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Kradjian, MD Breast Surgery Chief Division of General Surgery, Seton Medical Centre #302 - 1 00 Sullivan !ve" Daly City, C! #$01% &S! "MILK" Just the word itself sounds comforting! "How about a nice cup of hot milk?" The last time ou heard that !uestion it was from someone who cared for ou""and ou appreciated their effort# The entire matter of food and especiall that of milk is surrounded with emotional and cultural importance# Milk was our $er first food# If we were fortunate it was our mother%s milk# & lo$ing link' gi$en and taken# It was the onl path to sur$i$al# If not mother%s milk it was cow%s milk or so milk "formula"""rarel it was goat' camel or water buffalo milk# (ow' we are a nation of milk drinkers# (earl all of us# Infants' the oung' adolescents' adults and e$en the aged# )e drink do*ens or e$en se$eral hundred gallons a ear and add to that man pounds of "dair products" such as cheese' butter' and ogurt# +an there be an thing wrong with this? )e see reassuring images of health ' beautiful people on our tele$ision screens and hear messages that assure us that' "Milk is good for our bod #" ,ur dieticians insist that".ou%$e got to ha$e milk' or where will ou get our calcium?" /chool lunches alwa s include milk and nearl e$er hospital meal will ha$e milk added# &nd if that isn%t enough' our nutritionists told us for ears that dair products make up an "essential food group#" Industr spokesmen made sure that colourful charts proclaiming the necessit of milk and other essential nutrients were made a$ailable at no

Η !"#$%&Η '(&()$%#: *+( ,Η+-,( #$%-# (#. + "# ,%Robert ,. Kradjian, MD '()*+ ,-.-/ 01*)+2)3*456 171-89:1;6 :,<=56 ,<> 316*4.> 01*)+2)3*4.> 17?-8/:<>, @/,)*4A 4?6,)+ Seton #302 - 1 00 Sullivan !ve" Daly 7AB<, /:8?:,*+ #$01% CDE 012 34546 789:;<= > ?@:7 > ABC> >DE? F>G HGEI>! 0J<= K:7 F2 7 ILMN7O>F:8P QALFRHG: F2L 87LF2S KHA78F2=T6 U FEAELF7?7 Q29H 782SI7FE E8E?G> F>G E9<F>I> VF7G 7NP 8HN2:2 N2L Q9PGF:IE K:7 I7=""87: E8F:MVI7FE > N92INHOE:H F2L=#

12 2AP8A>92 OBM7 F92Q?MWG 87: E:@:8H 7LFP F2L KHA78F2= E?G7: ME F> ILG7:IO>M7F:8V 87: N2A:F:IF:8V I>M7I?7# 12 KHA7 VF7G F7 N9<F7 "N9<F7 F9PQ:MH M7=# XHG VM7IFE FLDE92? VF7G M7= KHA7 M>FB97=# Y:7 ISG@EI> 7KHN>=' N2L @?GEF7: 87: N2L A7M;HGEF7:# ZF7G MPG2 N29E?7 IF>G EN:;?WI># XHG PD: F2 KHA7 F>= M>FB97= 7LFP VF7G > 7KEAH@7 KHA7 V KHA7 0FSN2=6 IPK:7=""INHG:7 VF7G 7?K7' 87MVA7 V KHA7 ;2S;7AWG GE92S# 1<97' E?M7IFE BOG2= FWG N2F<G KHA78F2=# [DE@PG PA2: M7=# \VN:7' 2: GE2A7?E=' 2: BQ>;2:' 2: EGVA:82: 87: 78PM7 87: 2 >A:8?7=# J?G2LME @W@E8H@E= V 78PM7 87: 798EFH K7APG:7 EF>I?W= 87: N92IOBIFE IE 7LFP= N2AAB= A?;9E= 0FWG K7A78F282M:8<G N92]PGFWG6 PNW= F2 FL9?' ;2SFL92' 87: K:72S9F:#

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cost for schools# +ow%s milk became "normal#" .ou ma be surprised to learn that most of the human beings that li$e on planet aarth toda do not drink or use cow%s milk# burther' most of them can%t drink milk because it makes them ill# There are students of human nutrition who are not supporti$e of milk use for adults# Here is a !uotation from the Marchc&pril deed ftne geaderIf ou reall want to pla it safe' ou ma decide to hoin the growing number of &mericans who are eliminating dair products from their diets altogether# &lthough this sounds radical to those of us weaned on milk and the fi$e basic food groups' it is eminentl $iable# Indeed' of all the mammals' onl humans""and then onl a minorit ' principall +aucasians""continue to drink milk be ond bab hood# )ho is right? )h the confusion? )here best to get our answers? +an we trust milk industr spokesmen? +an ou trust an industr spokesmen? &re nutritionists up to date or are the simpl repeating what their professors learned ears ago? )hat about the new $oices urging caution? I belie$e that there are three reliable sources of information# The first' and probabl the best' is a stud of nature# The second is to stud the histor of our own species# binall we need to look at the world%s scientific literature on the subhect of milk# Let%s look at the scientific literature first# brom deii to deej there were o$er k'lmm articles dealing with milk recorded in the %Medicine% archi$es# bifteen hundred of theses had milk as the main focus of the article# There is no lack of scientific information on this

87GBG7 8PIF2= K:7 ID2AE?7# 12 KHA7 F>= 7KEAH@7= BK:GE 087G2G:8P#6 YN29E?FE G7 E8NA7KE?FE G7 MHOEFE PF: F7 NE9:IIPFE97 7NP F7 7GO9<N:G7 2GF7 7LFP= RWGF7GP= IF2 NA7GVF> 3> IVME97 @EG N?GE: V @EG D9>I:M2N2:E? F>= 7KEAH@7= KHA7# JE97:FB9W' 2: NE9:IIPFE92: 7NP F2L= @EG MN292SG G7 N:2LG F2 KHA7 ENE:@V 7LFP F2L= 8HGE: F2 nAA:GP:=# oNH9D2LG IN2L@7IFB= F>= 7GO9<N:G>= @:7F92QV= N2L @EG E?G7: EGO799LGF:82? 7NP F> D9VI> KHA78F2= K:7 F2L= EG>A?82L=# X@< E?G7: M:7 7G7Q29H 7NP 4G7KG<IF>= ftne F2G 4N9?A:2 F2L deed Y79F?2LXHG OBAEFE N97KM7F:8H G7 F2 N7?CEFE D9>M7F28:;<F:2' MN29E?FE G7 7N2Q7I?IEFE G7 EG<IEFE 2 7LC7GPMEG2= 79:OMP= 4ME9:87G<G N2L 7N2;HAA2LG F2 K7A78F282ME?2 N92]PGF7 7NP F:= @:7F92QB= F2L= ILG2A:8H# 4G 87: 7LFP >DE? 9:R2INHIF>= IE E8E?G2: M7= N2L 7N2K7A78F:RPM7IFE IF2 KHA7 87: FWG NBGFE ;7I:8<G 2: 2MH@E= F92Q?MWG' 7LFP E?G7: 87FEC2DVG ;:<I:ME=# J9HKM7F:' PA2 O>A7IF:8H' MPG2 HGO9WN2:""87: BNE:F7 MPG2 M:7 ME:2GPF>F7' 8L9?W= `7L8HI:2:""ILGED?IFE G7 N?GEFE F2 KHA7 NB97 7NP F2 bab hood# 12 c)ho E?G7: IWIFPT 3:7F? > ISKDLI>T pN2L F2 87ASFE92 N2L N7?9GE: M7= 7N7GFVIE:=T YN292SME G7 EMN:IFELO2SME F2L= E8N92I<N2L= ;:2M>D7G?7= KHA78F2=T YN29E?FE G7 EMN:IFELOE?FE 2N2:2:@VN2FE E8N9PIWN2: ;:2M>D7G?7=T X?G7: @:7F92Q2APK2: EG>ME9WMBG2: V E?G7: 7LF2? N2L EN7G7A7M;HG2LG 7NAH F: 2: 87O>K>FB= F2L= BM7O7G F7 BF> N9:GT 1: K?GEF7: ME F:= GBE= QWGB= N2L WO2SG F>G N92I2DVT J:IFESW PF: LNH9D2LG F9E:= 7C:PN:IFE= N>KB= NA>92Q29?E=# _ N9<F2=' 87: N:O7G<= F2 87ASFE92' E?G7: M:7 MEABF> QSI># _ @ESFE92= N9P8E:F7: G7 MEAEFVIE: F> @:8V= M7= :IF29?7 E?@># 1EA:8H N9BNE: G7 ECEFHI2LME F2L 8PIM2L EN:IF>M2G:82? A2K2FEDG?7 IDEF:8H ME F2 OBM7 F2L KHA78F2=# XCEFHIFE F>G EN:IF>M2G:8V A2K2FEDG?7 N9<F7# 4NP F2 deii deej LNV9C7G NHGW 7NP k#lmm H9O97 N2L ECEFHR2LG F2 KHA7 87F7K97MMBG2= IF7 79DE?7 0:7F9:8V=6# qE87NBGFE E87FP 2: @:7F9:;B= E?D7G F2 KHA7 W= 8S9:7 EIF?7I> F2L H9O92L# oNH9DE: 87M?7 BAAE:r> EN:IF>M2G:8<G NA>92Q29:<G IE 7LFP

subhect# I re$iewed o$er smm of the d'smm articles' discarding articles that dealt etclusi$el with animals' esoteric research and inconclusi$e studies# How would I summari*e the articles? The were onl slightl less than horrif ing# birst of all' none of the authors spoke of cow%s milk as an etcellent food' free of side effects and the %perfect food% as we ha$e been led to belie$e b the industr # The main focus of the published reports seems to be on intestinal colic' intestinal irritation' intestinal bleeding' anemia' allergic reactions in infants and children as well as infections such as salmonella# More ominous is the fear of $iral infection with bo$ine leukemia $irus or an &Iu/"like $irus as well as concern for childhood diabetes# +ontamination of milk b blood and white vpusw cells as well as a $ariet of chemicals and insecticides was also discussed# &mong children the problems were allerg ' ear and tonsillar infections' bedwetting' asthma' intestinal bleeding' colic and childhood diabetes# In adults the problems seemed centered more around heart disease and arthritis' allerg ' sinusitis' and the more serious !uestions of leukemia' l mphoma and cancer# I think that an answer can also be found in a consideration of what occurs in nature x what happens with free li$ing mammals and what happens with human groups li$ing in close to a natural state as %hunter"gatherers%# ,ur paleolithic ancestors are another crucial and interesting group to stud # Here we are limited to speculation and indirect e$idences' but the bon remains a$ailable for our stud are remarkable# There is no doubt

F2 OBM7# n 7G7OEW9>MBG7 NHGW 7NP smm FWG d#smm H9O9WG' 7N299?NF2GF7= F7 H9O97 7LFP= 7ID2AVO>8E 7N28AE:IF:8H ME F7 R<7' EIWFE9:8V B9ELG7 87: 7G7N2FEAEIM7F:8B= MEABFE=#

J<= O7 ILGPr:R7 F7 H9O97T ZF7G MPG2 EA7Q9<= A:KPFE92 7NP F92MHR2GF7=# `7F79DVG' 87GBG7= 7NP F2L= ILGFH8FE= M?A>IE K:7 F2 KHA7 F>= 7KEAH@7= W= H9:IF7 F9PQ:M7' DW9?= NAEL9H 7N2FEABIM7F7 87: F7 0FBAE:7 F9PQ:M76 @E@2MBG2L PF: BD2LME 2@>K>OE? OEW9VIFE 7NP F> ;:2M>D7G?7# U 8S9:7 EIF?7I> @>M2I:ELMBG> 2: E8OBIE:= Q7?G2GF7: G7 E?G7: EGFE9:8P IE colic' EGFE9:8P= EGPDA>I>' EGFE9:8V 7:M2997K?7' 7G7:M?7' 7AAE9K:8B= 7GF:@9HIE:= IF7 GVN:7 87: F7 N7:@:H 87O<= EN?I>= 87: F:= M2ASGIE:= PNW= I7AM2GBAE=# J:P @LI2?WG2= E?G7: 2 QP;2= F>= N92E9DPMEG>= 7NP :P MPALGI>= ME ;22E:@V= :P= AELD7:M?7= V BG7= EG?IDLI>"2M2E:@V= :P= 87O<= EN?I>= 87: 7G>ILD?7 K:7 F2 @:7;VF> N7:@:8V= >A:8?7=# YPALGI> F2L KHA78F2= 82GFH 7?M7 87: AEL8H vpusw 8SFF797 87O<= EN?I>= 87: N2:8?A2= 2: D>M:8B= 2LI?E= 87: F7 EGF2M28FPG7 ILR>FVO>87G EN?I>=# YEF7CS N7:@:H N2L F7 N92;AVM7F7 VF7G 7AAE9K?7' 7LF? 87: tonsillar M2ASGIE:=' HIOM7' EGFE9:8V 7:M2997K?7' colic 87: @:7;VF>= N7:@:8V= >A:8?7=# [F2L= EG>A?82L= F7 N92;AVM7F7 QHG>87G 8EGF92OBF>IE NE9:IIPFE9WG KS9W 7NP F:= 879@:78B= N7OVIE:= 87: F>G 79O9?F:@7' 7AAE9K?7' :KM29?F:@7' 87: F7 I2;79PFE97 OBM7F7 F>= AELD7:M?7=' ABMQWM7 87: 8798?G2=# [8BQF2M7: PF: M:7 7NHGF>I> MN29E? EN?I>= G7 ;9EOE? IE M:7 E8F?M>I> 7NP 7LFP N2L EMQ7G?REF7: IF> QSI> x F: ILM;7?GE: ME F>G EAESOE9> @:7;?WI> O>A7IF:8H 87: F: ILM;7?GE: ME F:= 7GO9<N:GE= 2MH@E= N2L R2LG IF2G NE9?;2A2 IE BG7 QLI:8P 89HF2= W= 08LG>KP="gatherers6#

_: N7A7:2A:O:82? N9PK2G2? M7= E?G7: HAA2= 89?I:M2= 87: EG@:7QB92LI7 2MH@7 N2L MEAEFH# X@< NE9:29:RPM7IFE 8E9@2I82N?7 87: BMMEI7 IF2:DE?7' 7AAH F7 2IFE<@> LN2AE?MM7F7 @:7OBI:M2= K:7 F> MEABF> M7= E?G7: 7C:2N9PIE8F2=# oNH9DE: 7G7MQ:I;VF>F7 2N2:2I@VN2FE E8E?G2= 2 7LFH F7 I8EAEF:8H

@2MH@E= 87: 7N299?NF2LG BNE:F7 F2 GB2 R<2 87: F2 @:@HI8E: K:7 G7 QHE: F7 IFE9EH F9PQ:M7# U NE9:N2?>I> N79BDEF7: 7NP F> QSI> MPG2 K:7 N2AS F2 GE<FE92 FWG O>A7IF:8<G# |LI:8H' @EG E?G7: N:O7GP= K:7 F7 R<7 N2L R2LG IE BG7 QLI:8P 89HF2= K:7 G7 ILGED:IFE? ME F>G 87F7GHAWI> F2L KHA78F2= MEFH 7NP G7 7N2K7A78F?IE:# Xn\4n _5_ 1_ 3454 1_ nqn_T `7FPN:G LNH9DE: F2 OBM7 PN2L N7?9G2LME F2 KHA7 M7=# {D2LME EK87FEIF>MBG2= IF>G 7KEAH@7 APKW F>= LNH82L7= QSI>= F2L' F2 MBKEOP= F2L' 87: > HQO2G> N92IQ29H KHA78FP= F2L# `HNW= 7LFV > EN:A2KV Q7?GEF7: 087G2G:8P=6 87: ELA2K>MBG2= 7NP F> QSI>' 2 N2A:F:IMP= M7=' 87: M7= FEAWGE?2# 4AAH E?G7: QLI:8PT X?G7: I2QP G7 N:WOE? F2 KHA7 BG7 HAA2 E?@2= O>A7IF:82ST XCEFHIFE K:7 M:7 IF:KMV' EHG VF7G @LG7FP' G7 N:E: F2 KHA7 7NP BG7 O>A7IF:8P E8FP= 7NP M:7 7KEAH@7' NBIFE BG7G 792L97?2# Z ?IW= F2 KHA7 EGP= I8LA:2S O7 VF7G NE9:IIPFE92: IF>G N92F?M>IV I7=# XG@ED2MBGW= 8HN2:2 KHA7 7APKWG V KHA7 K7F<G# J7?9GEFE F>G .: K:7 789:.r perhaps the milk of a dog would be more to our liking# zossibl some horse milk or cat milk# uo ou get the LN2AE?MM7F7 7NE:82G?R2LG F> MEKHA> @SG7M>' muscularit vF2 MBKEO2= FWG ML]8<G E:I7KWK<G N792LI:HRE: 7LFPw' 87: ILG2A:8V 7N2LI?7 N92DW9>MBG>= 2IFE2NP9WI>=# `7: EHG 7:IOHGEIFE PF: 7LF2? 2: HGO9WN2: @EG E?G7: I>M7GF:82? K:7 M7= G7 MEAEFVI2LME' OEW9VIFE PF: IVME97 F7 K2G?@:H M7= N92K97MM7F?R2LG F2L= 29K7G:IM2S= M7= MBI7 IDE@PG 789:.97DLN9POEIM2 O9ENF:8V 2LI?7 K:7 F7 GE2KGH# 1?N2F7 NE9:IIPFE92:' F?N2F7 A:KPFE92:# 4MEFH.whate$er that these skeletal remains reflect great strength' muscularit vthe si*e of the muscular insertions show thisw' and total absence of ad$anced osteoporosis# &nd if ou feel that these people are not important for us to stud ' consider that toda our genes are programming our bodies in almost etactl the same wa as our ancestors of sm'mmm to dmm'mmm ears ago# )H&T I/ MILK? Milk is a maternal lactating secretion' a short term nutrient for new"borns# (othing more' nothing less# In$ariabl ' the mother of an mammal will pro$ide her milk for a short period of time immediatel after birth# )hen the time comes for %weaning%' the oung offspring is introduced to the proper food for that species of mammal# & familiar etample is that of a pupp # The mother nurses the pup for hust a few weeks and then rehects the oung animal and teaches it to eat solid food# (ursing is pro$ided b nature onl for the $er oungest of mammals# .<= 2 ?@:2= F9PN2= ME F2L= N92KPG2L= M7= sm#mmm dmm#mmm BF> N9:G# 1n Xn\4n 3454T 12 KHA7 E?G7: M:7 M>F9:8V B889:I> O>A7IM2S' BG7 .:2S# _: G2I28PME= M>FB9WG F2 82LFH.<= ME9:8B= E.A>F7' > M>FB97 2N2:2L@VN2FE O>A7IF:82S O7 N79HIDE: F2 KHA7 F>= K:7 BG7 A?K2 D92G:8P @:HIF>M7 7MBIW= MEFH 7NP F> KBGG>I># pF7G 2 87:9P= B9DEF7: K:7 0F>G 7N2K7AH8F:I>6' 2 GB2= 7NPK2G2= E:IHKEF7: IF7 87FHAA>A7 F9PQ:M7 K:7 E8E?G2 F2 E?@2= O>A7IF:82S# {G7= KGWIFP= F2 N79H@E:KM7 E?G7: 7LFP EGP= 82LF7.f course' it is not possible for animals li$ing in a natural state to continue with the drinking of milk after weaning# I/ &LL MILK THa /&Ma? Then there is the matter of where we get our milk# )e ha$e settled on the cow because of its docile nature' its si*e' and its abundant milk suppl # /omehow this choice seems %normal% and blessed b nature' our culture' and our customs# yut is it natural? Is it wise to drink the milk of another species of mammal? +onsider for a moment' if it was possible' to drink the milk of a mammal other than a cow' let%s sa a rat# .

