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The project deals with the computerization of AUTOMATION OF NESTLE

PRODUCTS. This project minimize the timing of account maintenance, company

details, employee details , sales , purchase and stock details.

1. 2. !. ". $. (. ). Details of the Employee and Company urchase details Details of the sales #tock Details %ccounts for &arious e'penses Employee attendance details *eport for e'penses

+s , -isual .asic (./

+s , %ccess


The 0rganization "DEEPA AGENCY, 1s located at ERODE. 2est, Cerelac, 3heat, cerelac *ice, &i&a and selling it. The


+edical agency deals with procurement of 2estle products of &arious types namely, roprietor Mr. P.Rame ! is &ery Energetic and Talented person who manages the 0rganization. 1t is one of the leading 2estle product and +edical agency in erode. The 0rganization is employed with the purchase and sales of pharmaceutical products. The stock and other 4inancial Departments work &ery hard to gi&e the management their support. !/ #taffs is employed in the &arious Departments5 one in the %ccounts and other one as #ales. The #hop is running for the past Twenty fi&e 6ears successfully and the #uccess of the shop mainly 7ased on the full hearted ser&ice 7y the staffs and the management. The shop is running round the clock for twenty hours. The #hop and the proprietor is well known among the town for their ser&ice and e'perience.


This project is entitled as " AUTOMATION OF NESTLE PRODUCTS "
is intended to computerize the manual work done in an organization. The main o7jecti&es of the office are to maintain the follows. 1. Details of the Employee and Company 2. urchase details

!. Details of the sales ". #tock Details $. %ccounts for &arious e'penses (. Employee attendance details ). *eport for e'penses Details of the Employee and Company8 1n this Company !/ Employees are working. They are doing &arious jo7s, their Daily %llowances ,%d&ance %mount , 9*% , 4, 2et ay are calculated for e&ery month and e&ery year. The company is located on the main city Erode. Different types of Departments place. #tock Details8 1n stock maintanance module it contains facilities for updating the stock, adding new items in to the stock, calculations of a&erage consumption, lead :item etc are included. #ales Details8 like #tock , urchase , #ales are in the same

1n sales and 7ill preperation module , customer details must 7e gi&en and the corresponding 7ill will 7e displayed. The user can enter any num7er of items , that will 7e stored in a ta7le , and at last the respecti&e 7ill will 7e displayed.


0ne of the critical Department is the #tock Control Department and Employee details maintenance with their #alary details , which is &ery often, got in traffic hence, there is a necessity of a .alanced control of #tock items and the salary details , which might 7e efficiently handled 7y a computer #oftware. The urchase ;oods is manually maintained through 4iles, <edgers and as *ecords. The #ales of the roducts is another important 4actor which might in&ol&e in serious confusion while handling records manually. #tock check and stock 7alance is also a critical factor, which takes hours of hard work to finish the jo7. 3hile maintaining the accounts manually it is &ery difficult to handle. 3hen it is computerized it easy to take report 7ased on day as else 7ased on employee. 9ence it is proposed that there is a need for #oftware for smooth and Efficient functioning of the office and there7y consuming the time factor.


This e'iting system works manually. %ll the details of e'isting system are in proper documents. The e'isting system does not satisfy the maintenance of rental e=uipment. The #ales details which include minute data items which might 7e useful for the party, hence care is taken to gi&e appropriate data to the parties. The urchase ;oods is manually maintained through 4iles, <edgers and as *ecords. The #ales of the roducts is another important 4actor which might in&ol&e in serious confusion while handling records manually. #tock check and stock 7alance is also a critical factor, which takes hours of hard work to finish the jo7. %ccounts maintaining maintenance of an organization. play a important role in

The new system will replace the e'isting manual processing to o&ercome the draw7acks. 1t maintains all the %gency details through the system. 3e de&eloped our project using the software &isual 7asic. 1t works under the windows 7ased en&ironment which is ;raphical user interface. The accessing speed of the -isual .asic is &ery fast when compared with the manual maintenance The data>s of the project are maintained in +#:%ccess. 9ere no chance for duplicate record. 1t is &ery user friendly to handle. %ny one can easily work 7y using our project without any difficulties. 1t works under the windows 7ased en&ironment which is user friendly. The accessing speed of the -isual .asic is &ery fast when compared with manual maintenance. The data>s of the project are maintained in +s:%ccess any one can easily work 7y using our project without any difficulties.


