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Welcome the HP Sales Certified - SMB Storage (2013). This is module 1, Why sell HP storage?

This session is “Why sell HP Storage” the introduction to the 2013 Sales Certified Storage training. You are encouraged to attend all the modules in this certification. • Information Protection • Exchange modernization • Storage for server virtualization • Flexible file and Application Storage • And finally - Next Steps

After completing this module. File and Information Protection Storage Provide an introduction to the business benefits of the HP solutions for Exchange 2010 modernization using HP StoreVirtual. you should be able to: Understand the content the HP 2013 Storage Training Plan your training activities to maximize the opportunities in modernizing your customers storage infrastructure with the HP portfolio of storage products for the Small and Medium Business Be aware of the primary HP storage families that will meet the SMB’s needs for Virtualized. and HP 3PAR StoreServ .

. This is what has continually allowed HP to deliver rapid gains and sustainable benefits to customers. These design principles are what have helped to break down siloed. today there are more virtual machines deployed in data centers than physical machines. networking. storage.When HP first introduced the HP Converged Infrastructure. and power. HP took these design principles and created a repeatable architecture for their engineering teams to build solutions that deliver the value you expect and need from their technology provider. both incrementally through technologies designed for convergence or through optimized turnkey HP Converged Systems. Virtualization has helped organizations reduce the number of physical servers in their data centers. point-to-point infrastructures into an easily managed. and reusable set of resources. while decreasing both energy consumption and operating costs. This allows your customers to efficiently deploy new applications and services with optimum utilization across servers. they took the fundamental design principles of convergence and aligned an architectural framework around them. In fact. energy efficient. and IDC predicts that 69% of all workloads will be virtualized by 2013. hierarchical.

HP StoreOnce Backup and HP StoreAll Appliances. With HP Converged Storage.HP Converged Storage. a key element of this strategy. your customers are free to focus on innovation. accelerates your customer’s return on investment by eliminating the physical. logical and management boundaries that have traditionally separated storage from the rest of IT. HP’s Converged Storage product portfolio was built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s data centers and includes industry-leading storage technologies for the Enterprise: HP 3PAR StoreServ. .

Explosive data growth requires that they could maximize the benefit from every dollar with HP’s 3PAR StoreServ. and the integration of structured and unstructured data are on your customers roadmap. Small and medium businesses need to do more with less. Services must be able to be deployed in minutes. provides effortless Tier1 storage with midrange affordability. made possible with Autonomic Management and Service Orchestration. HP StoreOnce Deduplication and HP StoreEasy converged storage family of products. . Users now expect near-instant application availability that requires deeper integration across the stack.If virtualization. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000. then you can’t afford to use storage designed for the needs of 20 years ago. There are three reasons why SMBs should make the move to HP Converged Storage: Unpredictable workloads require agile storage that adjusts quickly without bottlenecks. The best way to accelerate return on investment is with storage built with convergence in mind. data security.

immediate. and fluid. They need to better align. HP StoreOnce Backup. medium and small businesses. and even reinvent their business—on the fly in order to survive and thrive. Everyone is experiencing this new world we live and work in. . quickly adapt. For leaders of enterprises. interactive. They need to keep IT costs and resources in line with business costs and goals. They need HP Converged Storage. These products are the key to HP’s Converged Storage strategy. Everything is mobile.HP’s Converged Storage product portfolio was built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s data centres and includes industry-leading storage technologies: HP 3PAR StoreServ. this new world is creating tremendous opportunity but also heightened challenges and concerns. HP StoreVirtual 4000 and HP StorEasy File Appliances. connected.

Now is the time to capitalize on the market trends and sell HP Converged Storage . Your customers need storage optimized for virtualized environments that delivers the availability. The market continues to grow rapidly as businesses create and manage more and more information every day. client or cloud environment. Analysts are reporting more than 80% of all server workloads installed on new shipments in 2015 will reside in a virtual machine. Converged storage is the accelerator to achieving the benefits of a virtualized server. that represents a huge opportunity for you.The HP storage business is a huge opportunity for channel partners. efficiency. Furthermore. partners have great potential to compete for and win significant customer deals with increased profit margins. As we will see later. with shipments of virtualized servers growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14%. with deployment and maintenance opportunities. By promoting HP Storage sales. Storage has become a key asset to today’s IT infrastructure. HP is driving more and more storage sales opportunities and with profitable growth potential to reseller partners. manageability. HP estimates that 50% of storage is attached to a virtual machine. and performance required. More than $19 billion will be spent on server hardware in support of these applications.

How is Converged Storage changing in the face of the data explosion……. .