2LFL9WMBG2 KHA7 F>= 7KEAH@7= @EG BDE: 87GBG7 A:GEA7]8P 2CSw# 4LFP 7NAH @EG IDE@:HREF7: K:7 F2L= 7GO9<N2L=# 17 F9PQ:M7 E?G7: PD: MPG2 F9PQ:M7' 87: F2 KHA7 E?G7: PD: MPG2 KHA7# qEG E?G7: MPG2 F2 87FHAA>A2 N2IP F92Q?MWG 7AAH 87FHAA>A2L F2L N2:2F:82S ISGOEI> N2L E?G7: 89?I:M> K:7 N2AS F2G 87ASFE92 IF>G LKE?7 87: 7SC>I># ^:2D>M:82? 87: QLI:2APK2: " 87: INHG:7 :7F9:8P= K:7F92? " .7OM:7?7 M7O7?GE: PF: F7 F9PQ:M7 NE9:BD2LG 89?I:M7 IF2:DE?7 N2L EN:F9BN2LG IE BG7 :@:7?FE92 E?@2= K:7 G7 7G7NFLDO2SG 2: M2G7@:8B= E:@:8ESIE:= F2L# [7Q<=' > E:@?8ELIV M7= E?G7: K:7 N92>KMBG2 GEL92A2K:8P 7GHNFLC> 87: AENFP= GEL92ML]8P= BAEKD2=# pD: BDEFE N2AAV 7GHK8> F>= 2K8<@2L= I8EAEF:8V= 7SC>I>= V F2L FE9HIF:2L MLP= 2MH@E= PNW= BG7= MPID2=# [8EQFE?FE F> @:7Q29H MEF7CS 2: 7N7:FVIE:= 8HG2LG IE EF2:MPF>F7 7GO9<N:G2 87: F:= 7N7:FVIE:= M:7= 7KEAH@7= 2NAV# 17 7GO9<N:G7 GE2KGH D9E:HR2GF7: ILK8E89:MBG7 F2 89?I:M2 LA:8P K:7 F2L= EK8EQHA2L=' F2 GWF:7?2 MLEAP 87: F7 GES97 F2L=# YN29E? F2 KHA7 F>= M>FB97= G7 7LCVIE: F> G2>M2ISG>T |7?GEF7: PF: 7LFP .idea? )ell' I%m not serious about this' etcept to suggest that human milk is for human infants' dogs% milk is for pups' cows% milk is for cal$es' cats% milk is for kittens' and so forth# +learl ' this is the wa nature intends it# Just use our own good hudgement on this one# Milk is not hust milk# The milk of e$er species of mammal is uni!ue and specificall tailored to the re!uirements of that animal# bor etample' cows% milk is $er much richer in protein than human milk# Three to four times as much# It has fi$e to se$en times the mineral content# Howe$er' it is markedl deficient in essential fatt acids when compared to human mothers% milk# Mothers% milk has sit to ten times as much of the essential fatt acids' especiall linoleic acid# vIncidentall ' skimmed cow%s milk has no linoleic acidw# It simpl is not designed for humans# bood is not hust food' and milk is not hust milk# It is not onl the proper amount of food but the proper !ualitati$e composition that is critical for the $er best in health and growth# yiochemists and ph siologists "and rarel medical doctors " are graduall learning that foods contain the crucial elements that allow a particular species to de$elop its uni!ue speciali*ations# +learl ' our speciali*ation is for ad$anced neurological de$elopment and delicate neuromuscular control# )e do not ha$e much need of massi$e skeletal growth or huge muscle groups as does a calf# Think of the difference between the demands make on the human hand and the demands on a cow%s hoof# Human new"borns specificall need critical material for their brains' spinal cord and ner$es# +an mother%s milk increase intelligence? It seems that it :@B7T `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}G> 7NP F2 7GO9<N:G2 KHA7# 19E:= BW= FBIIE9:= Q29B= NE9:IIPFE92# {DE: NBGFE BW= ENFH Q29B= F2 29L8FP NE9:EDPMEG2# XGF2SF2:=' E?G7: EMQ7G<= 7GEN798V= IF7 2LI:7IF:8H A:N79H 2CB7 PF7G ILK89?GEF7: ME KHA7 FWG 7GO9<N:GWG M>FB9WG# 12 KHA7 FWG M>FB9WG BDE: BC: BW= @B87 D9PG2L= PNW= BG7 MEKHA2 MB92= FWG 2LI:7IF:8<G A:N79<G 2CBWG' E:@:8H A:GEA7]8P 2CS# v1LD7?7' F2 7N2.

A>M7 IF2L= EGVA:82L= 7IOEGE?= IF> M7892N9POEIM> I?F:I> K7IF9:8<G IWAVGWG# [F2 q9 ‚#.:7 9ELIFH 7G7F797DB= N2L 87O79?R2GF7: GEL92A2K:8B=# [F2 ?@:2 NE9:2@:8P NBGFE BF> 79KPFE97 yher$e' Mostad 87: 12 Thoresen' N2L AE:F2L9KE? IF> \29.A>M7# 17 2LI:7IF:8H A:N79H 2CB7 E?G7: 789:.9EF7G:8<G E9K7R2MBGWG FLD7?7 F2N2OEF>MBG7 N9PW97 GVN:7 IE @S2 2MH@E=# Y:7 2MH@7 A7M.<= F2 ?@:2 N9P.)%/ MILK I/ zfga .# yurr in Minnesota working with rats found that linoleic acid deficiencies created a deficienc s ndrome# )h is this mentioned? In the earl de•ms pediatricians found skin lesions in children fed formulas without the same linoleic acid# gemembering the research' the addition of the acid to the formula cured the problem# assential fatt acids are hust that and cows% milk is markedl deficient in these when compared to human milk# )aLL' &T La&/T +.7GPMEG> BG7= 87FHAA>A2= FSN2=' > HAA> 2MH@7 BA7.r is it? bift produced k'mmm ears ago an a$erage cow MN29BIFE# [E M:7 7C:2N9PIE8F> MEABF> N2L @>M2I:ESEF7: IF2 GLIFB9: 87FH F> @:H98E:7 F2L deek vXGFHIE:= jje' IEA# k•d"€w' M:7 2MH@7 .:2 9ELIFH MPG2# 17 9ELIFH D9>I:M2N2:2SMEG7 NE9:E?D7G MPG2 F2 A:GEA7]8P 2CS " 789:.9?I82GF7: 2: 7GENH98E:E= E8E?G2L F2L A:GEA7]82S 2CB2= @>M:2S9K>I7G M:7 7GENH98E:7 ISG@92M2# 3:7F? 7LFP 7G7QB9EF7:T [F:= 79DB= F>= @E87EF?7= F2L de•m F7 pediatricians F97SM7F7 @E9MHFWG IF7 N7:@:H N2L F7}R2GF7: F2L= FSN2L= DW9?= F2 ?@:2 A:GEA7]8P 2CS# 4GHMG>I> F>= B9ELG7=' > N92IOV8> F2L 2CB2= IF2G FSN2 OE9HNELIE F2 N9P.E F2 7GO9<N:G2 IFVO2= KHA7# `7: F7 @S2 9ELIFH @PO>87G 7NP F2 IWAVG7 IF2M7D:<G# 4LFH F7 N7:@:H 782A2LOVO>8E K:7 NHGW 7NP dm BF># [F> @28:MV G2>M2ISG>=' F7 7GO9<N:G7 N7:@:H KHA78F2= LN2APK:I7G 87FH MBI2 P92 dm I>ME?7 qXn`1U \_UY_[ƒ\U[ Lr>APFE97! `7AH' K:7F? PD:T 3:7F? 2: IWIFB= @2M:8B= M2GH@E= K:7 K9VK297 G7 W9:MHI2LG 87: 2 EK8BQ7A2= 7GHNFLC>= BD2LG M:7 OEF:8V EN?@97I>T [F2 7ME9:87G:8P NE9:2@:8P F>= 8A:G:8V= @:7F92QV= vdeikw galph 12 Holman NE9:BK97rE BG7 GVN:2 N2L 7GBNFLCE .<= 7LFH 87: F2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG E?G7: EMQ7G<= 7GEN798V= IE 7LF2? PF7G ILK89?GEF7: ME F2 7GO9<N:G2 KHA7# `454' 1_o54„n[1_\ 1_ 3454 1U[ 43X54q4[ Xn\4n `4…4†_ Z E?G7: 7LFPT JEGVGF7 BF> N9:G M:7 MBI> 7KEAH@7 N79VK7KE k#mmm .9V8E 789:.# IHA:7IM7 F2L dejm IE Y:GEIPF7 N2L AE:F2L9KE? ME F2L= 792L97?2L= N2L .>K?7 .7OS GEL92A2K:8V 7IOBGE:7 7NP EG@2QAB.can# In a remarkable stud published in Lancet during deek v~ol# jje' p# k•d"€w' a group of yritish workers randoml placed premature infants into two groups# .ne group recei$ed a proper formula' the other group recei$ed human breast milk# yoth fluids were gi$en b stomach tube# These children were followed up for o$er dm ears# In intelligence testing' the human milk children a$eraged dm I• points higher! )ell' wh not? )h wouldn%t the correct building blocks for the rapidl maturing and growing brain ha$e a positi$e effect? In the &merican Journal of +linical (utrition vdeikw galph Holman described an infant who de$eloped profound neurological disease while being nourished b intra$enous fluids onl # The fluids used contained onl linoleic acid " hust one of the essential fatt acids# )hen the other' alpha linoleic acid' was added to the intra$enous fluids the neurological disorders cleared# In the same hournal fi$e ears later yher$e' Mostad and Thoresen' working in (orwa found etactl the same problem in adult patients on long term gastric tube feeding# In dejm ur# ‚#.<= BG7 7NP F7 2LI:7IF:8H A:N79H 2CB7# pF7G HAA2=' HAQ7 F2 A:GEA7]8P 2CS' N92IFBO>8E IF7 EG@2QAB.

fphohn' ali Lill ' and &merican + anamid +ompan # .AVM7F7 ME > N92IOV8> FWG M29?WG IE BG7 I<M7 FWG 7KEAH@WG KHA78F2= E?G7: PF: F7 MP9:7 ILGVOW= .2LFS92L' F2L FL9:2S' V F2L non"fat C>92S KHA78F2= IE M:7 LN2IFV9:C> F:MV N2L F?OEF7: 7NP F2 ILGB@9:2! |292A2K:8P F2 deed' F2 f/u& CP@ErE ‡lsl E87F2MMS9:2 IF2 .2SFL92 NAE2GHIM7F2=' 87: BG7 @:IE87F2MMS9:2 @2AH9:7 EF>I?W= ENHGW .9E=! J<= 7LFP 2A28A>9<O>8ET |H9M787' 7GF:.:2F:8H' 29MPGE=' 7G7K87IMBG7 IDB@:7 I?F:I>= 87: E:@:8ELMBG> 7G7N797KWKV BFI:# U N:P N9PIQ7F> EN?OEI> Lr>AV=FEDG2A2K?7= IF> QFWDV 7KEAH@7 E?G7: .:2F:8V OE97NE?7' 87: F7 LN2AE?MM7F7 F7 7GF:.pounds of milk per ear# Toda the top producers gi$e sm'mmm pounds! How was this accomplished? urugs' antibiotics' hormones' forced feeding plans and speciali*ed breedingT that%s how# The latest high"tech onslaught on the poor cow is bo$ine growth hormone or y‚H# This geneticall engineered drug is supposed to stimulate milk production but' according to Monsanto' the hormone%s manufacturer' does not affect the milk or meat# There are three other manufacturers.b$iousl ' there ha$e been no long"term studies on the hormone%s effect on the humans drinking the milk# .A>M7 E?G7: PF: N9287AE? D7978F>9:IMBG2= 7SC>I> vsm BW= lm F2:= E87FPw IF> M7IF?F:@7# 4LFP' BNE:F7' 7N7:FE? F>G 7GF:.9E= F2L KHA78F2= F2 D9PG2# [VME97 2: F2N N797KWK2? @?G2LG sm#mmm A?.ther countries ha$e banned y‚H because of safet concerns# .ne of the problems with adding molecules to a milk cows% bod is that the molecules usuall come out in the milk# I don%t know how ou feel' but I don%t want to etperiment with the ingestion of a growth hormone# & related problem is that it causes a marked increase vsm to lm per centw in mastitis# This' then' re!uires antibiotic therap ' and the residues of the antibiotics appear in the milk# It seems that the public is uneas about this product and in one sur$e €j per cent felt that growth hormone treated milk represented a health risk# & $ice president for public polic at Monsanto was opposed to labelling for that reason' and because the labelling would create an %artificial distinction%# The countr is awash with milk as it is' we produce more milk than we can consume# Let%s not create storage costs and further tatpa er burdens' because the law re!uires the f/u& to bu an surplus of butter' cheese' or non"fat dr milk at a support price set b +ongress! In fiscal deed' the f/u& spent ‡lsl million on surplus butter' and one billion A?.:2F:8H EMQ7G?R2GF7: IF2 KHA7# |7?GEF7: PF: F2 82:GP E?G7: @SI82A2= K:7 7LFP F2 N92]PG 87: IE M:7 B9ELG7 €j F2:= E87FP 7:IO>FH E8E?G> > 29MPG> 7SC>I>= MEF7DE:9?IF>8E F2 KHA7 7GF:N92I<NELIE BG7G 8?G@LG2 K:7 F>G LKE?7# {G7= 7GF:N9PE@92= K:7 F> @>MPI:7 N2A:F:8V IE Monsanto 7GF:FHDF>8E IF2 M798H9:IM7 K:7 E8E?G2 F2G APK2' 87: ENE:@V F2 M798H9:IM7 O7 @>M:2L9K2SIE M:7 0FEDG>FV @:H89:I>6# U D<97 E?G7: awash ME F2 KHA7 PNW= E?G7:' N79HK2LME NE9:IIPFE92 KHA7 7NP MN292SME 87F7G7A<IFE# Y>G @>M:2L9KVIFE F:= @7NHGE= 7N2OV8ELI>= 87: F2G NE97:FB9W Q292A2K2SMEG2 Q29F?7' ENE:@V 2 GPM2= 7N7:FE? F2 f/u& K:7 G7 7K29HIE: 2N2:7 @VN2FE NAEPG7IM7 F2L .KE?FE IF2 KHA7# qEG CB9W N<= 7:IOHGEIFE' 7AAH qEG OBAW G7 NE:97M7F:IF< ME F>G 87FHN2I> M:7= 7SC>I>= 29MPG># {G7 IDEF:8P N9P.22E:@V= 29MPG> 7SC>I>= V y‚H# 4LFP F2 KEGEF:8H 87F7I8EL7IMBG2 QH9M782 E?G7:LN2F:OBMEG2= K:7 G7 LN28:GVIE: F>G N797KWKV KHA78F2= 7AAH' ISMQWG7 ME 12 Monsanto' 2 87F7I8EL7IFV= F>= 29MPG>=' @EG BDE: EN:NF<IE:= KHA7 V 89B7=# oNH9D2LG F9E:= HAA2: 87F7I8EL7IFB=fphohn' ali Lill ' 87: 7ME9:87G:8V EN:DE?9>I> 8L7G7M?@>=# J92Q7G<=' E8E? @EG VF7G 87M?7 M7892N9POEIM> MEABF> K:7 F>G EN?@97I> F>= 29MPG>= 2: HGO9WN2: N2L N?G2LG F2 KHA7# ˆAAE= D<9E= BD2LG 7N7K29ESIE: y‚H APKW FWG 7G>ILD:<G 7IQHAE:7=# {G7 7NP F7 N92.

