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of biomedical journals and their abbreviations. This was distilled from documents at the National Library of Medicine's web-site.

Aacn Clinical Issues AACN CLIN ISSUES Aacn Clinical Issues In Critical Care Nursing AACN CLIN ISSUES CRIT CARE NURS Aade Editors Journal AADE ED J Aana Journal AANA J Aannt Journal AANNT J Aaohn Journal AAOHN J Aappo Journal AAPPO J Aarn News Letter AARN NEWS LETT Abdominal Imaging ABDOM IMAGING Abnf Journal ABNF J Abstracts / Annual Meeting, International Society of Technology Assessment In Health Care ABSTR INT SOC TECHNOL ASSESS HEALTH CARE Academia Peruana De Cirugia ACAD PERU CIR Academic Emergency Medicine ACAD EMERG MED Academic Medicine ACAD MED Academic Nurse ACAD NURSE Academic Radiology

ACAD RADIOL Academy of Management Journal ACAD MANAGE J Academy of Management Review ACAD MANAGE REV Academy Review of the California Academy of Periodontology, United States Section. Arpa Internationale ACAD REV CALIF ACAD PERIODONTOL Acarologia ACAROLOGIA Accident Analysis and Prevention ACCID ANAL PREV Accident and Emergency Nursing ACCID EMERG NURS Acp Journal Club ACP J CLUB Acquisitions Medicales Recentes ACQUIS MED RECENT Acrh Reports ACRH REP Across the Board ACROSS BOARD (NY) Acta Academiae Medicinae Wuhan ACTA ACAD MED WUHAN Acta Allergologica ACTA ALLERGOL Acta Anaesthesiologica ACTA ANAESTHESIOL Acta Anaesthesiologica Belgica ACTA ANAESTHESIOL BELG Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica ACTA ANAESTHESIOL SCAND Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA ANAESTHESIOL SCAND SUPPL Acta Anaesthesiologica Sinica ACTA ANAESTHESIOL SIN Acta Anatomica ACTA ANAT (BASEL)

Acta Anatomica. Supplement ACTA ANAT SUPPL (BASEL) Acta Anthropogenetica ACTA ANTHROPOGENET Acta Belgica. Medica Physica ACTA BELG MED PHYS Acta Biochimica Et Biophysica; Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA BIOCHIM BIOPHYS ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Biochimica Et Biophysica Hungarica ACTA BIOCHIM BIOPHYS HUNG Acta Biochimica Polonica ACTA BIOCHIM POL Acta Biologiae Experimentalis ACTA BIOL EXP (WARSZ) Acta Biologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA BIOL ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Biologica Hungarica ACTA BIOL HUNG Acta Biologica Et Medica ACTA BIOL MED (GDANSK) Acta Biologica Et Medica Germanica ACTA BIOL MED GER Acta Bio-Medica De L Ateneo Parmense ACTA BIOMED ATENEO PARMENSE Acta Biotheoretica ACTA BIOTHEOR Acta Cancerologica ACTA CANCEROL (LIMA) Acta Cardiologica ACTA CARDIOL Acta Cardiologica. Supplementum ACTA CARDIOL SUPPL Acta Chemica Scandinavica ACTA CHEM SCAND Acta Chemica Scandinavica ACTA CHEM SCAND Acta Chemica Scandinavica. Series a: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

ACTA CHEM SCAND A Acta Chemica Scandinavica. Series B: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry ACTA CHEM SCAND B Acta Chirurgiae Orthopaedicae Et Traumatologiae Cechoslovaca ACTA CHIR ORTHOP TRAUMATOL CECH Acta Chirurgiae Plasticae ACTA CHIR PLAST Acta Chirurgica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA CHIR ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Chirurgica Belgica ACTA CHIR BELG Acta Chirurgica Hungarica ACTA CHIR HUNG Acta Chirurgica Italica ACTA CHIR ITAL Acta Chirurgica Iugoslavica ACTA CHIR IUGOSL Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica ACTA CHIR SCAND Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA CHIR SCAND SUPPL Acta Cientifica Venezolana ACTA CIENT VENEZ Acta Clinica Belgica ACTA CLIN BELG Acta Clinica Belgica. Supplementum ACTA CLIN BELG SUPPL Acta Clinica Odontologica ACTA CLIN ODONTOL Acta Crystallographica ACTA CRYSTALLOGR Acta Crystallographica. Section a, Crystal Physics, Diffraction, Theoretical and General Crystallography ACTA CRYSTALLOGR A Acta Crystallographica. Section a, Foundations of Crystallography ACTA CRYSTALLOGR A Acta Crystallographica. Section B: Structural Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry

ACTA CRYSTALLOGR B Acta Crystallographica. Section B, Structural Science ACTA CRYSTALLOGR B Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Crystal Structure Communications ACTA CRYSTALLOGR C Acta Cytologica ACTA CYTOL Acta Dermatologica-Kyoto. English Edition ACTA DERMATOL KYOTO ENGL ED Acta Dermato-Venereologica ACTA DERM VENEREOL Acta Dermato-Venereologica. Supplementum ACTA DERM VENEREOL SUPPL (STOCKH) Acta Diabetologica ACTA DIABETOL Acta Diabetologica Latina ACTA DIABETOL LAT Acta Embryologiae Experimentalis ACTA EMBRYOL EXP (PALERMO) Acta Embryologiae Et Morphologiae Experimentalis ACTA EMBRYOL MORPHOL EXP Acta Embryologiae Et Morphologiae Experimentalis ACTA EMBRYOL MORPHOL EXP Acta Endocrinologica ACTA ENDOCRINOL (COPENH) Acta Endocrinologica. Supplementum ACTA ENDOCRINOL SUPPL (COPENH) Acta Europaea Fertilitatis ACTA EUR FERTIL Acta Gastroenterologica Belgica ACTA GASTROENTEROL BELG Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana ACTA GASTROENTEROL LATINOAM Acta Genetica Et Statistica Medica ACTA GENET STAT MED Acta Geneticae Medicae Et Gemellologiae ACTA GENET MED GEMELLOL (ROMA)

Acta Gerontologica ACTA GERONTOL (MILANO) Acta Ginecologica ACTA GINECOL (MADR) Acta Gynaecologica Et Obstetrica Hispano-Lusitana ACTA GYNAECOL OBSTET HISP LUSIT Acta Haematologica ACTA HAEMATOL Acta Haematologica Polonica ACTA HAEMATOL POL Acta Hepato-Gastroenterologica ACTA HEPATOGASTROENTEROL (STUTTG) Acta Hepato-Splenologica ACTA HEPATOSPLENOL Acta Histochemica ACTA HISTOCHEM Acta Histochemica. Supplementband ACTA HISTOCHEM SUPPL Acta Historica Scientiarum Naturalium Et Medicinalium ACTA HIST SCI NAT MED Acta Hospitalia ACTA HOSP Acta Iberica Radiologica-Cancerologica ACTA IBER RADIOL CANCEROL Acta Isotopica ACTA ISOT (PADOVA) Acta Leidensia ACTA LEIDEN Acta Leprologica ACTA LEPROL Acta Medica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA MED ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Medica Austriaca ACTA MED AUSTRIACA Acta Medica Austriaca. Supplement ACTA MED AUSTRIACA SUPPL Acta Medica Et Biologica ACTA MED BIOL (NIIGATA)

Acta Medica Croatica ACTA MED CROATICA Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove) ACTA MEDICA (HRADEC KRALOVE) Acta Medica Hungarica ACTA MED HUNG Acta Medica Iranica ACTA MED IRAN Acta Medica Italica Di Medicina Tropicale E Subtropicale E Di Gastroenterologia ACTA MED ITAL MED TROP SUBTROP GASTROENTEROL Acta Medica Iugoslavica ACTA MED IUGOSL Acta Medica Nagasakiensia ACTA MED NAGASAKI Acta Medica Okayama ACTA MED OKAYAMA Acta Medica Philippina ACTA MED PHILIPP Acta Medica Polona ACTA MED POL Acta Medica Portuguesa ACTA MED PORT Acta Medica Scandinavica ACTA MED SCAND Acta Medica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA MED SCAND SUPPL Acta Medica Veterinaria ACTA MED VET (NAPOLI) Acta Medicinae Legalis Et Socialis ACTA MED LEG SOC (LIEGE) Acta Medicinae Okayama ACTA MED OKAYAMA Acta Microbiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA MICROBIOL ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Microbiologica Bulgarica ACTA MICROBIOL BULG Acta Microbiologica Hungarica

ACTA MICROBIOL HUNG Acta Microbiologica Et Immunologica Hungarica ACTA MICROBIOL IMMUNOL HUNG Acta Microbiologica Polonica ACTA MICROBIOL POL Acta Microbiologica Polonica. Series a. Microbiologia Generalis ACTA MICROBIOL POL A Acta Microbiologica Polonica. Series B. Microbiologia Applicata ACTA MICROBIOL POL B Acta Microbiologica, Virologica Et Immunologica ACTA MICROBIOL VIROL IMMUNOL (SOFIIA) Acta Morphologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA MORPHOL ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Morphologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. Supplementum ACTA MORPHOL ACAD SCI HUNG SUPPL Acta Morphologica Hungarica ACTA MORPHOL HUNG Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica ACTA MORPHOL NEERL SCAND Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis ACTA NEUROBIOL EXP (WARSZ) Acta Neurochirurgica ACTA NEUROCHIR (WIEN) Acta Neurochirurgica. Supplementum ACTA NEUROCHIR SUPPL (WIEN) Acta Neurologica ACTA NEUROL (NAPOLI) Acta Neurologica Belgica ACTA NEUROL BELG Acta Neurologica Latinoamericana ACTA NEUROL LATINOAM Acta Neurologica Et Psychiatrica Belgica ACTA NEUROL PSYCHIATR BELG Acta Neurologica. Quaderni ACTA NEUROL [QUAD] (NAPOLI) Acta Neurologica Scandinavica ACTA NEUROL SCAND

Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA NEUROL SCAND SUPPL Acta Neuropathologica ACTA NEUROPATHOL (BERL) Acta Neuropathologica. Supplement ACTA NEUROPATHOL SUPPL (BERL) Acta Neurovegetativa ACTA NEUROVEG (WIEN) Acta Obstetrica Y Ginecologica Hispano-Lusitana ACTA OBSTET GINECOL HISP LUSIT Acta Obstetrica Y Ginecologica Hispano-Lusitana. Supplement ACTA OBSTET GINECOL HISP LUSIT SUPPL Acta Obstetrica Et Gynaecologica Japonica ACTA OBSTET GYNAECOL JPN Acta Obstetricia Et Gynecologica Scandinavica ACTA OBSTET GYNECOL SCAND Acta Obstetricia Et Gynecologica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA OBSTET GYNECOL SCAND SUPPL Acta De Odontologia Pediatrica ACTA ODONTOL PEDIATR Acta Odontologica Latinoamericana ACTA ODONTOL LATINOAM Acta Odontologica Scandinavica ACTA ODONTOL SCAND Acta Odontologica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA ODONTOL SCAND SUPPL Acta Odontologica Venezolana ACTA ODONTOL VENEZ Acta Oncologica ACTA ONCOL (MADR) Acta Oncologica ACTA ONCOL Acta Ophthalmologica ACTA OPHTHALMOL (COPENH) Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica ACTA OPHTHALMOL SCAND Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA OPHTHALMOL SCAND SUPPL

Acta Ophthalmologica. Supplement ACTA OPHTHALMOL SUPPL Acta Ophthalmologica. Supplementum ACTA OPHTHALMOL SUPPL Acta Orthopaedica Belgica ACTA ORTHOP BELG Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica ACTA ORTHOP SCAND Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA ORTHOP SCAND SUPPL Acta Oto-Laryngologica ACTA OTOLARYNGOL (STOCKH) Acta Oto-Laryngologica. Supplement ACTA OTOLARYNGOL SUPPL (STOCKH) Acta Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica Belgica ACTA OTORHINOLARYNGOL BELG Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica ACTA OTORHINOLARYNGOL ITAL Acta Oto-Rino-Laringologica Ibero-Americana ACTA OTORINOLARYNGOL IBER AM Acta Otorrinolaringologica Espanola ACTA OTORRINOLARINGOL ESP Acta Paediatrica ACTA PAEDIATR Acta Paediatrica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA PAEDIATR ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Paediatrica Belgica ACTA PAEDIATR BELG Acta Paediatrica Hungarica ACTA PAEDIATR HUNG Acta Paediatrica Japonica ACTA PAEDIATR JPN Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica ACTA PAEDIATR SCAND Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA PAEDIATR SCAND SUPPL Acta Paediatrica. Supplement

ACTA PAEDIATR SUPPL Acta Paedopsychiatrica ACTA PAEDOPSYCHIATR Acta Pathologica Japonica ACTA PATHOL JPN Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica, Et Immunologica Scandinavica. Section a, Pathology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL SCAND [A] Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica, Et Immunologica Scandinavica. Section B, Microbiology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL SCAND [B] Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica, Et Immunologica Scandinavica. Section C, Immunology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL SCAND [C] Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica, Et Immunologica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL SCAND SUPPL Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section a, Pathology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND [A] Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section B, Microbiology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND [B] Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section B: Microbiology and Immunology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND [B] MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Section C, Immunology ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND [C] Acta Pathologica Et Microbiologica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA PATHOL MICROBIOL SCAND SUPPL Acta Pediatrica Espanola ACTA PEDIATR ESP Acta Pharmaceutica Hungarica ACTA PHARM HUNG Acta Pharmaceutica Nordica ACTA PHARM NORD Acta Pharmaceutica Suecica ACTA PHARM SUEC Acta Pharmacologica Et Toxicologica ACTA PHARMACOL TOXICOL (COPENH)

Acta Physiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA PHYSIOL ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Physiologica Hungarica ACTA PHYSIOL HUNG Acta Physiologica Latinoamericana ACTA PHYSIOL LAT AM Acta Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Bulgarica ACTA PHYSIOL PHARMACOL BULG Acta Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Latinoamericana ACTA PHYSIOL PHARMACOL LATINOAM Acta Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Neerlandica ACTA PHYSIOL PHARMACOL NEERL Acta Physiologica, Pharmacologica Et Therapeutica Latinoamericana ACTA PHYSIOL PHARMACOL THER LATINOAM Acta Physiologica Polonica ACTA PHYSIOL POL Acta Physiologica Scandinavica ACTA PHYSIOL SCAND Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA PHYSIOL SCAND SUPPL Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica ACTA POL PHARM Acta Psiquiatrica Y Psicologica De America Latina ACTA PSIQUIATR PSICOL AM LAT Acta Psychiatrica Belgica ACTA PSYCHIATR BELG Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica ACTA PSYCHIATR SCAND Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. Supplementum ACTA PSYCHIATR SCAND SUPPL Acta Psychologica ACTA PSYCHOL (AMST) Acta Radiologica ACTA RADIOL Acta Radiologica: Diagnosis ACTA RADIOL DIAGN (STOCKH) Acta Radiologica. Oncology

ACTA RADIOL ONCOL Acta Radiologica: Oncology, Radiation, Physics, Biology ACTA RADIOL ONCOL RADIAT PHYS BIOL Acta Radiologica. Supplementum ACTA RADIOL SUPPL Acta Radiologica: Therapy, Physics, Biology ACTA RADIOL THER PHYS BIOL Acta Rheumatologica Scandinavica ACTA RHEUMATOL SCAND Acta Rhumatologica ACTA RHUMATOL Acta Rhumatologica Belgica ACTA RHUMATOL BELG Acta Scholae Medicinalis Universitatis In Kioto ACTA SCH MED UNIV KIOTO Acta Societatis Medicorum Upsaliensis ACTA SOC MED UPS Acta Socio-Medica Scandinavica ACTA SOCIOMED SCAND Acta Socio-Medica Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA SOCIOMED SCAND SUPPL Acta Stomatologica Belgica ACTA STOMATOL BELG Acta Stomatologica Croatica ACTA STOMATOL CROAT Acta Stomatologica Internationalia ACTA STOMATOL INT Acta Theriologica ACTA THERIOL (WARSZ) Acta Tropica ACTA TROP Acta Tropica. Supplement ACTA TROP SUPPL Acta Tuberculosea Japonica ACTA TUBERC JPN Acta Tuberculosea Et Pneumologica Belgica ACTA TUBERC PNEUMOL BELG

Acta Tuberculosea Et Pneumologica Scandinavica ACTA TUBERC PNEUMOL SCAND Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Medica ACTA UNIV CAROL [MED] (PRAHA) Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Medica. Monographia ACTA UNIV CAROL MED MONOGR Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultatis Medicae ACTA UNIV PALACKI OLOMUC FAC MED Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultatis Medicae. Supplementum ACTA UNIV PALACKI OLOMUC FAC MED SUPPL Acta Urologica Belgica ACTA UROL BELG Acta Veterinaria ACTA VET (BEOGR) Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae ACTA VET ACAD SCI HUNG Acta Veterinaria Hungarica ACTA VET HUNG Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica ACTA VET SCAND Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. Supplement ACTA VET SCAND SUPPL Acta Virologica ACTA VIROL Acta Vitaminologica ACTA VITAMINOL Acta Vitaminologica Et Enzymologica ACTA VITAMINOL ENZYMOL Acta Zoologica Et Pathologica Antverpiensia ACTA ZOOL PATHOL ANTVERP Actas Dermo-Sifiliograficas ACTAS DERMOSIFILIOGR Actas Luso-Espanolas De Neurologia Y Psiquiatria ACTAS LUSO ESP NEUROL PSIQUIATR Actas Luso-Espanolas De Neurologia, Psiquiatria Y Ciencias Afines ACTAS LUSO ESP NEUROL PSIQUIATR CIENC AFINES Actas Urologicas Espanolas ACTAS UROL ESP

Activitas Nervosa Superior ACT NERV SUPER (PRAHA) Actualidad Odonto Estomatologica Espanola ACTUAL ODONTO ESTOMATOL ESP Actualidad Pediatrica ACTUAL PEDIATR (GRANADA) Actualites Cardiologiques Et Angeiologiques Internationales ACTUAL CARDIOL ANGEIOL INT (PARIS) Actualites Endocrinologiques ACTUAL ENDOCRINOL (PARIS) Actualites Hepato-Gastro-Enterologiques ACTUAL HEPATOGASTROENTEROL (PARIS) Actualites Neurophysiologiques ACTUAL NEUROPHYSIOL (PARIS) Actualites Odonto-Stomatologiques ACTUAL ODONTOSTOMATOL (PARIS) Actualites Pharmacologiques ACTUAL PHARMACOL (PARIS) Actualites De Physiologie Pathologique ACTUAL PHYSIOL PATHOL (PARIS) Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Research ACUPUNCT ELECTROTHER RES Acute Care ACUTE CARE Ad Nurse AD NURSE Ada News ADA NEWS Addiction ADDICTION Addictive Behaviors ADDICT BEHAV Addictive Diseases ADDICT DIS Adm ADM Adm

ADM Administration In Mental Health ADM MENT HEALTH Administration and Policy In Mental Health ADM POLICY MENT HEALTH Administration In Social Work ADM SOC WORK Administrative Management ADM MANAGE Administrative Radiology ADM RADIOL Administrative Radiology Journal ADM RADIOL J Administrative Science Quarterly ADM SCI Q Admitting Management Journal ADMIT MANAGE J Adolescence ADOLESCENCE Adolescent Psychiatry ADOLESC PSYCHIATRY Adult Education ADULT EDUC Advance Data ADV DATA Advanced Practice Nurse ADV PRACT NURSE Advanced Technology In Surgical Care ADV TECHNOL SURG CARE Advancement of Science ADV SCI Advances In Alcohol and Substance Abuse ADV ALCOHOL SUBST ABUSE Advances In Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology ADV ANAT EMBRYOL CELL BIOL Advances In Applied Microbiology ADV APPL MICROBIOL

Advances In Behavioral Biology ADV BEHAV BIOL Advances In Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology ADV BIOCHEM ENG BIOTECHNOL Advances In Biochemical Psychopharmacology ADV BIOCHEM PSYCHOPHARMACOL Advances In Biological and Medical Physics ADV BIOL MED PHYS Advances In Biology of Skin ADV BIOL SKIN Advances In Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics ADV BIOMED ENG MED PHYS Advances In Biophysics ADV BIOPHYS Advances In the Biosciences ADV BIOSCI Advances In Biotechnological Processes ADV BIOTECHNOL PROCESSES Advances In Cancer Research ADV CANCER RES Advances In Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry ADV CARBOHYDR CHEM BIOCHEM Advances In Cardiac Surgery ADV CARD SURG Advances In Cardiology ADV CARDIOL Advances In Cardiopulmonary Diseases ADV CARDIOPULM DIS Advances In Cell Biology ADV CELL BIOL Advances In Chemotherapy ADV CHEMOTHER Advances In Child Development and Behavior ADV CHILD DEV BEHAV Advances In Chromatography ADV CHROMATOGR Advances In Clinical Chemistry ADV CLIN CHEM

Advances In Clinical Pharmacology ADV CLIN PHARMACOL Advances In Clinical Rehabilitation ADV CLIN REHABIL Advances In Colloid and Interface Science ADV COLLOID INTERFACE SCI Advances In Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry ADV COMP PHYSIOL BIOCHEM Advances In Contraception ADV CONTRACEPT Advances In Cyclic Nucleotide and Protein Phosphorylation Research ADV CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE PROTEIN PHOSPHORYLATION RES Advances In Cyclic Nucleotide Research ADV CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE RES Advances In Cytopharmacology ADV CYTOPHARMACOL Advances In Dental Research ADV DENT RES Advances In Dermatology ADV DERMATOL Advances In Drug Research ADV DRUG RES Advances In Endocrinology and Metabolism ADV ENDOCRINOL METAB Advances In Enzyme Regulation ADV ENZYME REGUL Advances In Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology ADV ENZYMOL RELAT AREAS MOL BIOL Advances In Experimental Medicine and Biology ADV EXP MED BIOL Advances In Fluorine Research and Dental Caries Prevention ADV FLUORINE RES Advances In Food and Nutrition Research ADV FOOD NUTR RES Advances In Food Research ADV FOOD RES Advances In Food Research. Supplement

ADV FOOD RES SUPPL Advances In Genetics ADV GENET Advances In Gerontological Research ADV GERONTOL RES Advances In Health Economics and Health Services Research ADV HEALTH ECON HEALTH SERV RES Advances In Health Economics and Health Services Research. Supplement ADV HEALTH ECON HEALTH SERV RES SUPPL Advances In Heterocyclic Chemistry ADV HETEROCYCL CHEM Advances In Human Genetics ADV HUM GENET Advances In Immunity and Cancer Therapy ADV IMMUN CANCER THER Advances In Immunology ADV IMMUNOL Advances In Inorganic Biochemistry ADV INORG BIOCHEM Advances In Internal Medicine ADV INTERN MED Advances In Lipid Research ADV LIPID RES Advances In Metabolic Disorders ADV METAB DISORD Advances In Microbial Physiology ADV MICROB PHYSIOL Advances In Morphogenesis ADV MORPHOG Advances In Myocardiology ADV MYOCARDIOL Advances In Nephrology From the Necker Hospital ADV NEPHROL NECKER HOSP Advances In Neuroimmunology ADV NEUROIMMUNOL Advances In Neurology ADV NEUROL

Advances In Nutritional Research ADV NUTR RES Advances In Operative Orthopaedics ADV OPER ORTHOP Advances In Ophthalmic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery ADV OPHTHALMIC PLAST RECONSTR SURG Advances In Ophthalmology ADV OPHTHALMOL Advances In Oral Biology ADV ORAL BIOL Advances In Oto-Rhino-Laryngology ADV OTORHINOLARYNGOL Advances In Parasitology ADV PARASITOL Advances In Pathobiology ADV PATHOBIOL Advances In Pediatric Infectious Diseases ADV PEDIATR INFECT DIS Advances In Pediatrics ADV PEDIATR Advances In Peritoneal Dialysis ADV PERIT DIAL Advances In Pest Control Research ADV PEST CONTROL RES Advances In Pharmaceutical Sciences ADV PHARM SCI Advances In Pharmacology ADV PHARMACOL Advances In Pharmacology ADV PHARMACOL Advances In Pharmacology and Chemotherapy ADV PHARMACOL CHEMOTHER Advances In Planned Parenthood ADV PLAN PARENT Advances In Prostaglandin, Thromboxane, and Leukotriene Research ADV PROSTAGLANDIN THROMBOXANE LEUKOT RES Advances In Prostaglandin and Thromboxane Research ADV PROSTAGLANDIN THROMBOXANE RES

Advances In Protein Chemistry ADV PROTEIN CHEM Advances In Psychobiology ADV PSYCHOBIOL Advances In Psychosomatic Medicine ADV PSYCHOSOM MED Advances In Renal Replacement Therapy ADV REN REPLACE THER Advances In Reproductive Physiology ADV REPROD PHYSIOL Advances In Second Messenger and Phosphoprotein Research ADV SECOND MESSENGER PHOSPHOPROTEIN RES Advances In Sex Hormone Research ADV SEX HORM RES Advances In Shock Research ADV SHOCK RES Advances In Socio-Dental Research ADV SOCIODENT RES Advances In Space Biology and Medicine ADV SPACE BIOL MED Advances In Steroid Biochemistry and Pharmacology ADV STEROID BIOCHEM PHARMACOL Advances In Surgery ADV SURG Advances and Technical Standards In Neurosurgery ADV TECH STAND NEUROSURG Advances In Therapy ADV THER Advances In Tracer Methodology ADV TRACER METHODOL Advances In Tuberculosis Research ADV TUBERC RES Advances In Veterinary Medicine ADV VET MED Advances In Veterinary Science ADV VET SCI Advances In Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine

ADV VET SCI COMP MED Advances In Virus Research ADV VIRUS RES Advances In Wound Care ADV WOUND CARE Advancing Clinical Care ADV CLIN CARE Adverse Drug Reactions and Acute Poisoning Reviews ADVERSE DRUG REACT ACUTE POISONING REV Adverse Drug Reactions and Toxicological Reviews ADVERSE DRUG REACT TOXICOL REV Advertising Age ADVERT AGE Aeromedical Review AEROMED REV Aerospace Medicine AEROSP MED Aesthetic Plastic Surgery AESTHETIC PLAST SURG Afl-Cio American Federationist AFL CIO AM FED African Dental Journal AFR DENT J African Journal of Medical Sciences AFR J MED SCI African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences AFR J MED MED SCI African Journal of Psychiatry. Le Journal Africain De Psychiatrie AFR J PSYCHIATRY Age and Ageing AGE AGEING Aged Care and Services Review AGED CARE SERV REV Agents and Actions AGENTS ACTIONS Agents and Actions. Supplements AGENTS ACTIONS SUPPL

Aggiornamenti Clinico Terapeutici AGGIORN CLINICO TER Aging AGING Aging AGING (MILANO) Aging and Leisure Living AGING LEIS LIVING Agnes Karll-Schwester, Der Krankenpfleger AGNES KARLL SCHWEST KRANKENPFLEGER Agressologie AGRESSOLOGIE Agricultural and Biological Chemistry AGRIC BIOL CHEM Aha Hospital Technology Series AHA HOSP TECHNOL SER Ahme Journal AHME J Ahot Be-Yisrael AHOT BEYISRAEL Ahsr and Fhsr Annual Meeting Abstract Book AHSR FHSR ANNU MEET ABSTR BOOK Aia Journal AIA J Aichi Gakuin Daigaku Shigakkai Shi. Aichi-Gakuin Journal of Dental Science AICHI GAKUIN DAIGAKU SHIGAKKAI SHI Aichi-Gakuin Dental Science AICHI GAKUIN DENT SCI Aids AIDS Aids Alert AIDS ALERT Aids Care AIDS CARE Aids Clinical Care AIDS CLIN CARE Aids Clinical Review AIDS CLIN REV

Aids Education and Prevention AIDS EDUC PREV Aids Literature and Law Review AIDS LIT LAW REV Aids Patient Care AIDS PATIENT CARE Aids Patient Care and Stds AIDS PATIENT CARE STDS Aids Policy and Law AIDS POLICY LAW Aids Research AIDS RES Aids Research and Human Retroviruses AIDS RES HUM RETROVIRUSES Aids Treatment News AIDS TREAT NEWS Air Medical Journal AIR MED J Air and Waste AIR WASTE Air and Water Pollution AIR WATER POLLUT Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology AJNR AM J NEURORADIOL Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology AJR AM J ROENTGENOL Ajs. American Journal of Sociology AJS Aktuelle Gerontologie AKTUELLE GERONTOL Aktuelle Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie AKTUELLE OTORHINOLARYNGOL Aktuelle Probleme In Der Chirurgie AKTUELLE PROBL CHIR Aktuelle Probleme In Chirurgie Und Orthopadie AKTUELLE PROBL CHIR ORTHOP Aktuelle Radiologie

AKTUELLE RADIOL Aktuelle Traumatologie AKTUELLE TRAUMATOL Akusherstvo I Ginekologiia AKUSH GINEKOL (MOSK) Akusherstvo I Ginekologiia AKUSH GINEKOL (SOFIIA) Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences ALA J MED SCI Alabama Medicine ALA MED Alabama Nurse ALA NURSE Alafo; Revista De La Asociacion Latino Americana De Facultades De Odontologia ALAFO Alaska Medicine ALASKA MED Alaska Nurse ALASKA NURSE Albrecht Von Graefes Archiv Fur Klinische Und Experimentelle Ophthalmologie ALBRECHT VON GRAEFES ARCH KLIN EXP OPHTHALMOL Alcohol ALCOHOL Alcohol and Alcoholism ALCOHOL ALCOHOL Alcohol and Alcoholism. Supplement ALCOHOL ALCOHOL SUPPL Alcohol and Drug Research ALCOHOL DRUG RES Alcohol Health and Research World ALCOHOL HEALTH RES WORLD Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research ALCOHOL CLIN EXP RES Alergia ALERGIA Alexandria Dental Journal ALEX DENT J

Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics ALIMENT PHARMACOL THER Alimentation Et La Vie ALIMENT VIE Allergie Und Asthma ALLERG ASTHMA (LEIPZ) Allergie Und Asthmaforschung ALLERG ASTHMAFORSCH Allergie Und Immunologie ALLERG IMMUNOL (LEIPZ) Allergie Et Immunologie ALLERG IMMUNOL (PARIS) Allergologia Et Immunopathologia ALLERGOL IMMUNOPATHOL (MADR) Allergy ALLERGY Allergy and Asthma Proceedings ALLERGY ASTHMA PROC Allergy Proceedings ALLERGY PROC Allied Health and Behavioral Sciences ALLIED HEALTH BEHAV SCI Alma Mater ALMA MATER (BALTIMORE) Alpha Omega France ALPHA OMEGA FR Alpha Omegan ALPHA OMEGAN Altern Und Entwicklung. Aging and Development ALTERN ENTWICKL AGING DEV Alternative Therapies In Health and Medicine ALTERN THER HEALTH MED Alumnae Magazine; Columbia University-Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association ALUMNAE MAG COLUMBIA UNIV PRESBYT HOSP SCH NURS ALUMNAE ASSOC Alumnae Magazine - Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association ALUMNAE MAG JOHNS HOPKINS HOSP SCH NURS ALUMNAE ASSOC Alumni Bulletin - School of Dentistry, Indiana University

ALUMNI BULL SCH DENT INDIANA UNIV Alumni Bulletin; University of Michigan School of Dentistry ALUMNI BULL UNIV MICH SCH DENT Alumni Magazine ALUMNI MAG Alumni Magazine / Columbia University-Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association ALUMNI MAG COLUMBIA UNIV PRESBYT HOSP SCH NURS ALUMNI ASSOC Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders ALZHEIMER DIS ASSOC DISORD Am Reports AM REP Amb; Revista Da Associacao Medica Brasileira AMB REV ASSOC MED BRAS Ambulatory Care AMBUL CARE Amdi Bollettino AMDI BOLL Amd-Tr Reports AMD TR REP American Annals of the Deaf AM ANN DEAF American Archives of Rehabilitation Therapy AM ARCH REHABIL THER American Association of Industrial Nurses Journal AM ASSOC IND NURSES J American Behavioral Scientist AM BEHAV SCI American Biotechnology Laboratory AM BIOTECHNOL LAB American Clinical Laboratory AM CLIN LAB American College of Physicians Observer AM COLL PHYSICIANS OBS American Corrective Therapy Journal AM CORRECT THER J American Economic Review AM ECON REV

American Education AM EDUC American Family Physician AM FAM PHYSICIAN American Family Physician/Gp AM FAM PHYSICIAN GP American Heart Journal AM HEART J American Imago AM IMAGO American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research AM INDIAN ALSK NATIVE MENT HEALTH RES American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research. Monograph Series AM INDIAN ALSK NATIVE MENT HEALTH RES MONOGR SER American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal AM IND HYG ASSOC J American Journal On Addictions AM J ADDICT American Journal of Anatomy AM J ANAT American Journal of Anesthesiology AM J ANESTHESIOL American Journal of Art Therapy AM J ART THER American Journal of Botany AM J BOT American Journal of Cardiac Imaging AM J CARD IMAGING American Journal of Cardiology AM J CARDIOL American Journal of Cardiovascular Pathology AM J CARDIOVASC PATHOL American Journal of Chinese Medicine AM J CHIN MED American Journal of Chinese Medicine AM J CHIN MED American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

AM J CLIN HYPN American Journal of Clinical Nutrition AM J CLIN NUTR American Journal of Clinical Oncology AM J CLIN ONCOL American Journal of Clinical Pathology AM J CLIN PATHOL American Journal of Community Psychology AM J COMMUNITY PSYCHOL American Journal of Contact Dermatitis AM J CONTACT DERMAT American Journal of Critical Care AM J CRIT CARE American Journal of Dentistry AM J DENT American Journal of Dermatopathology AM J DERMATOPATHOL American Journal of Digestive Diseases AM J DIG DIS American Journal of Diseases of Children AM J DIS CHILD American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse AM J DRUG ALCOHOL ABUSE American Journal of Economics and Sociology AM J ECON SOCIOL American Journal of Eeg Technology AM J EEG TECHNOL American Journal of Emergency Medicine AM J EMERG MED American Journal of Epidemiology AM J EPIDEMIOL American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology AM J FORENSIC MED PATHOL American Journal of Gastroenterology AM J GASTROENTEROL American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry AM J GERIATR PSYCHIATRY

American Journal of Health Planning AM J HEALTH PLANN American Journal of Health Promotion AM J HEALTH PROMOT American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy AM J HEALTH SYST PHARM American Journal of Hematology AM J HEMATOL American Journal of Hospice Care AM J HOSP CARE American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care AM J HOSP PALLIAT CARE American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy AM J HOSP PHARM American Journal of Human Genetics AM J HUM GENET American Journal of Hypertension AM J HYPERTENS American Journal of Industrial Medicine AM J IND MED American Journal of Infection Control AM J INFECT CONTROL American Journal of Kidney Diseases AM J KIDNEY DIS American Journal of Knee Surgery AM J KNEE SURG American Journal of Law and Medicine AM J LAW MED American Journal of Managed Care AM J MANAG CARE American Journal of Medical Electronics AM J MED ELECTRON American Journal of Medical Genetics AM J MED GENET American Journal of Medical Genetics. Supplement AM J MED GENET SUPPL American Journal of Medical Quality AM J MED QUAL

American Journal of the Medical Sciences AM J MED SCI American Journal of Medical Technology AM J MED TECHNOL American Journal of Medicine AM J MED American Journal of Mental Deficiency AM J MENT DEFIC American Journal of Mental Retardation AM J MENT RETARD American Journal of Nephrology AM J NEPHROL American Journal of Nursing AM J NURS American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology AM J OBSTET GYNECOL American Journal of Occupational Therapy AM J OCCUP THER American Journal of Ophthalmology AM J OPHTHALMOL American Journal of Optometry and Archives of American Academy of Optometry AM J OPTOM ARCH AM ACAD OPTOM American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics AM J OPTOM PHYSIOL OPT American Journal of Orthodontics AM J ORTHOD American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics AM J ORTHOD DENTOFACIAL ORTHOP American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery AM J ORTHOP SURG American Journal of Orthopedics AM J ORTHOP American Journal of Orthopedics AM J ORTHOP American Journal of Orthopsychiatry AM J ORTHOPSYCHIATRY American Journal of Otolaryngology

AM J OTOLARYNGOL American Journal of Otology AM J OTOL American Journal of Pathology AM J PATHOL American Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology AM J PEDIATR HEMATOL ONCOL American Journal of Perinatology AM J PERINATOL American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education AM J PHARM EDUC American Journal of Pharmacy and the Sciences Supporting Public Health AM J PHARM SCI SUPPORT PUBLIC HEALTH American Journal of Physical Anthropology AM J PHYS ANTHROPOL American Journal of Physical Medicine AM J PHYS MED American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation AM J PHYS MED REHABIL American Journal of Physiologic Imaging AM J PHYSIOL IMAGING American Journal of Physiology AM J PHYSIOL American Journal of Practical Nursing AM J PRACT NURS American Journal of Preventive Medicine AM J PREV MED American Journal of Primatology AM J PRIMATOL American Journal of Proctology AM J PROCTOL American Journal of Proctology, Gastroenterology and Colon and Rectal Surgery AM J PROCTOL GASTROENTEROL COLON RECTAL SURG American Journal of Psychiatry AM J PSYCHIATRY American Journal of Psychoanalysis AM J PSYCHOANAL

American Journal of Psychology AM J PSYCHOL American Journal of Psychotherapy AM J PSYCHOTHER American Journal of Public Health AM J PUBLIC HEALTH American Journal of Public Health and the Nations Health AM J PUBLIC HEALTH NATIONS HEALTH American Journal of Reproductive Immunology AM J REPROD IMMUNOL American Journal of Reproductive Immunology AM J REPROD IMMUNOL American Journal of Reproductive Immunology and Microbiology AM J REPROD IMMUNOL MICROBIOL American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology AM J RESPIR CELL MOL BIOL American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine AM J RESPIR CRIT CARE MED American Journal of Rhinology AM J RHINOL American Journal of Roentgenology AM J ROENTGENOL American Journal of Roentgenology, Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine AM J ROENTGENOL RADIUM THER NUCL MED American Journal of Sports Medicine AM J SPORTS MED American Journal of Surgery AM J SURG American Journal of Surgical Pathology AM J SURG PATHOL American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene AM J TROP MED HYG American Journal of Veterinary Research AM J VET RES American Laundry Digest AM LAUND DIG American Libraries AM LIBR

American Lung Association Bulletin AM LUNG ASSOC BULL American Medical News AM MED NEWS American Nurse AM NURSE American Nurses Association Publications ANA PUBL American Orthoptic Journal AM ORTHOPT J American Pharmacy AM PHARM American Psychologist AM PSYCHOL American Rehabilitation AM REHABIL American Review of Respiratory Disease AM REV RESPIR DIS American Scientist AM SCI American Sociological Review AM SOCIOL REV American Surgeon AM SURG American University Law Review

American Zoologist AM ZOOL Amfar Report AMFAR REP Amhc Forum AMHC FORUM Amrl-Tr AMRL TR Amro AMRO An; Arkansas Nurse

AN ARK NURSE Ana Clinical Conferences ANA CLIN CONF Ana Clinical Sessions ANA CLIN SESS Anaesthesia ANAESTHESIA Anaesthesia and Intensive Care ANAESTH INTENSIVE CARE Anaesthesia, Resuscitation, and Intensive Therapy ANAESTH RESUSC INTENSIVE THER Anaesthesiologie Und Reanimation ANAESTHESIOL REANIM Anaesthesist ANAESTHESIST Anais Da Academia Brasileira De Ciencias AN ACAD BRAS CIENC Anais Brasileiros De Dermatologia AN BRAS DERMATOL Anais Brasileiros De Ginecologia AN BRAS GINECOL Anais Da Escola Nacional De Saude Publica E De Medicina Tropical AN ESC NACL SAUDE PUBLICA MED TROP (LISB) Anais Da Faculdade De Odontologia Da Universidade Federal De Pernambuco AN FAC ODONTOL UNIV FED PERNAMBUCO Anais Do Instituto De Higiene E Medicina Tropical AN INST HIG MED TROP (LISB) Anais Do Instituto De Medicina Tropical AN INST MED TROP (LISB) Anais De Microbiologia AN MICROBIOL (RIO J) Anais Paulistas De Medicina E Cirurgia AN PAUL MED CIR Anales De Cirugia AN CIR (ROSARIO) Anales Espanoles De Odontoestomatologia AN ESP ODONTOESTOMATOL

Anales Espanoles De Pediatria AN ESP PEDIATR Anales De La Facultad De Medicina, Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos De Lima AN FAC MED LIMA Anales De La Facultad De Medicina, Universidad De La Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay AN FAC MED UNIV REPUB MONTEV URUG Anales De La Facultad De Odontologia AN FAC ODONTOL Anales - Instituto De Investigaciones Odontologicas, Universidad Del Zulia AN INST INVEST ODONTOL (MARACAIBO) Anales De Medicina AN MED (LIMA) Anales De Medicina: Cirugia AN MED CIR Anales De Medicina: Especialidades AN MED ESPEC Anales De Medicina Interna AN MED INTERNA Anales De Medicina: Medicina AN MED MED Anales Otorrinolaringologicos Iberoamericanos AN OTORRINOLARINGOL IBERO AM Anales Del Programa Academico De Medicina AN PROGRAMA ACAD MED (LIMA) Anales De La Real Academia De Farmacia; Instituto De Espana AN REAL ACAD FARM Anales De La Real Academia Nacional De Medicina AN R ACAD NAC MED (MADR) Analyst ANALYST Analytica Chimica Acta ANAL CHIM ACTA Analytical Biochemistry ANAL BIOCHEM Analytical Cellular Pathology ANAL CELL PATHOL

Analytical Chemistry ANAL CHEM Analytical and Quantitative Cytology ANAL QUANT CYTOL Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology ANAL QUANT CYTOL HISTOL Anasthesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin ANASTH INTENSIVTHER NOTF MED Anasthesiologie, Intensivmedizin, Notfallmedizin, Schmerztherapie ANASTHESIOL INTENSIVMED NOTFALLMED SCHMERZTHER Anasthesiologische Und Intensivmedizinische Praxis ANASTHESIOL INTENSIVMED PRAX Anatomia Clinica ANAT CLIN Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia ANAT HISTOL EMBRYOL Anatomical Record ANAT REC Anatomical Record. Supplement ANAT REC SUPPL Anatomischer Anzeiger ANAT ANZ Anatomy and Embryology ANAT EMBRYOL (BERL) Andrologia ANDROLOGIA Andrologie ANDROLOGIE Anec ANEC Anesteziologiia I Reanimatologiia ANESTEZIOL REANIMATOL Anesthesia and Analgesia ANESTH ANALG Anesthesia and Pain Control In Dentistry ANESTH PAIN CONTROL DENT Anesthesia Progress ANESTH PROG

Anesthesie, Analgesie, Reanimation ANESTH ANALG (PARIS) Anesthesiology ANESTHESIOLOGY Anesthesiology Review ANESTHESIOL REV Angeiologie ANGEIOLOGIE Angewandte Chemie. International Ed. In English ANGEW CHEM INT ED ENGL Angewandte Parasitologie ANGEW PARASITOL Angiologia ANGIOLOGIA Angiologica ANGIOLOGICA Angiology ANGIOLOGY Angle Orthodontist ANGLE ORTHOD Anglo-German Medical Review ANGLO GER MED REV Animal Behaviour ANIM BEHAV Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics ANIM BLOOD GROUPS BIOCHEM GENET Animal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics. Supplement ANIM BLOOD GROUPS BIOCHEM GENET SUPPL Animal Genetics ANIM GENET Animal Learning and Behavior ANIM LEARN BEHAV Animal Reproduction Science ANIM REPROD SCI Ankara Universitesi Dis Hekimligi Fakultesi Dergisi ANKARA UNIV HEKIM FAK DERG Anl Reports

ANL REP Anna Journal ANNA J Annales Academiae Medicae Stetinensis ANN ACAD MED STETIN Annales Academiae Medicae Stetinensis. Suplement ANN ACAD MED STETIN SUPL Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Series a. Iv Biologica ANN ACAD SCI FENN [BIOL] Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Series a. V Medica ANN ACAD SCI FENN A Annales D Anatomie Pathologique ANN ANAT PATHOL (PARIS) Annales De L Anesthesiologie Francaise ANN ANESTHESIOL FR Annales De Biologie Animale, Biochimie, Biophysique ANN BIOL ANIM BIOCHIM BIOPHYS Annales De Biologie Clinique ANN BIOL CLIN (PARIS) Annales De Cardiologie Et D Angeiologie ANN CARDIOL ANGEIOL (PARIS) Annales Chirurgiae Et Gynaecologiae ANN CHIR GYNAECOL Annales Chirurgiae Et Gynaecologiae Fenniae ANN CHIR GYNAECOL FENN Annales Chirurgiae Et Gynaecologiae Fenniae. Supplement ANN CHIR GYNAECOL FENN SUPPL Annales Chirurgiae Et Gynaecologiae. Supplementum ANN CHIR GYNAECOL SUPPL Annales De Chirurgie ANN CHIR Annales De Chirurgie Infantile ANN CHIR INFANT Annales De Chirurgie De La Main ANN CHIR MAIN Annales De Chirurgie De La Main Et Du Membre Superieur ANN CHIR MAIN MEMB SUPER

Annales De Chirurgie Plastique ANN CHIR PLAST Annales De Chirurgie Plastique Et Esthetique ANN CHIR PLAST ESTHET Annales De Chirurgie Thoracique Et Cardio-Vasculaire ANN CHIR THORAC CARDIOVASC Annales De Dermatologie Et De Syphiligraphie ANN DERMATOL SYPHILIGR (PARIS) Annales De Dermatologie Et De Venereologie ANN DERMATOL VENEREOL Annales De Droit International Medical ANN DROIT INT MED Annales D Endocrinologie ANN ENDOCRINOL (PARIS) Annales Francaises D Anesthesie Et De Reanimation ANN FR ANESTH REANIM Annales De Gastroenterologie Et D Hepatologie ANN GASTROENTEROL HEPATOL (PARIS) Annales De Genetique ANN GENET Annales De Genetique Et De Selection Animale ANN GENET SEL ANIM Annales D Histochimie ANN HISTOCHIM Annales Immunologiae Hungaricae ANN IMMUNOL HUNG Annales D Immunologie ANN IMMUNOL (PARIS) Annales De L Institut Pasteur ANN INST PASTEUR (PARIS) Annales De L Institut Pasteur. Immunologie ANN INST PASTEUR IMMUNOL Annales De L Institut Pasteur. Immunology ANN INST PASTEUR IMMUNOL Annales De L Institut Pasteur De Lille ANN INST PASTEUR LILLE Annales De L Institut Pasteur. Microbiologie ANN INST PASTEUR MICROBIOL

Annales De L Institut Pasteur. Microbiology ANN INST PASTEUR MICROBIOL Annales De L Institut Pasteur. Virology ANN INST PASTEUR VIROL Annales De Medecine Interne ANN MED INTERNE (PARIS) Annales De Medecine Legale, Criminologie, Police Scientifique Et Toxicologie ANN MED LEG CRIMINOL POLICE SCI TOXICOL Annales Medicales De Nancy ANN MED NANCY Annales Medicinae Experimentalis Et Biologiae Fenniae ANN MED EXP BIOL FENN Annales Medicinae Internae Fenniae ANN MED INTERN FENN Annales Medico-Psychologiques ANN MED PSYCHOL (PARIS) Annales De Microbiologie ANN MICROBIOL (PARIS) Annales Nestle [Fr] ANN NESTLE [FR] Annales De La Nutrition Et De L Alimentation ANN NUTR ALIMENT Annales D Oculistique ANN OCUL (PARIS) Annales Odonto-Stomatologiques ANN ODONTOSTOMATOL (LYON) Annales D Oto-Laryngologie Et De Chirurgie Cervico-Faciale ANN OTOLARYNGOL CHIR CERVICOFAC Annales Paediatriae Fenniae ANN PAEDIATR FENN Annales Paediatrici. International Review of Pediatrics ANN PAEDIATR INT REV PEDIATR Annales De Parasitologie Humaine Et Comparee ANN PARASITOL HUM COMP Annales De Pathologie ANN PATHOL Annales De Pediatrie

ANN PEDIATR (PARIS) Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises ANN PHARM FR Annales De Radiologie ANN RADIOL (PARIS) Annales De Recherches Veterinaires ANN RECH VET Annales De La Societe Belge De Medecine Tropicale ANN SOC BELG MED TROP Annales De La Societe Royale Des Sciences Medicales Et Naturelles De Bruxelles ANN SOC R SCI MED NAT BRUX Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio D, Medicina ANN UNIV MARIAE CURIE SKLODOWSKA [MED] Annales Universitatis Saraviensis. Medizin ANN UNIV SARAV [MED] Annales D Urologie ANN UROL (PARIS) Annali Di Igiene ANN IG Annali Dell Istituto Carlo Forlanini ANN IST CARLO FORLANINI Annali Dell Istituto Superiore Di Sanita ANN IST SUPER SANITA Annali Italiani Di Chirurgia ANN ITAL CHIR Annali Italiani Di Medicina Interna ANN ITAL MED INT Annali Di Laringologia, Otologia, Rinologia, Faringologia ANN LARINGOL OTOL RINOL FARINGOL Annali Di Medicina Navale ANN MED NAV (ROMA) Annali Dell Ospedale Maria Vittoria Di Torino ANN OSP MARIA VITTORIA TORINO Annali Di Ostetricia, Ginecologia, Medicina Perinatale ANN OSTET GINECOL MED PERINAT Annali Di Ottalmologia E Clinica Oculistica ANN OTTALMOL CLIN OCUL

Annali Di Radiologia Diagnostica ANN RADIOL DIAGN (BOLOGNA) Annali Della Sanita Pubblica ANN SANITA PUBBLICA Annali Sclavo ANN SCLAVO Annali Sclavo. Collana Monografica ANN SCLAVO COLLANA MONOGR Annali Di Stomatologia ANN STOMATOL (ROMA) Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore ANN ACAD MED SINGAPORE Annals of Allergy ANN ALLERGY Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology ANN ALLERGY ASTHMA IMMUNOL Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science ANN AM ACAD POL SOC SCI Annals of Applied Biology ANN APPL BIOL Annals of the Australian College of Dental Surgeons ANN AUST COLL DENT SURG Annals of Behavioral Medicine ANN BEHAV MED Annals of Biomedical Engineering ANN BIOMED ENG Annals of Clinical Biochemistry ANN CLIN BIOCHEM Annals of Clinical Laboratory Science ANN CLIN LAB SCI Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science ANN CLIN LAB SCI Annals of Clinical Psychiatry ANN CLIN PSYCHIATRY Annals of Clinical Research ANN CLIN RES Annals of Dentistry ANN DENT

Annals of Emergency Medicine ANN EMERG MED Annals of the Entomological Society of America ANN ENTOMOL SOC AM Annals of Epidemiology ANN EPIDEMIOL Annals of Health Law ANN HEALTH LAW Annals of Hematology ANN HEMATOL Annals of Human Biology ANN HUM BIOL Annals of Human Genetics ANN HUM GENET Annals of the Icrp ANN ICRP Annals of Internal Medicine ANN INTERN MED Annals of the Medical Section of the Polish Academy of Sciences ANN MED SECT POL ACAD SCI Annals of the Medical University, Bialystok, Poland ANN MED UNIV BIALYST POL Annals of Medicine ANN MED Annals of Neurology ANN NEUROL Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ANN N Y ACAD SCI Annals of Nuclear Medicine ANN NUCL MED Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism ANN NUTR METAB Annals of Occupational Hygiene ANN OCCUP HYG Annals of Oncology ANN ONCOL Annals of Ophthalmology

ANN OPHTHALMOL Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology ANN OTOL RHINOL LARYNGOL Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology. Supplement ANN OTOL RHINOL LARYNGOL SUPPL Annals of Periodontology ANN PERIODONTOL Annals of Pharmacotherapy ANN PHARMACOTHER Annals of Physical Medicine ANN PHYS MED Annals of Physiological Anthropology ANN PHYSIOL ANTHROPOL Annals of Plastic Surgery ANN PLAST SURG Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases ANN RHEUM DIS Annals of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons ANN R AUSTRALAS COLL DENT SURG Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England ANN R COLL SURG ENGL Annals of Surgery ANN SURG Annals of Surgical Oncology ANN SURG ONCOL Annals of Thoracic Surgery ANN THORAC SURG Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology ANN TROP MED PARASITOL Annals of Tropical Paediatrics ANN TROP PAEDIATR Annals of Vascular Surgery ANN VASC SURG Annee Biologique ANNEE BIOL Annee Endocrinologique ANNEE ENDOCRINOL

Annee Psychologique ANNEE PSYCHOL Annee Therapeutique Et Clinique En Ophtalmologie ANNEE THER CLIN OPHTALMOL Annual Bulletin / National Medical and Dental Association, National Advocates Society ANNU BULL NATL MED DENT ASSOC NATL ADVOCATES SOC Annual Conference On Research In Medical Education ANNU CONF RES MED EDUC Annual Meeting - American Institute of Oral Biology ANNU MEET AM INST ORAL BIOL Annual Meeting of International Society of Technology Assessment In Health Care ANNU MEET INT SOC TECHNOL ASSESS HEALTH CARE Annual Report of the Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Nagoya University ANNU REP RES INST ENVIRON MED NAGOYA UNIV Annual Review of Biochemistry ANNU REV BIOCHEM Annual Review of Biophysics and Bioengineering ANNU REV BIOPHYS BIOENG Annual Review of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure ANNU REV BIOPHYS BIOMOL STRUCT Annual Review of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry ANNU REV BIOPHYS BIOPHYS CHEM Annual Review of Cell Biology ANNU REV CELL BIOL Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology ANN REV CELL DEV BIOL Annual Review of Entomology ANNU REV ENTOMOL Annual Review of Genetics ANNU REV GENET Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics ANNU REV GERONTOL GERIATR Annual Review of Immunology ANNU REV IMMUNOL Annual Review of Medicine ANNU REV MED

Annual Review of Microbiology ANNU REV MICROBIOL Annual Review of Neuroscience ANNU REV NEUROSCI Annual Review of Nuclear Science ANNU REV NUCL SCI Annual Review of Nursing Research ANNU REV NURS RES Annual Review of Nutrition ANNU REV NUTR Annual Review of Pharmacology ANNU REV PHARMACOL Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology ANNU REV PHARMACOL TOXICOL Annual Review of Physical Chemistry ANNU REV PHYS CHEM Annual Review of Physiology ANNU REV PHYSIOL Annual Review of Psychology ANNU REV PSYCHOL Annual Review of Public Health ANNU REV PUBLIC HEALTH Annual Review of Rehabilitation ANNU REV REHABIL Annual Statistical Supplement, ... to the Social Security Bulletin ANNU STAT SUPPL SOC SECUR BULL Annual Symposium On Nursing Faculty Practice ANNU SYMP NURS FAC PRACT Anphi Papers ANPHI PAP Ans. Advances In Nursing Science ANS ADV NURS SCI Anthropologischer Anzeiger ANTHROPOL ANZ Antibiotica ANTIBIOTICA Antibiotica. Quaderni

ANTIBIOTICA [QUAD] Antibiotics and Chemotherapy ANTIBIOT CHEMOTHER Antibiotiki ANTIBIOTIKI Antibiotiki I Khimioterapiia ANTIBIOT KHIMIOTER Antibiotiki I Meditsinskaia Biotekhnologiia ANTIBIOT MED BIOTEKHNOL Anti-Cancer Drug Design ANTICANCER DRUG DES Anti-Cancer Drugs ANTICANCER DRUGS Anticancer Research ANTICANCER RES Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy ANTIMICROB AGENTS CHEMOTHER Antioquia Medica ANTIOQUIA MED Antisense and Nucleic Acid Drug Development ANTISENSE NUCLEIC ACID DRUG DEV Antisense Research and Development ANTISENSE RES DEV Antiviral Research ANTIVIRAL RES Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK Anuario Brasileiro De Odontologia ANU BRAS ODONTOL Anxiety ANXIETY Aoha AOHA Aoha Today AOHA TODAY Aorn Journal AORN J

Apex APEX Apic APIC Apmis APMIS Apmis. Supplementum APMIS SUPPL Apollonia APOLLONIA (MALMO) Apollonia APOLLONIA (SYDNEY) Appetite APPETITE Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology APPL BIOCHEM BIOTECHNOL Applied Cardiology APPL CARDIOL Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology APPL CARDIOPULM PATHOPHYSIOL Applied and Environmental Microbiology APPL ENVIRON MICROBIOL Applied Human Science APPL HUMAN SCI Applied Microbiology APPL MICROBIOL Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology APPL MICROBIOL BIOTECHNOL Applied Neurophysiology APPL NEUROPHYSIOL Applied Nursing Research APPL NURS RES Applied Parasitology APPL PARASITOL Applied Pathology APPL PATHOL Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback APPL PSYCHOPHYSIOL BIOFEEDBACK

Applied Radiation and Isotopes APPL RADIAT ISOT Applied Radiology APPL RADIOL Applied Research In Mental Retardation APPL RES MENT RETARD Applied and Theoretical Electrophoresis APPL THEOR ELECTROPHOR Applied Therapeutics APPL THER Aptechnoe Delo APTECHN DELO Arbeiten Aus Dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (Bundesamt Fur Sera Und Impfstoffe) Zu Frankfurt a.M ARB PAUL EHRLICH INST BUNDESAMT SERA IMPFSTOFFE FRANKF A M Arbeiten Aus Dem Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Dem Georg-Speyer-Haus Und Dem Ferdinand-BlumInstitut Zu Frankfurt a.M ARB PAUL EHRLICH INST GEORG SPEYER HAUS FERDINAND BLUM INST FRANKF A M Architectural Record ARCHIT REC Architecture ARCHITECTURE Archiv Fur Dermatologische Forschung ARCH DERMATOL FORSCH Archiv Fur Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin ARCH EXP VETERINARMED Archiv Fur Genetik ARCH GENET (ZUR) Archiv Fur Die Gesamte Psychologie ARCH GESAMTE PSYCHOL Archiv Fur Die Gesamte Virusforschung ARCH GESAMTE VIRUSFORSCH Archiv Fur Geschwulstforschung ARCH GESCHWULSTFORSCH Archiv Fur Gynakologie ARCH GYNAKOL Archiv Fur Hygiene Und Bakteriologie

ARCH HYG BAKTERIOL Archiv Der Julius Klaus-Stiftung Fur Vererbungsforschung, Sozialanthropologie Und Rassenhygiene ARCH JULIUS KLAUS STIFT VERERBUNGSFORSCH SOZIALANTHROPOL RASSENHYG Archiv Fur Kinderheilkunde ARCH KINDERHEILKD Archiv Fur Klinische Und Experimentelle Dermatologie ARCH KLIN EXP DERMATOL Archiv Fur Klinische Und Experimentelle Ohren-, Nasen- Und Kehlkopfheilkunde ARCH KLIN EXP OHREN NASEN KEHLKOPFHEILKD Archiv Fur Klinische Medizin ARCH KLIN MED Archiv Fur Kreislaufforschung ARCH KREISLAUFFORSCH Archiv Fur Kriminologie ARCH KRIMINOL Archiv Fur Mikrobiologie ARCH MIKROBIOL Archiv Fur Ohren-, Nasen- Und Kehlkopfheilkunde, Vereinigt Mit Zeitschrift Fur Hals-, Nasen- Und Ohrenheilkunde ARCH OHREN NASEN KEHLKOPFHEILKD Archiv Fur Orthopadische Und Unfall-Chirurgie ARCH ORTHOP UNFALLCHIR Archiv Der Pharmazie ARCH PHARM (WEINHEIM) Archiv Der Pharmazie Und Berichte Der Deutschen Pharmazeutischen Gesellschaft ARCH PHARM BER DTSCH PHARM GES Archiv Fur Physikalische Therapie ARCH PHYS THER (LEIPZ) Archiv Fur Psychiatrie Und Nervenkrankheiten ARCH PSYCHIATR NERVENKR Archiv Fur Psychologie ARCH PSYCHOL (FRANKF) Archiv Fur Tierernahrung ARCH TIERERNAHR Archiv Fur Toxikologie ARCH TOXIKOL Archives D Anatomie Et De Cytologie Pathologiques

ARCH ANAT CYTOL PATHOL Archives D Anatomie, D Histologie Et D Embryologie ARCH ANAT HISTOL EMBRYOL Archives D Anatomie Microscopique Et De Morphologie Experimentale ARCH ANAT MICROSC MORPHOL EXP Archives D Anatomie Pathologique ARCH ANAT PATHOL (PARIS) Archives of Andrology ARCH ANDROL Archives Belges ARCH BELG Archives Belges De Dermatologie ARCH BELG DERMATOL Archives Belges De Dermatologie Et De Syphiligraphie ARCH BELG DERMATOL SYPHILIGR Archives Belges De Medecine Sociale, Hygiene, Medecine Du Travail Et Medecine Legale. Belgisch Archief Van Sociale Geneeskunde, Hygiene, Arbeidsgeneeskunde En Gerechtelijke Geneeskunde ARCH BELG MED SOC Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics ARCH BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Archives De Biologie ARCH BIOL (LIEGE) Archives of Dermatological Research ARCH DERMATOL RES Archives For Dermatological Research. Archiv Fur Dermatologische Forschung ARCH DERMATOL RES Archives of Dermatology ARCH DERMATOL Archives of Disease In Childhood ARCH DIS CHILD Archives of Disease In Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition ARCH DIS CHILD FETAL NEONATAL ED Archives of Emergency Medicine ARCH EMERG MED Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology ARCH ENVIRON CONTAM TOXICOL Archives of Environmental Health

ARCH ENVIRON HEALTH Archives of Family Medicine ARCH FAM MED Archives Francaises Des Maladies De L Appareil Digestif ARCH FR MAL APP DIG Archives Francaises De Pediatrie ARCH FR PEDIATR Archives of General Psychiatry ARCH GEN PSYCHIATRY Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics ARCH GERONTOL GERIATR Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Supplement ARCH GERONTOL GERIATR SUPPL Archives of Gynecology ARCH GYNECOL Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics ARCH GYNECOL OBSTET Archives of Histology and Cytology ARCH HISTOL CYTOL Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology ARCH INSECT BIOCHEM PHYSIOL Archives De L Institut Pasteur D Algerie ARCH INST PASTEUR ALGER Archives De L Institut Pasteur De Madagascar ARCH INST PASTEUR MADAGASCAR Archives De L Institut Pasteur De Tunis ARCH INST PASTEUR TUNIS Archives of Interamerican Rheumatology ARCH INTERAM RHEUMATOL Archives of Internal Medicine ARCH INTERN MED Archives Internationales De Pharmacodynamie Et De Therapie ARCH INT PHARMACODYN THER Archives Internationales De Physiologie Et De Biochimie ARCH INT PHYSIOL BIOCHIM Archives Internationales De Physiologie, De Biochimie Et De Biophysique ARCH INT PHYSIOL BIOCHIM BIOPHYS

Archives Italiennes De Biologie ARCH ITAL BIOL Archives Des Maladies De L Appareil Digestif Et Des Maladies De La Nutrition ARCH MAL APPAR DIG MAL NUTR Archives Des Maladies Du Coeur Et Des Vaisseaux ARCH MAL COEUR VAISS Archives Des Maladies Professionnelles De Medecine Du Travail Et De Securite Sociale ARCH MAL PROF Archives De Medecine Generale Et Tropicale ARCH MED GEN TROP Archives of Medical Research ARCH MED RES Archives Mediterraneennes De Medecine ARCH MEDITERR MED Archives of Microbiology ARCH MICROBIOL Archives of Neurology ARCH NEUROL Archives D Ophtalmologie ARCH OPHTALMOL (PARIS) Archives D Ophtalmologie Et Revue Generale D Ophtalmologie ARCH OPHTALMOL REV GEN OPHTALMOL Archives of Ophthalmology ARCH OPHTHALMOL Archives of Oral Biology ARCH ORAL BIOL Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery ARCH ORTHOP TRAUMA SURG Archives of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery ARCH ORTHOP TRAUMA SURG Archives of Otolaryngology ARCH OTOLARYNGOL Archives of Otolaryngology -- Head and Neck Surgery ARCH OTOLARYNGOL HEAD NECK SURG Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology ARCH OTORHINOLARYNGOL Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. Supplement

ARCH OTORHINOLARYNGOL SUPPL Archives of Pathology ARCH PATHOL Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine ARCH PATHOL LAB MED Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine ARCH PEDIATR ADOLESC MED Archives De Pediatrie ARCH PEDIATR Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ARCH PHYS MED REHABIL Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry ARCH PHYSIOL BIOCHEM Archives of Psychiatric Nursing ARCH PSYCHIATR NURS Archives Roumaines De Pathologie Experimentales Et De Microbiologie ARCH ROUM PATHOL EXP MICROBIOL Archives Des Sciences Physiologiques ARCH SCI PHYSIOL (PARIS) Archives of Sexual Behavior ARCH SEX BEHAV Archives of Surgery ARCH SURG Archives of Toxicology ARCH TOXICOL Archives of Toxicology. Supplement ARCH TOXICOL SUPPL Archives of Virology ARCH VIROL Archives of Virology. Supplementum ARCH VIROL SUPPL Archivii Italiani Di Laringologia ARCH ITAL LARINGOL Archivio Di Chirurgia Toracica E Cardiovascolare ARCH CHIR TORAC CARDIOVASC Archivio Di Fisiologia ARCH FISIOL