Today. A shift that changes the way technology is consumed and the value that it can bring. These shifts can unleash the power of IT to not only support but help shape the business.Every 7-10 years. including speeding innovation. A removal of inhibitors that unleash the power of innovation. mobility. and the advent of cloud computing are representative of such shifts offering a new means for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges. technology delivery undergoes a tectonic shift. A change in what is possible. social. enhancing agility. . one that opens up new business and access models. and improving financial management). big data.

The challenge now is the velocity of growth and variety in data types. We are keeping data for longer and longer periods and need to manage that lifecycle accordingly but at the same time many are dipping back to that same data to perform analytic queries and meaningbased computing models to better inform decisions moving forward. What worked a decade ago at gigabyte scale is a whole other story when we are talking about petabytes. Organizations are also always trying to reduce risk. This is in some ways driven by the consumerisation of IT and the changing expectations of end users. For storage. For storage we see the lines around information archival and information analytics starting to blend. Virtual. For storage this translates to new demands on Primary Storage… to become the core storage for applications independent of data type: Object. . Applications like e-mail which may have been considered a productivity application a decade ago are now considered business critical. the cost of downtime is at an all-time high. For many today this gets to enabling IT to stand up applications in a much more seamless way than ever before. we are focused on changing the economics of risk reduction but also ensuring that data can be recovered very quickly if the need should ever arise.We start with the alignment between business strategies and objectives and storage delivery IT needs to support the application set. or Block. Information is at the heart of the business and people are always looking to get more value from that information. With information and IT being pervasive in virtually every segment today. Today we call that Big Data but really data mining and other analytic activities have been going on for years. or delivery mechanism: Physical. File. or Cloud.

Last was backup. a midrange platform for general business applications. They were all separately managed and they couldn’t move data between them. . It wastes time and is very inefficient since every time data moves between those technologies they have to rehydrate and then deduplicate data again. For unstructured data the bank demonstrated another pattern HP see often. They were a major user EMC storage and had three completely disconnected storage platforms to meet their primary storage needs.HP talks to hundreds of customers every day and know without a doubt that the legacy storage installed in most datacenters is not up to the challenge of today’s workloads. Again… disconnected silos. HP talk to some customers who have 4 or even 5 different backup technologies in place to get the job done. In this case they had two different deduplication platforms. If we take an example of a very real bank that HP talked to recently. Tier 1 for mission-critical applications. In the area of primary storage they have three different tiers and classes of storage. and SSD for a high frequency trading applications. They had a general purpose filer tier that they had started moving to scale-out to help consolidate. the Bank’s IT department were faced with massive architecture sprawl as they added storage to try and meet their growing needs. but they were lucky. For the business the result is an environment that is too complicated. and too rigid. But then they also were starting to look at Object storage to help share large files and avoid having their internal developers move things into the public cloud. too expensive.

The result is better alignment with the growing demands of the business with an IT infrastructure that will deliver better business results. With Converged Storage it brings together management tools. It integrates security to provide protection from today’s sophisticated security threats at both the perimeter and interior of your customers business. For example. and processes so resources and applications are managed in a holistic. HP Converged Storage enables your customers to turn today’s rigid technology silos into adaptive pools of resources that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service.Converged Infrastructure is achieved through a systematic approach that brings all server. HP’s broad portfolio has been engineered to help your customer gain the value of convergence at their own pace and based upon their unique requirements and current investments. . you can fast-track their move to a converged infrastructure through turnkey Converged Systems or they can gain ground on IT sprawl by deploying leading HP standards-based technology building blocks. increasing your customers’ storage performance and density with platform integration on ProLiant and BladeSystem. storage. and networking elements together into pools of resources. One of the big differences with HP Converged Storage solutions is that it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. policies. And it brings together power and cooling management capabilities so systems and facilities work together. integrated manner.

. .Now lets look at Tier 1 storage for the SMB …….

These advantages allow your cutomer to place more VMs on the physical servers in their existing VMware vSphere environment without compromising performance or reliability. Storage federation is a technology that expands the benefits of shared. Storage federation allows administrators to pool resources across the data center—even multiple data centers—to optimize ROI from storage technology and drive maximum efficiency from storage resources. with the ability to add as their business grows. . . you get storage built for virtualization and the cloud that doubles efficiency in virtualized environments and reduces performance bottlenecks. providing storage without boundaries. and beyond. They can spend more time innovating because managing this storage is effortless. These arrays are ready to use in just minutes and reconfigurable in just seconds. This higher VM density means greater consolidation and accelerated server virtualization ROI. They can access the same features as the world’s largest service providers with a common architecture that meets SMB needs and spans to the largest global enterprise. They don’t need to be a storage expert with uniquely simplified administration in virtual server environments. between arrays. With prices starting below $40K$ and growing into tier 1.This is the primary storage that we spoke about on slides 5 and 6. Midrange and Tier 1. With HP 3PAR StoreServ. Your customer only purchases what they need now. without disruption. HP have eliminated class distinctions between Entry level. It aims to eliminate the constraints associated with traditional storage architectures by allowing data mobility within arrays. virtualized storage beyond a single disk array.


