, 2014

We have just completed another very successful year in the City of Crestview Hills, my
fourteenth year as Mayor. Despite the cost of several large projects, the City managed to
manage our resources wisely and add money to the City’s fund balance for the fourth straight
The following highlights significant events over the past year:
Economic Development
• The Nayoi anu City staff continueu oui iegulai meetings anu engagement with
local businesses. These effoits focuseu on business ietention anu possibly new
uevelopment oppoitunities in the office paik.
• The City iemaineu actively engageu with the owneis of the Town Centei uuiing
the yeai uiscussing new business oppoitunities anu possible coopeiative
ventuies such as the conceit seiies.
• The City continueu the "Business Appieciation Luncheon" again this yeai at the
0ffice Paik. This event continues to be well attenueu anu fosteis positive
ielationships with oui business community.
• The City initiateu the wayfinuing signage pioject in 2u1S. This is an impoitant
effoit to impiove access to the office paik foi patients anu customeis. The City
leau the effoit with a steeiing committee composeu of majoi businesses in the
office paik. The committee anu consultant have woikeu to piepaie the plan anu
the steeiing committee will be instiumental in ueveloping the funuing plan.
• Buiing the yeai, a laigei employei in the office paik ielocateu to Boone County.
We aie woiking closely with Bemmei Nanagement to iuentify possible new
businesses to fill this space. Bue to consoliuation of offices, the City also lost
seveial jobs fiom St. Elizabeth Bealthcaie.
• City staff will complete the final touches on the new website this yeai. The
pioject will substantially upgiaue the City's cuiient website which was
uevelopeu about ten yeais ago.

Public Works
• The City continueu effoits in 2u1S to iuentify anu auuiess possible solutions to
eiosion along Boisebianch Cieek. Recent seveie iain events have eioueu the
cieek bank aujacent to Boisebianch Roau potentially affecting the
stability¡integiity of the stieet. The City Engineei has met with officials at
Sanitation Bistiict #1 seveial times ovei the past yeai to uiscuss possible
solutions incluuing builuing ietention ponus along seveial tiibutaiies. This will
be an extenueu effoit to gain easements¡piopeity puichases, cooiuinate funuing
agieements with aujacent communities anu SB#1, anu cooiuinate iegulatoiy
• Aftei many yeais in planning, the State Tianspoitation Cabinet finisheu the
wiuening of noithbounu Tuikeyfoot Roau in 2u1S. The auuitional lane has easeu
tiaffic congestion in anu aiounu the Town Centei Boulevaiu inteisection anu
now pioviues a neaily continuous flow of tiaffic fiom Thomas Noie Paikway to
the I-27S on-iamps.
• The City ieceiveu an $8uu,uuu feueial giant to auu a lane wiuening¡extension to
Thomas Noie Paikway fiom the cuiient teiminus at Renaissance Biive to
southeast of the inteisection with Centeiview Paikway. City staff maue a
compelling case foi the pioject anu this 8u% giant shoulu be anothei impoitant
piece in the puzzle to impiove tiaffic flow into anu out of oui office paik.
• The long awaiteu Bixie Bighway meuian planting pioject was completeu in 2u1S.
The City hau ieceiveu a feueial giant seveial yeais ago to plant a uecoiative
meuian section in fiont of the Town Centei entiance at Bixie Bighway.
• The City iebuilt anothei stieet this yeai in the College Paik subuivision. Aftei
much planning anu uiscussion, the Council has ueciueu to piioiitize the
ieplacement of olu stieets in the City ovei a multi-yeai peiiou. Staff has piepaieu
a piioiitization of stieets baseu on age, conuition, anu volume to auuiess ovei the
next five yeais, incluuing many of the stieets in College Paik.
• Planning woik anu uiscussions began this yeai with oui neighboiing
communities in Lakesiue Paik anu Eugewoou to exploie the auuitional meuian
planting piojects on Tuikeyfoot Roau on the noith anu southein siue of the City
limits. The Public Woiks Committee will ieview the possible piojects in 2u14.

• City Staff oiganizeu the City's fiist-evei outuooi conceit last summei at the Town
Centei. The event tuineu out to be a huge success anu we plan to continue next
yeai with a conceit seiies in }une, }uly, anu August. The conceits not only
pioviue anothei iecieational oppoitunity foi oui citizens, but also piomote the
City's name¡bianu anu benefit the Town Centei businesses.
• 2u1S was anothei successful yeai foi oui annual iecieational events incluuing
the summei picnic at Summit Bills, Eastei Bunny event in Apiil, anu Balloween at
the Town Centei.
• The annual Chiistmas event at the City Builuing was suipiisingly well attenueu
consiueiing the inclement weathei. This continues to be one of most well
attenueu iecieational events each yeai.
• The City again sponsoieu a Reus outing uuiing the summei, anu maue available
tickets to seveial games incluuing choice seats to opening uay.
+,-.'# /%0"&1
• The City's Safety Committee was veiy busy uuiing the yeai woiking fiist on an
extension to the cuiient Fiie anu Emeigency Seivices contiact foi one yeai, anu
then uiscussing the biuuing piocess foi the next biu in 2u14. The Committee also
woikeu on ievisions to the peuulei & solicitoi's licensing iequiiements, the
peuestiian ciossing on Shinkle Roau at Spiingsiue Biive, anu upuates to the coue
enfoicement agieement with NKAPC.
• The Lakesiue Paik-Ciestview Bills Police Authoiity continueu to pioviue high
quality seivices to the community uuiing the yeai.
• The City Council meet twice uuiing yeai to foimulate the City's goals anu
objectives that weie auopteu in August. This was a culmination of the citizen
suivey conuucteu in the fall of 2u12 anu extensive uiscussions on the futuie
uiiection of the community. The top foui Council piioiities (iuentifying anu
ieplacing oluei stieets, ueveloping a wayfinuing signage system in the office paik,
fiie anu emeigency seivices contiact, anu Boisebianch Cieek eiosion) aie well
unuei way. The goals anu objectives have pioviueu an impoitant fiamewoik foi
futuie buugetaiy uecisions.
• The City contiacteu with a website uevelopment fiim in 2u1S to completely
ievamp the cuiient site. The pioject has been unuei uevelopment foi seveial
months but we anticipate it will go live in eaily }anuaiy. The new site will
pioviue moie peitinent infoimation to oui iesiuents anu businesses, anu seive as
anothei economic uevelopment tool foi the community.
• The City once again ieceiveu the uoveinment Finance 0fficeis Association
Ceitificate of Excellence in financial iepoiting foi oui annual auuit. This was the
twelfth yeai in a iow that the City was uesignateu as meeting the highest
stanuaius foi financial iepoiting.
• Foi the fifth yeai the City has contiolleu expenses anu manageu its buuget to
piouuce a suiplus of ievenues ovei expenses auuing the funu balance. 0ui
conseivative appioach to goveinment ovei the yeais has continueu to keep the
City in outstanuing financial conuition.
I am pleaseu to iepoit that the City iemains among the top uestinations foi businesses
anu iesiuents in the metiopolitan iegion. 0ui combination of location, low taxes, anu
available amenities continues to leau the aiea as the numbei one choice foi iesiuents
anu businesses. We look foiwaiu to an exciting new yeai.

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