Archivio Italiano Di Anatomia E Di Embriologia ARCH ITAL ANAT EMBRIOL Archivio Italiano Di Anatomia E Istologia Patologica ARCH ITAL ANAT ISTOL PATOL Archivio Italiano Di Chirurgia ARCH ITAL CHIR Archivio Italiano Di Dermatologia, Venereologia, E Sessuologia ARCH ITAL DERMATOL VENEREOL SESSUOL Archivio Italiano Delle Malattie Dell Apparato Digerente ARCH ITAL MAL APPAR DIG Archivio Italiano Di Otologia, Rinologia E Laringologia ARCH ITAL OTOL RINOL LARINGOL Archivio Italiano Di Otologia, Rinologia, Laringologia E Patologia Cervico-Facciale ARCH ITAL OTOL RINOL LARINGOL PATOL CERVICOFACC Archivio Italiano Di Otologia, Rinologia, Laringologia E Patologia Cervico-Facciale. Supplemento ARCH ITAL OTOL RINOL LARINGOL PATOL CERVICOFACC SUPPL Archivio Italiano Di Otologia, Rinologia E Laringologia. Supplemento ARCH ITAL OTOL RINOL LARINGOL SUPPL Archivio Italiano Di Patologia E Clinica Dei Tumori ARCH ITAL PATOL CLIN TUMORI Archivio Italiano Di Pediatria E Puericoltura ARCH ITAL PEDIATR PUERIC Archivio Italiano Di Scienze Farmacologiche ARCH ITAL SCI FARMACOL Archivio Italiano Di Scienze Mediche Tropicali E Di Parassitologia ARCH ITAL SCI MED TROP PARASSITOL Archivio Italiano Di Urologia ARCH ITAL UROL Archivio Italiano Di Urologia, Andrologia ARCH ITAL UROL ANDROL Archivio Italiano Di Urologia E Nefrologia ARCH ITAL UROL NEFROL Archivio Italiano Di Urologia, Nefrologia, Andrologia ARCH ITAL UROL NEFROL ANDROL Archivio E Maragliano Di Patologia E Clinica ARCH MARAGLIANO PATOL CLIN Archivio Di Medicina Interna

ARCH MED INTERNA Archivio Monaldi Per Le Malattie Del Torace ARCH MONALDI MAL TORACE Archivio Monaldi Per La Tisiologia E Le Malattie Dell Apparato Respiratorio ARCH MONALDI Archivio Di Ortopedia ARCH ORTOP Archivio Di Ostetricia E Ginecologia ARCH OSTET GINECOL Archivio Di Patologia E Clinica Medica ARCH PATOL CLIN MED Archivio Di Psicologia, Neurologia E Psichiatria ARCH PSICOL NEUROL PSICHIATR Archivio Putti Di Chirurgia Degli Organi Di Movimento ARCH PUTTI CHIR ORGANI MOV Archivio Di Scienze Biologiche ARCH SCI BIOL (BOLOGNA) Archivio Per Le Scienze Mediche ARCH SCI MED (TORINO) Archivio Stomatologico ARCH STOMATOL (NAPOLI) Archivio Di Tisiologia E Delle Malattie Dell Apparato Respiratorio ARCH TISIOL MAL APPAR RESPIR Archivio De Vecchi Per L Anatomia Patologica E La Medicina Clinica ARCH DE VECCHI ANAT PATOL Archivio Veterinario Italiano ARCH VET ITAL Archivo Espanol De Morfologia ARCH ESP MORFOL Archivos Argentinos De Dermatologia ARCH ARGENT DERMATOL Archivos Argentinos De Pediatria ARCH ARGENT PEDIATR Archivos De Biologia Andina ARCH BIOL ANDINA Archivos De Biologia Y Medicina Experimentales ARCH BIOL MED EXP (SANTIAGO)

Archivos De Bronconeumologia ARCH BRONCONEUMOL Archivos Del Colegio Medico De El Salvador ARCH COL MED EL SALV Archivos De Enfermedades Del Corazon Y Vasos ARCH ENFERM CORAZ VASOS Archivos Espanoles De Urologia ARCH ESP UROL Archivos De Farmacologia Y Toxicologia ARCH FARMACOL TOXICOL Archivos De La Fundacion Roux-Ocefa ARCH FUND ROUX OCEFA Archivos De Histologia Normal Y Patologica ARCH HISTOL NORM PATOL Archivos Del Instituto De Biologia Andina ARCH INST BIOL ANDINA Archivos Del Instituto De Cardiologia De Mexico ARCH INST CARDIOL MEX Archivos Del Instituto De Farmacologia Experimental ARCH INST FARMACOL EXP (MADR) Archivos De Investigacion Medica ARCH INVEST MED (MEX) Archivos Latinoamericanos De Nutricion ARCH LATINOAM NUTR Archivos Medicos Panamenos ARCH MED PANAMENOS Archivos De Neurobiologia ARCH NEUROBIOL (MADR) Archivos De Odonto Estomatologia ARCH ODONTO ESTOMATOL Archivos De Oftalmologia De Buenos Aires ARCH OFTALMOL B AIRES Archivos De Pediatria Del Uruguay ARCH PEDIATR URUG Archivum Chirurgicum Neerlandicum ARCH CHIR NEERL Archivum Histologicum Japonicum. Nippon Soshikigaku Kiroku ARCH HISTOL JPN

Archivum Immunologiae Et Therapiae Experimentalis ARCH IMMUNOL THER EXP (WARSZ) Archivum Veterinarium Polonicum ARCH VET POL Archiwum Historii I Filozofii Medycyny ARCH HIST FILOZ MED Archiwum Historii Medycyny ARCH HIST MED (WARSZ) Arcispedale S. Anna Di Ferrara ARCISP S ANNA FERRARA Arctic Medical Research ARCTIC MED RES Arerugi. Japanese Journal of Allergology ARERUGI Arhiv Za Higijenu Rada I Toksikologiju ARH HIG RADA TOKSIKOL Arizona Dental Journal ARIZ DENT J Arizona Medicine ARIZ MED Arizona Nurse ARIZ NURSE Arkansas Dental Journal ARK DENT J Arkansas Dentistry ARK DENT Arkhiv Anatomii, Gistologii I Embriologii ARKH ANAT GISTOL EMBRIOL Arkhiv Patologii ARKH PATOL Ark-Light Newsletter ARK LIGHT NEWSL Arn Journal ARN J Arquivo; Orgao Da Sociedade Brasileira De Implantologia Bucal ARQUIVO Arquivo De Patologia

ARQ PATOL Arquivos Brasileiros De Cardiologia ARQ BRAS CARDIOL Arquivos Brasileiros De Endocrinologia E Metabologia ARQ BRAS ENDOCRINOL METABOL Arquivos Brasileiros De Medicina ARQ BRAS MED Arquivos Brasileiros De Oftalmologia ARQ BRAS OFTALMOL Arquivos Do Centro De Estudos, Curso De Odontologia Universidade Federal De Minas Gerais ARQ CENT ESTUD CURSO ODONTOL UNIV FED MINAS GERAIS Arquivos Do Centro De Estudos Da Faculdade De Odontologia Da U.F.M.G ARQ CENT ESTUD FAC ODONTOL UFMG (BELO HORIZ) Arquivos De Cirurgia Clinica E Experimental ARQ CIR CLIN EXP Arquivos Da Faculdade De Higiene E Saude Publica Da Universidade De Sao Paulo ARQ FAC HIG SAUDE PUBLICA UNIV SAO PAULO Arquivos De Gastroenterologia ARQ GASTROENTEROL Arquivos De Higiene E Saude Publica ARQ HIG SAUDE PUBLICA Arquivos Do Instituto Biologico ARQ INST BIOL (SAO PAULO) Arquivos De Neuro-Psiquiatria ARQ NEUROPSIQUIATR Ars Curandi Em Odontologia ARS CURANDI ODONTOL Arteriosclerosis ARTERIOSCLEROSIS Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis ARTERIOSCLER THROMB Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology ARTERIOSCLER THROMB VASC BIOL Artery ARTERY Arthritis Care and Research

ARTHRITIS CARE RES Arthritis and Rheumatism ARTHRITIS RHEUM Arthroscopy ARTHROSCOPY Articulator ARTICULATOR (SYD) Articulator ARTICULATOR (COLUMB) Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Immobilization Biotechnology ARTIF CELLS BLOOD SUBSTIT IMMOBIL BIOTECHNOL Artificial Intelligence In Medicine ARTIF INTELL MED Artificial Life ARTIF LIFE Artificial Limbs ARTIF LIMBS Artificial Organs ARTIF ORGANS Arukoru Kenkyu-to Yakubutsu Ison = Japanese Journal of Alcohol Studies and Drug Dependence ARUKORU KENKYUTO YAKUBUTSU ISON Arzneimittel-Forschung ARZNEIMITTELFORSCHUNG Arztliche Forschung ARZTL FORSCH Arztliche Jugendkunde ARZTL JUGENDKD Asa Newsletter ASA NEWSL Asaio Journal ASAIO J Asaio Transactions ASAIO TRANS Asda News ASDA NEWS Asdc Journal of Dentistry For Children ASDC J DENT CHILD

Asepsis ASEPSIS Asha ASHA Asha Monographs ASHA MONOGR Asha. Supplement ASHA SUPPL Asian Journal of Aesthetic Dentistry ASIAN J AESTHET DENT Asian Journal of Infectious Diseases ASIAN J INFECT DIS Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology ASIAN PAC J ALLERGY IMMUNOL Asia-Oceania Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ASIA OCEANIA J OBSTET GYNAECOL Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health ASIA PAC J PUBLIC HEALTH Asna Reporter ASNA REP Aspen Emphysema Conference ASPEN EMPHYSEMA CONF Aspens Advisor For Nurse Executives ASPENS ADVIS NURSE EXEC Assertive Nurse ASSERTIVE NURSE Assistive Technology ASSIST TECHNOL Association Management ASSOC MANAGE Association and Society Manager ASSOC SOC MANAGER Asthetische Medizin ASTHET MED (BERL) Astm Standardization News ASTM STAND NEWS Atencion Primaria

ATEN PRIMARIA Ateneo Parmense. Acta Bio-Medica ATENEO PARMENSE ACTA BIOMED Ateneo Parmense. Sezione I. Acta Bio-Medica ATENEO PARMENSE [1] Atherosclerosis ATHEROSCLEROSIS Atlas of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America ATLAS ORAL MAXILLOFAC SURG CLIN NORTH AM Atlas De Radiologie Clinique De La Presse Medicale ATLAS RADIOL CLIN PRESSE MED Atmospheric Environment ATMOS ENVIRON Atomic Energy Review AT ENERGY REV Atti Dell Accademia Dei Fisiocritici In Siena ATTI ACCAD FISIOCRIT SIENA Atti Della Accademia Dei Fisiocritici In Siena. Sezione Medico-Fisica ATTI ACCAD FISIOCRIT SIENA [MED FIS] Atti Della Accademia Medica Lombarda ATTI ACCAD MED LOMB Atti E Memorie Della Accademia Di Storia Dell Arte Sanitaria ATTI MEM ACCAD STOR ARTE SANIT Atti Della Societa Italiana Di Cardiologia ATTI SOC ITAL CARDIOL Attualita Dentale ATTUAL DENT Attualita Dentale ATTUAL DENT Attualita Di Ostetricia E Ginecologia ATTUAL OSTET GINECOL Auaa Journal AUAA J Audiology AUDIOLOGY Auris, Nasus, Larynx AURIS NASUS LARYNX

Australasian Annals of Medicine AUSTRALAS ANN MED Australasian Biotechnology AUSTRALAS BIOTECHNOL Australasian Journal of Dermatology AUSTRALAS J DERMATOL Australasian Nurses Journal AUSTRALAS NURSES J Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences In Medicine AUSTRALAS PHYS ENG SCI MED Australasian Radiology AUSTRALAS RADIOL Australian Begg Orthodontics Newsletter AUST BEGG ORTHOD NEWSL Australian Clinical Review AUST CLIN REV Australian Critical Care AUST CRIT CARE Australian Dental Journal AUST DENT J Australian Dental Practice AUST DENT PRACT Australian Family Physician AUST FAM PHYSICIAN Australian Health Review AUST HEALTH REV Australian Hospital AUST HOSP Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing AUST J ADV NURS Australian Journal of Biological Sciences AUST J BIOL SCI Australian Journal of Biotechnology AUST J BIOTECHNOL Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science AUST J EXP BIOL MED SCI Australian Journal of Ophthalmology AUST J OPHTHALMOL

Australian Journal of Public Health AUST J PUBLIC HEALTH Australian Journal of Science and Medicine In Sport AUST J SCI MED SPORT Australian Journal of Zoology AUST J ZOOL Australian Medical Record Journal AUST MED REC J Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine AUST N Z J MED Australian and New Zealand Journal of Mental Health Nursing AUST N Z J MENT HEALTH NURS Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology AUST N Z J OBSTET GYNAECOL Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Supplement AUST N Z J OBSTET GYNAECOL SUPPL Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology AUST N Z J OPHTHALMOL Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry AUST N Z J PSYCHIATRY Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health AUST N Z J PUBLIC HEALTH Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery AUST N Z J SURG Australian Nurses Journal AUST NURSES J Australian Nursing Journal AUST NURS J Australian Nursing Journal AUST NURS J Australian Orthodontic Journal AUST ORTHOD J Australian Paediatric Journal AUST PAEDIATR J Australian Prosthodontic Journal AUST PROSTHODONT J Australian Prosthodontic Society Bulletin

AUST PROSTHODONT SOC BULL Australian Society of Prosthodontists Bulletin AUST SOC PROSTHODONTISTS BULL Australian Veterinary Journal AUST VET J Autoimmunity AUTOIMMUNITY Auxiliaire AUXILIAIRE Avances En Odontoestomatologia AV ODONTOESTOMATOL Avances En Periodoncia AV PERIODONCIA Aviakosmicheskaia I Ekologicheskaia Meditsina AVIAKOSM EKOLOG MED Avian Diseases AVIAN DIS Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine AVIAT SPACE ENVIRON MED Awhonn Lifelines AWHONN LIFELINES Awhonn Voice AWHONN VOICE Awhonns Clinical Issues In Perinatal and Womens Health Nursing AWHONNS CLIN ISSUES PERINAT WOMENS HEALTH NURS Axone AXONE Bacteriologia, Virusologia, Parazitologia, Epidemiologia BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL Bacteriologia, Virusologia, Parazitologia, Epidemiologia BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL (BUCUR) Bacteriological Reviews BACTERIOL REV Baillieres Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism BAILLIERES CLIN ENDOCRINOL METAB Baillieres Clinical Gastroenterology BAILLIERES CLIN GASTROENTEROL

Baillieres Clinical Haematology BAILLIERES CLIN HAEMATOL Baillieres Clinical Neurology BAILLIERES CLIN NEUROL Baillieres Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology BAILLIERES CLIN OBSTET GYNAECOL Baillieres Clinical Rheumatology BAILLIERES CLIN RHEUMATOL Bangladesh Medical Research Council Bulletin BANGLADESH MED RES COUNC BULL Barbados Nursing Journal BARBADOS NURS J Barrons BARRONS Basal Facts BASAL FACTS Basic and Applied Histochemistry BASIC APPL HISTOCHEM Basic Life Sciences BASIC LIFE SCI Basic Research In Cardiology BASIC RES CARDIOL Baxter Health Policy Review

Baylor Dental Journal BAYLOR DENT J Baylor Nursing Educator BAYLOR NURS EDUC Bedside Nurse BEDSIDE NURSE Begg Journal of Orthodontic Theory and Treatment BEGG J ORTHOD THEORY TREAT Beginnings BEGINNINGS Behavior Genetics BEHAV GENET Behavior Modification BEHAV MODIF

Behavioral Biology BEHAV BIOL Behavioral and Brain Sciences BEHAV BRAIN SCI Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow BEHAV HEALTHC TOMORROW Behavioral Medicine BEHAV MED Behavioral and Neural Biology BEHAV NEURAL BIOL Behavioral Neuropsychiatry BEHAV NEUROPSYCHIATRY Behavioral Neuroscience BEHAV NEUROSCI Behavioral Science BEHAV SCI Behavioral Sciences and the Law BEHAV SCI LAW Behaviour BEHAVIOUR Behaviour Research and Therapy BEHAV RES THER Behavioural Brain Research BEHAV BRAIN RES Behavioural Pharmacology BEHAV PHARMACOL Behring Institute Mitteilungen BEHRING INST MITT Beitrage Zur Gerichtlichen Medizin BEITR GERICHTL MED Beitrage Zur Hygiene Und Epidemiologie BEITR HYG EPIDEMIOL Beitrage Zur Infusionstherapie BEITR INFUSIONSTHER Beitrage Zu Infusionstherapie Und Klinische Ernahrung BEITR INFUSIONTHER KLIN ERNAHR Beitrage Zur Infusionstherapie Und Transfusionsmedizin

BEITR INFUSIONSTHER TRANSFUSIONSMED Beitrage Zur Klinik Und Erforschung Der Tuberkulose Und Der Lungenkrankheiten BEITR KLIN ERFORSCH TUBERK LUNGENKR Beitrage Zur Klinischen Neurologie Und Psychiatrie BEITR KLIN NEUROL PSYCHIATR Beitrage Zur Krebsforschung BEITR KREBSFORSCH Beitrage Zur Neurochirurgie BEITR NEUROCHIR Beitrage Zur Orthopadie Und Traumatologie BEITR ORTHOP TRAUMATOL Beitrage Zur Pathologie BEITR PATHOL Beitrage Zur Pathologischen Anatomie Und Zur Allgemeinen Pathologie BEITR PATHOL ANAT Beitrage Zur Rheumatologie BEITR RHEUMATOL Beitrage Zur Sexualforschung BEITR SEXUALFORSCH Beitrage Zur Silikose-Forschung BEITR SILIKOSEFORSCH Beitrage Zur Silikoseforschung. Pneumokoniose BEITR SILIKOSEFORSCH PNEUMOKONIOSE Beitrage Zur Tropischen Landwirtschaft Und Veterinarmedizin BEITR TROP LANDWIRTSCH VETERINARMED Belgisch Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde BELG TIJDSCHR GENEESK Benders Health Care Law Monthly BENDERS HEALTH CARE LAW MON Benefits Quarterly BENEFITS Q Bericht Uber Die Zusammenkunft Der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft BER ZUSAMMENKUNFT DTSCH OPHTHALMOL GES Berichte Aus Der Bonner Universitatsklinik Und Poliklinik Fur Mund-, ZahnUnd Kieferkrankheiten BER BONN UNIV POLIKLIN MUND ZAHN KIEFERKR Berita Jururawat BERITA JURURAWAT

Berliner Und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift BERL MUNCH TIERARZTL WOCHENSCHR Berufs-Dermatosen BERUFSDERMATOSEN Best Practices and Benchmarking In Healthcare BEST PRACT BENCHMARKING HEALTHC Bests Review. Life/Health Insurance Edition BESTS REV LIFE HEALTH INSUR ED Beta BETA Bibliotek For Laeger BIBL LAEGER Bibliotheca Anatomica BIBL ANAT Bibliotheca Cardiologica BIBL CARDIOL Bibliotheca Gastroenterologica BIBL GASTROENTEROL Bibliotheca Gynaecologica BIBL GYNAECOL Bibliotheca Haematologica BIBL HAEMATOL Bibliotheca Microbiologica BIBL MICROBIOL Bibliotheca Nutritio Et Dieta BIBL NUTR DIETA Bibliotheca Ophthalmologica BIBL OPHTHALMOL Bibliotheca Paediatrica BIBL PAEDIATR Bibliotheca Psychiatrica BIBL PSYCHIATR Bibliotheca Psychiatrica Et Neurologica BIBL PSYCHIATR NEUROL Bibliotheca Radiologica BIBL RADIOL Bibliotheca Tuberculosea

BIBL TUBERC Biken Journal BIKEN J Bildgebung BILDGEBUNG Bilten Za Hematologiju I Transfuziju BILT HEMATOL TRANSFUZ Bilten Mednarodne Federacije Zobotehnikov = Bulletin of the International Federation of Dental Technicians. Bulletin De La Federation Internationale Prothesistes Dentaires. Bulletin Der Internationalen Foderation Der Zahntechniker BILT MEDNAR FED ZOB TEH Bilten Udruzenja Ortodonata Jugoslavije BILT UDRUZ ORTODONATA JUGOSL Bio/Medical Instrumentation BIOMED INSTRUM Bio/Technology BIOTECHNOLOGY (N Y) Biocell BIOCELL Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications BIOCHEM BIOPHYS RES COMMUN Biochemical Genetics BIOCHEM GENET Biochemical Journal BIOCHEM J Biochemical Medicine BIOCHEM MED Biochemical Medicine and Metabolic Biology BIOCHEM MED METAB BIOL Biochemical and Molecular Medicine BIOCHEM MOL MED Biochemical Pharmacology BIOCHEM PHARMACOL Biochemical Society Symposia BIOCHEM SOC SYMP Biochemical Society Transactions BIOCHEM SOC TRANS Biochemische Zeitschrift

BIOCHEM Z Biochemistry BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry BIOCHEMISTRY (MOSC) Biochemistry and Cell Biology BIOCHEM CELL BIOL Biochemistry and Experimental Biology BIOCHEM EXP BIOL Biochemistry International BIOCHEM INT Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International BIOCHEM MOL BIOL INT Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta BIOCHIM BIOPHYS ACTA Biochimie BIOCHIMIE Bioconjugate Chemistry BIOCONJUG CHEM Biodegradation BIODEGRADATION Biodynamica BIODYNAMICA Bioelectromagnetics BIOELECTROMAGNETICS Bioessays BIOESSAYS Bioethics Quarterly BIOETHICS Q Biofactors BIOFACTORS Biofeedback and Self Regulation BIOFEEDBACK SELF REGUL Biofizika BIOFIZIKA Bioinformatics BIOINFORMATICS

Bioinorganic Chemistry BIOINORG CHEM Biokhimiia BIOKHIMIIA Biologia BIOLOGIA (BRATISL) Biologia Neonatorum BIOL NEONAT Biologica BIOLOGICA (SANTIAGO) Biologica Latina BIOL LAT Biological Bulletin BIOL BULL Biological Chemistry BIOL CHEM Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler BIOL CHEM HOPPE SEYLER Biological Cybernetics BIOL CYBERN Biological Mass Spectrometry BIOL MASS SPECTROM Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin BIOL PHARM BULL Biological Psychiatry BIOL PSYCHIATRY Biological Psychology BIOL PSYCHOL Biological Research BIOL RES Biological Research In Pregnancy and Perinatology BIOL RES PREGNANCY PERINATOL Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society BIOL REV CAMB PHILOS SOC Biological Signals BIOL SIGNALS Biological Structures and Morphogenesis BIOL STRUCT MORPHOG

Biological Trace Element Research BIOL TRACE ELEM RES Biologicals BIOLOGICALS Biologie Et Gastro-Enterologie BIOL GASTROENTEROL (PARIS) Biologie Medicale BIOL MED (PARIS) Biologie Medicale BIOL MED (PARIS) Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation BIOL BLOOD MARROW TRANSPLANT Biology Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Ussr BIOL BULL ACAD SCI USSR Biology of the Cell BIOL CELL Biology of Metals BIOL MET Biology of the Neonate BIOL NEONATE Biology of Reproduction BIOL REPROD Biomaterials BIOMATERIALS Biomaterials, Artificial Cells, and Artificial Organs BIOMATER ARTIF CELLS ARTIF ORGANS Biomaterials, Artificial Cells, and Immobilization Biotechnology BIOMATER ARTIF CELLS IMMOBILIZATION BIOTECHNOL Biomaterials, Medical Devices and Artificial Organs BIOMATER MED DEVICES ARTIF ORGANS Biomedica Biochimica Acta BIOMED BIOCHIM ACTA Biomedical Chromatography BIOMED CHROMATOGR Biomedical Communications BIOMED COMMUN Biomedical Engineering

BIOMED ENG (NY) Bio-Medical Engineering BIOMED ENG Biomedical and Environmental Mass Spectrometry BIOMED ENVIRON MASS SPECTROM Biomedical and Environmental Sciences BIOMED ENVIRON SCI Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology BIOMED INSTRUM TECHNOL Biomedical Mass Spectrometry BIOMED MASS SPECTROM Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering BIOMED MATER ENG Biomedical Peptides, Proteins and Nucleic Acids BIOMED PEPT PROTEINS NUCLEIC ACIDS Biomedical Science BIOMED SCI Biomedical Science and Technology BIOMED SCI TECHNOL Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation BIOMED SCI INSTRUM Biomedicine BIOMEDICINE Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy BIOMED PHARMACOTHER Biomedizinische Technik BIOMED TECH (BERL) Biomembranes BIOMEMBRANES Biometals BIOMETALS Biometrics BIOMETRICS Biometrika BIOMETRIKA Biometrische Zeitschrift BIOM Z

Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry BIOORG MED CHEM Bioorganicheskaia Khimiia BIOORG KHIM Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition BIOPHARM DRUG DISPOS Biophysical Chemistry BIOPHYS CHEM Biophysical Journal BIOPHYS J Biophysics of Structure and Mechanism BIOPHYS STRUCT MECH Biophysik BIOPHYSIK Biopolymers BIOPOLYMERS Bioprocess Technology BIOPROCESS TECHNOL Biorheology BIORHEOLOGY Biorheology. Supplement BIORHEOLOGY SUPPL Bioscience BIOSCIENCE Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry BIOSCI BIOTECHNOL BIOCHEM Bioscience Reports BIOSCI REP Biosensors BIOSENSORS Biosensors and Bioelectronics BIOSENS BIOELECTRON Bioseparation BIOSEPARATION Biosystems BIOSYSTEMS Biotechnic and Histochemistry BIOTECH HISTOCHEM

Biotechniques BIOTECHNIQUES Biotechnology BIOTECHNOLOGY Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry BIOTECHNOL APPL BIOCHEM Biotechnology and Bioengineering BIOTECHNOL BIOENG Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium BIOTECHNOL BIOENG SYMP Biotechnology Focus BIOTECHNOL FOCUS Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews BIOTECHNOL GENET ENG REV Biotechnology Progress BIOTECHNOL PROG Biotechnology Therapeutics BIOTECHNOL THER Biotelemetry BIOTELEMETRY Biotelemetry and Patient Monitoring BIOTELEM PATIENT MONIT Biotherapy BIOTHERAPY Birth BIRTH Birth Defects Original Article Series BIRTH DEFECTS ORIG ARTIC SER Birth Gazette BIRTH GAZ Biuletyn Instytutu Medycyny Morskiej W Gdansku BIUL INST MED MORSK GDANSK Biulleten Eksperimentalnoi Biologii I Meditsiny BIULL EKSP BIOL MED Biulleten Vsesoiuznogo Kardiologicheskogo Nauchnogo Tsentra Amn Sssr BIULL VSESOIUZNOGO KARDIOL NAUCHN TSENTRA AMN SSSR Bjr Supplement

BJR SUPPL Blatter Fur Zahneilkunde BL ZAHNHEILKD Blood BLOOD Blood Cells BLOOD CELLS Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases BLOOD CELLS MOL DIS Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis BLOOD COAGUL FIBRINOLYSIS Blood Pressure BLOOD PRESS Blood Pressure. Supplement BLOOD PRESS SUPPL Blood Purification BLOOD PURIF Blood Reviews BLOOD REV Blood Vessels BLOOD VESSELS Blue Cross Association Research Series BLUE CROSS ASSOC RES SER Blut BLUT Blutalkohol BLUTALKOHOL Bmj (Clinical Research Ed.) BMJ Bmq; the Boston Medical Quarterly BMQ Bnwl Reports BNWL REP Boletim De Dentistica Operatoria BOL DENT OPER Boletim Da Divisao Nacional De Dermatologia Sanitaria BOL DIV NAC DERMATOL SANIT

Boletim Da Equipe De Odontologia Sanitaria BOL EQUIPE ODONTOL SANIT Boletim Da Faculdade De Farmacia E Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto BOL FAC FARM ODONTOL RIBEIRAO PRETO Boletim - Faculdade De Odontologia De Piracicaba BOL FAC ODONTOL PIRACICABA Boletim Do Instituto De Puericultura E Pediatria Martagao Gesteira BOL INST PUERIC MARTAGAO GESTEIRA Boletim De Materias Dentarios BOL MAT DENT Boletim Do Sanatorio Sao Lucas BOL SANAT SAO LUCAS Boletim Do Servico De Odontologia Sanitaria Da Secretaria Da Saude Do Rio Grande Do Sul BOL SERV ODONTOL SANIT (PORTO ALEGRE) Boletin De La Aaon BOL AAON Boletin - Asociacion Medica De Puerto Rico BOL ASOC MED P R Boletin De La Asociacion Venezolana De Enfermeras Profesionales BOL ASOC VENEZ ENFERM PROF Boletin Chileno De Parasitologia BOL CHIL PARASITOL Boletin Del Circulo Argentina De Odontologia BOL CIRC ARGENT ODONTOL Boletin / Colegio De Profesionales De La Enfermeria De Puerto Rico BOL COL PROF ENFERM P R Boletin Dental Uruguayo BOL DENT URUG Boletin De La Direccion General De Odontologia BOL DIR GEN ODONTOL (SANTA FE) Boletin De Estudios Medicos Y Biologicos BOL ESTUD MED BIOL Boletin De Informacion Dental BOL INF DENT (MADR) Boletin De Informacion - Ilustre Colegio Oficial De Odontologos Y Estomatologos 2 Region BOL INF COL ODONTOL ESTOMATOL (BARC)

Boletin Del Instituto De Estudios Medicos Y Biologicos Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico BOL INST ESTUD MED BIOL UNIV NAC AUTON MEX Boletin Medico Del Hospital Infantil De Mexico BOL MED HOSP INFANT MEX Boletin De Odontologia BOL ODONTOL (BOGOTA) Boletin Odontologico BOL ODONTOL (B AIRES) Boletin Odontologico Mexicano BOL ODONTOL MEX Boletin De La Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana BOL OFICINA SANIT PANAM Boletin De Protesis BOL PROTES Boletin De La Sociedad Dental De Guatemala BOL SOC DENT GUATEM Boletin De La Sociedad Estomatologica Argentina BOL SOC ESTOMATOL ARGENT Boletines Y Trabajos. Sociedad De Cirugia De Buenos Aires BOL TRAB SOC CIR B AIRES Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico BOLL CHIM FARM Bollettino D Informazioni Della Consociazione Nazionale Infermiere Professionali E Assistenti Sanitaire Visitatrici BOLL INF CONSOC NAZ (ROME) Bollettino Dell Istituto Sieroterapico Milanese BOLL IST SIEROTER MILAN Bollettino Delle Malattie Dell Orecchio, Della Gola, Del Naso BOLL MAL ORECCH GOLA NASO Bollettino Metallografico BOLL METALLOGR Bollettino D Oculistica BOLL OCUL Bollettino - Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale BOLL SOC ITAL BIOL SPER Bollettino Della Societa Italiana Di Cardiologia BOLL SOC ITAL CARDIOL

Bollettino - Societa Medico Chirurgica Cremona BOLL SOC MED CHIR CREMONA Bone BONE Bone Marrow Transplantation BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT Bone and Mineral BONE MINER Book Supplement to the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry BOOK SUPPL J CHILD PSYCHOL PSYCHIATR Bordeaux Chirurgical BORD CHIR Bordeaux Medical BORD MED Bordens Review of Nutrition Research BORDENS REV NUTR RES Brain BRAIN Brain, Behavior and Evolution BRAIN BEHAV EVOL Brain, Behavior, and Immunity BRAIN BEHAV IMMUN Brain and Cognition BRAIN COGN Brain and Development BRAIN DEV Brain Injury BRAIN INJ Brain and Language BRAIN LANG Brain Pathology BRAIN PATHOL Brain Research BRAIN RES Brain Research. Brain Research Reviews BRAIN RES BRAIN RES REV Brain Research Bulletin BRAIN RES BULL

Brain Research. Cognitive Brain Research BRAIN RES COGN BRAIN RES Brain Research. Developmental Brain Research BRAIN RES DEV BRAIN RES Brain Research. Molecular Brain Research BRAIN RES MOL BRAIN RES Brain Topography BRAIN TOPOGR Bratislavske Lekarske Listy BRATISL LEK LISTY Brazilian Dental Journal BRAZ DENT J Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research BRAZ J MED BIOL RES Breast Cancer Research and Treatment BREAST CANCER RES TREAT Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal BRISTOL MED CHIR J British Dental Journal BR DENT J British Dental Nurses Journal BR DENT NURS J British Dental Surgery Assistant BR DENT SURG ASSIST British Heart Journal BR HEART J British Journal of Addiction BR J ADDICT British Journal of Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs BR J ADDICT ALCOHOL OTHER DRUGS British Journal of Anaesthesia BR J ANAESTH British Journal of Audiology BR J AUDIOL British Journal of Audiology. Supplement BR J AUDIOL SUPPL British Journal of Biomedical Science

BR J BIOMED SCI British Journal of Cancer BR J CANCER British Journal of Cancer. Supplement BR J CANCER SUPPL British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology BR J CLIN PHARMACOL British Journal of Clinical Practice BR J CLIN PRACT British Journal of Clinical Practice. Symposium Supplement BR J CLIN PRACT SYMP SUPPL British Journal of Clinical Psychology BR J CLIN PSYCHOL British Journal of Dermatology BR J DERMATOL British Journal of Diseases of the Chest BR J DIS CHEST British Journal of Disorders of Communication BR J DISORD COMMUN British Journal of Educational Psychology BR J EDUC PSYCHOL British Journal of Experimental Pathology BR J EXP PATHOL British Journal of General Practice BR J GEN PRACT British Journal of Haematology BR J HAEMATOL British Journal of Hospital Medicine BR J HOSP MED British Journal of Industrial Medicine BR J IND MED British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology BR J MATH STAT PSYCHOL British Journal of Medical Education BR J MED EDUC British Journal of Medical Hypnotism BR J MED HYPN

British Journal of Medical Psychology BR J MED PSYCHOL British Journal of Neurosurgery BR J NEUROSURG British Journal of Nursing BR J NURS British Journal of Nutrition BR J NUTR British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology BR J OBSTET GYNAECOL British Journal of Ophthalmology BR J OPHTHALMOL British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery BR J ORAL MAXILLOFAC SURG British Journal of Oral Surgery BR J ORAL SURG British Journal of Orthodontics BR J ORTHOD British Journal of Pharmacology BR J PHARMACOL British Journal of Physiological Optics BR J PHYSIOL OPT British Journal of Plastic Surgery BR J PLAST SURG British Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine BR J PREV SOC MED British Journal of Psychiatry BR J PSYCHIATRY British Journal of Psychiatry. Supplement BR J PSYCHIATRY SUPPL British Journal of Psychology BR J PSYCHOL British Journal of Radiology BR J RADIOL British Journal of Radiology. Supplement BR J RADIOL SUPPL British Journal of Rheumatology BR J RHEUMATOL

British Journal of Sexual Medicine BR J SEX MED British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology BR J SOC CLIN PSYCHOL British Journal of Social Psychology BR J SOC PSYCHOL British Journal of Sociology BR J SOCIOL British Journal of Sports Medicine BR J SPORTS MED British Journal of Surgery BR J SURG British Journal of Theatre Nursing BR J THEATRE NURS British Journal of Urology BR J UROL British Journal of Venereal Diseases BR J VENER DIS British Medical Bulletin BR MED BULL British Medical Journal BR MED J British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Ed.) BR MED J (CLIN RES ED) British Poultry Science BR POULT SCI British Veterinary Journal BR VET J Bronches BRONCHES Broncho-Pneumologie BRONCHOPNEUMOLOGIE Brookhaven Symposia In Biology BROOKHAVEN SYMP BIOL Brookings Bulletin BROOKINGS BULL Brookings Review

BROOKINGS REV Bruns Beitrage Fur Klinischen Chirurgie BRUNS BEITR KLIN CHIR Bruxelles Medical BRUX MED Bscs Pamphlets BSCS PAM Btta Review BTTA REV Bucherei Des Augenarztes BUCH AUGENARZT Building Operating Management BUILD OPER MANAGE Building Systems Design BUILD SYST DES Bulletin De L Academie De Chirurgie Dentaire BULL ACAD CHIR DENT (PARIS) Bulletin De L Academie Dentaire BULL ACAD DENT (PARIS) Bulletin De L Academie Nationale De Chirurgie Dentaire BULL ACAD NATL CHIR DENT Bulletin De L Academie Nationale De Medecine BULL ACAD NATL MED Bulletin De L Academie Polonaise Des Sciences. Serie Des Sciences Biologiques BULL ACAD POL SCI BIOL Bulletin De L Academie Royale De Medecine De Belgique BULL ACAD R MED BELG Bulletin De L Academie Veterinaire De France BULL ACAD VET FR Bulletin of Academy of Dentistry For the Handicapped BULL ACAD DENT HANDICAP Bulletin of the Academy of General Dentistry BULL ACAD GEN DENT Bulletin of the Akron Dental Society BULL AKRON DENT SOC Bulletin - Alameda County Dental Society BULL ALAMEDA CTY DENT SOC

Bulletin of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law BULL AM ACAD PSYCHIATRY LAW Bulletin - American Association of Dental Editors BULL AM ASSOC DENT ED Bulletin / American Association For the History of Nursing BULL AM ASSOC HIST NURS Bulletin - American Association of Hospital Dentists BULL AM ASSOC HOSP DENT Bulletin of the American College of Nurse-Midwifery BULL AM COLL NURSE MIDWIFERY Bulletin of the American College of Nurse-Midwives BULL AM COLL NURSE MIDWIVES Bulletin of the American College of Physicians BULL AM COLL PHYSICIANS Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons BULL AM COLL SURG Bulletin - American Protestant Hospital Association BULL AM PROTESTANT HOSP ASSOC Bulletin of the American Society For Information Science BULL AM SOC INF SCI Bulletin of the Los Angeles Dental Society BULL LOS ANGELES DENT SOC Bulletin of the Los Angeles Neurological Societies BULL LOS ANGELES NEUROL SOC Bulletin of Animal Health and Production In Africa. Bulletin Des Sante Et Production Animales En Afrique BULL ANIM HEALTH PROD AFR Bulletin De L Association Des Anatomistes BULL ASSOC ANAT (NANCY) Bulletin De L Association Francaise Pour L Etude Du Cancer BULL ASSOC FR ETUD CANCER Bulletin / Atlantic-Cape May County Dental Society BULL ATL CAPE MAY CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of the Bergen County Dental Society BULL BERGEN CTY DENT SOC Bulletin Biologique De La France Et De La Belgique BULL BIOL FR BELG Bulletin of the Bronx County Dental Society

BULL BRONX CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine BULL CALCUTTA SCH TROP MED Bulletin Du Cancer BULL CANCER Bulletin Du Cancer. Radiotherapie BULL CANCER RADIOTHER Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan BULL CHEM SOC JPN Bulletin of the Chest Disease Research Institute, Kyoto University BULL CHEST DIS RES INST KYOTO UNIV Bulletin / Cincinnati Dental Society BULL CINCINNATI DENT SOC Bulletin of the Cincinnati Dental Society BULL CINCINNATI DENT SOC Bulletin of the Cleveland Dental Society BULL CLEVE DENT SOC Bulletin of Clinical Neurosciences BULL CLIN NEUROSCI Bulletin of the Contra Costa Dental Society BULL CONTRA COSTA DENT SOC Bulletin / Dayton Dental Society BULL DAYTON DENT SOC Bulletin of the Dental Guidance Council For Cerebral Palsy BULL DENT GUID COUNC CEREB PALSY Bulletin of the Eleventh District Dental Society BULL ELEVENTH DIST DENT SOC Bulletin of Endemic Diseases BULL ENDEM DIS (BAGHDAD) Bulletin of Entomological Research BULL ENTOMOL RES Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology BULL ENVIRON CONTAM TOXICOL Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa BULL EPIZOOT DIS AFR Bulletin - Essex County Dental Society BULL ESSEX CTY DENT SOC

Bulletin Europeen De Physiopathologie Respiratoire BULL EUR PHYSIOPATHOL RESPIR Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine BULL EXP BIOL MED Bulletin De La Federation Des Societes De Gynecologie Et D Obstetrique De Langue Francaise BULL FED SOC GYNECOL OBSTET LANG FR Bulletin of the Fifth District Dental Society BULL FIFTH DIST DENT SOC (FRESNO) Bulletin of the Fifth District Dental Society of the State of New York BULL FIFTH DIST DENT SOC STATE N Y Bulletin Du Groupement Europeen Pour La Recherche Scientifique En Stomatologie Et Odontologie BULL GROUP EUR RECH SCI STOMATOL ODONTOL Bulletin Du Groupement International Pour La Recherche Scientifique En Stomatologie BULL GROUP INT RECH SCI STOMATOL Bulletin Du Groupement International Pour La Recherche Scientifique En Stomatologie Et Odontologie BULL GROUP INT RECH SCI STOMATOL ODONTOL Bulletin of the History of Dentistry BULL HIST DENT Bulletin of the History of Medicine BULL HIST MED Bulletin / Hospital For Joint Diseases BULL HOSP JT DIS Bulletin of the Hospital For Joint Diseases BULL HOSP JOINT DIS Bulletin of the Hospital For Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute BULL HOSP JT DIS ORTHOP INST Bulletin of the Hudson County Dental Society BULL HUDSON CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of Hygiene BULL HYG (LOND) Bulletin of the Illinois Dental Hygienists Association BULL ILL DENT HYG ASSOC Bulletin Des Infirmieres Catholiques Du Canada BULL INFIRM CATHOL CAN Bulletin De L Institut National De La Sante Et De La Recherche Medicale BULL INST NATL SANTE RECH MED

Bulletin of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine In Gdynia BULL INST MARIT TROP MED GDYNIA Bulletin of the Institute For Medical Research, University of Madrid BULL INST MED RES UNIV MADR Bulletin of the International Union Against Tuberculosis BULL INT UNION TUBERC Bulletin of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease BULL INT UNION TUBERC LUNG DIS Bulletin of the Kanagawa Dental College BULL KANAGAWA DENT COLL Bulletin of the Massachusetts Nurses Association BULL MASS NURSES ASSOC Bulletin of Mathematical Biology BULL MATH BIOL Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics BULL MATH BIOPHYS Bulletin of the Medical Library Association BULL MED LIBR ASSOC Bulletin Et Memoires De L Academie Royale De Medecine De Belgique BULL MEM ACAD R MED BELG Bulletin Et Memoires De La Societe Des Chirurgiens De Paris BULL MEM SOC CHIR PARIS Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic BULL MENNINGER CLIN Bulletin Mensuel; Societe De Medecine Militaire Francaise BULL MENS SOC MED MIL FR Bulletin of the Michigan Dental Hygienists Association BULL MICH DENT HYG ASSOC Bulletin of the Michigan Dental Hygienists Association BULL MICH DENT HYG ASSOC Bulletin of the Michigan State Dental Hygienists Association BULL MICH STATE DENT HYG ASSOC Bulletin / Midtown Dental Society BULL MIDTOWN DENT SOC Bulletin / Monmouth-Ocean County Dental Society BULL MONMOUTH OCEAN CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of the Montgomery-Bucks Dental Society

BULL MONTG BUCKS DENT SOC Bulletin On Narcotics BULL NARC Bulletin; National Medical and Dental Association and National Advocates Society BULL NATL MED DENT ASSOC NATL ADVOCATES SOC Bulletin - National Tuberculosis Association BULL NATL TUBERC ASSOC Bulletin - National Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association BULL NATL TUBERC RESPIR DIS ASSOC Bulletin of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry BULL N J COLL MED DENT Bulletin of the New Jersey Society of Dentistry For Children BULL N J SOC DENT CHILD Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine BULL N Y ACAD MED Bulletin of the New York State Dental Society of Anesthesiology BULL N Y STATE DENT SOC ANESTHESIOL Bulletin of the New York State Society of Dentistry For Children BULL N Y STATE SOC DENT CHILD Bulletin of the Newark Dental Club BULL NEWARK DENT CLUB Bulletin of the Ninth District Dental Society BULL NINTH DIST DENT SOC Bulletin - Northern District Dental Society BULL NORTH DIST DENT SOC Bulletin - Nz Society of Periodontology BULL N Z SOC PERIODONTOL Bulletin De L Office International Des Epizooties BULL OFF INT EPIZOOT Bulletin Officiel; Conseil National; Ordre National Des Chirurgiens-Dentistes ORDRE NATL CHIR DENT CONS NATL BULL OFF Bulletin of the Ophthalmological Society of Egypt BULL OPHTHALMOL SOC EGYPT Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College BULL OSAKA MED COLL Bulletin of the Osaka Medical School BULL OSAKA MED SCH

Bulletin of the Osaka Medical School. Supplement BULL OSAKA MED SCH SUPPL Bulletin - Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists BULL PAC COAST SOC ORTHOD Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization BULL PAN AM HEALTH ORGAN Bulletin of the Parenteral Drug Association BULL PARENTER DRUG ASSOC Bulletin of the Passaic County Dental Society BULL PASSAIC CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Research Institute BULL PHARM RES INST Bulletin of the Philadelphia County Dental Society BULL PHILA CTY DENT SOC Bulletin De Physio-Pathologie Respiratoire BULL PHYSIOPATHOL RESPIR (NANCY) Bulletin of the Plainfield Dental Society BULL PLAINFIELD DENT SOC Bulletin of Polish Medical Science and History BULL POL MED SCI HIST Bulletin of Prosthetics Research BULL PROSTHET RES Bulletin On the Rheumatic Diseases BULL RHEUM DIS Bulletin - San Diego County Dental Society BULL SAN DIEGO CTY DENT SOC Bulletin - San Mateo County Dental Society BULL SAN MATEO CTY DENT SOC Bulletin Der Schweizerischen Akademie Der Medizinischen Wissenschaften BULL SCHWEIZ AKAD MED WISS Bulletin - Second District Dental Society BULL SECOND DIST DENT SOC Bulletin De La Societe Belge D Ophtalmologie BULL SOC BELGE OPHTALMOL Bulletin De La Societe De Chimie Biologique BULL SOC CHIM BIOL (PARIS) Bulletin De La Societe Chimique De France

BULL SOC CHIM FR Bulletin De La Societe Francaise De Dermatologie Et De Syphiligraphie BULL SOC FR DERMATOL SYPHILIGR Bulletin De La Societe Internationale De Chirurgie BULL SOC INT CHIR Bulletin De La Societe Medicale D Afrique Noire De Langue Francaise BULL SOC MED AFR NOIRE LANG FR Bulletin De La Societe De Pathologie Exotique BULL SOC PATHOL EXOT Bulletin De La Societe De Pathologie Exotique Et De Ses Filiales BULL SOC PATHOL EXOT FILIALES Bulletin De La Societe Royale Belge De Gynecologie Et D Obstetrique BULL SOC R BELGE GYNECOL OBSTET Bulletin De La Societe Des Sciences Medicales Du Grand-Duche De Luxembourg BULL SOC SCI MED GRAND DUCHE LUXEMB Bulletin Des Societes D Ophtalmologie De France BULL SOC OPHTALMOL FR Bulletin of the Suffolk County Dental Society BULL SUFFOLK CTY DENT SOC Bulletin - Tennessee Nurses Association BULL TENN NURSES ASSOC Bulletin of the Tenth District Dental Society of the State of New York BULL TENTH DIST DENT SOC (ROCKVILLE CENTRE) Bulletin - Texas Nurses Association BULL TEX NURSES ASSOC Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College BULL TOKYO DENT COLL Bulletin of Tokyo Medical and Dental University BULL TOKYO MED DENT UNIV Bulletin of the Toledo Dental Society BULL TOLEDO DENT SOC Bulletin On Training BULL TRAIN Bulletin of the Tri-County Dental Society BULL TRI CTY DENT SOC Bulletin of the Union County Dental Society BULL UNION CTY DENT SOC

Bulletin of the Valley Dental Society BULL VAL DENT SOC Bulletin of the World Health Organization BULL WORLD HEALTH ORGAN Bulletin of the 8th District Dental Society BULL EIGHTH DIST DENT SOC Bulletins Et Memoires De La Societe Francaise D Ophtalmologie BULL MEM SOC FR OPHTALMOL Bulletins Et Memoires De La Societe Medicale Des Hopitaux De Paris BULL MEM SOC MED HOP PARIS Bullettino Delle Scienze Mediche BULL SCI MED (BOLOGNA) Bur BUR Burns BURNS Burns, Including Thermal Injury BURNS INCL THERM INJ Business and Health BUS HEALTH Business Horizons BUS HORIZ Business Insurance BUS INSUR Business Week BUS WEEK Bzb; Bayerisches Zahnarzteblatt, Mit Mitteilungen D. Kassenzahnarztlichen Vereinigung Bayerns BZB BAYER ZAHNARZTEBL MITT KASSENZAHNARZTL VER BAYERNS

<META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Adobe PageMill 2.0 Mac"> <TITLE>Journals &amp; Abbreviations c-i</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" LINK="#1a7f23"> <P><BODY></P> <H2>Biomedical Journals: Full Name and Abbreviation Journals beginning with C thru I

This is a list of biomedical journals and their abbreviations. This was distilled from documents at the National Library of Medicine's web-site.

Ca: a Cancer Journal For Clinicians CA CANCER J CLIN Caduceus CADUCEUS Caementum CAEMENTUM Cahiers D Anesthesiologie CAH ANESTHESIOL Cahiers Du College De Medecine Des Hopitaux De Paris CAH COLL MED HOP PARIS Cahiers De Medecine CAH MED Cahiers Du Nursing CAH NURS Cahiers D Odonto-Stomatologie CAH ODONTOSTOMATOL TOURAINE Cahiers De Prothese CAH PROTHESE Cahiers De Sociologie Et De Demographie Medicales CAH SOCIOL DEMOGR MED Cal CAL Calcified Tissue International CALCIF TISSUE INT Calcified Tissue Research CALCIF TISSUE RES California Hospitals CALIF HOSP California Management Review CALIF MANAGE REV California Medicine CALIF MED California Nurse CALIF NURSE Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

CAMB Q HEALTHC ETHICS Cana CANA Canada Communicable Disease Report CAN COMMUN DIS REP Canada Diseases Weekly Report CAN DIS WKLY REP Canadas Mental Health CAN MENT HEALTH Canadian Anaesthetists Society Journal CAN ANAESTH SOC J Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal CAN ASSOC RADIOL J Canadian Bulletin of Cardiovascular Nursing CAN BULL CARDIOVASC NURS Canadian Cancer Conference CAN CANCER CONF Canadian Critical Care Nursing Journal CAN CRIT CARE NURS J Canadian Dental Hygienist CAN DENT HYG Canadian Doctor CAN DOCT Canadian Family Physician CAN FAM PHYSICIAN Canadian Forces Dental Services Bulletin CAN FORCES DENT SERV BULL Canadian Forces Dental Services Quarterly CAN FORCES DENT SERV Q Canadian Hospital CAN HOSP Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia CAN J ANAESTH Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology CAN J APPL PHYSIOL Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences. Journal Canadien Des Sciences Appliquees Au Sport CAN J APPL SPORT SCI

Canadian Journal of Biochemistry CAN J BIOCHEM Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology CAN J BIOCHEM CELL BIOL Canadian Journal of Cardiology CAN J CARDIOL Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing CAN J CARDIOVASC NURS Canadian Journal of Community Dentistry CAN J COMMUNITY DENT Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health CAN J COMMUN MENT HEALTH Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine CAN J COMP MED Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science CAN J COMP MED VET SCI Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology CAN J EXP PSYCHOL Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology CAN J GASTROENTEROL Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology CAN J GENET CYTOL Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy CAN J HOSP PHARM Canadian Journal of Infection Control CAN J INFECT CONTROL Canadian Journal of Medical Radiation Technology CAN J MED RADIAT TECHNOL Canadian Journal of Medical Technology CAN J MED TECHNOL Canadian Journal of Microbiology CAN J MICROBIOL Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences CAN J NEUROL SCI Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration CAN J NURS ADM Canadian Journal of Nursing Research

CAN J NURS RES Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy. Revue Canadienne D Ergotherapie CAN J OCCUP THER Canadian Journal of Oncology CAN J ONCOL Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology CAN J OPHTHALMOL Canadian Journal of Otolaryngology CAN J OTOLARYNGOL Canadian Journal of Otolaryngology. Supplement CAN J OTOLARYNGOL SUPPL Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology CAN J PHYSIOL PHARMACOL Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing CAN J PSYCHIATR NURS Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne De Psychiatrie CAN J PSYCHIATRY Canadian Journal of Psychology CAN J PSYCHOL Canadian Journal of Public Health. Revue Canadienne De Sante Publique CAN J PUBLIC HEALTH Canadian Journal of Radiography, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine CAN J RADIOGR RADIOTHER NUCL MED Canadian Journal of Sport Sciences CAN J SPORT SCI Canadian Journal of Surgery CAN J SURG Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research CAN J VET RES Canadian Journal of Zoology CAN J ZOOL Canadian Medical Association Journal CAN MED ASSOC J Canadian Nurse CAN NURSE Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal CAN ONCOL NURS J

Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal CAN OPER ROOM NURS J Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal CAN PHARM J Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal CAN PSYCHIATR ASSOC J Canadian Public Administration CAN PUBLIC ADM Canadian Veterinary Journal CAN VET J Cancer CANCER Cancer Biochemistry Biophysics CANCER BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Cancer Biotherapy CANCER BIOTHER Cancer Causes and Control CANCER CAUSES CONTROL Cancer Cells CANCER CELLS Cancer Chemotherapy and Biological Response Modifiers CANCER CHEMOTHER BIOL RESPONSE MODIF Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology CANCER CHEMOTHER PHARMACOL Cancer Chemotherapy Reports. Part 1 CANCER CHEMOTHER REP Cancer Chemotherapy Reports. Part 2 CANCER CHEMOTHER REP 2 Cancer Chemotherapy Reports. Part 3 CANCER CHEMOTHER REP 3 Cancer Clinical Trials CANCER CLIN TRIALS Cancer Communications CANCER COMMUN Cancer Detection and Prevention CANCER DETECT PREV Cancer Detection and Prevention. Supplement CANCER DETECT PREV SUPPL

Cancer Drug Delivery CANCER DRUG DELIV Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention CANCER EPIDEMIOL BIOMARKERS PREV Cancer Gene Therapy CANCER GENE THER Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics CANCER GENET CYTOGENET Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy CANCER IMMUNOL IMMUNOTHER Cancer Investigation CANCER INVEST Cancer Journal From Scientific American CANCER J SCI AM Cancer Letters CANCER LETT Cancer and Metastasis Reviews CANCER METASTASIS REV Cancer Metastasis Reviews CANCER METASTASIS REV Cancer Nursing CANCER NURS Cancer Practice CANCER PRACT Cancer Radiotherapie CANCER RADIOTHER Cancer Research CANCER RES Cancer Surveys CANCER SURV Cancer Treatment Reports CANCER TREAT REP Cancer Treatment and Research CANCER TREAT RES Cancer Treatment Reviews CANCER TREAT REV Cancro

CANCRO Cap Today CAP TODAY Capital Nursing CAP NURS Carbohydrate Research CARBOHYDR RES Carcinogenesis CARCINOGENESIS Carcinogenesis; a Comprehensive Survey CARCINOG COMPR SURV Cardiologia CARDIOLOGIA Cardiologia Pratica CARDIOL PRAT Cardiology CARDIOLOGY Cardiology Clinics CARDIOL CLIN Cardiology Management CARDIOL MANAGE Cardioscience CARDIOSCIENCE Cardiovascular Clinics CARDIOVASC CLIN Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy CARDIOVASC DRUGS THER Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology CARDIOVASC INTERVENT RADIOL Cardiovascular Nursing CARDIOVASC NURS Cardiovascular Radiology CARDIOVASC RADIOL Cardiovascular Research CARDIOVASC RES Cardiovascular Research Center Bulletin CARDIOVASC RES CENT BULL

Cardiovascular Surgery CARDIOVASC SURG Care Giver CARE GIVER Caridad, Ciencia Y Arte CARIDAD CIENC ARTE Caries Research CARIES RES Caring CARING Caritas CARITAS Carlsberg Research Communications CARLSBERG RES COMMUN Case Studies In Health Administration CASE STUD HEALTH ADM Casopis Lekaru Ceskych CAS LEK CESK Catering and Health CATER HEALTH Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis CATHET CARDIOVASC DIAGN Catholic Hospital CATHOL HOSP Catholic Nurse CATHOL NURSE Catholic Nurse CATHOL NURSE (WALLSEND) Ccq. Critical Care Quarterly CCQ Cda Journal CDA J Cdr (London: England Review) CDR (LOND ENGL REV) Cdr (London: England Weekly) CDR (LOND ENGL WKLY) Cds Review CDS REV

Cdt Digest CDT DIG Ce Focus CE FOCUS Cell CELL Cell Adhesion and Communication CELL ADHES COMMUN Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics CELL BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Cell Biochemistry and Function CELL BIOCHEM FUNCT Cell Biology International CELL BIOL INT Cell Biology International Reports CELL BIOL INT REP Cell Biology Reviews CELL BIOL REV Cell Biology and Toxicology CELL BIOL TOXICOL Cell Biophysics CELL BIOPHYS Cell Calcium CELL CALCIUM Cell Differentiation CELL DIFFER Cell Differentiation and Development CELL DIFFER DEV Cell Growth and Differentiation CELL GROWTH DIFFER Cell Motility CELL MOTIL Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton CELL MOTIL CYTOSKELETON Cell and Muscle Motility CELL MUSCLE MOTIL Cell Proliferation

CELL PROLIF Cell Regulation CELL REGUL Cell Research CELL RES Cell Stress and Chaperones CELL STRESS CHAPERONES Cell Structure and Function CELL STRUCT FUNCT Cell and Tissue Kinetics CELL TISSUE KINET Cell and Tissue Research CELL TISSUE RES Cell Transplantation CELL TRANSPLANT Cellular Immunology CELL IMMUNOL Cellular and Molecular Biology CELL MOL BIOL (NOISY-LE-GRAND) Cellular and Molecular Biology CELL MOL BIOL Cellular and Molecular Biology Research CELL MOL BIOL RES Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CELL MOL LIFE SCI Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology CELL MOL NEUROBIOL Cellular Signalling CELL SIGNAL Cellule CELLULE Centaurus CENTAURUS Central African Journal of Medicine CENT AFR J MED Central European Journal of Public Health CENT EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH

Central Nervous System Trauma CENT NERV SYST TRAUMA Centro De Estudios De Recursos Odontologicos Para El Nino CENT ESTUD RECUR ODONTOL NINO Cephalalgia CEPHALALGIA Cerebral Cortex CEREB CORTEX Cerebral Palsy Journal CEREB PALSY J Cerebral Palsy Review CEREB PALSY REV Cerebrovascular and Brain Metabolism Reviews CEREBROVASC BRAIN METAB REV Certified Dental Technician CERTIF DENT TECH Ces Odontologia CES ODONTOL Ceska a Slovenska Farmacie CESKA SLOV FARM Ceska a Slovenska Oftalmologie CESK SLOV OFTALMOL Ceska a Slovenska Psychiatrie CESKA SLOV PSYCHIATR Ceska Gynekologie CESKA GYNEKOL Ceska Stomatologie CESKA STOMATOL Ceskoslovenska Dermatologie CESK DERMATOL Ceskoslovenska Epidemiologie, Mikrobiologie, Imunologie CESK EPIDEMIOL MIKROBIOL IMUNOL Ceskoslovenska Farmacie CESK FARM Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie CESK FYSIOL Ceskoslovenska Gastroenterologie a Vyziva CESK GASTROENTEROL VYZ

Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie CESK GYNEKOL Ceskoslovenska Hygiena CESK HYG Ceskoslovenska Neurologie CESK NEUROL Ceskoslovenska Neurologie a Neurochirurgie CESK NEUROL NEUROCHIR Ceskoslovenska Oftalmologie CESK OFTALMOL Ceskoslovenska Otolaryngologie CESK OTOLARYNGOL Ceskoslovenska Patologie CESK PATOL Ceskoslovenska Pediatrie CESK PEDIATR Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie CESK PSYCHIATR Ceskoslovenska Radiologie CESK RADIOL Ceskoslovenska Stomatologie CESK STOMATOL Ceskoslovenske Zdravotnictvi CESK ZDRAV Cex Reports, Civil Effects Exercise CEX REP CIV EFF EXERC Ceylon Dental Journal CEYLON DENT J Ceylon Medical Journal CEYLON MED J Chac Review CHAC REV Chang Keng I Hsueh &para;Chang Gung Medical Journal&middot; CHANG KENG I HSUEH Change CHANGE Changing Times

CHANGING TIMES Chart CHART Chemical Dependencies CHEM DEPEND Chemical Immunology CHEM IMMUNOL Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin CHEM PHARM BULL (TOKYO) Chemical Research In Toxicology CHEM RES TOXICOL Chemical Reviews CHEM REV Chemical Senses CHEM SENSES Chemico-Biological Interactions CHEM BIOL INTERACT Chemioterapia CHEMIOTERAPIA Chemische Berichte CHEM BER Chemistry and Biology CHEM BIOL Chemistry In Britain CHEM BR Chemistry and Industry CHEM IND Chemistry and Physics of Lipids CHEM PHYS LIPIDS Chemosphere CHEMOSPHERE Chemotherapy CHEMOTHERAPY Chen Tzu Yen Chiu Acupuncture Research CHEN TZU YEN CHIU Chest CHEST

Chest Surgery Clinics of North America CHEST SURG CLIN N AM Chi Sheng Chung Hsueh Yu Chi Sheng Chung Ping Tsa Chih Journal of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases CHI SHENG CHUNG HSUEH YU CHI SHENG CHUNG PING TSA CHIH Chicago Medical School Quarterly CHIC MED SCH Q Chief Information Officer Journal CHIEF INF OFF J Chikwa Kijae Hakhoe Chi CHIKWA KIJAE HAKHOE CHI Child Abuse and Neglect CHILD ABUSE NEGL Child: Care, Health and Development CHILD CARE HEALTH DEV Child Development CHILD DEV Child Nephrology and Urology CHILD NEPHROL UROL Child Psychiatry and Human Development CHILD PSYCHIATRY HUM DEV Child Welfare CHILD WELFARE Children CHILDREN Children Today CHILD TODAY Childrens Health Care CHILD HEALTH CARE Childs Brain CHILDS BRAIN Childs Nervous System CHILDS NERV SYST Chinas Medicine CHINAS MED Chinese Journal of Biotechnology CHIN J BIOTECHNOL Chinese Journal of Physiology

CHIN J PHYSIOL Chinese Medical Journal CHIN MED J (ENGL) Chinese Medical Journal CHIN MED J Chinese Medical Sciences Journal CHIN MED SCI J Chirality CHIRALITY Chirurg CHIRURG Chirurgia CHIRURGIA (BUCUR) Chirurgia CHIRURGIA (BUCUR) Chirurgia Italiana CHIR ITAL Chirurgia Maxillofacialis Et Plastica CHIR MAXILLOFAC PLAST Chirurgia Narzadow Ruchu I Ortopedia Polska CHIR NARZADOW RUCHU ORTOP POL Chirurgia Degli Organi Di Movimento CHIR ORGANI MOV Chirurgia E Patologia Sperimentale CHIR PATOL SPER Chirurgie CHIRURGIE Chirurgie Pediatrique CHIR PEDIATR Chirurgien-Dentiste De France CHIR DENT FR Chirurgisches Forum Fur Experimentelle Und Klinische Forschung CHIR FORUM EXP KLIN FORSCH Choices In Respiratory Management CHOICES RESPIR MANAGE Chot Mai Het Kan Phayaban CHOT MAI HET KAN PHAYABAN

Christian Medical Dental Society Journal CHRIST MED DENT SOC J Christian Nurse CHRIST NURSE (MYSORE) Christian Nurse International CHRIST NURSE INT Chromatographic Reviews CHROMATOGR REV Chromosoma CHROMOSOMA Chromosome Research CHROMOSOME RES Chronic Diseases In Canada CHRONIC DIS CAN Chronicle CHRONICLE Chronobiologia CHRONOBIOLOGIA Chronobiology International CHRONOBIOL INT Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Modern Developments In Traditional Medicine CHUNG HSI I CHIEH HO TSA CHIH Chung Yao Tsai &para;Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials&middot; CHUNG YAO TSAI Chung Yao Tung Pao Bulletin of Chinese Materia Medica CHUNG YAO TUNG PAO Chung-Hua Cheng Hsing Shao Shang Wai Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Plastic Surgery and Burns] CHUNG HUA CHENG HSING SHAO SHANG WAI KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Chieh Ho Ho Hu Hsi Hsi Chi Ping Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases CHUNG HUA CHIEH HO HO HU HSI HSI CHI PING TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Chieh Ho Ho Hu Hsi Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases CHUNG HUA CHIEH HO HO HU HSI TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Chung Liu Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Oncology] CHUNG HUA CHUNG LIU TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Erh Pi Yen Hou Ko Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