%utomation of AUTOMATION OF NESTLE PRODUCTS is project title, computerized system is &ery useful to maintain the manual processing organization is due to computerization of the system more time will 7e a&aila7le under computed with .

1t will lead =uick processing and accurate calculations with proper. results here items that are entered deli&ered are maintained in the computer is &ery easy. .



-isual .asic is an ideal programming language for de&eloping sophisticated professional applications for +icrosoft windows. +icrosoft -isual .asic is the fastest and easiest tool to create application for +icrosoft 3indows. The ?-1#@%<A part refers to the method used to create the ;raphical @ser screen 1nterface B;@1C. *ather than writing numerous lines of codes to descri7e the appearance D location of interface elements, pre 7uilt o7jects can 7e simply added in the light place on. The ?.asicA part refers to the .%#1C language used 7y most programmers language than any other language. -isual .asic has e&ol&ed from the original .%#1C D now contains se&eral hundred statements, functions D keywords, many of which relate directly to the windows ;@1. -isual .asic (./ for 3indows re=uired at least +icrosoft 3indows 2T !.$1 or later with a &ery fast "E( or entium processors computer D at least 1/+. of *%+. % complete installation of the moist powerful &ersion of -isual .asic (./, the enterprise edition re=uires more than 1"/+. of hard disk space. -isual .asic programming language is not uni=ue to &isual 7asic. The -isual .asic programming systems, applications, edition included in +icrosoft E'cel, +icrosoft %ccess and many other applications use the same language. The -isual .asic scripting edition is widely used scripting language D a su7set of the &isual 7asic language.

%ccess can 7e used to de&elop 7oth simple and comple' data7ase. 1ts wonderfully designed 7uilt:in wizard makes allow look like a product that anyone can use. %lthough it is true that the simplest of the access application can 7e produced without any thought of design and without a single line of code written 7y the user, most applications re=uire at least some designing and customer codes. %ccess offers a &ariety of features for different data7ase needs. 1t can 7e de&elop fi&e general types of applications. 1. ersonal applications 2. %pplications used to run small 7usiness !. Departmental applications ". Corporation wide applications $. Client F #er&er applications. )#AT IS A DATABASE 1n earlier days data7ase meant a collection of fields and records. .ut in a clientFser&er en&ironment, the term data7ase refers to all the data, scheme, inde'es, rules, triggers, and stored procedures associated with a system. 1n access terms, a data7ase is a collection of ta7les, =ueries, form, reports, macros and modules that compose a complete system. A BRIEF INTRODUCTUION TO ACCESS DATABASE %ccess is a data7ase management system. This means that access will not only store the information, 7ut it will also supply us with the means to manage this information. %ctually, the official description of access is that it>s a relational Data7ase +anagement #ystem B*D.+#C. The ?relationalA part means that we can setup relations 7etween &arious data7ases. 9owe&er, access is not our a&erage *D.+#. 1t takes a uni=ue approach to the su7ject that, ones we get used to it Bwhich does not take longC, is certainly con&enient and possi7ly e&ent interacti&e.

*0CE##0* 8 *%+ 4DD 9DD +02T10* +0@#E 8 8 8 8 8 entium 12E +. 1."" +. !.$ 1nch 2/ ;. #-;% Color +onitor 1/" Geys ! .uttons

GE6.0%*D 8


4*02T E2D 8 .%CG E2D 8 <%T40*+ 8

-1#@%< .%#1C (./ +# %CCE## 312D03# HE


The purpose of coding is to facilitate the identification and retrie&al of item information. The system analysis will 7e the most suita7le for efficient computer processing of code design. #ome characteristics of a good code are uni=ueness, e'panda7ility, Conciseness, uniform size D format, simplicity, &ersatility, sta7ility, meaningfulness etc., the a7o&e mentioned characteristics must 7e taken care while designing the code.