jjm"jkw# &n lactating mammal etcretes totins through her milk# This includes antibiotics' pesticides' chemicals and hormones# &lso' all cows% milk contains blood! The inspectors are simpl asked to keep it under certain limits# .w tells us that the bu& and the indi$idual /tates are failing to protect the public from drug residues in milk# &uthorities test for onl € of the ik drugs in dair cows# &s ou can imagine' the Milk Industr boundation%s spokesman claims it%s perfectl safe# Jerome Ko*ak sa s' "I still think that milk is the safest product we ha$e#" .78F>9:78P 828FB:AT 1BA2=' 2 _9K7G:IMP= |79MH8WG 87: 192Q?MWG vbu&w O7 I7= N92IF7FESIE:T 12 K97QE?2 UGWMBG>= KEG:8V= A2K:IF:8V= v‚&.:2F:8H' F7 QLF2QH9M787' F:= D>M:8B= 2LI?E= 87: F:= 29MPGE=# XN?I>=' F2 KHA7 PAWG FWG 7KEAH@WG NE9:BDE: F27?M7! _: EN:OEW9>FB= E?G7: 7NAH 8A>MBG2= G7 F2 897FVIE: 8HFW 7NP 29:IMBG7 P9:7# YN29E?FE G7 E?IFE F92M7KMBG2= K:7 G7 MHOE: PF: F2 f/u& EN:F9BNE: IF2 KHA7 K:7 G7 NE9:BDE: 7NP AEL8H 8SFF797 7?M7F2= BG7 BW= EGHM:IL E87F2MMS9:2 7GH D:A:PA:F92# vpF: E?G7: MPG2 dcjm M:7= 2LKK:H=w# XHG PD: V@> CB9FE 7LFP' ALNHM7: G7 I7= NW PF: BG7= HAA2= F9PN2= NE9:K9HrFE F7 AEL8H 8SFF797 PN2L @EG 7GV82LG O7 VF7G F2L= 87ABIFE pus 8SFF797# \7 QFHIE: IF2 I>ME?2' E?G7: KHA7 87O79P V E?G7: 7LFP BG7 D>M:8P' .ffice v‚&.9V87G A?K7 N92.7?GE:T pF7G F2 bu& ECBF7IE F2 KHA7' .9E? MEFH 7NP.w M7= ABE: 7LF2S F2 bu& 87: F7 MEM2GWMBG7 89HF> 7N2FLKDHG2LG G7 N92IF7FESI2LG 82:GP 7NP F7 LN2AE?MM7F7 Q79MH8WG IF2 KHA7# q28:MV 79D<G K:7 MPG2 € FWG ik Q79MH8WG IF:= K7A78F282M:8B= 7KEAH@E=# pNW= MN29E?FE G7 Q7GF7IFE?FE' 2 E8N9PIWN2= F2L :@9SM7F2= .HGE: F7 7GF:.ji‰ of milk samples in dm cities were contaminated with sulfa drugs or other antibiotics# vThis from the +entre for /cience in the zublic Interest and The )all /treet Journal' uec# ke' deiew## & similar stud in )ashington' u+ found a km percent contamination rate v(utrition &ction Healthletter' &pril deemw# )hat%s going on here? )hen the bu& tested milk' the found few problems# Howe$er' the used $er lat MBI2= P92= K:7 F:= LN2IF>9?CE:= F:M<G 87FH F> @:H98E:7 F>= @E87EF?7= F2L %im v87F7G7AWFV= X8OBIE:=' F2 YH:2 F2L deek.ou ma be horrified to learn that the f/u& allows milk to contain from one to one and a half million white blood cells per millilitre# vThat%s onl dcjm of an ouncew# If ou don%t alread know this' I%m sorr to tell ou that another wa to describe white cells where the don%t belong would be to call them pus cells# To get to the point' is milk pure or is it a chemical' biological' and bacterial cocktail? binall ' will the bood and urug &dministration vbu&w protect ou? The fnited /tates ‚eneral &ccounting .jjm"jkw# _N2:2@VN2FE O>AHR2GF7= O>A7IF:8P E889?GE: F:= F2C?GE= MBIW F2L KHA78FP= F>=# 4LFP NE9:A7M.:2M>D7G?7= KHA78F2= 7C:<IE:= N2L E?G7: FBAE:7 7IQ7AB=# _ Jerome Ko*ak ABE:' 0n 78PM7 I8EQFE?FE PF: F2 KHA7 E?G7: F2 7IQ7ABIFE92 N92]PG N2L BD2LME#6 ˆAA2=' ?IW= A:KPFE92: N9287FE:A>MMBG2: N797F>9>FB=' BDE: .ther' perhaps less biased obser$ers' ha$e found the following.:2A2K:8P' 87: .ji‰ FWG @E:KMHFWG KHA78F2= IE dm NPAE:= VF7G M2ALIMBG2= ME F7 QH9M787 sulfa V HAA7 7GF:.AVM7F7# XGF2SF2:=' D9>I:M2N2?>I7G F7 .dollars a ear on a$erage for price supports during the deims v+onsumer geports' Ma deek.9?2L deiew# Y:7 N79PM2:7 MEABF> MBI7 U _LHI:K8F2G' ILGEDB= 9ESM7 .9V8E BG7 N2I2IFP MPALGI>= km F2:= E87FP vq9HI> Healthletter @:7F92QV=' F2G 4N9?A:2 F2L deemw# 1: ILM.:2F:8H# v4LFP 7NP F2 8BGF92 K:7 F>G EN:IFVM> IF2 @>MPI:2 EG@:7QB92G 87: )all /treet Journal' IF:= ke qE8EM.

standards# )hen the used the same criteria' the bu& data showed sd percent of the milk samples showed drug traces# Let%s focus in on this because it^�s critical to our understanding of the apparent discrepancies# The bu& uses a disk"assa method that can detect onl k of the jm or so drugs found in milk# &lso' the test detects onl at the relati$el high le$el# & more powerful test called the %+harm II test% can detect drugs down to s parts per billion# .E9P=' 7LFP Š s MEABF>' PAE= N2L 89S.g/a )ell' at least human mothers% milk is pure! /orr # & huge stud showed that human breast milk in o$er d€'mmm women had contamination b pesticides! burther' it seems that the sources of the pesticides are meat and"" ou guessed it"" dair products# )ell' wh not? These pesticides are concentrated in fat and that%s what%s in these products# v.2GF7: ME F> KA<II7 PNW= 0F7 M789PQ7K7 2 NE9:29:IMP= N2AA<G $acuoles 87: F7 MP9:7'6 F2 8#AN# J4n†\Xn „Xn†_1X†4 `7AH' F2LAHD:IF2G F2 KHA7 FWG 7GO9<N:GWG M>FB9WG E?G7: 87O79P! …A:.HGE: F>G NEG:8:A?G>' E8E?G> > NEG:8:A?G> EMQ7G?REF7: IF2 KHA7 K:7 7NP € BW= l milkings# Y:7 HAA> MEABF> 7NP 12 N7GEN:IFVM:2 F>= \E.f interest' a subgroup of lactating $egetarian N2AS 7MEAV N9PFLN7# pF7G D9>I:M2N2?>I7G F7 ?@:7 89:FV9:7' F7 IF2:DE?7 bu& N792LI?7I7G sd F2:= E87FP 7NP F2 KHA7 F7 @E?KM7F7 N792LI?7I7G ?DG> Q79MH8WG# XIF:HIFE MBI7 IE 7LFP ENE:@V 7LFP Š s 89?I:M2 IF2 M7= 87F7GP>I> FWG N92Q7G<G 7N28A?IEWG# 12 bu& D9>I:M2N2:E? F2 7MBO2@2= @?I82="@28:MV= N2L MN29E? G7 7G:DGESIE: MPG2 k FWG jm V BFI: QH9M787 N2L .H@7=' geno ABE: FWG 8LFFH9WG IF2 0KHA7 M7IF?D7=6' KHA7 7NP F:= 7KEAH@E= ME M2ALIMBG7 udders# Y:7 EN:MEA>MBG> 7GHALI> 7NP F7 FEMHD:7 8LFFH9WG' L:2OEF<GF7= F:= 8LFF79287AA:B9KE:E=' 92V c tometric 7GHALI>' 87: N2AAV 2LI?7 Lr>AV= FEDG2A2K?7=# ‹B9EFE F: F2 ILMNB97IM7 VF7GT XHG > 7KEAH@7 BDE: > M7IF?F:@7' E?G7: E8E? pus IF2 KHA7# … nast subhect must be discussed# It seems that cows are fore$er getting infections around the udder that re!uire ointments and antibiotics# &n article from brance tells us that when a cow recei$es penicillin' that penicillin appears in the milk for from € to l milkings# &nother stud from the fni$ersit of (e$ada' geno tells of cells in %mastic milk%' milk from cows with infected udders# &n elaborate anal sis of the cell fragments' emplo ing cell cultures' flow c tometric anal sis ' and a great deal of high tech stuff# uo ou know what the conclusion was? If the cow has mastitis' there is pus in the milk# /orr ' it^�s in the stud ' all concealed with language such as "macrophages containing man $acuoles and phagoc tosed particles'" etc# IT ‚aT/ ).E9P=# {G7= FE9HIF:2= > MEABF> B@E:CE PF: F2 7GO9<N:G2 KHA7 IF>O<G IE NHGW 7NP d€#mmm KLG7?8E= E?DE MPALGI> 7NP F7 QLF2QH9M787! JE97:FB9W' Q7?GEF7: PF: 2: N>KB= FWG QLF2Q79MH8WG E?G7: 89B7= 87:""F2G LN2OBI7FE"" K7A78F282M:8H N92]PGF7# `7AH' K:7F? PD:T 4LFH F7 QLF2QH9M787 E?G7: ILK8EGF9<GEF7: IF2 A?N2= 87: 7LFP F: E?G7: IE 7LFH F7 N92]PGF7# v F2 EG@:7QB92G' M:7 LN22MH@7 O>AHR2GF7= D29F2QHKWG .9?I82GF7: IF2 KHA7# XN?I>=' > @28:MV 7G:DGESE: MPG2 IDEF:8H Lr>A2S EN:NB@2L# Y:7 :IDL9PFE9> @28:MV 7N287A2SMEG> 0U K2>FE?7 nn @28:MV6 MN29E? G7 7G:DGESIE: F7 QH9M787 8HFW IE s MB9> 7GH @:IE87F2MMS9:2# {G7 @LIH9EIF2 OBM7 N9BNE: G7 ILR>F>OE?# |7?GEF7: PF: 2: 7KEAH@E= E?G7: K:7 NHGF7 N7?9G2GF7= F:= M2ASGIE:= KS9W 7NP udder N2L 7N7:F2SG 7A2:QB= 87: 7GF:.:2F:8H# {G7 H9O92 7NP F> 37AA?7 M7= ABE: PF: PF7G M:7 7KEAH@7 A7M.

AVM7F7 F>= 2CE?7= K7IF92EGFE9:8V= 7N<AE:7= 7?M7F2= MBI7 GVN:7' > BAAE:r> I:@V92L' EN7G7A7M.7:PF>F7 K:7 N2AA2S= 7NP F2L= N:O7G2S= 8:G@SG2L= F2L ILGPA2L F2 .:.<= 7G:DGESIFE 7LF2S= F2L= F?FA2L=d#+ow%s KHA7 W= 7:F?7 N7:@:82S +olic N2L O>AHREF7: \VN:7# \LIFB9: k vdeliw.7IOE?= IF2 GVN:2# Y:7 EN:F92NV F>= @:7F92QV= F>= 7ME9:87G:8V= 787@>M?7= J7:@:7F9:8V N2L 7G7QB9EF7: IF> D9VI> F2L KHA78F2= 2AP8A>9WG FWG 7KEAH@WG MBI7 N7:@:8V >A:8?7 vN7:@:7F9:8V deij-lkksjw# ZF7G 7G?87G2: N79BDEFE 2N2:2@VN2FE 7@:HIE:IF2 APK2 K:7 F2G 2N2?2 F2 .2AV= F>= CBG>= N9WFE}G>= MBI7 3HA7 KLG7:8<G' J# Immunolog de vdejmw.em• j#The OBM7 F>= 7N2.7GPMEG2= 82:A:78P= NPG2=' KHA7 7GFEKMBGE= M2ASGIE:= 87: M2ALIM7F:82? N79HK2GFE=' 87: EG APKW3:7F? F2G @<IFE 87OPA2L " BNE:F7 V NHGF7T J79H"ksjw# The were unable to pro$ide an cogent reason wh bo$ine milk should be used before the first birthda et continued to recommend its use! uoctor brank .mothers had onl half the le$els of contaminationw# & recent report showed an increased concentration of pesticides in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer when compared to the tissue of women with fibroc stic disease# .ther articles in the standard medical literature describe problems# Just scan these titlesd#+ow%s Milk as a +ause of Infantile +olic yreast"bed Infants# Lancet k from the fpstate Medical +entre uepartment of zediatrics' commenting on the recommendation' cited the problems of acute gastrointestinal blood loss in infants' the lack of iron' recurrent abdominal pain' milk" borne infections and contaminants' and said)h gi$e it at all " then or e$er? In the face of uncertaint about man of the potential dangers of whole bo$ine milk' it would seem prudent to recommend that whole milk not be started until the answers are a$ailable# Isn%t M>FB9WG E?DE MPG2 F7 M:IH 7NP F7 EN?NE@7 MPALGI>=w# Y:7 N9PIQ7F> B8OEI> N792LI?7IE 7LC7GPMEG> ILK8BGF9WI> QLF2QH9M787 IF2G :IFP IF>O<G FWG KLG7:8<G ME F2 8798?G2 F2L M7IF2S PF7G ILK89?GEF7: ME F2G :IFP FWG KLG7:8<G ME fibroc stic 7IOBGE:7# ˆAA7 H9O97 IF>G FLN2N2:>MBG> :7F9:8V .:.22E:@B= KHA7' 7LFP O7 Q7:GPF7G ILGEFP K:7 G7 ILIFVIE: E8E?G2 F2 ISG2A2 F2 KHA7 G7 M>G 79D?I2LG MBD9: F:= 7N7GFVIE:= E?G7: @:7OBI:M2# qEG E?G7: 7LFP D9PG2= K:7 7LFH F7 7GECBAEK8F7 NE:9HM7F7 .em• j#The •uestion of the alimination of boreign zrotein in )omen%s Milk' J# Immunolog de vdejmw.22E:@B= KHA7 N9BNE: G7 D9>I:M2N2:>OE? N9:G 7NP F7 N9<F7 KEGBOA:7 N2L ILGED?R2GF7: 78PM7 K:7 G7 ILIFVG2LG F2 F2L D9VI>! 3:7F9P= brank .€jl k#uietar zrotein"Induced +olitis in yreast" bed Infants' J# zediatr# Imd vdeikw.E.A:2K97Q?7 NE9:K9HrFE F7 7NP F2 E8FP= 89HF2L= :7F9:8P 8BGF92 1MVM7 N7:@:7F9:8V=' N2L ID2A:HRE: F> ISIF7I>' 7GBQE9E F7 N92.AVM7F7# 489:.ds oNH9D2LG N2AA2? HAA2:# oNH9D2LG @W@E8H@E= FWG MEAEF<G NE9:K9HQ2GF7= F> K9VK29> EMQHG:I> F>= 7AAE9K?7= KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG MBI7 N7:@:H 7N28AE:IF:8H N2L O>AHR2GF7:! 12 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG F7 7AAE9K:2KPG7 EMQ7G?R2GF7: 7NAH IF2 KHA7 F>= M>FB97= 87: E?G7: @:7.ds There are man others# There are do*ens of studies describing the prompt appearance of cows% milk allerg in children being etclusi$el breast"fed! The cows% milk allergens simpl appear in the mother%s milk and are transmitted to the infant# & committee on nutrition of the &merican &cadem of zediatrics reported on the use of whole cows% milk in infanc vzediatrics deij.€jl k#uietar N9WFE]G:8P="N928A>OE%GF7 `2A?F:@7 F7]IMBG7 IF7 IFVO2= GVN:7' J# zediatr# Imd vdeikw.

78F>9:78V= X# +.A>MHFWG F>= A78FPR>= 7@:7AA7C?7' > ILM.yLaM/ Let%s hust mention the problems of bacterial contamination# /almonella' a# coli' and staph lococcal infections can be traced to milk# In the old da s tuberculosis IF2G HGO9WN2 @:7F92QV K:7 G7 FE9M7F:IFE?T [F2 ?@:2 RVF>M7 F>= N7:@:7F9:8V= ID2A?7IE NE97:FB9W- X?G7: > @:7F9:.LI' 87: 2: staph lococcal G7 E?G7: KHA7# J7A:PFE97 > QLM7F?WI> .22E:@B= KHA7 @EG N9BNE: G7 E?G7: 87F7G7AWMBG2= MEFH 7NP F>G N7:@:8V >A:8?7 APKW FWG time for these uncontrolled etperiments on human nutrition to come to an end? In the same issue of zediatrics he further commentedIt is m thesis that whole milk should not be fed to the infant in the first ear of life because of its association with iron deficienc anemia vmilk is so deficient in iron that an infant would ha$e to drink an impossible jd !uarts a da to get the gu& of ds mgw' acute gastrointiestinal bleeding' and $arious manifestations of food allerg # I suggest that unmodified whole bo$ine milk should not be consumed after infanc because of the problems of lactose intolerance' its contribution to the genesis of atherosclerosis' and its possible link to other diseases# In late deek ur# yenhamin /pock' possibl the best known pediatrician in histor ' shocked the countr when he articulated the same thoughts and specified a$oidance for the first two ears of life# Here is his !uotationI want to pass on the word to parents that cows% milk from the carton has definite faults for some babies# Human milk is the right one for babies# & stud comparing the incidence of allerg and colic in the breast"fed infants of omni$orous and $egan mothers would be important# I ha$en%t found such a stud T it would be both important and inetpensi$e# &nd it will probabl ne$er be done# There is simpl no academic or economic profit in$ol$ed# .<F:2 BDE: F7 87O29:IMBG7 EA7FF<M7F7 K:7 ME9:8H MW9H# 4GO9<N:G2 KHA7 E?G7: IWIFP= K:7 F7 MW9H# Y:7 MEABF> N2L ILK89?GE: F>G EN?NFWI> 7NP F>G 7AAE9K?7 87: colic IF7 O>A7IMBG7 GVN:7 N7MQHK2L 87: 2: $egan M>FB9E= O7 VF7G I>M7GF:8B=# qEG BDW .<= 7G7QB9EFE MPALGI>=# _: I7AM2GBAE=' F2 M2ASGIE:= MN292SG EN:I>M7IMBG2= IF2 F7 N92.V M2L PF: 2AP8A>92 F2 KHA7 @EG N9BNE: G7 F7]IFE? GVN:2 IF2 N9<F2 BF2= RWV= APKW F>= BGWIV= F2L ME F>G 7G7:M?7 7GENH98E:7= I:@V92L vF2 KHA7 E?G7: FPI2 7GEN798B= IF2 I?@>92 PF: BG7 GVN:2 O7 BN9ENE G7 N:E: 7@SG7F7 jd FBF79F7 K7AA2G:2S 7 >MB97 K:7 G7 NH9E: F2 gu& ds mgw' 2CS gastrointiestinal 7:M2997K?7' 87: @:HQ29E= E8@>A<IE:= F>= 7AAE9K?7= F92Q?MWG# J92FE?GW PF: DW9?= F92N2N2:VIE:= 2AP8A>92 F2 .AVM7F7 F>= .THag zg.2AV F2L IF> KBGEI> atherosclerosis' 87: > N:O7GV ISG@EIV F2L ME HAAE= 7IOBGE:E=# [F7 FBA> F2L deek 2 q9 yenhamin /pock' EG@ED2MBGW= 2 N:P KGWIFP= 2 N7:@?7F92= IF>G :IF29?7' ILK8APG:IE F> D<97 PF7G 7LFP= H9O9WIE F:= ?@:E= I8BrE:= 87: @:EL89?G:IE F>G 7N2QLKV K:7 F7 N9<F7 @S2 BF> RWV=# X@< E?G7: > 7G7Q29H F2L…BAW G7 @<IW F> ABC> IF2L= K2GE?= 7NP F2L= 2N2?2L= KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG F2 D79F28:.9E? BG7= FBF2:2= MEABF> O7 VF7G 87: I>M7GF:8P 87: 7GBC2@2# `7: 7LFP N:O7G<= @EG O7 K?GE: N2FB# qEG LNH9DE: 7NAH 87GBG7= 787@>M7]8P= V 2:82G2M:8P 8B9@2= IDEF:8P# 4554 J†_^5UY414 489:.