CHUNG HUA ERH PI YEN HOU KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Fang She Hsueh Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Radiology CHUNG HUA FANG SHE HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Fu Chan Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology] CHUNG HUA FU CHAN KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Hsin Hsueh Kuan Ping Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Cardiology] CHUNG HUA HSIN HSUEH KUAN PING TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Hsueh Yeh Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;Chinese Journal of Hematology&middot; CHUNG HUA HSUEH YEH HSUEH TSA CHI Chung-Hua Hu Li Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Nursing CHUNG HUA HU LI TSA CHIH Chung-Hua I Hsueh Tsa Chih [Chinese Medical Journal] CHUNG HUA I HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua I Hsueh Tsa Chih [Chinese Medical Journal] CHUNG HUA I HSUEH TSA CHIH (TAIPEI) Chung-Hua Kou Chiang I Hsueh Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Stomatology CHUNG HUA KOU CHIANG HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Kou Chiang Ko Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Stomatology CHUNG HUA KOU CHIANG KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Liu Hsing Ping Hsueh Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Epidemiology CHUNG HUA LIU HSING PING HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Min Kuo Hsiao Erh Ko I Hsueh Hui Tsa Chih CHUNG HUA MIN KUO HSIAO ERH KO I HSUEH HUI TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Min Kuo Wei Sheng Wu Chi Mien I Hsueh Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology CHUNG HUA MIN KUO WEI SHENG WU CHI MIEN I HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Min Kuo Wei Sheng Wu Hsueh Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Microbiology CHUNG HUA MIN KUO WEI SHENG WU HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Nei Ko Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine CHUNG HUA NEI KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Ping Li Hsueh Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Pathology] CHUNG HUA PING LI HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Shen Ching Ching Shen Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry] CHUNG HUA SHEN CHING CHING SHEN KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Shih Yen Ho Lin Chuang Ping Tu Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;Chinese Journal of Experimental and Clinical Virology&middot; CHUNG HUA SHIH YEN HO LIN CHUANG PING TU HSUEH TSA CHIH

Chung-Hua Wai Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Surgery] CHUNG HUA WAI KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Ya I Hsueh Hui Tsa Chih [Chinese Dental Journal] CHUNG HUA YA I HSUEH HUI TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Yen Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology] CHUNG HUA YEN KO TSA CHIH Chung-Hua Yu Fang I Hsueh Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine] CHUNG HUA YU FANG I HSUEH TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo Chi Sheng Chung Hsueh Yu Chi Sheng Chung Ping Tsa Chih Chinese Journal of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases CHUNG KUO CHI SHENG CHUNG HSUEH YU CHI SHENG CHUNG PING TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih CHUNG KUO CHUNG HSI I CHIEH HO TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo Chung Yao Tsa Chih China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica CHUNG KUO CHUNG YAO TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo Hsiu Fu Chung Chien Wai Ko Tsa Chih &para;Chinesse Journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery&middot; CHUNG KUO HSIU FU CHUNG CHIEN WAI KO TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo I Hsueh Ko Hsueh Yuan Hsueh Pao Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae CHUNG KUO I HSUEH KO HSUEH YUAN HSUEH PAO Chung-Kuo I Liao Chi Hsieh Tsa Chih &para;Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation&middot; CHUNG KUO I LIAO CHI HSIEH TSA CHIH Chung-Kuo Yao Li Hsueh Pao [Acta Pharmacologica Sinica] CHUNG KUO YAO LI HSUEH PAO Chung-Kuo Ying Yung Sheng Li Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;Chinese Journal of Applied Physiology&middot; CHUNG KUO YING YUNG SHENG LI HSUEH TSA CHIH Ciba Foundation Study Group CIBA FOUND STUDY GROUP Ciba Foundation Symposium CIBA FOUND SYMP Ciciams Nouvelles CICIAMS NOUV Cincinnati Dental Society Bulletin CINCINNATI DENT SOC BULL Cincinnati Dental Society Bulletin CINCINNATI DENT SOC BULL Circulation CIRCULATION

Circulation Research CIRC RES Circulatory Shock CIRC SHOCK Circulatory Shock. Supplement CIRC SHOCK SUPPL Circulo Odontologico De San Martin Y Tres De Febrero CIRC ODONTOL SAN MARTIN TRES FEBR Cirugia Bucal CIR BUCAL Cirugia Y Cirujanos CIR CIR Cirugia, Ginecologia Y Urologia CIR GINECOL UROL Cirugia Pediatrica CIR PEDIATR Clao Journal CLAO J Cleft Palate Journal CLEFT PALATE J Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal CLEFT PALATE CRANIOFAC J Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine CLEVE CLIN J MED Cleveland Clinic Quarterly CLEVE CLIN Q Clinic Odontologia CLIN ODONTOL Clinica CLINICA Clinica Chimica Acta CLIN CHIM ACTA Clinica Europea CLIN EUR Clinica Ginecologica CLIN GINECOL Clinica Y Laboratorio

CLIN LAB Clinica Ortopedica CLIN ORTOP Clinica Ostetrica E Ginecologica CLIN OSTET GINECOL Clinica Otorinolaringoiatrica CLIN OTORINOLARINGOIATR Clinica Pediatrica CLIN PEDIATR (BOLOGNA) Clinica Terapeutica CLIN TER Clinical Allergy CLIN ALLERGY Clinical Anatomy CLIN ANAT Clinical Anesthesia CLIN ANESTH Clinical Autonomic Research CLIN AUTON RES Clinical Biochemistry CLIN BIOCHEM Clinical Bulletin CLIN BULL Clinical Cardiology CLIN CARDIOL Clinical Chemistry CLIN CHEM Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology CLIN DIAGN LAB IMMUNOL Clinical and Diagnostic Virology CLIN DIAGN VIROL Clinical Dysmorphology CLIN DYSMORPHOL Clinical Electroencephalography CLIN ELECTROENCEPHALOGR Clinical Endocrinology CLIN ENDOCRINOL (OXF)

Clinical Engineering CLIN ENG Clinical Engineering Information Service CLIN ENG INF SERV Clinical Engineering News CLIN ENG NEWS Clinical and Experimental Allergy CLIN EXP ALLERGY Clinical and Experimental Dermatology CLIN EXP DERMATOL Clinical and Experimental Dialysis and Apheresis CLIN EXP DIAL APHERESIS Clinical and Experimental Hypertension CLIN EXP HYPERTENS Clinical and Experimental Hypertension CLIN EXP HYPERTENS Clinical and Experimental Hypertension. Part a, Theory and Practice CLIN EXP HYPERTENS A Clinical and Experimental Hypertension. Part B, Hypertension In Pregnancy CLIN EXP HYPERTENS B Clinical and Experimental Immunology CLIN EXP IMMUNOL Clinical and Experimental Metastasis CLIN EXP METASTASIS Clinical and Experimental Neurology CLIN EXP NEUROL Clinical and Experimental Obstetrics and Gynecology CLIN EXP OBSTET GYNECOL Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology CLIN EXP PHARMACOL PHYSIOL Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. Supplement CLIN EXP PHARMACOL PHYSIOL SUPPL Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology CLIN EXP RHEUMATOL Clinical Genetics CLIN GENET Clinical Gerontologist CLIN GERONTOL

Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation CLIN HEMORHEOL MICROCIRC Clinical Imaging CLIN IMAGING Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology CLIN IMMUNOL IMMUNOPATHOL Clinical Immunology Reviews CLIN IMMUNOL REV Clinical Infectious Diseases CLIN INFECT DIS Clinical Intensive Care CLIN INTENSIVE CARE Clinical and Investigative Medicine. Medecine Clinique Et Experimentale CLIN INVEST MED Clinical Investigator CLIN INVESTIG Clinical Journal of Pain CLIN J PAIN Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine CLIN J SPORT MED Clinical and Laboratory Haematology CLIN LAB HAEMATOL Clinical Laboratory Management Review CLIN LAB MANAGE REV Clinical Laboratory Science CLIN LAB SCI Clinical Laser Monthly CLIN LASER MON Clinical Materials CLIN MATER Clinical Microbiology Reviews CLIN MICROBIOL REV Clinical Nephrology CLIN NEPHROL Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery CLIN NEUROL NEUROSURG Clinical Neuropathology

CLIN NEUROPATHOL Clinical Neuropharmacology CLIN NEUROPHARMACOL Clinical Neuroscience CLIN NEUROSCI Clinical Neurosurgery CLIN NEUROSURG Clinical Notes On Respiratory Diseases CLIN NOTES RESPIR DIS Clinical Nuclear Medicine CLIN NUCL MED Clinical Nurse Specialist CLIN NURSE SPEC Clinical Nursing Practice In Epilepsy CLIN NURS PRACT EPILEPSY Clinical Nursing Research CLIN NURS RES Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology CLIN OBSTET GYNECOL Clinical Oncology CLIN ONCOL Clinical Oncology (Royal College of Radiologists) CLIN ONCOL (R COLL RADIOL) Clinical Oral Implants Research CLIN ORAL IMPLANTS RES Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research CLIN ORTHOP Clinical Otolaryngology CLIN OTOLARYNGOL Clinical Pediatrics CLIN PEDIATR (PHILA) Clinical Performance and Quality Health Care CLIN PERFORM QUAL HEALTH CARE Clinical Pharmacokinetics CLIN PHARMACOKINET Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics CLIN PHARMACOL THER

Clinical Pharmacy CLIN PHARM Clinical Physics and Physiological Measurement CLIN PHYS PHYSIOL MEAS Clinical Physiology CLIN PHYSIOL Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry CLIN PHYSIOL BIOCHEM Clinical Practice Guideline. Quick Reference Guide For Clinicians CLIN PRACT GUIDEL QUICK REF GUIDE CLIN Clinical Preventive Dentistry CLIN PREV DENT Clinical Proceedings - Childrens Hospital of the District of Columbia CLIN PROC CHILD HOSP DIST COLUMBIA Clinical Psychology Review CLIN PSYCHOL REV Clinical Radiology CLIN RADIOL Clinical Rehabilitation CLIN REHABIL Clinical Reproduction and Fertility CLIN REPROD FERTIL Clinical Research CLIN RES Clinical Reviews In Allergy CLIN REV ALLERGY Clinical Reviews In Allergy and Immunology CLIN REV ALLERGY IMMUNOL Clinical Rheumatology CLIN RHEUMATOL Clinical Science CLIN SCI (COLCH) Clinical Science CLIN SCI Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine CLIN SCI MOL MED Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine. Supplement CLIN SCI MOL MED SUPPL

Clinical Symposia CLIN SYMP Clinical Therapeutics CLIN THER Clinical Toxicology CLIN TOXICOL Clinical Transplantation CLIN TRANSPLANT Clinical Transplants CLIN TRANSPL Clinical Trials Journal CLIN TRIALS J Clinical Trials and Meta-Analysis CLIN TRIALS METAANAL Clinics In Chest Medicine CLIN CHEST MED Clinics In Communication Disorders CLIN COMMUN DISORD Clinics In Dermatology CLIN DERMATOL Clinics In Diagnostic Ultrasound CLIN DIAGN ULTRASOUND Clinics In Endocrinology and Metabolism CLIN ENDOCRINOL METAB Clinics In Gastroenterology CLIN GASTROENTEROL Clinics In Geriatric Medicine CLIN GERIATR MED Clinics In Haematology CLIN HAEMATOL Clinics In Laboratory Medicine CLIN LAB MED Clinics In Obstetrics and Gynaecology CLIN OBSTET GYNAECOL Clinics In Perinatology CLIN PERINATOL Clinics In Plastic Surgery

CLIN PLAST SURG Clinics In Podiatric Medicine and Surgery CLIN PODIATR MED SURG Clinics In Podiatry CLIN PODIATRY Clinics In Rheumatic Diseases CLIN RHEUM DIS Clinics In Sports Medicine CLIN SPORTS MED Clinique CLINIQUE (PARIS) Clio Medica CLIO MED Cmaj CMAJ Cna Bulletin CNA BULL Coeur Et Medecine Interne COEUR MED INTERNE Cognition COGNITION Cognitive Psychology COGNIT PSYCHOL Cold Spring Harbor Symposia On Quantitative Biology COLD SPRING HARB SYMP QUANT BIOL Collagen and Related Research COLL RELAT RES Collected Works On Cardiopulmonary Disease COLL WORKS CARDIOPULM DIS College Review COLL REV Collegian COLLEGIAN Collegium Antropologicum COLL ANTROPOL Colorado Medicine COLO MED

Colorado Nurse COLO NURSE Colorado Nurse COLO NURSE Colorado Nurse Update COLO NURSE UPDATE Columbia Law Review COLUMBIA LAW REV Columbus Dental Society Bulletin COLUMBUS DENT SOC BULL Commitment COMMITMENT Common Factor COMMON FACTOR Communicable Disease Report. Cdr Review COMMUN DIS REP CDR REV Communicable Disease Report. Cdr Supplement COMMUN DIS REP CDR SUPPL Communicable Disease Report. Cdr Weekly COMMUN DIS REP CDR WKLY Communicable Diseases Intelligence COMMUN DIS INTELL Communicating Nursing Research COMMUN NURS RES Communications In Behavioral Biology. Part a: Original Articles COMMUN BEHAV BIOL Communications In Psychopharmacology COMMUN PSYCHOPHARMACOL Communique COMMUNIQUE Communique Newsletter COMMUN NEWSL Community Dental Health COMMUNITY DENT HEALTH Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology COMMUNITY DENT ORAL EPIDEMIOL Community Health COMMUNITY HEALTH (BRISTOL)

Community Health Studies COMMUNITY HEALTH STUD Community and Junior College Journal COMMUNITY JR COLL J Community Medicine COMMUNITY MED Community Mental Health Journal COMMUNITY MENT HEALTH J Community Mental Health Review COMMUNITY MENT HEALTH REV Community Nurse COMMUNITY NURSE Community Nursing COMMUNITY NURS Community Outlook COMMUNITY OUTLOOK Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. a: Comparative Physiology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL A Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. B: Comparative Biochemistry COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL B Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL BIOCHEM MOL BIOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C: Comparative Pharmacology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL C Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C: Comparative Pharmacology and Toxicology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL C Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Comparative Physiology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL COMP PHYSIOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part a, Physiology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL A PHYSIOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL B BIOCHEM MOL BIOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part C, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology

COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL C PHARMACOL TOXICOL ENDOCRINOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL PHARMACOL TOXICOL ENDOCRINOL Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Physiology COMP BIOCHEM PHYSIOL PHYSIOL Comparative and General Pharmacology COMP GEN PHARMACOL Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases COMP IMMUNOL MICROBIOL INFECT DIS Comparative Medicine East and West COMP MED EAST WEST Compendium COMPENDIUM Compendium of Continuing Education In Dentistry COMPEND CONTIN EDUC DENT Compendium of Continuing Education In Dentistry COMPEND CONTIN EDUC DENT Compendium. Supplement COMPEND SUPPL Compensation and Benefits Review COMPENS BENEFITS REV Compensation Review COMPENS REV Complement COMPLEMENT Complement and Inflammation COMPLEMENT INFLAMM Comprehensive Gerontology. Section a, Clinical and Laboratory Sciences COMPR GERONTOL [A] Comprehensive Gerontology. Section B, Behavioural, Social and Applied Sciences COMPR GERONTOL [B] Comprehensive Gerontology. Section C, Interdisciplinary Topics COMPR GERONTOL [C] Comprehensive Psychiatry COMPR PSYCHIATRY Comprehensive Therapy COMPR THER

Comptes Rendus De L Academie Des Sciences. Serie Iii, Sciences De La Vie C R ACAD SCI III Comptes Rendus De L Association Des Anatomistes C R ASSOC ANAT Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences C R HEBD SEANCES ACAD SCI Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences. D: Sciences Naturelles C R ACAD SCI HEBD SEANCES ACAD SCI D Comptes Rendus Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences. Serie D, Sciences Naturelles C R SEANCES ACAD SCI D Comptes Rendus Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences. Serie Iii, Sciences De La Vie C R SEANCES ACAD SCI III Comptes Rendus Des Seances De La Societe De Biologie Et De Ses Filiales C R SEANCES SOC BIOL FIL Comptes Rendus Des Travaux Du Laboratoire Carlsberg C R TRAV LAB CARLSBERG Computer Aided Surgery COMPUT AIDED SURG Computer Applications In the Biosciences COMPUT APPL BIOSCI Computer Methods and Programs In Biomedicine COMPUT METHODS PROGRAMS BIOMED Computer Programs In Biomedicine COMPUT PROGRAMS BIOMED Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics COMPUT MED IMAGING GRAPH Computerized Radiology COMPUT RADIOL Computerized Tomography COMPUT TOMOGR Computers In Biology and Medicine COMPUT BIOL MED Computers and Biomedical Research COMPUT BIOMED RES Computers and Chemistry COMPUT CHEM

Computers In Healthcare COMPUT HEALTHC Computers In Hospitals COMPUT HOSP Computers In Nursing COMPUT NURS Computertomographie COMPUTERTOMOGRAPHIE Concepts In Immunopathology CONCEPTS IMMUNOPATHOL Concern CONCERN Concern In Care of the Aging CONCERN CARE AGING Concours Medical CONCOURS MED Conditional Reflex COND REFLEX Conector CONECTOR Confederation of the Australian Critical Care Nurses Journal CONFED AUST CRIT CARE NURSES J Confinia Neurologica CONFIN NEUROL Confinia Psychiatrica CONFIN PSYCHIATR Confrontations Radio-Anatomo-Cliniques CONFRONT RADIO ANAT CLIN Congres International De Stomatologie CONGR INT STOMATOL Connecticut Dental Student Journal CONN DENT STUD J Connecticut Medicine CONN MED Connecticut Nursing News CONN NURS NEWS Connective Tissue Research

CONNECT TISSUE RES Consciousness and Cognition CONSCIOUS COGN Consensus Development Conference Summaries / National Institutes of Health CONSENS DEV CONF SUMM NATL INST HEALTH Consensus Statement CONSENS STATEMENT Consultant CONSULTANT Consulting-Specifying Engineer CONSULT SPECIF ENG Consumer Guide to Hospitals In New Jersey CONSUM GUIDE HOSP N J Consumer Health Perspectives CONSUM HEALTH PERSPECT Consumer Reports CONSUM REP Contact Dermatitis CONTACT DERMATITIS Contact and Intraocular Lens Medical Journal CONTACT INTRAOCUL LENS MED J Contact Point CONTACT POINT Contamination Control CONTAM CONTROL Contamination Control-Biomedical Environments CONTAM CONTROL BIOMED ENVIRON Contemporary Administrator CONTEMP ADM Contemporary Administrator For Long-Term Care CONTEMP ADM LONG TERM CARE Contemporary Anesthesia Practice CONTEMP ANESTH PRACT Contemporary Internal Medicine CONTEMP INTERN MED Contemporary Issues In Clinical Biochemistry CONTEMP ISSUES CLIN BIOCHEM

Contemporary Longterm Care CONTEMP LONGTERM CARE Contemporary Neurology Series CONTEMP NEUROL SER Contemporary Nurse CONTEMP NURSE Contemporary Orthopaedics CONTEMP ORTHOP Contemporary Pediatrics CONTEMP PEDIATR Contemporary Pharmacy Practice CONTEMP PHARM PRACT Contemporary Surgery CONTEMP SURG Contemporary Topics In Immunobiology CONTEMP TOP IMMUNOBIOL Contemporary Topics In Molecular Immunology CONTEMP TOP MOL IMMUNOL Contemporary Urology CONTEMP UROL Continuing Care CONTIN CARE Continuum CONTINUUM Continuum CONTINUUM (N Y) Contraception CONTRACEPTION Contraception, Fertilite, Sexualite CONTRACEPT FERTIL SEX Contraception, Fertilite, Sexualite CONTRACEPT FERTIL SEX (PARIS) Contract CONTRACT Contract Design CONTRACT DES Contract Healthcare CONTRACT HEALTHC

Contract Interiors CONTRACT INTER Contributions to Epidemiology and Biostatistics CONTRIB EPIDEMIOL BIOSTAT Contributions to Gynecology and Obstetrics CONTRIB GYNECOL OBSTET Contributions to Microbiology and Immunology CONTRIB MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Contributions to Nephrology CONTRIB NEPHROL Contributions to Primatology CONTRIB PRIMATOL Contributions to Sensory Physiology CONTRIB SENS PHYSIOL Controlled Clinical Trials CONTROL CLIN TRIALS Convulsive Therapy CONVULS THER Coo Reports COO REP Cooperador Dental COOP DENT (B AIRES) Cor Et Vasa COR VASA Cornea CORNEA Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly CORNELL HOTEL RESTAUR ADM Q Cornell Law Review CORNELL LAW REV Cornell Veterinarian CORNELL VET Coronary Artery Disease CORON ARTERY DIS Corporate Commentary CORP COMMENT Corps Medical

CORPS MED (ETTELBRUCK) Cortex CORTEX Cosmetologica COSMETOLOGICA Cost Containment COST CONTAINMENT Cost and Quality Quarterly Journal COST QUAL Q J Cranio CRANIO Cranio Clinics International CRANIO CLIN INT Crc Critical Reviews In Biochemistry CRC CRIT REV BIOCHEM Crc Critical Reviews In Bioengineering CRC CRIT REV BIOENG Crc Critical Reviews In Clinical Laboratory Sciences CRC CRIT REV CLIN LAB SCI Crc Critical Reviews In Clinical Neurobiology CRC CRIT REV CLIN NEUROBIOL Crc Critical Reviews In Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine CRC CRIT REV CLIN RADIOL NUCL MED Crc Critical Reviews In Diagnostic Imaging CRC CRIT REV DIAGN IMAGING Crc Critical Reviews In Food Science and Nutrition CRC CRIT REV FOOD SCI NUTR Crc Critical Reviews In Immunology CRC CRIT REV IMMUNOL Crc Critical Reviews In Microbiology CRC CRIT REV MICROBIOL Crc Critical Reviews In Radiological Sciences CRC CRIT REV RADIOL SCI Crc Critical Reviews In Toxicology CRC CRIT REV TOXICOL Creative Nursing CREAT NURS

Crisis CRISIS Critical Care Clinics CRIT CARE CLIN Critical Care Medicine CRIT CARE MED Critical Care Nurse CRIT CARE NURSE Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America CRIT CARE NURS CLIN NORTH AM Critical Care Nursing Quarterly CRIT CARE NURS Q Critical Care Update CRIT CARE UPDATE Critical Path Aids Project CRIT PATH AIDS PROJ Critical Reviews In Biochemistry and Molecular Biology CRIT REV BIOCHEM MOL BIOL Critical Reviews In Bioengineering CRIT REV BIOENG Critical Reviews In Biomedical Engineering CRIT REV BIOMED ENG Critical Reviews In Biotechnology CRIT REV BIOTECHNOL Critical Reviews In Clinical Laboratory Sciences CRIT REV CLIN LAB SCI Critical Reviews In Diagnostic Imaging CRIT REV DIAGN IMAGING Critical Reviews In Eukaryotic Gene Expression CRIT REV EUKARYOT GENE EXPR Critical Reviews In Food Science and Nutrition CRIT REV FOOD SCI NUTR Critical Reviews In Immunology CRIT REV IMMUNOL Critical Reviews In Medical Informatics CRIT REV MED INFORM Critical Reviews In Microbiology CRIT REV MICROBIOL

Critical Reviews In Neurobiology CRIT REV NEUROBIOL Critical Reviews In Oncogenesis CRIT REV ONCOG Critical Reviews In Oncology/Hematology CRIT REV ONCOL HEMATOL Critical Reviews In Oral Biology and Medicine CRIT REV ORAL BIOL MED Critical Reviews In Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems CRIT REV THER DRUG CARRIER SYST Critical Reviews In Toxicology CRIT REV TOXICOL Crna CRNA Cross-Reference CROSSREFERENCE Cross-Reference On Human Resources Management CROSSREF HUM RESOUR MANAGE Cryobiology CRYOBIOLOGY Cultural Diversity and Mental Health CULT DIVERS MENT HEALTH Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry CULT MED PSYCHIATRY Cuore E Circolazione CUORE CIRC Curationis CURATIONIS Current Biology CURR BIOL Current Clinical Topics In Infectious Diseases CURR CLIN TOP INFECT DIS Current Concepts In Hospital Pharmacy Management CURR CONCEPTS HOSP PHARM MANAGE Current Concepts In Nutrition CURR CONCEPTS NUTR Current Developments In Psychopharmacology

CURR DEV PSYCHOPHARMACOL Current Eye Research CURR EYE RES Current Genetics CURR GENET Current Medical Research and Opinion CURR MED RES OPIN Current Medicine and Drugs CURR MED DRUGS Current Microbiology CURR MICROBIOL Current Opinion In Biotechnology CURR OPIN BIOTECHNOL Current Opinion In Cardiology CURR OPIN CARDIOL Current Opinion In Cell Biology CURR OPIN CELL BIOL Current Opinion In Cosmetic Dentistry CURR OPIN COSMET DENT Current Opinion In Dentistry CURR OPIN DENT Current Opinion In General Surgery CURR OPIN GEN SURG Current Opinion In Genetics and Development CURR OPIN GENET DEV Current Opinion In Hematology CURR OPIN HEMATOL Current Opinion In Immunology CURR OPIN IMMUNOL Current Opinion In Lipidology CURR OPIN LIPIDOL Current Opinion In Nephrology and Hypertension CURR OPIN NEPHROL HYPERTENS Current Opinion In Neurobiology CURR OPIN NEUROBIOL Current Opinion In Neurology CURR OPIN NEUROL

Current Opinion In Neurology and Neurosurgery CURR OPIN NEUROL NEUROSURG Current Opinion In Obstetrics and Gynecology CURR OPIN OBSTET GYNECOL Current Opinion In Oncology CURR OPIN ONCOL Current Opinion In Ophthalmology CURR OPIN OPHTHALMOL Current Opinion In Pediatrics CURR OPIN PEDIATR Current Opinion In Periodontology CURR OPIN PERIODONTOL Current Opinion In Pulmonary Medicine CURR OPIN PULM MED Current Opinion In Radiology CURR OPIN RADIOL Current Opinion In Rheumatology CURR OPIN RHEUMATOL Current Opinion In Structural Biology CURR OPIN STRUCT BIOL Current Population Reports. Special Censuses. Series P-28 CURR POPUL REP [SPEC CENSUSES] Current Practice In Gerontological Nursing CURR PRACT GERONTOL NURS Current Practice In Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing CURR PRACT OBSTET GYNECOL NURS Current Practice In Orthopaedic Surgery CURR PRACT ORTHOP SURG Current Practice In Pediatric Nursing CURR PRACT PEDIATR NURS Current Problems In Cancer CURR PROBL CANCER Current Problems In Cardiology CURR PROBL CARDIOL Current Problems In Clinical Biochemistry CURR PROBL CLIN BIOCHEM Current Problems In Dermatology CURR PROBL DERMATOL

Current Problems In Diagnostic Radiology CURR PROBL DIAGN RADIOL Current Problems In Pediatrics CURR PROBL PEDIATR Current Problems In Surgery CURR PROBL SURG Current Psychiatric Therapies CURR PSYCHIATR THER Current Science CURR SCI Current Studies In Hematology and Blood Transfusion CURR STUD HEMATOL BLOOD TRANSFUS Current Surgery CURR SURG Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental CURR THER RES CLIN EXP Current Therapy In Endocrinology and Metabolism CURR THER ENDOCRINOL METAB Current Topics In Cellular Regulation CURR TOP CELL REGUL Current Topics In Comparative Pathobiology CURR TOP COMP PATHOBIOL Current Topics In Developmental Biology CURR TOP DEV BIOL Current Topics In Experimental Endocrinology CURR TOP EXP ENDOCRINOL Current Topics In Eye Research CURR TOP EYE RES Current Topics In Hematology CURR TOP HEMATOL Current Topics In Medical Mycology CURR TOP MED MYCOL Current Topics In Microbiology and Immunology CURR TOP MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Current Topics In Molecular Endocrinology CURR TOP MOL ENDOCRINOL Current Topics In Neuroendocrinology

CURR TOP NEUROENDOCRINOL Current Topics In Pathology CURR TOP PATHOL Current Topics In Radiation Research Quarterly CURR TOP RADIAT RES Q Currents In Alcoholism CURR ALCOHOL Currents In Modern Biology CURR MOD BIOL Cutis CUTIS Cvp CVP Cyto Paths CYTO PATHS Cytobiologie CYTOBIOLOGIE Cytobios CYTOBIOS Cytogenetics CYTOGENETICS Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics CYTOGENET CELL GENET Cytokine CYTOKINE Cytokine and Growth Factor Reviews CYTOKINE GROWTH FACTOR REV Cytokines CYTOKINES Cytokines, Cellular and Molecular Therapy CYTOKINES CELL MOL THER Cytokines and Molecular Therapy CYTOKINES MOL THER Cytologia CYTOLOGIA (TOKYO) Cytometry CYTOMETRY

Cytometry. Supplement CYTOMETRY SUPPL Cytopathology CYTOPATHOLOGY Cytotechnology CYTOTECHNOLOGY Czasopismo Stomatologiczne CZAS STOMATOL Czechoslovak Medicine CZECH MED Daedalus DAEDALUS Dakar Medical DAKAR MED Dalhousie Dental Journal DALHOUSIE DENT J Danish Medical Bulletin DAN MED BULL Dansk Tidsskrift For Farmaci DAN TIDSSKR FARM Dapim Refuiim DAPIM REFUIIM Ddm Journal DDM J Ddz. Das Deutsche Zahnarzteblatt DDZ De; Journal of Dental Engineering DE J DENT ENG Deans List DEANS LIST Deans Notes DEANS NOTES Death Education DEATH EDUC Death Studies DEATH STUD Decubitus DECUBITUS

Delaware Medical Journal DEL MED J Delaware Nurse DEL NURSE Dementia DEMENTIA Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders DEMENT GERIATR COGN DISORD Demography DEMOGRAPHY Dens DENS Dens DENS (CURITIBA) Dens Sapiens DENS SAPIENS Dent, Contemporary Dentistry DENT Dentago DENTAGO Dental Abstracts DENT ABSTR Dental Anaesthesia and Sedation DENT ANAESTH SEDAT Dental Angles DENT ANGLES Dental Assistant DENT ASSIST Dental Assistant DENT ASSIST Dental Assistant Journal DENT ASSIST J Dental Assisting DENT ASSIST (WACO TX) Dental Cadmos DENT CADMOS Dental Clinics of North America

DENT CLIN NORTH AM Dental Concepts DENT CONCEPTS Dental Delineator DENT DELIN Dental Dialogue DENT DIALOGUE Dental Dienst DENT DIENST Dental Digest DENT DIG Dental Dimensions DENT DIMENS Dental Discourse DENT DISCOURSE Dental Echo DENT ECHO (HEIDELB) Dental Economics DENT ECON Dental Health DENT HEALTH (LONDON) Dental Historian DENT HIST Dental Hygiene DENT HYG (CHIC) Dental Hygienist DENT HYG (SAN FRANC) Dental Images DENT IMAGES Dental Implantology Update DENT IMPLANTOL UPDATE Dental Journal. Journal Dentaire DENT J Dental Journal of Malaysia DENT J MALAYS Dental Journal of Malaysia and Singapore DENT J MALAYSIA SINGAPORE

Dental Journal of Zambia DENT J ZAMB Dental Lab Management Today DENT LAB MANAGE TODAY Dental Labor DENT LABOR (MUNCH) Dental Laboratorie Bladet DENT LAB BL Dental Laboratory Review DENT LAB REV Dental Magazine and Oral Topics DENT MAG ORAL TOP Dental Management DENT MANAGE Dental Materials DENT MATER Dental Materials Journal DENT MATER J Dental Mirror DENT MIRROR (QUEZON CITY) Dental Mirror DENT MIRROR (ATLANTA) Dental News DENT NEWS (LOND) Dental Office DENT OFF Dental Outlook DENT OUTLOOK Dental Practice DENT PRACT Dental Practice DENT PRACT (CINCINNATI) Dental Practice Management DENT PRACT MANAGE Dental Practitioner and Dental Record DENT PRACT DENT REC Dental Press DENT PRESS

Dental Radiography and Photography DENT RADIOGR PHOTOGR Dental School Quarterly / University of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio DENT SCH Q Dental Student DENT STUD Dental Survey DENT SURV Dental Team DENT TEAM Dental Teamwork DENT TEAMWORK Dental Technician DENT TECH Dental Therapeutics Newsletter DENT THER NEWSL Dental Update DENT UPDATE Dental World DENT WORLD Dentalhygienistnews DENTALHYGIENISTNEWS Dentalpractice DENTALPRACTICE Dental-Revue DENT REV Dentessence DENTESSENCE Dentist DENTIST Dentist News DENT NEWS Dentistry DENTISTRY (LOMA LINDA) Dentistry DENTISTRY

Dentistry In Japan DENT JPN (TOKYO) Dentistry Today DENT TODAY Dentisuto. Dentist DENTISUTO Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology DENTOMAXILLOFAC RADIOL Dento-Maxillo-Facial Radiology. Supplement DENTOMAXILLOFAC RADIOL SUPPL Dentoral DENTORAL (ISTANBUL) Dentoscope DENTOSCOPE Depression DEPRESSION Depression and Anxiety DEPRESS ANXIETY Dermatologia Internationalis DERMATOL INT Dermatologic Clinics DERMATOL CLIN Dermatologic Surgery DERMATOL SURG Dermatologica DERMATOLOGICA Dermatologische Monatsschrift DERMATOL MONATSSCHR Dermatologische Wochenschrift DERMATOL WOCHENSCHR Dermatology DERMATOLOGY Dermatology Nursing DERMATOL NURS Dermatology Online Journal DERMATOL ONLINE J Dermatosen In Beruf Und Umwelt. Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses DERM BERUF UMWELT

Desmos DESMOS Detroit Dental Bulletin DETROIT DENT BULL Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung DTSCH APOTH ZTG Deutsche Gesundheitswesen DTSCH GESUNDHEITSW Deutsche Krankenpflegezeitschrift DTSCH KRANKENPFLEGEZ Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift DTSCH MED WOCHENSCHR Deutsche Schwesternzeitung DTSCH SCHWESTERNZTG Deutsche Stomatologie DTSCH STOMATOL Deutsche Stomatologie DTSCH STOMATOL Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift DTSCH TIERARZTL WOCHENSCHR Deutsche Zahn-, Mund-, Und Kieferheilkunde Mit Zentralblatt DTSCH ZAHN MUND KIEFERHEILKD ZENTRALBL Deutsche Zahn-, Mund- Und Kieferheilkunde Mit Zentralblatt Fur Die Gesamte Zahn-, Mund- Und Kieferheilkunde DTSCH ZAHN MUND KIEFERHEILKD ZENTRALBL GESAMTE Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift DTSCH ZAHNARZTL Z Deutsche Zeitschrift Fur Die Gesamte Gerichtliche Medizin DTSCH Z GESAMTE GERICHTL MED Deutsche Zeitschrift Fur Mund-, Kiefer-, Und Gesichts-Chirurgie DTSCH Z MUND KIEFER GESICHTSCHIR Deutsche Zeitschrift Fur Nervenheilkunde DTSCH Z NERVENHEILKD Deutsche Zeitschrift Fur Verdauungs- Und Stoffwechselkrankheiten DTSCH Z VERDAU STOFFWECHSELKR Deutsches Archiv Fur Klinische Medizin DTSCH ARCH KLIN MED

Deutsches Medizinisches Journal DTSCH MED J Deutsches Zentralblatt Fur Krankenpflege DTSCH ZENTRALBL KRANKENPFL Development DEVELOPMENT Development Growth and Differentiation DEV GROWTH DIFFER Development and Psychopathology DEV PSYCHOPATHOL Development. Supplement DEV SUPPL Developmental Biology DEV BIOL (N Y 1985) Developmental Biology DEV BIOL Developmental and Comparative Immunology DEV COMP IMMUNOL Developmental Dynamics DEV DYN Developmental Genetics DEV GENET Developmental Immunology DEV IMMUNOL Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology DEV MED CHILD NEUROL Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. Supplement DEV MED CHILD NEUROL SUPPL Developmental Neuroscience DEV NEUROSCI Developmental Pharmacology and Therapeutics DEV PHARMACOL THER Developmental Psychobiology DEV PSYCHOBIOL Developmental Psychology DEV PSYCHOL Developments In Biological Standardization DEV BIOL STAND

Developments In Health Economics and Public Policy DEV HEALTH ECON PUBLIC POLICY Developments In Ophthalmology DEV OPHTHALMOL Developments In Toxicology and Environmental Science DEV TOXICOL ENVIRON SCI Diabete DIABETE Diabete Et Metabolisme DIABETE METAB Diabetes DIABETES Diabetes Care DIABETES CARE Diabetes Educator DIABETES EDUC Diabetes and Metabolism DIABETES METAB Diabetes/Metabolism Reviews DIABETES METAB REV Diabetes Research DIABETES RES Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice DIABETES RES CLIN PRACT Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. Supplement DIABETES RES CLIN PRACT SUPPL Diabetic Medicine DIABET MED Diabetologia DIABETOLOGIA Diagnostic and Clinical Immunology DIAGN CLIN IMMUNOL Diagnostic Cytopathology DIAGN CYTOPATHOL Diagnostic Gynecology and Obstetrics DIAGN GYNECOL OBSTET Diagnostic Histopathology

DIAGN HISTOPATHOL Diagnostic Imaging DIAGN IMAGING Diagnostic Imaging DIAGN IMAGING (SAN FRANC) Diagnostic Imaging In Clinical Medicine DIAGN IMAGING CLIN MED Diagnostic Immunology DIAGN IMMUNOL Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease DIAGN MICROBIOL INFECT DIS Diagnostic Molecular Pathology DIAGN MOL PATHOL Dialog: Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry DIALOG FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON UNIV SCH DENT Diamond DIAMOND Diastema DIASTEMA Dicle University Tip Fakultesi Dergisitesi DICLE UNIV TIP FAKUL DERG Dicp DICP Differentiation DIFFERENTIATION Digestion DIGESTION Digestive Diseases DIG DIS Digestive Diseases and Sciences DIG DIS SCI Digitale Bilddiagnostik DIGITALE BILDDIAGN Dimensions DIMENSIONS (WASH) Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing DIMENS CRIT CARE NURS

Dimensions In Health Service DIMENS HEALTH SERV Dimensions In Oncology Nursing DIMENS ONCOL NURS Director DIRECTOR Directors and Boards DIR BOARDS Disability and Rehabilitation DISABIL REHABIL Disasters DISASTERS Discharge Planning Update DISCH PLANN UPDATE Discussions of the Faraday Society DISCUSS FARADAY SOC Disease Markers DIS MARKERS Disease-a-Month DIS MON Diseases of the Chest DIS CHEST Diseases of the Colon and Rectum DIS COLON RECTUM Diseases of the Esophagus DIS ESOPHAGUS Diseases of the Nervous System DIS NERV SYST Diskussionsforum Medizinische Ethik DISKUSSIONSFORUM MED ETHIK District Nursing DIST NURS Divulgacion Cultural Odontologica DIVULG CULT ODONTOL Dna DNA Dna and Cell Biology DNA CELL BIOL

Dna Research DNA RES Dna Sequence DNA SEQ Documenta Ophthalmologica DOC OPHTHALMOL Doklady Akademii Nauk DOKL AKAD NAUK Doklady Akademii Nauk Sssr DOKL AKAD NAUK SSSR Doklady Bolgarskoi Akademii Nauk DOKL BOLG AKAD NAUK Domestic Animal Endocrinology DOMEST ANIM ENDOCRINOL Downs Syndrome Research and Practice DOWNS SYNDR RES PRACT Dp; Dental Practice DENT PRACT (EWELL) Dp Reports DP REP Drg Monitor DRG MONIT Drug and Alcohol Dependence DRUG ALCOHOL DEPEND Drug and Chemical Toxicology DRUG CHEM TOXICOL Drug Design and Delivery DRUG DES DELIV Drug Design and Discovery DRUG DES DISCOV Drug Information Journal DRUG INF J Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy DRUG INTELL CLIN PHARM Drug Metabolism and Disposition DRUG METAB DISPOS Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions

DRUG METABOL DRUG INTERACT Drug Metabolism Reviews DRUG METAB REV Drug Safety DRUG SAF Drug Therapeutics DRUG THER Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin DRUG THER BULL Drug-Nutrient Interactions DRUG NUTR INTERACT Drugs DRUGS Drugs and Aging DRUGS AGING Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research DRUGS EXP CLIN RES Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift DTW DTSCH TIERARZTL WOCHENSCHR Duke Law Journal DUKE LAW J Duodecim DUODECIM Dysphagia DYSPHAGIA Ear and Hearing EAR HEAR Ear, Nose, and Throat Journal EAR NOSE THROAT J Early Human Development EARLY HUM DEV Early Pregnancy EARLY PREGNANCY East African Journal of Medical Research EAST AFR J MED RES East African Medical Journal EAST AFR MED J

Ebony EBONY Ebri Issue Brief EBRI ISSUE BRIEF Echocardiography ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY Ecology of Disease ECOL DIS Economic Inquiry ECON INQ Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety ECOTOXICOL ENVIRON SAF Ed Management ED MANAG Edinburgh Dental Hospital Gazette EDINB DENT HOSP GAZ Eds Magazine EDS MAG Educacion Dental EDUC DENT (ICA) Educacion Medica Y Salud EDUC MED SALUD Educational Administration Quarterly EDUC ADM Q Educational Directions For Dental Auxiliaries EDUC DIR DENT AUX Educational Directions In Dental Hygiene EDUC DIR DENT HYG Educational and Industrial Television EDUC IND TELEV Eeg-Emg Zeitschrift Fur Elektroenzephalographie, Elektromyographie Und Verwandte Gebiete EEG EMG Z ELEKTROENZEPHALOGR ELEKTROMYOGR VERWANDTE GEB Effective Health Care EFF HEALTH CARE Egyptian Dental Journal EGYPT DENT J Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis

EGYPT J BILHARZ Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry EGYPT J PSYCHIATRY Eicosanoids EICOSANOIDS Eisei Shikenjo Hokoku. Bulletin of National Institute of Hygienic Sciences EISEI SHIKENJO HOKOKU E-Itv EITV Ekologiia EKOLOGIIA Eksperimentalna Meditsina I Morfologiia EKSP MED MORFOL Eksperimentalnaia Khirurgiia I Anesteziologiia EKSP KHIR ANESTEZIOL Eksperimentalnaia I Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia EKSP KLIN FARMAKOL Eksperimentalnaia Onkologiia EKSP ONKOL Elderly Care ELDER CARE Electrodiagnostic Therapie ELECTRODIAGN THER Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology ELECTROENCEPHALOGR CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology. Supplement ELECTROENCEPHALOGR CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL SUPPL Electromyography ELECTROMYOGRAPHY Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology ELECTROMYOGR CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL Electron Microscopy Reviews ELECTRON MICROSC REV Electrophoresis ELECTROPHORESIS Elektromedizin, Biomedizin Und Technik ELEKTROMED BIOMED TECH

Embo Journal EMBO J Embryologia EMBRYOLOGIA (NAGOYA) Emergency EMERGENCY Emergency Department News EMERG DEP NEWS Emergency Health Services Quarterly EMERG HEALTH SERV Q Emergency Health Services Review EMERG HEALTH SERV REV Emergency Medical Services EMERG MED SERV Emergency Medicine EMERG MED Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America EMERG MED CLIN NORTH AM Emergency Nurse EMERG NURSE Emergency Planning Digest EMERG PLANN DIG Emerging Infectious Diseases EMERG INFECT DIS Emphasis; Nursing EMPHASIS NURS Employee Benefit Plan Review EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLAN REV Employee Benefits Journal EMPL BENEFITS J Employee Health and Fitness Newsletter EMPLOYEE HEALTH FITNESS NEWSL Employee Relations Law Journal EMPLOYEE RELAT LAW J Employment Relations Today EMPLOY RELAT TODAY Emt Journal EMT J

Encephale ENCEPHALE Endeavour ENDEAVOUR Endo ENDO Endocrine ENDOCRINE Endocrine Journal ENDOCR J Endocrine Regulations ENDOCR REGUL Endocrine Research ENDOCR RES Endocrine Research Communications ENDOCR RES COMMUN Endocrine Reviews ENDOCR REV Endocrinologia Experimentalis ENDOCRINOL EXP Endocrinologia Japonica ENDOCRINOL JPN Endocrinologia E Scienza Della Costituzione ENDOCRINOL SCI COST Endocrinologie ENDOCRINOLOGIE Endocrinology ENDOCRINOLOGY Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America ENDOCRINOL METAB CLIN NORTH AM Endodoncia ENDODONCIA Endodoncia ENDODONCIA (MEX) Endodontic Report ENDOD REP Endodontics and Dental Traumatology

ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL Endokrinologie ENDOKRINOLOGIE Endokrynologia Polska ENDOKRYNOL POL Endoscopic Surgery and Allied Technologies ENDOSC SURG ALLIED TECHNOL Endoscopy ENDOSCOPY Endoscopy Review ENDOSC REV Endothelium ENDOTHELIUM Enfermedades Infecciosas Y Microbiologia Clinica ENFERM INFECC MICROBIOL CLIN Enfermeria ENFERMERIA Enfermeria Intensiva ENFERM INTENSIVA Enfoque ENFOQUE Engineering In Medicine ENG MED Enlb. Emergency Nurse Legal Bulletin ENLB EMERG NURSE LEG BULL Eno Fo ENO FO Entechnology ENTECHNOLOGY Entomological News ENTOMOL NEWS Environmental Biology and Medicine ENVIRON BIOL MED Environmental Health Perspectives ENVIRON HEALTH PERSPECT Environmental Health Series. Radiological Health ENVIRON HEALTH SER [RADIOL HEALTH]

Environmental Letters ENVIRON LETT Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis ENVIRON MOL MUTAGEN Environmental Mutagenesis ENVIRON MUTAGEN Environmental Physiology and Biochemistry ENVIRON PHYSIOL BIOCHEM Environmental Quality and Safety ENVIRON QUAL SAF Environmental Quality and Safety. Supplement ENVIRON QUAL SAF SUPPL Environmental Research ENVIRON RES Enzyme ENZYME Enzyme and Microbial Technology ENZYME MICROB TECHNOL Enzyme and Protein ENZYME PROTEIN Enzymologia ENZYMOLOGIA Enzymologia Biologica Et Clinica ENZYMOL BIOL CLIN (BASEL) Epatologia EPATOLOGIA Epheta; Revista De Enfermeria Y Accion Social EPHETA Epidemiologia E Prevenzione EPIDEMIOL PREV Epidemiologia E Psichiatria Sociale EPIDEMIOL PSICHIATR SOC Epidemiologic Reviews EPIDEMIOL REV Epidemiological Bulletin EPIDEMIOL BULL Epidemiologie, Mikrobiologie, Imunologie EPIDEMIOL MIKROBIOL IMUNOL

Epidemiology EPIDEMIOLOGY Epidemiology and Community Health EPIDEMIOL COMMUNITY HEALTH Epidemiology and Infection EPIDEMIOL INFECT Epilepsia EPILEPSIA Epilepsy Research EPILEPSY RES Epilepsy Research. Supplement EPILEPSY RES SUPPL Epione EPIONE Epithelial Cell Biology EPITHELIAL CELL BIOL Equine Veterinary Journal EQUINE VET J Equine Veterinary Journal. Supplement EQUINE VET J SUPPL Ergebnisse Der Allgemeinen Pathologie Und Pathologischen Anatomie ERGEB ALLG PATHOL PATHOL ANAT Ergebnisse Der Anatomie Und Entwicklungsgeschichte ERGEB ANAT ENTWICKLUNGSGESCH Ergebnisse Der Chirurgie Und Orthopadie ERGEB CHIR ORTHOP Ergebnisse Der Inneren Medizin Und Kinderheilkunde ERGEB INN MED KINDERHEILKD Ergebnisse Der Mikrobiologie, Immunitatsforschung Und Experimentellen Therapie ERGEB MIKROBIOL IMMUNITATSFORSCH EXP THER Ergebnisse Der Physiologie, Biologischen Chemie Und Experimentellen Pharmakologie ERGEB PHYSIOL Ergonomics ERGONOMICS Esencia Odontologica ESENCIA ODONTOL Essays In Biochemistry

ESSAYS BIOCHEM Essays In Fundamental Immunology ESSAYS FUNDAM IMMUNOL Essays In Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology ESSAYS NEUROCHEM NEUROPHARMACOL Estodont Press ESTODONT PRESS Estomatologia ESTOMATOLOGIA Estomatologia E Cultura ESTOMATOL CULT Et Journal ET J Ethics In Science and Medicine ETHICS SCI MED Ethiopian Medical Journal ETHIOP MED J Ethnicity and Disease ETHN DIS Etudes Sur Les Soins Et Le Service Infirmier ETUD SOINS SERV INFIRM Eugenics Quarterly EUGEN Q Eugenics Review EUGEN REV Eugenics Society Symposia EUGEN SOC SYMP Euro Reports and Studies EURO REP STUD Europa Medica (Edicion Espanola) EUR MED (PARIS) European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology EUR ARCH OTORHINOLARYNGOL European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. Supplement EUR ARCH OTORHINOLARYNGOL SUPPL European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience EUR ARCH PSYCHIATRY CLIN NEUROSCI

European Archives of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences EUR ARCH PSYCHIATRY NEUROL SCI European Biophysics Journal EUR BIOPHYS J European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry EUR CHILD ADOLESC PSYCHIATRY European Cytokine Network EUR CYTOKINE NETW European Heart Journal EUR HEART J European Journal of Anaesthesiology EUR J ANAESTHESIOL European Journal of Anaesthesiology. Supplement EUR J ANAESTHESIOL SUPPL European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology EUR J APPL PHYSIOL European Journal of Basic and Applied Histochemistry EUR J BASIC APPL HISTOCHEM European Journal of Biochemistry EUR J BIOCHEM European Journal of Cancer EUR J CANCER European Journal of Cancer EUR J CANCER European Journal of Cancer Care (English Language Edition) EUR J CANCER CARE (ENGL) European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology EUR J CANCER CLIN ONCOL European Journal of Cancer. Part B, Oral Oncology EUR J CANCER B ORAL ONCOL European Journal of Cancer Prevention EUR J CANCER PREV European Journal of Cardiology EUR J CARDIOL European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery EUR J CARDIOTHORAC SURG European Journal of Cell Biology EUR J CELL BIOL

European Journal of Cell Biology. Supplement EUR J CELL BIOL SUPPL European Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry EUR J CLIN CHEM CLIN BIOCHEM European Journal of Clinical Investigation EUR J CLIN INVEST European Journal of Clinical Microbiology EUR J CLIN MICROBIOL European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases EUR J CLIN MICROBIOL INFECT DIS European Journal of Clinical Nutrition EUR J CLIN NUTR European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology EUR J CLIN PHARMACOL European Journal of Disorders of Communication EUR J DISORD COMMUN European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics EUR J DRUG METAB PHARMACOKINET European Journal of Emergency Medicine EUR J EMERG MED European Journal of Endocrinology EUR J ENDOCRINOL European Journal of Epidemiology EUR J EPIDEMIOL European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology EUR J GASTROENTEROL HEPATOL European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology EUR J GYNAECOL ONCOL European Journal of Haematology EUR J HAEMATOL European Journal of Haematology. Supplementum EUR J HAEMATOL SUPPL European Journal of Histochemistry EUR J HISTOCHEM European Journal of Human Genetics EUR J HUM GENET European Journal of Immunogenetics

EUR J IMMUNOGENET European Journal of Immunology EUR J IMMUNOL European Journal of Intensive Care Medicine EUR J INTENSIVE CARE MED European Journal of Medical Research EUR J MED RES European Journal of Medicine EUR J MED European Journal of Morphology EUR J MORPHOL European Journal of Neuroscience EUR J NEUROSCI European Journal of Nuclear Medicine EUR J NUCL MED European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology EUR J OBSTET GYNECOL REPROD BIOL European Journal of Ophthalmology EUR J OPHTHALMOL European Journal of Oral Sciences EUR J ORAL SCI European Journal of Orthodontics EUR J ORTHOD European Journal of Pediatric Surgery EUR J PEDIATR SURG European Journal of Pediatrics EUR J PEDIATR European Journal of Pharmacology EUR J PHARMACOL European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry EUR J PROSTHODONT RESTOR DENT European Journal of Radiology EUR J RADIOL European Journal of Respiratory Diseases EUR J RESPIR DIS European Journal of Respiratory Diseases. Supplement EUR J RESPIR DIS SUPPL

European Journal of Rheumatology and Inflammation EUR J RHEUMATOL INFLAMM European Journal of Surgery EUR J SURG European Journal of Surgery. Supplement EUR J SURG SUPPL European Journal of Surgical Oncology EUR J SURG ONCOL European Journal of Toxicology EUR J TOXICOL European Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Hygiene. Journal Europeen De Toxicologie EUR J TOXICOL ENVIRON HYG European Journal of Toxicology and Hygiene of Environment EUR J TOXICOL HYG ENVIRON European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery EUR J VASC ENDOVASC SURG European Journal of Vascular Surgery EUR J VASC SURG European Neurology EUR NEUROL European Neuropsychopharmacology EUR NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOL European Newsletter EUR NEWSL European Quality Assurance Network Newsletter EUR QUAL ASSUR NETW NEWSL European Radiology EUR RADIOL European Respiratory Journal EUR RESPIR J European Respiratory Journal. Supplement EUR RESPIR J SUPPL European Spine Journal EUR SPINE J European Surgical Research EUR SURG RES European Urology

EUR UROL Evaluation EVALUATION Evaluation and the Health Professions EVAL HEALTH PROF Evaluation and Program Planning EVAL PROGRAM PLANN Evolution Psychiatrique EVOL PSYCHIATR (PARIS) Evolutionary Computation EVOL COMPUT Exceptional Children EXCEPT CHILD Executive Housekeeper EXEC HOUSEKEEPER Executive Housekeeping Today EXEC HOUSEKEEP TODAY Exercise Immunology Review EXERC IMMUNOL REV Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews EXERC SPORT SCI REV Experientia EXPERIENTIA Experientia. Supplementum EXPERIENTIA SUPPL Experimental Aging Research EXP AGING RES Experimental Animals EXP ANIM Experimental and Applied Acarology EXP APPL ACAROL Experimental Biology EXP BIOL Experimental Biology and Medicine EXP BIOL MED Experimental Brain Research EXP BRAIN RES

Experimental Cell Biology EXP CELL BIOL Experimental Cell Research EXP CELL RES Experimental Cell Research. Supplement EXP CELL RES SUPPL Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology EXP CLIN ENDOCRINOL Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes EXP CLIN ENDOCRINOL DIABETES Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics EXP CLIN IMMUNOGENET Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology EXP CLIN PSYCHOPHARMACOL Experimental Dermatology EXP DERMATOL Experimental Embryology and Teratology EXP EMBRYOL TERATOL Experimental Eye Research EXP EYE RES Experimental Gerontology EXP GERONTOL Experimental Hematology EXP HEMATOL Experimental Lung Research EXP LUNG RES Experimental Medicine and Surgery EXP MED SURG Experimental and Molecular Pathology EXP MOL PATHOL Experimental and Molecular Pathology. Supplement EXP MOL PATHOL SUPPL Experimental Mycology EXP MYCOL Experimental Nephrology EXP NEPHROL Experimental Neurology EXP NEUROL

Experimental Neurology. Supplement EXP NEUROL SUPPL Experimental Parasitology EXP PARASITOL Experimental Pathology EXP PATHOL Experimental Pathology. Supplement EXP PATHOL SUPPL Experimental Physiology EXP PHYSIOL Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology EXP TOXICOL PATHOL Experimentelle Medizin, Pathologie Und Klinik EXP MED PATHOL KLIN Experimentelle Pathologie EXP PATHOL (JENA) Explorer EXPLORER (HAYWARD) Explorer (Kansas City) EXPLORER (KANSAS CITY) Exposes Annuels De Biochimie Medicale EXPOS ANNU BIOCHIM MED Exs EXS Eye EYE Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Monthly EYE EAR NOSE THROAT MON Fa I Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;Journal of Forensic Medicine&middot; FA I HSUEH TSA CHIH Facial Orthopedics and Temporomandibular Arthrology FACIAL ORTHOP TEMPOROMANDIBULAR ARTHROL Facial Plastic Surgery FACIAL PLAST SURG Factor Odontologico FACTOR ODONTOL Fag Tidsskriftet Sykepleien

FAG TIDSSKR SYKEPLEIEN Family and Community Health FAM COMMUNITY HEALTH Family Health FAM HEALTH Family Medicine FAM MED Family Planning FAM PLANN Family Planning Perspectives FAM PLANN PERSPECT Family Practice FAM PRACT Family Practice Research Journal FAM PRACT RES J Family Process FAM PROCESS Fao Food and Nutrition Paper FAO FOOD NUTR PAP Fao Food and Nutrition Series FAO FOOD NUTR SER Fao Nutrition Meetings Report Series FAO NUTR MEET REP SER Fao Nutritional Studies FAO NUTR STUD Faraday Discussions FARADAY DISCUSS Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society FARADAY DISCUSS CHEM SOC Farmaco FARMACO Farmaco. Edizione Pratica FARMACO [PRAT] Farmaco. Edizione Scientifica FARMACO [SCI] Farmacognosia; Anales Del Instituto Jose Celestino Mutis FARMACOGNOSIA

Farmakologiia I Toksikologiia FARMAKOL TOKSIKOL Farmatsevtychnyi Zhurnal FARM ZH Farmatsiia FARMATSIIA Faseb Journal FASEB J Fasett FASETT Fauchard FAUCHARD Faulkner and Grays Medicine and Health FAULKNER GRAYS MED HEALTH Fda Consumer FDA CONSUM Fda Drug Bulletin FDA DRUG BULL Fda Medical Bulletin FDA MED BULL Fdi World FDI WORLD Febs Letters FEBS LETT Federal Register FED REGIST Federation Bulletin FED BULL Federation of Operative Dentistry FED OPER DENT Federation Proceedings FED PROC Federation Proceedings, Translation Supplement FED PROC TRANSL SUPPL Fegato FEGATO Feldsher I Akusherka FELDSHER AKUSH

Fems Immunology and Medical Microbiology FEMS IMMUNOL MED MICROBIOL Fems Microbiology Immunology FEMS MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Fems Microbiology Letters FEMS MICROBIOL LETT Fems Microbiology Reviews FEMS MICROBIOL REV Fertility and Sterility FERTIL STERIL Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy FETAL DIAGN THER Fetal Therapy FETAL THER Finska Lakaresallskapets Handlingar FIN LAKARESALLSK HANDL Fire Journal FIRE J Fire Technology FIRE TECHNOL Fission Product Inhalation Project FISSION PROD INHAL PROJ Fiziologia Normala Si Patologica FIZIOL NORM PATOL Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal FIZIOL ZH Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I. M. Sechenova FIZIOL ZH IM I M SECHENOVA Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Sssr Imeni I. M. Sechenova FIZIOL ZH SSSR IM I M SECHENOVA Fiziologiia Cheloveka FIZIOL CHELOVEKA Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal FIZIOL ZH Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal FIZIOL ZH Flash-Informations

FLASH INF Florida Dental Journal FLA DENT J Florida Nurse FLA NURSE Fluxio FLUXIO Fnib Info FNIB INFO Fnib; Organe De La Federation Nationale Des Infirmier(E)S Belges FNIB Fo. Facultad De Odontologia FO Focus FOCUS Focus On Aacn FOCUS AACN Focus On Critical Care FOCUS CRIT CARE Focus On Ohio Dentistry FOCUS OHIO DENT Fogorvosi Szemle FOGORV SZ Folding and Design FOLD DES Folha Medica FOLHA MED Folia Allergologica FOLIA ALLERGOL (ROMA) Folia Biologica FOLIA BIOL (PRAHA) Folia Biologica FOLIA BIOL (KRAKOW) Folia Cardiologica FOLIA CARDIOL Folia Clinica Internacional FOLIA CLIN INT (BARC)

Folia Endocrinologica FOLIA ENDOCRINOL Folia Haematologica. Internationales Magazin Fur Blutforschung FOLIA HAEMATOL (FRANKF) Folia Haematologica. Internationales Magazin Fur Klinische Und Morphologische Blutforschung FOLIA HAEMATOL INT MAG KLIN MORPHOL BLUTFORSCH Folia Hereditaria Et Pathologica FOLIA HERED PATHOL (MILANO) Folia Histochemica Et Cytobiologica FOLIA HISTOCHEM CYTOBIOL Folia Histochemica Et Cytochemica FOLIA HISTOCHEM CYTOCHEM (KRAKOW) Folia Medica FOLIA MED (PLOVDIV) Folia Medica FOLIA MED (NAPOLI) Folia Medica Cracoviensia FOLIA MED CRACOV Folia Medica Neerlandica FOLIA MED NEERL Folia Medica Neerlandica. Aditamenta ADDITAMENTA FOLIA MED NEERL Folia Microbiologica FOLIA MICROBIOL (PRAHA) Folia Morphologica FOLIA MORPHOL (PRAHA) Folia Morphologica FOLIA MORPHOL (WARSZ) Folia Neuropathologica FOLIA NEUROPATHOL Folia Parasitologica FOLIA PARASITOL (PRAHA) Folia Phoniatrica FOLIA PHONIATR (BASEL) Folia Phoniatrica Et Logopedica FOLIA PHONIATR LOGOP Folia Primatologica

FOLIA PRIMATOL (BASEL) Folia Psychiatrica Et Neurologica Japonica FOLIA PSYCHIATR NEUROL JPN Folia Veterinaria Latina FOLIA VET LAT Food Additives and Contaminants FOOD ADDIT CONTAM Food and Chemical Toxicology FOOD CHEM TOXICOL Food and Cosmetics Toxicology FOOD COSMET TOXICOL Food Management FOOD MANAGE Food and Nutrition FOOD NUTR (ROMA) Foot and Ankle FOOT ANKLE Foot and Ankle International FOOT ANKLE INT Forbes FORBES Fordham Law Review

Forensic Science FORENSIC SCI Forensic Science International FORENSIC SCI INT Formulary FORMULARY Fortnightly Review of the Chicago Dental Society FORTN REV CHIC DENT SOC Fortschritte Der Andrologie FORTSCHR ANDROL Fortschritte Der Arzneimittelforschung. Progress In Drug Research. Progres Des Recherches Pharmaceutiques FORTSCHR ARZNEIMITTELFORSCH Fortschritte Der Chemie Organischer Naturstoffe FORTSCHR CHEM ORG NATURST

Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Neuen Bildgebenden Verfahren. Erganzungsband FORTSCHR GEB RONTGENSTRAHLEN NEUEN BILDGEB VERFAHR ERGANZUNGSBD Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Nuklearmedizin FORTSCHR GEB RONTGENSTR NUKLEARMED Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Nuklearmedizin. Erganzungsband FORTSCHR GEB RONTGENSTRAHLEN NUKLEARMED ERGANZUNGSBD Fortschritte Der Geburtshilfe Und Gynakologie FORTSCHR GEBURTSHILFE GYNAKOL Fortschritte Der Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheil-Kunde FORTSCHR HALS NASEN OHRENHEILKD Fortschritte Der Immunitatsforschung FORTSCHR IMMUNITATSFORSCH Fortschritte Der Kiefer- Und Gesichts-Chirurgie FORTSCHR KIEFER GESICHTSCHIR Fortschritte Der Kieferorthopadie FORTSCHR KIEFERORTHOP Fortschritte Der Medizin FORTSCHR MED Fortschritte Der Medizin. Monographie FORTSCHR MED MONOGR Fortschritte Der Medizin. Supplement FORTSCHR MED SUPPL Fortschritte Der Neurologie, Psychiatrie Und Ihrer Grenzgebiete FORTSCHR NEUROL PSYCHIATR GRENZGEB Fortschritte Der Neurologie-Psychiatrie FORTSCHR NEUROL PSYCHIATR Fortschritte Der Ophthalmologie FORTSCHR OPHTHALMOL Fortschritte In Der Tierphysiologie Und Tierernahrung FORTSCHR TIERPHYSIOL TIERERNAHR Fortschritte Der Verhaltensforschung FORTSCHR VERHALTENSFORSCH Fortschritte Der Zoologie FORTSCHR ZOOL Fortune FORTUNE

Forum FORUM (WASH) Forum On Medicine FORUM MED Foundation News FOUND NEWS Foundation News and Commentary FOUND NEWS COMMENT Fra Sundhedsstyrelsen FRA SUNDHEDSSTYR Fracastoro FRACASTORO Frankfurter Zeitschrift Fur Pathologie FRANKF Z PATHOL Frater of Psi Omega FRATER PSI OMEGA Free Radical Biology and Medicine FREE RADIC BIOL MED Free Radical Research FREE RADIC RES Free Radical Research Communications FREE RADIC RES COMMUN Freie Zahnarzt FREIE ZAHNARZT Friuli Medico FRIULI MED Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin FRONT NURS SERV Q BULL Frontiers In Aging Series FRONT AGING SER Frontiers of Biology FRONT BIOL Frontiers In Bioscience FRONT BIOSCI Frontiers of Gastrointestinal Research FRONT GASTROINTEST RES Frontiers of Health Services Management

FRONT HEALTH SERV MANAGE Frontiers of Hormone Research FRONT HORM RES Frontiers of Medical and Biological Engineering FRONT MED BIOL ENG Frontiers In Neuroendocrinology FRONT NEUROENDOCRINOL Frontiers of Oral Physiology FRONT ORAL PHYSIOL Frontiers of Radiation Therapy and Oncology FRONT RADIAT THER ONCOL Ftiziologia FTIZIOLOGIA Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi. Fukuoka Acta Medica FUKUOKA IGAKU ZASSHI Fukuoka Shika Daigaku Gakkai Zasshi FUKUOKA SHIKA DAIGAKU GAKKAI ZASSHI Fukushima Journal of Medical Science FUKUSHIMA J MED SCI Functional and Developmental Morphology FUNCT DEV MORPHOL Functional Neurology FUNCT NEUROL Functional Orthodontist FUNCT ORTHOD Fund Raising Management FUND RAISING MANAGE Fundamental and Applied Toxicology FUNDAM APPL TOXICOL Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology FUNDAM CLIN PHARMACOL Fungal Genetics and Biology FUNGAL GENET BIOL Future of Children FUTURE CHILD Future Dentistry FUTURE DENT

