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| McHenry County Historical Society

1963 - October 7 Call for Meeting - All organizations in county asked to send delegates to organize historical society 1963 - October 23 First Meeting - 70 attended, most joined 1963 - November 12 Second Meeting - Woodstock Opera House; decide to incorporate as not for profit, draw up bylaws, choose interim officers 1964 - May 18 First Annual Meeting - 678 members – dues $1, $5, $15, $25 & $100 Life membership 1964 Gannon Log Cabin Donation 1843 Luke Gannon Log Cabin donated by grandson, Edward -1st Society project 1967 - September 17 Gillilan site monumented - Samuel & Margaret Gillilan recognized as 1st white settlers in McHenry County with boulder mounted plaque at Cary Rd. and Rte. 31 near homestead site - 2nd Society project 1972 - May Dorothy McEachren receives keys to the new building from Delbert Gehrke. Ceremonial turning over of the keys took place at the annual meeting in Union. 1971 - November Union School purchase Purchased 1870 Union School (with 1948 addition) – for $20,000 (advanced by Dorothy McEachren & repaid by Society) 1972-1976 Museum Early Years Converted school to museum. Opened to public on Wednesday & Sunday afternoons-May-October. Entirely volunteer operated – Mrs. McEachren & Ramona Martin catalogued donated artifacts, and did publicity and display work 1976 - July 4 Museum opened - Renovated museum opened to the public 1979 First paid staff person, Mark Haggitt (Tennessee) as Curator 1980 Gannon Log Cabin was moved to museum from fairgrounds and stabilized 1980 Heritage Quilters Heritage Quilters completed hand quilting on donated tops for raffle or auction to raise money

McHenry County Historical Timeline
1997 - Summer - Year of the Barn Committee gather for an official photo amid the “Barn Again” display at the historical society in Union. From left, front: Mike Neese, Bill Holden, Duane Hahlman. Middle Grace Moline, Margaret Richardson, Molly Walsh, Nancy Ellison. Back Arnold Storrs, Nancy Fike, Dean Roue, Glen Iverson, Frank Snook and Allen Gillette. The first organizational meeting was held October 23, 1963, at the Woodstock Opera House. From left, bottom row: Dorothy McEachren, president and G. Watson Lowe, vice president. Top row: Floyd Eckert, Robert Olson, and Henry F. Nell Jr., treasurer. June 1996: MCHS names 1885 Seneca Township town hall in Franklinville Perkins Hall after Don Perkins, Senecca Township road commissioner from 1955-1995. Family members gather near the sign marking the site. Joyce Perkins, Don’s wife, is at the right rear.

1997 - June Gannon Log Cabin restored - “A personal grant of $25,000, given by Mrs. Lois (Edwin) Diecke provided the funds necessary for a crew of dedicated volunteers, working under the guidance of preservation Specialist Ronald Nelson of Galesburg, to undertake a restoration of this 15’ x 18’ home. 2000 Millennium Project – Heritage Guide Map - Funding secured for producing 50,000 Landmark Discovery Tour Maps containing all sites plaqued by the Society up to year 2000, and by the McHenry County Preservation Commission. 2002 “The James” mobile display museum - Jim & Laurie Tonyan donated $5,000 to purchase 1983 Marengo-Union school bus ($1,200), to renovate & through volunteer efforts to create the Society’s mobile display museum 2006 - September 16 Historic Site #76 - Society awarded a plaque to the 1880 Abbott-Austin House and Site in Woodstock


McHenry County Historical Society | Sunday, November 3, 2013 • Sunday, November 3, 2013

May 3, 1981: MCHS re-dedicates the Gannon log cabin after locating the historic structure on museum grounds in Union, From left: Shuji Kimura, president; A.B. McConnell, Henry Marlowe, State Rep. Dick Klemm; Bob Stoxen and Don Willbrand, treasurer. 2009 - The Historic Sites Committee plaqued the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery. Among those pictured are committee chairwoman and retired curator Grace Moline and Spring Grove Village President Mark Eisenberg holding signs. MCHS board member Nancy Roozée (center, in red) replaced retired office manager Nancy Irwin in March 2013.


2008 – Historical Society acquires Riley Methodist Church 2009 - August 29 Historic Sites #78 & #79 - Society awarded plaques to the Edward H. Cook House in Cary and the 1914 Spring Grove Fish Hatchery 2011 – Spearheaded the creation of six-county Northern Illinois Quilt Festival 2011 Historic Sites #82 & #83 - Society awarded 1956 Crystal Lake Metro Bowl and 1950 Bettendorf Castle in Fox River Grove with plaques 2011 - December Grace Moline retired and Kira Halvey hired as Curator

1990: Dedication held for the restoration of the 1895 West Harmony one-room school, which had been donated by Riley School District 18, and moved to the museum grounds. From left: Robert Raseman, Jeff Kaiser, and Don Perkins.

Dedication of Diecke Hall in 1993 1980 Society’s Historic Sites Committee issued 1st plaque - site of Fred Hatch’s Upright Silo-circa 1873 - Spring Grove 1981 Nancy Fike hired as Curator Mark Haggitt returned home & Nancy Fike (8 yr. Member of Board of Directors) replaced him as Curator 1982 Local history research library created within the museum 1984 - 1st Heritage Fair 1988 - March 1895 West Harmony One-room school (donated by Riley School District 18) moved to museum grounds from Riley School where it had been moved in 1955

Retired administrator Nancy Fike shares a laugh with Mary McCann (left) at her goodbye open house in 2012. 1992 Tourist cabin acquired - Orsolini Family of Richmond donated 1948 modern tourist cabin, moved to Union, disassembled and reassembled inside the museum 1994 MCHS museum honors Hebron Green Giants with exhibit.  Its high school team won the 1952 Illinois basketball championship.

2012 - August 1 Nancy Fike retired and Kurt Begalka hired as Administrator 2013 – Society leads successful effort to secure county landmark status to the Harmony School building