VF>#6# Y:7 HAA> MEABF> 7NP F> |:GA7G@?7 @:7N?IFWIE PF: F7 @:7.djl"d€m March deiiw# Here is a !uotation from this stud )e infer that either the pattern of cows% milk consumption is altered in children who will ha$e insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or' their immunological reacti$it to proteins in cows% milk is enhanced' or the permeabilit of their intestines to cows% milk protein is higher than normal# VF7G F7KM7FH9D>= F2 N9P.PM2LG F> AELD7:M?7' EN?I>=# vJE9:IIPFE92: NE9?N2L E8E?G2= 2 N:P N9PIQ7F2=w# [F>G 4KKA?7' 87: F>G _L7A?7 PN2L F2 787FB9K7IF2 KHA7 E?G7: 78PM7 87F7G7AWMBG2: BD2LG LNH9CE: CEINHIM7F7 KHA7"7GFEKMBG2= 7IOBGE:E=# 12 NE9:2@:8P F>= 7ME9:87G:8V= :7F9:8V= BGWI>= vksd.€ij' dei€w reported a multi"state series of infections caused b .djl"d€m F2 YH9F:2 F2L deiiw# X@< E?G7: M:7 7G7Q29H 7NP 7LFV > MEABF>- [LMNE97?G2LME PF: 87OBG7= F2 IDB@:2 F>= 87F7GHAWI>= KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG 7AAHREF7: IF7 N7:@:H N2L O7 BD2LG F>G :GI2LA?G> EC79F<MEG> @:7.>F:8H N7:@:H E?D7G N:P Lr>AH EN?NE@7 7GF:IWMHFWG 29<G IF2 KHA7 7KEAH@WG Š v@:7.VF>= {9ELG7 l vjw.:WOE? 87AP= N7A7:P= .A>M7 87: ME9:82? A72? OBA2LG G7 NHGE N?IW IE E8E?G2L= F2L= D9PG2L= 82GFH EN:MBG2GF7= IF2 787FB9K7IF2 KHA7 IF> .ersinia enterocolitica in pasteurised whole milk# This is despite safet precautions# &ll parents dread hu$enile diabetes for their children# & +anadian stud reported in the &merican Journal of +linical (utrition' Mar# deem' describes a "###significant positi$e correlation between consumption of unfermented milk protein and incidence of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in data from $arious countries# +on$ersel a possible negati$e relationship is obser$ed between breast" feeding at age j months and diabetes risk#"# &nother stud from binland found that diabetic children had higher le$els of serum antibodies to cows^� milk vuiabetes gesearch lvjw.€ij' dei€w 7G7QE9PMEG7 M:7 N2AL897F:8V IE:9H M2ASGIEWG N9287A2SMEG2= 7NP .VF>= mellitus V' > 7G2I2A2K:8V :87GPF>F7 7MBI2L 7GF:@9HIEW= F2L= 2: N9WFE}GE= IF2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG EG:IDS2GF7:' V > @:7NE97FPF>F7 F7 BGFE9H F2L= IF>G N9WFE}G> KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG E?G7: Lr>APFE97 7NP 87G2G:8P=# .was a mahor problem and some folks want to go back to those times b insisting on raw milk on the basis that it%s "natural#" This is insanit ! & stud from f+L& showed that o$er a third of all cases of salmonella infection in +alifornia' deim"deij were traced to raw milk# That%ll be a wa to re$i$e good old brucellosis again and I would fear leukemia' too# vMore about that laterw# In angland' and )ales where raw milk is still consumed there ha$e been outbreaks of milk"borne diseases# The Journal of the &merican Medical &ssociation vksd.92L8BAAWI> NHA: 87: O7 Q2.VF> K:7 F7 N7:@:H F2L=# 4 `7G7@:8V MEABF> N2L 7G7QB9EF7: IF2 7ME9:87G:8P NE9:2@:8P 8A:G:82S U @:7F92QV' F2 YH9F:2 F2L deem' NE9:K9HQE: BG7 0Œ I>M7GF:8P OEF:8P ILIDEF:IMP= MEF7CS F>= 87F7GHAWI>= unfermented N9WFE}G>= KHA78F2= 87: EN?NFWI> F2L EC79F<MEG2L @:7.ersinia enterocolitica N7IFE9:WMBG2 2AP8A>92 IF2 KHA7# 4LFP E?G7: N79H F:= N92QLAHCE:= 7IQHAE:7=# pA2: 2: K2GE?= Q2.2SGF7: F2 GE7G:8P @:7.HI> PF: E?G7: 0QLI:8P#6 4LFP E?G7: N797Q92ISG>! Y:7 MEABF> 7NP f+L& B@E:CE 7LFV= NB97 7NP BG7 F9?F2 PAE= 2: NE9:NF<IE:= F>= MPALGI>= I7AM2GEA<G IE `7A:QP9G:7' deim"deij EN:I>MHGO>8E IF2 787FB9K7IF2 KHA7# 4LFP= O7 E?G7: BG7= F9PN2= G7 7G7.VF> :GI2LA?G>= mellitus IF7 IF2:DE?7 7NP F:= @:HQ29E= D<9E=# 4GF:OBFW= N:O7GP= BG7= 79G>F:8P= > IDBI> N797F>9E?F7: MEF7CS F2L O>A7IM2S IF>G >A:8?7 j 8?G@LG2= M>G<G 87: @:7.

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to eight per d'mmm in the fnited /tates#### &ntibodies produced against the milk protein during the first ear of life' the researchers speculate' also attack and destro the pancreas in a so"called auto"immune reaction' producing diabetes in people whose genetic makeup lea$es them $ulnerable#" "###d€k binnish children with newl diagnosed diabetes# The found that e$er one had at least eight times as man antibodies against the milk protein as did health children' clear e$idence that the children had a raging auto immune disorder#" The team has now etpanded the stud to €mm children and is starting a trial where j'mmm children will recei$e no dair products during the first nine months of life# "The stud ma take dm ears' but we%ll get a definiti$e answer one wa or the other'" according to one of the researchers# I would caution them to be certain that the breast feeding mothers use on cows% milk in their diets or the results will be confounded b the transmission of the cows% milk protein in the mother%s breast milk#### (ow what was the reaction from the diabetes association? This is $er interesting! ur# b# •a$ier zi"/un er' the president of the association sa s.fg/aLb! I hate to tell ou this' but the bo$ine leukemia $irus is found in more than three of fi$e dair cows in N79HK2GF7: EGHGF:7 > N9WFE}G> KHA78F2= 87FH F> @:H98E:7 F2L N9<F2L BF2L= RWV=' 2: E9ELG>FB= I8BNF2GF7:' EN?I>= EN?OEI> 87: 87F7IF9BQ2LG F2 NHK89E7= IE M:7 7N287A2SMEG> 7LF2HG2I> 7GF?@97I>' N2L N79HKE: F2 @:7.0qEG I>M7?GE: PF: F7 N7:@:H N9BNE: F2 NPI:M2 KHA7 IFHIEWG V 7LFP K2GE?= FWG @:7.MzH.22E:@V= :P= AELD7:M?7= E?G7: .M&? THI/ M&..:2M>D7G?7 MN29E? G7 E?DE .>F:8<G N9BNE: 7N2IS9EFE F7 K7A78F282M:8H N92]PGF7# 4LFB= E?G7: NA2SI:E= N>KB= 7K7O2S N9WFE}G>#6 v{MQ7I> N92IF:OBMEG>w 2 …EP= M2L' 7LFP E?G7: > 087AV N9WFE}G>6 7LFP= N9287AE? F2 N9P."It does not mean that children should stop drinking milk or that parents of diabetics should withdraw dair products# These are rich sources of good protein#" vamphasis addedw M ‚od' it%s the "good protein" that causes the problem! uo ou suspect that the dair industr ma ha$e helped the &merican uiabetes &ssociation in the past? LafKaMI&? L.EFE 87GBG7 K7A78F282M:8P N92]PG 87FH F> @:H98E:7 FWG N9<FWG EGGB7 M>G<G RWV# 0U MEABF> MN29E? G7 NH9E: dm BF>' 7AAH O7 NH92LME F2 7 29:IF:8V 7NHGF>I> BG7 F9PN2= V HAA2'6 ISMQWG7 ME BG7G 7NP 2: E9ELG>FB=# …7 F2L= N92E:@2N2:2SI7 K:7 G7 E?M7: I?K2L92L= PF: IFVO2= " 2: F7}R2GF7= M>FB9E= D9>I:M2N2:2SG IF2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG IF:= @:7F92QB= F2L= V F7 7N2FEABIM7F7 O7 ILKDLIF2SG 7NP F> MEFH@2I> N9WFE}G> KHA78F2= 7KEAH@WG IF2 KHA7 IF>O<G F>= M>FB97=Œ# 1<97 F: VF7G > 7GF?@97I> 7NP F>G BGWI> @:7.VF> IF2 N79EAOPGT 5Xo„4nYn4T 5XY|ŽY4T 4o1_ YJ_†Xn \4 Xn\4n 1_ „Xn†_1X†_""[1U†n3Y4 _n nqn_n! Y:I< G7 I7= NW 7LFP' 7AAH 2 .VF># ^9V87G PF: 87OBG7= E?DE F2LAHD:IF2G 28F< D9PG2L= FPI2 N2AAH 7GF:I<M7F7 EGHGF:7 IF>G N9WFE}G> KHA78F2= PNW= F7 LK:V N7:@:H' 87O79?IFE IF2:DE?7 PF: F7 N7:@:H E?D7G 7LFPM7F2 BG7G HG2I2 EC29K:IM2S 7G7F797DV#6 U 2MH@7 BDE: ENE8FE?GE: F<97 F> MEABF> IE €mm F7 N7:@:H 87: 79D?R2LG M:7 @28:MV PN2L j#mmm N7:@:H M>G AH.2>OVIE: F>G 7ME9:87G:8V BGWI> @:7.VF> MBI7 HGO9WN2: F2 FWG 2N2?WG KEGEF:8P makeup F2L= 7QVGE: F9WF2S=#6 0Œ d€k |:GA7G@:8H N7:@:H ME F2G N9PIQ7F7 @:7KGWIOE%GF7 @:7.9V8E NE9:IIPFE92 7NP IE F9E:= 7NP NBGFE .g/T"" yg&+a .VF>T 4LFP E?G7: N2AS G7 EG@:7QB9E:! _ q9 b# •a$ier zi"/un er' 2 J9PE@92= > BGWI> ABE:. ya THa ).A>M7! oN2r:HREIFE PF: F2 K7A78F282ME?2 > .

E.:2M>D7G?7= E?M7: 7LFP0J<= MN29E?FE G7 .A>M7# Y:7 MEKHA> MEABF> 7NP F> 3E9M7G?7 O9VG>IE F2 N9P.the fnited /tates! This in$ol$es about im‰ of dair herds# fnfortunatel ' when the milk is pooled' a $er large percentage of all milk produced is contaminated vem to es per centw# .ne of these occurred in the +hicago area in &pril' deis# &t a modern' large' milk processing plant an accidental "cross connection" between raw and pasteuri*ed milk occurred# & $iolent salmonella outbreak followed' killing € and making an estimated dsm'mmm ill# (ow the !uestion I would pose to the dair industr people is this"How can ou assure the people who drank this milk that the K7A78F282M:8B= 7KEAH@E= IF2G EGWMBG2 `9HF>! 4LFP NE9:A7M.A>M7 87: 7G7KG<9:IE F2 7@SG7F2 89HF>I> F2L :2S 7NP F2 M2ALIMBG2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG 7NP F2 LNPA2:N2 F2 KHA7# q:HQ29E= EL9WN7]8B= D<9E=' ILMNE9:A7M.f course the $irus is killed in pasteurisation"" if the pasteurisation was done correctl # )hat if the milk is raw? In a stud of randoml collected raw milk samples the bo$ine leukemia $irus was reco$ered from two"thirds# I sincerel hope that the raw milk dair herds are carefull monitored when compared to the regular herds# v/cience deidT kdj-dmd€w# This is a world"wide problem# .f course# Howe$er' there can be +hernob l like accidents# .EF?7' BDE: N92IN7OVIE: 0G7 EN:ABCE:6 F:= M2ALIMBGE= 7KEAH@E= 7NP F7 82NH@:7 F2L=# ^E.7:<IEFE F2L= 7GO9<N2L= N2L VN:7G 7LFP F2 KHA7 N2L 7LF2? .7?W= 2: UGWMBGE= J2A:FE?E= N9BNE: G7 E?G7: 2 >KBF>= IF>G NHA> EGHGF:7 IF:= AELD7:M:8B= K7A78F282M:8B= 7KEAH@E=' @:87?WM7T 57GO7IMBG2=! XME?= E?G7: 2 DE:9PFE92= IF2G 8PIM2 ME F>G N92>K2SMEG> EC7?9EI> ^EGER2LBA7 ISMQWG7 ME F2 Mu ~irgil Hulse' BG7= E:@:8P= KHA78F2= N2:2= BDE: EN?I>= y#/# IF> K7A78F282M:8V 87F7I8ELV 87O<= EN?I>= 87: F2 7 YEF7NFLD:78P IF> @>MPI:7 LKE?7# pNW= 7G7QB9EF7:' 2 :P= AELD7:M?7= 87O?IF7F7: 7GEGE9KP= 82GFH N7IFE9?WI># |LI:8H# XGF2SF2:=' MN29E? G7 LNH9CE: 1IB9G2MN:A PNW= F7 7FLDVM7F7# {G7= 7NP 7LF2S= EMQ7G?IF>8E IF>G NE9:2DV F2L [:8HK2L MBI7 4N9?A:2=' deis# [E BG7 ISKD92G2' MEKHA2' E9K2IFHI:2 ENECE9K7I?7= KHA78F2= FLD7?7 0@:7K<G:7 ISG@EI>6 MEF7CS 787FB9K7IF2L 87: N7IFE9:WMBG2= F2 KHA7 EMQ7G?IF>8E# {G7 .22E:@V= :P= AELD7:M?7= 7G78FVO>8E 7NP F7 @S2 F9?F7# n E:A:89:GH EAN?@7 PF: F7 K7A78F282M:8H 82NH@:7 787FB9K7IF2L KHA78F2= E?G7: N92IE8F:8H BAEKCE PF7G ILK89?GEF7: ME F7 87G2G:8H 82NH@:7# vXN:IFVM> deid kdj-dmd€w# 4LFP E?G7: BG7 N7K8PIM:2 N9P.?7:2 CBIN7IM7 I7AM2GEA<G 782A2LO2SMEG2' @2A2Q2G?7 € 87: N797KWKV EGP= 87F% E8F?M>I> nAA:GP:= dsm#mmm# 1<97 E9<F>I> N2L O7 BOEF7 IF2L= 7GO9<N2L= K7A78F282M:8V= .HGE: NE9?N2L im‰ FWG K7A78F282M:8<G 82N7@:<G# qLIFLD<=' PF7G ILK8EGF9<GEF7: F2 KHA7' N2AS BG7= MEKHA2= F2 N2I2IFP PA2L F2L KHA78F2= N797DOE%GF2= E?G7: M2ALIMBG2 vem BW= es F2:= E87FPw# |LI:8H 2 :P= I82F<GEF7: IF>G N7IFE9?WI>"" EHG > N7IFE9?WI> BK:GE IWIFH# 1: EHG F2 KHA7 E?G7: 787FB9K7IF2=T [E M:7 MEABF> FWG FLD7?7 ILAAEDOE%GFWG @E:KMHFWG 787FB9K7IF2L KHA78F2= 2 .ne length stud from ‚erman deplored the problem and admitted the impossibilit of keeping the $irus from infected cows% milk from the rest of the milk# /e$eral auropean countries' including ‚erman and /wit*erland' ha$e attempted to "cull" the infected cows from their herds# +ertainl the fnited /tates must be the leader in the fight against leukemic dair cows' right? )rong! )e are the worst in the world with the former etception of ~ene*uela according to ~irgil Hulse Mu' a milk specialist who also has a y#/# in uair Manufacturing as well as a Master%s degree in zublic Health# &s mentioned' the leukemia $irus is rendered inacti$e b pasteurisation# .7G2MBG>= F>= 3E9M7G?7= 87:U XA.

22E:@V :P AELD7:M?7= 7LFP E?G7: EG2DA>F:8P# J<= F7 .22E:@V :P AELD7:M?7=T X?G7: M:7 @?87:> E9<F>I> 87: > 7NHGF>I> @EG E?G7: 87O>ILDHR2GF7=# _LI:7IF:8H PA7 F7 R<7 E8FEOE:MBG2= IF2G :P 7G7NFSCFE F> AELD7:M?7# 4LFP NE9:A7M.22E:@V MP9:7 :<G AELD7:M?7= 7NP8F>I7G N9PI.E9?RE: EGE9K2? .were not etposed to the ingestion of raw' unkilled' bull acti$e bo$ine leukemia $iruses?" burther' it would be fascinating to know if a "cluster" of leukemia cases blossoms in that area in d to j decades# There are reports of "leukemia clusters" elsewhere' one of them mentioned in the June dm' deem /an brancisco +hronicle in$ol$ing (orthern +alifornia# )hat happens to other species of mammals when the are etposed to the bo$ine leukemia $irus? It%s a fair !uestion and the answer is not reassuring# ~irtuall all animals etposed to the $irus de$elop leukemia# This includes sheep' goats' and e$en primates such as rhesus monke s and chimpan*ees# The route of transmission includes ingestion vboth intra$enous and intramuscularw and cells present in milk# There are ob$iousl no instances of transfer attempts to human beings' but we know that the $irus can infect human cells in $itro# There is e$idence of human antibod formation to the bo$ine leukemia $irusT this is disturbing# How did the bo$ine leukemia $irus particles gain access to humans and become antigens? )as it as small' denatured particles? If the bo$ine leukemia $iruses causes human leukemia' we could etpect the dair states with known leukemic herds to ha$e a higher incidence of human leukemia# Is this so? fnfortunatel ' it seems to be the case! Iowa' (ebraska' /outh uakota' Minnesota and )isconsin ha$e statisticall higher incidence of leukemia than the national a$erage# In gussia and in /weden' areas with uncontrolled bo$ine leukemia $irus ha$e been linked with increases in human leukemia# I am also told that $eterinarians ha$e higher rates of leukemia than the general public# @EG E8FBO>8E IF>G 87FHN2I> 787FB9K7IF2L' Q2.HGE: F7 N9P.22E:@E?= :2? AELD7:M?7= N9287A2SG F>G 7GO9<N:G> AELD7:M?7' EME?= O7 MN292SIE G7 7G7ME?GE: F7 K7A78F282M:8H 89HF> ME F7 KGWIFH AELD7:M:8H 82NH@:7 BDEFE M:7 Lr>APFE9> ILDGPF>F7 F>= 7GO9<N:G>= AELD7:M?7=# X?G7: 7LFP BFI:T qLIFLD<=' Q7?GEF7: G7 ILM.7?GE: IE HAA7 E?@> O>A7IF:8<G PF7G E?G7: E8FEOE:MBG2= IF2 .22E:@E?= :2? AELD7:M?7=T6 JE97:FB9W' O7 VF7G G7 ILG79NHIE: K:7 G7 CB9E: EHG M:7 0ILIFH@76 FWG NE9:NF<IEWG AELD7:M?7= HGO> IE E8E?G> F>G NE9:2DV IE d BW= j @E87EF?E=# oNH9D2LG E8OBIE:= 7NP 0F> AELD7:M?7 ILK8EGF9<GEF7:6 7AA2S' BG7= 7NP F2L= 7G7QE9OE%GFE= MBI7 > 7GHME:C> F>= /an brancisco +hronicle IF:= IF:= dm n2LG?2L deem .7F7' 7?KE=' 87: 78PM> 87: 79D:EN?I82N2: PNW= 2: M78H82: 87: D:MN7FRB=# U @:7@92MV F>= MEFH@2I>= NE9:A7M.HGE: F>G 87FHN2I> v87: EG@2QAB.P9E:7 `7A:QP9G:7# 4LFP N2L ILM.22E:@V 2 :P= AELD7:M?7= BDE: ILG@EOE? ME F:= 7LCVIE:= IF2G HGO9WN2 AELD7:M?7# XN?I>= BDW F>G LN2D9BWI> PF: 2: 8F>G?7F92: BD2LG Lr>APFE92 N2I2IFH AELD7:M?7= 7NP F2 EL9S 82:GP# .7' \EMN9HI87' U GPF:7 \F78PF7' Y:GEIPF7 87: F2 _L:I8PGI:G BD2LG IF7F:IF:8H Lr>APFE9> ILDGPF>F7 F>= AELD7:M?7= 7NP F2G EOG:8P MBI2 P92# †WI?7 87: IF> [2L>@?7' NE9:2DB= ME 7GECBAEK8F2 .7I> HGO9WN2: 87: K?G2GF7 7GF:KPG7T ZF7G PNW= M:89P' MEF2LI:WMBG2= MP9:7T XHG 2: .7?GE:! 4]P.:2= 87: EG@2ML]8P=w 87: 8SFF797 N79PGF7 MBI7 KHA7# qEG LNH9DE: N92Q7G<= 87M?7 NE9?NFWI> N92IN7OE:<G MEF7Q29H= IF7 7GO9<N:G7 2GF7' 7AAH CB92LME PF: 2 :P= MN29E? G7 M2ASGE: F2G HGO9WN2 8SFF797 FEDG>FH# oNH9D2LG IF2:DE?7 F2L 7GO9<N:G2L 7GF:I<M7F2= ID>M7F:IMP= IF2 .