Fysiatrickay a Reumatologickay Vestniak FYSIATR REVMATOL VESTN Gaceta Medica De Caracas GAC MED CARACAS Gaceta Medica De Mexico GAC MED MEX Gaceta Sanitaria GAC SANIT Gamete Research GAMETE RES Gan No Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Cancer Clinics GAN NO RINSHO Gan to Kagaku Ryoho [Japanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapy] GAN TO KAGAKU RYOHO Ganka. Ophthalmology GANKA Gann GANN Gastroenterologia GASTROENTEROLOGIA Gastroenterologia Y Hepatologia GASTROENTEROL HEPATOL Gastroenterologia Japonica GASTROENTEROL JPN Gastroenterologie Clinique Et Biologique GASTROENTEROL CLIN BIOL Gastroenterologische Fortbildungskurse Fur Die Praxis GASTROENTEROL FORTBILDUNGSKURSE PRAX Gastroenterologisches Journal GASTROENTEROL J Gastroenterologist GASTROENTEROLOGIST Gastroenterology GASTROENTEROLOGY Gastroenterology Clinics of North America GASTROENTEROL CLIN NORTH AM Gastroenterology Nursing GASTROENTEROL NURS

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy GASTROINTEST ENDOSC Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinics of North America GASTROINTEST ENDOSC CLIN N AM Gastrointestinal Radiology GASTROINTEST RADIOL Gazette of the Egyptian Paediatric Association GAZ EGYPT PAEDIATR ASSOC Gazette Medicale De France GAZ MED FR Gazzetta Internazionale Di Medicina E Chirurgia GAZZ INT MED CHIR Gazzetta Medica Italiana GAZZ MED ITAL Gazzetta Sanitaria GAZZ SANIT Geburtshilfe Und Frauenheilkunde GEBURTSHILFE FRAUENHEILKD Gegenbaurs Morphologisches Jahrbuch GEGENBAURS MORPHOL JAHRB Geka Chiryo. Surgical Therapy GEKA CHIRYO Gem State Rn News Letter GEM STATE RN NEWS LETT Gematologiia I Transfuziologiia GEMATOL TRANSFUZIOL G.E.N GEN Gene GENE Gene Amplification and Analysis GENE AMPLIF ANAL Gene Analysis Techniques GENE ANAL TECH Gene Expression GENE EXPR Gene Geography

GENE GEOGR Gene Therapy GENE THER Geneeskundige Bladen Uit Kliniek En Laboratorium Voor De Praktijk GENEESKD BL Geneeskundige Gids GENEESKD GIDS General and Comparative Endocrinology GEN COMP ENDOCRINOL General Dentistry GEN DENT General and Diagnostic Pathology GEN DIAGN PATHOL General Hospital Psychiatry GEN HOSP PSYCHIATRY General Pharmacology GEN PHARMACOL General Physiology and Biophysics GEN PHYSIOL BIOPHYS Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer GENES CHROMOSOMES CANCER Genes and Development GENES DEV Genes and Genetic Systems GENES GENET SYST Genes to Cells GENES CELLS Genetic Analysis GENET ANAL Genetic Analysis, Techniques and Applications GENET ANAL TECH APPL Genetic Counseling GENET COUNS Genetic Engineering GENET ENG Genetic Engineering GENET ENG (N Y)

Genetic Epidemiology GENET EPIDEMIOL Genetic Epidemiology. Supplement GENET EPIDEMIOL SUPPL Genetic Psychology Monographs GENET PSYCHOL MONOGR Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs GENET SOC GEN PSYCHOL MONOGR Genetica GENETICA Genetical Research GENET RES Genetics GENETICS Genetika GENETIKA Genitourinary Medicine GENITOURIN MED Genome GENOME Genome Research GENOME RES Genomics GENOMICS Geographia Medica GEOGR MED Geographia Medica. Supplement GEOGR MED SUPPL Georgetown Dental Journal GEORGETOWN DENT J Georgetown Law Journal

Georgetown University School of Dentistry Mirror GEORGETOWN UNIV SCH DENT MIRROR Georgia Hospitals Today GA HOSP TODAY Georgia Nursing GA NURSE

Geriatric Nursing GERIATR NUR (LOND) Geriatric Nursing GERIATR NURS Geriatric Nursing GERIATR NURS (MINNEAP) Geriatric Nursing and Home Care GERIATR NUR HOME CARE Geriatrics GERIATRICS German Journal of Ophthalmology GER J OPHTHALMOL German Medical Monthly GER MED MON German Medicine GER MED Gerodontics GERODONTICS Gerodontology GERODONTOLOGY Geron GERON Gerontion GERONTION Gerontologia GERONTOLOGIA Gerontologia Clinica GERONTOL CLIN (BASEL) Gerontologie GERONTOLOGIE Gerontologist GERONTOLOGIST Gerontology GERONTOLOGY Gerontology and Geriatrics Education GERONTOL GERIATR EDUC Gesnerus

GESNERUS Gesnerus. Supplement GESNERUS SUPPL Gesundheits-Ingenieur GESUND ING Gesundheitswesen GESUNDHEITSWESEN Ghaa Journal GHAA J Ghana Medical Journal GHANA MED J Ghanaian Nurse GHANA NURSE Gifu Shika Gakkai Zasshi GIFU SHIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Gigiena I Sanitariia GIG SANIT Gigiena Truda I Professionalnye Zabolevaniia GIG TR PROF ZABOL Ginecologia Y Obstetricia De Mexico GINECOL OBSTET MEX Ginekologia Polska GINEKOL POL Giornale Di Anestesia Stomatologica G ANEST STOMATOL Giornale Di Batteriologia, Virologia Ed Immunologia G BATTERIOL VIROL IMMUNOL Giornale Di Batteriologia, Virologia, Ed Immunologia Et Annali Dell Ospedale Maria Vittoria Di Torino G BATTERIOL VIROL IMMUNOL Giornale Di Batteriologia, Virologia, Ed Immunologia Ed Annali Dell Ospedale Maria Vittoria Di Torino. Parte 1. Sezione Microbiologica G BATTERIOL VIROL IMMUNOL MICROBIOL Giornale Di Batteriologia, Virologia, Ed Immunologia Ed Annali Dell Ospedale Maria Vittoria Di Torino. Parte 2. Sezione Clinica G BATTERIOL VIROL IMMUNOL CLIN Giornale Di Chirurgia G CHIR

Giornale Di Clinica Medica G CLIN MED Giornale Di Endodonzia G ENDODONZIA Giornale Di Fisica Sanitaria E Protezione Contro Le Radiazioni G FIS SANIT PROT RADIAZ Giornale Di Gerontologia G GERONTOL Giornale Di Gerontologia. Supplemento G GERONTOL SUPPL Giornale Di Igiene E Medicina Preventiva G IG MED PREV Giornale Italiano Di Cardiologia G ITAL CARDIOL Giornale Italiano Di Chemioterapia G ITAL CHEMIOTER Giornale Italiano Di Chirurgia G ITAL CHIR Giornale Italiano Di Dermatologia G ITAL DERMATOL Giornale Italiano Di Dermatologia. Minerva Dermatologica G ITAL DERMATOL MINERVA DERMATOL Giornale Italiano Di Dermatologia E Venereologia G ITAL DERMATOL VENEREOL Giornale Italiano Di Endodonzia G ITAL ENDOD Giornale Italiano Delle Malattie Del Torace G ITAL MAL TORACE Giornale Italiano Di Medicina Del Lavoro G ITAL MED LAV Giornale Italiano Di Oftalmologia G ITAL OFTALMOL Giornale Italiano Di Oncologia G ITAL ONCOL Giornale Italiano Della Tubercolosi E Delle Malattie Del Torace G ITAL TUBERC MAL TORACE Giornale Di Malattie Infettive E Parassitarie G MAL INFETT PARASSIT

Giornale Di Medicina Militare G MED MIL Giornale Di Pneumologia G PNEUMOL Giornale Di Psichiatria E Di Neuropatologia G PSICHIATR NEUROPATOL Giornale Di Stomatologia E Di Ortognatodonzia G STOMATOL ORTOGNATODONZIA Giornale Veneto Di Scienze Mediche G VENETO SCI MED Glas. Srpska Akademija Nauka I Umetnosti, Odeljenje Medicinskih Nauka GLAS SRP AKAD NAUKA [MED] Glasgow Dental Journal GLASG DENT J Glia GLIA Globe GLOBE Glycobiology GLYCOBIOLOGY Glycoconjugate Journal GLYCOCONJ J Gmda Bulletin GMDA BULL Gmda Journal GMDA J Gmhc Treatment Issues GMHC TREAT ISSUES Godisen Zbornik Na Medicinskiot Fakultet Vo Skopje GOD ZB MED FAK SKOPJE Godisnjak Vojnomedicinske Akademije GOD VOJNOMED AKAD Goteborgs Tandlakare-Sallskaps Arsbok GOTEB TANDLAK SALLSK ARSB Government Relations Note GOV RELAT NOTE Gp

GP Graefes Archive For Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology GRAEFES ARCH CLIN EXP OPHTHALMOL Grants Magazine GRANTS MAG Grantsmanship Center News GRANTSMANSHIP CENT NEWS Greater Milwaukee Dental Bulletin GREATER MILW DENT BULL Greater St Louis Dental Society Bulletin GREATER ST LOUIS DENT SOC BULL Group Health Journal GROUP HEALTH J Group Practice GROUP PRACT Group Practice Journal GROUP PRACT J Growth GROWTH Growth, Development, and Aging GROWTH DEV AGING Growth Factors GROWTH FACTORS Growth Regulation GROWTH REGUL Grudnaia Khirurgiia GRUDN KHIR Grudnaia I Serdechno-Sosudistaia Khirurgiia GRUD SERDECHNOSOSUDISTAIA KHIR Gruzlica I Choroby Pluc GRUZLICA Gunma Journal of Medical Sciences GUNMA J MED SCI Gut GUT Guys Hospital Reports GUYS HOSP REP

Gynaecologia GYNAECOLOGIA Gynakologe GYNAKOLOGE Gynakologische Rundschau GYNAKOL RUNDSCH Gynakologisch-Geburtshilfliche Rundschau GYNAKOL GEBURTSHILFLICHE RUNDSCH Gynecologic Investigation GYNECOL INVEST Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation GYNECOL OBSTET INVEST Gynecologic Oncology GYNECOL ONCOL Gynecological Endocrinology GYNECOL ENDOCRINOL Gynecologie GYNECOLOGIE Gynecologie Et Obstetrique GYNECOL OBSTET (PARIS) Gynecologie Pratique GYNECOL PRAT Haematologia HAEMATOLOGIA (BUDAP) Haematologica HAEMATOLOGICA Haematologica Latina HAEMATOL LAT Haemostasis HAEMOSTASIS Hamatologie Und Bluttransfusion HAMATOL BLUTTRANSFUS Hand HAND Hand Clinics HAND CLIN Handchirurgie HANDCHIRURGIE

Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie HANDCHIR MIKROCHIR PLAST CHIR Hansenologia Internationalis HANSENOL INT Harbor Dental Log HARB DENT LOG Harefuah HAREFUAH Harvard Business Review HARV BUS REV Harvard Dental Alumni Bulletin HARV DENT ALUMNI BULL Harvard Dental Bulletin HARV DENT BULL Harvard Law Review HARV LAW REV Harvard Review of Psychiatry HARV REV PSYCHIATRY Harvey Lectures HARVEY LECT Hasl Reports HASL REP Hastings Center Report HASTINGS CENT REP Hastings Center Studies HASTINGS CENT STUD Hautarzt HAUTARZT Hawaii Dental Journal HAWAII DENT J Hawaii Medical Journal HAWAII MED J Hawaii Nurse HAWAII NURSE Hawaii Nurses Pipeline HAWAII NURSES PIPELINE Hbi Report

HBI REP Head and Neck HEAD NECK Head and Neck Surgery HEAD NECK SURG Headache HEADACHE Healing Light HEAL LIGHT Health HEALTH (N Y) Health Affairs HEALTH AFF (MILLWOOD) Health Affairs HEALTH AFF Health Bulletin HEALTH BULL (EDINB) Health Care HEALTH CARE (DON MILLS) Health Care Analysis HEALTH CARE ANAL Health Care In Canada HEALTH CARE CAN Health Care Dimensions HEALTH CARE DIMEN Health Care Education HEALTH CARE EDUC Health Care Financing Review HEALTH CARE FINANC REV Health Care Financing Review. Annual Supplement HEALTH CARE FINANC REV ANNU SUPPL Health Care Financing Review. Statistical Supplement HEALTH CARE FINANC REV STAT SUPPL Health Care Financing Trends HEALTH CARE FINANC TRENDS Health Care Food and Nutrition Focus HEALTH CARE FOOD NUTR FOCUS

Health Care Innovations HEALTH CARE INNOV Health Care Law Newsletter HEALTH CARE LAW NEWSL Health Care Management HEALTH CARE MANAG Health Care Management Review HEALTH CARE MANAGE REV Health Care Marketer HEALTH CARE MARK Health Care Marketer and Target Market HEALTH CARE MARK TARGET MARKET Health Care Newsletter HEALTH CARE NEWSL Health Care Planning and Marketing HEALTH CARE PLANN MARK Health Care Reform Week HEALTH CARE REFORM WEEK Health Care Security and Safety Management HEALTH CARE SECUR SAF MANAGE Health Care Strategic Management HEALTH CARE STRATEG MANAGE Health Care Supervisor HEALTH CARE SUPERV Health Care Systems HEALTH CARE SYST Health Care Week HEALTH CARE WEEK Health Care For Women International HEALTH CARE WOMEN INT Health Communications and Informatics HEALTH COMMUN INFORMATICS Health Cost Management HEALTH COST MANAGE Health Data Management HEALTH DATA MANAG Health Devices HEALTH DEVICES

Health Economics HEALTH ECON Health Education HEALTH EDUC Health Education and Behavior HEALTH EDUC BEHAV Health Education and Behavior. Supplement HEALTH EDUC BEHAV SUPPL Health Education Journal HEALTH EDUC J Health Education Monographs HEALTH EDUC MONOGR Health Education Quarterly HEALTH EDUC Q Health Education Quarterly. Supplement HEALTH EDUC Q SUPPL Health Education Reports HEALTH EDUC REP Health Education Research HEALTH EDUC RES Health Estate Journal HEALTH ESTATE J Health Facilities Management HEALTH FACIL MANAGE Health Industry Today HEALTH IND TODAY Health Information Management HEALTH INF MANAG Health Information Systems and Telemedicine HEALTH INF SYST TELEMED Health Laboratory Science HEALTH LAB SCI Health Law In Canada HEALTH LAW CAN Health Law Project Library Bulletin HEALTH LAW PROJ LIBR BULL Health Law Vigil

HEALTH LAW VIGIL Health Libraries Review HEALTH LIBR REV Health Management Forum HEALTH MANAGE FORUM Health Management Quarterly HEALTH MANAGE Q Health Management Technology HEALTH MANAG TECHNOL Health Manpower Literature HEALTH MANPOW LIT Health Manpower Management HEALTH MANPOW MANAGE Health Manpower Report HEALTH MANPOW REP Health Marketing Quarterly HEALTH MARK Q Health Matrix HEALTH MATRIX Health Matrix HEALTH MATRIX Health and Medical Care Services Review HEALTH MED CARE SERV REV Health and Medicine HEALTH MED Health Pac Bulletin HEALTH PAC BULL Health of the People HEALTH PEOPLE Health Perspectives HEALTH PERSPECT Health Physics HEALTH PHYS Health Planning and Manpower Report HEALTH PLANN MANPOW REP Health Planning and Manpower Reports HEALTH PLANN MANPOW REP

Health Policy HEALTH POLICY Health Policy and Education HEALTH POLICY EDUC Health Policy and Planning HEALTH POLICY PLAN Health Policy Quarterly HEALTH POLICY Q Health Policy Week HEALTH POLICY WEEK Health and Population; Perspectives and Issues HEALTH POPUL PERSPECT ISSUES Health Practitioner. Physician Assistant HEALTH PRACT PHYSICIAN ASSIST Health Progress HEALTH PROG Health Promotion HEALTH PROMOT Health Psychology HEALTH PSYCHOL Health Reports HEALTH REP Health Service Journal HEALTH SERV J Health Services Management HEALTH SERV MANAGE Health Services Management Research HEALTH SERV MANAGE RES Health Services Manager HEALTH SERV MANAGER Health Services Manpower Review HEALTH SERV MANPOW REV Health Services Reports HEALTH SERV REP Health Services Research HEALTH SERV RES Health and Social Service Journal HEALTH SOC SERV J

Health and Social Work HEALTH SOC WORK Health System Leader HEALTH SYST LEAD Health Systems Management HEALTH SYST MANAGE Health Systems Review HEALTH SYST REV Health Technology HEALTH TECHNOL Health Technology Assessment HEALTH TECHNOL ASSESS Health Technology Assessment Reports HEALTH TECHNOL ASSESS REP Health Transition Review HEALTH TRANSIT REV Health Trends HEALTH TRENDS Health Values HEALTH VALUES Health Visitor HEALTH VISIT Healthcare Alabama HEALTHC ALA Healthcare Bottom Line HEALTHC BOTTOM LINE Healthcare Computing and Communications HEALTHC COMPUT COMMUN Healthcare Executive HEALTHC EXEC Healthcare Executive Currents HEALTHC EXEC CURR Healthcare Facilities Management Series HEALTHC FACIL MANAG SER Healthcare Financial Management HEALTHC FINANC MANAGE Healthcare Foodservice

HEALTHC FOODSERV Healthcare Forum HEALTHC FORUM Healthcare Forum Journal HEALTHC FORUM J Healthcare Hazardous Materials Management HEALTHC HAZARD MATER MANAGE Healthcare Human Resources HEALTHC HUM RESOUR Healthcare Human Resources. Special Report HEALTHC HUM RESOUR SPEC REP Healthcare Informatics HEALTHC INFORM Healthcare Information Management HEALTHC INF MANAGE Healthcare Management Forum HEALTHC MANAGE FORUM Healthcare Protection Management HEALTHC PROT MANAGE Healthcare Systems Strategy Report HEALTHC SYST STRATEGY REP Healthcare Trends and Transition HEALTHC TRENDS TRANSIT Healthmarketing HEALTHMARKETING Healthplan HEALTHPLAN Healthspan HEALTHSPAN Healthtexas HEALTHTEXAS Hearing Research HEAR RES Heart HEART Heart Disease and Stroke HEART DIS STROKE

Heart and Lung HEART LUNG Heart and Vessels HEART VESSELS Heart and Vessels. Supplement HEART VESSELS SUPPL Heartbeat HEARTBEAT Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning HEAT PIPING AIR COND Hec Forum HEC FORUM Hefte Zur Unfallheilkunde HEFTE UNFALLHEILKD Hellenika Stomatologika Chronika HELL STOMATOL CHRON Helleniko Periodiko Gia Stomatike Kai Gnathoprosopike Cheirourgike HELL PERIOD STOMAT GNATHOPATHOPROSOPIKE CHEIR Hellenis Adelphe HELL ADELPHE Helvetica Chimica Acta HELV CHIM ACTA Helvetica Chirurgica Acta HELV CHIR ACTA Helvetica Chirurgica Acta. Supplementum HELV CHIR ACTA SUPPL Helvetica Medica Acta HELV MED ACTA Helvetica Medica Acta. Supplement HELV MED ACTA SUPPL Helvetica Odontologica Acta HELV ODONTOL ACTA Helvetica Paediatrica Acta HELV PAEDIATR ACTA Helvetica Paediatrica Acta. Supplementum HELV PAEDIATR ACTA SUPPL Helvetica Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Acta HELV PHYSIOL PHARMACOL ACTA

Hematologic Pathology HEMATOL PATHOL Hematological Oncology HEMATOL ONCOL Hematology and Cell Therapy HEMATOL CELL THER Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America HEMATOL ONCOL CLIN NORTH AM Hematopathology and Molecular Hematology HEMATOPATHOL MOL HEMATOL Hemoglobin HEMOGLOBIN Hemostase HEMOSTASE Hemsire HEMSIRE Henry E. Sigerist Supplements to the Bulletin of the History of Medicine HENRY E SIGERIST SUPPL BULL HIST MED Henry Ford Hospital Medical Journal HENRY FORD HOSP MED J Hepato-Gastroenterology HEPATOGASTROENTEROLOGY Hepatology HEPATOLOGY Hereditas HEREDITAS Heredity HEREDITY Herz HERZ Hifuka Kiyo. Acta Dermatologica HIFUKA KIYO Higashi Nippon Shigaku Zasshi HIGASHI NIPPON SHIGAKU ZASSHI Higijena; Casopis Za Higijenu, Mikrobiologiju, Epidemiologiju I Sanitarnu Tehniku HIG CAS HIG MIKROBIOL EPIDEMIOL SANIT TEH

Hillside Journal of Clinical Psychiatry HILLSIDE J CLIN PSYCHIATRY Hindustan Antibiotics Bulletin HINDUSTAN ANTIBIOT BULL Hinyokika Kiyo. Acta Urologica Japonica HINYOKIKA KIYO Hip HIP Hippocampus HIPPOCAMPUS Hippokrates HIPPOKRATES Hiroshima Daigaku Shigaku Zasshi. Journal of Hiroshima University Dental Society HIROSHIMA DAIGAKU SHIGAKU ZASSHI Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences HIROSHIMA J MED SCI Hispalis Medica HISP MED Histochemical Journal HISTOCHEM J Histochemie HISTOCHEMIE Histochemistry HISTOCHEMISTRY Histochemistry and Cell Biology HISTOCHEM CELL BIOL Histology and Histopathology HISTOL HISTOPATHOL Histopathology HISTOPATHOLOGY Hiv/Aids Surveillance Report HIV AIDS SURVEILL REP Hmo HMO Hmo Practice HMO PRACT Hno

HNO Hoitotiede HOITOTIEDE Hoja Tisiologica HOJA TISIOL Hokenfu Zasshi. Japanese Journal For Public Health Nurse HOKENFU ZASSHI Hokkaido Igaku Zasshi. Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science HOKKAIDO IGAKU ZASSHI Hokkaido Shika Ishikai Shi HOKKAIDO SHIKA ISHIKAI SHI Holistic Assertive Nurse HOLISTIC ASSERTIVE NURSE Holistic Nursing Practice HOLIST NURS PRACT Home Care Economics HOME CARE ECON Home Care Provider HOME CARE PROVID Home Health Care Services Quarterly HOME HEALTH CARE SERV Q Home Health Journal HOME HEALTH J Home Health Review HOME HEALTH REV Home Healthcare Nurse HOME HEALTHC NURSE Homeostasis In Health and Disease HOMEOST HEALTH DIS Hoppe-Seylers Zeitschrift Fur Physiologische Chemie HOPPE SEYLERS Z PHYSIOL CHEM Horizons In Biochemistry and Biophysics HORIZ BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Hormone and Metabolic Research HORM METAB RES Hormone and Metabolic Research. Supplement HORM METAB RES SUPPL

Hormone Research HORM RES Hormones HORMONES Hormones and Behavior HORM BEHAV Horumon to Rinsho. Clinical Endocrinology HORUMON TO RINSHO Hospice Journal HOSP J Hospital HOSPITAL (RIO J) Hospital Administration HOSP ADM (NEW DELHI) Hospital Administration HOSP ADM (CHIC) Hospital Administration In Canada HOSP ADM CAN Hospital Administration Currents HOSP ADMIN CURR Hospital Admitting Monthly HOSP ADMITTING MON Hospital Aviation HOSP AVIAT Hospital Bond Review HOSP BOND REV Hospital Capital Finance HOSP CAP FINANCE Hospital Case Management HOSP CASE MANAG Hospital and Community Psychiatry HOSP COMMUNITY PSYCHIATRY Hospital Cost Management and Accounting HOSP COST MANAG ACCOUNT Hospital Development HOSP DEV Hospital Employee Health HOSP EMPLOYEE HEALTH

Hospital Engineering HOSP ENG Hospital Entrepreneurs Newsletter HOSP ENTREP NEWSL Hospital Equipment and Supplies HOSP EQUIP SUPPLIES Hospital Ethics HOSP ETHICS Hospital Financial Management HOSP FINANC MANAGE Hospital Food and Nutrition Focus HOSP FOOD NUTR FOCUS Hospital Formulary HOSP FORMUL Hospital Forum HOSP FORUM Hospital Gift Shop Management HOSP GIFT SHOP MANAGE Hospital Guest Relations Report HOSP GUEST RELATIONS REP Hospital Hazardous Materials Management HOSP HAZARD MATER MANAGE Hospital Health Care Newsletter HOSP HEALTH CARE NEWSL Hospital and Health Services Administration HOSP HEALTH SERV ADM Hospital and Health Services Review HOSP HEALTH SERV REV Hospital Infection Control HOSP INFECT CONTROL Hospital Law Newsletter HOSP LAW NEWSL Hospital Libraries HOSP LIBR Hospital Management HOSP MANAGE Hospital Management Communications

HOSP MANAGE COMMUN Hospital Management Quarterly HOSP MANAGE Q Hospital Manager HOSP MANAGER Hospital Materials Management HOSP MATER MANAGE Hospital Materiel Management Quarterly HOSP MATER MANAGE Q Hospital Medical Staff HOSP MED STAFF Hospital Patient Relations Report HOSP PATIENT RELAT REP Hospital Peer Review HOSP PEER REV Hospital Pharmacy HOSP PHARM Hospital Physician HOSP PHYSICIAN Hospital Practice HOSP PRACT Hospital Practice (Hospital Edition) HOSP PRACT (HOSP ED) Hospital Practice (Office Edition) HOSP PRACT (OFF ED) Hospital Progress HOSP PROG Hospital Purchasing Management HOSP PURCH MANAGE Hospital Purchasing News HPN HOSP PURCH NEWS Hospital Revenue Report HOSP REVENUE REP Hospital Risk Management HOSP RISK MANAGE Hospital Security and Safety Management HOSP SECUR SAF MANAGE

Hospital Strategy Report HOSP STRATEGY REP Hospital Supervision HOSP SUPERV Hospital Supervisors Bulletin HOSP SUPERV BULL Hospital Technology Series HOSP TECHNOL SER Hospital Topics HOSP TOP Hospital Trustee HOSP TRUSTEE Hospitals HOSPITALS Hospitals and Health Networks HOSP HEALTH NETW Hotetsu Rinsho. Practice In Prosthodontics HOTETSU RINSHO How to Evaluate Health Programs HOW EVAL HEALTH PROGRAMS Hpb Surgery HPB SURG Hrmagazine HRMAGAZINE Hsiang-Kang Hu Li Tsa Chih. Hong Kong Nursing Journal HSIANG KANG HU LI TSA CHIH Hsmha Health Reports HSMHA HEALTH REP Hu Li Tsa Chih [Journal of Nursing] HU LI TSA CHIH Hua Hsi Kou Chiang I Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;West China Journal of Stomatology&middot; HUA HSI KOU CHIANG I HSUEH TSA CHIH Hua-Hsi I Ko Ta Hsueh Hsueh Pao [Journal of West China University of Medical Sciences] HUA HSI I KO TA HSUEH HSUEH PAO Human Antibodies HUM ANTIBODIES Human Antibodies and Hybridomas

HUM ANTIBODIES HYBRIDOMAS Human Biology HUM BIOL Human Biology In Oceania HUM BIOL OCEANIA Human Cell HUM CELL Human Development HUM DEV Human and Experimental Toxicology HUM EXP TOXICOL Human Factors HUM FACTORS Human Gene Therapy HUM GENE THER Human Genetics HUM GENET Human Genetics. Supplement HUM GENET SUPPL Human Heredity HUM HERED Human Immunology HUM IMMUNOL Human Molecular Genetics HUM MOL GENET Human Mutation HUM MUTAT Human Neurobiology HUM NEUROBIOL Human Nutrition. Applied Nutrition HUM NUTR APPL NUTR Human Nutrition. Clinical Nutrition HUM NUTR CLIN NUTR Human Organization HUM ORGAN Human Pathology HUM PATHOL

Human Physiology HUM PHYSIOL Human Reproduction HUM REPROD Human Reproduction Update HUM REPROD UPDATE Human Resource Management HUM RESOUR MANAGE Human Toxicology HUM TOXICOL Humangenetik HUMANGENETIK Hu-Nan I Ko Ta Hsueh Hsueh Pao &para;Bulletin of Hunan Medical University&middot; HUNAN I KO TA HSUEH HSUEH PAO Hybridoma HYBRIDOMA Hygie HYGIE Hygiene Mentale HYG MENT Hypertension HYPERTENSION Hypertension Research HYPERTENS RES I Chuan Hsueh Pao. Acta Genetica Sinica I CHUAN HSUEH PAO Iads Newsletter IADS NEWSL Iarc Monographs On the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Humans IARC MONOGR EVAL CARCINOG RISK CHEM HUM Iarc Monographs On the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Humans. Supplement IARC MONOGR EVAL CARCINOG RISK CHEM HUM SUPPL Iarc Monographs On the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man IARC MONOGR EVAL CARCINOG RISK CHEM MAN Iarc Monographs On the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans IARC MONOGR EVAL CARCINOG RISKS HUM

Iarc Monographs On the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. Supplement IARC MONOGR EVAL CARCINOG RISKS HUM SUPPL Iarc Publications IARC PUBL Iarc Scientific Publications IARC SCI PUBL Iarc Scientific Publications IARC SCI PUBL Icd Scientific and Educational Journal ICD SCI EDUC J Idaa Communique IDAA COMMUN Ido Reports IDO REP Ieee Engineering In Medicine and Biology Magazine IEEE ENG MED BIOL MAG Ieee Transactions On Biomedical Engineering IEEE TRANS BIOMED ENG Ieee Transactions On Medical Imaging IEEE TRANS MED IMAGING Ieee Transactions On Rehabilitation Engineering IEEE TRANS REHABIL ENG Ieee Transactions On Systems, Man and Cybernetics IEEE TRANS SYST MAN CYBERN Igaku Kenkyu. Acta Medica IGAKU KENKYU Igaku to Seibutsugaku. Medicine and Biology IGAKU TO SEIBUTSUGAKU Igiene Moderna IG MOD Ihrim IHRIM Illinois Dental Journal ILL DENT J Illinois Dental News ILL DENT NEWS Illinois Medical Journal ILL MED J

Ima Journal of Mathematics Applied In Medicine and Biology IMA J MATH APPL MED BIOL Image IMAGE (IN) Image - the Journal of Nursing Scholarship IMAGE J NURS SCH Images; Marquette University Dental Reflections IMAGES MARQUETTE UNIV DENT REFLECTIONS Imj. Illinois Medical Journal IMJ ILL MED J Immunitat Und Infektion IMMUN INFEKT Immunity IMMUNITY Immunobiology IMMUNOBIOLOGY Immunobiology. Supplement IMMUNOBIOL SUPPL Immunochemistry IMMUNOCHEMISTRY Immunodeficiency IMMUNODEFICIENCY Immunodeficiency Reviews IMMUNODEFIC REV Immunogenetics IMMUNOGENETICS Immunologic Research IMMUNOL RES Immunological Communications IMMUNOL COMMUN Immunological Investigations IMMUNOL INVEST Immunological Reviews IMMUNOL REV Immunology IMMUNOLOGY Immunology and Cell Biology

IMMUNOL CELL BIOL Immunology Letters IMMUNOL LETT Immunology Series IMMUNOL SER Immunology. Supplement IMMUNOL SUPPL Immunology Today IMMUNOL TODAY Immunomethods IMMUNOMETHODS Immunopharmacology IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology IMMUNOPHARMACOL IMMUNOTOXICOL Immunotechnology IMMUNOTECHNOLOGY Impact of Science On Society IMPACT SCI SOC Implant Dentistry IMPLANT DENT Implant Society IMPLANT SOC Implantologist IMPLANTOLOGIST Important Advances In Oncology IMPORTANT ADV ONCOL Impressions IMPRESSIONS (ORANGE) Imprint IMPRINT Ims, Industrial Medicine and Surgery IMS IND MED SURG In Practice IN PRACT In Vitro IN VITRO

In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology IN VITRO CELL DEV BIOL In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology. Animal IN VITRO CELL DEV BIOL ANIM In Vitro. Monograph IN VITRO MONOGR In Vivo IN VIVO Indent; Journal of International Dentistry; English Edition INDENT [ENGL] Indian Heart Journal INDIAN HEART J Indian Heart Journal; Teaching Series INDIAN HEART J TEACH SER Indian Journal of Animal Sciences INDIAN J ANIM SCI Indian Journal of Biochemistry INDIAN J BIOCHEM Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics INDIAN J BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Indian Journal of Cancer INDIAN J CANCER Indian Journal of Chemistry INDIAN J CHEM Indian Journal of Chest Diseases INDIAN J CHEST DIS Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences INDIAN J CHEST DIS ALLIED SCI Indian Journal of Dental Research INDIAN J DENT RES Indian Journal of Dermatology INDIAN J DERMATOL Indian Journal of Experimental Biology INDIAN J EXP BIOL Indian Journal of Gastroenterology INDIAN J GASTROENTEROL Indian Journal of Leprosy INDIAN J LEPR

Indian Journal of Malariology INDIAN J MALARIOL Indian Journal of Medical Research INDIAN J MED RES Indian Journal of Medical Sciences INDIAN J MED SCI Indian Journal of Ophthalmology INDIAN J OPHTHALMOL Indian Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology INDIAN J PATHOL BACTERIOL Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology INDIAN J PATHOL MICROBIOL Indian Journal of Pediatrics INDIAN J PEDIATR Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology INDIAN J PHYSIOL PHARMACOL Indian Journal of Public Health INDIAN J PUBLIC HEALTH Indian Medical Journal INDIAN MED J Indian Pediatrics INDIAN PEDIATR Indian Practitioner INDIAN PRACT Indian Veterinary Journal INDIAN VET J Indiana Medicine INDIANA MED Indiana Nurse INDIANA NURSE Indicator INDICATOR Industrial Engineering IND ENG Industrial Health IND HEALTH Industrial and Labor Relations Review

IND LABOR RELAT REV Industrial Medicine and Surgery IND MED SURG Industry and Health Care IND HEALTH CARE (CAMBRIDGE MA) Industry and Health Care IND HEALTH CARE Infection INFECTION Infection Control INFECT CONTROL Infection Control Canada INFECT CONTROL CAN Infection Control Digest INFECT CONTROL DIG Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology INFECT CONTROL HOSP EPIDEMIOL Infection Control Rounds INFECT CONTROL ROUNDS Infection Control and Urological Care INFECT CONTROL UROL CARE Infection and Immunity INFECT IMMUN Infectious Agents and Disease INFECT AGENTS DIS Infectious Disease Clinics of North America INFECT DIS CLIN NORTH AM Infirmiere INFIRMIERE Infirmiere Auxiliaire INFIRM AUX Infirmiere Canadienne INFIRM CAN Infirmiere Francaise INFIRM FR Infirmiere Haitienne INFIRM HAITI

Infirmiere Du Quebec INFIRM QUE Infirmiers INFIRMIERS Inflammation INFLAMMATION Inflammation Research INFLAMM RES Infocare INFOCARE Inform INFORM Information Dentaire INF DENT Information Management INF MANAGE Information Outlook INF OUTLOOK Information Psychiatrique INF PSYCHIATR Informationen Aus Orthodontie Und Kieferorthopadie INF ORTHOD KIEFERORTHOP Informatore Odonto-Stomatologico INF ODONTOSTOMATOL Inforum INFORUM Infusionstherapie INFUSIONSTHERAPIE Infusionstherapie INFUSIONSTHERAPIE Infusionstherapie Und Klinische Ernahrung INFUSIONSTHER KLIN ERNAHR Infusionstherapie Und Klinische Ernahrung. Sonderheft INFUSIONSTHER KLIN ERNAHR SONDERH Infusionstherapie Und Transfusionsmedizin INFUSIONSTHER TRANSFUSIONSMED Inhaled Particles INHALED PART

Injury INJURY Injury Prevention INJ PREV Innovations INNOVATIONS Inquiry INQUIRY Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology INSECT BIOCHEM MOL BIOL Insect Molecular Biology INSECT MOL BIOL Insight INSIGHT Institutions INSTITUTIONS Institutions/Volume Feeding INST VOL FEED Instructional Course Lectures INSTR COURSE LECT Integrated Healthcare Report INTEGR HEALTHC REP Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science INTEGR PHYSIOL BEHAV SCI Intensive Care Medicine INTENSIVE CARE MED Intensive Care Nursing INTENSIVE CARE NURS Intensive Care World INTENSIVE CARE WORLD Intensive and Critical Care Nursing INTENSIVE CRIT CARE NURS Intensivmedizinische Praxis INTENSIVMED PRAX Intercom INTERCOM (DES MOINES) Interferon

INTERFERON Interior Design INTER DES Interiors INTERIORS Internal Medicine INTERN MED International Advances In Surgical Oncology INT ADV SURG ONCOL International Anesthesiology Clinics INT ANESTHESIOL CLIN International Angiology INT ANGIOL International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology INT ARCH ALLERGY APPL IMMUNOL International Archives of Allergy and Immunology INT ARCH ALLERGY IMMUNOL International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health INT ARCH OCCUP ENVIRON HEALTH International Clinical Psychopharmacology INT CLIN PSYCHOPHARMACOL International Dental Journal INT DENT J International Digest of Health Legislation INT DIG HEALTH LEGIS International Disability Studies INT DISABIL STUD International Endodontic Journal INT ENDOD J International Family Planning Digest INT FAM PLANN DIG International Immunology INT IMMUNOL International Journal of the Addictions INT J ADDICT International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery INT J ADULT ORTHODON ORTHOGNATH SURG

International Journal of Aging and Human Development INT J AGING HUM DEV International Journal of Andrology INT J ANDROL International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes INT J APPL RADIAT ISOT International Journal of Artificial Organs INT J ARTIF ORGANS International Journal of Biochemistry INT J BIOCHEM International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology INT J BIOCHEM CELL BIOL International Journal of Biological Macromolecules INT J BIOL MACROMOL International Journal of Biological Markers INT J BIOL MARKERS International Journal of Biological Research In Pregnancy INT J BIOL RES PREGNANCY International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing INT J BIOMED COMPUT International Journal of Biometeorology INT J BIOMETEOROL International Journal of Cancer INT J CANCER International Journal of Cancer. Supplement INT J CANCER SUPPL International Journal of Cardiac Imaging INT J CARD IMAGING International Journal of Cardiology INT J CARDIOL International Journal of Cell Cloning INT J CELL CLONING International Journal of Chronobiology INT J CHRONOBIOL International Journal of Circumpolar Health INT J CIRCUMPOLAR HEALTH International Journal of Circumpolar Health. Supplement INT J CIRCUMPOLAR HEALTH SUPPL

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis INT J CLIN EXP HYPN International Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Research INT J CLIN LAB RES International Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing INT J CLIN MONIT COMPUT International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmacy INT J CLIN PHARMACOL BIOPHARM International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research INT J CLIN PHARMACOL RES International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics INT J CLIN PHARMACOL THER International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Therapy, and Toxicology INT J CLIN PHARMACOL THER TOXICOL International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Therapy and Toxicology INT J CLIN PHARMACOL International Journal of Clinical Practice INT J CLIN PRACT International Journal of Clinical Practice. Supplement INT J CLIN PRACT SUPPL International Journal of Colorectal Disease INT J COLORECTAL DIS International Journal of Dental Symposia INT J DENT SYMP International Journal of Dermatology INT J DERMATOL International Journal of Developmental Biology INT J DEV BIOL International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience INT J DEV NEUROSCI International Journal of Eating Disorders INT J EAT DISORD International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry INT J ENVIRON ANAL CHEM International Journal of Epidemiology INT J EPIDEMIOL International Journal of Equilibrium Research

INT J EQUILIB RES International Journal of Experimental Pathology INT J EXP PATHOL International Journal of Fertility INT J FERTIL International Journal of Fertility and Menopausal Studies INT J FERTIL MENOPAUSAL STUD International Journal of Fertility and Womens Medicine INT J FERTIL WOMENS MED International Journal of Food Microbiology INT J FOOD MICROBIOL International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition INT J FOOD SCI NUTR International Journal of Forensic Dentistry INT J FORENSIC DENT International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry INT J GERIATR PSYCHIATRY International Journal of Group Psychotherapy INT J GROUP PSYCHOTHER International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics INT J GYNAECOL OBSTET International Journal of Gynecological Pathology INT J GYNECOL PATHOL International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance INT J HEALTH CARE QUAL ASSUR International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance Incorporating Leadership In Health Services INT J HEALTH CARE QUAL ASSUR INC LEADERSH HEALTH SERV International Journal of Health Education INT J HEALTH EDUC International Journal of Health Planning and Management INT J HEALTH PLANN MANAGE International Journal of Health Services INT J HEALTH SERV International Journal of Hematology INT J HEMATOL International Journal of Hyperthermia INT J HYPERTHERMIA

International Journal of Immunopharmacology INT J IMMUNOPHARMACOL International Journal of Impotence Research INT J IMPOT RES International Journal of Instructional Media INT J INSTR MEDIA International Journal of Law and Psychiatry INT J LAW PSYCHIATRY International Journal of Legal Medicine INT J LEGAL MED International Journal of Leprosy INT J LEPR International Journal of Leprosy and Other Mycobacterial Diseases INT J LEPR OTHER MYCOBACT DIS International Journal of Medical Informatics INT J MED INF International Journal of Microcirculation: Clinical and Experimental INT J MICROCIRC CLIN EXP International Journal of Neural Systems INT J NEURAL SYST International Journal of Neurology INT J NEUROL International Journal of Neuropharmacology INT J NEUROPHARMACOL International Journal of Neuropsychiatry INT J NEUROPSYCHIATRY International Journal of Neuroscience INT J NEUROSCI International Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology INT J NUCL MED BIOL International Journal of Nursing Practice INT J NURS PRACT International Journal of Nursing Studies INT J NURS STUD International Journal of Obesity INT J OBES International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders

INT J OBES RELAT METAB DISORD International Journal of Occupational Health and Safety INT J OCCUP HEALTH SAF International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health INT J OCCUP MED ENVIRON HEALTH International Journal of Oral Implantology INT J ORAL IMPLANTOL International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants INT J ORAL MAXILLOFAC IMPLANTS International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery INT J ORAL MAXILLOFAC SURG International Journal of Oral Myology INT J ORAL MYOL International Journal of Oral Surgery INT J ORAL SURG International Journal of Orofacial Myology INT J OROFACIAL MYOLOGY International Journal of Orthodontics INT J ORTHOD International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry INT J PAEDIATR DENT International Journal of Pancreatology INT J PANCREATOL International Journal For Parasitology INT J PARASITOL International Journal of Partial Hospitalization INT J PARTIAL HOSP International Journal of Pediatric Nephrology INT J PEDIATR NEPHROL International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology INT J PEDIATR OTORHINOLARYNGOL International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research INT J PEPT PROTEIN RES International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry INT J PERIODONTICS RESTORATIVE DENT International Journal of Prosthodontics INT J PROSTHODONT

International Journal of Protein Research INT J PROTEIN RES International Journal of Psychiatry INT J PSYCHIATRY International Journal of Psychiatry In Medicine INT J PSYCHIATRY MED International Journal of Psycho-Analysis INT J PSYCHOANAL International Journal of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy INT J PSYCHOANAL PSYCHOTHER International Journal of Psychophysiology INT J PSYCHOPHYSIOL International Journal of Psychosomatics INT J PSYCHOSOM International Journal For Quality In Health Care INT J QUAL HEALTH CARE International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part a, Applied Radiation and Isotopes INT J RAD APPL INSTRUM [A] International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part B, Nuclear Medicine and Biology INT J RAD APPL INSTRUM B International Journal of Radiation Biology INT J RADIAT BIOL International Journal of Radiation Biology and Related Studies In Physics, Chemistry and Medicine INT J RADIAT BIOL RELAT STUD PHYS CHEM MED International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics INT J RADIAT ONCOL BIOL PHYS International Journal of Rehabilitation Research INT J REHABIL RES International Journal of Social Psychiatry INT J SOC PSYCHIATRY International Journal of Sport Nutrition INT J SPORT NUTR International Journal of Sports Medicine INT J SPORTS MED International Journal of Std and Aids INT J STD AIDS

International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology INT J SYST BACTERIOL International Journal of Technology Assessment In Health Care INT J TECHNOL ASSESS HEALTH CARE International Journal of Tissue Reactions INT J TISSUE REACT International Journal of Trauma Nursing INT J TRAUMA NURS International Journal of Urology INT J UROL International Journal For Vitamin and Nutrition Research INT J VITAM NUTR RES International Journal For Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Supplement INT J VITAM NUTR RES SUPPL International Journal of Zoonoses INT J ZOONOSES International Nursing Review INT NURS REV International Ophthalmology INT OPHTHALMOL International Ophthalmology Clinics INT OPHTHALMOL CLIN International Orthopaedics INT ORTHOP International Pharmacopsychiatry INT PHARMACOPSYCHIATRY International Psychiatry Clinics INT PSYCHIATRY CLIN International Psychogeriatrics INT PSYCHOGERIATR International Rehabilitation Medicine INT REHABIL MED International Rescuer INT RESCUER International Review of Connective Tissue Research INT REV CONNECT TISSUE RES International Review of Cytology

INT REV CYTOL International Review of Cytology. Supplement INT REV CYTOL SUPPL International Review of Experimental Pathology INT REV EXP PATHOL International Review of Neurobiology INT REV NEUROBIOL International Review of Neurobiology. Supplement INT REV NEUROBIOL SUPPL International Review of Physiology INT REV PHYSIOL International Review of Tropical Medicine INT REV TROP MED International Reviews of Immunology INT REV IMMUNOL International Surgery INT SURG International Symposium On Fluoridation and Preventive Dentistry INT SYMP FLUORID PREV DENT International Urogynecology Journal and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction INT UROGYNECOL J PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCT International Urology and Nephrology INT UROL NEPHROL Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Angewandte Physiologie Einschliesslich Arbeitsphysiologie INT Z ANGEW PHYSIOL Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Pharmakologie, Therapie Und Toxikologie INT Z KLIN PHARMAKOL THER TOXIKOL Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Vitamin- Und Ernahrungsforschung. Beiheft INT Z VITAM ERNAHRUNGSFORSCH BEIH Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Vitaminforschung. International Journal of Vitamin Research. Journal International De Vitaminologie INT Z VITAMINFORSCH Internationales Archiv Fur Arbeitsmedizin INT ARCH ARBEITSMED Internist INTERNIST (BERL) Internist INTERNIST

Internistische Praxis INTERNIST PRAX Inter-University Faculty Work Conference INTERUNIV FAC WORK CONF Intervirology INTERVIROLOGY Invasion and Metastasis INVASION METASTASIS Invertebrate Neuroscience INVERT NEUROSCI Investigacion Clinica INVEST CLIN Investigational New Drugs INVEST NEW DRUGS Investigative and Cell Pathology INVEST CELL PATHOL Investigative Ophthalmology INVEST OPHTHALMOL Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science INVEST OPHTHALMOL VIS SCI Investigative Radiology INVEST RADIOL Investigative Urology INVESTIG UROL (BERL) Investigative Urology INVEST UROL Investor-Owned Hospital Review INVESTOR OWNED HOSP REV Ion Channels ION CHANNELS Ion Exchange and Membranes ION EXCH MEMBR Iowa Dental Bulletin IOWA DENT BULL Iowa Dental Journal IOWA DENT J Iowa Medicine

IOWA MED Iowa Orthopaedic Journal IOWA ORTHOP J Iowa State University Veterinarian IOWA STATE UNIV VET Ippf Medical Bulletin IPPF MED BULL Iraqi Dental Journal IRAQI DENT J Ircs Journal of Medical Science IRCS J MED SCI Irish Journal of Medical Science IR J MED SCI Irish Medical Journal IR MED J Irish Nurses Journal IR NURSES J Irish Nursing and Hospital World IR NURS HOSP WORLD Irish Nursing News IR NURS NEWS Irm; Information and Records Management IRM Iryo IRYO Isa Transactions ISA TRANS Isis ISIS Ismb ISMB Isozymes: Current Topics In Biological Medical Research ISOZYMES CURR TOP BIOL MED RES Israel Annals of Psychiatry and Related Disciplines ISR ANN PSYCHIATR RELAT DISCIP Israel Journal of Dental Medicine ISR J DENT MED

Israel Journal of Dental Sciences ISR J DENT SCI Israel Journal of Medical Sciences ISR J MED SCI Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences ISR J PSYCHIATRY RELAT SCI Israel Journal of Zoology ISR J ZOOL Issledovaniia Po Genetike ISSLED GENET Issues ISSUES Issues In Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing ISSUES COMPR PEDIATR NURS Issues In Health Care ISSUES HEALTH CARE Issues In Health Care of Women ISSUES HEALTH CARE WOMEN Issues In Law and Medicine ISSUES LAW MED Issues In Mental Health Nursing ISSUES MENT HEALTH NURS Issues In Science and Technology ISSUES SCI TECHNOL Istanbul Universitesi Dishekimligi Fakultesi Dergisi ISTANBUL UNIV DISHEKIM FAK DERG Italian General Review of Dermatology ITAL GEN REV DERMATOL Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology ITAL J ANAT EMBRYOL Italian Journal of Biochemistry ITAL J BIOCHEM Italian Journal of Gastroenterology ITAL J GASTROENTEROL Italian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology ITAL J GASTROENTEROL HEPATOL Italian Journal of Neurological Sciences ITAL J NEUROL SCI

Italian Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology ITAL J ORTHOP TRAUMATOL Italian Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Supplementum ITAL J ORTHOP TRAUMATOL SUPPL Italian Journal of Surgical Sciences ITAL J SURG SCI Iugoslavica Physiologica Et Pharmacologica Acta IUGOSL PHYSIOL PHARMACOL ACTA Iyo Denshi to Seitai Kogaku IYODENSHI TO SEITAI KOGAKU Izvestiia Akademii Nauk. Seriia Biologicheskaia IZV AKAD NAUK SER BIOL Izvestiia Akademii Nauk Sssr. Seriia Biologicheskaia IZV AKAD NAUK SSSR BIOL Izvestiia Na Instituta Po Fiziologiia IZV INST FIZIOL (SOFIIA) Izvestiia Na Mikrobiologicheskiia Institut IZV MIKROBIOL INST (SOFIIA)

Biomedical Journals: Full Name and Abbreviation Journals beginning with J thru N This is a list of biomedical journals and their abbreviations. This was distilled from documents at the National Library of Medicine's web-site.

Jaami; Journal of the Association For the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation J ASSOC ADV MED INSTRUM Jaarboek Van Kankeronderzoek En Kankerbestrijding In Nederland JAARB KANKERONDERZ KANKERBESTRIJD NED Jacep JACEP Jahresbericht / Schweizerische Akademie Der Medizinischen Wissenschaften JAHRESBER SCHWEIZ AKAD MED WISS Jama JAMA

Jamaican Nurse JAMAICAN NURSE Japanese Circulation Journal JPN CIRC J Japanese Dental Journal JPN DENT J Japanese Heart Journal JPN HEART J Japanese Journal of Antibiotics JPN J ANTIBIOT Japanese Journal of Cancer Research JPN J CANCER RES Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology JPN J CLIN ONCOL Japanese Journal of Dermatology: Series B JPN J DERMATOL B Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine JPN J EXP MED Japanese Journal of Genetics JPN J GENET Japanese Journal of Human Genetics JPN J HUM GENET Japanese Journal of Medical Science and Biology JPN J MED SCI BIOL Japanese Journal of Medicine JPN J MED Japanese Journal of Microbiology JPN J MICROBIOL Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology JPN J OPHTHALMOL Japanese Journal of Pharmacology JPN J PHARMACOL Japanese Journal of Physiology JPN J PHYSIOL Japanese Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology JPN J PSYCHIATRY NEUROL Japanese Journal of Surgery

JPN J SURG Japanese Journal of Tuberculosis JPN J TUBERC Japanese Journal of Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases JPN J TUBERC CHEST DIS Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research JPN J VET RES Japan-Hospitals JPN HOSP Japca JAPCA Jcah Perspectives JCAH PERSPECT Jfma. Journal of the Florida Medical Association JFMA Jforl. Journal Francais D Oto-Rhino Laryngologie, Audiophonologie Et Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale JFORL J FR OTORHINOLARYNGOL AUDIOPHONOL CHIR MAXILLOFAC Jibiinkoka JIBIINKOKA Jikeikai Medical Journal JIKEIKAI MED J Jikken Dobutsu. Experimental Animals JIKKEN DOBUTSU Jinrui Idengaku Zasshi [Japanese Journal of Human Genetics] JINRUI IDENGAKU ZASSHI Jogn Nursing JOGN NURS Johns Hopkins Medical Journal JOHNS HOPKINS MED J Johns Hopkins Medical Journal. Supplement JOHNS HOPKINS MED J SUPPL Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumni Magazine JOHNS HOPKINS NURSES ALUMNI MAG Joint Commission Journal On Quality Improvement JT COMM J QUAL IMPROV Joint Commission Perspectives JT COMM PERSPECT

Jordan Dental Journal JORDAN DENT J Jordemodern JORDEMODERN Jordmorbladet JORDMORBLADET Jornal Brasileiro De Doencas Toracicas J BRAS DOENCAS TORAC Jornal Brasileiro De Psiquiatria J BRAS PSIQUIATR Jornal Do Medico J MED (OPORTO) Jornal De Pediatria J PEDIATR (RIO J) Jornal Da Sociedade Das Ciencias Medicas De Lisboa J SOC CIENC MED LISB Josai Shika Daigaku Kiyo. Bulletin of the Josai Dental University JOSAI SHIKA DAIGAKU KIYO Josanpu Zasshi. Japanese Journal For Midwives JOSANPU ZASSHI Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology J ABNORM CHILD PSYCHOL Journal of Abnormal Psychology J ABNORM PSYCHOL Journal - Academy of General Dentistry J ACAD GEN DENT Journal / Academy of Hospital Administration J ACAD HOSP ADM Journal of Accident and Emergency Medicine J ACCID EMERG MED Journal of the Acoustical Society of America J ACOUST SOC AM Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes J ACQUIR IMMUNE DEFIC SYNDR Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology J ACQUIR IMMUNE DEFIC SYNDR HUM RETROVIROL Journal of Addictive Diseases

J ADDICT DIS Journal of Adolescence J ADOLESC Journal of Adolescent Health J ADOLESC HEALTH Journal of Adolescent Health Care J ADOLESC HEALTH CARE Journal of Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing J ADV MED SURG NURS Journal of Advanced Nursing J ADV NURS Journal of Aerosol Medicine J AEROSOL MED Journal of Affective Disorders J AFFECT DISORD Journal of Aging and Health J AGING HEALTH Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry J AGRIC FOOD CHEM Journal of Ahima J AHIMA Journal of Air Medical Transport J AIR MED TRANSP Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association J AIR POLLUT CONTROL ASSOC Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association J AIR WASTE MANAG ASSOC Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association J AIR WASTE MANAGE ASSOC Journal - Alabama Dental Association J ALA DENT ASSOC Journal of the All India Dental Association J ALL INDIA DENT ASSOC Journal of Allergy J ALLERGY Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology J ALLERGY CLIN IMMUNOL

Journal of Allied Health J ALLIED HEALTH Journal of the All-India Ophthalmological Society J ALL INDIA OPHTHALMOL SOC Journal of Ambulatory Care Management J AMBULATORY CARE MANAGE Journal of Ambulatory Care Marketing J AMBUL CARE MARK Journal of the American Academy of Audiology J AM ACAD AUDIOL Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry J AM ACAD CHILD ADOLESC PSYCHIATRY Journal of the American Academy of Child Psychiatry J AM ACAD CHILD PSYCHIATRY Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology J AM ACAD DERMATOL Journal / American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics J AM ACAD GNATHOL ORTHOP Journal of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators J AM ACAD GOLD FOIL OPER Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners J AM ACAD NURSE PRACT Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law J AM ACAD PSYCHIATRY LAW Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis J AM ACAD PSYCHOANAL Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association J AM ANIM HOSP ASSOC Journal of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists J AM ASSOC GYNECOL LAPAROSC Journal / American Association For Medical Transcription J AM ASSOC MED TRANSCR Journal of the American Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians J AM ASSOC NEPHROL NURSES TECH Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists J AM ASSOC NURSE ANESTH Journal of the American Audiology Society J AM AUDIOL SOC

Journal of the American Auditory Society J AM AUD SOC Journal of the American Board of Family Practice J AM BOARD FAM PRACT Journal of the American Chemical Society J AM CHEM SOC Journal of the American College of Cardiology J AM COLL CARDIOL Journal of the American College of Dentists J AM COLL DENT Journal of American College Health J AM COLL HEALTH Journal of the American College Health Association J AM COLL HEALTH ASSOC Journal of the American College of Nutrition J AM COLL NUTR Journal of the American College of Surgeons J AM COLL SURG Journal of the American Dental Association J AM DENT ASSOC Journal of the American Dental Association (Edizione Italiana) J AM DENT ASSOC (ED ITAL) Journal of the American Dental Hygienists Association J AM DENT HYG ASSOC Journal of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology J AM DENT SOC ANESTHESIOL Journal of the American Dietetic Association J AM DIET ASSOC Journal of the American Geriatrics Society J AM GERIATR SOC Journal of American Health Care J AM HEALTH CARE Journal - American Health Care Association J AM HEALTH CARE ASSOC Journal of American Health Policy J AM HEALTH POLICY Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy

J AM INST HOMEOPATH Journal of the American Institute of Planners J AM INST PLANN Journal of American Insurance J AM INSUR Journal - American Intra-Ocular Implant Society J AM INTRAOCUL IMPLANT SOC Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association J AM MED INFORM ASSOC Journal / American Medical Record Association J AM MED REC ASSOC Journal of the American Medical Record Association J AM MED REC ASSOC Journal of the American Medical Womens Association J AM MED WOMENS ASSOC Journal of the American Medical Womens Association J AM MED WOMENS ASSOC Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association J AM MOSQ CONTROL ASSOC Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. Supplement J AM MOSQ CONTROL ASSOC SUPPL Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society J AM OIL CHEM SOC Journal of the American Optometric Association J AM OPTOM ASSOC Journal of the American Osteopathic Association J AM OSTEOPATH ASSOC Journal of the American Paraplegia Society J AM PARAPLEGIA SOC Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association J AM PHARM ASSOC (WASH) Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association J AM PHARM ASSOC Journal of the American Planning Association J AM PLANN ASSOC Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association J AM PODIATR MED ASSOC

Journal of the American Podiatry Association J AM PODIATRY ASSOC Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association J AM PSYCHOANAL ASSOC Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography J AM SOC ECHOCARDIOGR Journal of the American Society For Geriatric Dentistry J AM SOC GERIATR DENT Journal of the American Society For Information Science J AM SOC INF SCI Journal of the American Society of Nephrology J AM SOC NEPHROL Journal of the American Society For Preventive Dentistry J AM SOC PREV DENT Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine J AM SOC PSYCHOSOM DENT MED Journal. American Society For the Study of Orthodontics J AM SOC STUDY ORTHOD Journal of the American Venereal Disease Association J AM VENER DIS ASSOC Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association J AM VET MED ASSOC Journal of Analytical Psychology J ANAL PSYCHOL Journal of Analytical Toxicology J ANAL TOXICOL Journal of the Anatomical Society of India J ANAT SOC INDIA Journal of Anatomy J ANAT Journal of Andrology J ANDROL Journal (Anglo-Continental Dental Society) J ANGLOCONT DENT SOC Journal of Animal Science J ANIM SCI Journal of Antibiotics J ANTIBIOT (TOKYO)

Journal of Antibiotics. Ser. B J ANTIBIOT [B] Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy J ANTIMICROB CHEMOTHER Journal of Anxiety Disorders J ANXIETY DISORD Journal of Aoac International J AOAC INT Journal of Apdsa; Asian Pacific Dental Student Association J APDSA (TOKYO) Journal of Applied Bacteriology J APPL BACTERIOL Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis J APPL BEHAV ANAL Journal of Applied Behavioral Science J APPL BEHAV SCI Journal of Applied Biochemistry J APPL BIOCHEM Journal of Applied Biomaterials J APPL BIOMATER Journal of Applied Gerontology J APPL GERONTOL Journal of Applied Microbiology J APPL MICROBIOL Journal of Applied Nutrition J APPL NUTR Journal of Applied Physiology J APPL PHYSIOL Journal of Applied Physiology J APPL PHYSIOL Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental and Exercise Physiology J APPL PHYSIOL Journal of Applied Psychology J APPL PSYCHOL Journal of Applied Toxicology J APPL TOXICOL Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society

J ARK MED SOC Journal of Arthroplasty J ARTHROPLASTY Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics J ASSIST REPROD GENET Journal of the Association For Academic Minority Physicians J ASSOC ACAD MINOR PHYS Journal of the Association For the Care of Children In Hospitals J ASSOC CARE CHILD HOSP Journal of the Association For the Care of Childrens Health J ASSOC CARE CHILD HEALTH Journal / Association For Healthcare Philanthropy J ASSOC HEALTHC PHILANTHR Journal - Association For Hospital Medical Education J ASSOC HOSP MED EDUC Journal of the Association of Nurses In Aids Care J ASSOC NURSES AIDS CARE Journal - Association of Official Analytical Chemists J ASSOC OFF ANAL CHEM Journal of the Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses J ASSOC PEDIATR ONCOL NURSES Journal of the Association For Physical and Mental Rehabilitation J ASSOC PHYS MENT REHABIL Journal of the Association of Physicians of India J ASSOC PHYSICIANS INDIA Journal of Asthma J ASTHMA Journal of Asthma Research J ASTHMA RES Journal of Atherosclerosis Research J ATHEROSCLER RES Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis J ATHEROSCLER THROMB Journal of Audiovisual Media In Medicine J AUDIOV MEDIA MED Journal of Auditory Research J AUD RES

Journal of Auditory Research. Supplement J AUD RES SUPPL Journal / Australian College of Midwives J AUST COLL MIDWIVES Journal of the Australian Institute of Surgical and Dental Technicians (Melbourne) J AUST INST SURG DENT TECH Journal of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia J AUTISM CHILD SCHIZOPHR Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders J AUTISM DEV DISORD Journal of Autoimmunity J AUTOIMMUN Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System J AUTON NERV SYST Journal of Autonomic Pharmacology J AUTON PHARMACOL Journal Das Auxiliares Odontologicas J AUX ODONTOL Journal of Bacteriology J BACTERIOL Journal of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery J BALTIMORE COLL DENT SURG Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology J BASIC CLIN PHYSIOL PHARMACOL Journal of Basic Microbiology J BASIC MICROBIOL Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry J BEHAV THER EXP PSYCHIATRY Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research J BEHAV HEALTH SERV RES Journal of Behavioral Medicine J BEHAV MED Journal Belge De Medecine Physique. Belgisch Tijdschrift Voor Fysische Geneeskunde J BELGE MED PHYS Journal Belge De Medecine Physique Et De Rehabilitation. Belgisch Tijdschrift Voor Fysische Geneeskunde En Rehabilitatie J BELGE MED PHYS REHABIL Journal Belge De Radiologie

J BELGE RADIOL Journal Belge De Rhumatologie Et De Medecine Physique. Belgisch Tijdschrift Voor Reumatologie En Fysische Geneeskunde J BELGE RHUMATOL MED PHYS Journal of the Bergen County Dental Society J BERGEN CTY DENT SOC Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods J BIOCHEM BIOPHYS METHODS Journal of Biochemical Toxicology J BIOCHEM TOXICOL Journal of Biochemistry J BIOCHEM (TOKYO) Journal of Biocommunication J BIOCOMMUN Journal of Bioenergetics J BIOENERG Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes J BIOENERG BIOMEMBR Journal of Bioengineering J BIOENG Journal of Bioethics J BIOETH Journal of Biological Chemistry J BIOL CHEM Journal of the Biological Photographic Association J BIOL PHOTOGR ASSOC Journal of Biological Photography J BIOL PHOTOGR Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents J BIOL REGUL HOMEOST AGENTS Journal of Biological Response Modifiers J BIOL RESPONSE MOD Journal of Biological Rhythms J BIOL RHYTHMS Journal of Biological Standardization J BIOL STAND Journal De Biologie Buccale J BIOL BUCCALE

Journal of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence J BIOLUMIN CHEMILUMIN Journal of Biomaterials Applications J BIOMATER APPL Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition J BIOMATER SCI POLYM ED Journal De Biomateriaux Dentaires J BIOMATER DENT Journal of Biomechanical Engineering J BIOMECH ENG Journal of Biomechanics J BIOMECH Journal of Biomedical Engineering J BIOMED ENG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research J BIOMED MATER RES Journal of Biomolecular Nmr J BIOMOL NMR Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics J BIOMOL STRUCT DYN Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics J BIOPHARM STAT Journal of Biosocial Science J BIOSOC SCI Journal of Biosocial Science. Supplement J BIOSOC SCI SUPPL Journal of Biotechnology J BIOTECHNOL Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume J BONE JOINT SURG AM Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume J BONE JOINT SURG BR Journal of Bone and Mineral Research J BONE MINER RES Journal of the British Endodontic Society J BR ENDOD SOC Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation

