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2012 Week 1 Reading


reading John 1 John 2 John 3 John 4 John 5 Genesis 1

family focus John 1:1-5 John 2:1-11 John 3:1-21 John 4:42-54 John 5:16-24 Genesis 1:1-3

Reading Tips 1• The gospel of John is breathtaking to read. It shows a pi t!re of Jes!s !nlike an" other gospel a o!nt. #pringing o!t of John$s loseness with %hrist &he was in Jes!s$ inner ir le'( this gospel reinfor es aspe ts of the #a)ior$s life that the other gospels don$t *ention. In fa t( he referred to hi*self as +the dis iple who* Jes!s lo)ed, &John 13:23- 2.:2'.


The p!rpose of this gospel is two-fold - apologeti and e)angelisti . 3• /s an apologist( his desire was to on)in e his readers of Jes!s$ tr!e identit" - na*el" the +#on of God, - e*phasi0ing 1is deit".


/s an e)angelist( John states that he wrote his gospel so people wo!ld belie)e Jes!s is the #on of God and ha)e life thro!gh 1i* &John 2.:3.-31'. The word +belie)e, o !rs appro2i*atel" 1.. ti*es in this one book3
/s "o! read( noti e the 4 +I /5, state*ents that identif" Jes!s as God( the 6 +signs, or proofs that Jes!s is who 1e sa"s 1e


789it365. o* 1 page: 1 week . /ll of these( like a laser( point people to belie)e in Jes!s( the one and onl" 5essiah.lai*s to be and the fas inating ontrasts between of death and life( light and darkness( and lo)e and hate. www.

There are =!estions with on rete answers and =!estions with *ore open-ended answers( designed to generate fa*il" on)ersations.What to Look for (chapter by chapter): 1• 2• ohn 1: 1ow long Jes!s &i.fa ebook. 8hat does this *ean: 8hat does this *ean to ?7C: 1ow does knowing these tr!th help "o! li)e with onfiden e: In John 3( 9i ode*!s went to Jes!s at night probabl" be a!se he was afraid that others *ight see hi* talking with Jes!s and the reper !ssions that *ight bring. o*. If "o!r kids ask additional =!estions that spark good on)ersation( go with it3 ?o! an also find the* online at www. +the !ssions alendars to help fa ilitate <ibli al dis !ssions in fa*ilies.' has e2isted ohn 2: 8hat *ira le was the first e)er that Jes!s perfor*ed 3• ohn !: 8hat Jes!s sa"s happens to those who belie)e in 1i* 4• ohn ": 8hat the #a*aritan wo*an did after *eeting Jes!s 5• ohn #: 8hat fo!r things ser)ed as witnesses to who Jes!s is 6• $enesis 1: 1ow John 1:1-3 and Genesis 1 o*pare %amily &orner 'ystery (uestion: /t what ti*e of da" did 9i ode*!s o*e to )isit Jes!s: )inner )iscussions: Gra e %h!r h pro)ides .inner .7wnIt365. o*Aownit365 that will help fa*ilies appl" that week$s readings to their e)er"da" li)es3 Join in3 +ersonal Reflection and . /re "o! afraid to 2• . /gain( the" are si*pl" to fa ilitate dis !ssions.pplication 1• Bead John 1:1-5( 14 se)eral ti*es. %acebook &on*ersations: @a h week( a *e*ber of o!r %hildren$s *inistr" tea* begins a on)ersation thread on www. >lease do not be on erned if "o!r fa*il" does not sti k to these e2a t =!estions.

o* week 1 page: 2 .*eet with Jes!s and lai* 1is identit" for fear of what people *ight sa": If www.789it365.

Therefore( we ha)e no reason for pride. and +tradition. 8hen God reated( 1e *ade so*ething fro* pra" and ask God to gi)e "o! the o!rage to li)e o!t "o!r faith p!bli l". @ither the" *ini*i0e 1is h!*anit" or *ini*i0e his deit".indi)id!all"( as a fa*il"( in "o!r workpla e( et . 1• John 3:3. and +tradition. Jes!s boldl" replied that tr!e worship in)ol)es +spirit.the deit" and h!*anit" of %hrist. This is where *ost people fall short. to lo!d "o!r worship of Jes!s: In what wa"s: . is the reso!nding the*e in John$s gospel( dis !ss "o!r Do!rne" of belief. 1• 8hat were h!rdles that "o! ha)e had to ross: 2• 8hat do "o! find diffi !lt to belie)e abo!t the %hristian faith: 3• 8hat has helped "o! o)er o*e disbelief: 4• 8hat # ript!res ha)e helped "o! along "o!r belief Do!rne": Bead John 1:1-5( 14 and dis !ss what this *eans to "o! . re ords John the <aptist$s fa*o!s state*ent referring to %hrist that +1e *!st in rease( b!t I *!st de rease. 1ow does this !nderstanding i*pa t "o!r life: The opening of John$s gospel o**!ni ates to the heart of %hristianit" . Eooking at 1:14( how do "o! balan e the two: The on)ersation with Jes!s and 9athanael points to the fa t 2• 3• 4• 5• ..o "o! worship in the wa" that God desires: 8hat hanges will I *ake to *" life to please God in *" worship: 2• 3• 1• -mall $roup &on*ersation $uide #in e the word +<elie)e.. 8e e2ist be a!se 1e reated !s. 1a)e "o! allowed +religion. and +tr!th. This *eans that 1e reated !s. >ra" and ask God to *ake that "o!r dail" pra"er3 The wo*an at the well in John 4 tried to steer the on)ersation with Jes!s to dis !ss +religion.

o* week 1 page: 3 . www. Bead John 1:44-51 and dis !ss this in "o!r gro!p.that Jes!s sees !s e)en when we don$t see 1i*.789it365. 1e is sear hing for !s and knows !s inti*atel" e)en when we are not sear hing for 1i*.

Bead the passage and obser)e these prin iples: 1e initiated onta t( established o**on gro!nd( listened to her( b!ilt a bridge b" *aking her thirst" for so*ething other than water( said eno!gh to *ake her h!ngr" for *ore( a epted her as she was didn$t p!sh his agenda( st! k with the ke" iss!es and o**!ni ated dire tl" and si*pl". The" knew r!les b!t negle ted the relationship.John 5:34-4. Bead John 3:3. ?et( 1e re*ained fo !sed 1is *ission of rede*ption. 11:11'. 8hat is the *ission that God has gi)en "o! as a leader: 1ow an "o! follow Jes!s$ e2a*ple and re*ain fo !sed: 2• John the <aptist &not the a!thor of the gospel' was onsidered b" Jes!s as the greatest person born a*ong wo*en &5att. This is prett" prestigio!s title. and dis o)er how he got there3 Jes!s was able to rea h an entire it" for %hrist thro!gh one !nna*ed wo*an at the well who e2perien ed 1is gra e &John 4'. In other words( the reation did not re ogni0e its %reator. 3• . 1ow an we pra ti all" appl" the # ript!res to o!r e)er"da" li)es: Leadership +rinciples 1• In John 1:5 it *entions that the world &darkness' did not o*prehend 1i*. Jes!s was onstantl" *is!nderstood and *is=!oted. Bead this as a gro!p and dis !ss how we an a)oid *aking the sa*e *istake as the religio!s leaders in Jes!s$ da". The religio!s leaders knew what the <ible said b!t failed to appl" it to their li)es. /s a leader( Jes!s onne ted with her. is a powerf!l re*inder that we an +know. all abo!t the <ible and "et still *iss its *essage.

789it365.www. o* 1 page: 4 week .