it’s like breathing—you don’t even have to think about it. double virtual machine density on their physical servers. and change management autonomically— intelligently. and support their virtualization deployment with 50 percent less storage capacity. without administrator intervention. HP 3PAR StoreServ is built from the ground up to deliver performance that exceeds the demands of virtualized data centers along with transformative levels of simplicity. tiering. HP 3PAR StoreServ enables you to meet your customers performance and service level objectives with 50 to 75 percent fewer disks and up to 90 percent less administration time. agility. Here's what your customers can do: increase virtualization return on investment. and operating costs to a minimum. administration. spend up to 90 percent less time managing their storage. You customers can save up to 60 percent on the purchase cost of a storage technology refresh and then maximize storage return on investment over time by keeping incremental purchases. automate. at a sub-system level. and expedite storage management by handling storage provisioning. and efficiency.Autonomic storage. Simplify. .

and potential future private cloud implementations. greater demands on their storage with mixed workloads. The ideal next generation platform for these customers is the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000.Many SMB customers have HP EVA storage and will be looking for a next generation storage platform that will enable them to support ever increasing numbers of virtualized server applications. While installed storage is increasing significantly year over year. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 is a midrange class product with all the innovative features of HP 3PAR with Online Import from HP Command View EVA. This is what it means to REDEFINE midrange storage… And HP are delivering this platform so that it offers simplicity. Advise your customers how to overcome these drawbacks of scale-up architectures by upgrading to the HP 3PAR StoreServ family. businesses may only be making use of a fraction of their current installed capacity. In traditional storage architectures. A family that provides storage tiering. Partners can confidently move customers to platforms that will meet their needs well into the future. capacity is provisioned per application. and offers your customers a a pain free and risk free evolution that takes the best of HP EVA into their future storage. storage virtualization and cloud-based storage. . which will meet all these requirements. efficiency and agility to customers. They deliver highly-scalable solutions leading to radically different deployment and use of storage assets: a scale-out architecture.

there is often important other infrastructure that needs to be refreshed. This is a strategic piece of the infrastructure puzzle – the competition is noticing how it important it is…and you need to do the same. you can effectively increase your deal sizes by up to 40% larger and at the same time help the customer ensure the best environment. old SAN infrastructure. while you put HP in a position of visibility into the whole of the account. . It is predicted that the fiber channel SAN market will be worth over $6 Billion within the next three years. In short you have account protection and proliferation opportunities you would not have without owning the infrastructure. When in doubt include it in the quotation. Note that the 4Gb infrastructure is not only End of Life for sales but also getting very close to the End of Support life. If you ensure you sell the value upgrading their storage and server connectivity. Don’t assume the customer does not need infrastructure. When you control the SAN you’re in every storage deal and have visibility into all of the customers storage plans. if the customer says: “we need some ports in the director for a Avamar/DD solution we’re considering”. Ask the question – “What are you plugging the HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 and HP StoreOnce 4430 into?” Don’t let your customers plug the fastest storage product on the planet into slow.As customers buy new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage. For example. you would now have the chance to present the architectural and business arguments for the HP technology.

Your Customers cannot run their systems without well designed and cost effective data protection systems. Lets look at StoreOnce disk based backup. .

HP StoreOnce Backup products provide scalability and performance to meet shrinking backup windows. It is the first federated deduplication solution in the industry to provide leading disk-based backup for the full spectrum of IT environments. The efficiency of deduplication and simplicity of management also reduce capital and operational expenditure. Autonomic restart plus large-scale 'fan-in' and 'any-to-any' replication ensure enterprise-wide protection with no single point of failure. Predictive acceleration and rapid restore technologies enable backup and recovery without impacting applications. Your customer can start small and scale out to protect up to 768Terabytes. HP StoreOnce Backup provides resiliency and flexibility for disaster recovery both in the Data center and the remote offices. from small remote sites to large enterprises.HP StoreOnce Backup overcomes the gaps left by early deduplication technologies. Adaptive microchunking delivers impressive deduplication ratios and both HP and thirdparty backup application integration enables simple management from a single console. .

rack-mountable device while improving reliability by reducing errors caused by media handling. The HP StoreOnce family consists of products from the entry level 2. self-managing 1U rackmountable solution through to the 4430 with it’s ability to handle the backup from up to 50 server targets. disk-based data protection in an intelligent. If the SMB and medium enterprise class products are insufficient then growth can be assured with B6200 enterprise class backup system with support up to 768 Terabytes raw storage and 384 backup targets. They automate and consolidate the backup of multiple servers onto a single.HP StoreOnce Backup Systems with HP Catalyst provide flexible disk-based data protection for SMB’s data centers and remote offices. .5 Terabyte Backup System which provides consolidated.