J BURN CARE REHABIL Journal of Business Strategy J BUS STRATEGY Journal of the California Dental Association J CALIF DENT ASSOC Journal - California Dental Association J CALIF DENT ASSOC Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiologists J CAN ASSOC RADIOL Journal of the Canadian Dental Association J CAN DENT ASSOC Journal / Canadian Dental Association. Journal De L Association Dentaire Canadienne J CAN DENT ASSOC Journal of the Canadian Dietetic Association J CAN DIET ASSOC Journal of Cancer Education J CANCER EDUC Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology J CANCER RES CLIN ONCOL Journal Cannt J CANNT Journal of Capillary Electrophoresis J CAPILLARY ELECTROPHOR Journal of Cardiac Failure J CARD FAIL Journal of Cardiac Surgery J CARD SURG Journal of Cardiography J CARDIOGR Journal of Cardiography. Supplement J CARDIOGR SUPPL Journal of Cardiology J CARDIOL Journal of Cardiology. Supplement J CARDIOL SUPPL Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation J CARDPULM REHABIL

Journal of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia J CARDIOTHORAC ANESTH Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia J CARDIOTHORAC VASC ANESTH Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology J CARDIOVASC ELECTROPHYSIOL Journal of Cardiovascular Management J CARDIOVASC MANAG Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing J CARDIOVASC NURS Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology J CARDIOVASC PHARMACOL Journal of Cardiovascular Risk J CARDIOVASC RISK Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery J CARDIOVASC SURG (TORINO) Journal of Case Management J CASE MANAG Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery J CATARACT REFRACT SURG Journal of the Catholic Nurses Guild of England and Wales J CATHOL NURSES GUILD ENGL WALES Journal of Cell Biology J CELL BIOL Journal of Cell Science J CELL SCI Journal of Cell Science. Supplement J CELL SCI SUPPL Journal of Cellular Biochemistry J CELL BIOCHEM Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. Supplement J CELL BIOCHEM SUPPL Journal of Cellular Physiology J CELL PHYSIOL Journal of Cellular Physiology. Supplement J CELL PHYSIOL SUPPL Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

J CEREB BLOOD FLOW METAB Journal of the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation J CHARLES H. TWEED INT FOUND Journal of Chemical Documentation J CHEM DOC Journal of Chemical Education J CHEM EDUC Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences J CHEM INF COMPUT SCI Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy J CHEM NEUROANAT Journal of Chemical Physics J CHEM PHYS Journal of the Chemical Society. Perkin Transactions 1 J CHEM SOC [PERKIN 1] Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology J CHEM TECHNOL BIOTECHNOL Journal of Chemotherapy J CHEMOTHER Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing J CHILD ADOLESC PSYCHIATR MENT HEALTH NURS Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing J CHILD ADOLESC PSYCHIATR NURS Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology J CHILD ADOLESC PSYCHOPHARMACOL Journal of Child Language J CHILD LANG Journal of Child Neurology J CHILD NEUROL Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines J CHILD PSYCHOL PSYCHIATRY Journal De Chirurgie J CHIR (PARIS) Journal of Christian Nursing J CHRIST NURS Journal of Chromatographic Science J CHROMATOGR SCI

Journal of Chromatography J CHROMATOGR Journal of Chromatography. a J CHROMATOGR A Journal of Chromatography. B, Biomedical Applications J CHROMATOGR B BIOMED APPL Journal of Chromatography Supplementary Volume J CHROMATOGR SUPPL Journal of Chronic Diseases J CHRONIC DIS Journal of Clinical Anesthesia J CLIN ANESTH Journal of Clinical Apheresis J CLIN APHERESIS Journal of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry J CLIN CHEM CLIN BIOCHEM Journal of Clinical Child Psychology J CLIN CHILD PSYCHOL Journal of Clinical Computing J CLIN COMPUT Journal of Clinical Dentistry J CLIN DENT Journal of Clinical Dysmorphology J CLIN DYSMORPHOL Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism J CLIN ENDOCRINOL METAB Journal of Clinical Engineering J CLIN ENG Journal of Clinical Epidemiology J CLIN EPIDEMIOL Journal of Clinical Ethics J CLIN ETHICS Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology J CLIN EXP NEUROPSYCHOL Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology J CLIN GASTROENTEROL Journal of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy J CLIN HOSP PHARM

Journal of Clinical Hypertension J CLIN HYPERTENS Journal of Clinical Immunology J CLIN IMMUNOL Journal of Clinical Investigation J CLIN INVEST Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis J CLIN LAB ANAL Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Immunology J CLIN LAB IMMUNOL Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine and Surgery J CLIN LASER MED SURG Journal of Clinical Microbiology J CLIN MICROBIOL Journal of Clinical Monitoring J CLIN MONIT Journal of Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology J CLIN NEUROOPHTHALMOL Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology J CLIN NEUROPHYSIOL Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology J CLIN NEUROPSYCHOL Journal of Clinical Nursing J CLIN NURS Journal of Clinical Oncology J CLIN ONCOL Journal of Clinical Orthodontics J CLIN ORTHOD Journal of Clinical Pathology J CLIN PATHOL Journal of Clinical Pathology. Supplement (Association of Clinical Pathologists) J CLIN PATHOL SUPPL (ASSOC CLIN PATHOL) Journal of Clinical Pathology. Supplement (Royal College of Pathologists) J CLIN PATHOL SUPPL (R COLL PATHOL) Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry J CLIN PEDIATR DENT Journal of Clinical Periodontology

J CLIN PERIODONTOL Journal of Clinical Pharmacology J CLIN PHARMACOL Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and the Journal of New Drugs J CLIN PHARMACOL J NEW DRUGS Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and New Drugs J CLIN PHARMACOL NEW DRUGS Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics J CLIN PHARM THER Journal of Clinical Psychiatry J CLIN PSYCHIATRY Journal of Clinical Psychology J CLIN PSYCHOL Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology J CLIN PSYCHOPHARMACOL Journal of Clinical Stomatology Conferences J CLIN STOMATOL CONF Journal of Clinical Ultrasound J CLIN ULTRASOUND Journal of Collective Negotiations In the Public Sector J COLLECT NEGOTIATIONS PUBLIC SECT Journal of the College of General Practitioners J COLL GEN PRACT Journal of the College of Radiologists of Australasia J COLL RADIOL AUSTRALAS Journal of Colloid and Interface Science J COLLOID INTERFACE SCI Journal of Colloid Science J COLLOID SCI Journal of the Colorado Dental Association J COLO DENT ASSOC Journal of Communicable Diseases J COMMUN DIS Journal of Communication J COMMUN Journal of Communication Disorders J COMMUN DISORD

Journal of Community Health J COMMUNITY HEALTH Journal of Community Health Nursing J COMMUNITY HEALTH NURS Journal of Community Psychology J COMMUNITY PSYCHOL Journal of Comparative Neurology J COMP NEUROL Journal of Comparative Pathology J COMP PATHOL Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology J COMP PHYSIOL PSYCHOL Journal of Comparative Physiology. a, Sensory, Neural, and Behavioral Physiology J COMP PHYSIOL [A] Journal of Comparative Physiology. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology J COMP PHYSIOL [B] Journal of Comparative Psychology J COMP PSYCHOL Journal of Compliance In Health Care J COMPLIANCE HEALTH CARE Journal of Computational Biology J COMPUT BIOL Journal of Computational Neuroscience J COMPUT NEUROSCI Journal of Computed Tomography J COMPUT TOMOGR Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography J COMPUT ASSIST TOMOGR Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design J COMPUT AIDED MOL DES Journal - Connecticut State Dental Association J CONN STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology J CONSULT CLIN PSYCHOL Journal of Consulting Psychology J CONSULT PSYCHOL Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy

J CONTEMP HEALTH LAW POLICY Journal of Continuing Education In the Health Professions J CONTIN EDUC HEALTH PROF Journal of Continuing Education In Nursing J CONTIN EDUC NURS Journal / Contra Costa Dental Society J CONTRA COSTA DENT SOC Journal of Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology J CRANIOFAC GENET DEV BIOL Journal of Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology. Supplement J CRANIOFAC GENET DEV BIOL SUPPL Journal of Craniofacial Surgery J CRANIOFAC SURG Journal of Craniomandibular Disorders J CRANIOMANDIB DISORD Journal of Cranio-Mandibular Practice J CRANIOMANDIBULAR PRACT Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery J CRANIOMAXILLOFAC SURG Journal of Critical Care J CRIT CARE Journal of Critical Illness J CRIT ILLN Journal of Cultural Diversity J CULT DIVERS Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery J CUTAN MED SURG Journal of Cutaneous Pathology J CUTAN PATHOL Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide and Protein Phosphorylation Research J CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE PROTEIN PHOSPHOR RES Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research J CYCLIC NUCLEOTIDE RES Journal of Dairy Research J DAIRY RES Journal of Dairy Science J DAIRY SCI

Journal Dentaire Du Quebec J DENT QUE Journal of the Dental Association of South Africa J DENT ASSOC S AFR Journal of the Dental Association of Thailand J DENT ASSOC THAI Journal of the Dental Auxiliaries J DENT AUX Journal of Dental Education J DENT EDUC Journal of the Dental Guidance Council On the Handicapped J DENT GUID COUNC HANDICAP Journal of Dental Hygiene J DENT HYG Journal of Dental Medicine J DENT MED Journal of Dental Practice Administration J DENT PRACT ADM Journal of Dental Research J DENT RES Journal of the Dental School, National University of Iran J DENT SCH NATL UNIV IRAN Journal of Dental Symposia J DENT SYMP Journal of Dental Technology J DENT TECHNOL Journal of Dentistry J DENT Journal of Dentistry For Children J DENT CHILD Journal of Dentistry For the Handicapped J DENT HANDICAP Journal of Dermatologic Surgery J DERMATOL SURG Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology J DERMATOL SURG ONCOL Journal of Dermatological Science J DERMATOL SCI

Journal of Dermatology J DERMATOL Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics J DEV BEHAV PEDIATR Journal of Developmental Physiology J DEV PHYSIOL Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications J DIABETES COMPLICATIONS Journal of Diabetic Complications J DIABET COMPLICATIONS Journal of Dialysis J DIAL Journal of Diarrhoeal Diseases Research J DIARRHOEAL DIS RES Journal of Digital Imaging J DIGIT IMAGING Journal - District of Columbia Dental Society J DIST COLUMBIA DENT SOC Journal of Drug Education J DRUG EDUC Journal of Drug Targeting J DRUG TARGET Journal of Economic Entomology J ECON ENTOMOL Journal of Economic Perspectives J ECON PERSPECT Journal of Economic and Social Measurement J ECON SOC MEAS Journal of Economics and Business J ECON BUS Journal of Educational Psychology J EDUC PSYCHOL Journal of the Egyptian Medical Association J EGYPT MED ASSOC Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association J EGYPT PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOC Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology

J EGYPT SOC PARASITOL Journal of Electrocardiology J ELECTROCARDIOL Journal of Electron Microscopy J ELECTRON MICROSC (TOKYO) Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique J ELECTRON MICROSC TECH Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology J EMBRYOL EXP MORPHOL Journal of Emergency Medical Services : Jems J EMERG MED SERV JEMS Journal of Emergency Medicine J EMERG MED Journal of Emergency Nursing J EMERG NURS Journal of Endocrinological Investigation J ENDOCRINOL INVEST Journal of Endocrinology J ENDOCRINOL Journal of Endodontics J ENDOD Journal of Endourology J ENDOUROL Journal of Endovascular Surgery J ENDOVASC SURG Journal of Engineering Psychology J ENG PSYCHOL Journal of Enterostomal Therapy J ENTEROSTOMAL THER Journal of Environmental Health J ENVIRON HEALTH Journal of Environmental Pathology and Toxicology J ENVIRON PATHOL TOXICOL Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology J ENVIRON PATHOL TOXICOL ONCOL Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part B: Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural Wastes J ENVIRON SCI HEALTH B

Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part C: Environmental Health Sciences J ENVIRON SCI HEALTH C Journal of Enzyme Inhibition J ENZYME INHIB Journal of Epidemiology J EPIDEMIOL Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health J EPIDEMIOL COMMUNITY HEALTH Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health J EPIDEMIOL COMMUNITY HEALTH Journal of Esthetic Dentistry J ESTHET DENT Journal of Ethnopharmacology J ETHNOPHARMACOL Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology J EUKARYOT MICROBIOL Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice J EVAL CLIN PRACT Journal of Existentialism J EXISTENT Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior J EXP ANAL BEHAV Journal of Experimental Animal Science J EXP ANIM SCI Journal of Experimental Biology J EXP BIOL Journal of Experimental Child Psychology J EXP CHILD PSYCHOL Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research J EXP CLIN CANCER RES Journal of Experimental Medical Sciences J EXP MED SCI Journal of Experimental Medicine J EXP MED Journal of Experimental Pathology J EXP PATHOL

Journal of Experimental Pathology J EXP PATHOL (OXFORD) Journal of Experimental Psychology J EXP PSYCHOL Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes J EXP PSYCHOL ANIM BEHAV PROCESS Journal of Experimental Psychology: General J EXP PSYCHOL GEN Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory J EXP PSYCHOL [HUM LEARN] Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance J EXP PSYCHOL HUM PERCEPT PERFORM Journal of Experimental Psychology. Learning, Memory, and Cognition J EXP PSYCHOL LEARN MEM COGN Journal of Experimental Zoology J EXP ZOOL Journal of Experimental Zoology. Supplement J EXP ZOOL SUPPL Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology J EXPO ANAL ENVIRON EPIDEMIOL Journal of Extra-Corporeal Technology J EXTRA CORPOR TECHNOL Journal of Family Practice J FAM PRACT Journal of the Florida Medical Association J FLA MED ASSOC Journal of the Florida State Dental Society J FLA STATE DENT SOC Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery J FOOT ANKLE SURG Journal of Foot Surgery J FOOT SURG Journal of Forensic Medicine J FORENSIC MED Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology J FORENSIC ODONTOSTOMATOL Journal - Forensic Science Society J FORENSIC SCI SOC

Journal of Forensic Sciences J FORENSIC SCI Journal of the Formosan Medical Association J FORMOS MED ASSOC Journal Francais De Medecine Et Chirurgie Thoraciques J FR MED CHIR THORAC Journal Francais D Ophtalmologie J FR OPHTALMOL Journal Francais D Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie, Audiophonologie, Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale J FR OTORHINOLARYNGOL AUDIOPHONOL CHIR MAXILLOFAC Journal Francais D Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie, Audio-Phonologie Et Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale J FR OTORHINOLARYNGOL AUDIOPHONOL CHIR MAXILLOFAC Journal Francais D Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie Et Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale J FR OTORHINOLARYNGOL CHIR MAXILLOFAC Journal of Free Radicals In Biology and Medicine J FREE RADIC BIOL MED Journal of Gastroenterology J GASTROENTEROL Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology J GASTROENTEROL HEPATOL Journal of General Internal Medicine J GEN INTERN MED Journal of General Microbiology J GEN MICROBIOL Journal of General Orthodontics J GEN ORTHOD Journal of General Physiology J GEN PHYSIOL Journal of General Psychology J GEN PSYCHOL Journal of General Virology J GEN VIROL Journal of Genetic Psychology J GENET PSYCHOL Journal De Genetique Humaine J GENET HUM

Journal of the Georgia Dental Association J GA DENT ASSOC Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry J GERIATR PSYCHIATRY Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology J GERIATR PSYCHIATRY NEUROL Journal of Gerontological Nursing J GERONTOL NURS Journal of Gerontology J GERONTOL Journal of Glaucoma J GLAUCOMA Journal of Gnathology J GNATHOL Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society J GT HOUST DENT SOC Journal of Gynecologic Surgery J GYNECOL SURG Journal De Gynecologie, Obstetrique Et Biologie De La Reproduction J GYNECOL OBSTET BIOL REPROD (PARIS) Journal of Hand Surgery. American Volume J HAND SURG [AM] Journal of Hand Surgery. British Volume J HAND SURG [BR] Journal of Hand Therapy J HAND THER Journal of the Hawaii Dental Association J HAWAII DENT ASSOC Journal of the Hawaii State Dental Association J HAWAII STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of Health Administration Education J HEALTH ADM EDUC Journal of Health Care Benefits J HEALTH CARE BENEFITS Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy J HEALTH CARE CHAPLAIN Journal of Health Care Finance J HEALTH CARE FINANCE

Journal of Health Care Interior Design J HEALTH CARE INTER DES Journal of Health Care Interior Design J HEALTH CARE INTER DES Journal of Health Care Marketing J HEALTH CARE MARK Journal of Health Care For the Poor and Underserved J HEALTH CARE POOR UNDERSERVED Journal of Health Care Technology J HEALTH CARE TECHNOL Journal of Health Economics J HEALTH ECON Journal of Health and Hospital Law J HEALTH HOSP LAW Journal of Health and Human Behavior J HEALTH HUM BEHAV Journal of Health and Human Resources Administration J HEALTH HUM RESOUR ADM Journal of Health and Human Services Administration J HEALTH HUM SERV ADM Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law J HEALTH POLIT POLICY LAW Journal of Health and Social Behavior J HEALTH SOC BEHAV Journal of Health and Social Policy J HEALTH SOC POLICY Journal of Healthcare Design J HEALTHC DES Journal of Healthcare Education and Training J HEALTHC EDUC TRAIN Journal of Healthcare Materiel Management J HEALTHC MATER MANAGE Journal of Healthcare Protection Management J HEALTHC PROT MANAGE Journal For Healthcare Quality J HEALTHC QUAL Journal of Healthcare Resource Management

J HEALTHC RESOUR MANAG Journal of Healthcare Risk Management J HEALTHC RISK MANAG Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation J HEART LUNG TRANSPLANT Journal of Heart Transplantation J HEART TRANSPLANT Journal of Heart Valve Disease J HEART VALVE DIS Journal of Helminthology J HELMINTHOL Journal of Hematotherapy J HEMATOTHER Journal of Hepatology J HEPATOL Journal of Hepatology. Supplement J HEPATOL SUPPL Journal of Heredity J HERED Journal of Higher Education J HIGHER EDUC Journal Fur Hirnforschung J HIRNFORSCH Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry J HISTOCHEM CYTOCHEM Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences J HIST BEHAV SCI Journal of the History of Dentistry J HIST DENT Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences J HIST MED ALLIED SCI Journal of Holistic Nursing J HOLIST NURS Journal of Homosexuality J HOMOSEX Journal For Hospital Admitting Management J HOSP ADMIT MANAGE

Journal of Hospital Dental Practice J HOSP DENT PRACT Journal of Hospital Infection J HOSP INFECT Journal of Hospital Marketing J HOSP MARK Journal of Hospital Supply, Processing and Distribution J HOSP SUPPLY PROCESS DISTRIB Journal of the Houston District Dental Society J HOUSTON DIST DENT SOC Journal of Human Ergology J HUM ERGOL (TOKYO) Journal of Human Evolution J HUM EVOL Journal of Human Hypertension J HUM HYPERTENS Journal of Human Lactation J HUM LACT Journal of Human Nutrition J HUM NUTR Journal of Human Resources J HUM RESOUR Journal of Human Stress J HUMAN STRESS Journal of Hygiene J HYG (LOND) Journal of Hygiene, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Immunology J HYG EPIDEMIOL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Journal of Hypertension J HYPERTENS Journal of Hypertension. Supplement J HYPERTENS SUPPL Journal of Image Guided Surgery J IMAGE GUID SURG Journal of Immunoassay J IMMUNOASSAY Journal of Immunogenetics J IMMUNOGENET

Journal of Immunological Methods J IMMUNOL METHODS Journal of Immunology J IMMUNOL Journal of Immunopharmacology J IMMUNOPHARMACOL Journal of Immunotherapy J IMMUNOTHER Journal of Immunotherapy J IMMUNOTHER Journal of Immunotherapy With Emphasis On Tumor Immunology J IMMUNOTHER EMPHASIS TUMOR IMMUNOL Journal of the Indian Academy of Dentistry J INDIAN ACAD DENT Journal of the Indian Dental Association J INDIAN DENT ASSOC Journal of the Indian Medical Association J INDIAN MED ASSOC Journal of the Indian Medical Profession J INDIAN MED PROF Journal of the Indian Orthodontic Society J INDIAN ORTHOD SOC Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry J INDIAN SOC PEDOD PREV DENT Journal / Indiana Dental Association J INDIANA DENT ASSOC Journal of the Indiana Dental Association J INDIANA DENT ASSOC Journal of the Indiana State Dental Association J INDIANA STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association J INDIANA STATE MED ASSOC Journal of the Indianapolis District Dental Society J INDIANAP DIST DENT SOC Journal of Individual Psychology J INDIVID PSYCHOL Journal of Industrial Microbiology

J IND MICROBIOL Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology J IND MICROBIOL BIOTECHNOL Journal of Infection J INFECT Journal of Infectious Diseases J INFECT DIS Journal of Inflammation J INFLAMM Journal of Information and Image Management J INF IMAGE MANAGE Journal of Infusional Chemotherapy J INFUS CHEMOTHER Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease J INHERIT METAB DIS Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry J INORG BIOCHEM Journal of Insect Physiology J INSECT PHYSIOL Journal of the Institute of Hospital Engineering J INST HOSP ENG Journal / Institute of Sterile Services Management J INST STERILE SERV MANAGE Journal of Insurance Medicine J INSUR MED Journal of Intellectual Disability Research J INTELLECT DISABIL RES Journal of Intensive Care Medicine J INTENSIVE CARE MED Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research J INTERFERON CYTOKINE RES Journal of Interferon Research J INTERFERON RES Journal of Internal Medicine J INTERN MED Journal of Internal Medicine. Supplement J INTERN MED SUPPL

Journal of the International Association of Dentistry For Children J INT ASSOC DENT CHILD Journal of the International Association of Physicians In Aids Care J INT ASSOC PHYSICIANS AIDS CARE Journal of the International College of Dentists; Japan Section J INT COLL DENT (JPN) Journal of the International College of Surgeons J INT COLL SURG Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry J INT FED CLIN CHEM Journal of International Medical Research J INT MED RES Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society J INT NEUROPSYCHOL SOC Journal of International Research Communications J INT RES COMMUN Journal of Interventional Cardiology J INTERV CARDIOL Journal of Intravenous Nursing J INTRAVEN NURS Journal of Invasive Cardiology J INVASIVE CARDIOL Journal of Invertebrate Pathology J INVERTEBR PATHOL Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology J INVESTIG ALLERGOL CLIN IMMUNOL Journal of Investigative Dermatology J INVEST DERMATOL Journal of Investigative Medicine J INVESTIG MED Journal of Investigative Surgery J INVEST SURG Journal of the Iowa Medical Society J IOWA MED SOC Journal of the Irish Dental Association J IR DENT ASSOC Journal of the Irish Medical Association J IR MED ASSOC

Journal of the Israel Dental Association J ISR DENT ASSOC Journal of the Japanese Obstetrical and Gynecological Society J JPN OBSTET GYNECOL SOC Journal of the Kansas Dental Association J KANS DENT ASSOC Journal of the Kansas Medical Society J KANS MED SOC Journal of the Kansas State Dental Association J KANS STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of the Kentucky Dental Association J KY DENT ASSOC Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association J KY MED ASSOC Journal of Korean Medical Science J KOREAN MED SCI Journal of the Korean Research Society For Dental Hypnosis J KOREAN RES SOC DENT HYPN Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine J LAB CLIN MED Journal - Lancet J LANCET Journal of Laparoendoscopic Surgery J LAPAROENDOSC SURG Journal of Laryngology and Otology J LARYNGOL OTOL Journal of Laryngology and Otology. Supplement J LARYNGOL OTOL SUPPL Journal of Laser Applications J LASER APPL Journal of Law and Ethics In Dentistry J LAW ETHICS DENT Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics J LAW MED ETHICS Journal of Learning Disabilities J LEARN DISABIL Journal of Legal Medicine

J LEG MED (N Y) Journal of Legal Medicine J LEG MED Journal of Leukocyte Biology J LEUKOC BIOL Journal of Leukocyte Biology. Supplement J LEUKOC BIOL SUPPL Journal of Lipid Mediators J LIPID MEDIAT Journal of Lipid Mediators and Cell Signalling J LIPID MEDIAT CELL SIGNAL Journal of Lipid Research J LIPID RES Journal of Lithotripsy and Stone Disease J LITHOTR STONE DIS Journal of Long Term Care Administration J LONG TERM CARE ADM Journal of Long Term Home Health Care J LONG TERM HOME HEALTH CARE Journal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants J LONG TERM EFF MED IMPLANTS Journal of the Louisiana Dental Association J LA DENT ASSOC Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society J LA STATE MED SOC Journal of the Macomb Dental Society J MACOMB DENT SOC Journal of Magnetic Resonance J MAGN RESON Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging J MAGN RESON IMAGING Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Series B J MAGN RESON B Journal / Maine Dental Association J MAINE DENT ASSOC Journal of the Maine Medical Association J MAINE MED ASSOC

Journal Des Maladies Vasculaires J MAL VASC Journal of Mammalogy J MAMMAL Journal of Management In Medicine J MANAG MED Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics J MANIPULATIVE PHYSIOL THER Journal of Marital and Family Therapy J MARITAL FAM THER Journal of Marketing For Mental Health J MARK MENT HEALTH Journal of Marketing For Professions J MARK PROF Journal of Marmara University Dental Faculty J MARMARA UNIV DENT FAC Journal of the Maryland State Dental Association J MD STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of Mass Spectrometry J MASS SPECTROM Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society J MASS DENT SOC Journal of Maternal-Fetal Medicine J MATERN FETAL MED Journal of Mathematical Biology J MATH BIOL Journal of Maxillofacial Orthopedics J MAXILLOFAC ORTHOP Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery J MAXILLOFAC SURG Journal of Mechanochemistry and Cell Motility J MECHANOCHEM CELL MOTIL Journal De Medecine De Bordeaux Et Du Sud-Ouest J MED BORD Journal De Medecine De Lyon J MED LYON Journal For Medicaid Management J MEDICAID MANAGE

Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia J MED ASSOC GA Journal of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama J MED ASSOC STATE ALA Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand J MED ASSOC THAI Journal of Medical Education J MED EDUC Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology J MED ENG TECHNOL Journal of Medical Entomology J MED ENTOMOL Journal of Medical Entomology. Supplement J MED ENTOMOL SUPPL Journal of Medical Ethics J MED ETHICS Journal of Medical Genetics J MED GENET Journal of Medical Humanities J MED HUMANIT Journal of Medical Humanities and Bioethics J MED HUMANIT BIOETH Journal of Medical Laboratory Technology J MED LAB TECHNOL Journal Medical Libanais. Lebanese Medical Journal J MED LIBAN Journal of Medical Microbiology J MED MICROBIOL Journal of Medical Practice Management J MED PRACT MANAGE Journal of Medical Primatology J MED PRIMATOL Journal of Medical Screening J MED SCREEN Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey J MED SOC N J Journal of Medical Systems

J MED SYST Journal of Medical and Veterinary Mycology J MED VET MYCOL Journal of Medical Virology J MED VIROL Journal of Medicinal Chemistry J MED CHEM Journal of Medicine J MED Journal of Medicine and Philosophy J MED PHILOS Journal of Membrane Biology J MEMBR BIOL Journal of Mental Deficiency Research J MENT DEFIC RES Journal of Mental Deficiency Research. Monograph Series J MENT DEFIC RES [MONOGR SER] Journal of Mental Health Administration J MENT HEALTH ADM Journal of the Mercer Dental Society J MERCER DENT SOC Journal of Michigan Dental Association J MICH DENT ASSOC Journal of the Michigan State Dental Association J MICH STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of Microencapsulation J MICROENCAPSUL Journal of Micrographics J MICROGR Journal De Microscopie J MICROSC (PARIS) Journal De Microscopie Et De Biologie Cellulaire J MICROSC BIOL CELL Journal of Microscopy J MICROSC Journal of Microsurgery J MICROSURG

Journal of Microwave Power J MICROW POWER Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy J MICROW POWER ELECTROMAGN ENERGY Journal - Mississippi Dental Association J MISS DENT ASSOC Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association J MISS STATE MED ASSOC Journal of the Missouri Dental Association J MO DENT ASSOC Journal of the Missouri Dental Association J MO DENT ASSOC Journal of Molecular and Applied Genetics J MOL APPL GENET Journal of Molecular Biology J MOL BIOL Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology J MOL CELL CARDIOL Journal of Molecular and Cellular Immunology J MOL CELL IMMUNOL Journal of Molecular Endocrinology J MOL ENDOCRINOL Journal of Molecular Evolution J MOL EVOL Journal of Molecular Graphics J MOL GRAPH Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling J MOL GRAPH MODEL Journal of Molecular Medicine J MOL MED Journal of Molecular Neuroscience J MOL NEUROSCI Journal of Molecular Recognition J MOL RECOGNIT Journal of Morphology J MORPHOL Journal of the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York J MT SINAI HOSP N Y

Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility J MUSCLE RES CELL MOTIL Journal of Music Therapy J MUSIC THER Journal of the National Analgesia Society J NATL ANALG SOC Journal / National Association For Hospital Development J NATL ASSOC HOSP DEV Journal - National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals J NATL ASSOC PRIV PSYCHIATR HOSP Journal of the National Association of Seventh-Day Adventist Dentists J NATL ASSOC SEVENTH DAY ADVENT DENT Journal of National Black Nurses Association J NATL BLACK NURSES ASSOC Journal of the National Cancer Institute J NATL CANCER INST Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Monographs J NATL CANCER INST MONOGR Journal of the National Medical Association J NATL MED ASSOC Journal of Natural Products J NAT PROD Journal of the Nebraska Dental Association J NEBR DENT ASSOC Journal of Nephrology J NEPHROL Journal of Nephrology Nursing J NEPHROL NURS Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease J NERV MENT DIS Journal of Neural Transmission J NEURAL TRANSM Journal of Neural Transmission J NEURAL TRANSM Journal of Neural Transmission. General Section J NEURAL TRANSM GEN SECT Journal of Neural Transmission. Parkinsons Disease and Dementia Section

J NEURAL TRANSM PARK DIS DEMENT SECT Journal of Neural Transmission. Supplementum J NEURAL TRANSM SUPPL Journal of Neural Transplantation J NEURAL TRANSPLANT Journal of Neural Transplantation and Plasticity J NEURAL TRANSPLANT PLAST Journal of Neurobiology J NEUROBIOL Journal of Neurochemistry J NEUROCHEM Journal of Neurocytology J NEUROCYTOL Journal of Neuroendocrinology J NEUROENDOCRINOL Journal of Neurogenetics J NEUROGENET Journal of Neuroimaging J NEUROIMAGING Journal of Neuroimmunology J NEUROIMMUNOL Journal of Neuroimmunology. Supplement J NEUROIMMUNOL SUPPL Journal of the Neurological Sciences J NEUROL SCI Journal of Neurology J NEUROL Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry J NEUROL NEUROSURG PSYCHIATRY Journal of Neuro-Oncology J NEUROONCOL Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology J NEUROOPHTHALMOL Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology J NEUROPATHOL EXP NEUROL Journal of Neurophysiology J NEUROPHYSIOL

Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences J NEUROPSYCHIATRY CLIN NEUROSCI Journal of Neuroradiology. Journal De Neuroradiologie J NEURORADIOL Journal of Neuroscience J NEUROSCI Journal of Neuroscience Methods J NEUROSCI METHODS Journal of Neuroscience Nursing J NEUROSCI NURS Journal of Neuroscience Research J NEUROSCI RES Journal of Neurosurgery J NEUROSURG Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology J NEUROSURG ANESTHESIOL Journal of Neurosurgical Nursing J NEUROSURG NURS Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences J NEUROSURG SCI Journal of Neurotrauma J NEUROTRAUMA Journal of Neurovirology J NEUROVIROL Journal of Neuro-Visceral Relations J NEUROVISC RELAT Journal of New Drugs J NEW DRUGS Journal / New Hampshire Dental Society J N H DENT SOC Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association J N J DENT ASSOC Journal of the New Jersey Dental Hygienists Association J N J DENT HYG ASSOC Journal of the New Jersey State Dental Society J N J STATE DENT SOC Journal of the New York State Nurses Association J N Y STATE NURSES ASSOC

Journal of the New York State School Nurse Teachers Association J N Y STATE SCH NURSE TEACH ASSOC Journal of the New York State School Nurse-Teachers Association J N Y STATE SCH NURSE TEACH ASSOC Journal of New Zealand Society of Periodontology J N Z SOC PERIODONTOL Journal of the Nigeria Association of Dental Students J NIGER ASSOC DENT STUD Journal of Nihon University School of Dentistry J NIHON UNIV SCH DENT Journal of the North Carolina Dental Society J N C DENT SOC Journal of Nuclear Biology and Medicine J NUCL BIOL MED Journal of Nuclear Biology and Medicine J NUCL BIOL MED Journal of Nuclear Cardiology J NUCL CARDIOL Journal of Nuclear Medicine J NUCL MED Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences J NUCL MED ALLIED SCI Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology J NUCL MED TECHNOL Journal of Nurse-Midwifery J NURSE MIDWIFERY Journal of Et Nursing J ET NURS Journal of Nursing Administration J NURS ADM Journal of Nursing Care J NURS CARE Journal of Nursing Care Quality J NURS CARE QUAL Journal of Nursing Education J NURS EDUC Journal of Nursing Ethics

J NURS ETHICS Journal of Nursing History J NURS HIST Journal of Nursing Management J NURS MANAG Journal of Nursing Measurement J NURS MEAS Journal of Nursing Quality Assurance J NURS QUAL ASSUR Journal of Nursing Staff Development J NURS STAFF DEV Journal of Nutrition J NUTR Journal of Nutrition For the Elderly J NUTR ELDER Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology J NUTR SCI VITAMINOL (TOKYO) Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing J OBSTET GYNECOL NEONATAL NURS Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology J OBSTET GYNAECOL Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the British Commonwealth J OBSTET GYNAECOL BR COMMONW Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India J OBSTET GYNAECOL INDIA Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research J OBSTET GYNAECOL RES Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine J OCCUP ENVIRON MED Journal of Occupational Medicine J OCCUP MED Journal of Ocular Pharmacology J OCUL PHARMACOL Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics J OCUL PHARMACOL THER Journal D Odontologie Conservatrice J ODONTOL CONSERV

Journal - Oklahoma Dental Association J OKLA DENT ASSOC Journal - Oklahoma State Dental Association J OKLA STATE DENT ASSOC Journal - Oklahoma State Medical Association J OKLA STATE MED ASSOC Journal of the Ontario Dental Association J ONT DENT ASSOC Journal of the Operating Room Research Institute J OPER ROOM RES INST Journal of the Operational Research Society J OPER RES SOC Journal of Ophthalmic Nursing and Technology J OPHTHALMIC NURS TECHNOL Journal of the Optical Society of America J OPT SOC AM Journal of the Optical Society of America a. Optics and Image Science J OPT SOC AM A Journal of Oral Implant and Transplant Surgery J ORAL IMPLANT TRANSPLANT SURG Journal of Oral Implantology J ORAL IMPLANTOL Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery J ORAL MAXILLOFAC SURG Journal of Oral Medicine J ORAL MED Journal of Oral Pathology J ORAL PATHOL Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine J ORAL PATHOL MED Journal of Oral Rehabilitation J ORAL REHABIL Journal of Oral Surgery J ORAL SURG Journal of Oral Therapeutics and Pharmacology J ORAL THER PHARMACOL Journal of the Oregon Dental Association J OREG DENT ASSOC

Journal of Organic Chemistry J ORG CHEM Journal of Orofacial Pain J OROFAC PAIN Journal of Orthopaedic Research J ORTHOP RES Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy J ORTHOP SPORTS PHYS THER Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma J ORTHOP TRAUMA Journal of Osaka Dental University J OSAKA DENT UNIV Journal of the Osaka University Dental School J OSAKA UNIV DENT SCH Journal of the Oslo City Hospitals J OSLO CITY HOSP Journal of the Oto-Laryngological Society of Australia J OTOLARYNGOL SOC AUST Journal of Otolaryngology J OTOLARYNGOL Journal of Otolaryngology. Supplement J OTOLARYNGOL SUPPL Journal of Paediatric Dentistry J PAEDIATR DENT Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health J PAEDIATR CHILD HEALTH Journal of Pain and Symptom Management J PAIN SYMPTOM MANAGE Journal of Palliative Care J PALLIAT CARE Journal of Parasitology J PARASITOL Journal of the Parenteral Drug Association J PARENTER DRUG ASSOC Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology J PARENTER SCI TECHNOL Journal De Parodontologie

J PARODONTOL Journal De Parodontologie Et D Implantologie Orale J PARODONTOL IMPLANTOL ORALE Journal of Pastoral Care J PASTORAL CARE Journal of Pathology J PATHOL Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology J PATHOL BACTERIOL Journal of Patient Account Management J PATIENT ACC MANAGE Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology J PEDIATR ADOLESC GYNECOL Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology J PEDIATR ENDOCRINOL Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism J PEDIATR ENDOCRINOL METAB Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition J PEDIATR GASTROENTEROL NUTR Journal of Pediatric Health Care J PEDIATR HEALTH CARE Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology J PEDIATR HEMATOL ONCOL Journal of Pediatric Nursing J PEDIATR NURS Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing J PEDIATR ONCOL NURS Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology J PEDIATR OPHTHALMOL Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus J PEDIATR OPHTHALMOL STRABISMUS Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. Part B J PEDIATR ORTHOP B Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics J PEDIATR ORTHOP Journal of Pediatric and Perinatal Nutrition J PEDIATR PERINAT NUTR

Journal of Pediatric Psychology J PEDIATR PSYCHOL Journal of Pediatric Surgery J PEDIATR SURG Journal of Pediatrics J PEDIATR Journal of Pedodontics J PEDOD Journal of Peptide Research J PEPT RES Journal of Peptide Science J PEPT SCI Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing J PERIANESTH NURS Journal of Perinatal Medicine J PERINAT MED Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing J PERINAT NEONATAL NURS Journal of Perinatology J PERINATOL Journal of Periodontal Research J PERIODONTAL RES Journal of Periodontal Research. Supplement J PERIODONTAL RES SUPPL Journal of Periodontology J PERIODONTOL Journal of Personality J PERS Journal of Personality Assessment J PERS ASSESS Journal of Personality Disorders J PERSONAL DISORD Journal of Personality and Social Psychology J PERS SOC PSYCHOL Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis J PHARM BIOMED ANAL Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management J PHARM MARK MANAGE

Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology J PHARM SCI TECHNOL Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences J PHARM SCI Journal De Pharmacie De Belgique J PHARM BELG Journal of Pharmacobio-Dynamics J PHARMACOBIODYN Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics J PHARMACOKINET BIOPHARM Journal of Pharmacological Methods J PHARMACOL METHODS Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods J PHARMACOL TOXICOL METHODS Journal De Pharmacologie J PHARMACOL Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics J PHARMACOL EXP THER Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology J PHARM PHARMACOL Journal of Pharmacy Technology J PHARM TECHNOL Journal of the Philadelphia County Dental Society J PHILA CTY DENT SOC Journal of the Philippine Dental Association J PHILIPP DENT ASSOC Journal of the Philippine Federation of Private Medical Practitioners J PHILIPP FED PRIV MED PRACT Journal of the Philippine Medical Association J PHILIPP MED ASSOC Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology J PHOTOCHEM PHOTOBIOL B Journal of Physical Chemistry J PHYS CHEM Journal of the Physicians Association For Aids Care J PHYSICIANS ASSOC AIDS CARE Journal of Physics E. Scientific Instruments

J PHYS [E] Journal De Physiologie J PHYSIOL (PARIS) Journal De Physiologie. Supplement J PHYSIOL SUPPL (PARIS) Journal of Physiology J PHYSIOL (LOND) Journal of Physiology, Paris J PHYSIOL PARIS Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology J PHYSIOL PHARMACOL Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy J PIERRE FAUCHARD ACAD Journal of Pineal Research J PINEAL RES Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Nursing J PLAST RECONSTR SURG NURS Journal of Policy Analysis and Management J POLICY ANAL MANAGE Journal of Polymer Science: Part a, General Papers J POLYM SCI A Journal of Polymer Science. Part a-1: Polymer Chemistry J POLYM SCI [A1] Journal of Polymer Science. Part B. Polymer Letters J POLYM SCI [B] Journal of Post Anesthesia Nursing J POST ANESTH NURS Journal of Postgraduate Medicine J POSTGRAD MED Journal of Practical Nursing J PRACT NURS Journal of Preventive Dentistry J PREV DENT Journal of Professional Nursing J PROF NURS Journal of Professional Services Marketing J PROF SERV MARK

Journal of Projective Techniques and Personality Assessment J PROJ TECH PERS ASSESS Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry J PROSTHET DENT Journal of Prosthodontics J PROSTHODONT Journal of Protein Chemistry J PROTEIN CHEM Journal of Protozoology J PROTOZOOL Journal of Psychedelic Drugs J PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing J PSYCHIATR MENT HEALTH NURS Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health Services J PSYCHIATR NURS Journal of Psychiatric Research J PSYCHIATR RES Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience J PSYCHIATRY NEUROSCI Journal of Psychoactive Drugs J PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS Journal of Psycholinguistic Research J PSYCHOLINGUIST RES Journal De Psychologie Normale Et Pathologique J PSYCHOL NORM PATHOL (PARIS) Journal of Psychology J PSYCHOL Journal of Psychopharmacology J PSYCHOPHARMACOL (OXF) Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services J PSYCHOSOC NURS MENT HEALTH SERV Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology J PSYCHOSOM OBSTET GYNAECOL Journal of Psychosomatic Research J PSYCHOSOM RES Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research J PSYCHOTHER PRACT RES

Journal of Public Health Dentistry J PUBLIC HEALTH DENT Journal of Public Health Medicine J PUBLIC HEALTH MED Journal of Public Health Policy J PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY Journal of Quality Assurance J QUAL ASSUR Journal of Quality In Clinical Practice J QUAL CLIN PRACT Journal of Radiation Research J RADIAT RES (TOKYO) Journal De Radiologie J RADIOL Journal De Radiologie, D Electrologie, Et De Medecine Nucleaire J RADIOL ELECTROL MED NUCL Journal of Receptor Research J RECEPT RES Journal of Receptor and Signal Transduction Research J RECEPT SIGNAL TRANSDUCT RES Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery J RECONSTR MICROSURG Journal of Refractive and Corneal Surgery J REFRACT CORNEAL SURG Journal of Refractive Surgery J REFRACT SURG Journal of Rehabilitation J REHABIL Journal of Rehabilitation R and D J REHABIL R D Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development J REHABIL RES DEV Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. Clinical Supplement J REHABIL RES DEV CLIN SUPPL Journal of Reproduction and Fertility J REPROD FERTIL Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Abstract Series

J REPROD FERTIL ABSTR SER Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Supplement J REPROD FERTIL SUPPL Journal of Reproductive Immunology J REPROD IMMUNOL Journal of Reproductive Medicine J REPROD MED Journal of the Reticuloendothelial Society J RETICULOENDOTHEL SOC Journal of Rheumatology J RHEUMATOL Journal of Rheumatology. Supplement J RHEUMATOL SUPPL Journal of the Rhode Island State Dental Society J R I STATE DENT SOC Journal of Risk and Insurance J RISK INSUR Journal of the Rocky Mountain Analgesia Society J ROCKY MT ANALG SOC Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps J R ARMY MED CORPS Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners J R COLL GEN PRACT Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Occasional Paper J R COLL GEN PRACT OCCAS PAP Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London J R COLL PHYSICIANS LOND Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh J R COLL SURG EDINB Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society J R MICROSC SOC Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service J R NAV MED SERV Journal of the Royal Society of Health J R SOC HEALTH Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine J R SOC MED

Journal of Rural Health J RURAL HEALTH Journal of the San Antonio District Dental Society J SAN ANTONIO DENT SOC Journal of School Health J SCH HEALTH Journal of School Nursing J SCH NURS Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture J SCI FOOD AGRIC Journal Des Sciences Medicales De Lille J SCI MED LILLE Journal of Scientific Instruments J SCI INSTRUM Journal of the Seattle District Dental Society J SEATTLE DIST DENT SOC Journal - Seattle-King County Dental Society J SEATTLE KING CTY DENT SOC Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy J SEX MARITAL THER Journal of Sex Research J SEX RES Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery J SHOULDER ELBOW SURG Journal of the Singapore Paediatric Society J SINGAPORE PAEDIATR SOC Journal of Sleep Research J SLEEP RES Journal of Small Animal Practice J SMALL ANIM PRACT Journal of Smooth Muscle Research J SMOOTH MUSCLE RES Journal of Social Policy J SOC POLICY Journal of Social Psychology J SOC PSYCHOL Journal of the Society For Gynecologic Investigation J SOC GYNECOL INVESTIG

Journal of the Society For Health Systems J SOC HEALTH SYST Journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine J SOC OCCUP MED Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses J SOC PEDIATR NURS Journal of the South African Speech and Hearing Association J S AFR SPEECH HEAR ASSOC Journal of the South African Veterinary Association J S AFR VET ASSOC Journal of the South African Veterinary Medical Association J S AFR VET MED ASSOC Journal - South Carolina Medical Association J S C MED ASSOC Journal / Southern California Dental Assistants Association J SOUTH CALIF DENT ASSISTANTS ASSOC Journal - Southern California Dental Association J SOUTH CALIF DENT ASSOC Journal of the Southern California Dental Hygienists Association J SOUTH CALIF STATE DENT HYG ASSOC Journal - Southern California State Dental Association J SOUTH CALIF STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of the Southern Orthopaedic Association J SOUTH ORTHOP ASSOC Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders J SPEECH HEAR DISORD Journal of Speech and Hearing Research J SPEECH HEAR RES Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research J SPEECH LANG HEAR RES Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine J SPINAL CORD MED Journal of Spinal Disorders J SPINAL DISORD Journal of Sports Medicine J SPORTS MED Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

J SPORTS MED PHYS FITNESS Journal of Sports Sciences J SPORTS SCI Journal of State Government J STATE GOV Journal of Sterile Services Management J STERILE SERV MANAGE Journal of Steroid Biochemistry J STEROID BIOCHEM Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology J STEROID BIOCHEM MOL BIOL Journal De Stomatologie De Belgique J STOMATOL BELG Journal of Stone Disease J STONE DIS Journal of Structural Biology J STRUCT BIOL Journal of Studies On Alcohol J STUD ALCOHOL Journal of Studies On Alcohol. Supplement J STUD ALCOHOL SUPPL Journal of Submicroscopic Cytology J SUBMICROSC CYTOL Journal of Submicroscopic Cytology and Pathology J SUBMICROSC CYTOL PATHOL Journal of Substance Abuse J SUBST ABUSE Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment J SUBST ABUSE TREAT Journal of Supramolecular Structure J SUPRAMOL STRUCT Journal of Supramolecular Structure and Cellular Biochemistry J SUPRAMOL STRUCT CELL BIOCHEM Journal of Supramolecular Structure and Cellular Biochemistry. Supplement J SUPRAMOL STRUCT CELL BIOCHEM SUPPL Journal of Supramolecular Structure. Supplement J SUPRAMOL STRUCT SUPPL

Journal of Surgical Oncology J SURG ONCOL Journal of Surgical Oncology. Supplement J SURG ONCOL SUPPL Journal of Surgical Research J SURG RES Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare J TELEMED TELECARE Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association J TENN DENT ASSOC Journal of the Tennessee Medical Association J TENN MED ASSOC Journal - Tennessee State Dental Association J TENN STATE DENT ASSOC Journal of the Texas Dental Hygienists Association J TEXAS DENT HYG ASSOC Journal of Theoretical Biology J THEOR BIOL Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery J THORAC CARDIOVASC SURG Journal of Thoracic Imaging J THORAC IMAGING Journal of Tongji Medical University J TONGJI MED UNIV Journal of Toxicological Sciences J TOXICOL SCI Journal De Toxicologie Clinique Et Experimentale J TOXICOL CLIN EXP Journal of Toxicology. Clinical Toxicology J TOXICOL CLIN TOXICOL Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health J TOXICOL ENVIRON HEALTH Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Supplement J TOXICOL ENVIRON HEALTH SUPPL Journal of Trace Elements and Electrolytes In Health and Disease J TRACE ELEM ELECTROLYTES HEALTH DIS Journal of Trace Elements In Medicine and Biology J TRACE ELEM MED BIOL

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine J TRADIT CHIN MED Journal of Transcultural Nursing J TRANSCULT NURS Journal of Transplant Coordination J TRANSPL COORD Journal of Trauma J TRAUMA Journal of Trauma Nursing J TRAUMA NURS Journal of Traumatic Stress J TRAUMA STRESS Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene J TROP MED HYG Journal of Tropical Pediatrics J TROP PEDIATR Journal of Tropical Pediatrics J TROP PEDIATR Journal of Tropical Pediatrics and African Child Health J TROP PEDIATR AFR CHILD HEALTH Journal of Tropical Pediatrics and Environmental Child Health J TROP PEDIATR ENVIRON CHILD HEALTH Journal of Ultrasound In Medicine J ULTRASOUND MED Journal of Ultrastructure and Molecular Structure Research J ULTRASTRUCT MOL STRUCT RES Journal of Ultrastructure Research J ULTRASTRUCT RES Journal of Ultrastructure Research. Supplement J ULTRASTRUCT RES SUPPL Journal D Urologie J UROL (PARIS) Journal D Urologie Et De Nephrologie J UROL NEPHROL (PARIS) Journal of Urology J UROL Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology

J VASC INTERV RADIOL Journal of Vascular Nursing J VASC NURS Journal of Vascular Research J VASC RES Journal of Vascular Surgery J VASC SURG Journal of Vector Ecology J VECTOR ECOL Journal of Vestibular Research J VESTIB RES Journal of Veterinary Dentistry J VET DENT Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation J VET DIAGN INVEST Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine J VET INTERN MED Journal of Veterinary Medical Science J VET MED SCI Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics J VET PHARMACOL THER Journal of Viral Hepatitis J VIRAL HEPAT Journal of Virological Methods J VIROL METHODS Journal of Virology J VIROL Journal of Vitaminology J VITAMINOL (KYOTO) Journal of In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer J IN VITRO FERT EMBRYO TRANSF Journal of Voice J VOICE Journal of Volunteer Administration J VOLUNT ADM Journal - Water Pollution Control Federation J WATER POLLUT CONTROL FED

Journal of the West Australian Nurses J WEST AUST NURSES Journal of the Western Society of Periodontology / Periodontal Abstracts J WEST SOC PERIODONTAL PERIODONTAL ABSTR Journal of Wildlife Diseases J WILDL DIS Journal of the Wisconsin Dental Association J WIS DENT ASSOC Journal of the Wisconsin State Dental Society J WIS STATE DENT SOC Journal of Womens Health J WOMENS HEALTH Journal of Wound Care J WOUND CARE Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing J WOUND OSTOMY CONTINENCE NURS Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine J ZOO WILDL MED Journal of Zoology J ZOOL Journalen Sykepleien J SYKEPLEIEN Journalism Conference and Workshop J CONF WORKSHOP Journals of Gerontology. Series a, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences J GERONTOL A BIOL SCI MED SCI Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences J GERONTOL B PSYCHOL SCI SOC SCI Journees Annuelles De Diabetologie De L Hotel-Dieu JOURN ANNU DIABETOL HOTEL DIEU Jpen. Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition JPEN J PARENTER ENTERAL NUTR Jpma. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association JPMA J PAK MED ASSOC Jpo. Journal of Practical Orthodontics JPO J PRACT ORTHOD Jugoslavenska Ginekologija I Opstetricija JUGOSL GINEKOL OPSTET

Jugoslavenska Ginekologija I Perinatologija JUGOSL GINEKOL PERINATOL Justus Liebigs Annalen Der Chemie JUSTUS LIEBIGS ANN CHEM K Reports K REP Kaibogaku Zasshi. Journal of Anatomy KAIBOGAKU ZASSHI Kaku Igaku [Japanese Journal of Nuclear Medicine] KAKU IGAKU Kanagawa Shigaku KANAGAWA SHIGAKU Kango KANGO Kango Gijutsu. Japanese Journal of Nursing Art KANGO GIJUTSU Kango Kenkyu. Japanese Journal of Nursing Research KANGO KENKYU Kango Kyoiku. Japanese Journal of Nurses Education KANGO KYOIKU Kango Kyoshitsu. Japanese Journal of the Nursing Class KANGO KYOSHITSU Kango Tenbo. the Japanese Journal of Nursing Science KANGO TENBO Kangogaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Nursing KANGOGAKU ZASSHI Kanho Hakhoe Chi [Journal of Nurses Academic Society] KANHO HAKHOE CHI Kanhohak Tamgu KANHOHAK TAMGU Kansas Medicine KANS MED Kansas Nurse KANS NURSE Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association For Infectious Diseases KANSENSHOGAKU ZASSHI

Kao-Hsiung I Hsueh Ko Hsueh Tsa Chih [Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences] KAO HSIUNG I HSUEH KO HSUEH TSA CHIH Kardiologia Polska KARDIOL POL Kardiologiia KARDIOLOGIIA Kassenzahnarzt; Colloquium Med Dent KASSENZAHNARZT COLLOQ MED DENT Katilolehti; Tidskrift For Barnmorskor KATILOLEHTI Keio Journal of Medicine KEIO J MED Keisei Geka. Japanese Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery KEISEI GEKA Kekkaku KEKKAKU Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal KENNEDY INST ETHICS J Kentucky Dental Journal KY DENT J Kentucky Hospitals Magazine KY HOSP MAG Kentucky Nurse KY NURSE Kentucky Nurses Association Newsletter KY NURSES ASSOC NEWSL Kenya Nursing Journal KENYA NURS J Khirurgiia KHIRURGIIA (SOFIIA) Khirurgiia KHIRURGIIA (MOSK) Kidney and Blood Pressure Research KIDNEY BLOOD PRESS RES Kidney International KIDNEY INT Kidney International. Supplement KIDNEY INT SUPPL

Kieferorthopadie KIEFERORTHOPADIE Kinderarztliche Praxis KINDERARZTL PRAX Kinderkrankenschwester KINDERKRANKENSCHWESTER King Faisal Specialist Hospital Medical Journal KING FAISAL SPEC HOSP MED J Kisaengchunghak Chapchi. Korean Journal of Parasitology KISAENGCHUNGHAK CHAPCHI Kitasato Archives of Experimental Medicine KITASATO ARCH EXP MED Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia KLIN KHIR Klinicheskaia Laboratornaia Diagnostika KLIN LAB DIAGN Klinicheskaia Meditsina KLIN MED (MOSK) Klinichna Khirurhiia KLIN KHIR Klinika I Lechenie Zlokachestvennykh Novoobrazovanii KLIN LECH ZLOKACH NOVOOBRAZ Klinika Oczna KLIN OCZNA Klinische Anasthesiologie Und Intensivtherapie KLIN ANASTHESIOL INTENSIVTHER Klinische Medizin; Osterreichische Zeitschrift Fur Wissenschaftliche Und Praktische Medizin KLIN MED OSTERR Z WISS PRAKT MED Klinische Monatsblatter Fur Augenheilkunde KLIN MONATSBL AUGENHEILKD Klinische Padiatrie KLIN PADIATR Klinische Wochenschrift KLIN WOCHENSCHR Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy KNEE SURG SPORTS TRAUMATOL ARTHROSC

Kobe Daigaku Igakubu Kiyo. Medical Journal of Kobe University KOBE DAIGAKU IGAKUBU KIYO Kobe Ika Daigaku Kiyo KOBE IKA DAIGAKU KIYO Kobe Journal of Medical Sciences KOBE J MED SCI Koku Eisei Gakkai Zasshi KOKU EISEI GAKKAI ZASSHI Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi. the Journal of the Stomatological Society, Japan KOKUBYO GAKKAI ZASSHI Kokyu to Junkan. Respiration and Circulation KOKYU TO JUNKAN Korean Journal of Internal Medicine KOREAN J INTERN MED Korean Journal of Ophthalmology KOREAN J OPHTHALMOL Korean Journal of Parasitology KOREAN J PARASITOL Kosmicheskaia Biologiia I Aviakosmicheskaia Meditsina KOSM BIOL AVIAKOSM MED Kosmicheskaia Biologiia I Meditsina KOSM BIOL MED Krankenpflege KRANKENPFLEGE (FRANKF) Krankenpflege Journal KRANKENPFL J Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers KRANKENPFL SOINS INFIRM Krankenschwester KRANKENSCHWESTER Krebsarzt KREBSARZT Krebsforschung Und Krebsbekampfung KREBSFORSCH KREBSBEKAMPF Kritiek KRITIEK Kroc Foundation Series KROC FOUND SER

Kuang Pu Hseuh Yu Kuang Pu Fen Hsi &para;Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis&middot; KUANG PU HSEUH YU KUANG PU FEN HSI Kumamoto Igakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Kumamoto Medical Society KUMAMOTO IGAKKAI ZASSHI Kumamoto Medical Journal KUMAMOTO MED J Kurinikaru Sutadi. Clinical Study KURINIKARU SUTADI Kurume Medical Journal KURUME MED J Ky Reports KY REP Kybernetik KYBERNETIK Kyobu Geka. Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery KYOBU GEKA Kyoto Daigaku Kokukagaku Kiyo. Bulletin of Stomatology, Kyoto University KYOTO DAIGAKU KOKUKAGAKU KIYO Kyushu Journal of Medical Science KYUSHU J MED SCI La Reports LA REP Labor Law Journal LABOR LAW J Laboratorio LABORATORIO Laboratornoe Delo LAB DELO Laboratory Animal Care LAB ANIM CARE Laboratory Animal Science LAB ANIM SCI Laboratory Animals LAB ANIM Laboratory Investigation LAB INVEST Laboratory Practice

LAB PRACT Laboratory and Research Methods In Biology and Medicine LAB RES METHODS BIOL MED Lahey Clinic Foundation Bulletin LAHEY CLIN FOUND BULL Lakartidningen LAKARTIDNINGEN Lamp LAMP Lampada LAMPADA Lancet LANCET Landarzt LANDARZT Langenbecks Archiv Fur Chirurgie LANGENBECKS ARCH CHIR Langenbecks Archiv Fur Chirurgie. Supplement Ii, Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Chirurgie LANGENBECKS ARCH CHIR SUPPL II VERH DTSCH GES CHIR Langenbecks Archiv Fur Chirurgie. Supplement. Kongressband LANGENBECKS ARCH CHIR SUPPL KONGRESSBD Langenbecks Archive of Surgery LANGENBECKS ARCH SURG Language and Speech LANG SPEECH Larc Medical LARC MED Laryngo- Rhino- Otologie LARYNGORHINOOTOLOGIE Laryngologie, Rhinologie, Otologie LARYNGOL RHINOL OTOL (STUTTG) Laryngologie, Rhinologie, Otologie Und Ihre Grenzgebiete LARYNGOL RHINOL OTOL (STUTTG) Laryngoscope LARYNGOSCOPE Laser Nursing LASER NURS

Lasers In Surgery and Medicine LASERS SURG MED Lasers In Surgery and Medicine. Supplement LASERS SURG MED SUPPL Lattante LATTANTE Laundry News LAUND NEWS Laval Medical LAVAL MED Lavori Dell Istituto Di Anatomia E Istologia Patologica, Universita Degli Studi Perugia LAV IST ANAT ISTOL PATOL UNIV STUDI PERUGIA Lavoro Umano LAV UM Law and Contemporary Problems LAW CONTEMP PROBL Law and Human Behavior LAW HUM BEHAV Law, Medicine and Health Care LAW MED HEALTH CARE Lda Journal LDA J Leadership In Health Services LEADERSH HEALTH SERV League Exchange LEAGUE EXCH League Lines LEAGUE LINES Lebensversicherungs Medizin LEBENSVERSICHER MED Leber, Magen, Darm LEBER MAGEN DARM Leeds Dental Journal LEEDS DENT J Legal Aspects of Medical Practice LEG ASPECTS MED PRACT

Legal Medical Quarterly LEG MED Q Legal Medicine LEG MED Legal Medicine Annual LEG MED ANNU Lekarska Veda V Zahranici LEK VEDA ZAHR Lekarske Prace LEK PR Lens and Eye Toxicity Research LENS EYE TOXIC RES Leprosy In India LEPR INDIA Leprosy Review LEPR REV Letters In Applied Microbiology LETT APPL MICROBIOL Leukemia LEUKEMIA Leukemia and Lymphoma LEUK LYMPHOMA Leukemia Research LEUK RES Library Journal LIBR J Library Resources and Technical Services LIBR RESOUR TECH SERV Library Technology Reports LIBR TECHNOL REP Life Sciences LIFE SCI Life Sciences. Part 1. Physiology and Pharmacology LIFE SCI I Life Sciences. Part 2. Biochemistry, General and Molecular Biology LIFE SCI II Life Support Systems LIFE SUPPORT SYST

Lifelong Learning. the Adult Years LIFELONG LEARN ADULT YEARS Life-Threatening Behavior LIFE THREAT BEHAV Lifetime Data Analysis LIFETIME DATA ANAL Ligament LIGAMENT Lijecnicki Vjesnik LIJEC VJESN Likarska Sprava LIK SPRAVA Lille Chirurgical LILLE CHIR Lille Medical LILLE MED Lin Chuang Erh Pi Yen Hou Ko Tsa Chih &para;Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology&middot; LIN CHUANG ERH PI YEN HOU KO TSA CHIH Linen Supply News LINEN SUPPLY NEWS Lipids LIPIDS Lippincott Health Promotion Letter LIPPINCOTT HEALTH PROMOT LETT Lippincotts Primary Care Practice LIPPINCOTTS PRIM CARE PRACT Literature and Medicine LIT MED Liver LIVER Lloydia LLOYDIA Lmt LMT Log LOG Loma Linda University Dentist Magazine

LOMA LINDA UNIV DENT MAG London Clinic Medical Journal LOND CLIN MED J Long Range Planning LONG RANGE PLANN Long Term Care LONG TERM CARE (DON MILLS) Long Term Care and Health Services Administration Quarterly LONG TERM CARE HEALTH SERV ADM Q Long Term Care Quarterly LONG TERM CARE Q Lotta Contro La Tubercolosi LOTTA CONTRO TUBERC Lotta Contro La Tubercolosi E Le Malattie Polmonari Sociali LOTTA CONTRO TUBERC MALAT POLM SOCIALI Lung LUNG Lung Cancer LUNG CANCER Lupus LUPUS Lutte Contre Le Cancer LUTTE CANCER Lymphokine and Cytokine Research LYMPHOKINE CYTOKINE RES Lymphokine Research LYMPHOKINE RES Lymphology LYMPHOLOGY Lyon Chirurgical LYON CHIR Lyon Medical LYON MED Ma Tsui Hsueh Tsa Chi Anaesthesiologica Sinica MA TSUI HSUEH TSA CHI Maandschrift Voor Kindergeneeskunde MAANDSCHR KINDERGENEESKD

Maanedsskrift For Praktisk Laegegerning MANEDSSKR PRAKT LAEGEGERN Macromolecules MACROMOLECULES Madjalah Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia. Journal of the Indonesian Dental Association MADJ PERSAT DOKT GIGI INDONES Magma MAGMA Magnesium MAGNESIUM Magnesium Research MAGNES RES Magnesium and Trace Elements MAGNES TRACE ELEM Magnetic Resonance Annual MAGN RESON ANNU Magnetic Resonance Imaging MAGN RESON IMAGING Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America MAGN RESON IMAGING CLIN N AM Magnetic Resonance In Medicine MAGN RESON MED Magnetic Resonance Quarterly MAGN RESON Q Magyar Traumatologia, Orthopaedia Es Helyreallito Sebeszet MAGY TRAUMATOL ORTHOP HELYREALLITO SEB Magyar Traumatologia, Ortopedia, Kezsebeszet, Plasztikai Sebeszet MAGY TRAUMATOL ORTOP KEZSEB PLASZTIKAI SEB Maine Nurse MAINE NURSE Mainlines MAINLINES Majallah-I Jamiah-I Dandanpizishki-I Iran MAJALLAH JAMIA DANDAN PAZSHKI Majallat Niqabat Attiba Al-Asnnan Al-Urduniyah MAJALLAT NIQABAT ATTIBA ALASNNAN ALURDUNIYAH Majallat Tibb Al-Asnan Al-Suriyah

MAJALLAT TIBB ALASNAN ALSURIYAH Majallat Tibb Al-Famm Al-Suriyah MAJALLAT TIBB ALFAMM ALSURIYAH Major Problems In Clinical Pediatrics MAJOR PROBL CLIN PEDIATR Major Problems In Clinical Surgery MAJOR PROBL CLIN SURG Major Problems In Internal Medicine MAJOR PROBL INTERN MED Major Problems In Obstetrics and Gynecology MAJOR PROBL OBSTET GYNECOL Major Problems In Pathology MAJOR PROBL PATHOL Malacologia MALACOLOGIA Malattie Cardiovascolari MAL CARDIOVASC Malaysian Dental Journal MALAYS DENT J Malaysian Journal of Pathology MALAYS J PATHOL Male Nurses Journal MALE NURSES J Mammalia MAMMALIA Mammalian Genome MAMM GENOME Man and Medicine MAN MED Managed Care MANAG CARE Managed Care Quarterly MANAG CARE Q Managed Care Strategies MANAG CARE STRATEG Managed Medicare and Medicaid News MANAG MEDICARE MEDICAID NEWS

Management and Compliance Series MANAG COMPLIANCE SER Management Focus MANAGE FOCUS Management Review MANAGE REV Management World MANAGE WORLD Manchester Medical Gazette MANCH MED GAZ Manitoba Medical Review MANIT MED REV Marketing Health Services MARK HEALTH SERV Maroc Medical MAROC MED Maroc Medical MAROC MED Marseille Chirurgical MARS CHIR Marseille Medical MARS MED Maryland Medical Journal MD MED J Maryland Nurse MD NURSE Maryland Nursing News MD NURS NEWS Maryland State Medical Journal MD STATE MED J Masa Review MASA REV Massachusetts Nurse MASS NURSE Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology MASUI Materia Medica Polona MATER MED POL

