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Foundations in Rhetoric and Writing

English 300 l Spring 2014 Nathaniel A. Rivers l Office Hours: TTH, 1:00-2:00
PHASE ONE: RE-W RITNG @SLU ONE Rhetoric and Writing Introduction Syllabus Review Icebreaker Syllabus Review Weak/Strong/Strange Defense of Rhetoric Reading Quiz Assignment for Next Time Read: Foss et al., “Perspectives on the Study of Rhetoric” (pdf) and Jim Corder “Argument as Emergence, Rhetoric as Love” Explore: Writing @SLU to rewrite Read: “Where Do Sentences Come From” (link/pdf), “88, Or How Telegraphers Coded ‘Love and Kisses,’” (link/pdf), and “The Perfection of the Paper Clip” (link/pdf) Assignment for Next Time Introduce Project #1: Re-Writing @ SLU Reading Discussion Text as Technology/Readers as Users Memo for Project #1 Due PSA for Rhetoric (In-Class)

Jan. 14

Jan. 16


Jan. 21

Memo: Writing to Rewrite (1500 words)

Jan. 23 THREE

Read: “American Collapse” (pdf), “Preface” from Infrastructure by Hayes (pdf), and “Flow” from How Buildings Learn by Brand (pdf) Assignment for Next Time

Jan. 28

Maps, Infrastructure, Rhetoric Reading Quiz Maps, Infrastructure, Rhetoric Project #1 Workshop

Read: Case and Sunstein “Survival of the Fattest” (pdf) and Grabil and Simmons “Toward a Critical Rhetoric of Risk Communication” (pdf) Read: “Public Enemies: Social Media is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago” (link) and “History of the World in 100 Objects” (link)

Jan. 30

PHASE TW O: MAPPING @ SLU FOUR Feb. 4 Introduce Project #2: Mapping Assignment for Next Time Due: Project #1 Visit: Read: selection from Compose Design Advocate (pdf) and Kitchin & Dodge, “Rethinking Maps” (pdf) Due: Postmortem (2,000 words) Assignment for Next Time Project #1 Postmortem Memo Due Reading Quiz Mapping Project Proposal Due Proposal Workshop Read: Interview/Observation Handout Listen: Radiolab, “You Are Here” (link) Due: Mapping Proposal Read: Chapter One from Kimball’s Document Design (pdf) and Johnson-Sheehan, “Readers and Context of Use” (pdf) Nathaniel Rivers I English 300 I Spring 2014 I 1

Feb. 6

Project #1 Due In-Class Map Analyses


Feb. 11

Feb. 13

SIX Feb. 18 Research Report #1 Due Audience and Context of Use Map Workshop Reading Quiz

Assignment for Next Time Chapter Four from Kimball’s Document Design (pdf)

Feb. 20 SEVEN Feb. 25

Readings on ANT (TBA) Assignment for Next Time

Research Report #2 Due Actor-Network-Theory (ANT) Discussion Map Workshop Discuss Presentations (Handout)

Readings on Maps (TBA)

Feb. 27 EIGHT Mar. 4

Assignment for Next Time Mapping Project (Project #2) Due Presentations (5 minutes with handout) Mapping Project (Project #2) Due Presentations (5 minutes with handout) Read: Weiss, 1-60 Assignment for Next Time Spring Break Spring Break PHASE THREE: INTERVIEW REPORT

Mar. 6 NINE Mar. 11 Mar. 13

TEN Introduce Project #3: Interview Report Reading Discussion In-Class Interview Exercise Reading Quiz & Discussion Review: Professional Interview

Assignment for Next Time

Mar. 18

Read: Weiss, 61-150

Mar. 20 ELEVEN Mar. 25 Mar. 27 TW ELVE Apr. 1 Apr. 3

Read: Weiss, 150-222 (read all appendices) Due: Interview Proposal Assignment for Next Time

Interview Proposal Due Develop Interview Questions Read: Katz, “Writing Review as an Opportunity for Individuation” (pdf) and Spilka, “Orality and Literacy in the Workplace” (pdf) Assignment for Next Time Reading Quiz & Discussion Watching Interviews Read: Ornatowski, “Between Efficiency and Politics” (pdf) Katz, “The Ethic of Expediency” and Rivers-Katz exchange (pdf)

Nathaniel Rivers I English 300 I Spring 2014 I 2

THIRTEEN Apr. 8 Progress Reports (Project #3) Ethics Exercise: TMNT

Assignment for Next Time

Apr. 10

Ethics Exercise: TMNT

Read: Johnson-Sheehan, “Designing Documents and Interfaces” (pdf) Readings on Effective Language Assignment for Next Time

FOURTEEN Apr. 15 Apr. 17 FIFTEEN Apr. 22 Apr. 24 SIXTEEN Apr. 29 May 1 Interview Report Final Draft Due Interview Report Presentations Interview Report Presentations Reading Discussion Revisit Presentations (Handout) Workshop and Conferences Interview Report Draft Due Report Workshop Holy Thursday

Due: Interview Report Draft Read: Rivers, “Some Assembly Required” (pdf) Assignment for Next Time Read: MacKinnon, “Becoming a Rhetor” (pdf) Due: Interview Report Assignment for Next Time

Nathaniel Rivers I English 300 I Spring 2014 I 3