.HP StoreVirtual and HP StoreEasy are HP’s X86 based storage products for the SMB.

database. client virtualization. or cities) and provide seamless application high availability with failover and failback across sites—all automatically. Superior application availability and disaster recovery features are integrated into the HP StoreVirtual SANs for automated failover/failback in any situation. database. client virtualization. The HP StoreVirtual portfolio has affordable enterprise functionality with a comprehensive feature set and simplified central management for all locations. formally known as HP Lefthand P4000 is the perfect fit for environments with a variety of virtual servers. It scales capacity and performance linearly to seamlessly grow with your business. rooms. Multi-site SAN capability gives the HP StoreVirtual array the ability to assign storage nodes in the cluster to different sites (racks. email.HP StoreVirtual. buildings. You can choose from systems integrated with BladeSystem. or Virtual Storage Appliances for remote and branch offices. HP StoreVirtual is a perfect fit for environments with a variety of virtual servers. and business applications. email and business applications. optimized for rack deployments. . Planning for everything from data growth to disaster recovery to centralized backup to future proofing your customers infrastructure – these are all daunting tasks for any company no matter what the size. HP StoreVirtual SANs are optimized for virtualized environments with VMware ESX & Microsoft Hyper-V integration and offer continuous data availability to users and applications that meets demand on-the-fly.

VSA deployed at remote sites are managed as virtual storage systems using the same Centralized Management Console used to manage your HP StoreVirtual physical storage. and independent public cloud providers can lower their IT infrastructure costs and enable higher levels of protection for business critical systems without the purchase of additional hardware. . the VSA eliminates the need for external shared storage required to implement advanced hypervisor features. By virtualizing the internal disk capacity of the server running VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. remote office customers. Small to medium businesses. Multiple VSA's running on multiple hypervisors creates a clustered pool of storage with the ability to replicate data across the hosts allowing volumes to stay online in the event of a server failure.The HP StoreVirtual VSA Software (VSA) is a Virtual Storage Appliance that provides complete array functionality for VMware Infrastructure or Microsoft Hyper-V without external array hardware.

and a choice of drive types in an ultra-dense 3U chassis. small or large.Are your customers in need of a simple way to protect valuable business data. Deploy easy-to-use and highly available file services. Your customers can achieve greater storage flexibility. share files with coworkers and connect remotely? Or maybe you're juggling multiple management interfaces. uptime and performance on cost efficient storage for Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL Server and for Linux/UNIX® environments. leveraging Cluster-in-a-Box. security concerns. they have better things to do than worry about storage and need a shared network storage appliance that's powerful and easy to manage. This is the best-in-class portfolio of general purpose file serving appliances and gateways for Microsoft Windows environments. or something in between. The mid-range HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage is the industry’s first active-active clustered controller file-serving appliance built on Windows Storage Server. and shrinking backup windows -. which are expandable to hundreds of terabytes for Windows Server 2012 environments. wizard-based tools. and they need it now.all while your customers users demand more and more space. HP designed the HP StoreEasy 1000. . 3000 and 5000 Network Storage Systems for a wide range of network attached storage environments.

HP Converged Storage provides return on infrastructure through lower end user costs and increased agility. automate IT. It is built on common. and networking to simplify processes. analytics and data protection . and multi-use platform implementations. plus integration and support for HP Autonomy and 3rd party analytic engines means your customers can build closed loop decision processes that create competitive advantage. HP Converged Storage delivers not only business value with higher return on investment but also provides return on individuals. HP Converged Storage simplifies the environment with common services and management from entry-to-enterprise across primary storage. HP Converged Storage can scale capacity and performance with intelligent search and policy based tiering. It incorporates scale-out and federated software that enables seamless. And finally. One Architecture Low-to-High with Common Data Services for Block. Object and File.The winning approach is to simplify with HP Converged Storage. storage. federated data mobility. modular x86-based hardware that lowers costs and simplifies data centre operations. . return on infrastructure and return on information: Individuals are able to save time and reduce complexity. HP Converged Storage improves utilization through massive consolidation. and allow new application deployment in minutes. non-disruptive data mobility between storage systems. HP offers converged management that combines management of server. return on Information is achieved by Converged Storage delivering more value for better decisions. information retention.