Materials Management In Health Care MATER MANAG HEALTH CARE Maternal-Child Nursing Journal MATERN CHILD NURS J Maternidade E Infancia MATERN INFANC (SAO PAULO) Maternite MATERNITE Mathematical Biosciences MATH BIOSCI Matrix MATRIX Matrix Biology MATRIX BIOL Matrix. Supplement MATRIX SUPPL Maturitas MATURITAS Mayan MAYAN Mayo Clinic Proceedings MAYO CLIN PROC Mcgill Dental Review MCGILL DENT REV Mcgraw-Hills Medicine and Health MCGRAW HILLS MED HEALTH Mcgraw-Hills Washington Report On Medicine and Health MCGRAW HILLS WASH REP MED HEALTH Mcn; American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing MCN AM J MATERN CHILD NURS Md MD Md Computing MD COMPUT Mda Journal MDA J (JEFFERSON CITY) Mead Johnson Symposium On Perinatal and Developmental Medicine

MEAD JOHNSON SYMP PERINAT DEV MED Mechanisms of Ageing and Development MECH AGEING DEV Mechanisms of Development MECH DEV Medecine Et Audio Vision MED AUDIO VIS Medecine Et Chirurgie Digestives MED CHIR DIG Medecine Et Hygiene MED HYG (GENEVE) Medecine Infantile MED INFANT (PARIS) Medecine Interne MED INTERNE Medecine Legale Et Dommage Corporel MED LEG DOMMAGE CORPOR Medecine Tropicale MED TROP (MARS) Medical Affairs MED AFF Medical Annals of the District of Columbia MED ANN DIST COLUMBIA Medical Anthropology MED ANTHROPOL Medical Anthropology Quarterly MED ANTHROPOL Q Medical Art MED ART Medical Arts and Sciences MED ARTS SCI Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality MED ASPECTS HUM SEX Medical and Biological Engineering MED BIOL ENG Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing MED BIOL ENG COMPUT

Medical and Biological Illustration MED BIOL ILLUS Medical Biology MED BIOL Medical Bulletin / Veterans Administration MED BULL VET ADM Medical Care MED CARE Medical Care Research and Review MED CARE RES REV Medical Care Review MED CARE REV Medical Claims Management MED CLAIMS MANAG Medical Clinics of North America MED CLIN NORTH AM Medical Decision Making MED DECIS MAKING Medical/Dental Journal MED DENT J Medical Design and Material MED DES MATER Medical Device Technology MED DEVICE TECHNOL Medical Dosimetry MED DOSIM Medical Economics MED ECON Medical Education MED EDUC Medical Electronics MED ELECTRON Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering MED ELECTRON BIOL ENG Medical Engineering and Physics MED ENG PHYS Medical Group Management MED GROUP MANAGE

Medical Group Management Journal MED GROUP MANAGE J Medical Gynaecology, Andrology, and Sociology MED GYNAECOL ANDROL SOCIOL Medical History MED HIST Medical History. Supplement MED HIST SUPPL Medical Hypotheses MED HYPOTHESES Medical Informatics MED INF (LOND) Medical Instrumentation MED INSTRUM Medical Interface MED INTERFACE Medical Journal of Australia MED J AUST Medical Journal of Malaya MED J MALAYA Medical Journal of Malaysia MED J MALAYSIA Medical Journal of Osaka University MED J OSAKA UNIV Medical Journal of Zambia MED J ZAMBIA Medical Laboratory Sciences MED LAB SCI Medical Laboratory Technology MED LAB TECHNOL Medical Letter On Drugs and Therapeutics MED LETT DRUGS THER Medical Malpractice Cost Containment Journal MED MALPRACT COST CONTAINMENT J Medical Marketing and Media MED MARK MEDIA Medical Microbiology and Immunology

MED MICROBIOL IMMUNOL (BERL) Medical Network Strategy Report MED NETW STRATEGY REP Medical Newsletter MED NEWSL (LONDON) Medical Oncology MED ONCOL Medical Oncology and Tumor Pharmacotherapy MED ONCOL TUMOR PHARMACOTHER Medical and Pediatric Oncology MED PEDIATR ONCOL Medical and Pediatric Oncology. Supplement MED PEDIATR ONCOL SUPPL Medical Physics MED PHYS Medical Products Sales MED PROD SALES Medical Progress Through Technology MED PROG TECHNOL Medical Radiography and Photography MED RADIOGR PHOTOGR Medical Record and Health Care Information Journal MED REC HEALTH CARE INF J Medical Record News MED REC NEWS Medical Reference Services Quarterly MED REF SERV Q Medical Research Council Special Report Series MED RES COUNC SPEC REP SER (LOND) Medical Research Engineering MED RES ENG Medical Section Proceedings MED SECT PROC Medical Service MED SERV Medical Services Journal, Canada MED SERV J CAN

Medical Staff Counselor MED STAFF COUNS Medical Teacher MED TEACH Medical Times MED TIMES Medical Toxicology MED TOXICOL Medical Toxicology and Adverse Drug Experience MED TOXICOL ADVERSE DRUG EXP Medical Trial Technique Quarterly MED TRIAL TECH Q Medical and Veterinary Entomology MED VET ENTOMOL Medical Waste Analyst MED WASTE ANAL Medical World News MED WORLD NEWS Medicamundi MEDICAMUNDI Medicare Physician Payment MEDICARE PHYSICIAN PAYM Medicina MEDICINA (B AIRES) Medicina MEDICINA (MADR) Medicina MEDICINA (MEX) Medicina MEDICINA (FIRENZE) Medicina Y Cirugia De Guerra MED CIR GUERRA Medicina Clinica MED CLIN (BARC) Medicina Clinica E Sperimentale MED CLIN SPER Medicina Contemporanea MED CONTEMP

Medicina Cutanea Ibero-Latino-Americana MED CUTAN IBERO LAT AM Medicina Espanola MED ESP Medicina Experimentalis. International Journal of Experimental Medicine MED EXP INT J EXP MED Medicina Fisica Y Rehabilitacion MED FIS REHABIL Medicina Interna MED INTERNA Medicina Interna MED INTERNA (BUCUR) Medicina Del Lavoro MED LAV Medicina Nei Secoli MED SECOLI Medicina Panamericana MED PANAM Medicina Et Pharmacologia Experimentalis. International Journal of Experimental Medicine MED PHARMACOL EXP INT J EXP MED Medicina Dello Sport MED SPORT (ROMA) Medicina Thoracalis MED THORAC Medicina Tropical MED TROP (MADR) Medicinal Research Reviews MED RES REV Medicine MEDICINE (BALTIMORE) Medicine, Conflict and Survival MED CONFL SURVIV Medicine and Health MED HEALTH Medicine and Health, Rhode Island MED HEALTH R I

Medicine and Law MED LAW Medicine, Science and the Law MED SCI LAW Medicine and Science In Sports MED SCI SPORTS Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise MED SCI SPORTS EXERC Medicine and War MED WAR Medicinski Arhiv MED ARH Medicinski Glasnik MED GLAS Medicinski Pregled MED PREGL Medico-Legal Bulletin MED LEG BULL Medico-Legal Journal MED LEG J Medicolegal News MEDICOLEG NEWS Medinfo MEDINFO Meditsina Truda I Promyshlennaia Ekologiia MED TR PROM EKOL Meditsinskaia Parazitologiia I Parazitarnye Bolezni MED PARAZITOL (MOSK) Meditsinskaia Promyshlennost Sssr MED PROM SSSR Meditsinskaia Radiologiia MED RADIOL (MOSK) Meditsinskaia Sestra MED SESTRA Meditsinskaia Tekhnika MED TEKH Medizin Und Gesellschaft MED GES

Medizinhistorisches Journal MEDIZINHIST J Medizinische Klinik MED KLIN Medizinische Klinik MED KLIN Medizinische Klinik [Klinik-Ausg.] MED KLIN [KLIN] Medizinische Klinik [Praxis-Ausg.] MED KLIN [PRAX] Medizinische Klinik. Supplement MED KLIN SUPPL Medizinische Laboratorium MED LAB (STUTTG) Medizinische Monatsschrift MED MONATSSCHR Medizinische Monatsschrift Fur Pharmazeuten MED MONATSSCHR PHARM Medizinische Welt MED WELT Medsurg Nursing MEDSURG NURS Medycyna Doswiadczalna MED DOSW Medycyna Doswiadczalna I Mikrobiologia MED DOSW MIKROBIOL Medycyna Pracy MED PR Medycyna Weterynaryjna MED WETER Meharri-Dent MEHARRI DENT Meikai Daigaku Shigaku Zasshi [Journal of Meikai University School of Dentistry] MEIKAI DAIGAKU SHIGAKU ZASSHI Melanoma Research MELANOMA RES Membrane Biochemistry

MEMBR BIOCHEM Membrane and Cell Biology MEMBR CELL BIOL Membranes MEMBRANES Memoires De L Academie De Chirurgie MEM ACAD CHIR (PARIS) Memoires De L Academie Royale De Medecine De Belgique MEM ACAD R MED BELG Memorandum - Medical Research Council MEMO MED RES COUNC Memorias Do Instituto Butantan MEM INST BUTANTAN Memorias Do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz MEM INST OSWALDO CRUZ Memory MEMORY Memory and Cognition MEM COGNIT Mental Health Nursing MENT HEALTH NURS Mental Health and Society MENT HEALTH SOC Mental Health Statistical Note MENT HEALTH STAT NOTE Mental Hospitals MENT HOSP Mental Hygiene MENT HYG Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter MENT PHYS DISABIL LAW REP Mental Retardation MENT RETARD Mental Retardation Abstracts MENT RETARD ABSTR Mentalis MENTALIS

Mercer Dental Society Newsletter MERCER DENT SOC NEWSL Metabolic Bone Disease and Related Research METAB BONE DIS RELAT RES Metabolic Brain Disease METAB BRAIN DIS Metabolic Ophthalmology METAB OPHTHALMOL Metabolic and Pediatric Ophthalmology METAB PEDIATR OPHTHALMOL Metabolic, Pediatric and Systemic Ophthalmology METAB PEDIATR SYST OPHTHALMOL Metabolic, Pediatric, and Systemic Ophthalmology METAB PEDIATR SYST OPHTHALMOL Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental METABOLISM Metal Ions In Biological Systems MET IONS BIOL SYST Methods METHODS Methods and Achievements In Experimental Pathology METHODS ACHIEV EXP PATHOL Methods of Biochemical Analysis METHODS BIOCHEM ANAL Methods In Cell Biology METHODS CELL BIOL Methods In Enzymology METHODS ENZYMOL Methods and Findings In Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology METHODS FIND EXP CLIN PHARMACOL Methods. Immunomethods METHODS IMMUNOMETHODS Methods of Information In Medicine METHODS INF MED Methods of Information In Medicine. Supplement METHODS INF MED SUPPL Methods In Medical Research METHODS MED RES

Methods In Molecular Biology METHODS MOL BIOL Mh MH Michigan Health and Hospitals MICH HEALTH HOSP Michigan Hospitals MICH HOSP Michigan Law Review MICH LAW REV Michigan Medicine MICH MED Michigan Nurse MICH NURSE Microbial Drug Resistance MICROB DRUG RESIST Microbial Pathogenesis MICROB PATHOG Microbial Releases MICROB RELEASES Microbiologia MICROBIOLOGIA Microbiologia Espanola MICROBIOL ESP Microbiologia, Parazitologia, Epidemiologia MICROBIOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL (BUCUR) Microbiologica MICROBIOLOGICA Microbiological Research MICROBIOL RES Microbiological Reviews MICROBIOL REV Microbiological Sciences MICROBIOL SCI Microbiology MICROBIOLOGY Microbiology and Immunology

MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews MICROBIOL MOL BIOL REV Microbios MICROBIOS Microcirculation MICROCIRCULATION Microcirculation, Endothelium, and Lymphatics MICROCIRC ENDOTHELIUM LYMPHATICS Micron MICRON Microscopia Electronica Y Biologia Celular MICROSC ELECTRON BIOL CELULAR Microscopica Acta MICROSC ACTA Microscopica Acta. Supplement MICROSC ACTA SUPPL Microscopy Research and Technique MICROSC RES TECH Microsurgery MICROSURGERY Microvascular Research MICROVASC RES Middle East Dentistry and Oral Health MIDDLE EAST DENT ORAL HEALTH Middle East Health MIDDLE EAST HEALTH Middle East Journal of Anaesthesiology MIDDLE EAST J ANAESTHESIOL Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology MIDDLE EAST J ANESTHESIOL Midwest Alliance In Nursing Journal MIDWEST ALLIANCE NURS J Midwestern Dentist MIDWEST DENT Midwife and Health Visitor MIDWIFE HEALTH VISIT

Midwife, Health Visitor and Community Nurse MIDWIFE HEALTH VISIT COMMUNITY NURSE Midwifery MIDWIFERY Midwifery Today and Childbirth Education MIDWIFERY TODAY CHILDBIRTH EDUC Midwives MIDWIVES Midwives Chronicle MIDWIVES CHRON Mie Medical Journal MIE MED J Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal MIKROBIOL ZH Mikrobiologiia MIKROBIOLOGIIA Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal MIKROBIOL ZH Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal MIKROBIOL Z Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni MIKROBIYOL BUL Mikrochimica Acta MIKROCHIM ACTA Mikrochimica Et Ichnoanalytica Acta MIKROCHIM ICHNOANAL ACTA Mikroskopie MIKROSKOPIE Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly MILBANK MEM FUND Q Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly. Health and Society MILBANK MEM FUND Q HEALTH SOC Milbank Quarterly MILBANK Q Militaerlaegen MILITAERLAEGEN Military Medicine MIL MED

Mineral and Electrolyte Metabolism MINER ELECTROLYTE METAB Minerva Anestesiologica MINERVA ANESTESIOL Minerva Cardioangiologica MINERVA CARDIOANGIOL Minerva Chirurgica MINERVA CHIR Minerva Dermatologica MINERVA DERMATOL Minerva Dietologica E Gastroenterologica MINERVA DIETOL GASTROENTEROL Minerva Ecologia Idroclimatologica E Fisiconucleare MINERVA ECOL IDROCLIMATOL FISICONUCL Minerva Ecologica Idroclimatologica Fisicosanitaria MINERVA ECOL IDROCLIMATOL FIS SANIT Minerva Endocrinologica MINERVA ENDOCRINOL Minerva Fisiconucleare MINERVA FISICONUCL Minerva Gastroenterologica MINERVA GASTROENTEROL Minerva Gastroenterologica E Dietologica MINERVA GASTROENTEROL DIETOL Minerva Ginecologica MINERVA GINECOL Minerva Medica MINERVA MED Minerva Medicolegale MINERVA MEDICOLEG Minerva Nefrologica MINERVA NEFROL Minerva Neurochirurgica MINERVA NEUROCHIR Minerva Nipiologica MINERVA NIPIOL Minerva Nucleare

MINERVA NUCL Minerva Oftalmologica MINERVA OFTALMOL Minerva Ortognatodontica MINERVA ORTOGNATOD Minerva Ortopedica MINERVA ORTOP Minerva Otorinolaringologica MINERVA OTORINOLARINGOL Minerva Pediatrica MINERVA PEDIATR Minerva Psichiatrica MINERVA PSICHIATR Minerva Radiologica MINERVA RADIOL Minerva Stomatologica MINERVA STOMATOL Minerva Urologica MINERVA UROL Minerva Urologica E Nefrologica MINERVA UROL NEFROL Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery MINIM INVASIVE NEUROSURG Minimally Invasive Surgical Nursing MINIM INVASIVE SURG NURS Minneapolis District Dental Journal MINNEAP DIST DENT J Minnesota Medicine MINN MED Minnesota Nursing Accent MINN NURS ACCENT Minority Nurse Newsletter MINOR NURSE NEWSL Mississippi Dental Association Journal MISS DENT ASSOC J Mississippi Rn MISS RN

Missouri Dental Journal MO DENT J Missouri Medicine MO MED Missouri Nurse MO NURSE Mitteilungen Der Deutschen Pharmazeutischen Gesellschaft Und Der Pharmazeutischen Gesellschaft Der Ddr MITT DTSCH PHARM GES PHARM GES DDR Mlm Reports MLM REP Mln Bulletin MLN Bull Mlo: Medical Laboratory Observer MLO MED LAB OBS Mmw. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift MMW MUNCH MED WOCHENSCHR Mmwr Cdc Surveillance Summaries MMWR CDC SURVEILL SUMM Mmwr. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report MMWR MORB MORTAL WKLY REP Mmwr. Surveillance Summaries MMWR SURVEILL SUMM Mna Accent MNA ACCENT Mobius MOBIUS Modern Concepts of Cardiovascular Disease MOD CONCEPTS CARDIOVASC DIS Modern Dental Practice MOD DENT PRACT Modern Healthcare MOD HEALTHC Modern Healthcare (Short Term Care) MOD HEALTHC (SHORT TERM CARE) Modern Hospital MOD HOSP Modern Medicine of Asia

MOD MED ASIA Modern Midwife MOD MIDWIFE Modern Nursing Home MOD NURS HOME Modern Pathology MOD PATHOL Modern Problems In Ophthalmology MOD PROBL OPHTHALMOL Modern Problems In Paediatrics MOD PROBL PAEDIATR Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry MOD PROBL PHARMACOPSYCHIATRY Modern Treatment MOD TREAT Modern Trends In Immunology MOD TRENDS IMMUNOL Modern Trends In Medical Virology MOD TRENDS MED VIROL Modern Trends In Neurology MOD TRENDS NEUROL Modern Trends In Orthopaedics MOD TRENDS ORTHOP Modern Trends In Plastic Surgery MOD TRENDS PLAST SURG Modern Trends In Radiotherapy MOD TRENDS RADIOTHER Modern Trends In Rheumatology MOD TRENDS RHEUMATOL Modern Trends In Surgery MOD TRENDS SURG Modern Veterinary Practice MOD VET PRACT Molecular Aspects of Medicine MOL ASPECTS MED Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology MOL BIOCHEM PARASITOL

Molecular Biology MOL BIOL Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics MOL BIOL BIOCHEM BIOPHYS Molecular Biology of the Cell MOL BIOL CELL Molecular Biology and Evolution MOL BIOL EVOL Molecular Biology and Medicine MOL BIOL MED Molecular Biology Reports MOL BIOL REP Molecular Biotechnology MOL BIOTECHNOL Molecular Biotherapy MOL BIOTHER Molecular Carcinogenesis MOL CARCINOG Molecular and Cell Biology of Human Diseases Series MOL CELL BIOL HUM DIS SER Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry MOL CELL BIOCHEM Molecular and Cellular Biology MOL CELL BIOL Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology MOL CELL ENDOCRINOL Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences MOL CELL NEUROSCI Molecular and Cellular Probes MOL CELL PROBES Molecular and Chemical Neuropathology MOL CHEM NEUROPATHOL Molecular Diversity MOL DIVERS Molecular Ecology MOL ECOL Molecular Endocrinology MOL ENDOCRINOL

Molecular and General Genetics MOL GEN GENET Molecular Genetic Medicine MOL GENET MED Molecular Human Reproduction MOL HUM REPROD Molecular Immunology MOL IMMUNOL Molecular Marine Biology and Biotechnology MOL MAR BIOL BIOTECHNOL Molecular Medicine MOL MED Molecular Medicine Today MOL MED TODAY Molecular Membrane Biology MOL MEMBR BIOL Molecular Microbiology MOL MICROBIOL Molecular Neurobiology MOL NEUROBIOL Molecular Pathology MOL PATHOL Molecular Pharmacology MOL PHARMACOL Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution MOL PHYLOGENET EVOL Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions MOL PLANT MICROBE INTERACT Molecular Psychiatry MOL PSYCHIATRY Molecular Reproduction and Development MOL REPROD DEV Molecular Toxicology MOL TOXICOL Molecular Vision MOL VIS Molecules and Cells

MOL CELLS Molekuliarna Meditsina MOL MED (SOFIA) Molekuliarnaia Biologiia MOL BIOL (MOSK 1972) Molekuliarnaia Biologiia MOL BIOL (MOSK) Molekuliarnaia Genetika, Mikrobiologia, I Virusologa MOL GEN MIKROBIOL VIRUSOL Monaldi Archives For Chest Disease MONALDI ARCH CHEST DIS Monatshefte Fur Veterinarmedizin MONATSH VETERINARMED Monatsschrift Deutscher Zahnarzte Der Freie Zahnarzt MONATSSCHR DTSCH ZAHNARZTE FREIE ZAHNARZT Monatsschrift Fur Kinderheilkunde MONATSSCHR KINDERHEILKD Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde MONATSSCHR KINDERHEILKD Monatsschrift Fur Ohrenheilkunde Und Laryngo-Rhinologie MONATSSCHR OHRENHEILKD LARYNGORHINOL Monatsschrift Fur Unfallheilkunde MONATSSCHR UNFALLHEILKD Monatsschrift Fur Unfallheilkunde, Versicherungs-, Versorgungs- Und Verkehrsmedizin MONATSSCHR UNFALLHEILKD VERSICHER VERSORG VERKEHRSMED Monde Dentaire MONDE DENT Mondo Odontostomatologico MONDO ODONTOSTOMATOL Mondo Ortodontico MONDO ORTOD Monograph of the American Association of Mental Deficiency MONOGR AM ASSOC MENT DEFIC Monographien Aus Dem Gesamtgebiete Der Neurologie Und Psychiatrie MONOGR GESAMTGEB NEUROL PSYCHIATR Monographien Aus Dem Gesamtgebiete Der Psychiatrie. Psychiatry Series MONOGR GESAMTGEB PSYCHIATR PSYCHIATRY SER

Monographs In Allergy MONOGR ALLERGY Monographs of the American Association On Mental Deficiency MONOGR AM ASSOC MENT DEFIC Monographs of the American Association On Mental Deficiency MONOGR AM ASSOC MENT DEFIC Monographs of the American Association On Mental Retardation MONOGR AM ASSOC MENT RETARD Monographs On Atherosclerosis MONOGR ATHEROSCLER Monographs In Clinical Cytology MONOGR CLIN CYTOL Monographs In Developmental Biology MONOGR DEV BIOL Monographs On Endocrinology MONOGR ENDOCRINOL Monographs In Human Genetics MONOGR HUM GENET Monographs In Neural Sciences MONOGR NEURAL SCI Monographs In Oral Science MONOGR ORAL SCI Monographs In Paediatrics MONOGR PAEDIATR Monographs In Pathology MONOGR PATHOL Monographs of the Physiological Society MONOGR PHYSIOL SOC Monographs In Population Biology MONOGR POPUL BIOL Monographs of the Society For Research In Child Development MONOGR SOC RES CHILD DEV Monographs In the Surgical Sciences MONOGR SURG SCI Monographs In Virology MONOGR VIROL Monthly Bulletin of the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Laboratory Service

MON BULL MINIST HEALTH PUBLIC HEALTH LAB SERV Monthly Labor Review MON LABOR REV Montpellier Medical MONTP MED Morfologiia MORFOLOGIIA Morphologia Medica MORPHOL MED Morphologiai Es Igazsagugyi Orvosi Szemle MORPHOL IGAZSAGUGYI ORV SZ Morphologie Et Embryologie MORPHOL EMBRYOL (BUCUR) Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine MT SINAI J MED Movement Disorders MOV DISORD Mps. Medical Products Salesman MPS Msda Journal MSDA J Multiple Sclerosis MULT SCLER Multis MULTIS Munca Sanitara MUNCA SANIT Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift MUNCH MED WOCHENSCHR Munnpleien MUNNPLEIEN Muscle Biology MUSCLE BIOL Muscle and Nerve MUSCLE NERVE Muscle and Nerve. Supplement MUSCLE NERVE SUPPL

Mutagenesis MUTAGENESIS Mutation Research MUTAT RES Mycologia MYCOLOGIA Mycopathologia MYCOPATHOLOGIA Mycopathologia Et Mycologia Applicata MYCOPATHOL MYCOL APPL Mycoses MYCOSES Mykosen MYKOSEN Mykosen. Supplement MYKOSEN SUPPL N and Hc Perspectives On Community N HC PERSPECT COMMUNITY Naacog Newsletter NAACOG NEWSL Naacog Technical Bulletin NAACOG TECH BULL Naacogs Clinical Issues In Perinatal and Womens Health Nursing NAACOGS CLIN ISSU PERINAT WOMENS HEALTH NURS Nacdl Journal NACDL J Nadc-Ac NADC-AC Nadc-Ml Reports NADC-ML REP Nadc-Mr Reports NADC-MR REP Nadl Journal NADL J Nagoya Journal of Medical Science NAGOYA J MED SCI Nagoya Medical Journal NAGOYA MED J

Naham Management Journal NAHAM MANAGE J Nahrung NAHRUNG Naika Hokan . Japanese Archives of Internal Medicine NAIKA HOKAN Naika. Internal Medicine NAIKA Nanr News NANR NEWS Narodno Zdravlje NAR ZDRAV Nasa Contractor Report. Nasa Cr NASA CONTRACT REP NASA CR Nasa Technical Memorandum NASA TECH MEMO Nasnewsletter NASNEWSLETTER Nasu Suteshon NASU SUTESHON National Cancer Institute Monographs NATL CANCER INST MONOGR National Cancer Institute Research Report NATL CANCER INST RES REP National Clearinghouse For Poison Control Centers Bulletin NATL CLGH POISON CONTROL CENT BULL National Conference On Dental Public Relations NATL CONF DENT PUBLIC RELAT National Dental Association Journal NATL DENT ASSOC J National Dental Health Conference NATL DENT HEALTH CONF National Engineer NATL ENG National Forum On Hospital and Health Affairs NATL FORUM HOSP HEALTH AFF National Hospital and Health Care

NATL HOSP HEALTH CARE National Institute of Animal Health Quarterly NATL INST ANIM HEALTH Q (TOKYO) National Institute On Drug Abuse Research Monograph Series NATL INST DRUG ABUSE RES MONOGR SER National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Consensus Statement NATL INST HEALTH CONSENS DEV CONF CONSENS STATEMENT National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Summaries NATL INST HEALTH CONSENS DEV CONF SUMM National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Summary NATL INST HEALTH CONSENS DEV CONF SUMM National Journal NATL J (WASH) National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey. Series B, Descriptive Report NATL MED CARE UTIL EXPEND SURV B National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey. Series C, Analytical Report NATL MED CARE UTIL EXPEND SURV C National Medical Journal of India NATL MED J INDIA National Medical-Legal Journal NATL MED LEG J National Network NATL NETW National Nosocomial Infections Study Report NATL NOSOCOMIAL INFECT STUDY REP National Safety Congress Transactions NATL SAF CONGR TRANS National Safety News NATL SAF NEWS National Underwriter NATL UNDERWRIT [LIFE HEALTH] Nations Business NATIONS BUS Natnews NATNEWS

Natonal Report On Subacute Care NATL REP SUBACUTE CARE Natural Immunity NAT IMMUN Natural Immunity and Cell Growth Regulation NAT IMMUN CELL GROWTH REGUL Natural Product Reports NAT PROD REP Natural Toxins NAT TOXINS Nature NATURE Nature Biotechnology NAT BIOTECHNOL Nature Genetics NAT GENET Nature Medicine NAT MED Nature. New Biology NAT NEW BIOL Nature Structural Biology NAT STRUCT BIOL Naturwissenschaften NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN Nauchni Trudove Na Nauchno-Izsledovatelskiia Stomatologichen Institut NAUCHNI TR NAUCHNOIZSLED STOMATOL INST (SOFIIA) Nauchni Trudove Na Visshiia Meditsinski Institut, Sofiia NAUCHNI TR VISSH MED INST SOFIIA Nauchnye Doklady Vysshei Shkoly. Biologicheskie Nauki NAUCHNYE DOKI VYSS SHKOLY BIOL NAUKI Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv Fur Experimentelle Pathologie Und Pharmakologie NAUNYN SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCH EXP PATHOL PHARMAKOL Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv Fur Pharmakologie NAUNYN SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCH PHARMAKOL Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv Fur Pharmakologie Und Experimentelle Pathologie NAUNYN SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCH PHARMAKOL EXP PATHOL Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacology NAUNYN SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCH PHARMACOL

Navy Medicine NAVY MED Nci Monographs NCI MONOGR Ncsdha Dental Hygienist NCSDHA DENT HYG Nda Journal NDA J Nebraska Medical Journal NEBR MED J Nebraska Nurse NEBR NURSE Nebraska State Medical Journal NEBR STATE MED J Nebraska Symposium On Motivation NEBR SYMP MOTIV Nederlands Militair Geneeskundig Tijdschrift NED MILIT GENEESKD TIJDSCHR Nederlands Tandartsenblad NED TANDARTSENBL Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde NED TIJDSCHR GENEESKD Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Gerontologie NED TIJDSCHR GERONTOL Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor De Psychologie En Haar Grensgebieden NED TIJDSCHR PSYCHOL Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Tandheelkunde NED TIJDSCHR TANDHEELKD Nederlandsch Tijdschrift Voor Verloskunde En Gynaecologie NED TIJDSCHR VERLOSKD GYNAECOL Nehw Health Watch NEHW HEALTH WATCH Neirofiziologiia NEIROFIZIOLOGIIA Neonatal Intensive Care NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE Neonatal Network

NEONATAL NETW Neonatal Pharmacology Quarterly NEONATAL PHARMACOL Q Neoplasma NEOPLASMA Neoplastic Disease At Various Sites MONOGR NEOPLAST DIS VAR SITES Nephrologie NEPHROLOGIE Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation NEPHROL DIAL TRANSPLANT Nephrology News and Issues NEPHROL NEWS ISSUES Nephrology Nurse NEPHROL NURSE Nephron NEPHRON Nervenarzt NERVENARZT Nervnaia Sistema NERV SIST Netherlands Journal of Medicine NETH J MED Netherlands Journal of Surgery NETH J SURG Neue Munchner Beitrage Zur Geschichte Der Medizin Und Naturwissenschaften; Medizinhistorische Reihe NEUE MUNCH BEITR GESCH MED NATURWISS MEDIZINHIST REIHE Neural Computation NEURAL COMPUT Neurobehavioral Toxicology NEUROBEHAV TOXICOL Neurobehavioral Toxicology and Teratology NEUROBEHAV TOXICOL TERATOL Neurobiology NEUROBIOLOGY (BP) Neurobiology NEUROBIOLOGY

Neurobiology of Aging NEUROBIOL AGING Neurobiology of Disease NEUROBIOL DIS Neurobiology of Learning and Memory NEUROBIOL LEARN MEM Neurochemical Pathology NEUROCHEM PATHOL Neurochemical Research NEUROCHEM RES Neurochemistry International NEUROCHEM INT Neurochirurgia NEUROCHIRURGIA (STUTTG) Neuro-Chirurgie NEUROCHIRURGIE Neurocirugia NEUROCIRUGIA Neurodegeneration NEURODEGENERATION Neuroendocrinology NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY Neuroepidemiology NEUROEPIDEMIOLOGY Neurofibromatosis NEUROFIBROMATOSIS Neurogastroenterology and Motility NEUROGASTROENTEROL MOTIL Neuroimage NEUROIMAGE Neuroimaging Clinics of North America NEUROIMAGING CLIN N AM Neuroimmunomodulation NEUROIMMUNOMODULATION Neurologia NEUROLOGIA Neurologia Croatica

NEUROL CROAT Neurologia Medico-Chirurgica NEUROL MED CHIR (TOKYO) Neurologia I Neurochirurgia Polska NEUROL NEUROCHIR POL Neurologia, Neurochirurgia I Psychiatria Polska NEUROL NEUROCHIR PSYCHIATR POL Neurologia, Psihiatria, Neurochirurgia NEUROL PSIHIATR NEUROCHIR Neurologia-Neurocirugia-Psiquiatria NEUROL NEUROCIR PSIQUIATR Neurologic Clinics NEUROL CLIN Neurological Research NEUROL RES Neurologie Et Psychiatrie NEUROL PSYCHIATR (BUCUR) Neurologija NEUROLOGIJA Neurology NEUROLOGY Neurology India NEUROL INDIA Neuromuscular Disorders NEUROMUSCUL DISORD Neuron NEURON Neuropadiatrie NEUROPADIATRIE Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology NEUROPATHOL APPL NEUROBIOL Neuropatologia Polska NEUROPATOL POL Neuropediatrics NEUROPEDIATRICS Neuropeptides NEUROPEPTIDES

Neuropharmacology NEUROPHARMACOLOGY Neurophysiologie Clinique NEUROPHYSIOL CLIN Neuropsihijatrija NEUROPSIHIJATRIJA Neuropsychiatrie De L Enfance Et De L Adolescence NEUROPSYCHIATR ENFANCE ADOLESC Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neurology NEUROPSYCHIATRY NEUROPSYCHOL BEHAV NEUROL Neuropsychobiology NEUROPSYCHOBIOLOGY Neuropsychologia NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA Neuropsychology NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Neuropsychology Review NEUROPSYCHOL REV Neuropsychopharmacology NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY Neuroradiology NEURORADIOLOGY Neuroreport NEUROREPORT Neuroscience NEUROSCIENCE Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology NEUROSCI BEHAV PHYSIOL Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews NEUROSCI BIOBEHAV REV Neuroscience Letters NEUROSCI LETT Neuroscience Letters. Supplement NEUROSCI LETT SUPPL Neuroscience Research NEUROSCI RES Neuroscience Research. Supplement NEUROSCI RES SUPPL

Neurosciences Research NEUROSCI RES (N Y) Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin NEUROSCI RES PROGRAM BULL Neurosurgery NEUROSURGERY Neurosurgery Clinics of North America NEUROSURG CLIN N AM Neurosurgical Review NEUROSURG REV Neurotoxicology NEUROTOXICOLOGY Neurotoxicology and Teratology NEUROTOXICOL TERATOL Neurotoxins NEUROTOXINS Neurourology and Urodynamics NEUROUROL URODYN Nevada Nurses Association Quarterly Newsletter NEV NURSES ASSOC Q NEWSL Nevada Rnformation NEV RNFORMATION New Biologist NEW BIOL New Dentist NEW DENT New Directions For Child Development NEW DIR CHILD DEV New Directions For Mental Health Services NEW DIR MENT HEALTH SERV New England Journal of Human Services N ENGL J HUM SERV New England Journal of Medicine N ENGL J MED New England and Regional Allergy Proceedings N ENGL REG ALLERGY PROC New Era Nursing Image International

NEW ERA NURS IMAGE INT New Horizons NEW HORIZ New Istanbul Contribution to Clinical Science NEW ISTANBUL CONTRIB CLIN SCI New Jersey Healthcare N J HEALTHC New Jersey League For Nursing News N J LEAGUE NURS NEWS New Jersey Medicine N J MED New Jersey Nurse N J NURSE New Mexico Dental Journal N M DENT J New Mexico Nurse N M NURSE New Microbiologica NEW MICROBIOL New Physician NEW PHYSICIAN New World of Irish Nursing NEW WORLD IR NURS New York Journal of Dentistry N Y J DENT New York State Dental Journal N Y STATE DENT J New York State Journal of Medicine N Y STATE J MED New York State Nurse N Y STATE NURSE New York Times N Y TIMES New York Times Magazine N Y TIMES MAG New York University Journal of Dentistry N Y UNIV J DENT

New Zealand Dental Journal N Z DENT J New Zealand Health and Hospital N Z HEALTH HOSPITAL New Zealand Hospital N Z HOSP New Zealand Medical Journal N Z MED J New Zealand Nursing Forum N Z NURS FORUM New Zealand Nursing Journal N Z NURS J New Zealand School Dental Service Gazette N Z SCH DENT SERV GAZ New Zealand Veterinary Journal N Z VET J News Bulletin - Indian Dental Association NEWS BULL INDIAN DENT ASSOC News Letter; Florence Nightingale International Nurses Association NEWS LETT FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE INT NURS ASSOC News Letter; Maine State Nurses Association NEWS LETT MAINE STATE NURSES ASSOC News Letter - Maine State Nurses Association NEWS LETT MAINE STATE NURSES ASSOC News Notes / Ohio Dental Journal NEWS NOTES OHIO DENT J News and Views NEWS VIEWS Newsette NEWSETTE Newsletter - American Academy of Health Administration NEWSL AM ACAD HEALTH ADM Newsletter of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry NEWSL AM ACAD IMPLANT DENT Newsletter of Biomedical Safety and Standards NEWSL BIOMED SAF STAND Newsletter / International Academy of Periodontology NEWSL INT ACAD PERIODONTOL

Newsletter; International College of Dentists, India Section NEWSL INT COLL DENT INDIA SECT Newsletter - Springfield Dental Society NEWSL SPRINGFIELD DENT SOC Newsletter; Wisconsin League For Nursing NEWSL WIS LEAGUE NURS Newsweek NEWSWEEK Nfpa Journal NFPA J Niaid Aids Agenda NIAID AIDS AGENDA Nicaragua Odontologica NICAR ODONTOL Nichidai Koko Kagaku NICHIDAI KOKO KAGAKU Nida Research Monograph NIDA RES MONOGR Niedersachsisches Zahnarzteblatt NIEDERSACHS ZAHNARZTEBL Nigerian Dental Journal NIGER DENT J Nigerian Medical Journal NIGER MED J Nigerian Nurse NIGER NURSE Nih Consensus Statement NIH CONSENS STATEMENT Nih Guide For Grants and Contracts NIH GUIDE GRANTS CONTRACTS Nihae Bulletin NIHAE BULL Nihon Ago Kansetsu Gakkai Zasshi NIHON AGO KANSETSU GAKKAI ZASSHI Nihon Arukoru Yakubutsu Igakkai Zasshi NIHON ARUKORU YAKUBUTSU IGAKKAI ZASSHI Nihon Hansenbyo Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Leprosy

NIHON HANSENBYO GAKKAI ZASSHI Nihon Kango Kagakkai Shi [Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science] NIHON KANGO KAGAKKAISHI Nihon Rinsho Meneki Gakkai Kaishi NIHON RINSHO MENEKI GAKKAI KAISHI Nihon Rinsho Shishubyo Danwakai Kaishi Journal of the Japanese Society of Periodontists NIHON RINSHO SHISHUBYO DANWAKAI KAISHI Nihon Shinkei Seishin Yakurigaku Zasshi NIHON SHINKEI SEISHIN YAKURIGAKU ZASSHI Niph Annals NIPH ANN Nippon Byori Gakkai Kaishi. Transactiones Societatis Pathologicae Japonicae NIPPON BYORI GAKKAI KAISHI Nippon Daicho Komonbyo Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of Japan Society of Colo-Proctology NIPPON DAICHO KOMONBYO GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Densenbyo Gakkai Zasshi NIPPON DENSENBYO GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Eiseigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Hygiene NIPPON EISEIGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Funin Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Fertility and Sterility NIPPON FUNIN GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Gan Chiryo Gakkai Shi. Journal of Japan Society For Cancer Therapy NIPPON GAN CHIRYO GAKKAI SHI Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi. Acta Societatis Ophthalmologicae Japonicae NIPPON GANKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Ganka Kiyo. Folia Ophthalmologica Japonica. Bulletin of Japanese Ophthalmology NIPPON GANKA KIYO Nippon Geka Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of Japan Surgical Society NIPPON GEKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Geka Hokan. Archiv Fur Japanische Chirurgie NIPPON GEKA HOKAN Nippon Heikatsukin Gakkai Zasshi NIPPON HEIKATSUKIN GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Hifuka Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Dermatology NIPPON HIFUKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Hinyokika Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Urology

NIPPON HINYOKIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Hoigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Legal Medicine NIPPON HOIGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Hotetsu Shika Gakkai Zasshi NIPPON HOTETSU SHIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Igaku Hoshasen Gakkai Zasshi. Nippon Acta Radiologica NIPPON IGAKU HOSHASEN GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Ika Daigaku Zasshi. Journal of the Nippon Medical School NIPPON IKA DAIGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Ishikai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Medical Association NIPPON ISHIKAI ZASSHI Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho [Journal of the Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society of Japan] NIPPON JIBIINKOKA GAKKAI KAIHO Nippon Jinzo Gakkai Shi. Japanese Journal of Nephrology NIPPON JINZO GAKKAI SHI Nippon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science NIPPON JUIGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Ketsueki Gakkai Zasshi. Acta Haematologica Japonica NIPPON KETSUEKI GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Koku Geka Gakkai Zasshi NIPPON KOKU GEKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Kontakuto Renzu Gakkai Kaiin Dayori. Journal of Japan Contact Lens Society NIPPON KONTAKUTO RENZU GAKKAI KAIIN DAYORI Nippon Koshu Eisei Zasshi [Japanese Journal of Public Health] NIPPON KOSHU EISEI ZASSHI Nippon Kyobu Geka Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association For Thoracic Surgery NIPPON KYOBU GEKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Kyobu Shikkan Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Thoracic Diseases NIPPON KYOBU SHIKKAN GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Kyosei Shika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of Japan Orthodontic Society NIPPON KYOSEI SHIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Naibunpi Gakkai Zasshi. Folia Endocrinologica Japonica NIPPON NAIBUNPI GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Naika Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine NIPPON NAIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI

Nippon Rai Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Leprosy NIPPON RAI GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine NIPPON RINSHO Nippon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Geriatrics NIPPON RONEN IGAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Saikingaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Bacteriology NIPPON SAIKINGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Sanka Fujinka Gakkai Zasshi. Acta Obstetrica Et Gynaecologica Japonica NIPPON SANKA FUJINKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Seikeigeka Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association NIPPON SEIKEIGEKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Seirigaku Zasshi. Journal of the Physiological Society of Japan NIPPON SEIRIGAKU ZASSHI Nippon Shika Hyoron. Nippon Dental Review NIPPON SHIKA HYORON Nippon Shika Ishikai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Dental Association NIPPON SHIKA ISHIKAI ZASSHI Nippon Shika Zairyo Kikai Gakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Research Society of Dental Materials and Appliances NIPPON SHIKA ZAIRYO KIKAI GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Shishubyo Gakkai Kaishi. Journal of the Japanese Association of Periodontology NIPPON SHISHUBYO GAKKAI KAISHI Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Gastroenterology NIPPON SHOKAKIBYO GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Shonika Gakkai Zasshi [Journal of Japan Pediatric Society] NIPPON SHONIKA GAKKAI ZASSHI Nippon Yakurigaku Zasshi. Folia Pharmacologica Japonica NIPPON YAKURIGAKU ZASSHI Nita NITA Njpc Bulletin NJPC BULL Njsna Newsletter NJSNA NEWSL Nln Convention Papers NLN CONV PAP Nln Publications

NLN PUBL Nln Update NLN UPDATE Nmr In Biomedicine NMR BIOMED No Shinkei Geka. Neurological Surgery NO SHINKEI GEKA No to Hattatsu [Brain and Development] NO TO HATTATSU No to Shinkei. Brain and Nerve NO TO SHINKEI Nobel Symposium NOBEL SYMP Nonprofit Management and Leadership NONPROFIT MANAG LEADERSH Nordisk Hygienisk Tidskrift NORD HYG TIDSKR Nordisk Hygienisk Tidskrift. Supplement NORD HYG TIDSKR SUPPL Nordisk Medicin NORD MED Nordisk Psykiatrisk Tidsskrift NORD PSYKIATR TIDSSKR Nordisk Veterinaermedicin NORD VET MED Normale Und Pathologische Anatomie NORM PATHOL ANAT (STUTTG) Norske Tannlaegeforenings Tidende NOR TANNLAEGEFOREN TID North Carolina Dental Gazette N C DENT GAZ North Carolina Dental Journal N C DENT J North Carolina Medical Journal N C MED J Northwest Dentistry NORTHWEST DENT

Northwest Medicine NORTHWEST MED Northwestern Dental Research NORTHWEST DENT RES Northwestern University Bulletin, Dental Research and Graduate Study NORTHWEST UNIV BULL DENT RES GRAD STUDY Noseleutike NOSELEUTIKE Noshuyo Byori NOSHUYO BYORI Notes From the Underground NOTES UNDERGR Nouvelle Presse Medicale NOUV PRESSE MED Nouvelle Revue Francaise D Hematologie NOUV REV FR HEMATOL Nouvelle Revue Francaise D Hematologie NOUV REV FR HEMATOL Nouvelle Revue Francaise D Hematologie; Blood Cells NOUV REV FR HEMATOL BLOOD CELLS Nouvelles / Comite International Catholique Des Infirmieres Et Assistantes Medico-Sociales. News / International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medico-Social Workers NOUV COM INT CATHOL INFIRM ASSIST MED SOC Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin N S MED BULL Novosti Meditsinskogo Priborostroeniia NOV MED PRIBOROSTR Novosti Meditsinskoi Tekhniki NOV MED TEKH Nowotwory NOWOTWORY Np News NP NEWS Nt Learning Curve NT LEARN CURVE Nuclear Medicine and Biology NUCL MED BIOL

Nuclear Medicine Communications NUCL MED COMMUN Nuclear-Medizin NUCL MED (STUTTG) Nucleic Acids Research NUCLEIC ACIDS RES Nucleic Acids Symposium Series NUCLEIC ACIDS SYMP SER Nueva Enfermeria NUEVA ENFERM Nuklearmedizin NUKLEARMEDIZIN Nuntius Radiologicus NUNT RADIOL Nuova Rivista Di Neurologia NUOVA RIV NEUROL Nuovi Annali D Igiene E Microbiologia NUOVI ANN IG MICROBIOL Nurse Anesthesia NURSE ANESTH Nurse Author and Editor NURSE AUTHOR ED Nurse Education Today NURSE EDUC TODAY Nurse Educator NURSE EDUC Nurse Educators Opportunities and Innovations NURSE EDUC OPPOR INNOV Nurse Managers Bookshelf NURSE MANAGERS BOOKSHELF Nurse Practitioner NURSE PRACT Nurse Practitioner Forum NURSE PRACT FORUM Nurses Lamp NURSES LAMP Nursing NURSING (LOND)

Nursing NURSING Nursing NURSING (BRUX) Nursing Administration Quarterly NURS ADM Q Nursing Bc NURS BC Nursing Care NURS CARE Nursing Careers NURS CAREERS Nursing Case Management NURS CASE MANAG Nursing Clinics of North America NURS CLIN NORTH AM Nursing Diagnosis NURS DIAGN Nursing Dynamics NURS DYN Nursing Economics NURS ECON Nursing Education Monographs NURS EDUC MONOGR Nursing Educators Microworld NURS EDUC MICROWORLD Nursing the Elderly NURS ELDER Nursing Ethics NURS ETHICS Nursing Focus NURS FOCUS Nursing Forum NURS FORUM (AUCKL) Nursing Forum NURS FORUM Nursing and Health Care

NURS HEALTH CARE Nursing and Health Care Perspectives NURS HEALTH CARE PERSPECT Nursing History Review NURS HIST REV Nursing Homes NURS HOMES Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen Care NURS HOMES SR CITIZ CARE Nursing Inquiry NURS INQ Nursing Journal NURS J (MANILA) Nursing Journal of India NURS J INDIA Nursing Journal of Singapore NURS J SINGAPORE Nursing Law and Ethics NURS LAW ETHICS Nursing Leadership NURS LEADERSH Nursing Life NURS LIFE Nursing Management NURS MANAG (HARROW) Nursing Management NURS MANAGE Nursing Mirror NURS MIRROR Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal NURS MIRROR MIDWIVES J Nursing Montreal NURS MONTREAL Nursing New Zealand NURS N Z Nursing New Zealand NURS N Z

Nursing News NURS NEWS (MERIDEN) Nursing News NURS NEWS Nursing Outlook NURS OUTLOOK Nursing Papers NURS PAP Nursing Practice NURS PRACT Nursing Praxis In New Zealand NURS PRAX N Z Nursing Quality Connection NURS QUAL CONNECT Nursing Quebec NURS QUE Nursing Research NURS RES Nursing Research Conference NURS RES CONF Nursing Research Report NURS RES REP Nursing Rsa NURS RSA Nursing Science NURS SCI Nursing Science Quarterly NURS SCI Q Nursing Spectrum (D.C./Baltimore Metro Edition) NURS SPECTR (WASH D C) Nursing Staff Development Insider NURS STAFF DEV INSID Nursing Standard NURS STAND Nursing Standard NURS STAND Nursing Standard. Special Supplement NURS STAND SPEC SUPPL

Nursing Success Today NURS SUCCESS TODAY Nursing Times NURS TIMES Nursingconnections NURSINGCONNECTIONS Nutricion Hospitalaria NUTR HOSP Nutritio Et Dieta; European Review of Nutrition and Dietetics NUTR DIETA EUR REV NUTR DIET Nutrition NUTRITION Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews NUTR ABSTR REV Nutrition and Cancer NUTR CANCER Nutrition In Clinical Practice NUTR CLIN PRACT Nutrition and Health NUTR HEALTH Nutrition and Metabolism NUTR METAB Nutrition Reviews NUTR REV Nyo Reports NYO REP Nyssnta Journal NYSSNTA J Journals beginning with O thru R This is a list of biomedical journals and their abbreviations. This was distilled from documents at the National Library of Medicine's web-site.

Obesity Research OBES RES Obstetrica Si Ginecologia OBSTET GINECOL (BUCUR) Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey

OBSTET GYNECOL SURV Obstetricia Y Ginecologia Latino-Americanas OBSTET GINECOL LAT AM Obstetrics and Gynecology OBSTET GYNECOL Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual OBSTET GYNECOL ANNU Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America OBSTET GYNECOL CLIN NORTH AM Occasional Newsletter / the Lindsay Club OCCAS NEWSL LINDSAY CLUB Occasional Paper / Royal College of General Practitioners OCCAS PAP R COLL GEN PRACT Occasional Publications; Institute of Health Administration; Georgia State University OCCAS PUBL INST HEALTH ADM GA STATE UNIV Occupational and Environmental Medicine OCCUP ENVIRON MED Occupational Health OCCUP HEALTH (AUCKL) Occupational Health OCCUP HEALTH (LOND) Occupational Health Nurse OCCUP HEALTH NURSE (AUCKL) Occupational Health Nursing OCCUP HEALTH NURS Occupational Health Review OCCUP HEALTH REV Occupational Health and Safety OCCUP HEALTH SAF Occupational Medicine OCCUP MED (OXF) Occupational Medicine OCCUP MED Ocds Bulletin OCDS BULL Ocular Immunology and Inflammation OCUL IMMUNOL INFLAMM

Odont ODONT Odontes ODONTES Odontiatriki ODONTIATRIKI Odontoestomatologia ODONTOESTOMATOLOGIA Odontoiatria Pratica ODONTOIATR PRAT Odontoiatria; Revista Ibero-Americana De Medicina De La Boca ODONTOIATR REV IBEROAM MED BOCA Odontologia ODONTOL [MEXICO] Odontologia ODONTOLOGIA Odontologia ODONTOLOGIA (LIMA) Odontologia Atual ODONTOL ATUAL Odontologia Bonaerense ONDONTOL BONAER Odontologia Capixaba ODONTOL CAPIXABA Odontologia Chilena ODONTOL CHIL Odontologia Clinica ODONTOL CLIN Odontologia Dinamica ODONTOL DIN Odontologia Jalisciense ODONTOL JALISC Odontologia Peruana ODONTOL PERU Odontologia De Postgrado ODONTOL POSTGRADO Odontologia Practica

ODONTOL PRACT Odontologia Uruguaya ODONTOL URUG Odontological Bulletin ODONTOL BULL Odontologie Conservatrice ODONTOL CONSERV Odontologisk Revy ODONTOL REVY Odontologisk Revy. Supplement ODONTOL REVY SUPPL Odontologisk Tidskrift ODONTOL TIDSKR Odontologiska Foreningens Tidskrift ODONTOL FOREN TIDSKR Odontologiska Samfundet I Finland Arsbok ODONTOL SAMF FINL ARSB Odontologo ODONTOLOGO Odontoprotesi ODONTOPROTESI Odontostomatologia E Implantoprotesi ODONTOSTOMATOL IMPLANTOPROTESI Odonto-Stomatologie Tropicale ODONTOSTOMATOL TROP Odontostomatologike Proodos ODONTOSTOMATOL PROODOS Offentliche Gesundheitsdienst OFFENTL GESUNDHEITSDIENST Offentliche Gesundheitswesen OFFENTL GESUNDHEITSWES Office OFFICE Official Publication / Dental Hygienists Association of the State of New York OFF PUBL DENT HYG ASSOC STATE N Y Oftalmologia OFTALMOLOGIA

Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal OFTALMOL ZH Ogn Nursing Practice Resource OGN NURS PRACT RESOUR Oh. Osteopathic Hospitals OH Ohio Dental Journal OHIO DENT J Ohio Medicine OHIO MED Ohio Nurses Review OHIO NURSES REV Ohio State Medical Journal OHIO STATE MED J Ohms Digest OHMS DIG Ohu Daigaku Shigakushi OHU DAIGAKU SHIGAKUSHI Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica OKAJIMAS FOLIA ANAT JPN Oklahoma Nurse OKLA NURSE Omnia Medica Et Therapeutica OMNIA MED THER Omvardaren OMVARDAREN Ona Journal ONA J Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine ONCODEV BIOL MED Oncogene ONCOGENE Oncogene Research ONCOGENE RES Oncologia ONCOLOGIA Oncologica

ONCOLOGICA Oncology ONCOLOGY (HUNTINGT) Oncology ONCOLOGY Oncology Nursing Forum ONCOL NURS FORUM Oncology Research ONCOL RES Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research ONDERSTEPOORT J VET RES One On One ONE ONE Onkologie ONKOLOGIE Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials ONLINE J CURR CLIN TRIALS Ons News ONS NEWS Ontario Dentist ONT DENT Ontogenez ONTOGENEZ Ooq. Occupational Outlook Quarterly OOQ OCCUP OUTLOOK Q Operational Research Quarterly OPER RES Q Operations Research OPER RES Operative Dentistry OPER DENT Operative Dentistry. Supplement OPER DENT SUPPL Ophtalmologie OPHTALMOLOGIE Ophthalmic Epidemiology OPHTHALMIC EPIDEMIOL

Ophthalmic Genetics OPHTHALMIC GENET Ophthalmic Paediatrics and Genetics OPHTHALMIC PAEDIATR GENET Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics OPHTHALMIC PHYSIOL OPT Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery OPHTHAL PLAST RECONSTR SURG Ophthalmic Research OPHTHALMIC RES Ophthalmic Seminars OPHTHALMIC SEMIN Ophthalmic Surgery OPHTHALMIC SURG Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers OPHTHALMIC SURG LASERS Ophthalmologe OPHTHALMOLOGE Ophthalmologica OPHTHALMOLOGICA Ophthalmology OPHTHALMOLOGY Optica Acta OPT ACTA (LOND) Optometry Clinics OPTOM CLIN Optometry and Vision Science OPTOM VIS SCI Opuscula Medica OPUSC MED Or Manager OR MANAGER Or Tech OR TECH Oral Diseases ORAL DIS Oral Health ORAL HEALTH

Oral Hygiene ORAL HYG Oral Implantology ORAL IMPLANTOL Oral Microbiology and Immunology ORAL MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Oral Oncology ORAL ONCOL Oral Sciences Reviews ORAL SCI REV Oral Surgery, Oral Diagnosis ORAL SURG ORAL DIAGN Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology ORAL SURG ORAL MED ORAL PATHOL Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and Endodontics ORAL SURG ORAL MED ORAL PATHOL ORAL RADIOL ENDOD Orale Implantologie ORALE IMPLANTOL Oral-Prophylaxe ORALPROPHYLAXE Orange County Dental Society Bulletin ORANGE CTY DENT SOC BULL Oregon Nurse OREG NURSE Oregon State Dental Journal OREG STATE DENT J Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes ORGAN BEHAV HUM DECIS PROCESS Organizational Behavior and Human Performance ORGAN BEHAV HUM PERFORM Organizational Dynamics ORGAN DYN Origins of Life ORIG LIFE Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere ORIG LIFE EVOL BIOSPH Orizzonti Della Ortopedia Odierna E Della Riabilitazione

ORIZZ ORTOP ODIE RIABIL Orl; Journal of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Its Related Specialties ORL J OTORHINOLARYNGOL RELAT SPEC Orl-Head and Neck Nursing ORL HEAD NECK NURS Ornl ORNL Ornl-Nsic Reports ORNL-NSIC REP Ornl-Tm Reports ORNL-TM REP Oro Reports ORO REP Orthodontic Review ORTHOD REV Orthodontie Francaise ORTHOD FR Orthodontike Epitheorese ORTHOD EPITHEORESE Orthodontist ORTHODONTIST Orthopade ORTHOPADE Orthopaedic Nursing ORTHOP NURS Orthopaedic Review ORTHOP REV Orthopedic Clinics of North America ORTHOP CLIN NORTH AM Orthopedic Nursing ORTHOP NURS Orthopedics ORTHOPEDICS Ortodoncia ORTODONCIA Ortodontia ORTODONTIA

Ortopedia Maxilar ORTOP MAXILAR Ortopediia Travmatologiia I Protezirovanie ORTOP TRAVMATOL PROTEZ Orvosi Hetilap ORV HETIL Osaka City Medical Journal OSAKA CITY MED J Osaka Daigaku Shigaku Zasshi. Journal of the Osaka University Dental Society OSAKA DAIGAKU SHIGAKU ZASSHI Ospedale Maggiore OSP MAGGIORE Ospedale Psichiatrico OSP PSICHIATR Ospedali D Italia Chirurgia OSP ITAL CHIR Osteoarthritis and Cartilage OSTEOARTHRITIS CARTILAGE Osteopathic Hospital Leadership OSTEOPATH HOSP LEADERSH Osteoporosis International OSTEOPOROS INT Osterreichische Dentisten Zeitschrift OSTERR DENT Z Osterreichische Hebammenzeitung OSTERR HEBAMMENZTG Osterreichische Kneipp-Magazin OSTERR KNEIPP MAG Osterreichische Krankenpflegezeitschrift OSTERR KRANKENPFLEGEZ Osterreichische Schwesternzeitung OSTERR SCHWESTERNZTG Osterreichische Zahnarzte-Zeitung OSTERR ZAHNARZTEZTG Osterreichische Zahnprothetik OSTERR ZAHNPROTHET Osterreichische Zahntechniker Handwerk OSTERR ZAHNTECH HANDW

Osterreichische Zahntechniker Handwerk OSTERR ZAHNTECH HANDWERK Osterreichische Zeitschrift Fur Erforschung Und Bekampfung Der Krebskrankheit OSTERR Z ERFORSCH BEKAMPF KREBSKR Osterreichische Zeitschrift Fur Stomatologie OSTERR Z STOMATOL Ostomy/Wound Management OSTOMY WOUND MANAGE Otolaryngologia Polska OTOLARYNGOL POL Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America OTOLARYNGOL CLIN NORTH AM Otolaryngology OTOLARYNGOLOGY Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery OTOLARYNGOL HEAD NECK SURG Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery OTOLARYNGOL HEAD NECK SURG Oto-Rino-Laringologia Italiana OTORINOLARINGOL ITAL Oto-Rino-Laringologia Si Oftalmologia OTORINOLARINGOL OFTALMOL Oto-Rino-Laringologie OTORINOLARINGOLOGIE Outlook and Bulletin - Southern Dental Society of New Jersey OUTLOOK BULL SOUTH DENT SOC N J Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology OXF REV REPROD BIOL Oxford Surveys On Eukaryotic Genes OXF SURV EUKARYOT GENES Pa Journal PA J Pacific Medicine and Surgery PAC MED SURG Pacific Symposium On Biocomputing PAC SYMP BIOCOMPUT Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology

PACING CLIN ELECTROPHYSIOL Padiatrie Und Grenzgebiete PADIATR GRENZGEB Padiatrie Und Padologie PADIATR PADOL Padiatrie Und Padologie. Supplementum PADIATR PADOL SUPPL Paediatria Universitatis Tokyo PAEDIATR UNIV TOKYO Paediatric Anaesthesia PAEDIATR ANAESTH Paediatric Nursing PAEDIATR NURS Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology PAEDIATR PERINAT EPIDEMIOL Paediatrica Indonesiana PAEDIATR INDONES Paediatrician PAEDIATRICIAN Paedovita PAEDOVITA Pahlavi Medical Journal PAHLAVI MED J Pain PAIN Pain and Headache PAIN HEADACHE Pain. Supplement PAIN SUPPL Pakistan Dental Review PAK DENT REV Pakistan Journal of Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics PAK J SURG GYNAECOL OBSTET Pakistan Nursing and Health Review PAK NURS HEALTH REV Palliative Medicine PALLIAT MED

Pancreas PANCREAS Panminerva Medica PANMINERVA MED Paper Series / United Hospital Fund of New York PAP SER UNITED HOSP FUND N Y Papers / National Conference For Professional Nurses and Physicians PAP NATL CONF PROF NURSES PHYSICIANS Papua New Guinea Medical Journal P N G MED J Paramedics International PARAMED INT Paraplegia PARAPLEGIA Parasite PARASITE Parasite Immunology PARASITE IMMUNOL Parasitology PARASITOLOGY Parasitology Research PARASITOL RES Parassitologia PARASSITOLOGIA Parazitologiia PARAZITOLOGIIA Parking PARKING Parodontologia E Stomatologia (Nuova) PARODONTOL STOMATOL (NUOVA) Parodontologie PARODONTOL Parodontologie PARODONTOLOGIE Parodontologie PARODONTOLOGIE Parodontologie and Academy Review PARODONTOL ACAD REV

Paroi Arterielle PAROI ARTERIELLE Part a News PART A NEWS Part B News PART B NEWS Pas Reporter PAS REP Pathobiology PATHOBIOLOGY Pathobiology Annual PATHOBIOL ANNU Pathologe PATHOLOGE Pathologia Europaea PATHOL EUR Pathologia Et Microbiologia PATHOL MICROBIOL (BASEL) Pathologia Veterinaria PATHOL VET Pathologica PATHOLOGICA Pathologie Biologie PATHOL BIOL (PARIS) Pathologie Et Biologie PATHOL BIOL Pathologist PATHOLOGIST Pathology PATHOLOGY (PHILA) Pathology PATHOLOGY Pathology Annual PATHOL ANNU Pathology and Immunopathology Research PATHOL IMMUNOPATHOL RES Pathology International

PATHOL INT Pathology, Research and Practice PATHOL RES PRACT Patient Accounts PATIENT ACC Patient Care PATIENT CARE Patient Counselling and Health Education PATIENT COUNS HEALTH EDUC Patient Education and Counseling PATIENT EDUC COUNS Patient Education Newsletter PATIENT EDUC NEWSL Patient-Focused Care PATIENT FOCUS CARE Patologia E Clinica Ostetrica E Ginecologica PATOL CLIN OSTET GINECOL Patologia Polska PATOL POL Patologicheskaia Fiziologiia I Eksperimentalnaia Terapiia PATOL FIZIOL EKSP TER Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science PAVLOV J BIOL SCI Pcr Methods and Applications PCR METHODS APPL Pcr Reporter PCR REP Pda Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology PDA J PHARM SCI TECHNOL Pdm. Physicians Drug Manual PDM Pediatria PEDIATRIA (SANTIAGO) Pediatria PEDIATRIA (BUCUR) Pediatria PEDIATRIA (NAPOLI)

Pediatria Medica E Chirurgica PEDIATR MED CHIR Pediatria Panamericana PEDIATR PANAM Pediatria Polska PEDIATR POL Pediatria Pratica PEDIATR PRAT Pediatric Aids and Hiv Infection PEDIATR AIDS HIV INFECT Pediatric Allergy and Immunology PEDIATR ALLERGY IMMUNOL Pediatric Annals PEDIATR ANN Pediatric Cardiology PEDIATR CARDIOL Pediatric Clinics of North America PEDIATR CLIN NORTH AM Pediatric Dentistry PEDIATR DENT Pediatric Dermatology PEDIATR DERMATOL Pediatric Emergency Care PEDIATR EMERG CARE Pediatric Hematology and Oncology PEDIATR HEMATOL ONCOL Pediatric Infectious Disease PEDIATR INFECT DIS Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal PEDIATR INFECT DIS J Pediatric Nephrology PEDIATR NEPHROL Pediatric Neurology PEDIATR NEUROL Pediatric Neuroscience PEDIATR NEUROSCI Pediatric Neurosurgery PEDIATR NEUROSURG

Pediatric Nursing PEDIATR NURS Pediatric Pathology PEDIATR PATHOL Pediatric Pathology and Laboratory Medicine PEDIATR PATHOL LAB MED Pediatric Pharmacology PEDIATR PHARMACOL (NEW YORK) Pediatric Pulmonology PEDIATR PULMONOL Pediatric Pulmonology. Supplement PEDIATR PULMONOL SUPPL Pediatric Radiology PEDIATR RADIOL Pediatric Research PEDIATR RES Pediatric Surgery International PEDIATR SURG INT Pediatrician PEDIATRICIAN Pediatrics PEDIATRICS Pediatrics In Review PEDIATR REV Pediatrie PEDIATRIE (BUCUR) Pediatrie PEDIATRIE Pediatriia PEDIATRIIA Pediatriia, Akusherstvo, I Ginekologiia PEDIATR AKUSH GINEKOL Pedodontie Francaise PEDOD FR Pelican News PELICAN NEWS Penn Dental Journal