22E:@2S= NA>OLIM2S 87: 4GO9<N:G> AELD7:M?7 IF> 4]P.dmd€ 37A78F282M:82? 7K9PFE= BDE: 7GLr<IE: I>M7GF:8H F7 N2I2IFH AELD7:M?7=# J9PIQ7F> B9ELG7 N792LI:HRE: AEMQ28SFF797 7NP F2 KHA7 N2L F7}REF7: IF7 neonatal 8B9@> O>A7IF:8<G N9PI.HAEFE IF>G 7GO9<N:G> AELD7:M?7 vV F2 ABMQWM7' IDEF:8P 8798?G2=wT q:HQ297 H9O97 7GF:MEFWN?R2LG 7LF2Sd#apidemiologic IDBIE:= F2L .2VOE:7 7NP F2 FMVM7 3EW9K?7 V F7 N7GEN:IFVM:7# _: NHII7A2: D9>MHFWG 87: 2: N2A:F:8B= N:BIE:= E?G7: NH97 N2AS MEKHAE=# X?IFE IE I7= E?IFE 8S9:2=# 1: 7LFP= 2 PA2= MBI2= P92=T ‹B92LME PF: 2 :P= E?G7: :87GP= N797KWKV F>= AELD7:M?7= IE HAA7 R<7# X?G7: 7N2@E@E:KMBG2= PF: 7LFP MN29BIFE G7 ILM.:2M>D7G?76# 7LFP= 2 MBI2= P92= PF: > AELD7:M?7 E?G7: 87AV K:7 F7 8B9@> MPG2 EHG MN292SME F2 897FVIFE LNP BAEKD2T YN29E?FE G7 NH9EFE F:= AENF2MB9E:E= IE 7LFP EN:DE:9>I:78V 7G>ILD?7 7NP zroc# XOG:8P=# &cad# XN:IFVME=' 2 4YX†n`4\n`_[ |E.dmd€ j#yeware .9# deie# J9PIOEI7 F>G BMQ7I> 87: N92I.HAA2M7: N2L BG7 N7GEN:IFVM:2 F2 FMVM7 OEW9E? PF: 7LFP E?G7: BG7= 2:82G2M:8P= 87: PD: HGO9WN2= RVF>M7 LKE?7=# Y>G 7G7ME?GEFE F> .7# JE9:2@:8P &M F>= EN:@>M:2A2K?7= ddk vdeimw.ou%re on ou own# )hat does this all mean? )e know that $irus is capable of producing leukemia in other animals# Is it pro$en that it can contribute to human leukemia vor l mphoma' a related cancerw? /e$eral articles tackle this oned#apidemiologic gelationships of the yo$ine zopulation and Human Leukemia in Iowa# &m Journal of apidemiolog ddk vdeimw-im k#Milk of uair +ows bre!uentl +ontains a Leukemogenic ~irus# /cience kdj vdeidw.uair farmers ha$e significantl ele$ated leukemia rates# gecent research shows l mphoc tes from milk fed to neonatal mammals gains access to bodil tissues b passing directl through the intestinal wall# &n optimistic note from the fni$ersit of Illinois' fbana from the uepartment of &nimal /ciences shows the importance of one%s perspecti$e# /ince the are concerned with the economics of milk and not primaril the health aspects' the noted that the production of milk was greater in the cows with the bo$ine leukemia $irus# Howe$er when the leukemia produced a persistent and significant l mphoc tosis vincreased white blood cell countw' the production fell off# The suggested "a need to re"e$aluate the economic impact of bo$ine leukemia $irus infection on the dair industr "# uoes this mean that leukemia is good for profits onl if we can keep it under control? .im k#Milk FWG K7A78F282M:8<G 7KEAH@WG NE9:BDE: ILDGH F2 7 nP= Leukemogenic# XN:IFVM> kdj vdeidw.ou can get the details on this business concern from zroc# (at# &cad# /ciences' f#/# beb# deie# I added emphasis and am insulted that a uni$ersit department feels that this is an economic and not a human health issue# uo not etpect help from the uepartment of &griculture or the uni$ersities# The mone stakes and the political pressures are too great# .22E:@V= MPALGI> :<G AELD7:M?7= IF> K7A78F282M:8V .7I> IF2L= IWM7F:82S= :IF2S= ME G7 NE9HIE: HMEI7 MBIW EGFE9:8P= F2?D2=# Y:7 7:I:P@2C> I>ME?WI> 7NP F2 J7GEN:IFVM:2 F2L nA:GP:=' fbana 7NP F2 FMVM7 RW:8<G EN:IF>M<G N792LI:HRE: F> I>M7I?7 7NP F>G N922NF:8V 8HN2:2L# qE@2MBG2L PF: EG@:7QB92GF7: K:7 2:82G2M:8H F2L KHA78F2= 87: PD: N9<F:IF7 FWG NFLD<G LKE?7=' 7LF2? I>ME?WIE PF: > N797KWKV F2L KHA78F2= VF7G MEK7ASFE9> IF:= 7KEAH@E= ME F2 .22E:@V :P AELD7:M?7=# XGF2SF2:= PF7G > AELD7:M?7 N79VK7KE EN?M2G2 87: I>M7GF:8P l mphoc tosis v7LC7GPMEG> HIN9> 79?OM>I> 8LFFH9WG 7?M7F2=w' > N797KWKV BNEIE M789:H# J9PFE:G7G 0M:7 7GHK8> G7 EN7G7C:2A2K>OE? 2 2:82G2M:8P= 7GF?8FLN2= .

€j#i K97MMH9:7c>MB97 K:7 GB2 •ealanders EG7GF?2G d#s K:7 F>G n7NWG?7# [DE@PG jm NFLDB= @:7Q29H! vzarentheticall ' F7 FEAELF7?7 j• BF> BDE: @E: F2 7 F92MHR2GF7= 7SC>I> IF2 N2IP .>K?7' d€kk HF2M7 782A2LOVO>87G K:7 dd 87: BG7 M:IP BF># X8E?G2: N2L N?G2LG k V NE9:IIPFE97 N2FV9:7 F2L KHA78F2= 7GH >MB97 E?D7G j#s Q29B= > EMQHG:I> F2L 8798?G2L FWG AEMQ7F:82WG 29KHGWG# ^9EF7G:8P Mau# [F:= e' 87: Y79F?2L deem NE9:2@:8<G •d-€s•# {G7 7NP F7 N:P IF2D7IF:8H H9O97 E?G7: IE 7LFP F2 OBM7 7NP &llan /# +unningham +ooperstown' \B7 oP98># 39Hr:M2 12 GLIFB9:' IF:= kl \2EM.PE:2 89B7= 87: F> K7A78F282M:8V 87F7GHAWI> 7NP F>G HN2r> FWG K97MM79?WG 7GH >MB97 K:7 M:7 NE9?2@2 EGP= BF2L=' dess"des•#' IE ds D<9E=# U \B7 •>A7G@?7' 2: UGWMBGE= J2A:FE?E= 87: 2 `7G7@H= VF7G 2 Lr>APFE92= IE E8E?G> F>G @:7F7KV# _ D7M>APFE92= VF7G n7NWG?7 782A2LO2SMEG> 82GFH of the more thoughtful articles on this subhect is from &llan /# +unningham of +ooperstown' (ew .E.ork# )riting in the Lancet' (o$ember kl' del• vpage ddi€w' his article is entitled' "L mphomas and &nimal"zrotein +onsumption"# Man people think of milk as ^�li!uid meat^� and ur# +unningham agrees with this# He tracked the beef and dair consumption in terms of grams per da for a one ear period' dess"des•#' in ds countries # (ew •ealand' fnited /tates and +anada were highest in that order# The lowest was Japan followed b .?7 87: 37AA?7# U @:7Q29H MEF7CS F2L Lr>APFE92L 87: D7M>APFE9> VF7G BGF2G> 798EFH.ABNE: MBI7 MEABFE= MEF7GHIFELI>=# [F2 N79EAOPG > 7SC>I> IF> ILDGPF>F7 F7 AEMQ<M7F7 IF2L= :7NWGBR2L= VF7G MPG2 IE E8E?G2: N2L 8:GVO>87G N92= 2: UJ4w! {G7 EG@:7QB92G 82MMHF: FWG M:892R>F>M7FHFWG N9P8E:F7: G7 I>ME:<IE: F2 MG>ME?2 N2L DF?REF7: IF2 G7P ‚ okusenhi IE /himoda' n7NWG?7# 4LFP D7978FV9:IE I>ME?2 PN2L > N9<F> 7KEAH@7 I82F<O>8E IF>G n7NWG?7 K:7 F2G HGO9WN2 87F7GHAWI>! _: 7ALI?@E= KS9W 7NP 7LFP F2 MG>ME?2 VF7G BG7 @<92 .PE:2L 89B7F2= 87: KHA78F2= D9>I:M2N2:2SMEGWG MBI7 U n7NWG?7 87: F7 IDB@:7 7IOEGE:<G F2L= 7NE:82G?R2LG 7LFP' €#Is .9?2L del• vIEA?@7 ddi€w' F2 H9O92 F2L E?G7: BDWG F2 @:87?WM7' 0AEMQ<M7F7 87: RW:8P=" N9WFE]G:8V 87F7GHAWI>6# J2AA2? 2: HGO9WN2: I8BQF2GF7: F2 KHA7 W= Š LK9P 89B7= Š 87: 2 q9 +unningham ILMQWGE? ME 7LFP# 482A2SO>IE F2 .€j#i gramscda for (ew •ealanders $ersus d#s for Japan# (earl a jm" fold difference! vzarentheticall ' the last j• ears ha$e seen a startling increase in the amount of beef and milk used in Japan and their disease patterns are reflecting this' confirming the lack of %genetic protection% seen in migration studies# bormerl the increase in fre!uenc of l mphomas in Japanese people was onl in those who mo$ed to the f/&w! &n interesting bit of tri$ia is to note the memorial built at the ‚ okusenhi Temple in /himoda' Japan# This marked the spot where the first cow was killed in Japan for human consumption! The chains around this memorial were a gift 4KEAH@7# v`S9:2 H9O92w GLIFB9: k vdel€w.ugosla$ia and brance# The difference between the highest and lowest was !uite pronounced.22E:@B= KHA7 4 `?G@LG2= LKE?7=T# J7:@:7F9:8V J79H9F>M7# [?F:I> F2G 87G2G:82S \VN:2# ls-dikdi• deis [F> \29.7:<G2GF7= F>G BAAE:r> 0KEGEF:8V= N92IF7I?7=6 N2L .j#yeware of the +ow# vaditorialw Lancet k vdel€w-jm €#Is yo$ine Milk & Health Ha*ard?# zediatricsT /uppl# beeding the (ormal Infant# ls-dik"di•T deis In (orwa ' d€kk indi$iduals were followed for dd and a half ears# Those drinking k or more glasses of milk per da had j#s times the incidence of cancer of the l mphatic organs# yritish Med# Journal •d-€s•"e' March deem# .

9HG># &LFP 2@>KE? IF> D9PG:7 LN28?G>I> F2L l mphoid :IF2S PN2:2L= 7LFH F7 FEMHD:7 7N28F2SG N9PI.€s•"e' 12 YH9F:2 F2L deem# v[DE@PG d•#mmm HF2M7 .9V8E BG7G :@:7?FE97 I>M7GF:8P OEF:8P ILIDEF:IMP MEF7CS FWG O7GHFWG 7NP F7 AEMQ<M7F7 87: F2L .7I> 0D9PG:2= 7G2I2A2K:8P= > LN28?G>I> N9287AE? F7 AEMQ<M7F7 IF7 E9K7IF>9:78H R<7 87: E?G7: OEW9>MBG2= K:7 G7 N928A>O2SG 2: l mphoid 8798?G2: IF7 HF2M7#6 > K7IF92EGFE9:8V .>K?7 VF7G 7G7QE9PMEG2= IF2 .PE:2L 89B7F2= 87: F>= K7A78F282M:8V= 87FHN2I>= IF:= ds D<9E= N2L 7G7AS2GF7:# YE9:8B= 7G7Q29B= 7NP @:82S= F2L F2 H9O92 782A2LOE?- U MBI> E:I7KWKV F>= N9WFE}G>= IE N2AAB= D<9E= E?G7: M789:H MBI7 LNE9.PE:2 89B7=T 12 BF2=T dejm# 12 +unningham .9HG> E?G7: MPG2 BG7 ME9:8P EMNP@:2 IF>G 7N299PQ>I> FWG 7GF:KPGWG F92Q?MWG' 87: F>= 8L8A2Q29?7= F7 7GF:I<M7F7 IF>G N9WFE}G> F92Q?MWG E?G7: 82:GH :@:7?FE97 :IDL9H l mphoid F2GWF:8H# U 87FHN2I> F2L KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG MN29E? G7 N797KHKE: KEG:8ELMBG2 l mphadenopath ' hepatosplenomegal ' 87: .2A:8P= > 87F7GHAWI> RW:8V= N9WFE}G>= MN29E? G7 E?G7: BG7 co"factor 7:F:2A2K?7 FWG AEMQWMHFWG ME G7 EGE9KVIE: ME F2G 78PA2LO2 F9PN2# `7FHN2I> 29:IMBGWG 7N2FEAEIMHFWG N9WFE]G<G IF>G N92I9PQ>I> 7GF:K2G:8H FEMHD:7 MBIW K7IF92EGFE9:82S F2L .AEGG<@>= MEM.9EF7G:8P NE9:2@:8P F2L 8798?G2L •d vjw.AEGG<@2L= MEM.2AV FWG ILG:IF<MEGWG 7N7:FVIEWG# oNE9.7O:H 7@EG2E:@V= LNE9F92Q?7# ZF7G ILGF>9>F:8H LN2APK:IE PF: NE9:IIPFE97 7NP dmmEL@:H89:F7 7GF:KPG7 7NEAELOE9<G2GF7: 7NP F>G 87G2G:8V NBr> F2L KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG N2L N9287A2SG F>G N797KWKV 7NP PAE= F:= 87F>K29?E= 7GF:IWMHFWG ‘7LFP MN29E? G7 EC>KVIE: K:7F? N7IFE9:WMBG2=' 2: I82FWMBG2: :2? E?G7: 78PM7 7GF:K2G:82? 87: MN292SG 78PM7 G7 N9287ABI2LG 7IOBGE:7# X@< E?G7: NE9:IIPFE92=# Y:7 MEKHA> EG@EDPMEG> MEABF> 7NP F> \29.from the f/ (a$ # )here do ou suppose the Japanese got the idea to eat beef? The ear? dejm# +unningham found a highl significant positi$e correlation between deaths from l mphomas and beef and dair ingestion in the ds countries anal sed# & few !uotations from his article followThe a$erage intake of protein in man countries is far in etcess of the recommended re!uirements# atcessi$e consumption of animal protein ma be one co" factor in the causation of l mphomas b acting in the following manner# Ingestion of certain proteins results in the adsorption of antigenic fragments through the gastrointestinal mucous membrane# This results in chronic stimulation of l mphoid tissue to which these fragments gain access "+hronic immunological stimulation causes l mphomas in laborator animals and is belie$ed to cause l mphoid cancers in men#" The gastrointestinal mucous membrane is onl a partial barrier to the absorption of food antigens' and circulating antibodies to food protein is commonplace especiall potent l mphoid stimulants# Ingestion of cows% milk can produce generali*ed l mphadenopath ' hepatosplenomegal ' and profound adenoid h pertroph # It has been conser$ati$el estimated that more than dmm distinct antigens are released b the normal digestion of cows% milk which e$oke production of all antibod classes ‘This ma etplain wh pasteuri*ed' killed $iruses are still antigenic and can still cause disease# Here%s more# & large prospecti$e stud from (orwa was reported in the yritish Journal of +ancer •d vjw-€s•"e' March deem# v&lmost d•'mmm indi$iduals were 7NP F2 4ME9:87G:8P \7LF:8P# J2S G7 LN2OBI2LG PF: 2: nHNWGE= NV97G :@B7 G7Q7KWOE? F2 .