” but “how” HP listens. CEOs HP has interviewed say they are extremely risk adverse. And to provide rapid. HP Services has recently upgraded the portfolio to make this a reality to any storage customer that’s simple and cost effective. To get the most out of the asset. This is about HP’s dedication to operational excellence and how HP works to partner with clients. To wow the customer and facilitate follow-on business. So you need support that can establish and sustain a positive experience well beyond the installation. It’s not just “what” HP deliver. To establish and foster that customer intimacy. even risk unrelated to the product itself. preferential treatment should something still go wrong.At the core of HP’s reputation is the relationship experience. . you need more than robust products and solutions. and the true measure of a supplier is the response when the chips are down. collaborates and strives to be an ally with each of the enterprises with which HP engages. that they value vendor intimacy. To help the customer avoid preventable problems and risk.

Onyx is based on a combination of a number of real organizations.Throughout these training modules on the HP Storage solutions we will be developing a realistic case study approach. We will be using a sales simulation using a company called Onyx Insurance Group. to help you apply the solutions in practice. .

their call center now employs over 1.Onyx was established in July 1997 as a spin-off from an existing automotive parts repair and replacement operation.000 people. They attribute their success. Most users currently have desktop clients. . handling over 10 million calls every year. Onyx has two primary Data Centers. which has changed the face of insurance. Since the launch. it has grown and developed into one of the most dynamic and award-winning contact centers in the country. Originally employing 140 people. to the philosophy of always going the extra mile for their customers. at the Call Center and a second at their recently established HQ offices 40 kilometers from the Call Center. and has grown to be one of the leading car and personal insurance brokers in the country.

Onyx had approximately 12 IBM servers at the last count.Their IT infrastructure includes equipment from HP. The HP server installed base is a mix of HP ProLiant DL rack mount servers totaling around 20 servers. EMC. with four HP ProLiant DL580 G5 servers on the Clariion SAN. and IBM. with 8 Terabytes of storage. IBM x86 servers model x3550 M2. There is also a Celerra NS350 providing file services. Microsoft Exchange 2007 runs on four HP DL360 G5 servers with a dedicated EMC Clariion CX3 Model 20 SAN located in the Call Center. Disaster recovery is supported via a third EMC Clariion CX3 Model 20 SAN in the HQ data center with a further two HP ProLiant DL580 G5 servers. 10 of these are HP DL360 G5 servers that use direct attached storage. which also houses a second EMC Clariion CX3 Model 20 SAN with 8 Terabytes of storage for these x86 applications The Customer Database and Customer Services applications are hosted in the Call Center on Oracle on Microsoft Cluster Services. totaling 16 Terabytes. total storage for these applications 8 Terabytes. Nightly backup is performed on HP LTO drives located at the HQ and Call Centre sites. . Half of these are sited at the Onyx Call center.

the account team has recently discovered that Onyx are investigating new high quality voice recording systems to simplify the call center operations and to meet compliance requirements. and pressure on their IT systems is compounded by recent trends for their clients to include increasing levels of video and image data in their claims reports. In addition. .. it will also considerably enlarge their client base. There has been huge client interest in the new Sapphire UniQue solution – they are already handling many more enquiries than in the past – which is putting their IT systems under pressure!!! Assuming the continued success of their UniQue campaign. The Call Center continues to grow rapidly..After each of the training modules you will help define the deployment of HP Storage products help with the business and IT issues faced by this rapidly growing organisation. so means they will need to ensure that claims handling remains as customer-focused as it has been in the past. Let’s see look at the business and IT drivers that are affecting their operations and performance.

Like most organizations. currently only the Customer Database and Customer Services applications appear to have disaster recovery capability. However.. the fact they now have the option of using the second data center in the new HQ building means that at least it will be a lot easier for them to consider full disaster recovery systems for all critical data and applications. Of some concern is the fact that the IT team is a lot larger than it should be. think about the business and IT challenges faced by Onyx. but is also compounded by the variety of servers and storage systems currently deployed. this is partly the result of a recent acquisition. and think about the opportunities you have to help them with HP Storage solutions. the IT team is quite likely to be stretched to manage the multiple different platforms.. the IT budget is under pressure. the fact that they have multiple storage silos will not helping in this. So as you go through the modules in this course. .

Thank you for listening. Good Luck and Good Selling! You can now move on to the next module. .