PENN DENT J (PHILA) Pennsylvania Dental Journal PA DENT J (HARRISB) Pennsylvania Medicine PA MED Pennsylvania Nurse PA NURSE People PEOPLE Peptide Research PEPT RES Peptides PEPTIDES Perception PERCEPTION Perception and Psychophysics PERCEPT PSYCHOPHYS Perceptual and Motor Skills PERCEPT MOT SKILLS Perfusion PERFUSION Periodontal Abstracts / Journal of the Western Society of Periodontology PERIODONTAL ABSTR Periodontal Case Reports PERIODONTAL CASE REP Periodontal Clinical Investigations PERIODONTAL CLIN INVESTIG Periodontics PERIODONTICS Periodontology 2000 PERIODONTOL 2000 Perioperative Nursing Quarterly PERIOPER NURS Q Peritoneal Dialysis International PERIT DIAL INT Personnel PERSONNEL

Personnel Administrator PERS ADM Personnel Journal PERS J Perspectivas PERSPECTIVAS Perspectives PERSPECTIVES Perspectives PERSPECTIVES (MONTCLAIR) Perspectives On Accreditation PERSPECT ACCREDIT Perspectives On Addictions Nursing PERSPECT ADDICT NURS Perspectives In Biology and Medicine PERSPECT BIOL MED Perspectives On Developmental Neurobiology PERSPECT DEV NEUROBIOL Perspectives In Healthcare Risk Management PERSPECT HEALTHC RISK MANAGE Perspectives On Medicaid Management PERSPECT MEDICAID MANAGE Perspectives On Medicaid and Medicare Management PERSPECT MEDICAID MEDICARE MANAGE Perspectives In Nephrology and Hypertension PERSPECT NEPHROL HYPERTENS Perspectives In Pediatric Pathology PERSPECT PEDIATR PATHOL Perspectives In Psychiatric Care PERSPECT PSYCHIATR CARE Perspectives In Respiratory Nursing PERSPECT RESPIR NURS Pesticides Monitoring Journal PESTIC MONIT J Pfca Review PFCA REV Pflege PFLEGE

Pflege Aktuell PFLEGE AKTUELL Pflege Zeitschrift PFLEGE Z Pflugers Archiv. European Journal of Physiology PFLUGERS ARCH Pflugers Archiv Fur Die Gesamte Physiologie Des Menschen Und Der Tiere PFLUGERS ARCH GESAMTE PHYSIOL MENSCHEN TIERE Pharmaceutica Acta Helvetiae PHARM ACTA HELV Pharmaceutical Biotechnology PHARM BIOTECHNOL Pharmaceutical Research PHARM RES Pharmaceutisch Weekblad PHARM WEEKBL Pharmaceutisch Weekblad. Scientific Edition PHARM WEEKBL SCI Pharmacoeconomics PHARMACOECONOMICS Pharmacogenetics PHARMACOGENETICS Pharmacological Research PHARMACOL RES Pharmacological Research Communications PHARMACOL RES COMMUN Pharmacological Reviews PHARMACOL REV Pharmacology PHARMACOLOGY Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior PHARMACOL BIOCHEM BEHAV Pharmacology For Physicians PHARMACOL PHYSICIANS Pharmacology and Therapeutics PHARMACOL THER Pharmacology and Therapeutics In Dentistry

PHARMACOL THER DENT Pharmacology and Therapeutics. Part B: General and Systematic Pharmacology PHARMACOL THER [B] Pharmacology and Toxicology PHARMACOL TOXICOL Pharmacopsychiatria PHARMACOPSYCHIATRIA Pharmacopsychiatry PHARMACOPSYCHIATRY Pharmacotherapy PHARMACOTHERAPY Pharmacy Management Combined With the American Journal of Pharmacy PHARM MANAGE COMB AM J PHARM Pharmacy Practice Management Quarterly PHARM PRACT MANAG Q Pharmacy Times PHARM TIMES Pharmacy World and Science PHARM WORLD SCI Pharmakopsychiatrie, Neuro-Psychopharmakologie PHARMAKOPSYCHIATR NEUROPSYCHOPHARMAKOL Pharmakotherapia PHARMAKOTHERAPIA Pharmatherapeutica PHARMATHERAPEUTICA Pharmazeutische Praxis PHARM PRAX Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle Fur Deutschland PHARM ZENTRALHALLE DTSCHL Pharmazie PHARMAZIE Pharmazie In Unserer Zeit PHARM UNSERER ZEIT Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society PHAROS Philippine Journal of Nursing PHILIPP J NURS

Philippine Journal of Surgery and Surgical Specialties PHILIPP J SURG SURG SPEC Phillip Journal PHILLIP J Phillip Journal Fur Restaurative Zahnmedizin PHILLIP J RESTAUR ZAHNMED Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences PHILOS TRANS R SOC LOND B BIOL SCI Phlebologie PHLEBOLOGIE Phonetica PHONETICA Photochemistry and Photobiology PHOTOCHEM PHOTOBIOL Photo-Dermatology PHOTODERMATOL Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine PHOTODERMATOL PHOTOIMMUNOL PHOTOMED Photophysiology PHOTOPHYSIOLOGY Physical Therapy PHYS THER Physician Assistant PHYSICIAN ASSIST Physician Assistant PHYSICIAN ASSIST Physician Assistant. Health Practitioner PHYSICIAN ASSIST HEALTH PRACT Physician Executive PHYSICIAN EXEC Physician Relations Update PHYSICIAN RELAT UPDATE Physicians Management PHYSICIANS MANAGE Physics In Medicine and Biology PHYS MED BIOL Physiologia Bohemoslovaca

PHYSIOL BOHEMOSLOV Physiologia Bohemoslovenica PHYSIOL BOHEMOSLOV Physiological Chemistry and Physics PHYSIOL CHEM PHYS Physiological Chemistry and Physics and Medical Nmr PHYSIOL CHEM PHYS MED NMR Physiological Measurement PHYSIOL MEAS Physiological Research PHYSIOL RES Physiological Reviews PHYSIOL REV Physiological Zoology PHYSIOL ZOOL Physiologie PHYSIOLOGIE Physiologist PHYSIOLOGIST Physiology and Behavior PHYSIOL BEHAV Physiology and Pharmacology For Physicians PHYSIOL PHARMACOL PHYSICIANS Physiology Teacher PHYSIOL TEACH Physiotherapy PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy Canada PHYSIOTHER CAN Physiotherapy Research International PHYSIOTHER RES INT Phytochemistry PHYTOCHEMISTRY Phytopathology PHYTOPATHOLOGY Pi Perspective PI PERSPECT

Pielegniarka I Polozna PIELEG POLOZNA Pigment Cell Research PIGMENT CELL RES Placenta PLACENTA Placenta. Supplement PLACENTA SUPPL Plant Cell PLANT CELL Plant and Cell Physiology PLANT CELL PHYSIOL Plant Foods For Human Nutrition PLANT FOODS HUM NUTR Plant Journal PLANT J Plant Molecular Biology PLANT MOL BIOL Plant Physiology PLANT PHYSIOL Planta PLANTA Planta Medica PLANTA MED Plasmid PLASMID Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery PLAST RECONSTR SURG Plastic Surgical Nursing PLAST SURG NURS Plucne Bolesti PLUCNE BOLESTI Plucne Bolesti I Tuberkuloza PLUCNE BOLESTI TUBERK Plugger; Iowa Dental Assistants Journal PLUGGER Pneumoftiziologia PNEUMOFTIZIOLOGIA

Pneumologie PNEUMOLOGIE Pneumonologia I Alergologia Polska PNEUMONOL ALERGOL POL Pneumonologia Polska PNEUMONOL POL Pneumonologie PNEUMONOLOGIE Policlinico. Sezione Chirurgica POLICLINICO [CHIR] Policlinico. Sezione Medica POLICLINICO [MED] Policlinico. Sezione Pratica POLICLINICO [PRAT] Policy Analysis POLICY ANAL Policy Statement / Royal College of General Practitioners POLICY STATEMENT R COLL GEN PRACT Polimery W Medycynie POLIM MED Polish Journal of Occupational Medicine POL J OCCUP MED Polish Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health POL J OCCUP MED ENVIRON HEALTH Polish Journal of Pathology POL J PATHOL Polish Journal of Pharmacology POL J PHARMACOL Polish Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy POL J PHARMACOL PHARM Polish Medical Journal POL MED J Polish Medical Sciences and History Bulletin POL MED SCI HIST BULL Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski POL MERKURIUSZ LEK Polski Przeglad Chirurgiczny

POL PRZEGL CHIR Polski Przeglad Radiologii POL PRZEGL RADIOL Polski Przeglad Radiologii I Medycyny Nuklearnej POL PRZEGL RADIOL MED NUKL Polski Tygodnik Lekarski POL TYG LEK Polskie Archiwum Medycyny Wewnetrznej POL ARCH MED WEWN Polskie Archiwum Weterynaryjne POL ARCH WETER Population Reports. Series a; Oral Contraceptives POPUL REP A Population Reports. Series B; Intrauterine Devices POPUL REP B Population Reports. Series C, Female Sterilization POPUL REP C Population Reports. Series C; Sterilization Female POPUL REP C Population Reports. Series D, Male Sterilization POPUL REP D Population Reports. Series D: Sterilization Male POPUL REP D Population Reports. Series E; Law and Policy POPUL REP E Population Reports. Series F: Pregnancy Termination POPUL REP F Population Reports. Series G: Prostaglandins POPUL REP G Population Reports. Series H; Barrier Methods POPUL REP H Population Reports. Series I; Periodic Abstinence POPUL REP I Population Reports. Series J: Family Planning Programs POPUL REP J Population Reports. Series K: Injectables and Implants POPUL REP K

Population Reports. Series L: Issues In World Health POPUL REP L Population Reports. Series M, Special Topic Monographs POPUL REP M Population Reports. Series M, Special Topics POPUL REP M Population Reports. Special Topic Monographs POPUL REP SPEC TOP MONOGR Population Trends POPUL TRENDS Positively Aware POSIT AWARE Postepy Biochemii POSTEPY BIOCHEM Postepy Higieny I Medycyny Doswiadczalnej POSTEPY HIG MED DOSW Postgraduate Medical Journal POSTGRAD MED J Postgraduate Medicine POSTGRAD MED Poultry Science POULT SCI Poumon Et Le Coeur POUMON COEUR Prace / Lodzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe. Wydzial Iv, Nauk Lekarskich PR LODZ TOW NAUK [IV] Pracovni Lekarstvi PRAC LEK Practica Odontologica PRACT ODONTOL Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica PRACT OTORHINOLARYNGOL (BASEL) Practical Dental Monographs PRACT DENT MONOGR Practical Periodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry PRACT PERIODONTICS AESTHET DENT Practice Digest PRACT DIG

Practitioner PRACTITIONER Prairie Rose PRAIRIE ROSE Prakticke Zubni Lekarstvi PRAKT ZUBN LEK Praktische Anaesthesie, Wiederbelebung Und Intensivtherapie PRAKT ANAESTH Praktische Kieferorthopadie PRAKT KIEFERORTHOP Praxis PRAXIS Praxis Der Kinderpsychologie Und Kinderpsychiatrie PRAX KINDERPSYCHOL KINDERPSYCHIATR Praxis Der Kinderpsychologie Und Kinderpsychiatrie. Beiheft PRAX KINDERPSYCHOL KINDERPSYCHIATR BEIH Praxis Und Klinik Der Pneumologie PRAX KLIN PNEUMOL Praxis Der Pneumologie Vereinigt Mit Der Tuberkulosearzt PRAX PNEUMOL Prehospital and Disaster Medicine PREHOSPITAL DISASTER MED Prenatal Diagnosis PRENAT DIAGN Prensa Medica Argentina PRENSA MED ARGENT Prensa Medica Mexicana PRENSA MED MEX Preparative Biochemistry PREP BIOCHEM Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology PREP BIOCHEM BIOTECHNOL Presse Medicale PRESSE MED Presse Medicale PRESSE MED Presse Thermale Et Climatique

PRESSE THERM CLIM Prevention In Human Services PREV HUM SERV Preventive Medicine PREV MED Preventive Veterinary Medicine PREV VET MED Prevenzione E Assistenza Dentale PREV ASSIST DENT Prevenzione Stomatologica PREV STOMATOL Pride Institute Journal of Long Term Home Health Care PRIDE INST J LONG TERM HOME HEALTH CARE Prikladnaia Biokhimiia I Mikrobiologiia PRIKL BIOKHIM MIKROBIOL Primary Care; Clinics In Office Practice PRIM CARE Primary Dental Care PRIM DENT CARE Primates In Medicine PRIMATES MED Princess Takamatsu Symposia PRINCESS TAKAMATSU SYMP Prn Forum PRN FORUM Pro Re Nata PRO RE NATA Probe PROBE Probe PROBE (LOND) Probe PROBE (ADELAIDE) Problemes Actuels D Endocrinologie Et De Nutrition PROBL ACTUELS ENDOCRINOL NUTR Problemes Actuels D Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie PROBL ACTUELS OTORHINOLARYNGOL

Problemi Na Khigienata PROBL KHIG Problems In Veterinary Medicine PROBL VET MED Problemy Endokrinologii PROBL ENDOKRINOL (MOSK) Problemy Endokrinologii I Gormonoterapii PROBL ENDOKRINOL GORMONOTER Problemy Gematologii I Perelivaniia Krovi PROBL GEMATOL PERELIV KROVI Problemy Kosmicheskoi Biologii PROBL KOSM BIOL Problemy Medycyny Wieku Rozwojowego PROBL MED WIEKU ROZWOJ Problemy Severa PROBL SEV Problemy Sotsialnoi Gigieny I Istoriia Meditsiny PROBL SOTSIALNOI GIG ISTOR MED Problemy Tuberkuleza PROBL TUBERK Proceedings / Amia Annual Fall Symposium PROC AMIA ANNU FALL SYMP Proceedings of the Annual Clinical Spinal Cord Injury Conference PROC ANNU CLIN SPINAL CORD INJ CONF Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference On Research In Medical Education PROC ANNU CONF RES MED EDUC Proceedings, Annual Management Conference - American Dental Association PROC ANNU MANAGE CONF AM DENT ASSOC Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Association PROC ANNU MEET AM PSYCHOPATHOL ASSOC Proceedings, Annual Meeting of the Medical Section of the American Council of Life Insurance PROC ANNU MEET MED SECT AM COUNC LIFE INSUR Proceedings, Annual Meeting of the Medical Section of the American Life Convention PROC ANNU MEET MED SECT AM LIFE CONV Proceedings, the Annual Meeting of the Medical Section of the American Life Insurance Association PROC ANNU MEET MED SECT AM LIFE INSUR ASSOC

Proceedings, Annual Meeting of the United States Animal Health Association PROC ANNU MEET U S ANIM HEALTH ASSOC Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the United States Livestock Sanitary Association PROC ANNU MEET U S LIVEST SANIT ASSOC Proceedings / the ... Annual Symposium On Computer Applications In Medical Care PROC ANNU SYMP COMPUT APPL MED CARE Proceedings of the Annual Symposium of the Eugenics Society PROC ANNU SYMP EUGEN SOC Proceedings of the Association of American Physicians PROC ASSOC AM PHYSICIANS Proceedings of the Australian Association of Neurologists PROC AUST ASSOC NEUROL Proceedings of the British Paedodontic Society PROC BR PAEDOD SOC Proceedings of the British Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology PROC BR SOC DENT MAXILLOFAC RADIOL Proceedings of the Cardiff Medical Society PROC CARDIFF MED SOC Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Peking Union Medical College PROC CHIN ACAD MED SCI PEKING UNION MED COLL Proceedings of the Clinical Dialysis and Transplant Forum PROC CLIN DIAL TRANSPLANT FORUM Proceedings of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association PROC EUR DIAL TRANSPLANT ASSOC Proceedings of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association PROC EUR DIAL TRANSPLANT ASSOC EUR REN ASSOC Proceedings of the European Prosthodontic Association PROC EUR PROSTHODONTIC ASSOC Proceedings of the Finnish Dental Society PROC FINN DENT SOC Proceedings. Foundation For Orthodontic Research PROC FOUND ORTHOD RES Proceedings of the Health Policy Forum PROC HEALTH POLICY FORUM Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago

PROC INST MED CHIC Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H, Journal of Engineering In Medicine PROC INST MECH ENG [H] Proceedings of the International Academy of Oral Pathology PROC INT ACAD ORAL PATHOL Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen. Series C: Biological and Medical Sciences PROC K NED AKAD WET C Proceedings of the Mine Medical Officers Association PROC MINE MED OFF ASSOC Proceedings of the Mine Medical Officers Association of Sa PROC MINE MED OFF ASSOC SA Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America PROC NATL ACAD SCI U S A Proceedings of the National Cancer Conference PROC NATL CANCER CONF Proceedings - National Conference On Methadone Treatment PROC NATL CONF METHADONE TREAT Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part B, Life Sciences PROC NATL SCI COUNC REPUB CHINA B Proceedings - Nursing Theory Conference PROC NURS THEORY CONF Proceedings of the Nutrition Society PROC NUTR SOC Proceedings and Papers of the Annual Conference of the California Mosquito Control Association, Inc PROC PAP ANNU CONF CALIF MOSQ CONTROL ASSOC Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological and Chemical Science PROC R IR ACAD [B] Proceedings - Royal Society of Edinburgh. Section B: Biology PROC R SOC EDINB [BIOL] Proceedings - Royal Society of Edinburgh. Section B: Natural Environment PROC R SOC EDINB [NAT ENVIRON] Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences PROC R SOC LOND B BIOL SCI

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine PROC R SOC MED Proceedings of the Rudolf Virchow Medical Society In the City of New York PROC RUDOLF VIRCHOW MED SOC CITY N Y Proceedings of the Society For Experimental Biology and Medicine PROC SOC EXP BIOL MED Proceedings / State Secretaries Management Conference, American Dental Association PROC STATE SECR MANAGE CONF AM DENT ASSOC Proceedings of the Veterans Administration Spinal Cord Injury Conference PROC VETERANS ADM SPINAL CORD INJ CONF Proceedings of the Virchow-Pirquet Medical Society PROC VIRCHOW PIRQUET MED SOC Proceedings of the Weekly Seminar In Neurology PROC WKLY SEMIN NEUROL Proceedings of the Western Pharmacology Society PROC WEST PHARMACOL SOC Produits Et Problemes Pharmaceutiques PROD PROBL PHARM Professional Care of Mother and Child PROF CARE MOTHER CHILD Professional Flashes PROF FLASHES Professional Nurse PROF NURSE Professional Nursing Home PROF NURS HOME Professional Safety PROF SAF Professional Sanitation Management PROF SANIT MANAGE Professioni Infermieristiche PROF INFERM Profile of Medical Practice PROFILE MED PRACT Profiles In Healthcare Marketing PROFILES HEALTHC MARK Profiles In Hospital Marketing PROFILES HOSP MARK

Program Notes - Association of University Programs In Health Administration PROGRAM NOTES ASSOC UNIV PROGRAMS HEALTH ADM Progres Medical PROGR MED (PARIS) Progres Odonto-Stomatologique PROG ODONTOSTOMATOL Progres En Urologie PROG UROL Progresos De Terapeutica Clinica PROGR TER CLIN Progress In Aids Pathology PROG AIDS PATHOL Progress In Allergy PROG ALLERGY Progress In Atomic Medicine PROG AT MED Progress In Behavior Modification PROG BEHAV MODIF Progress In Biochemical Pharmacology PROG BIOCHEM PHARMACOL Progress In Biocybernetics PROG BIOCYBERN Progress In Biometeorology, Division a: Progress In Human Biometeorology PROG BIOMETEOROL Progress In Biophysics and Molecular Biology PROG BIOPHYS MOL BIOL Progress In Brain Research PROG BRAIN RES Progress In Cardiovascular Diseases PROG CARDIOVASC DIS Progress In Cardiovascular Nursing PROG CARDIOVASC NURS Progress In Chemical Toxicology PROG CHEM TOXICOL Progress In the Chemistry of Fats and Other Lipids PROG CHEM FATS OTHER LIPIDS Progress In Clinical and Biological Research

PROG CLIN BIOL RES Progress In Clinical Cancer PROG CLIN CANCER Progress In Clinical Immunology PROG CLIN IMMUNOL Progress In Clinical Parasitology PROG CLIN PARASITOL Progress In Clinical Pathology PROG CLIN PATHOL Progress In Drug Research PROG DRUG RES Progress In Experimental Personality and Psychopathology Research PROG EXP PERS PSYCHOPATHOL RES Progress In Experimental Personality Research PROG EXP PERS RES Progress In Experimental Tumor Research PROG EXP TUMOR RES Progress In Food and Nutrition Science PROG FOOD NUTR SCI Progress In Growth Factor Research PROG GROWTH FACTOR RES Progress In Hematology PROG HEMATOL Progress In Hemostasis and Thrombosis PROG HEMOST THROMB Progress In Histochemistry and Cytochemistry PROG HISTOCHEM CYTOCHEM Progress In Immunobiological Standardization PROG IMMUNOBIOL STAND Progress In Industrial Microbiology PROG IND MICROBIOL Progress In Lipid Research PROG LIPID RES Progress In Liver Diseases PROG LIVER DIS Progress In Medical Genetics PROG MED GENET

Progress In Medical Virology PROG MED VIROL Progress In Medicinal Chemistry PROG MED CHEM Progress In Molecular and Subcellular Biology PROG MOL SUBCELL BIOL Progress In Neurobiology PROG NEUROBIOL Progress In Neurology and Psychiatry PROG NEUROL PSYCHIATRY Progress In Neuro-Psychopharmacology PROG NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOL Progress In Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry PROG NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOL BIOL PSYCHIATRY Progress In Nuclear Medicine PROG NUCL MED Progress In Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology PROG NUCLEIC ACID RES MOL BIOL Progress In Pediatric Surgery PROG PEDIATR SURG Progress In Physical Therapy PROG PHYS THER Progress In Surgery PROG SURG Progress In Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology PROG VET MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Progressive Architecture PROG ARCH Progressive Nurse PROGRESS NURSE Progresso Medico PROGR MED (NAPOLI) Progresso Odontoiatrico PROG ODONTOIATR Promoting Health PROMOT HEALTH Promotion Dentaire PROMOT DENT

Promotion Et Education PROMOT EDUC Prophylaxie Sanitaire Et Morale PROPHYL SANIT MORALE Prostaglandins PROSTAGLANDINS Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids PROSTAGLANDINS LEUKOT ESSENT FATTY ACIDS Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Medicine PROSTAGLANDINS LEUKOT MED Prostaglandins and Medicine PROSTAGLANDINS MED Prostate PROSTATE Prostate. Supplement PROSTATE SUPPL Prosthetics and Orthotics International PROSTHET ORTHOT INT Protein Engineering PROTEIN ENG Protein Expression and Purification PROTEIN EXPR PURIF Protein Profile PROTEIN PROFILE Protein Science PROTEIN SCI Protein Sequences and Data Analysis PROTEIN SEQ DATA ANAL Proteins PROTEINS Protesista Dental PROTES DENT Protetyka Stomatologiczna PROTET STOMATOL Protoplasma PROTOPLASMA Provider

PROVIDER Przeglad Dermatologiczny PRZEGL DERMATOL Przeglad Epidemiologiczny PRZEGL EPIDEMIOL Przeglad Lekarski PRZEGL LEK Psihoterapija PSIHOTERAPIJA Psyche PSYCHE (STUTTG) Psychiatria Clinica PSYCHIATR CLIN (BASEL) Psychiatria Et Neurologia PSYCHIATR NEUROL (BASEL) Psychiatria, Neurologia, Neurochirurgia PSYCHIATR NEUROL NEUROCHIR Psychiatria Polska PSYCHIATR POL Psychiatric Clinics of North America PSYCHIATR CLIN NORTH AM Psychiatric Communications PSYCHIATR COMMUN Psychiatric Developments PSYCHIATR DEV Psychiatric Genetics PSYCHIATR GENET Psychiatric Hospital PSYCHIATR HOSP Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa PSYCHIATR J UNIV OTT Psychiatric Medicine PSYCHIATR MED Psychiatric News PSYCHIATR NEWS Psychiatric Quarterly PSYCHIATR Q

Psychiatric Quarterly. Supplement PSYCHIATR Q SUPPL Psychiatric Research Reports PSYCHIATR RES REP AM PSYCHIATR ASSOC Psychiatric Services PSYCHIATR SERV Psychiatrie De L Enfant PSYCHIATR ENFANT Psychiatrie, Neurologie Und Medizinische Psychologie PSYCHIATR NEUROL MED PSYCHOL (LEIPZ) Psychiatrie, Neurologie Und Medizinische Psychologie. Beihefte PSYCHIATR NEUROL MED PSYCHOL BEIH Psychiatrische Praxis PSYCHIATR PRAX Psychiatry PSYCHIATRY Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences PSYCHIATRY CLIN NEUROSCI Psychiatry Digest PSYCHIATRY DIG Psychiatry In Medicine PSYCHIATRY MED Psychiatry Research PSYCHIATRY RES Psychoanalytic Quarterly PSYCHOANAL Q Psychoanalytic Review PSYCHOANAL REV Psychoanalytic Study of the Child PSYCHOANAL STUDY CHILD Psychological Bulletin PSYCHOL BULL Psychological Issues PSYCHOL ISSUES Psychological Medicine PSYCHOL MED Psychological Medicine. Monograph Supplement PSYCHOL MED MONOGR SUPPL

Psychological Monographs PSYCHOL MONOGR Psychological Reports PSYCHOL REP Psychological Research PSYCHOL RES Psychological Review PSYCHOL REV Psychologische Forschung PSYCHOL FORSCH Psychologische Praxis PSYCHOL PRAX Psychology and Aging PSYCHOL AGING Psychometrika PSYCHOMETRIKA Psychoneuroendocrinology PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY Psycho-Oncology PSYCHOONCOLOGY Psychopathology PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Psychopharmacologia PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGIA Psychopharmacologie PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGIE Psychopharmacology PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY (BERL) Psychopharmacology Bulletin PSYCHOPHARMACOL BULL Psychopharmacology Communications PSYCHOPHARMACOL COMMUN Psychopharmacology Series PSYCHOPHARMACOL SER Psychopharmacology. Supplementum PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY SUPPL Psychophysiology

PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY Psychosomatic Medicine PSYCHOSOM MED Psychosomatics PSYCHOSOMATICS Psychotherapie, Medizinische Psychologie PSYCHOTHER MED PSYCHOL (STUTTG) Psychotherapie Und Medizinische Psychologie PSYCHOTHER MED PSYCHOL (STUTTG) Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Medizinische Psychologie PSYCHOTHER PSYCHOSOM MED PSYCHOL Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics PSYCHOTHER PSYCHOSOM Pubblicazioni Della Stazione Zoologica Di Napoli. Section Ii: History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences PUBBL STN ZOOL NAPOLI II Public Administration Review PUBLIC ADM REV Public Affairs Report PUBLIC AFF REP Public Health PUBLIC HEALTH Public Health Monograph PUBLIC HEALTH MONOGR Public Health Nursing PUBLIC HEALTH NURS Public Health Papers PUBLIC HEALTH PAP Public Health Reports PUBLIC HEALTH REP Public Health Reports PUBLIC HEALTH REP Public Health Reviews PUBLIC HEALTH REV Public Interest PUBLIC INTEREST Public Opinion Quarterly PUBLIC OPIN Q

Public Policy PUBLIC POLICY Public Relations Journal PUBLIC RELAT J Public Sector, Health Care Risk Management PUBLIC SECTOR HEALTH CARE RISK MANAGE Public Welfare PUBLIC WELF Publication - Group For the Advancement of Psychiatry PUBL GROUP ADV PSYCHIATRY Puerto Rico Health Sciences Journal P R HEALTH SCI J Puerto Rico Y Su Enfermera P R ENFERM Pulmonary Pharmacology PULM PHARMACOL Pulse of the Montana State Nurses Association PULSE Purchasing Administration PURCH ADM Pure and Applied Chemistry PURE APPL CHEM Qa Review QA REV Qdt Yearbook QDT YEARB Qjm QJM Qrb. Quality Review Bulletin QRB QUAL REV BULL Qrc Advisor QRC ADVIS Quaderni Di Clinica Ostetrica E Ginecologica QUAD CLIN OSTET GINECOL Quaderni Di Criminologia Clinica QUAD CRIMINOL CLIN Quaderni Della Nutrizione

QUAD NUTR Quaderni Di Radiologia QUAD RADIOL Quaderni Sclavo Di Diagnostica Clinica E Di Laboratorio QUAD SCLAVO DIAGN Qualitative Health Research QUAL HEALTH RES Quality Assurance QUAL ASSUR Quality Assurance In Health Care QUAL ASSUR HEALTH CARE Quality Assurance and Utilization Review QUAL ASSUR UTIL REV Quality Connection QUAL CONNECT Quality In Health Care QUAL HEALTH CARE Quality Letter For Healthcare Leaders QUAL LETT HEALTHC LEAD Quality of Life Research QUAL LIFE RES Quality Management In Health Care QUAL MANAG HEALTH CARE Quarterly Dental Review Q DENT REV Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology Q J EXP PHYSIOL Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences Q J EXP PHYSIOL COGN MED SCI Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Q J EXP PSYCHOL Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. a, Human Experimental Psychology Q J EXP PSYCHOL A Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. B, Comparative and Physiological Psychology Q J EXP PSYCHOL B Quarterly Journal of Medicine Q J MED

Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science Q J MICROSC SCI Quarterly Journal of Nuclear Medicine Q J NUCL MED Quarterly Journal of Studies On Alcohol Q J STUD ALCOHOL Quarterly Medical Review Q MED REV Quarterly of the National Dental Association Q NATL DENT ASSOC Quarterly Review Q REV DC NURSES ASSOC Quarterly Review of Biology Q REV BIOL Quarterly Review of Economics and Business Q REV ECON BUS Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance Q REV ECON FINANCE Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics Q REV BIOPHYS Quarterly Reviews On Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions Q REV DRUG METAB DRUG INTERACT Queens Nursing Journal QUEENS NURS J Queensland Nurse QLD NURSE Queensland Nurses Journal QLD NURSES J Quintessence of Dental Technology QUINTESSENCE DENT TECHNOL Quintessence of Dental Technology QUINTESSENCE DENT TECHNOL Quintessence International QUINTESSENCE INT Quintessence International. Edition Francaise QUINTESSENCE INT [FR] Quintessencia

QUINTESSENCIA Quintessencia De Protese De Laboratorio QUINTESSENCIA PROTESE LAB Quintessenz QUINTESSENZ Quintessenz Journal QUINTESSENZ J Quintessenz Der Zahntechnik QUINTESSENZ ZAHNTECH Quintessenza QUINTESSENZA Quintessenz-Impulse QUINTESSENZ IMPULSE Radiation Data and Reports RADIAT DATA REP Radiation and Environmental Biophysics RADIAT ENVIRON BIOPHYS Radiation Medicine RADIAT MED Radiation Oncology Investigations RADIAT ONCOL INVESTIG Radiation Research RADIAT RES Radiation Research. Supplement RADIAT RES SUPPL Radiatsionnaia Biologiia, Radioecologiia RADIATS BIOL RADIOECOL Radiobiologia, Radioterapia E Fisica Medica RADIOBIOL RADIOTER FIS MED Radiobiologia, Radiotherapia RADIOBIOL RADIOTHER (BERL) Radiobiologiia RADIOBIOLOGIIA Radiographics RADIOGRAPHICS Radiography RADIOGRAPHY

Radiography Today RADIOGR TODAY Radioisotopes RADIOISOTOPES Radiologe RADIOLOGE Radiologia Austriaca RADIOL AUSTRIACA Radiologia Clinica RADIOL CLIN (BASEL) Radiologia Clinica Et Biologica RADIOL CLIN BIOL Radiologia Diagnostica RADIOL DIAGN (BERL) Radiologia Medica RADIOL MED (TORINO) Radiologic Clinics of North America RADIOL CLIN NORTH AM Radiologic Technology RADIOL TECHNOL Radiological Health Data and Reports RADIOL HEALTH DATA REP Radiology RADIOLOGY Radiology Management RADIOL MANAGE Radiotherapy and Oncology RADIOTHER ONCOL Radovi Medicinskog Fakulteta U Zagrebu RAD MED FAK ZAGREBU Rand Journal of Economics RAND J ECON Ranf Review RANF REV Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry RAPID COMMUN MASS SPECTROM Rassegna Di Clinica Terapia E Scienze Affini RASS CLIN TER

Rassegna Clinico-Scientifica RASS CLIN SCI Rassegna Di Dermatologia E Sifilografia RASS DERMATOL SIFILOGR Rassegna Di Fisiopatologia Clinica E Terapeutica RASS FISIOPATOL CLIN TER Rassegna Internazionale Di Clinica E Terapia RASS INT CLIN TER Rassegna Internazionale Di Stomatologia Pratica RASS INT STOMATOL PRAT Rassegna Medica Sarda RASS MED SARDA Rassegna Di Neurologia Vegetativa RASS NEUROL VEG Rassegna Di Neuropsichiatria E Scienze Affini RASS NEUROPSICHIATR Rassegna Odontotecnica RASS ODONTOTEC Rassegna Penitenziaria E Criminologica RASS PENITITENZIARIA CRIM Rassegna Di Studi Psichiatrici RASS STUDI PSICHIATR Rassegna Trimestrale Di Odontoiatria RASS TRIMEST ODONTOIATR Rational Drug Therapy RATION DRUG THER Rays RAYS Rcn Nursing Standard RCN NURS STAND Rdh RDH Readers Digest READ DIG Realites Cliniques REAL CLIN Reanimation Et Organes Artificiels

REANIM ORGANES ARTIF Recent Advances In Biological Psychiatry RECENT ADV BIOL PSYCHIATRY Recent Advances In Clinical Nuclear Medicine RECENT ADV CLIN NUCL MED Recent Advances In Nursing RECENT ADV NURS Recent Advances In Studies On Cardiac Structure and Metabolism RECENT ADV STUD CARDIAC STRUCT METAB Recent Developments In Alcoholism RECENT DEV ALCOHOL Recent Progress In Hormone Research RECENT PROG HORM RES Recent Results In Cancer Research RECENT RESULTS CANCER RES Recenti Progressi In Medicina RECENTI PROG MED Receptor RECEPTOR Receptors and Channels RECEPTORS CHANNELS Receptors and Signal Transduction RECEPT SIGNAL TRANSDUCT Recherche En Soins Infirmiers RECH SOINS INFIRM Recombinant Dna Technical Bulletin RECOMB DNA TECH BULL Reconstruction Surgery and Traumatology RECONSTR SURG TRAUMATOL Record RECORD (WASHINGTON) Record of Chemical Progress REC CHEM PROG Recruit and Retain RECRUIT RETAIN Recruitment and Retention Report RECRUIT RETENT REP

Recruitment, Retention and Restructuring Report RECRUIT RETENT RESTRUCT REP Reflections REFLECTIONS Refractive and Corneal Surgery REFRACT CORNEAL SURG Refuat Hashinaim REFUAT HASHINAIM Refuat Ha-Shinayim REFU HASHINAYIM Regan Report On Nursing Law REGAN REP NURS LAW Regional Anaesthesie REG ANAESTH Regional Anesthesia REG ANESTH Regional Immunology REG IMMUNOL Registered Nurse REGIST NURSE Regulation REGULATION Regulatory Analyst. Medical Waste REGUL ANAL MED WASTE Regulatory Peptides REGUL PEPT Regulatory Peptides. Supplement REGUL PEPT SUPPL Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology REGUL TOXICOL PHARMACOL Rehab Management REHAB MANAG Rehabilitation REHABILITATION (STUTTG) Rehabilitation Literature REHABIL LIT Rehabilitation Nursing REHABIL NURS

Rehabilitation Record REHABIL REC Rehabilitation; Sozialmedizin Physikalischemedizin Praventivmedizin REHABILITATION (BONN) Rein Et Foie REIN FOIE Renal Failure REN FAIL Renal Physiology REN PHYSIOL Renal Physiology and Biochemistry REN PHYSIOL BIOCHEM Report - Commission On Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities REP COMM ACCREDIT REHABIL FACIL Report of the Congress; European Orthodontic Society REP CONGR EUR ORTHOD SOC Report / Group For the Advancement of Psychiatry REP GROUP ADV PSYCHIATRY Report - Group For the Advancement of Psychiatry REP GROUP ADV PSYCHIATRY Report - Navy Medical Neuropsychiatric Research Unit REP NAV MED NEUROPSYCHIATR RES UNIT Report to Congress / Physician Payment Review Commission REP CONGR PHYSICIAN PAYM REV COMM Report / U.S. Army Medical Research Laboratory REP US ARMY MED RES LAB Report / U.S. Army Medical Research and Nutrition Laboratory, Denver REP US ARMY MED RES NUTR LAB DENVER Report - Us Naval Submarine Medical Center REP US NAV SUBMAR MED CENT Report / U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit REP US NAVY EXP DIVING UNIT Reporter; Delaware Nurses Association REP DEL NURSES ASSOC Reports On Health and Social Subjects REP HEALTH SOC SUBJ (LOND) Reports On Population/Family Planning

REP POPUL FAM PLANN Reports On Public Health and Medical Subjects REP PUBLIC HEALTH MED SUBJ (LOND) Reports On Rheumatic Diseases REP RHEUM DIS Reproduccion REPRODUCCION Reproduction, Fertility, and Development REPROD FERTIL DEV Reproduction, Nutrition, Development REPROD NUTR DEV Reproduction, Nutrition, Developpement REPROD NUTR DEV Reproductive Toxicology REPROD TOXICOL Repura. Leprosy REPURA Research On Aging RES AGING Research and Clinical Studies In Headache RES CLIN STUD HEADACHE Research Communications In Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology RES COMMUN CHEM PATHOL PHARMACOL Research Communications - Institute For Fermentation RES COMMUN INST FERMENT Research Communications In Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology RES COMMUN MOL PATHOL PHARMACOL Research and Development Technical Report RES DEV TECH REP Research In Developmental Disabilities RES DEV DISABIL Research In Experimental Medicine RES EXP MED (BERL) Research In Health Economics RES HEALTH ECON Research In Immunology RES IMMUNOL

Research In Microbiology RES MICROBIOL Research In Nursing and Health RES NURS HEALTH Research Progress In Organic, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry RES PROG ORG BIOL MED CHEM Research Publications - Association For Research In Nervous and Mental Disease RES PUBL ASSOC RES NERV MENT DIS Research Quarterly RES Q Research Quarterly For Exercise and Sport RES Q EXERC SPORT Research Report / Health Effects Institute RES REP HEALTH EFF INST Research Report / United States. Naval School of Aviation Medicine RES REP U S NAV SCH AVIAT MED Research Reports / United States. Naval Medical Field Research Laboratory RES REP U S NAV MED FIELD RES LAB Research In Reproduction RES REPROD Research and Statistics Note - Health Care Financing Administration, Office of Policy, Planning, and Research RES STAT NOTE HEALTH CARE FINANC ADM OFF POLICY PLAN RES Research and Statistics Note - Social Security Administration, Office of Research and Statistics RES STAT NOTE Research In Veterinary Science RES VET SCI Research In Virology RES VIROL Resenha Clinico-Cientifica RESEN CLIN CIENT Resident and Staff Physician RESID STAFF PHYSICIAN Residue Reviews RESIDUE REV Resources For Biomedical Research and Education RESOUR BIOMED RES EDUC

Respiration RESPIRATION Respiration Physiology RESPIR PHYSIOL Respiratory Care RESPIR CARE Respiratory Management RESPIR MANAGE Respiratory Medicine RESPIR MED Respiratory Therapy RESPIR THER Restaurants and Institutions RESTAURANTS INST Restorative Dentistry RESTORATIVE DENT Results and Problems In Cell Differentiation RESULTS PROBL CELL DIFFER Resume RESUME Resuscitation RESUSCITATION Retina RETINA Reumatismo REUMATISMO Reumatizam REUMATIZAM Reumatologia REUMATOLOGIA Review of Allergy REV ALLERGY Review of Czechoslovak Medicine REV CZECH MED Review of Economics and Statistics REV ECON STAT Review - Federation of American Health Systems REV FED AM HEALTH SYST

Review - Federation of American Hospitals REV FED AM HOSP Review / Patient Focused Care Association REV PATIENT FOCUS CARE ASSOC Review of Public Data Use REV PUBLIC DATA USE Review of Scientific Instruments REV SCI INSTRUM Review of Surgery REV SURG Reviews In Clinical and Basic Pharmacology REV CLIN BASIC PHARM Reviews On Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions REV DRUG METAB DRUG INTERACT Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology REV ENVIRON CONTAM TOXICOL Reviews On Environmental Health REV ENVIRON HEALTH Reviews of Infectious Diseases REV INFECT DIS Reviews In the Neurosciences REV NEUROSCI Reviews of Oculomotor Research REV OCULOMOT RES Reviews of Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology REV PHYSIOL BIOCHEM PHARMACOL Reviews In Pure and Applied Pharmacological Sciences REV PURE APPL PHARMACOL SCI Revisiones Sobre Biologia Celular REVIS BIOL CELULAR Revista De Actualidad Estomatologica Espanola REV ACTUAL ESTOMATOL ESP Revista De Actualidad Odontoestomatologica Espanola REV ACTUAL ODONTOESTOMATOL ESP Revista Adm REV ADM Revista Adm

REV ADM Revista De La Agrupacion Odontologica De La Capital Federal REV AGRUP ODONTOL CAP FED Revista Alergia REV ALERG Revista Alergia Mexico REV ALERG MEX Revista Alergia Mexico REV ALERG MEX Revista Argentina De Cirugia REV ARGENT CIR Revista Argentina De Endocrinologia Y Metabolismo REV ARGENT ENDOCRINOL METAB Revista Argentina De Implantologia Estomatologica REV ARGENT IMPLANTOL ESTOMATOL Revista Argentina De Microbiologia REV ARGENT MICROBIOL Revista Argentina De Urologia Y Nefrologia REV ARGENT UROL NEFROL Revista De La Asociacion Argentina De Microbiologia REV ASOC ARGENT MICROBIOL Revista De La Asociacion Medica Argentina REV ASOC MED ARGENT Revista De La Asociacion Mexicana De Enfermeras REV ASOC MEX ENFERM Revista De La Asociacion Odontologica Argentina REV ASOC ODONTOL ARGENT Revista De La Asociacion Odontologica De Costa Rica REV ASOC ODONTOL COSTA RICA Revista De La Asociacion De Profesionales Del Hospital Nacional De Odontologia REV ASOC PROF HOSP NAC ODONTOL Revista Da Associacao Medica Brasileira REV ASSOC MED BRAS Revista Da Associacao Medica Brasileira REV ASSOC MED BRAS Revista Da Associacao Paulista De Cirurgioes Dentistas REV ASSOC PAUL CIR DENT

Revista Da Associacao Paulista De Cirurgioes Dentistas Regional De Aracatuba REV ASSOC PAUL CIR DENT REG ARACATUBA Revista Del Ateneo Argentino De Odontologia REV ATENEO ARGENT ODONTOL Revista Del Ateneo De La Catedra De Tecnica De Operatoria Dental REV ATENEO CATEDRA TEC OPER DENT Revista De Biologia Oral REV BIOL ORAL Revista De Biologia Tropical REV BIOL TROP Revista Brasileira De Anestesiologia REV BRAS ANESTESIOL Revista Brasileira De Biologia REV BRAS BIOL Revista Brasileira De Cirurgia REV BRAS CIR Revista Brasileira De Enfermagem REV BRAS ENFERM Revista Brasileira De Gastroenterologia REV BRAS GASTROENTEROL Revista Brasileira De Leprologia REV BRAS LEPROL Revista Brasileira De Malariologia E Doencas Tropicais REV BRAS MALARIOL DOENCAS TROP Revista Brasileira De Medicina REV BRAS MED Revista Brasileira De Odontologia REV BRAS ODONTOL Revista Brasileira De Odontologia Militar REV BRAS ODONTOL MIL Revista Brasileira De Oftalmologia REV BRAS OFTALMOL Revista Brasileira De Pesquisas Medicas E Biologicas REV BRAS PESQUI MED BIOL Revista Catarinense De Odontologia REV CATARINENSE ODONTOL Revista Centro America Odontologica REV CENT AM ODONTOL

Revista Do Centro De Ciencias Biomedicas Da Universidade Federal De Uberlandia REV CENTRO CIENC BIOMED UNIV FED UBERLANDIA Revista Chilena De Obstetricia Y Ginecologia REV CHIL OBSTET GINECOL Revista Chilena De Odontoestomatologia REV CHIL ODONTOESTOMATOL Revista Chilena De Pediatria REV CHIL PEDIATR Revista De Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O.R.L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Chirurgie REV CHIR ONCOL RADIOL O R L OFTALMOL STOMATOL CHIR Revista De Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O.R.L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Oto-Rino-Laringologia REV CHIR ONCOL RADIOL O R L OFTALMOL STOMATOL OTORINOLARINGOL Revista De Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O.R.L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Seria Oftalmologie REV CHIR ONCOL RADIOL O R L OFTALMOL STOMATOL SER OFTALMOL Revista De Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O.R.L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Seria: Stomatologie REV CHIR ONCOL RADIOL O R L OFTALMOL STOMATOL SER STOMATOL Revista Del Circulo Argentino De Odontologia REV CIRC ARGENT ODONTOL Revista Del Circulo Odontologico Del Sur REV CIRC ODONTOL SUR Revista Del Circulo Odontologico De Cordoba REV CIRC ODONTOL CORDOBA Revista Del Circulo Odontologico De Rosario REV CIRCUL ONDONTOL ROS Revista De Cirugia Del Uruguay REV CIR URUG Revista Clinica Espanola REV CLIN ESP Revista Clinica - Instituto Maternal, Lisbon REV CLIN INST MATERN LISB Revista Del Colegio Estomatologico De Guatemala REV COL ESTOMATOL GUATEM Revista Del Colegio Medico De Guatemala REV COL MED GUATEM

Revista Del Colegio Nacional De Enfermeras REV COL NAC ENFERM Revista Colombiana De Obstetricia Y Ginecologia REV COLOMB OBSTET GINECOL Revista Colombiana De Pediatria Y Puericultura REV COLOMB PEDIATR PUERIC Revista Costarricense De Ciencias Medicas REV COSTARRIC CIENC MED Revista Cubana De Enfermeria REV CUBANA ENFERM Revista Cubana De Estomatologia REV CUBANA ESTOMATOL Revista Cubana De Medicina Tropical REV CUBANA MED TROP Revista Dental REV DENT (SAN SALV) Revista Dental REV DENT (ST DOMINGO) Revista Dental De Chile REV DENT CHILE Revista Ecuatoriana De Higiene Y Medicina Tropical REV ECUAT HIG MED TROP Revista De Enfermagem REV ENFERM (LISBOA) Revista Enfermagem Em Novas Dimensoes REV ENFERM NOV DIMENS Revista De Enfermeria REV ENFERM Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da Usp REV ESC ENFERM USP Revista De La Escuela De Odontologia, Universidad Nacional De Tucuman, Facultad De Medicina REV ESC ODONTOL TUCUMAN Revista Espanola De Anestesiologia REV ESP ANESTESIOL Revista Espanola De Anestesiologia Y Reanimacion REV ESP ANESTESIOL REANIM Revista Espanola De Cardiologia

REV ESP CARDIOL Revista Espanola De Endodoncia REV ESP ENDODONCIA Revista Espanola De Las Enfermedades Del Aparato Digestivo REV ESP ENFERM APAR DIG Revista Espanola De Enfermedades Digestivas REV ESP ENFERM DIG Revista Espanola De Estomatologia REV ESP ESTOMATOL Revista Espanola De Fisiologia REV ESP FISIOL Revista Espanola De Obstetricia Y Ginecologia REV ESP OBSTET GINECOL Revista Espanola De Oncologia REV ESP ONCOL Revista Espanola De Oto-Neuro-Oftalmologia Y Neurocirugia REV ESP OTONEUROOFTALMOL NEUROCIR Revista Espanola De Paradoncia REV ESP PARAD Revista Espanola De Pediatria REV ESP PEDIATR Revista Espanola De Reumatismo Y Enfermedades Osteo-Articulares REV ESP REUM ENFERM OSTEOARTIC Revista Espanola De Salud Publica REV ESP SALUD PUBLICA Revista Espanola De Tuberculosis REV ESP TUBERC Revista Europea De Odonto-Estomatologia REV EUR ODONTOESTOMATOL Revista Da Faculdade De Farmacia E Odontologia De Araraquara REV FAC FARM ODONTOL ARARAQUARA Revista Da Faculdade De Farmacia E Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto REV FAC FARM ODONTOL RIBEIRO PRETO Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia De Aracatuba REV FAC ODONTOL ARACATUBA Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia Da Fzl REV FACULDADE ODONTOL FZL

Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia De Lins REV FACULDADE ODONTOL LINS Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia De Pernambuco REV FAC ODONTOL PERNAMBUCO Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia, Porto Alegre REV FAC ODONTOL P ALEGRE Revista De Faculdade De Odontologia De Ribeirao Preto REV FAC ODONTOL RIBEIRO PRETO Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia De Sao Jose Dos Campos REV FAC ODONTOL SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia Da Universidade Federal Da Bahia REV FAC ODONTOL UNIV FED BAHIA Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia Da Universidade De Sao Paulo REV FAC ODONTOL SAO PAULO Revista De La Facultad De Ciencias Medicas De Cordoba REV FAC CIENC MED CORDOBA Revista De La Facultad De Ciencias Medicas / Universidad Nacional De Cordoba REV FAC CIEN MED UNIV NAC CORDOBA Revista De La Facultad De Ciencias Medicas De La Universidad Nacional De Cordoba REV FAC CIEN MED UNIV NAC CORDOBA Revista De La Facultad De Medicina, Universidad Nacional De Colombia REV FAC MED UNIV NAC COLOMB Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia REV FAC ODONTOL UNIV CHILE Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia REV FAC ODONTOL UNIV NAC (CORDOBA) Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia Universidad De Antioquia REV FAC ODONTOL UNIV ANTIOQ Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia De La Universidad Nacional De Colombia REV FAC ODONTOL UNIV NAC COLOMB Revista De La Facultad De Odontologia, Universidad Nacional De Tucuman REV FAC ODONTOL TUCUMAN Revista De Farmacia E Bioquimica Da Universidade De Sao Paulo REV FARM BIOQUIM UNIV SAO PAULO Revista De Farmacia E Odontologia REV FARM ODONTOL Revista De La Federacion Odontologica Colombiana

REV FED ODONTOL COLOMB Revista De La Federacion Odontologica Ecuatoriana REV FED ODONTOL ECUAT Revista Foa REV FOA Revista De Gastroenterologia De Mexico REV GASTROENTEROL MEX Revista De Gastroenterologia Del Peru REV GASTROENTEROL PERU Revista Gaucha De Enfermagem REV GAUCHA ENFERM Revista Gaucha De Odontologia REV GAUCHA ODONTOL Revista De Ginecologia E D Obstetricia REV GINECOL OBSTET (SAO PAULO) Revista Guatemalteca De Estomatologia REV GUATEM ESTOMATOL Revista Do Hospital Das Clinicas; Faculdade De Medicina Da Universidade De Sao Paulo REV HOSP CLIN FAC MED SAO PAULO Revista Iberica De Endocrinologia REV IBER ENDOCRINOL Revista Ibero-Americana De Ortodoncia REV IBEROAM ORTOD Revista De Igiena, Bacteriologie, Virusologie, Parazitologie, Epidemiologie, Pneumoftiziologie. Bacteriologia, Virusologia, Parazitologia, Epidemiologia REV IG BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL PNEUMOFTIZIOL BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL Revista De Igiena, Bacteriologie, Virusologie, Parazitologie, Epidemiologie, Pneumoftiziologie. Pneumoftiziologia REV IG BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL PNEUMOFTIZIOL PNEUMOFTIZIOL Revista De Igiena, Medicina Muncii, Medicina Sociala, Bacteriologie, Virusologie, Parazitologie, Epidemiologie, Pneumoftiziologie. Pneumoftiziologie REV IG MED MUNCII MED SOC BACTERIOL VIRUSOL PARAZITOL EPIDEMIOL PNEUMOFTIZIOL PNEUMOFTIZIOL Revista Do Instituto De Antibioticos, Universidade Federal De Pernambuco REV INST ANTIBIOT (RECIFE) Revista Do Instituto De Medicina Tropical De Sao Paulo

REV INST MED TROP SAO PAULO Revista Del Instituto Nacional De Cancerologia REV INST NAC CANCEROL (MEX) Revista Del Instituto De Salubridad Y Enfermedades Tropicales REV INST SALUBR ENFERM TROP Revista Interamericana De Radiologia REV INTERAM RADIOL Revista De Investigacion REV INVEST (GUADALAJARA) Revista De Investigacion Clinica REV INVEST CLIN Revista De Investigacion En Salud Publica REV INVEST SALUD PUBLICA Revista Latinoamericana De Cirugia Plastica REV LATINOAM CIR PLAST Revista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem REV LAT AM ENFERMAGEM Revista Latinoamericana De Microbiologia REV LATINOAM MICROBIOL Revista Latinoamericana De Microbiologia Y Parasitologia REV LATINOAM MICROBIOL PARASITOL (MEX) Revista Latinoamericana De Patologia REV LATINOAM PATOL Revista Medica De Chile REV MED CHIL Revista Medica De Costa Rica REV MED COSTA RICA Revista Medica Hondurena REV MED HONDUR Revista Medica Del Hospital General REV MED HOSP GEN (MEX) Revista Medica De Panama REV MED PANAMA Revista De Medicina Interna, Neurologie, Psihiatrie, Neurochirurgie, Dermato-Venerologie. Medicina Interna REV MED INTERNA NEUROL PSIHIATR NEUROCHIR DERMATOVENEROL MED INTERN Revista De Medicina Interna, Neurologie, Psihiatrie, Neurochirurgie, Dermato-Venerologie. Neurologie, Psihiatrie, Neurochirurgie

REV MED INTERNA NEUROL PSIHIATR NEUROCHIR DERMATOVENEROL NEUROL PSIHIATR NEUROCHIR Revista De Medicina De La Universidad De Navarra REV MED UNIV NAVARRA Revista Medico-Chirurgicala a Societatii De Medici Si Naturalisti Din Iasi REV MED CHIR SOC MED NAT IASI Revista Mexicana De Cirugia, Ginecologia Y Cancer REV MEX CIR GINECOL CANCER Revista Mexicana De Urologia REV MEX UROL Revista Del Museo De La Facultad De Odontologia De Buenos Aires REV MUSEO FAC ODONTOL B AIRES Revista De Neurologia REV NEUROL Revista De Neuro-Psiquiatria REV NEUROPSIQUIATR Revista De Obstetricia Y Ginecologia De Venezuela REV OBSTET GINECOL VENEZ Revista Odonto-Estomatologica REV ODONTOESTOMATOL Revista De Odontologia Da Unesp REV ODONTOL UNESP Revista De Odontologia Da Unicid REV ODONTOL UNICID Revista De Odontologia Da Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina REV ODONTOL ST CATARINA Revista De Odontologia Da Universidade De Sao Paulo REV ODONTOL UNIV SAO PAULO Revista Odontologica REV ODONTOL (LA PAZ) Revista Odontologica Del Circulo De Odontologos Del Paraguay REV ODONTOL CIRC ODONTOL PARAG Revista Odontologica De Concepcion REV ODONTOL CONCEPCION Revista Odontologica De Costa Rica REV ODONTOL COSTA RICA Revista Odontologica Ecuatoriana

REV ODONTOL ECUAT Revista Odontologica; Facultad De Odontologia, Universidad Nacional De Cordoba REV ODONTOL (CORDOBA) Revista Odontologica De Puerto Rico REV ODONTOL P R Revista Odontologica De Puerto Rico REV ODONTOL P R (SANTURCE) Revista Panamericana De Salud Publica REV PANAM SALUD PUBLICA Revista Paulista De Endodontia REV PAUL ENDODONTIA Revista Paulista De Enfermagem REV PAUL ENFERM Revista Paulista De Medicina REV PAUL MED Revista Paulista De Odontologia REV PAUL ODONTOL Revista De Pediatrie, Obstetrica Si Ginecologie. Obstetrica Si Ginecologie REV PEDIATR OBSTET GINECOL OBSTET GINECOL Revista De Pediatrie, Obstetrica Si Ginecologie. Pediatria REV PEDIATR OBSTET GINECOL PEDIATR Revista Pernambucana De Odontologia REV PERNAMBUCANA ODONTOL Revista Portuguesa De Cardiologia REV PORT CARDIOL Revista Portuguesa De Estomatologia E Cirurgia Maxilofacial REV PORT ESTOMATOL CIR MAXILOFAC Revista Portuguesa De Pediatria REV PORT PEDIATR Revista Portuguesa De Pediatria E Puericultura REV PORT PEDIATR PUERIC Revista Quirurgica Espanola REV QUIR ESP Revista Regional De Aracatuba Associacao Paulista De Cirurgioes Dentistas REV REG ARACATUBA ASSOC PAUL CIR DENT Revista De Sanidad E Higiene Publica REV SANID HIG PUBLICA (MADR)

Revista De La Sanidad Militar Argentina REV SANID MILIT ARGENT Revista De Saude Publica REV SAUDE PUBLICA Revista De La Sociedad Argentina De Biologia REV SOC ARGENT BIOL Revista De La Sociedad Colombiana De Ortodoncia REV SOC COLOMB ORTOD Revista De La Sociedad Odontologica De La Plata REV SOC ODONTOL LA PLATA Revista De La Sociedad Peruana De Endocrinologia REV SOC PERU ENDOCRINOL Revista Da Sociedade Brasileira De Medicina Tropical REV SOC BRAS MED TROP Revista Venezolana De Sanidad Y Asistencia Social REV VENEZ SANID ASIST SOC Revista Venezolana De Urologia REV VENEZ UROL Revmatologiia REVMATOLOGIIA (MOSK) Revolution REVOLUTION Revue Annuelle - Societe Odonto-Stomatologique Du Nord-Est REV ANNU SOC ODONTOSTOMATOL NORDEST Revue De L Atherosclerose Et Des Arteriopathies Peripheriques REV ATHEROSCLER (PARIS) Revue Belge De Medecine Dentaire REV BELGE MED DENT Revue Belge De Pathologie Et De Medecine Experimentale REV BELG PATHOL MED EXP Revue Canadienne De Biologie REV CAN BIOL Revue Canadienne De Biologie Experimentale REV CAN BIOL EXP Revue De Chirurgie Orthopedique Et Reparatrice De L Appareil Moteur REV CHIR ORTHOP REPARATRICE APPAR MOT Revue Des Corps De Sante Des Armees, Terre, Mer, Air REV CORPS SANTE ARMEES TERRE MER AIR

Revue Dentaire Libanaise REV DENT LIBAN Revue D Electroencephalographie Et De Neurophysiologie Clinique REV ELECTROENCEPHALOGR NEUROPHYSIOL CLIN Revue D Elevage Et De Medecine Veterinaire Des Pays Tropicaux REV ELEV MED VET PAYS TROP Revue D Epidemiologie, Medecine Sociale Et Sante Publique REV EPIDEMIOL MED SOC SANTE PUBLIQUE Revue D Epidemiologie Et De Sante Publique REV EPIDEMIOL SANTE PUBLIQUE Revue Europeenne D Etudes Cliniques Et Biologiques REV EUR ETUD CLIN BIOL Revue Francaise D Allergologie REV FR ALLERGOL Revue Francaise D Endocrinologie Clinique, Nutrition Et Metabolisme REV FR ENDOCRINOL CLIN Revue Francaise D Endodontie REV FR ENDOD Revue Francaise D Etudes Cliniques Et Biologiques REV FR ETUD CLIN BIOL Revue Francaise De Gynecologie Et D Obstetrique REV FR GYNECOL OBSTET Revue Francaise Des Maladies Respiratoires REV FR MAL RESPIR Revue Francaise D Odonto-Stomatologie REV FR ODONTOSTOMATOL Revue Francaise De La Prothese Dentaire REV FR PROTHESE DENT Revue Francaise Des Prothesistes Dentaires REV FR PROTHES DENT Revue Francaise De Psychanalyse REV FR PSYCHANAL Revue Francaise De Transfusion REV FR TRANSFUS Revue Francaise De Transfusion Et D Hemobiologie REV FR TRANSFUS HEMOBIOL Revue Francaise De Transfusion Et Immuno-Hematologie

REV FR TRANSFUS IMMUNOHEMATOL Revue De Gerontologie D Expression Francaise REV GERONTOL EXPR FR Revue D Histoire De L Art Dentaire REV HIST ART DENT Revue D Hygiene Et De Medecine Sociale REV HYG MED SOC Revue D Immunologie REV IMMUNOL (PARIS) Revue D Immunologie Et De Therapie Antimicrobienne REV IMMUNOL THER ANTIMICROB Revue De L Infirmiere REV INFIRM Revue De L Infirmiere Et De L Assistante Sociale REV INFIRM ASSIST SOC Revue De L Infirmiere. Informations REV INFIRM [INF] Revue Des Infirmieres Et Infirmiers Auxiliaires Du Quebec REV INFIRM INFIRM AUX QUE Revue De L Institut D Hygiene Des Mines REV INST HYG MINES (HASSELT) Revue Internationale D Hepatologie REV INT HEPATOL Revue Internationale Des Services De Sante Des Armees De Terre, De Mer Et De L Air REV INT SERV SANTE ARMEES Revue Internationale Du Trachome. International Review of Trachoma REV INT TRACH Revue Internationale Du Trachome Et De Pathologie Oculaire Tropicale Et Subtropicale REV INT TRACH PATHOL OCUL TROP SUBTROP Revue Internationale Du Trachome Et De Pathologie Oculaire Tropicale Et Subtropicale Et De Sante Publique REV INT TRACH PATHOL OCUL TROP SUBTROP SANTE PUBLIQUE Revue De Laryngologie Otologie Rhinologie REV LARYNGOL OTOL RHINOL (BORD) Revue Lyonnaise De Medecine REV LYON MED

Revue Des Maladies Respiratoires REV MAL RESPIR Revue De Medecine Aeronautique REV MED AERONAUT Revue De Medecine Interne REV MED INTERNE Revue De Medecine Psychosomatique Et De Psychologie Medicale REV MED PSYCHOSOM PSYCHOL MED Revue Medicale De Bruxelles REV MED BRUX Revue Medicale Internationale De Photo, Cinema, Television. International Journal of Medical Photography, Cinematography and Television REV MED INT PHOTO CINEMA TELEV Revue Medicale De Liege REV MED LIEGE Revue Medicale Du Moyen-Orient REV MED MOYEN ORIENT Revue Medicale De La Suisse Romande REV MED SUISSE ROMANDE Revue Medico-Chirurgicale Des Maladies Du Foie REV MED CHIR MAL FOIE Revue Neurologique REV NEUROL (PARIS) Revue De Neuropsychiatrie Infantile Et D Hygiene Mentale De L Enfance REV NEUROPSYCHIATR INFANT Revue Odonto-Implantologique REV ODONTOIMPLANTOL Revue D Odonto-Stomatologie REV ODONTOSTOMATOL (PARIS) Revue D Odonto-Stomatologie Du Midi De La France REV ODONTOSTOMATOL MIDI FR Revue Odonto-Stomatologique Du Nord-Est REV ODONTOSTOMATOL NORDEST Revue D Orthopedie Dento-Faciale REV ORTHOP DENTO FACIALE Revue D Oto-Neuro-Ophtalmologie REV OTONEUROOPHTALMOL Revue De Pathologie Comparee

REV PATHOL COMP Revue De Pneumologie Clinique REV PNEUMOL CLIN Revue Du Praticien REV PRAT Revue Du Rhumatisme. Edition Francaise REV RHUM ED FR Revue Du Rhumatisme. English Edition REV RHUM ENGL ED Revue Du Rhumatisme Et Des Maladies Osteo-Articulaires REV RHUM MAL OSTEOARTIC Revue Roumaine D Endocrinologie REV ROUM ENDOCRINOL Revue Roumaine D Inframicrobiologie REV ROUM INFRAMICROBIOL Revue Roumaine De Medecine REV ROUM MED Revue Roumaine De Medecine Interne REV ROUM MED INTERN Revue Roumaine De Morphologie Et D Embryologie REV ROUM MORPHOL EMBRYOL Revue Roumaine De Morphologie Et De Physiologie REV ROUM MORPHOL PHYSIOL Revue Roumaine De Neurologie REV ROUM NEUROL Revue Roumaine De Neurologie Et De Psychiatrie REV ROUM NEUROL PSYCHIATR Revue Roumaine De Physiologie REV ROUM PHYSIOL Revue Roumaine De Physiologie REV ROUM PHYSIOL Revue Roumaine De Virologie REV ROUM VIROL Revue Roumaine De Virologie REV ROUM VIROL Revue Scientifique Et Technique REV SCI TECH

Revue Du Sesda REV SESDA Revue De Stomatologie Et De Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale REV STOMATOL CHIR MAXILLOFAC Revue Stomato-Odontologique Du Nord De La France REV STOMATOODONTOL NORD FR Revue Suisse De Zoologie REV SUISSE ZOOL Revue De Tuberculose Et De Pneumologie REV TUBERC PNEUMOL (PARIS) Rgo RGO Rheumatic Diseases Clinics of North America RHEUM DIS CLIN NORTH AM Rheumatism RHEUMATISM Rheumatology RHEUMATOLOGY Rheumatology International RHEUMATOL INT Rheumatology and Physical Medicine RHEUMATOL PHYS MED Rheumatology and Rehabilitation RHEUMATOL REHABIL Rhinology RHINOLOGY Rhinology. Supplement RHINOL SUPPL Rhode Island Dental Journal R I DENT J Rhode Island Medical Journal R I MED J Rhode Island Medical Journal R I MED J Rhode Island Medicine R I MED Rhodesia Nurse RHOD NURSE