22E:@V= IN2KK2E:@V= EK8EQ7A2NHOE:7 vy/aw' 87: 2 @ESFE92= E?G7: 2 .9EF7G:8P 82:GP E?G7: EG@:7QE9PMEG2= 87: BDE: 9?CE: F>G 87F7GHAWI> .9EF7G:8P GPM2# 1EF978PI:E= BW= smm 7KEAH@E= E?G7: 7G7QE9PMEG2= PNW= M2ASGEF7: 8HOE MVG7=# 12 .22E:@V= > IN2KK2E:@V= EK8EQ7A2NHOE:7' V > 7IOBGE:7 F>= F9EAV= 7KEAH@7=' I82SN:IE YEKHA> ^9EF7G?7# U 7IOBGE:7 N9287AE? 8L9:2AE8F:8H F>G HG2:7 F2 7GEN:FLDB= R<2 87: E?G7: dmm F2:= E87FP 7OE9HNELF2# YBD9: IVME97' NHGW 7NP dmm#mmm 7KEAH@E= BD2LG 7N2FEQ9WOE? IF>G 4KKA?7 MBI7 89HF>I> ME F2 .22E:@V= :P= 7GENH98E:7= 7GF:IWMHFWG vyI~w# _ N9<F2= 7NP 7LFB= F:= 7IOBGE:E=' EAN?R2LME' E?G7: NE9:29:IMBG2= IF>G 4KKA?7 87: 82:APF>FE= 7:F:<G IF2G EK8BQ7A2 F2L R<2L# 17 N9P.HGE: F2 HF2M2# _ N9<F2= E?G7: .HFWG MB9>' E:@:8H EK8BQ7A2:' IF:= .PE:2 89B7= N7:@:H# q:HQ292: 7K9PFE= BD2LG 7G7NFSCE: M:7 M2:97?7 7IOBGE:7 ISG@92M2 N2L M2:HRE: ME 87: F> ay/ 87: +Ju v+reut*feldt"Jakob" 4IOBGE:7w# 4AAH > .9EF7G:8B= 7KEAH@E=# 1<97' D9>I:M2N2:VIFE F2 I7= A2K:8P# _: 7KEAH@E= Q7?G2GF7: PNW= carni$oresT XHG 7LF2? G7 QHGE 89B7=T 4LFV > 8B9@2="N7978:G>MBG> N978F:8V 7NBFLDE 87: .7F7 VF7G 7NP 87:9P KGWIFP= K:7 G7 NHIDE: 7NP M:7 7IOBGE:7 8HAEIE F>G F92M<@> GPI2# |7?GEF7: BDE: 79D?IE: ME F> I?F:I> FWG M2ALIMBGWG N92.9EF7G:8V 8F>G:7F9:8V BGWI> ABE: 7LFV > MEFH@2I> F>= ay/ IF2L= 7GO9<N2L= E?G7: 0M789:GV#6 .PE:2L 89B7FP= F2L 7NP ks 7GH IEGF' EG< NE9?N2L k#mmm ID2AE?7 BD2LG IF7M7FVIE: F2 .followed for dd and a half earsw# bor most cancers there was no association between the tumour and milk ingestion# Howe$er' in l mphoma' there was a strong positi$e association# If one drank two glasses or more dail vor the e!ui$alent in dair productsw' the odds were j#€ times greater than in persons drinking less than one glass of de$eloping a l mphoma# There are two other cow"related diseases that ou should be aware of# &t this time the are not known to be spread b the use of dair products and are not known to in$ol$e man# The first is bo$ine spongiform encephalopath vy/aw' and the second is the bo$ine immunodeficienc $irus vyI~w# The first of these diseases' we hope' is confined to angland and causes ca$ities in the animal%s brain# /heep ha$e long been known to suffer from a disease called scrapie# It seems to ha$e been started b the feeding of contaminated sheep parts' especiall brains' to the yritish cows# (ow' use our good sense# uo cows seem like carni$ores? /hould the eat meat? This profit"moti$ated practice backfired and bo$ine spongiform encephalopath ' or Mad +ow uisease' swept yritain# The disease literall causes dementia in the unfortunate animal and is dmm per cent incurable# To date' o$er dmm'mmm cows ha$e been incinerated in angland in keeping with yritish law# bour hundred to smm cows are reported as infected each month# The yritish public is concerned and has dropped its beef consumption b ks per cent' while some k'mmm schools ha$e stopped ser$ing beef to children# /e$eral farmers ha$e de$eloped a fatal disease s ndrome that resembles both y/a and +Ju v+reut*feldt"Jakob" uiseasew# yut the yritish ~eterinar &ssociation sa s that transmission of y/a to humans is "remote#" 782A2LOVO>87G K:7 dd 87: BF> EGP= M:I2Sw# 3:7 F2L= NE9:IIPFE92L= 8798?G2L= @EG LNV9CE 87M?7 BGWI> MEF7CS F2L PK82L 87: F>= 87FHN2I>= KHA78F2=# XGF2SF2:=' IF2 ABMQWM7' LNV9CE M:7 :IDL9V OEF:8V BGWI># XHG F2 BG7 VN:E @S2 KL7A:H V N:P 87O>ME9:GH vV F2 7GF?F:M2 IF7 K7A78F282M:8H N92]PGF7w' 2: N:O7GPF>FE= VF7G j#€ Q29B= MEK7ASFE9E= 7N%P' F: IF>G 87F7GHAWI> N92I<NWG A:KPFE92 7NP BG7 KL7A? F>= 7GHNFLC>= EGP= AEMQ<M7F2=# oNH9D2LG @S2 HAAE= 7KEAH@7"IDEF:8B= ME F2G 7IOBGE:E= PF: N9BNE: G7 E?IFE EGVME92= K:7# 4LFV F> IF:KMV @EG E?G7: KGWIF2? K:7 G7 @:7@?@2GF7: 82GFH > D9VI> FWG K7A78F282M:8<G N92]PGFWG 87: @EG E?G7: KGWIFV K:7 G7 NE9:A7M.

ABNE: IF7 .:IMBG2 PF: 2 M2ALIM7F:8P= 2 N9H8F297= E?G7: prion V 79KP= BG7= :P= N:O7GP N2L A7M.eke" jmw NE9:K9HQE: F:= NE9:NF<IE:= F>= ay/ IF7 E?@> KGWIFV= PD: N92>K2LMBGW= K:7 G7 EN>9E7IF2SG' PNW= 2: KHFE=# 4G7KGW9?R2LG E8E?G7 F7 N92]PGF7 M2ALIMBG2= F> .22E:@V IF2G .7F7# {DE: 7N7K29ESIE: F>G E:I7KWKV FWG RWGF7G<G .HGE: 7NP 7GEN798E?= 07KEAH@E= downer#6 U yritish Medical Journal IE BG7 8S9:2 H9O92 whimsicall F:FA2Q29>MBG2= 0NPI2 F<97 F9EAV 7KEAH@7T6 vyMJ EGFHIE:= jm€' IF:= dd 4N9:A?2L deek.>FE?F7: ILGVOW=# YEF7F9BN2GF7: BNE:F7 IE N9WFE}G> F9PQ:M7 K:7 F7 R<7 87O<= EN?I>= 87: HAAE= N92EF2:M7I?E=# ^:RPG 7LFP BDE: F7]IFE? 7LFVG F>G N9WFE}G> BDE: 7G7NFSCE: BG7G M2:97?2 EK8EQ7A2NHOE:7 N2L BDE: 8HN2:7 2M2:PF>F7 IF> ay/# _AP8A>92= 2: 7N2:8?E= FWG .22E:@<G 87: F7 M>9L87IF:8H RW2A2K:8<G 8VNWG 7NP F> YEKHA> ^9EF7G?7 87: LN2IF>9?R2LG PF: > 7IOBGE:7 LN-H9DW IF:= UGWMBGE= J2A:FE?E=# XGF2SF2:=' E8E? MN29BIFE G7 E?IFE BG7 N9P.A>M7# 0_: 7KEAH@E= uowner6 E?G7: R<7 N2L QOHG2LG @>M2N97FVIFE F7 G7LN>KE?7 V F7 IQ7KE?7 7N2ASFW=' N2@2N7F>MBG2=' NA>KWMBG7' 7QL@7FWMBG2=' V NH97 N2AS H99WIF2= 7NP F:= N92E9DPMEGE= 7NP :P V .78F>9:78B= 7IOBGE:E= NE9?N7F2=# `7FH ILGBNE:7 E?G7: 08HFW#6 XHG @EG MN292SG G7 7N289:O2SG >AE8F9:82? 8A2G:IM2? ME F2 NE9NHF>M7' IB9G2GF7: 7NP F:= 7ALI?@E= dumpsters 87: MEF7QEMBG2= IF:= EK87F7IFHIE:= 7NP@2I>= PN2L' EHG 7LF2? @EG E?G7: V@> GE89P=' I82F<G2GF7:# 48PM> 87: BG7= 07GO9WN:IF:8P=6 OHG7F2= F2L= 7MQ:I.:RPG BD2LG D7OE? 87FH 7LFPG F2G F9PN2' :@:7?FE97 IF2 _L:I8PGI:G# X?G7: Q2.22E:@<G ME F2 2IFEHAEL92 V RW:8P N9WFE]G:8P N797DOE%G IF:= EK87F7IFHIE:= 7NP@2I>= 7NP F7 IQHK:7 GPI2=" M2ALIMBG2= N9P.22E:@V IN2KK2E:@V EK8EQ7A2NHOE:7 N2L E:IHKEF7: ME > 7GO9<N:G> F92Q:8V 7ALI?@7 IF>G 4KKA?7 MEF7CS dei• 87: deie# 4LF2? NBIFE# 012 7N2FBAEIM7 7LF2S F2L NE:9HM7F2= 7G7MBGEF7:#6 [7G > NE9?2@2= EN<7I>= MN29E? G7 E?G7: MBD9: F9E:= @E87EF?E=' G7 NE9:MBGE: N9BNE:# _ :P= immunodeficenc EGWMBG2 .9EF7G:8V EN:@>M?7 2QE:APF7G I?F:I> FWG .The f/u& agrees that the yritish epidemic was due to the feeding of cattle with bonemeal or animal protein produced at rendering plants from the carcasses of scrapie"infected sheep# The ha$e prohibited the importation of li$e cattle and *oo ruminants from ‚reat yritain and claim that the disease does not etist in the fnited /tates# Howe$er' there ma be a problem# "uowner cows" are animals who arri$e at auction ards or slaughter houses dead' trampled' lacerated' deh drated' or too ill from $iral or bacterial diseases to walk# Thus the are "down#" If the cannot respond to electrical shocks b walking' the are dragged b chains to dumpsters and transported to rendering plants where' if the are not alread dead' the are killed# a$en a "humane" death is usuall denied them# The are then turned into protein food for animals as well as other preparations# Minks that ha$e been fed this protein ha$e de$eloped a fatal encephalopath that has some resemblance to y/a# antire colonies of minks ha$e been lost in this manner' particularl in )isconsin# It is feared that the infecti$e agent is a prion or slow $irus possible obtained from the ill "downer cows#" The yritish Medical Journal in an editorial whimsicall entitled "How (ow Mad +ow?" vyMJ $ol# jm€' dd &pr# deek-eke" jmw describes cases of y/a in species not pre$iousl known to be affected' such as cats# The admit that produce contaminated with bo$ine spongiform encephalopath entered the human food chain in angland between dei• and deie# The sa # "The result of this etperiment is awaited#" &s the incubation period can be up to three decades' wait we must# The immunodeficenc the fnited $irus is seen in cattle in 12 f/u& ILMQWGE? PF: > .

7I?AE:2# 455_n `4†`n\_n""J4n†\Xn „Xn†_1X†4T qLIFLD<=# 1WG W2O>8<G 8798?G2="":@:7?FE97 BG7= @LIH9EIF2= PK82=""ILG@BO>8E ME F>G 87F7GHAWI> KHA78F2= 7NP F2L= E9K7R2MBG2L= 4G7MG>IF:8P ?@9LM7 NH98WG goswell IF2 yuffalo' \B7 oP98># `7F7GHAWI> NE9:IIPFE9WG 7NP EGP= N2F>9:<G .ABN2LG EHG F7 7GF:I<M7F7 IE 7LFPG F2G 9EF92]P E?G7: N79PGF7w# {DE: EN?I>= F2 79:O# IDB@:7 IF>G 8797GF?G7 F7 M2ALIMBG7 R<7# pNW= IF>G NE9?NFWI> HGO9WN2: ME F2 &Iu/' @EG LNH9DE: 87M?7 OE97NE?7 K:7 yI~ IF:= 7KEAH@E=# `HOE >MB97 87F7G7A<G2LME F7 N92]PGF7 .de"k•w# _: EN:NF<IE:= 7LF2? 2: ECEA?CE:= E?G7: HKGWIFE= 7LFV F> IF:KMV# XGF2SF2:=' E?G7: 7IQ7AB= LN2OBIFE PF: 7LF2? 2: RW:82? :2? E?G7: 7N?O7G2 0G7 ME?G2LG6 MBI7 F2 RW:8P .92LH9:2 F2L deem j€ vdw.THag +&(+ag/""u.LI F2L deej# Y:7 B8OEI> IF2 87G7@:8P NE9:2@:8P F>= 8F>G:7F9:8V= B9ELG7=' 12G _8F<.22E:@V AELD7:M?7 :P= IE s ie KLG7:8<G ME F>G 7IOBGE:7 IF>O<G vN978F:8H ~irologica 12 |E.9:2 F2L deek' EGFHIE:= s• pp#jsj"jse 87: HAA> 7NP U 9WI:8V A2K2FEDG?7' ABE: M:7= F92MHR2GF7= 7GHNFLC>=# 4LF2? E8OBIFE F>G N9<F> 7G?DGELI> IF2G 7GO9<N:G2 29P F2L 7GF:I<M7F2= M:7 .22E:@V= N9WFE}G> :<G 7GENH98E:7= 7GF:IWMHFWG# XN:NAB2G EG2DA>F:8P= F>G B8OEI>' E?G7: HAA> 7NP F> †WI?7 N2L ABE: M7= > N792LI?7 N9WFE]G<G :<G 7Q292SIE F> .PE:2L 89B7F2= 87: >ME92A2K?WG 7NP F:= 7KEAH@E= N2L M2ASG2GF7: ME 7LFP= 2 :P= 87: 87M?7 EN:IF>M2G:8V @:7.$arian cancer""a particularl nast tumour""was associated with milk consumption b workers at goswell zark Memorial Institute in yuffalo' (ew .PE:2L 89B7F2= vPNW= IF>G MN9:RPA7 Tartarew ME DFLNH W= N2AS EN:8?G@LG2=' E:@:8H MEFH 7NP F2 [:HFA X# OHG7F2: +.ork# urinking more than one glass of whole milk or q>A<GE: 87: E?G7: N:P 7GVILD2=# U @2MV F>= E?G7: N2AS IDEF:8P= ME 7LFPG F2L 7GO9<N:G2L :2S F2L &Iu/# 4LFV F> IF:KMV G7 M>G CB92LG EHG > B8OEI> IF:= 787FB9K7IFE= N9WFE}GE= yI~ MN29E? G7 N9287ABIE: 292? FWG 7GO9<NWG K:7 G7 K?GE: OEF:8P= K:7 F2 HI~# U B8F7I> 2 :P= MEF7CS FWG 7ME9:87G:8<G 82N7@:<G ABKEF7: PF: E?G7: 0@:7@E@2MBG2=6# v 12 f/u& 79GE?F7: G7 EN:OEW9VIE: F2 89B7= 87: F2 KHA7 N2L ./tates and is more worrisome# Its structure is closel related to that of the human &Iu/ $irus# &t this time we do not know if etposure to the raw yI~ proteins can cause the sera of humans to become positi$e for HI~# The ettent of the $irus among &merican herds is said to be "widespread"# vThe f/u& refuses to inspect the meat and milk to see if antibodies to this retro$irus is presentw# It also has no plans to !uarantine the infected animals# &s in the case of humans with &Iu/' there is no cure for yI~ in cows# aach da we consume beef and diar products from cows infected with these $iruses and no scientific assurance etists that the products are safe# aating raw beef vas in steak Tartarew strikes me as being $er risk ' especiall after the /eattle a# coli deaths of deej# & report in the +anadian Journal of ~eterinar gesearch' .g/a? fnfortunatel it does# .de"k•w# The implications of these de$elopments are unknown at present# Howe$er' it is safe to assume that these animal $iruses are unlikel to "sta " in the animal kingdom# .a/ IT ‚aT ).ctober deek' ~ol# s• pp#jsj"jse and another from the gussian literature' tell of a horrif ing de$elopment# The report the first detection in human serum of the antibod to a bo$ine immunodeficienc $irus protein# In addition to this disturbing report' is another from gussia telling us of the presence of $irus proteins related to the bo$ine leukemia $irus in s of ie women with breast disease v&cta ~irologica beb# deem j€vdw.7?WI> @EG LNH9D2LG PF: F7 N92]PGF7 E?G7: 7IQ7AV# `7F7GHAWI> F2L 787FB9K7IF2L .E.

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9:7AO< 78PM> 87: BG7G 87AP APK2 HAA2= 7NP F>G 7NAV N92F?M>I># 4AAH EHG N92IN7OE?FE I8A>9H' 87FH F> KG<M> M2L' 7LF2? O7 VF7G 87ASFE97 F7 @S2.H92= F7 IF2:DE?7 EMQ7G?R2GF7: G7 ELG22SG F>G LNPOEI> PF: F2 RW:8P A?N2= E?G7: IDEF:8P= ME F2G 7LC7GPMEG2 8?G@LG2 N92IF7F:82S 8798?G2L# J92IFHF>= 2 8798?G2= E?G7: F<97 2 N:P 82:GP= 8798?G2= N2L EGF2N?REF7: IF7 7ME9:87G:8H HF2M7 87: E?G7: > @ESFE9> 8S9:7 7:F?7 F>= OG>I:MPF>F7= 8798?G2L# `454' J_n4 Xn\4n 14 _|X5UT X?G7: E8E? 2N2:2I@VN2FE APK2= LKE?7= 87OPA2L K:7 BG7G EGVA:82 HGO9WN2 N:E?FE F2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WGT X?G7: @SI82A2 K:7 ME G7 .BIF:2# 4AAH E?G7: 7LFP M:7 87AV N>KV 7I.A>F7 2: D<9E= ME F>G NE9:IIPFE9> 2IFE2NP9WI># 4LFP= OEW9E? PF: F2 KHA7 E?G7: M:7 7:F?7 F>= .•ms"dk' deie# The anal *ed the diets of jld prostate cancer patients and comparable control subhectsMen who reported drinking three or more glasses of whole milk dail had a relati$e risk of k#€e compared with men who reported ne$er drinking whole milk the weight of the e$idence appears to fa$our the h pothesis that animal fat is related to increased risk of prostate cancer# zrostate cancer is now the most common cancer diagnosed in f/ men and is the second leading cause of cancer mortalit # )aLL' )H&T &ga THa ya(abIT/? Is there an health reason at all for an adult human to drink cows% milk? It%s hard for me to come up with e$en one good reason other than simple preference# yut if ou tr hard' in m opinion' these would be the best two.EIF?2L 87: E?G7: M:7 N>KV 7M:G2CBWG vN9WFE}GE=w# XCEFHIFE F2 7I.2AV N9WFE]G:82S N2L F2 KHA7 N79BDE: E?G7: M:7 I>M7GF:8V 7:F?7 F2L N92.BIF:2 7N299PQ>I># 4QEFB92L' > LNE9.milk is a source of calcium and it%s a source of amino acids vproteinsw# Let%s look at the calcium first# )h are we concerned at all about calcium? .F2 KHA7 E?G7: M:7 N>KV 7I.BIF:2 N9<F7# 3:7F? E?G7: E?D7ME IDBI> 87OPA2L NE9?N2L 7I.9?I8EF7: IF2G 8798?G2 •€ vjw.b$iousl ' we intend it to build strong bones and protect us against osteoporosis# &nd no doubt about it' milk is loaded with calcium# yut is it a good calcium source for humans? I think not# These are the reasons# atcessi$e amounts of dair products actuall interfere with calcium absorption# /econdl ' the etcess of protein that the milk pro$ides is a mahor cause of the osteoporosis problem# ur# H egsted in angland has been writing for ears about the geographical distribution of osteoporosis# It seems that the countries with the highest intake of dair products are in$ariabl the countries with the most FBF2:7 B8OEI> EG F2SF2:= VF7G MEKHA2L EG@:7QB92GF2=# 4LFP E?G7: 7NP F2 NH982 goswell 12 7G7MG>IF:8P ?@9LM7 87: .•ms"dk' deie# 4GBALI7G F:= @:7F92QB= F2L N92IF7F:82S 8798?G2L jld 7IOEGE?= 87: ILK89?I:M7 OBM7F7 EABKD2L- ˆF2M7 N2L ECBOEI7G F>G 87F7GHAWI> F9:<G V NE9:IIPFE9WG KL7A:<G F2L ILGPA2L F2 KHA7 E?DE 87O>ME9:GH BG7G IDEF:8P 8?G@LG2 k#€e BG7GF: FWG 7FPMWG N2L 7G7QE9PMEG2 2AP8A>92 KHA7 N2FB 87F7GHAWI>= F2 .BIF:2T J92Q7G<=' F2 I82NES2LME K:7 G7 DF?I2LME F7 :IDL9H 8P887A7 87: M7= N92IF7FESIFE 7NP F>G 2IFE2NP9WI># `7: 7G7MQ:I.VF>F7 K:7 F2G' F2 KHA7 Q29F<GEF7: ME F2 though was of great interest# This is from the goswell zark Memorial Institute and is found in +ancer •€ vjw.2A:8P= F7 N2IH K7A78F282M:8<G N92]PGFWG N79EMN2@?R2LG N97KM7F:8H F2 7I.AVM7F2= 2IFE2NP9WI>=# _ q9 H IF>G 4KKA?7 BDE: K9HrE: K:7 D9PG:7 K:7 KEWK97Q:8V @:7G2MV F>= 2IFE2NP9WI>=# |7?GEF7: PF: 2: D<9E= ME F>G Lr>APFE9> E:I7KWKV FWG K7A78F282M:8<G N92]PGFWG E?G7: 7MEFH.EIF?2L K:7 F2L= 7GO9<N2L=T [8BQF2M7: PD:# 4LF2? E?G7: 2: APK2:# oNE9.