The collection of input data is the most e'pensi&e part of the system, in terms of 7oth e=uipment used as the num7er of people in&ol&ed, it is the most contact for the user with the computer system an its prone to error. 1n this project se&eral forms are designed for inputing data. 9ere the inputs are collected from terminal through key7oard and mouse. The forms regarding data are new item entry form , recei&ing entry form , customer entry form , and supplier entry form. 1nput design must 7e in such a way that it must control the amount of input, a&oid delay etc., it must 7e simple. The input design must ensure user:friendly screens, with simplicity, pro&iding ease of &iewing D entering the data the main o7jecti&e of designing input focus on8 1. controlling the amount of input re=uired 2. a&oiding delayed response !. controlling errors ". keeping process simple $. a&oiding errors

0utputs from computer systems are re=uired primarily to communicate the results of processing to users. They are also used to pro&ide a permanent copy of these results for later consultation. 1n this project the output is mainly in the form of reports. -arious calculation results and also the 7ill customers are gi&en in forms. The output design must 7e in such a way the user must a7le to understand the purpose of the outputs. 12 order to ser&e the purpose of the report, the format should consist of the following, 1. 2ame of the output 2. Contents !. 4ormat ". 4re=uency Name -. /!e -0/ 10/: .ased on the output that is re=uired, a name is gi&en to each output. C-2/e2/: The content of the output must 7e in such a way that it must pre&ent redundancy, the data produced must 7e accurate and relia7le and the output must 4urnish rele&ant data. F-rma/ : The format has 7een designed in analysis according to the user need and in importing ta7le output formats as standard. Fre30e245: The fre=uency of the output should 7e maintained according to the users need.

% ta7le may 7e defined as a collection of items of data recognized in to records in such a way that specific items of data or records can 7e retrie&ed and accommodated in main storage re=uired for processing. Ta7le design is an important acti&ity in the design stage. -arious factors such as purpose of files, a&aila7ility of the hardware , method of access, the acti&ity and size of the file etc, are considered during the ta7le design. The ta7les used in this project are gi&en 7elow8

F6e78 Name Date Code 2ame %mount

T51e Te't Te't Te't #ingle

F6e78 Name Customer name %ddress hone 2um7er Email:id Customer code T51e Te't Te't Te't Te't Te't

F6e78 Name Department num7er 2ame T51e Te't Te't

F6e78 Name Code 2ame T51e Te't Te't

+onth 6ear 3orking days %ttentance days .asic salary Current salary Department Designation

Te't Te't #ingle #ingle #ingle #ingle Te't Te't

F6e78 Name Description %mount E'penses date T51e Te't 2um7er DateFtime

F6e78 Name Description %mount E'penses date T51e Te't 2um7er DateFtime

F6e78 Name Description %mount E'penses date T51e Te't 2um7er DateFtime

F6e78 Name Code 2ame T51e Te't Te't

Department .asic salary +onth Current salary %d&ance amount 3orking days %ttentance days 9*% D% 4 T% <1C :year

Te't Te't Te't #ingle #ingle Te't Te't #ingle #ingle #ingle #ingle #ingle #ingle

F6e78 Name 1tem code 1tem name Iuantity rice Total Customer code Customer name .ill num7er .ill date %ddress T51e Te't Te't 2um7er #ingle #ingle Te't Te't Te't DateFtime Te't

F6e78 Name Company name urchase date 1tem name 1tem code T51e Te't DateFtime Te't Te't

Iuantity rice 2et amount %ddress

Te't #ingle #ingle Te't

F6e78 Name Code 2ame Department Designation Date of join .asic salary T51e Te't Te't Te't Te't DateFtime Te't


Data flow diagram is structured and design tool that can 7e used for flowcharting in place of or in assiciation with information oriented and process oriented flowcharts. % D4D is a network that descri7es the flow of data and the process that change or transforms data throughout the system.





2ew #taff #taff #alary ay slip

2ew Customer ustomer Details

urchase Entries #ales Entry

+iscellane ous etty E'penses

#ecurity of a system refers to protection of the computer system as well as security of data that is maintained through applications stored with in it .at this stage we are more concerned with security of data and applications although physical security of computer systems is not entirely 7eyond the pre&iew of a system designer. assword control8 asswords are needed to restrict access to an application or critical transaction of an application. The common stipulations that go&ern the use of passwords in an organization are8 1. 2. !. asswords should 7e encrypted. asswords must ha&e a minimum length. asswords must ha&e always 7e a com7ination of alpha7ets and num7ers. ". asswords change must 7e enforced or suggested 7y an application. Enforcement happens when the system keeps track of the num7er of days a particular password has 7een in use and upon completion of a time period prompts the user to enter a new password. Data integrity8 Data integrity is maintained in a system 7y periodically tallying or checking data held in &arious filesFta7les in the data7ase. #ome of the important applications are8 Tallying the num7er of records across &arious ta7les in the data7ase Totaling critical fields and tallying them with each other 4ile size &erification. Tallying the num7er of records across &arious ta7les in the data7ase8

