 2011.494 £118 £1.000 £20.4% 19.652 profit in 3 years as the table below indicates. The best performing month was March 2013. What other investment would give you in excess of 100% returns on an annual basis? Service Tipster 1 Tipster 2 Northern Monkey Tipster 4 Tipster 5 Tipster 6 Tipster 7 Total Staking Level (£ per point) £40 £35 £25 £5 £25 £35 £12 Annual Turnover £12. Therefore we enjoyed just over a £1.021.5% 12.0% Bank (£) £4. Here are some other facts from this 7 tipster portfolio:     Overall.8% 100.5% 19.699 Year 3 £5.9%) Average gross monthly profit was £1.518 £4.000 £10.252 £49 £808 £1. with a loss of £857 (ROI -12.163 £2. returning a profit of £4.533 £2.000 Profit £30.0% 11.341 £922 £1.000 £3.175 Profit (before costs) Year 1 -£312 £1.124 £1.182 £12.399 at 46.500 £2.755 £10.000 £50.313 £8.000 £875 £1.324 £18.800 £12.0% 12.805 Our overall profit was £48. whilst net profit was £1.351.301 £759 £2.000 £40.500 £500 £2.213 £19.976 £1.000 average profit per month over a 3 year period.360 £18.709 £11.616 £98.000 £0 (£10k bank) Page | 11 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine .526 Portfolio Weight 12.8% 12.

000 set aside and many SBC members start with much smaller sums. We’ve used only 1.000 (£10k bank . Page | 12 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . they ploughed all their winnings back into betting. we’ve assessed the merits of an alternative smaller portfolio. total profits would have exceeded £135k in three years.000 £40.3 times leverage here as the portfolio is smaller. For those on a tighter budget. Not everyone has £10.000 Profit £80. adjusting stake sizes as they went along? The graph below represents profits generated by adjusting stake sizes every three months.000 £100. and used a much lower Financial Betting Bank of £3.000 £140.000 £60. instead.Compounding Your Bank For Greater Profits So far. On this basis. anyone starting with a small financial bank may want to initially use compounding to beef up their stakes to a worthwhile. we’ve assumed that a potential “investor” would leave their staking unchanged throughout the three year period. presumably taking any profits for their personal use … but what if. NB.000.000 £120.000 £0 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Alternative Portfolios: Another golden rule of portfolio management is to only select tipster services that fit your financial situation. reinvesting the previous quarter’s profits into increased stakes for the forthcoming quarter. but sustainable amount – after that it’s probably more about staying under the bookies’ radar and skimming off future profits for your own use. Best Of SBC Portfolio £160. based on the four tipster services with relatively low subscription fees.compounded) £20. although I’m not sure that the bookmakers would have let anyone make this sort of money before clamping down on them! In reality. so we wanted to illustrate some alternative options for you to consider.

. The full break-down is as follows..100 £350 £750 £4.6% 23. illustrating how following tipsters is not just for high stakers or those with a big budget to throw around.9% 25. Page | 13 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine . you can read a lot more on this topic in the Best Tipster Guide.8% 100. whatever your starting point! Get Started Making Money Betting There are numerous ways that you can follow the 7 tipsters that we feature in the Best Tipster Guide and our hope is that this article provides a few examples to get you started! If you enjoyed this article.proof that you can make money following tipsters. Effectively you would be making an average of around £2.392 (before tipster costs) with a net profit (after tipster costs) of £7.0% Profit (before costs) Year 1 £1.Low Budget Portfolio – Annual Subscription Fees £965.483 £674 £369 £816 £4. Staking Level (£ per point) Tipster 1 Northern Monkey Tipster 3 Tipster 4 Total £18 £11 £14 £5 Annual Turnover £5.496 £5. available as a Secret Betting Club member that you can read the instant you join our service.391 £334 £323 £552 £3.257 £21.5k per year.832 £47 £712 £2. £3k Financial bank Over the same three year period the overall profit is £10..7% 24.451 Year 2 £2.800 £1.497. We also have a whole host of articles dedicated to helping you maximise your profits from following tipsters.438 £5.. including the profits if following either just football or horse racing tipsters.000 -£140 £1.231 Portfolio Weight 25.599 Bank (£) So there you have it.342 Year 3 £2.040 £5. Again.

detail and comment as possible. However. Any money used within the services mentioned is done so at the risk of the individual. we cannot be held responsible for any error in detail. The Secret Betting Club is for information & education purposes only and does not represent financial advice. Northwich. There is a risk of loss in betting. with regular reports on all the latest and best tipsters and the various ways you can make money betting each month! Don't forget either that membership to the Secret Betting Club comes with a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with our service in anyway. Thus you can join with full peace of mind. All content copyright © 2006-2013 Minerva Publishing Ltd. Registered Office: Drake House. It is our intention to be as accurate in fact. accuracy or judgment whatsoever. why not consider a full Secret Betting Club membership. but you will also get all the benefits of being a Secret Betting Club subscriber. DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT NOTICE The views expressed within this article are based on the authors experience alone. CW9 7RA Page | 14 Secret Betting Club Free Magazine .ENJOYED THIS? GET MORE WITH AN SBC MEMBERSHIP We hope you have enjoyed this free sample of the Best Tipster Guide as much as we have in putting it all together. Gadbrook Way. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Cheshire. Literary copyright for this document and all the articles herein are held by Minerva Publishing Limited. where you can pick up your own copy of the Best Tipster Guide the instant you join! Not only this. If you are affiliated with any of the services mentioned and have any questions regarding the points we raise we welcome your correspondence. If so.