osteoporosis# He feels that milk is a cause of osteoporosis# geasons to be gi$en below# (umerous studies ha$e shown that the le$el of calcium ingestion and especiall calcium supplementation has no effect whate$er on the de$elopment of osteoporosis# The most important such article appeared recentl in the yritish Journal of Medicine where the long arm of our dair industr can%t reach# &nother stud in the fnited /tates actuall showed a worsening in calcium balance in post" menopausal women gi$en three i"ounce glasses of cows% milk per da # v&m# Journal of +lin# (utrition' deisw# The effects of hormone' gender' weight bearing on the atial bones' and in particular protein intake' are criticall important# &nother obser$ation that ma be helpful to our anal sis is to note the absence of an recorded dietar deficiencies of calcium among people li$ing on a natural diet without milk# bor the ke to the osteoporosis riddle' don^�t look at calcium' look at protein# +onsider these two contrasting groups# askimos ha$e an etceptionall high protein intake estimated at ks percent of total calories# The also ha$e a high calcium intake at k'smm mgcda # Their osteoporosis is among the worst in the world# The other instructi$e group are the yantus of /outh &frica# The ha$e a dk percent protein diet' mostl p lant protein' and onl kmm to jsm mgcda of calcium' about half our women%s intake# The women ha$e $irtuall no osteoporosis despite bearing sit or more children and nursing them for prolonged periods! )hen &frican women immigrate to the fnited /tates' do the de$elop osteoporosis? The answer is es' but not !uite are much as +aucasian or &sian women# Thus' there 2IFE2NP9WI>=# 5PK2: G7 E?G7: A7M.BIF:2' ECEFHRE: F>G N9WFE}G># XCEFHIFE 7LFH F7 @S2 7GF:N797.EIF?2L IE MEFEMM>G2N7LIF:8P F:= KLG7?8E= @E@2MBGWG F9:<G N2F>9:<G i 2LKK:<G F2L KHA78F2= FWG 7KEAH@WG 7GH >MB97# v&M# JE9:2@:8P +lin# q:7F92QV' deisw# 17 7N2FEABIM7F7 29MPG>' KBG2=' .EIF?2L IE k#smm mgcime%ra# U 2IFE2NP9WIV F2L= E?G7: MEF7CS F2L DE:9PFE92L IF2G 8PIM2# U HAA> @:@78F:8V 2MH@7 E?G7: yantus F>= \PF:7= 4Q9:8V=# {D2LG dk F2:= E87FP N9WFE]G:8V @:7F92QV' ILGVOW= N9WFE}G> N lant' 87: MPG2 kmm BW= jsm mgcime%ra F2L 7I.EIF?2L > 87FHN2I> 87: E:@:8H > ILMNAV9WI> 7I.HAA2GF7= 2MH@E=# _: XI8:M<2: BD2LG EC7:9EF:8H BG7G Lr>AP " N9WFE]G:8V E:I7KWKV LN2A2K:IMBG2= IE ks F2:= E87FP FWG ILG2A:8<G OE9M?@WG# {D2LG EN?I>= F2 7 Lr>AV E:I7KWKV 7I.H92= N2L 7Q29H F7 7C2G:8H 8P887A7' 87: MBI7 > :@:7?FE9> N9WFE]G:8V E:I7KWKV' E?G7: 7LIF>9H I>M7GF:8V# ˆAA2= > N797FV9>I> N2L MN29E? G7 E?G7: D9VI:M> IF>G 7GHALIV M7= E?G7: G7 I>ME:<IE: > 7N2LI?7 2N2:WG@VN2FE 87F7K97MMBGWG @:7:F>F:8<G 7GEN798E:<G F2L 7I.EIF?2L BD2LG F2 79:O# EN?@97I> 2N2:2I@VN2FE IF>G 7GHNFLC> F>= 2IFE2NP9WI>=# J:P N2AS I>M7GF:8P FBF2:2 H9O92 EMQ7G?IF>8E N9PIQ7F7 IF2L= ^9EF7G2S= JE9:2@:8P :7F9:8V= PN2L 2 M789S= .EIF?2L MEF7CS FWG 7GO9<NWG N2L R2LG IE M:7 QLI:8V @:7F92QV DW9?= KHA7# 3:7 F2 8AE:@? K:7 F2 7?G:KM7 2IFE2NP9WI>=' Q29BIFE Š F ECEFHRE: F2 7I.:2M>D7G?7= M7= M>G MN29BIFE G7 QOHIEFE# Y:7 HAA> MEABF> IF:= UGWMBGE= J2A:FE?E= N97KM7F:8H N792LI?7IE M:7 EN:@E?GWI> IF>G :I2992N?7 7I.HG2GF7= LNPr> 87FWFB9W# _: N2ALH9:OME= MEABFE= BD2LG @E?CE: PF: F2 EN?NE@2 7I.97D?2G7= F>= K7A78F282M:8V= .EIF?2L' K:7 M:IV E:I7KWKV FWG KLG7:8<G M7=# _: KLG7?8E= M>G BDEFE 2LI:7IF:8H 87M?7 2IFE2NP9WI> N79H F> ILMNE9:Q29H BC: V NE9:IIPFE9WG N7:@:H 87: NE9:N2?>I> F2L= K:7 F:= N797FEF7MBGE= NE9:P@2L=! pF7G _: 7Q9:87G:8B= KLG7?8E= MEF7G7IFESW IF:= UGWMBGE= J2A:FE?E=' 7LF2? 7G7NFSCFE F>G 2IFE2NP9WI>T U 7NHGF>I> G7:' 7AAH E?G7: PD: 798EFH N2AS= W= 87L8HI:E= V 7I:7F:8B= KLG7?8E=# `7FH .

BIF:2T6 U 7NHGF>I> E?G7:.2A:8B= N9WFE]G:8B= E:I7KWKB= 87: BAAE:r> 92LAEMHG .BIF:2' 7NP F7 N9HI:G7 N9HKM7F7 N2L 7LCHG2GF7: B@7Q2='6 8L9?W= 7NP F7 QLAA<@> A7D7G:8H# [E FEAELF7?7 7GHALI>' EABQ7GFE= 87: 2: 9:GP8E92: 7G7NFSII2LG F7 FE9HIF:7 8P887AH F2L= vMEFH 7NP G7 7N2K7A78F:IFE?w 82GFH F9<K2GF7= F:= N9HI:GE= QLAA<@E:= EK87F7IFHIE:=' 8HGEFE BFI: F7 HA2K7# [7982QHK7 R<7 EN?I>= 8HGEFE 798EFH W97?7 DW9?= QLAA<@E:= EK87F7IFHIE:=# |7?GEF7: PF: PA2: 7NP F>= K>= F7 O>A7IF:8H 8HG2LG 87AH EHG R2LG IF>G 79M2G?7 ME 2 KEGEF:8P= N92K97MM7F:IMP= 87: F7 QLI:8H F9PQ:MH F2L=# YPG2 HGO9WN2: RWGF7GP= BG7= ESN292= F9PN2= RWV= BDE: 7D7A?GWF> 2IFE2NP9WI># XHG 2: RW:8B= 7G7Q29B= @EG I7= NE?O2LG' I8EQFE?FE 798EF2? @:IE87F2MMS9:2 HGO9WN2: IE 7LFVG F>G K> N2L @EG BD2LG @E: N2FB KHA7 7KEAH@WG# qEG O7 I8EQFPI7IFE F>G 2IFE2NP9WI> O7 VI7IFE EN:897F<G IE 7LFVG F>G FE9HIF:7 2MH@7T _: K7A78F282M:82? HGO9WN2: O7 N9PFE:G7G 7LFP 7AAH > 7AVOE:7 E?G7: 789:.TH gemember when ou were a kid and the adults all told ou to "make sure ou get plent of good protein"# zrotein was the nutritional "good gu ^�" when I was oung# &nd of course milk is fitted right in# &s regards protein' milk is indeed a rich source of protein" ""li!uid meat'" remember? Howe$er that isn%t 3:7 G7 7N7GFVIE: IF>G N92Q7GV E9<F>I>' 087AH' N2S N7?9GEFE I7=7I."brom etactl the same place the cow gets the calcium' from green things that grow in the ground'" mainl from leaf $egetables# &fter all' elephants and rhinos de$elop their huge bones vafter being weanedw b eating green leaf plants' so do horses# +arni$orous animals also do !uite nicel without leaf plants# It seems that all of earth%s mammals do well if the li$e in harmon with their genetic programming and natural food# .ABNE: IF:= D<9E= PN2L K7A78F282M:8H N92]PGF7 87F7G7A<GEF7: ILGVOW=# 4N2FEAE? F2 7GF:8E?MEG2 EGP= HAA2L EKK9HQ2L' 7AAH 2: 7A>O:GH I>M7GF:82? 87O29:IF:82? N79HK2GFE= F>= 2IFE2NP9WI>= E?G7: ILG2A:8H LNE9.TaI( M.<= F2 ?@:2 MB92= > 7KEAH@7 N7?9GE: F2 7I.HOM:2=' 7AAH M> FEF9:MMBG2= 9PA2= IF:= KLG7?8E=# 12 KHA7 E?G7: 7 7N2F9ENF:8P= N79HK2GF7= IF>G 87AV LKE?7 8P887AWG# _ J†Ž1X’\n`_[ Yo…_[ …LM>OE?FE PF7G VI7IFE N7:@? 87: 2: EGVA:82: PA2: I7= E?N7G 0I:K2L9ELFE?FE PF: N7?9GEFE F>G 7QO2G?7 F>= 87AV= N9WFE}G>=6# U N9WFE}G> VF7G O9ENF:8P= 087AP= HGO9WN2= Š6 PF7G VM2LG GB2=# `7: QLI:8H F2 KHA7 F7:9:HREF7: @EC:H# pI2G 7Q29H IF>G N9WFE}G>' F2 KHA7 E?G7: N9HKM7F: M:7 NA2SI:7 N>KV AEL8<M7F2= " F2 0LK9P 89B7='6 OLMHF7:T XGF2SF2:= 7LFP= @EG .<= F2 7GF?OEF2# {D2LG M789:H A:KPFE92 7NP 7LFP= N2L .is a genetic difference that is modified b diet# ILGBNE:7' LNH9DE: BG7= KEGEF:8P= @:7Q29H N2L F92N2N2:E?F7: 7NP F> @:7F92QV# To answer the ob$ious !uestion' ")ell' where do ou get our calcium?" The answer is.04NP humans li$ing an affluent life st le ha$e rampant osteoporosis# If animal references do not con$ince ou' think of the se$eral billion humans on this earth who ha$e ne$er seen cows% milk# )ouldn%t ou think osteoporosis would be pre$alent in this huge group? The dair people would suggest this but the truth is etactl the opposite# The ha$e far less than that seen in the countries where dair products are commonl consumed# It is the subhect of another paper' but the trul significant determinants of osteoporosis are grossl etcessi$e protein intakes and lack of weight bearing on long bones' both taking place o$er decades# Hormones pla a secondar ' but not tri$ial role in women# Milk is a deterrent to good bone health# THa zg.H92L= IF7 M789:H 8P887A7' 87: F7 @S2 N2L N97KM7F2N2:2SGF7: 87FH F> @:H98E:7 FWG @E87EF:<G# J7:DG?@: 29M2G<G BG7= @ELFE92.

ou can "get b " on ki to jm grams a da if necessar ! (ow €s grams a da is a tin amount of protein# That%s an ounce and a half! +onsider too' that the protein does not ha$e to be animal protein# ~egetable protein is identical for all practical purposes and has no cholesterol and $astl less saturated fat# vuo not be misled b the anti!uated belief that plant proteins must be carefull balanced to a$oid deficiencies# This is not a realistic concern#w Therefore $irtuall all &mericans' +anadians' yritish and auropean people are in a protein o$erloaded state# This has serious conse!uences when maintained o$er decades# The problems are the alread mentioned osteoporosis' E?G7: 7N797:FVFW= F: D9E:7RPM7IFE# [F2 N97KM7F:8P KEK2GP= E?G7: M:7 N>KV @LI82A?7=# [DE@PG PA2: 2: 4ME9:87G2? F9<GE NH97 N2AAV N9WFE}G># 3:7 7LFB= F:= NA>92Q29?E= IF>9:RPM7IFE IF2G N:P EN:F78F:8P N>KV PF: KGW9?RW# 4LFP E?G7: > FEAELF7?7 B8@2I> vdoth' deie.€th printing' Jan# deekw of the gecommended uietar &llowances produced b the (ational gesearch +ouncil# .B.ou should also know that the )H.necessaril what we need# In actual fact it is a source of difficult # (earl all &mericans eat too much protein# bor this information we rel on the most authoritati$e source that I am aware of# This is the latest edition vdoth' deie.f interest' the current editor of this important work is ur# gichard Ha$el of the fni$ersit of +alifornia in /an brancisco# birst to be noted is that the recommended protein has been steadil re$ised downward in successi$e editions# The current recommendation is m#ls gckilocda for adults de through sd ears# This' of course' is onl €s grams per da for the m thical •m kilogram adult# .AVM7F7 E?G7: > V@> 7G7QE9OE?I7 2IFE2NP9WI>' .2SA:2 B9ELG7=# F2 EG@:7QB92G' 2 F9BDWG ILGFH8F>= 7LFV= F>= I>M7GF:8V= E9K7I?7= E?G7: 2 q9# gichard Ha$el F2L J7GEN:IF>M?2L F>= `7A:QP9G:7= IF2 /&( brancisco# J9<F7 K:7 G7 I>ME:WOE? E?G7: PF: > ILG:IF<MEG> N9WFE}G> VF7G IF7OE9H 7G7OEW9>MBG2= N92= F7 8HFW IF:= @:7@2D:8B= E8@PIE:=# > F9BD2LI7 ISIF7I> E?G7: m#ls gckilocda K:7 F2L= EG>A?82L= de MBIW sd EF<G# 4LFH' QLI:8H' E?G7: MPG2 €s K97MMH9:7 7GH >MB97 K:7 F2 MLO:8P EGVA:82 •m D:A:2K9HMM2L# J9BNE: EN?I>= G7 CB9EFE PF: F2 c)ho LN2APK:IE F>G 7GHK8> K:7 F>G N9WFE}G> IF2L= EG>A?82L= 82GFH #•gckilo 7GH >MB97# vpA7 gu& LN2A2K?R2GF7: ME MEKHA2 EN:@PM7F7 7IQHAE:7= IE NE9?NFWI> N2L E?IFE 2 FSN2= N2L OBAE: G7 N92IOBIE: A?K2 NE9:IIPFE92 K:7 0G7 E?G7: .7:2=# 6w YN29E?FE 0G7 NH9EFE 7NP6 IE ki BW= jm K97MMH9:7 M:7 >MB97 EHG E?G7: 7N797?F>F2! 1<97 €s K97MMH9:7 >ME9>I?W= E?G7: M:7 M:892I82N:8V N2IPF>F7 F>= N9WFE}G>=# 4LFP= E?G7: 2LKK:H 87: BG7 M:IP! …EW9VIFE EN?I>=' PF: > N9WFE}G> PD: N9BNE: G7 E?IFE RW:8V N9WFE}G># U QLF:8V N9WFE}G> E?G7: ?@:7 K:7 PA2L= N978F:82S= APK2L= 87: @EG BDE: 87M?7 D2A>IFE9PA> 87: 7NB97GF7 A:KPFE92 829EIMBG2 A?N2=# vqEG N797NA7G:BF7: 7NP F2G 7N79D7:WMBG2 NEN2?O>I> PF: 2: N9WFE}GE= EK87F7IFHIEWG N9BNE: G7 :I2992N>O2SG N92IE8F:8H 7N2QSKEFE F:= 7GENH98E:E=# 4LFP @EG E?G7: M:7 9E7A:IF:8V 7G>ILD?7#w XN2MBGW= 2LI:7IF:8H PA2: 2: 4ME9:87G2?' `7G7@2?' ^9EF7G2? 87: _: EL9WN7]82? A72? E?G7: IE BG7 N9WFE]G:8P LNE9Q29FWMBG2 89HF2=# 4LFP BDE: I2.€> E8FSNWI>' F2G n7G2LH9:2 F2L deekw ILG:IF<MEG2L F2L @:7:F>F:82S XN:@PM7F7 N2L N79HK2GF7: 7NP F2 EOG:8P [LM.79B= ILGBNE:E= PF7G @:7F>9E?F7: 87FH F> @:H98E:7 FWG @E87EF:<G# F7 N92. estimated the need for protein in adults to b #•gckilo per da # v&ll gu&%s are calculated with large safet allowances in case ou%re the t pe that wants to add some more to "be sure#"w .