2um7er of records in the in&oice data7ase must 7e e=ual to the num7er of records in 62<-64e98e76<er5 8a/a=a e. Total payment due for a customer must 7e e=ual to the num7er of in&oices, which show status as unpaid. Totaling critical fields and tallying them with each other8 Closing stock 7alance field should 7e e=ual to the opening stock 7alance field minus the issues and additions from the stock. 4ile size &erification8 Check physical file sizes 7etween two periodic purging of data ,if the file size is less than when the last deletion took place then there could ha&e 7een unknown deletions.


#ystem 1mplementation is an important stage of the project where the theoretical design is turned into the practical system. implementation are as follows8 1. 1mplementation lanning 2. Training @ser #taff 1mplementation lanning is the first task in system implementation, planning means deciding on the methods and time scale to 7e adopted. 0nce the planning is o&er the major effort in the Computer department is to ensure that the programs in the system are working properly. During the Training the user department should concentrate on training user staff. 3hen the staffs in the user department ha&e 7een trained a full system test can 7e carried out, in&ol&ing 7oth computer and clerical pro7lems. The main stages of

#ystem testing is the stage of implementation, which is aimed at ensuring that the works accurately and efficiently. The system test in implementation is a confirmation that all is correct and an opportunity to show to users that the system works. Each module in the system is tested indi&idually and then modules are put together to for a su7system. The su7system is also tested. Then the su7system is integrated to form the complete system. @sing the test data the whole system is tested in order to &erify that the programs link together in the way specified to produce the outputs specified. The complete system and its en&ironment is tested to the satisfaction of the user. The +ethodology used for testing the system is Top:Down. 1n this the test data is fed to the system and the output o7tain is compared with the manually o7tain result for &erification. The reports are also tested.


1n the de&elopment phase computer related information system is constructed from the specification prepared in the design phase. The principle acti&ity in the de&elopment phase is coding and testing the computer program component of the o&erall system. 0ther important acti&ities include implementation planning , e=uipment ac=uisition, and testing. The principal acti&ities performed during the de&elopment phase can 7e di&ided into major related se=uences. These are E'ternal system de&elopment 1nternal system de&elopment implementation

The primary e'ternal system de&elopment acti&ities are

planning 5 preperation of manuals and personal training 5 and e=uipment ac=uistion and installation. The principal system de&elopment acti&ities are computer program de&elopment and performance testing.


The o7jecti&es of this maintenance work are to make sure that the system gets into work all time without any 7ug. ro&ision must 7e made for en&ironmental changes, which may affect the computer or software system. This is called the maintenance of the system. 2owadays there is rapid changes in the software world. Due to this rapid changes the system should 7e capa7le of adapting this changes in my project the process can 7e added without affecting other parts of the system. +aintenance plays a &ital role. The system is lia7le to accept any modification after its implementation. This system has 7een designed to fa&or all new changes. Doing this will not affect the system>s performance or its accuracy.

This system has 7een de&eloped for the conditions e'isting at present and other difficulties at runtime. This system is easy and fle'i7le. %lso it implemented successfully. This project may applica7le for other ;eneral urpose #tores to maintain the stocks and for 7illing. %ny suggestions regarding the impro&ement of this project are easily e'tended in future. They are, 1. The primary ad&antage is in sa&ing of time. 2. *esults can 7e instantly known. !. The project may use fore&er. 1 sincerely hope that this project will go long way in assuring the +anagement in the successful endea&ors and achie&e the desired o7jecti&es.


















1. SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN : E<1%# +.%3%*D. ". SOFT)ARE ENGINEERING : %. CONCEPTS OF 'ISUAL BASIC : +1GE +CGE<-6 %2D .*1%2 #1<E*. (. 'ISUAL BASIC INTERACTI'E COURSE : J092 9%*12;T02 , : +%*G # E21G,C<144 D1%+02D. +. DATABASE PROGRAMMING USING 'ISUAL BASIC : +1C9%E< %+@2D#E2, : C@*T@# #+1T9. *E##+%2.