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Description Of Responsibility Product Development Committee A1 B1 Responsible Depart/ Documentation & Agreements Comm Deliverables Approved Business Case & Business Proposals Approved Technical Solution Specification Document & Development Action Plan Approved Product Profile & Solution Post-Development Report. Prod Development Committee Marketing & Business Development Marketing & Business Development Marketing & Business Development

Product / Service Initiation & Design of Business Solution Design of Technical Solution & Supervising its development Product / Service Profiling & Setting up prerequisites for implementation

Course Of Action Product & Market Research, carry out business Analyses Providing business solution to consultants & working with them on Technical Solution Development. Drawing Product Profiles. Organising the stage for implementation once development is through.


Business Analysis Phase B2



Management Vetting & Board Approval Phase

C1 Project Implementation Team


Implementation Phase


Adopt Solution Post Development Report & Scheduling Implementation. Initiate Implementation

Appointment of Project Team, Setting up of project objectives & mile stones, allocation of responsibilities & defining deliverables. Project Meetings & consultations Integration, customisation, configuration & Interfacing of Systems.

Project Charter & Implementation Plan & Detailed Actions Minutes & Reports

Card Services Project Team

Projects Manager & Project Team


Implementation Processes

Progress Reports

Project Team

D4 D5
Implementation Phase Implementation Phase Implementation Phase D7 D6

Tests Laying Operating Framework Functional Support Functional Support Functional Support

Solution Testing on Test System Setting of System Administration Processes, Security & support servies Opening of GL A/Cs,Settlement, Reconciliations, Accounting. Drawing Operating Procedures and Routine controls Internal Control, Routine Controls & Inspection

User Acceptance Report System Administration & House Keeping Procedures Accounting Procedures - Action Plan Procedures & Routine Controls Action Plan

Project Team ICT Finance & Treasury Procedures Department

Audit Programs & Procedues - Action Internal Audit & Inspection Plan

POST IMPLEMENTATION EVALUATION Projects Implementation Team Description Of Responsibility Product / Service Initiation System Availability & Operational Support Operations & Processes Effectiveness Accounting. Recon & Management reporting requirements Reporting on Audit findings Obtaining feedback on staff knowledge & competences Responsible Depart/ Documentation & Agreements Comm Visa Proposed Product Concept Action Plan Systems Performance Report & PerformanceEnhancements .Support Staff and Users. Reconciliation & Reporting Internal Controls Environment Operating skills & staff competences Reporting on systems performance & actioning on non-satisfactory performance Reporting on Operational shortfalls & recommending updates to procedures Reporting & Review of Acc. Communication & business issues Training.Action Plan Operations Effectiveness Report & Update of Procedures Action Plan Operating Procedures / Manuals Action Plan Tightening of internal controls Identifying of skills gap & planning training Projects Manager A1 A Post Implementation Evaluation Phase B1 ICT Card Services & Procedures Dept Procedures Dept Internal Audit HR B2 B3 . Distribution.Implementation Phase Implementation Phase D8 D9 Markeing & Business Issues within the Project Pricing. Marketing & Business Issues Support Staff & User Training Action Plan Marketing & Business Development Support Services HR & Admin PROJECTS . Promotion.