fyLa? /orr ' there%s more# gemember lactose? This is the principal carboh drate of milk# It seems that nature pro$ides new" borns with the en* matic e!uipment to metaboli*e lactose' but this abilit often ettinguishes b age € or s ears# )hat is the problem with lactose or milk sugar? It seems that it is a disaccharide which is too large to be absorbed into the blood stream without first being broken down into monosaccharides' namel galactose and glucose# This re!uires the presence of an en* me' lactase plus additional en* mes to break down the galactose into glucose# Let%s think about his for a moment# (ature gi$es us the abilit to metaboli*e lactose for a few ears and then shuts off the mechanism# Is Mother (ature tr ing to tell us something? +learl all infants must drink milk# The fact that so man adults cannot seems to be related to the tendenc for nature to abandon mechanisms that are not needed# &t least half of the adult humans on this earth are lactose intolerant# It was not until the relati$el recent introduction of dair herding and the abilit to "borrow" milk from another group of mammals that the sur$i$al ad$antage of preser$ing lactase vthe en* me that allows us atherosclerosis 87: R>M?7 GEQ9<G# oNH9D2LG 87AH IF2:DE?7 PF: 29:IMBGE= M2DO>9?E=' 8L9?W= HGW 87: 8HFW FEAE?7 87: N9W8F:8P=' E?G7: IDEF:8P= ME F>G LNE9.2A:8V= N9WFE}G>= K:7 tubule GEQ9<G# _: 8?G@LG2: 7NP F2 A?N2= 87: F> D2A>IFE9PA> E?G7: KGWIFV IE PA2:# 1BA2=' EIE?= N9BNE: G7 CB9EFE PF: > NE9:E8F:8PF>F7 IE N9WFE}G> F2L 7GO9<N:G2L KHA78F2= E?G7: N2IP 2 D7M>APFE92= vm#e‰w IF7 O>A7IF:8H# Xn\4n _1n _5_ 1_ J†_^5UY4T …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…LM>OE?FE F> A78FPR>T 4LFP E?G7: 2 N92:€IFHMEG2= L@7FHGO9787= F2L KHA78F2=# |7?GEF7: PF: > QSI> N79BDE: GB2 borns ME F2G EGRLM7F:8P EC2NA:IMP K:7 G7 MEF7.?WI> NAE2GB8F>M7 lactase vF2 BGRLM2 N2L M7= EN:F9BNE: G7 7Q2M2:<IE: F> A78FPR>w BK:GE EMQ7GV=# 4AAH K:7F? O7 VF7G .2A?IE: F> A78FPR>' 7AAH 7LFV > @LG7FPF>F7 EC7Q7G?RE: ILDGH MBD9: F7 BF> >A:8?7= € V s# J2:2 E?G7: F2 N9P.2A:8V 87F7GHAWI> 89B7F2=# yarr yrenner' BG7= @:7N9ENV= 2 GEQ9:8P= QLI:2APK2= VF7G 2 N9<F2= K:7 G7 EN:I>MHGE: NAV9W= 8?G@LG2: F>= LNE9.A>M7 ME F> RHD79> A78FPR>= V KHA78F2=T |7?GEF7: PF: E?G7: disaccharide N2L E?G7: NH97 N2AS MEKHA2 K:7 G7 7N2992Q>OE? IF2 9ESM7 7?M7F2= DW9?= G7 7G7ASIE: N9<F7 monosaccharides' @>A7@V galactose 87: KAL8PR># 4LFP 7N7:FE? > N792LI?7 EGP= EGRSM2L' lactase ILG F7 N9PIOEF7 BGRLM7 K:7 G7 7G7ASIE: galactose IF> KAL8PR># [8EQFE?FE K:7 @:82S= F2L K:7 M:7 IF:KMV# U QSI> M7= @?GE: > @LG7FPF>F7 G7 MEF7.2I8V= 87: F>= @LG7FPF>F7= 0G7 @7GE:IFE?6 KHA7 7NP M:7 HAA> 2MH@7 O>A7IF:8<G N2L > EN:.b THa Tg.atherosclerosis and kidne damage# There is good e$idence that certain malignancies' chiefl colon and rectal' are related to etcessi$e meat intake# yarr yrenner' an eminent renal ph siologist was the first to full point out the dangers of etcess protein for the kidne tubule# The dangers of the fat and cholesterol are known to all# binall ' ou should know that the protein content of human milk is amount the lowest vm#e‰w in mammals# I/ TH&T &LL .

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ne could !uibble and sa that milk is totall de$oid of fiber content and that its habitual use will predispose to constipation and bowel disorders# The association with anemia and occult intestinal bleeding in infants is known to all ph sicians# This is chiefl from its lack of iron and its irritating !ualities for the intestinal mucosa# The pediatric literature abounds with articles describing irritated intestinal lining' bleeding' increased permeabilit as well as colic' diarrhea and $omiting in cows%milk"sensiti$e babies# The anemia gets a double push b loss of blood and iron as well as deficienc of iron in the cows% milk# Milk is also the leading cause of childhood allerg # L.H92=' F2 KHA7 E?G7: il‰ GE9P! .F2 OBM7 0D7M>AV= NE9:E8F:8PF>F7= IE A:N79H6 KHA78F2=# {G7= 82:GP= 87: > E:A:89:GV= E9<F>I> E?G7:.K' isn%t it?" The answer to this !uestion is that low fat milk isn%t low fat# The term "low fat" is a marketing term used to gull the public# Low fat milk contains from k€ to jj‰ fat as calories! The k‰ figure is also misleading# This refers to weight# The don%t tell ou that' b weight' the milk is il‰ water! deej#w 1: EHG E?IFE lactose"intolerant 87: IQ2@9V EN:OLM?7 MEFH 7NP F2 K7A78F282ME?2 N92]PGF7T pA2= DHGEF7:T `7OPA2L# |7?GEF7: PF: > A78FPR> E?G7: 87FH BG7 MEKHA2 MB92= 7Q2M2:WMBG2: 7NP F7 .ogurt is similar in this respect# binall ' and I could ne$er ha$e dreamed this up' geneticists want to splice genes to alter the composition of milk v&m J +lin (utr deej /uppl jmksw# .H92=# qEG I7= ABGE PF:' IE .0`7AH' F2 D7M>AV= NE9:E8F:8PF>F7= IE A:N79H KHA7 E?G7: X\14‹Xn' @EG E?G7: 7LFPT6 U 7NHGF>I> IE 7LFVG F>G E9<F>I> E?G7: PF: F2 D7M>AV= NE9:E8F:8PF>F7= IE A:N79H KHA7 @EG E?G7: D7M>AP A?N2=# _ P92= 0D7M>AV= NE9:E8F:8PF>F7= IE A:N79H6 E?G7: BG7= P92= MH98EF:GK8 D9>I:M2N2:>MBG2= IF2 KAH92 @>MPI:2=# 12 D7M>AV= NE9:E8F:8PF>F7= IE A:N79H KHA7 NE9:BDE: 7NP k€ IF2 A?N2= jj‰ PNW= OE9M?@E=! _ 79:OMP= k‰ E?G7: EN?I>= N797NA7G>F:8P=# 4LFP 7G7QB9EF7: .the matter of "low fat" milk# & common and sincere !uestion is.78F>9?@:7 87: O7 E?IFE IE OBI> G7 7N2A7SIEFE F2 FL9? I7= N79H F>G 7@:7AA7C?7 A78FPR>=# 12 K:72S9F: E?G7: N79PM2:2 7NP 7LFV F>G HN2r># 1BA2=' 87: @EG O7 MN292SI7 N2FB G7 BDW 2GE:9ELFE? 7LFP ENHGW' KEGEF>I:2APK2: OBAE: G7 ILG@BIE: F7 K2G?@:7 K:7 G7 7AAHCE: ISGOEI> F2L KHA78F2= vN79H9F>M7 &M J +lin (utr deej jmksw# `HN2:2= O7 MN292SIE G7 IF9Er2@:8VIE: 87: G7 NE: PF: F2 KHA7 E?G7: ILG2A:8H 7N7AA7KMBG2 NE9:E8F:8PF>F7 IE ?GE= 87: IF>G 2N2?7 > ILGVO>= D9VI> F>= O7 N92@:7OBIE: 7G7F797DB= @LI82:A:PF>F7= 87: EGFB9WG# U BGWI> ME F>G 7G7:M?7 87: F>G 7NP89LQ> EGFE9:8V 7:M2997K?7 IF7 GVN:7 E?G7: KGWIFP= IE PA2L= F2L= N7O2APK2L=# 4LFP E?G7: 8L9?W= 7NP > BAAE:rV F2L I:@V92L 87: EG2DA<GF7= :@:2FVFWG F2L K:7 EGFE9:8P mucosa# U N7:@:7F9:8V A2K2FEDG?7 7QO2GE? ME H9O97 N2L NE9:K9HQ2LG F>G EG2DA>MBG> EGFE9:8V ENBG@LI>' N2L 7:M2997KE?' 7LC7GPMEG> @:7NE97FPF>F7 87O<= EN?I>= 87: colic' @:H992:7 87: EMEFP= IF7 cows%milk"EL7?IO>F7 MW9H# U 7G7:M?7 N7?9GE: F2 7 @:NAV <O>I> 7NP F>G 7N<AE:7 7?M7F2= 87: I:@V92L 87O<= EN?I>= 87: 7GENH98E:7= 7NP F2 I?@>92 IF2 KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG# 12 KHA7 E?G7: EN?I>= > 8S9:7 7:F?7 7AAE9K?7 N7:@:8V= >A:8?7=# „4YU5U[ JX†nX`1n`p1U14[ [X 5nJ4†ˆ {G7 N9PIOEF2 additional topic.")ell' low fat milk is .) b&T .)hat if ou are lactose"intolerant and lust after dair products? Is all lost? (ot at all# It seems that lactose is largel digested b bacteria and ou will be able to enho our cheese despite lactose intolerance# .

BIF:2' 0)estso 6 @:7FLN<GEF7: K:7 G7 BDE: F2 ?@:2 N9HKM7 ILK8BGF9WI> 7I.7AMBG2= IF7 @>M>F9:78H I7=T 6w 4A>O:GP=' LNH9D2LG A?K7 V 87GBG7 A?N2=' 7AAH F<97 EIE?= @EG BDE: BG7 IDEF:8P LNE9Q29F?2 F>= N9WFE}G>= 87: A78FPR># 4LFP LNH9DE: 8HF: PF: @EG D9E:7RPM7IFE NE9:IIPFE9WG 7NP F2 E?G7: M:7 HAA> 7NAV RHD79>"A78FPR>' N2L 7N2FEAE?F7: 7NP galactose 87: KAL8PR># 17 E87F2MMS9:7 4ME9:87G<G E?G7: A78FPR> 7@:HAA78F> MNPF7' PNW= I>ME:<GEF7:# pI2G 7Q29H IF>G N9WFE}G>' PNW= @>A<GEF7: GW9?FE97' R2SME IE M:7 82:GWG?7 N2L A7M. To m thinking' there is onl one $alid reason to drink milk or use milk products# That is hust because we simpl want to# yecause we like it and because it has become a part of our culture# yecause we ha$e become accustomed to its taste and tetture# yecause we like the wa it slides down our throat# yecause our parents did the $er best the could for us and pro$ided milk in our earliest training and conditioning# The taught us to like it# &nd then probabl the $er best reason is ice cream! I%$e heard it described "to die for"# I had one patient who did etactl that# He had no ob$ious $ices# He didn%t smoke or drink' he didn^�t eat meat' his diet and lifest le was nearl a perfectl health promoting oneT but he had a passion# .")hat do ou put on our cereal?"w True' there is little or no fat' but now ou ha$e a relati$e o$erburden of protein and lactose# It there is something that we do not need more of it is another simple sugar"lactose' composed of galactose and glucose# Millions of &mericans are lactose intolerant to boot' as noted# &s for protein' as stated earlier' we li$e in a societ that routinel ingests far more protein than we need# It is a burden for our bodies' especiall the kidne s' and a prominent cause of osteoporosis# +oncerning the dr cereal issue' I would suggest so milk' rice milk or almond milk as a health substitute# If ou%re still concerned about calcium' ")estso " is formulated to ha$e the same calcium concentration as milk# /fMM&g.ou guessed it' he lo$ed rich ice 0`7AH' BNE:F7' > O7GHFWI>"D79H I?K2L97 EIE?= N9BNE: G7 EK89?GE: non"fat KHA7!6 482SW 7LFP 798EFH BG7 82MMHF:# vY:7 HAA> IF7OE9V 7G>ILD?7 E?G7:.<= ENE:@V OBA2LME 7NAH # XNE:@V F2 ILMN7O2SME 87: ENE:@V BDE: K?GE: BG7 MB92= 2 N2A:F:IMP= M7=# XNE:@V BD2LME K?GE: EC2:8E:WMBG2: ME F2 K2SIF2 F>= 87: ISIF7I># XNE:@V ILMN7O2SME F2G F9PN2 KA:IF9H 8HFW 7NP F2 M7= A7:MP=# XNE:@V 2: K2GE?= M7= B87G7G N2AS F2G 87ASFE92 O7 MN292SI7G K:7 EME?= 87: N79EDPMEG2 KHA7 IF>G N:P N9PW9> 87FH9F:IV M7= 87: .")ell' then' kill"ho surel ou must appro$e of non"fat milk!" I hear this !uite a bit# v&nother constant concern is.EIF?2L W= KHA7# JX†n5U“U [F> I8Br> M2L' LNH9DE: MPG2 BG7= :IDL9P= APK2= G7 N:WOE? F2 KHA7 V K7A78F282M:8H N92]PGF7 D9VI>=# 4LFP= E?G7: 789:.HGE: ILGVOW= N2AS NE9:IIPFE9> N9WFE}G> 7NP M7= 7GHK8># X?G7: BG7 Q29F?2 K:7 F2L= 29K7G:IM2S= M7=' E:@:8H F7 GEQ9H' 87: M:7 N92ECBD2LI7 7:F?7 F>= 2IFE2NP9WI>=# [DEF:8H ME F2G C>9P RVF>M7 @>M>F9:78<G' O7 N9PFE:G7 F2 KHA7 IPK:7=' F2 KHA7 9LR:2S V F2 7MSK@7A2 KHA7 W= LK:B= LN287FHIF7F2# XHG E?IFE 78PM7 EG@:7QE9PMEG2: NE9?N2L F2 7I.01: EIE?= .<= 7LFP=# qEG E?DE 87GBG7G N92Q7GV 878?E=# qEG 8HNG:IE V @EG VN:E' didn Š F F9<E: F2 89B7=' @:82? F2L > @:7F92QV 87: 2 F9PN2= RWV= VF7G IDE@PG M:7 FBAE:7 N927KWKV LKE?7= BG7= 7AAH E?DE BG7 NHO2=# 12 LN2OBI7FE' 7KHN>IE F2G NA2SI:2 NHK2 .EAF?WI># Y7= @?@7C7G IE 2M2E:@V 7LFP# `7: BNE:F7 N:O7G<= 2 N2AS 87ASFE92= APK2= E?G7: N7KWFP! {DW 782SIE: PF: NE9:BK97rE 0K:7 G7 NEOHGE: K:76# X?D7 BG7G 7IOEGV N2L B87GE 789:.

+2 Y) GradHian 4/* httIJKKLLL"afIafitness"coMKarticlesKMNOGDPC"QRMS TMail Rhis Uage to SoMeone you care aVoutW .n man occasions he would eat an entire !uart " and es there were some cookies and other pastries# ‚ood ice cream deser$es this after all# He seemed to be in good health despite some etpected "middle age spread" when he had a de$astating stroke which left him paral *ed' miserable and helpless' and he had additional strokes and d ied se$eral ears later ne$er ha$ing left a hospital or rehabilitation unit# )as he old? I don%t think so# He was in his sms# /o don%t drink milk for health# I am con$inced on the weight of the scientific e$idence that it does not "do a bod good#" Inclusion of milk will onl reduce our diet%s nutritional $alue and safet # Most of the people on this planet li$e $er healthfull without cows% milk# .ou can too# It will be difficult to changeT we%$e been conditioned since childhood to think of milk as "nature%s most perfect food#" I%ll guarantee ou that it will be safe' impro$e our health and it won%t cost an thing# )hat can ou lose? F!rticle courtesty of Dr" GradHian and httIJKKLLL"afIafitness"coMKarticlesKMNOGDPC"QRMS TMail Rhis Uage to SoMeone you care aVoutW 89BM7# Y:7 N?GF7 F2L NA2LI:PFE92L O7 VF7G F2 @EAF?2 F92Q?MWG M:7= 7@SG7F>= >MB97= K:7 F2G# [E N2AAB= NE9:NF<IE:= O7 BF9WKE BG7 2AP8A>92 FBF79F2 K7AA2G:2S " 87: G7: LNV9C7G ME9:8H MN:I8PF7 87: HAAE= RSME=# `7AP= NHK2= > 89BM7 7C?RE: 7LFP FEA:8H# |HG>8E G7 E?G7: IE 87AP > LKE?7 N79H ME9:82S= 7GBME:GE 0F2 YEI7?WG7 N2L @:7@PO>8E6 PF7G E?DE BG7 87F7IF9ENF:8P 8FSN>M7 N2L F2G HQ>IE N797ALMBG2' HOA:2= 87: 7G?IDL92=' 87: E?DE F7 N9PIOEF7 8FLNVM7F7 87: F2 @ ied 798EFH BF> 79KPFE97 N2FB N2L BD2LG 7QVIE: BG7 G2I282ME?2 V M:7 7N287FHIF7I> M2GH@7# ZF7G N7A7:P=T qEG I8BQF2M7: BFI:# ZF7G IF> @E87EF?7 F2L %sm F2L# {FI: M>G N:E?FE F2 KHA7 K:7 F>G LKE?7# X?M7: NENE:IMBG2= IF2 .cream# & pint of the richest would be a lean da %s ration for him# .H92= 7NP F> EN:IF>M2G:8V BG@E:C> PF: 0@EG 8HGE: BG7 I<M7 87AP=#6 _ ILGLN2A2K:IMP= F2L KHA78F2= O7 ME:<IE: MPG2 F>= @:7F92QV= I7= O9ENF:8V 7C?7 87: 7IQHAE:7# _: NE9:IIPFE92: 7NP F2L= 7GO9<N2L= IE 7LFPG F2G NA7GVF> RWGF7GP N2AS LK:<= DW9?= KHA7 FWG 7KEAH@WG# YN29E?FE EN?I>=# …7 E?G7: @SI82A2 G7 7AAHCE: BD2LME 9LOM:IFE? 7NP FPFE N7:@:8V >A:8?7 K:7 G7 I8EQFE? F2 KHA7 W= 0FEAE:PFE97 F9PQ:M7 F>= QSI>=#6 …7 I7= EKKL>O< PF: O7 E?G7: 7IQ7AB=' G7 .EAF:<IE: F>G LKE?7 I7= 87: @EG O7 82IF?IE: F?N2F7# 1: MN29E?FE G7 DHIEFET FX)=)+ courtesty .