Rhodesian Nurse RHOD NURSE Rhumatologie RHUMATOLOGIE Ri Medical Journal R I MED J Ricerca In Clinica E In Laboratorio RIC CLIN LAB Ricerca Scientifica RIC SCI Ricerca Scientifica. 2 Ser. Parte I: Rivista RIC SCI 2 SER PT 1 RIV Ricerca Scientifica. 2 Ser, Pt 2: Rendiconti. Sezione B: Biologica RIC SCI 2 SER PT 2 REND [B] Riforma Medica RIFORMA MED Rinsho Byori. Japanese Journal of Clinical Pathology RINSHO BYORI Rinsho Hoshasen. Japanese Journal of Clinical Radiology RINSHO HOSHASEN Rinsho Ketsueki. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology RINSHO KETSUEKI Rinsho Kyobu Geka RINSHO KYOBU GEKA Rinsho Shika Japanese Edition RINSHO SHIKA Rinsho Shinkeigaku. Clinical Neurology RINSHO SHINKEIGAKU Rinsho Shishubyo Danwakai Kaishi RINSHO SHISHUBYO DANWAKAI KAISHI Risk Analysis RISK ANAL Risk Management RISK MANAGE Riso Report RISO REP Rivista Di Anatomia Patologica E Di Oncologia

RIV ANAT PATOL ONCOL Rivista Di Biologia RIV BIOL Rivista Di Clinica Pediatrica RIV CLIN PEDIATR Rivista Critica Di Clinica Medica RIV CRIT CLIN MED Rivista Di Emoterapia Ed Immunoematologia RIV EMOTER IMMUNOEMATOL Rivista Europea Per Le Scienze Mediche E Farmacologiche RIV EUR SCI MED FARMACOL Rivista Di Gastro-Enterologia RIV GASTROENTEROL Rivista Dell Infermiere RIV INFERM Rivista Degli Infortuni E Delle Malattie Professionali RIV INFORT MAL PROF Rivista Dell Istituto Sieroterapico Italiano RIV IST SIEROTER ITAL Rivista Di Istochimica, Normale E Patologica RIV ISTOCHIM NORM PATOL Rivista Italiana Di Ginecologia RIV ITAL GINECOL Rivista Italiana D Igiene RIV ITAL IG Rivista Italiana Di Odontoiatria Infantile RIV ITAL ODONTOIATR INFANT Rivista Italiana Degli Odontotecnici RIV ITAL ODONTOTEC Rivista Italiana Di Stomatologia RIV ITAL STOMATOL Rivista Di Malariologia RIV MALARIOL Rivista Di Medicina Aeronautica E Spaziale RIV MED AERONAUT SPAZ Rivista Di Neurobiologia RIV NEUROBIOL

Rivista Di Neurologia RIV NEUROL Rivista Di Odontoiatria Degli Amici Di Brugg RIV ODONTOIATR AMICI BRUGG Rivista Di Odontostomatologia E Implantoprotesi RIV ODONTOSTOMATOL IMPLANTOPROTESI Rivista Di Ostetricia E Ginecologia RIV OSTET GINECOL Rivista D Ostetricia E Ginecologia Pratica RIV OSTET GINECOL PRAT Rivista Di Ostetricia Ginecologia Pratica E Medicina Perinatale RIV OSTET GINECOL PRAT MED PERINAT Rivista Oto-Neuro-Oftalmologica RIV OTONEUROOFTALMOL Rivista Di Parassitologia RIV PARASSITOL Rivista Di Patologia E Clinica RIV PATOL CLIN Rivista Di Patologia Clinica E Sperimentale RIV PATOL CLIN SPER Rivista Di Patologia Nervosa E Mentale RIV PATOL NERV MENT Rivista Sperimentale Di Freniatria E Medicina Legale Delle Alienazioni Mentali RIV SPER FRENIATR Rivista Di Storia Della Medicina RIV STOR MED Rn RN Rn (For Managers) RN (FOR MANAGERS) Rn Idaho RN IDA Rna RNA Rnabc News; Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia RNABC NEWS Rnao News RNAO NEWS

Rocky Mountain Medical Journal ROCKY MT MED J Rocznik Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej Im. Gen. Karola Swierczewskiego W Szczecinie ROCZ POMOR AKAD MED Roczniki Akademii Medycznej Im. Juliana Marchlewskiego W Bialymstoku ROCZ AKAD MED IM JULIANA MARCHLEWSKIEGO BIALYMST Roczniki Akademii Medycznej Im. Juliana Marchlewskiego W Bialymstoku. Supplement ROCZ AKAD MED IM JULIANA MARCHLEWSKIEGO BIALYMST SUPPL Roczniki Akademii Medycznej W Bialymstoku ROCZ AKAD MED BIALYMST Roczniki Akademii Medycznej W Bialymstoku ROCZ AKAD MED BIALYMST Roczniki Akademii Medycznej W Bialymstoku. Suplement ROCZ AKAD MED BIALYMST SUPL Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny ROCZ PANSTW ZAKL HIG R.O.E ROE Rofo. Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Neuen Bildgebenden Verfahren ROFO FORTSCHR GEB RONTGENSTR NEUEN BILDGEB VERFAHR Rofo. Fortschritte Auf Dem Gebiete Der Rontgenstrahlen Und Der Nuklearmedizin ROFO FORTSCHR GEB RONTGENSTR NUKLEARMED Rogerian Nursing Science News ROGERIAN NURS SCI NEWS Romanian Journal of Endocrinology ROM J ENDOCRINOL Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine ROM J INTERN MED Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology ROM J MORPHOL EMBRYOL Romanian Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry ROM J NEUROL PSYCHIATRY Romanian Journal of Physiology ROM J PHYSIOL Romanian Journal of Virology ROM J VIROL

Romanian Medical Review ROM MED REV Rontgen-Blatter RONTGENBLATTER Rontgenpraxis RONTGENPRAXIS Rossiiskii Meditsinskii Zhurnal ROSS MED ZH Roumanian Archives of Microbiology and Immunology ROUM ARCH MICROBIOL IMMUNOL Royal Canadian Dental Corps Quarterly R CAN DENT CORPS Q Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene Journal R INST PUBLIC HEALTH HYG J Royal Society of Health Journal R SOC HEALTH J Rozhledy V Chirurgii ROZHL CHIR Rozprawy Wydzialu Nauk Medycznych ROZPR WYDZ NAUK MED Rumanian Medical Review RUM MED REV Russ Coiles Health Trends RUSS COILES HEALTH TRENDS Ryan Advisory For Health Services Governing Boards RYAN ADVIS HEALTH SERV GOV BOARDS Ryoikibetsu Shokogun Shirizu RYOIKIBETSU SHOKOGUN SHIRIZU Ryumachi RYUMACHI

Journals beginning with S thru Z This is a list of biomedical journals and their abbreviations. This was distilled from documents at the National Library of Medicine's web-site. S E Ta E Nu; Rivista Di Scienza E Tecnologia Degli Alimenti E Di Nutrizione Umana S TA NU

Sa Nursing Journal. Sa Verplegingstydskrif SA NURS J Saad Digest SAAD DIG Saas Bulletin, Biochemistry and Biotechnology SAAS BULL BIOCHEM BIOTECHNOL Sabouraudia SABOURAUDIA Sac Explorer SAC EXPLOR Sairaanhoidon Vuosikirja SAIRAANH VUOSIK Sairaanhoitaja SAIRAANHOITAJA Sairaanhoitaja SAIRAANHOITAJA Sairaanhoitajalehti SAIRAANHOITAJALEHTI Saishin Igaku. Recent Medicine SAISHIN IGAKU Salud Bucal SALUD BUCAL Salud Publica De Mexico SALUD PUBLICA MEX Same-Day Surgery SAME DAY SURG Sammlung Zwangloser Abhandlungen Aus Dem Gebiete Der Psychiatrie Und Neurologie SAMML ZWANGL ABH GEB PSYCHIATR NEUROL</P> <P>San Fernando Valley Dental Society Bulletin SAN FERNANDO VAL DENT SOC BULL San Gabriel Valley Dental Society Bulletin SAN GABRIEL VAL DENT SOC BULL Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics SANFUJINKA NO JISSAI Sangre SANGRE (BARC) Sangyo Eiseigaku Zasshi SANGYO EISEIGAKU ZASSHI

Sangyo Igaku. Japanese Journal of Industrial Health SANGYO IGAKU Sangyo Ika Daigaku Zasshi SANGYO IKA DAIGAKU ZASSHI Sante SANTE Sante Mentale Au Quebec SANTE MENT QUE Sante Publique SANTE PUBLIQUE (BUCUR) Sante Quebec SANTE QUE Santo Tomas Nursing Journal ST TOMAS NURS J Sapporo Igaku Zasshi. Sapporo Medical Journal SAPPORO IGAKU ZASSHI Sar and Qsar In Environmental Research SAR QSAR ENVIRON RES Sarcoidosis SARCOIDOSIS Sarcoidosis, Vasculitis, and Diffuse Lung Diseases SARCOIDOSIS VASC DIFFUSE LUNG DIS Saturday Review SATURDAY REV Sbornik Lekarsky SB LEK Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Lekarske Fakulty Karlovy Univerzity V Hradci Kralove SB VED PR LEK FAK KARLOVY UNIVERZITY HRADCI KRALOVE Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Lekarske Fakulty Karlovy Univerzity V Hradci Kralove. Supplementum SB VED PR LEK FAK KARLOVY UNIVERZITY HRADCI KRALOVE SUPPL Sc Reports SC REP Sc Trodent SC TRODENT Scada Journal SCADA J

Scalpel SCALPEL (BRUX) Scandinavian Audiology SCAND AUDIOL Scandinavian Audiology. Supplementum SCAND AUDIOL SUPPL Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal SCAND CARDIOVASC J Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal. Supplement SCAND CARDIOVASC J SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences SCAND J CARING SCI Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation SCAND J CLIN LAB INVEST Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation. Supplement SCAND J CLIN LAB INVEST SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Dental Research SCAND J DENT RES Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology SCAND J GASTROENTEROL Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology. Supplement SCAND J GASTROENTEROL SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Haematology SCAND J HAEMATOL Scandinavian Journal of Haematology. Supplementum SCAND J HAEMATOL SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Immunology SCAND J IMMUNOL Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. Supplement SCAND J IMMUNOL SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases SCAND J INFECT DIS Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases. Supplementum SCAND J INFECT DIS SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science In Sports SCAND J MED SCI SPORTS Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery SCAND J PLAST RECONSTR SURG

Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery SCAND J PLAST RECONSTR SURG HAND SURG Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery. Supplementum SCAND J PLAST RECONSTR SURG HAND SURG SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Supplementum SCAND J PLAST RECONSTR SURG SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care SCAND J PRIM HEALTH CARE Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care. Supplement SCAND J PRIM HEALTH CARE SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Psychology SCAND J PSYCHOL Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine SCAND J REHABIL MED Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. Supplement SCAND J REHABIL MED SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Respiratory Diseases SCAND J RESPIR DIS Scandinavian Journal of Respiratory Diseases. Supplementum SCAND J RESPIR DIS SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology SCAND J RHEUMATOL Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology. Supplement SCAND J RHEUMATOL SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine SCAND J SOC MED Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine. Supplementum SCAND J SOC MED SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery SCAND J THORAC CARDIOVASC SURG Scandinavian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. Supplementum SCAND J THORAC CARDIOVASC SURG SUPPL Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology SCAND J UROL NEPHROL Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. Supplementum SCAND J UROL NEPHROL SUPPL

Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health SCAND J WORK ENVIRON HEALTH Scandinavian Society of Forensic Odontology Newsletter SCAND SOC FORENSIC ODONTOL NEWSL Scanning SCANNING Scanning Electron Microscopy SCAN ELECTRON MICROSC Scanning Microscopy SCANNING MICROSC Scanning Microscopy. Supplement SCANNING MICROSC SUPPL Scanodont SCANODONT Scha Journal SCHA J Schizophrenia Bulletin SCHIZOPHR BULL Schizophrenia Research SCHIZOPHR RES Scholarly Inquiry For Nursing Practice SCH INQ NURS PRACT School Dental Services Gazette SCH DENT SERV GAZ N Z School Health Review SCH HEALTH REV Schriftenreihe Aus Dem Gebiete Des Offentlichen Gesundheitswesens SCHRIFTENR GEB OFF GESUNDHEITSWES Schriftenreihe Neurologie. Neurology Series SCHRIFTENR NEUROL Schriftenreihe Des Vereins Fur Wasser-, Boden-, Und Lufthygiene SCHRIFTENR VER WASSER BODEN LUFTHYG Schriftenreihe Zentralblatt Fur Arbeitsmedizin Arbeitsschutz Und Prophylaxe SCHRIFTENR ZENTRALBL ARBEITSMED ARBEITSSCHUTZ PROPHYL Schriftenreihe Zentralblatt Fur Arbeitsmedizin, Arbeitsschutz, Prophylaxe, Und Ergonomie SCHRIFTENR ZENTRALBL ARBEITSMED ARBEITSSCHUTZ PROPHYL ERGONOMIE Schweizer Archiv Fur Neurologie, Neurochirurgie Und Psychiatrie

SCHWEIZ ARCH NEUROL NEUROCHIR PSYCHIATR Schweizer Archiv Fur Neurologie Und Psychiatrie SCHWEIZ ARCH NEUROL PSYCHIATR Schweizer Archiv Fur Tierheilkunde SCHWEIZ ARCH TIERHEILKD Schweizer Monatsschrift Fur Zahnmedizin SCHWEIZ MONATSSCHR ZAHNMED Schweizerische Apotheker-Zeitung SCHWEIZ APOTH ZTG Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift. Journal Suisse De Medecine SCHWEIZ MED WOCHENSCHR Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift. Supplementum SCHWEIZ MED WOCHENSCHR SUPPL Schweizerische Monatsschrift Fur Zahnmedizin SCHWEIZ MONATSSCHR ZAHNMED Schweizerische Rundschau Fur Medizin Praxis SCHWEIZ RUNDSCH MED PRAX Schweizerische Zeitschrift Fur Medizin Und Traumatologie SCHWEIZ Z MED TRAUMATOL Schweizerische Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie Und Ihre Anwendungen SCHWEIZ Z PSYCHOL ANWEND Schweizerische Zeitschrift Fur Sportmedizin SCHWEIZ Z SPORTMED Schwestern Revue SCHWEST REV Sci Nursing SCI NURS Science SCIENCE Science In China. Series B, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Earth Sciences SCI CHINA B Science In China. Series C, Life Sciences SCI CHINA C LIFE SCI Science Digest SCI DIG Science and Justice SCI JUSTICE

Science, Medicine, and Man SCI MED MAN Science News SCI NEWS Science Progress SCI PROG Science In Progress SCI PROG (NEW HAVEN) Science Et Recherche Odontostomatologiques SCI RECH ODONTOSTOMATOL Science Reports of the Research Institute, Tohoku University. Ser. C: Medicine SCI REP RES INST TOHOKU UNIV [MED] Science of the Total Environment SCI TOTAL ENVIRON Scientia Sinica SCI SIN Scientia Sinica. Series B, Chemical, Biological, Agricultural, Medical and Earth Sciences SCI SIN [B] Scientific American SCI AM Scientific Basis of Medicine Annual Reviews SCI BASIS MED ANNU REV Scientific and Educational Bulletin SCI EDUC BULL Scientific and Educational Journal SCI EDUC J Scientific Proceedings of the Cardiff Medical Society SCI PROC CARDIFF MED SOC Scna Newsletter SCNA NEWSL Scottish Medical Journal SCOTT MED J Scripta Medica SCR MED (BRNO) Sda Dentist SDA DENT Se Pu &para;Chinese Journal of Chromatography&middot;

SE PU Second Messengers and Phosphoproteins SECOND MESSENGERS PHOSPHOPROTEINS Second Opinion SECOND OPIN Second Opinions of Health Care Issues SECOND OPIN HEALTH CARE ISSUES Seikagaku. Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society SEIKAGAKU Seikei Geka. Orthopedic Surgery SEIKEI GEKA Seiroka Kango Daigaku Kiyo SEIROKA KANGO DAIGAKU KIYO Seishin Igaku Kenkyusho Gyosekishu. Bulletin of the Seishin-Igaku Institute SEISHIN IGAKU KENKYUSHO GYOSEKISHU Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi. Psychiatria Et Neurologia Japonica SEISHIN SHINKEIGAKU ZASSHI Seizure SEIZURE Selecoes Odontologicas SEL ODONTOL (SAO PAULO) Selective Cancer Therapeutics SEL CANCER THER Semaine Des Hopitaux SEM HOP Semaine Des Hopitaux Therapeutique SEM HOP THER Semaine Therapeutique SEM THER Semina SEMINA Seminario De Ensenanza De La Odontopediatria SEMIN ENSEN ODONTOPEDIATR Seminars In Adolescent Medicine SEMIN ADOLESC MED Seminars In Arthritis and Rheumatism SEMIN ARTHRITIS RHEUM

Seminars In Arthroplasty SEMIN ARTHROPLASTY Seminars In Cancer Biology SEMIN CANCER BIOL Seminars In Cell Biology SEMIN CELL BIOL Seminars In Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery SEMIN CUTAN MED SURG Seminars In Dental Hygiene SEMIN DENT HYG Seminars In Dermatology SEMIN DERMATOL Seminars In Diagnostic Pathology SEMIN DIAGN PATHOL Seminars In Drug Treatment SEMIN DRUG TREAT Seminars In Gastrointestinal Disease SEMIN GASTROINTEST DIS Seminars In Hematology SEMIN HEMATOL Seminars In Immunology SEMIN IMMUNOL Seminars In Liver Disease SEMIN LIVER DIS Seminars In Nephrology SEMIN NEPHROL Seminars In Neurology SEMIN NEUROL Seminars In Nuclear Medicine SEMIN NUCL MED Seminars For Nurse Managers SEMIN NURSE MANAG Seminars In Oncology SEMIN ONCOL Seminars In Oncology Nursing SEMIN ONCOL NURS Seminars In Ophthalmology SEMIN OPHTHALMOL

Seminars In Orthodontics SEMIN ORTHOD Seminars In Pediatric Neurology SEMIN PEDIATR NEUROL Seminars In Pediatric Surgery SEMIN PEDIATR SURG Seminars In Perinatology SEMIN PERINATOL Seminars In Perioperative Nursing SEMIN PERIOPER NURS Seminars In Psychiatry SEMIN PSYCHIATRY Seminars In Reproductive Endocrinology SEMIN REPROD ENDOCRINOL Seminars In Respiratory Infections SEMIN RESPIR INFECT Seminars In Roentgenology SEMIN ROENTGENOL Seminars In Speech and Language SEMIN SPEECH LANG Seminars In Surgical Oncology SEMIN SURG ONCOL Seminars In Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery SEMIN THORAC CARDIOVASC SURG Seminars In Thrombosis and Hemostasis SEMIN THROMB HEMOST Seminars In Ultrasound, Ct and Mr SEMIN ULTRASOUND CT MR Seminars In Urologic Oncology SEMIN UROL ONCOL Seminars In Urology SEMIN UROL Seminars In Vascular Surgery SEMIN VASC SURG Seminars In Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (Small Animal) SEMIN VET MED SURG (SMALL ANIM) Senior Nurse

SR NURSE Sensory Processes SENS PROCESSES Series Haematologica SER HAEMATOL Series On Nursing Administration SER NURS ADM Series Paedopsychiatrica SER PAEDOPSYCHIATR Servir SERVIR Sexually Transmitted Diseases SEX TRANSM DIS Sheng Li Hsueh Pao [Acta Physiologica Sinica] SHENG LI HSUEH PAO Sheng Li Ko Hsueh Chin Chan [Progress In Physiological Sciences] SHENG LI KO HSUEH CHIN CHAN Sheng Wu I Hsueh Kung Cheng Hsueh Tsa Chih &para;Journal of Biomedical Engineering&middot; SHENG WU I HSUEH KUNG CHENG HSUEH TSA CHIH Shigaku. Odontology SHIGAKU Shih Yen Sheng Wu Hsueh Pao &para;Journal of Experimental Biology&middot; SHIH YEN SHENG WU HSUEH PAO Shika Igaku. Journal of Osaka Odontological Society SHIKA IGAKU Shika Kiso Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Oral Biology SHIKA KISO IGAKKAI ZASSHI Shika Rikogaku Zasshi SHIKA RIKOGAKU ZASSHI Shika Zairyo, Kikai SHIKA ZAIRYO KIKAI Shikai Tenbo. Dental Outlook SHIKAI TENBO Shikwa Gakuho SHIKWA GAKUHO Shinkei Kenkyu No Shimpo. Advances In Neurological Sciences SHINKEI KENKYU NO SHIMPO

Shinrigaku Kenkyu. Japanese Journal of Psychology SHINRIGAKU KENKYU Shiyo. Journal of the Tokyo Dental Association SHIYO Shock SHOCK Shoni Shikagaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Pedodontics SHONI SHIKAGAKU ZASSHI Showa Igakkai Zasshi. Journal of the Showa Medical Association SHOWA IGAKKAI ZASSHI Showa Shigakkai Zasshi SHOWA SHIGAKKAI ZASSHI Shstf SHSTF Shujutsu. Operation SHUJUTSU Sicilia Sanitaria SICIL SANIT Sidahora SIDAHORA Sightsaving SIGHTSAVING Sightsaving Review SIGHTSAV REV Sight-Saving Review SIGHT SAV REV Signature SIGNATURE Singapore Dental Journal SINGAPORE DENT J Singapore Medical Journal SINGAPORE MED J Sistema Nervoso SIST NERV Sistole SISTOLE Sjukskoterskan SJUKSKOTERSKAN

Skeletal Radiology SKELETAL RADIOL Skin Pharmacology SKIN PHARMACOL Sleep SLEEP Sloan Management Review SLOAN MANAGE REV Social Biology SOC BIOL Social Casework SOC CASEWORK Social Forces SOC FORCES Social Policy SOC POLICY Social Problems SOC PROBL Social Psychiatry SOC PSYCHIATRY Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology SOC PSYCHIATRY PSYCHIATR EPIDEMIOL Social Psychology SOC PSYCHOL Social Psychology Quarterly SOC PSYCHOL Q Social and Rehabilitation Record SOC REHABIL REC Social Science and Medicine SOC SCI MED Social Science and Medicine SOC SCI MED Social Science and Medicine. Medical Anthropology SOC SCI MED [MED ANTHROPOL] Social Science and Medicine. Medical Economics SOC SCI MED [MED ECON] Social Science and Medicine. Medical Geography

SOC SCI MED [MED GEOGR] Social Science and Medicine. Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology SOC SCI MED [MED PSYCHOL MED SOCIOL] Social Science and Medicine. Part a, Medical Sociology SOC SCI MED [A] Social Science and Medicine. Part B, Medical Anthropology SOC SCI MED [B] Social Science and Medicine. Part C, Medical Economics SOC SCI MED [C] Social Science and Medicine. Part D, Medical Geography SOC SCI MED [D] Social Science and Medicine. Part E, Medical Psychology SOC SCI MED [E] Social Science and Medicine. Part F, Medical and Social Ethics SOC SCI MED [F] Social Security Bulletin SOC SECUR BULL Social Security Bulletin. Annual Statistical Supplement SOC SECUR BULL ANNU STAT SUPPL Social Service Review SOC SERV REV Social Work SOC WORK Social Work In Health Care SOC WORK HEALTH CARE Social Work Research SOC WORK RES Social Work Research and Abstracts SOC WORK RES ABSTR Social-Medicinsk Tidskrift SOC MED TIDSKR Society SOCIETY Society For Applied Bacteriology Symposium Series SOC APPL BACTERIOL SYMP SER Society of General Physiologists Series SOC GEN PHYSIOL SER

Society For Nursing History Gazette SOC NURS HIST GAZ Socioeconomic Issues of Health SOCIOECON ISSUES HEALTH Socio-Economic Planning Sciences SOCIOECON PLANN SCI Sociological Review SOCIOL REV Sociological Review Monograph SOCIOL REV [MONOGR] Sociology of Health and Illness SOCIOL HEALTH ILLN Sociometry SOCIOMETRY Software In Healthcare SOFTW HEALTHC Sogo Kango. Comprehensive Nursing, Quarterly SOGO KANGO Soins SOINS Soins. Cardiologie SOINS CARDIOL Soins. Chirurgie SOINS CHIR Soins. Chirurgie SOINS CHIR Soins. Chirurgie Generale Et Specialisee SOINS CHIR GEN SPEC Soins. Formation, Pedagogie, Encadrement SOINS FORM PEDAGOG ENCADR Soins. Gerontologie SOINS GERONTOL Soins. Gynecologie, Obstetrique, Puericulture SOINS GYNECOL OBSTET PUERIC Soins. Gynecologie, Obstetrique, Puericulture, Pediatrie SOINS GYNECOL OBSTET PUERIC PEDIATR Soins. Pathologie Tropicale SOINS PATHOL TROP

Soins. Pediatrie, Puericulture SOINS PEDIATR PUERIC Soins. Psychiatrie SOINS PSYCHIATR Solaiat; Sociedad Odontologica Latino-Americana De Implantes Aloplasticos Y Transplantes SOLAIAT Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SOLID STATE NUCL MAGN RESON Somatic Cell Genetics SOMATIC CELL GENET Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics SOMAT CELL MOL GENET Somatosensory and Motor Research SOMATOSENS MOT RES Somatosensory Research SOMATOSENS RES Sonde SONDE Sonderband ... Der Zeitschrift Strahlentherapie Und Onkologie SONDERB Z STRAHLENTHER ONKOL Sonderbande Zur Strahlentherapie Und Onkologie SONDERB STRAHLENTHER ONKOL Soproden SOPRODEN Sotilaslaaketieteellinen Aikakauslehti SOTILASLAAK AIKAK Soudni Lekarstvi SOUD LEK Soundings SOUNDINGS South African Journal of Communication Disorders. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Kommunikasieafwykings S AFR J COMMUN DISORD South African Journal of Medical Sciences S AFR J MED SCI South African Journal of Surgery S AFR J SURG

South African Medical Journal S AFR MED J South Carolina Dental Journal S C DENT J South Carolina Nurse S C NURSE South Carolina Nurse S C NURSE South Carolina Nursing S C NURS South Dakota Journal of Medicine S D J MED South Dakota Nurse S D NURSE Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health SOUTHEAST ASIAN J TROP MED PUBLIC HEALTH Southern Hospitals SOUTH HOSP Southern Medical Journal SOUTH MED J Southern Medicine SOUTH MED Southwestern Medicine SOUTHWEST MED Sovetskaia Meditsina SOV MED Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie SOV ZDRAVOOKHR Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie Kirgizii SOV ZDRAVOOKHR KIRG Soviet Genetics SOV GENET Soviet Journal of Developmental Biology SOV J DEV BIOL Soviet Journal of Ecology SOV J ECOL Sozial- Und Praventivmedizin

SOZ PRAVENTIVMED Sozialmedizinische Und Padagogische Jugendkunde SOZIALMED PADAGOG JUGENDKD Space Life Sciences SPACE LIFE SCI Spatial Vision SPAT VIS Special Care In Dentistry SPEC CARE DENTIST Special Education SPEC EDUC Special Education: Forward Trends SPEC EDUC FORWARD TRENDS Special Libraries SPEC LIBR Special Report Series - Indian Council of Medical Research SPEC REP SER INDIAN COUNC MED RES Special Topics In Endocrinology and Metabolism SPEC TOP ENDOCRINOL METAB Specialty Law Digest. Health Care Law SPEC LAW DIG HEALTH CARE LAW Specialty Law Digest. Health Care (Monthly) SPEC LAW DIG HEALTH CARE (MON) Specifying Engineer SPECIF ENG Spectrochimica Acta. Part a, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy SPECTROCHIM ACTA A MOL BIOMOL SPECTROSC Spectrum SPECTRUM Speech Pathology and Therapy SPEECH PATHOL THER Sperimentale SPERIMENTALE Spinal Cord SPINAL CORD Spine SPINE

Sports Medicine SPORTS MED Sportverletzung Sportschaden SPORTVERLETZ SPORTSCHADEN Springer Seminars In Immunopathology SPRINGER SEMIN IMMUNOPATHOL Springer Series On Health Care and Society SPRINGER SER HEALTH CARE SOC Spvn SPVN Srpski Arhiv Za Celokupno Lekarstvo SRP ARH CELOK LEK Sso: Schweizerische Monatsschrift Fur Zahnheilkunde SSO SCHWEIZ MONATSSCHR ZAHNHEILKD Ssu-Chuan I Hsueh Yuan Hsueh Pao [Acta Academiae Medicinae Sichuan] SSU CHUAN I HSUEH YUAN HSUEH PAO St Lukes Hospital Gazette ST LUKES HOSP GAZ (GUARDAMANGIA) Stain Technology STAIN TECHNOL Stanford Law Review STANFORD LAW REV Stat; Bulletin of the Wisconsin Nurses Association STAT State Government STATE GOV State Nursing Legislation Quarterly STATE NURS LEGIS Q Statistical Bulletin / Metropolitan Insurance Companies STAT BULL METROP INSUR CO Statistical Bulletin / Metropolitan Life Foundation STAT BULL METROP LIFE FOUND Statistical Bulletin, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company STAT BULL METROPOL LIFE INSUR CO Statistical Methods In Medical Research STAT METHODS MED RES Statistical Notes For Health Planners STAT NOTES HEALTH PLANN

Statistics In Medicine STAT MED Stem Cells STEM CELLS Stem Cells STEM CELLS Step Perspective STEP PERSPECT Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery STEREOTACT FUNCT NEUROSURG Sterile World STERILE WORLD Steroidologia STEROIDOLOGIA Steroids STEROIDS Steroids and Lipids Research STEROIDS LIPIDS RES Stns Journal of Trauma Nursing STNS J TRAUMA NURS Stoma STOMA (LISB) Stoma STOMA (THESSALONIKI) Stoma STOMA (HEIDELB) Stomatologie STOMATOLOGIE Stomatologia STOMATOLOGIA (ATHENAI) Stomatologia STOMATOLOGIA (BUCUR) Stomatologia Mediterranea STOMATOL MEDITERR Stomatologica STOMATOLOGICA (GENOVA) Stomatologicke Zpravy

STOMATOL ZPR Stomatologie STOMATOLOGIE Stomatologie Der Ddr STOMATOL DDR Stomatologiia STOMATOLOGIIA (MOSK) Stomatologiia STOMATOLOGIIA (SOFIIA) Stomatologika Chronika STOMATOL CHRON (ATHENAI) Stomatoloski Glasnik Srbije STOMATOL GLAS SRB Stomatoloski Vjesnik. Stomatological Review STOMATOL VJESN Strahlenschutz In Forschung Und Praxis STRAHLENSCHUTZ FORSCH PRAX Strahlentherapie STRAHLENTHERAPIE Strahlentherapie Und Onkologie STRAHLENTHER ONKOL Strahlentherapie. Sonderbande STRAHLENTHERAPIE [SONDERB] Strasbourg Medical STRASB MED Strategies For Healthcare Excellence STRATEG HEALTHC EXCELL Stroke STROKE Structure STRUCTURE Studi Sassaresi STUDI SASSAR Studies In Family Planning STUD FAM PLANN Studies In Health Technology and Informatics STUD HEALTH TECHNOL INFORM

Studies In Human Ecology STUD HUM ECOL Studies In Neuro-Anatomy STUD NEUROANAT Studii Si Cercetari De Endocrinologie STUD CERCET ENDOCRINOL Studii Si Cercetari De Fiziologie STUD CERCET FIZIOL Studii Si Cercetari De Inframicrobiologie STUD CERCET INFRAMICROBIOL Studii Si Cercetari De Medicina Interna STUD CERCET MED INTERNA Studii Si Cercetari De Neurologie STUD CERCET NEUROL Studii Si Cercetari De Virusologie STUD CERCET VIRUSOL Studium Generale STUD GEN (BERL) Subacute Care SUBACUTE CARE Sub-Cellular Biochemistry SUBCELL BIOCHEM Subsidia Medica SUBSID MED Substance and Alcohol Actions/Misuse SUBST ALCOHOL ACTIONS MISUSE Substance Use and Misuse SUBST USE MISUSE Sudebno-Meditsinskaia Ekspertiza SUD MED EKSPERT Sudhoffs Archiv; Vierteljahrsschrift Fur Geschichte Der Medizin Und Der Naturwissenschaften, Der Pharmazie Und Der Mathematik SUDHOFFS ARCH VIERTELJAHRSSCHR GESCH MED NATURWISS PHARM MATH Sudhoffs Archiv; Zeitschrift Fur Wissenschaftsgeschichte SUDHOFFS ARCH Z WISSENSCHAFTSGESCH Sudhoffs Archiv; Zeitschrift Fur Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Beihefte SUDHOFFS ARCH Z WISSENSCHAFTSGESCH BEIH Suicide

SUICIDE Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior SUICIDE LIFE THREAT BEHAV Suomen Hammaslaakarilehti SUOM HAMMASLAAKARILEHTI Suomen Hammaslaakariseuran Toimituksia SUOM HAMMASLAAK TOIM Suomen Laakarilehti SUOM LAAKARIL Suomen Naishammaslaakarit Ryhma Julkaisu SUOM NAISHAMMASLAAK JULK Supervisor Nurse SUPERV NURSE Supervisory Management SUPERV MANAGE Supplement ... to the European Journal Neuroscience SUPPL EUR J NEUROSCI Supplement to International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics SUPPL INT J GYNECOL OBSTET Supplement ... to the Journal Medical Oncology and Tumor Pharmacotherapy SUPPL J MED ONCOL TUMOR PHARMACOTHER Supplementum ... Ad Thrombosis and Haemostasis SUPPL THROMB HAEMOST Supportive Care In Cancer SUPPORT CARE CANCER Surgery SURGERY Surgery Annual SURG ANNU Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics SURG GYNECOL OBSTET Surgery Today SURG TODAY Surgical Business SURG BUS Surgical Clinics of North America SURG CLIN NORTH AM

Surgical Endoscopy SURG ENDOSC Surgical Forum SURG FORUM Surgical Gastroenterology SURG GASTROENTEROL Surgical Laparoscopy and Endoscopy SURG LAPAROSC ENDOSC Surgical Neurology SURG NEUROL Surgical Oncology SURG ONCOL Surgical Oncology Clinics of North America SURG ONCOL CLIN N AM Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy SURG RADIOL ANAT Surgical Technologist SURG TECHNOL Survey of Immunologic Research SURV IMMUNOL RES Survey of Ophthalmology SURV OPHTHALMOL Survey and Synthesis of Pathology Research SURV SYNTH PATHOL RES Suvremenna Meditsina SUVR MED (SOFIIA) Svensk Farmaceutisk Tidskrift SVEN FARM TIDSKR Svensk Tandlakaretidskrift SVEN TANDLAK TIDSKR Sveriges Tandlakarforbund Tidning SVER TANDLAKARFORB TIDN Swedish Dental Journal SWED DENT J Swedish Dental Journal. Supplement SWED DENT J SUPPL Swiss Dent SWISS DENT

Swiss Surgery SWISS SURG Swiss Surgery. Supplement SWISS SURG SUPPL Sygeplejersken SYGEPLEJERSKEN Sykepleien SYKEPLEIEN Sykepleien. Fag SYKEPL FAG Symposia of the Society For Experimental Biology SYMP SOC EXP BIOL Symposia of the Swedish Nutrition Foundation SYMP SWED NUTR FOUND Symposium On Fundamental Cancer Research SYMP FUNDAM CANCER RES Symposium On Oral Sensation and Perception SYMP ORAL SENS PERCEPT Symposium of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Group, International Association For Dental Research SYMP PHARMACOL THER TOXICOL GROUP Symposium of the Society For Developmental Biology SYMP SOC DEV BIOL Synapse SYNAPSE Systematic Biology SYST BIOL Systematic Zoology SYST ZOOL Taehan Chikkwa Uisa Hyophoe Chi. Journal of the Korean Dental Association TAEHAN CHIKKWA UISA HYOPHOE CHI Taehan Kanho. Korean Nurse TAEHAN KANHO Taiwan I Hsueh Hui Tsa Chih Journal of the Formosan Medical Association TAIWAN I HSUEH HUI TSA CHIH Tandlaegebladet TANDLAEGEBLADET

Tandlaegernes Nye Tidsskrift TANDLAEGERNES TIDSSKR Tandlakartidningen TANDLAKARTIDNINGEN Tandteknikern TANDTEKNIKERN Tannlaeknabladid TANNLAEKNABLADID Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme TANPAKUSHITSU KAKUSAN KOSO Tar Heel Nurse TAR HEEL NURSE Targeted Diagnosis and Therapy TARGETED DIAGN THER Technical Bulletin of the Registry of Medical Technologists TECH BULL REGIST MED TECHNOL Technical Documentary Report, Arl-Tdr TECH DOC REP ARL TDR Technical Documentary Report / United States. Air Force. Systems Command. Electronic Systems Division TECH DOC REP U S AIR FORCE SYST COMMAND ELECTRON SYST DIV Technical Note / United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration TECH NOTE U S NATL AERONAUT SPACE ADM Technical Report / Brookhaven National Laboratory TECH REP BROOKHAVEN NATL LAB Technical Report: Navtradevcen TECH REP NAVTRADEVCEN Technical Report Sam-Tr TECH REP SAM-TR Technicien Belge En Prothese Dentaire TECH BELGE PROTHESE DENT Techniques In Urology TECH UROL Technology and Health Care TECHNOL HEALTH CARE Technology Review TECHNOL REV Tecnologica

TECNOLOGICA Telemedicine Journal TELEMED J Telemedicine and Telehealth Networks TELEMED TELEHEALTH NETW Telemedicine Today TELEMED TODAY Telemedicine and Virtual Reality TELEMED VIRTUAL REAL Temas Odontologicos TEMAS ODONTOL Temple Dental Review TEMPLE DENT REV Tennessee Medicine TENN MED Tennessee Nurse TENN NURSE Terapevticheskii Arkhiv TER ARKH Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis, and Mutagenesis TERATOG CARCINOG MUTAGEN Teratology TERATOLOGY Tetrahedron TETRAHEDRON Tetrahedron Letters TETRAHEDRON LETT Texas Dental Assistants Association Bulletin TEX DENT ASSIST ASSOC BULL Texas Dental Journal TEX DENT J Texas Heart Institute Journal TEX HEART INST J Texas Hospitals TEX HOSP Texas Medicine TEX MED

Texas Nursing TEX NURS Texas Reports On Biology and Medicine TEX REP BIOL MED Textile Rental TEXT RENT Thai Journal of Nursing THAI J NURS Theoretical Medicine THEOR MED Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics THEOR MED BIOETH Theoretical Population Biology THEOR POPUL BIOL Therapeutic Drug Monitoring THER DRUG MONIT Therapeutic Immunology THER IMMUNOL Therapeutic Recreation Journal THER RECREATION J Therapeutique THERAPEUTIQUE Therapeutische Umschau THER UMSCH Therapia Hungarica THER HUNG Therapie THERAPIE Therapie Der Gegenwart THER GGW Therapiewoche THERAPIEWOCHE Theriogenology THERIOGENOLOGY Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon THORAC CARDIOVASC SURG Thorax THORAX

Thoraxchirurgie Vaskulare Chirurgie THORAXCHIR VASK CHIR Thoraxchirurgie Und Vaskulare Chirurgie THORAXCHIR VASK CHIR Thrombosis Et Diathesis Haemorrhagica THROMB DIATH HAEMORRH Thrombosis Et Diathesis Haemorrhagica. Supplementum THROMB DIATH HAEMORRH SUPPL Thrombosis and Haemostasis THROMB HAEMOST Thrombosis Research THROMB RES Thrombosis Research. Supplement THROMB RES SUPPL Thymus THYMUS Thyroid THYROID Thyroidology THYROIDOLOGY Tic TIC Tid Reports TID REP Tidens Tann TID TANN Tidskrift For Sjukvardspedagoger TIDSKR SJUKVARDSPEDAGOG Tidskrift For Sveriges Sjukskoterskor TIDSKR SVER SJUKSKOT Tidsskrift For Den Norske Laegeforening TIDSSKR NOR LAEGEFOREN Tidsskrift For Praktiserende Tandlaeger TIDSSKR PRAKT TANDLAEG Tidsskrift For Sygeplejersker TIDSSKR SYGEPL Tidsskrift For Tandlaeger

TIDSSKR TANDLAEGER Tidsskriftet Sykepleien TIDSSKR SYKEPL Tierarztliche Praxis TIERARZTL PRAX Tierarztliche Praxis. Supplement TIERARZTL PRAX SUPPL Tierarztliche Umschau TIERARZTL UMSCH Tijdschrift Voor Bejaarden- Kraam- En Ziekenverzorging TIJDSCHR BEJAARDEN KRAAM ZIEKENVERZORGING Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde TIJDSCHR DIERGENEESKD Tijdschrift Voor Gastro-Enterologie TIJDSCHR GASTROENTEROL Tijdschrift Voor Gerontologie En Geriatrie TIJDSCHR GERONTOL GERIATR Tijdschrift Voor Kindergeneeskunde TIJDSCHR KINDERGENEESKD Tijdschrift Voor Sociale Geneeskunde TIJDSCHR SOC GENEESKD Tijdschrift Voor Verzorgenden TIJDSCHR VERZORGENDEN Tijdschrift Voor Ziekenverpleging TIJDSCHR ZIEKENVERPL Timarit Hjukrunarfelags Islands TIMARIT HJUKRUNARFEL ISL Timarit Hjukrunarfraedinga TIM HJUKRUNARFRD Time TIME Times TIMES Tip Fakultesi Mecmuasi, Istanbul Universitesi TIP FAK MECM Tissue Antigens TISSUE ANTIGENS

Tissue and Cell TISSUE CELL Tit Journal of Life Sciences TIT J LIFE SCI Tmj Update TMJ UPDATE Tobacco Control TOB CONTROL Todays Christian Doctor TODAYS CHRIST DR Todays Fda TODAYS FDA Todays or Nurse TODAYS OR NURSE Todays Nursing Home TODAYS NURS HOME Todays Surgical Nurse TODAYS SURG NURSE Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine TOHOKU J EXP MED Tohoku Shika Daigaku Gakkai Shi TOHOKU SHIKA DAIGAKU GAKKAI SHI Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine TOKAI J EXP CLIN MED Toko-Ginecologia Practica TOKOGINECOL PRACT Tokushima Journal of Experimental Medicine TOKUSHIMA J EXP MED Tokyo Ika Daigaku Zasshi. Journal of Tokyo Medical College TOKYO IKA DAIGAKU ZASSHI Tokyo Ika Shika Daigaku Iyo Kizai Kenkyusho Hokoku. Reports of the Institute For Medical and Dental Engineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University TOKYO IKA SHIKA DAIGAKU IYO KIZAI KENKYUSHO HOKOKU Topics In Clinical Nursing TOP CLIN NURS Topics In Current Chemistry TOP CURR CHEM Topics In Emergency Medicine

TOP EMERG MED Topics In Health Care Financing TOP HEALTH CARE FINANC Topics In Health Information Management TOP HEALTH INF MANAGE Topics In Health Record Management TOP HEALTH REC MANAGE Topics In Hospital Pharmacy Management TOP HOSP PHARM MANAGE Topics In Magnetic Resonance Imaging TOP MAGN RESON IMAGING Torace TORACE Torax TORAX Toxicologic Pathology TOXICOL PATHOL Toxicological European Research. Recherche Europeenne En Toxicologie TOXICOL EUR RES Toxicology TOXICOLOGY Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology TOXICOL APPL PHARMACOL Toxicology and Industrial Health TOXICOL IND HEALTH Toxicology Letters TOXICOL LETT Toxicon TOXICON Trabajos Del Instituto Cajal TRAB INST CAJAL Trabajos Del Instituto Cajal De Investigaciones Biologicas TRAB INST CAJAL INVEST BIOL Tradimus TRADIMUS Training TRAINING

Training and Development Journal TRAIN DEV J Training School Bulletin TRAIN SCH BULL (VINEL) Transactions of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine TRANS AM ACAD INSUR MED Transactions - American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology TRANS AM ACAD OPHTHALMOL OTOLARYNGOL Transactions of the American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons TRANS AM ASSOC GENITOURIN SURG Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association TRANS AM CLIN CLIMATOL ASSOC Transactions of the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society TRANS AM LARYNGOL RHINOL OTOL SOC Transactions of the American Microscopical Society TRANS AM MICROSC SOC Transactions of the American Neurological Association TRANS AM NEUROL ASSOC Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society TRANS AM OPHTHALMOL SOC Transactions / American Otological Society TRANS AM OTOL SOC Transactions - American Society For Artificial Internal Organs TRANS AM SOC ARTIF INTERN ORGANS Transactions ... of the Annual Meeting of the American Broncho-Esophagological Association TRANS ANNU MEET AM BRONCHOESOPHAGOL ASSOC Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological Association TRANS AM LARYNGOL ASSOC Transactions of the Association of American Physicians TRANS ASSOC AM PHYSICIANS Transactions of the Association of Industrial Medical Officers TRANS ASSOC IND MED OFF Transactions of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors of America TRANS ASSOC LIFE INSUR MED DIR AM Transactions of the Australian College of Ophthalmologists TRANS AUST COLL OPHTHALMOL

Transactions of the British Society For the Study of Orthodontics TRANS BR SOC STUDY ORTHOD Transactions of the European Orthodontic Society TRANS EUR ORTHOD SOC Transactions - Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology TRANS INDIANA ACAD OPHTHALMOL OTOLARYNGOL Transactions of the International Conference On Endodontics TRANS INT CONF ENDOD Transactions of the International Conference On Oral Surgery TRANS INT CONF ORAL SURG Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science TRANS KANS ACAD SCI Transactions of the Medical Society of London TRANS MED SOC LOND Transactions of the New England Obstetrical and Gynecological Society TRANS N ENGL OBSTET GYNECOL SOC Transactions - New Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology TRANS NEW ORLEANS ACAD OPHTHALMOL Transactions of the New York Academy of Sciences TRANS N Y ACAD SCI Transactions of the Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom TRANS OPHTHALMOL SOC U K Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of Australia TRANS OPHTHALMOL SOC AUST Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society of New Zealand TRANS OPHTHALMOL SOC N Z Transactions of the Pacific Coast Obstetrical and Gynecological Society TRANS PAC COAST OBSTET GYNECOL SOC Transactions of the Pacific Coast Oto-Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting TRANS PAC COAST OTOOPHTHALMOL SOC ANNU MEET Transactions - Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology TRANS PA ACAD OPHTHALMOL OTOLARYNGOL Transactions of the Royal Schools of Dentistry, Stockholm and Umea TRANS R SCH DENT STOCKH UMEA Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene TRANS R SOC TROP MED HYG Transactions of the Society of Occupational Medicine TRANS SOC OCCUP MED

Transactions of the St Johns Hospital Dermatological Society TRANS ST JOHNS HOSP DERMATOL SOC Transactions and Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia TRANS STUD COLL PHYSICIANS PHILA Transfusion TRANSFUSION Transfusion TRANSFUSION (PARIS) Transfusion Clinique Et Biologique TRANSFUS CLIN BIOL Transfusion Medicine TRANSFUS MED Transfusion Medicine Reviews TRANSFUS MED REV Transfusion Science TRANSFUS SCI Transgenic Research TRANSGENIC RES Transplant Immunology TRANSPL IMMUNOL Transplant International TRANSPL INT Transplantation TRANSPLANTATION Transplantation Proceedings TRANSPLANT PROC Transplantation Reviews TRANSPLANT REV (PHILADELPHIA) Transplantation Reviews TRANSPLANT REV Transplantation Science TRANSPLANT SCI Treatment Review TREAT REV Trends In Biochemical Sciences TRENDS BIOCHEM SCI Trends In Biotechnology

TRENDS BIOTECHNOL Trends In Genetics TRENDS GENET Trends In Health Care, Law and Ethics TRENDS HEALTH CARE LAW ETHICS Trends In Microbiology TRENDS MICROBIOL Trends In Neurosciences TRENDS NEUROSCI Trends In Pharmacological Sciences TRENDS PHARMACOL SCI Trends and Techniques In the Contemporary Dental Laboratory TRENDS TECH CONTEMP DENT LAB Trial TRIAL Triangle TRIANGLE Tribuna Odontologica TRIB ODONTOL (B AIRES) Tribuna Odontologica Do Sindicato Dos Odontologistas Do Estado Da Guanabara TRIB ODONTOL (GUANABARA) Trodent TRODENT Tropenmedizin Und Parasitologie TROPENMED PARASITOL Tropical Animal Health and Production TROP ANIM HEALTH PROD Tropical Diseases Bulletin TROP DIS BULL Tropical Doctor TROP DOCT Tropical Gastroenterology TROP GASTROENTEROL Tropical and Geographical Medicine TROP GEOGR MED Tropical Medicine and International Health TROP MED INT HEALTH

Tropical Medicine and Parasitology TROP MED PARASITOL Trudy - Akademiia Nauk Sssr. Institut Genetiki TR AKAD NAUK SSSR INST GENET Trudy Instituta Fiziologii Akademiia Nauk Gruzinskoi Ssr TR INST FIZ AKAD NAUK GRUZ SSR Trudy Instituta Imeni Pastera TR INST IM PASTERA Trudy Leningradskogo Instituta Epidemiologii I Mikrobiologii Im. Pastera TR LENINGR INST EPIDEMIOL MIKROBIOL Trudy Leningradskogo Nauchno-Issledovatelskogo Instituta Epidemiologii I Mikrobiologii Im. Pastera TR LENINGR NAUCHNOISSLED INST EPIDEMIOL MIKROBIOL Trustee TRUSTEE Tsitologiia TSITOLOGIIA Tsitologiia I Genetika TSITOL GENET Tsurumi Shigaku. Tsurumi University Dental Journal TSURUMI SHIGAKU Tubercle TUBERCLE Tubercle and Lung Disease TUBER LUNG DIS Tuberculology and Thoracic Diseases TUBERCULOL THORAC DIS Tuberkulose Und Ihre Grenzgebiete In Einzeldarstellungen TUBERK GRENZGEB EINZELDARST Tuberkuloza TUBERKULOZA Tufts Dental Outlook TUFTS DENT OUTLOOK Tufts Health Science Review TUFTS HEALTH SCI REV Tumori TUMORI Tumour Biology

TUMOUR BIOL Tunisie Medicale TUNIS MED Turk Hemsireler Dergisi. the Turkish Journal of Nursing TURK HEMSIRE DERG Turk Hijiyen Ve Deneysel Biyoloji Dergisi. Turkish Bulletin of Hygiene and Experimental Biology TURK HIJ DENEY BIYOL DERG Turk Hijiyen Ve Tecrubi Biyoloji Dergisi TURK HIJ TECR BIYOL DERG Turk Hijiyen Ve Tecrubi Biyoloji Dergisi. Turkish Bulletin of Hygiene and Experimental Biology TURK HIJ TECR BIYOL DERG Turk Ortodonti Dergisi TURK ORTODONTI DERG Turk Tip Cemiyeti Mecmuasi TURK TIP CEMIY MECM Turk Tip Dernegi Dergisi TURK TIP DERNEGI DERG Turkish Journal of Pediatrics TURK J PEDIATR Tvz TVZ Ucla Forum In Medical Sciences UCLA FORUM MED SCI Ucla Reports UCLA REP Ugeskrift For Laeger UGESKR LAEGER Uirusu UIRUSU Ujcd. Union Des Jeunes Chirurgiens-Dentistes UJCD UNION JEUNES CHIR DENT Ukrainskii Biokhimicheskii Zhurnal UKR BIOKHIM ZH Ukrainskyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal UKR BIOKHIM ZH Ulster Medical Journal

ULSTER MED J Ultramicroscopy ULTRAMICROSCOPY Ultraschall In Der Medizin ULTRASCHALL MED Ultrasonic Imaging ULTRASON IMAGING Ultrasonics ULTRASONICS Ultrasonics Sonochemistry ULTRASON SONOCHEM Ultrasound In Medicine and Biology ULTRASOUND MED BIOL Ultrasound In Obstetrics and Gynecology ULTRASOUND OBSTET GYNECOL Ultrastructural Pathology ULTRASTRUCT PATHOL Una Communique UNA COMMUN Una Nursing Journal UNA NURS J Undersea Biomedical Research UNDERSEA BIOMED RES Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine UNDERSEA HYPERB MED Unfallchirurg UNFALLCHIRURG Unfallchirurgie UNFALLCHIRURGIE Unfallheilkunde UNFALLHEILKUNDE Union Medicale Du Canada UNION MED CAN University of Michigan Medical Center Journal UNIV MICH MED CENT J University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Medical Gazette UNIV NEWCASTLE TYNE MED GAZ

University of Toronto Dental Journal UNIV TOR DENT J University of Toronto Undergraduate Dental Journal UNIV TORONTO UNDERGRAD DENT J Update On Ethics UPDATE ETHICS Update / National Minority Aids Council UPDATE NATL MINOR COUNC Update In Pediatric Dentistry UPDATE PEDIATR DENT Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences UPS J MED SCI Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences. Supplement UPS J MED SCI SUPPL Ur Reports UR REP Urban Health URBAN HEALTH Uremia Investigation UREMIA INVEST Urologe UROLOGE Urologe. Ausgabe a UROLOGE A Urologia Internationalis UROL INT Urologic Clinics of North America UROL CLIN NORTH AM Urologic Nursing UROL NURS Urologic Radiology UROL RADIOL Urological Research UROL RES Urological Survey UROL SURV Urologiia I Nefrologiia UROL NEFROL (MOSK)

Urology UROLOGY U.S. Healthcare US HEALTHC U.S. Medicine US MED Us Navy Medicine US NAVY MED Us News and World Report US NEWS WORLD REP Uspekhi Fiziologicheskikh Nauk USP FIZIOL NAUK Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii USP SOVREM BIOL Utah Nurse UTAH NURSE Uttar Pradesh State Dental Journal UTTAR PRADESH STATE DENT J Uwfl Reports UWFL REP Vaccine VACCINE Valsalva VALSALVA Vard I Norden VARD NORD UTVECKL FORSK Vardfacket VARDFACKET Vasa VASA Vasa. Supplementum VASA SUPPL Vascular Diseases VASC DIS Vascular Surgery VASC SURG Venezuela Odontologica

VENEZ ODONTOL Verhandelingen - Koninklijke Academie Voor Geneeskunde Van Belgie VERH K ACAD GENEESKD BELG Verhandelingen. Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie Voor Geneeskunde Van Belgie VERH K VLAAM ACAD GENEESKD BELG Verhandlungen Der Anatomischen Gesellschaft VERH ANAT GES Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Herz- Und Kreislaufforschung VERH DTSCH GES HERZ KREISLAUFFORSCH Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Innere Medizin VERH DTSCH GES INN MED Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Kreislaufforschung VERH DTSCH GES KREISLAUFFORSCH Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Pathologie VERH DTSCH GES PATHOL Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Rheumatologie VERH DTSCH GES RHEUMATOL Vermont Registered Nurse VT REGIST NURSE Veroffentlichungen Aus Der Morphologischen Pathologie VEROFF MORPHOL PATHOL Veroffentlichungen Aus Der Pathologie VEROFF PATHOL Verpleegkunde VERPLEEGKUNDE Verpleegkundigen En Gemeenschapszorg VERPLEEGKD GEM Versicherungsmedizin VERSICHERUNGSMEDIZIN Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk Sssr VESTN AKAD MED NAUK SSSR Vestnik Akademii Nauk Sssr VESTN AKAD NAUK SSSR Vestnik Dermatologii I Venerologii VESTN DERMATOL VENEROL Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova VESTN KHIR IM I I GREK

Vestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta. Biologiia VESTN LENINGR UNIV [BIOL] Vestnik Oftalmologii VESTN OFTALMOL Vestnik Otorinolaringologii VESTN OTORINOLARINGOL Vestnik Rentgenologii I Radiologii VESTN RENTGENOL RADIOL Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk VESTN ROSS AKAD MED NAUK Veterinarian VETERINARIAN Veterinariia VETERINARIIA Veterinarni Medicina VET MED (PRAHA) Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki VET MED NAUKI Veterinarstvi VETERINARSTVI Veterinary Clinics of North America VET CLIN NORTH AM Veterinary Clinics of North America. Equine Practice VET CLIN NORTH AM EQUINE PRACT Veterinary Clinics of North America. Food Animal Practice VET CLIN NORTH AM FOOD ANIM PRACT Veterinary Clinics of North America. Large Animal Practice VET CLIN NORTH AM LARGE ANIM PRACT Veterinary Clinics of North America. Small Animal Practice VET CLIN NORTH AM SMALL ANIM PRACT Veterinary and Human Toxicology VET HUM TOXICOL Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology VET IMMUNOL IMMUNOPATHOL Veterinary Journal VET J Veterinary Medical Review VET MED REV

Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician VET MED SMALL ANIM CLIN Veterinary Microbiology VET MICROBIOL Veterinary Parasitology VET PARASITOL Veterinary Pathology VET PATHOL Veterinary Pathology. Supplement VET PATHOL SUPPL Veterinary Quarterly VET Q Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound VET RADIOL ULTRASOUND Veterinary Record VET REC Veterinary Research VET RES Veterinary Research Communications VET RES COMMUN Veterinary Surgery VET SURG Viata Medicala; Revista De Informare Profesionala Si Stiintifica a Cadrelor Medii Sanitare VIATA MED REV INF PROF STIINT CADRELOR MEDII SANIT Vie Medicale Au Canada Francais VIE MED CAN FR Vierteljahrsschrift Fur Schweizerische Sanitatsoffiziere. Journal Trimestriel Des Officiers Suisses Du Service De Sante. Rivista Trimestrale Degli Officiali Sanitari Svizzeri VIERTELJAHRSSCHR SCHWEIZ SANITATSOFF Vigilando VIGILANDO Vina Quarterly VINA Q Violence and Victims VIOLENCE VICT Viral Immunology

VIRAL IMMUNOL Virchows Archiv VIRCHOWS ARCH Virchows Archiv. a, Pathological Anatomy and Histology VIRCHOWS ARCH A PATHOL ANAT HISTOL Virchows Archiv. a, Pathological Anatomy and Histopathology VIRCHOWS ARCH A PATHOL ANAT HISTOPATHOL Virchows Archiv. a: Pathology. Pathologische Anatomie VIRCHOWS ARCH A PATHOL PATHOL ANAT Virchows Archiv. B. Cell Pathology VIRCHOWS ARCH B CELL PATHOL Virchows Archiv. B, Cell Pathology Including Molecular Pathology VIRCHOWS ARCH B CELL PATHOL INCL MOL PATHOL Virchows Archiv Fur Pathologische Anatomie Und Physiologie Und Fur Klinische Medizin VIRCHOWS ARCH PATHOL ANAT PHYSIOL KLIN MED Virginia Dental Journal VA DENT J Virginia Medical VA MED Virginia Medical Monthly VA MED MON Virginia Medical Quarterly VA MED Q Virginia Nurse VA NURSE Virginia Nurse Quarterly VA NURSE Q Virologie VIROLOGIE Virology VIROLOGY Virology Monographs VIROL MONOGR Virus Genes VIRUS GENES Virus Research VIRUS RES

Virus Research. Supplement VIRUS RES SUPPL Vision Research VISION RES Visual Neuroscience VIS NEUROSCI Vital and Health Statistics. Series 1: Programs and Collection Procedures VITAL HEALTH STAT 1 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 2: Data Evaluation and Methods Research VITAL HEALTH STAT 2 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 3: Analytical and Epidemiological Studies VITAL HEALTH STAT 3 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 3: Analytical Studies VITAL HEALTH STAT 3 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 4: Documents and Committee Reports VITAL HEALTH STAT 4 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 5: Comparative International Vital and Health Statistics Reports VITAL HEALTH STAT 5 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 10: Data From the National Health Survey VITAL HEALTH STAT 10 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 11: Data From the National Health Survey VITAL HEALTH STAT 11 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 13: Data From the National Health Survey VITAL HEALTH STAT 13 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 14: Data On National Health Resources VITAL HEALTH STAT 14 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 14: Data From the National Health Survey VITAL HEALTH STAT 14 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 14: Data From the National Inventory of Family Planning Services VITAL HEALTH STAT 14 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 20: Data From the National Vital Statistics System VITAL HEALTH STAT 20 DATA NATL VITAL STAT SYST Vital and Health Statistics. Series 21: Data On Natality, Marriage, and Divorce VITAL HEALTH STAT 21

Vital and Health Statistics. Series 21: Data From the National Vital Statistics System VITAL HEALTH STAT 21 Vital and Health Statistics. Series 23: Data From the National Survey of Family Growth VITAL HEALTH STAT 23 Vital Signs VITAL SIGNS Vital Speeches of the Day VITAL SPEECHES DAY Vitamins and Hormones VITAM HORM Vnitrni Lekarstvi VNITR LEK Voeding VOEDING Voenno-Meditsinskii Zhurnal VOEN MED ZH Voix Dentaire VOIX DENT Vojenske Zdravotnicke Listy VOJEN ZDRAV LISTY Vojenskozdravotnicka Knihovna VOJENSKOZDRAV KNIH Vojnosanitetski Pregled VOJNOSANIT PREGL Voluntary Action Leadership VOLUNT ACTION LEADERSH Volunteer Administration VOLUNT ADM Volunteer Leader VOLUNT LEADER Voprosy Biokhimii Mozga VOPR BIOKHIM MOZGA Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii I Lechebnoi Fizicheskoi Kultury VOPR KURORTOL FIZIOTER LECH FIZ KULT Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii VOPR MED KHIM

Voprosy Neirokhirurgii VOPR NEIROKHIR Voprosy Okhrany Materinstva I Detstva VOPR OKHR MATERIN DET Voprosy Onkologii VOPR ONKOL Voprosy Pitaniia VOPR PITAN Voprosy Psikhiatrii I Nevropatologii VOPR PSIKHIATR NEVROPATOL Voprosy Revmatizma VOPR REVM Voprosy Virusologii VOPR VIRUSOL Vox Sanguinis VOX SANG Vrachebnoe Delo VRACH DELO Vutreshni Bolesti VUTR BOLES Wakayama Medical Reports WAKAYAMA MED REP Waking and Sleeping WAKING SLEEPING Wall Street Journal WALL STR J Wall Street Journal. Midwest Edition WALL ST J [MIDWEST ED] Wash Reports WASH REP Washington Nurse WASH NURSE Washington Report On Medicine and Health WASH REP MED HEALTH Washington State Dental Journal WASH STATE DENT J Washington State Journal of Nursing WASH STATE J NURS

Washington University Dental Journal WASH UNIV DENT J Water, Air, and Soil Pollution WATER AIR SOIL POLLUT Way WAY Wda Journal WDA J Weather Vane WEATHER VANE Weekly Epidemiological Record WKLY EPIDEMIOL REC Wei Sheng Wu Hsueh Pao [Acta Microbiologica Sinica] WEI SHENG WU HSUEH PAO Wei Sheng Yen Chiu &para;Journal of Hygiene Research&middot; WEI SHENG YEN CHIU West African Journal of Medicine WEST AFR J MED West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research WEST AFR J PHARMACOL DRUG RES West African Medical Journal WEST AFR MED J West African Medical Journal and Nigerian Medical and Dental Practitioner WEST AFR MED J NIGER MED DENT PRACT West African Medical Journal and Nigerian Practitioner WEST AFR MED J NIGER PRACT West of England Medical Journal WEST ENGL MED J West Indian Medical Journal WEST INDIAN MED J West Virginia Dental Journal W V DENT J West Virginia Medical Journal W V MED J West Virginia Nurse WEST VA NURSE Western Dental Society Bulletin

WEST DENT SOC BULL Western Journal of Medicine WEST J MED Western Journal of Nursing Research WEST J NURS RES Western Medicine - the Medical Journal of the West WEST MED MED J WEST Who Chronicle WHO CHRON Who Offset Publication WHO OFFSET PUBL Who Regional Publications. European Series WHO REG PUBL EUR SER Wiadomosci Lekarskie WIAD LEK Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne WIAD PARAZYTOL Wiederherstellungschirurgie Und Traumatologie WIEDERHERSTELLUNGSCHIR TRAUMATOL Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift. Supplementum WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR SUPPL Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. Beihefte WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR BEIH Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift. Supplement WIEN MED WOCHENSCHR SUPPL Wiener Tierarztliche Monatsschrift WIEN TIERARZTL MONATSSCHR Wiener Zeitschrift Fur Innere Medizin Und Ihre Grenzgebiete WIEN Z INN MED Wiener Zeitschrift Fur Nervenheilkunde Und Deren Grenzgebiete WIEN Z NERVENHEILKD GRENZGEB Wildlife Disease WILDL DIS

Wisconsin Dental Association Journal WIS DENT ASSOC J Wisconsin Medical Journal WIS MED J Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Der Humboldt-Universitat Zu Berlin. MathematischNaturwissenschaftliche Reihe WISS Z HUMBOLDT UNIV BERL [MATH NATURWISS] Wistar Institute Symposium Monograph WISTAR INST SYMP MONOGR Woman Physician WOMAN PHYSICIAN Women and Health WOMEN HEALTH Womens Health WOMENS HEALTH Womens Health WOMENS HEALTH Womens Health Data Book WOMENS HEALTH DATA BOOK Womens Health Issues WOMENS HEALTH ISSUES Worcester Medical News WORCESTER MED NEWS Work, Environment, Health WORK ENVIRON HEALTH Worklife WORKLIFE World Health Forum WORLD HEALTH FORUM World Health Organization Monograph Series WORLD HEALTH ORGAN MONOGR SER World Health Organization Technical Report Series WORLD HEALTH ORGAN TECH REP SER World Health Statistics Quarterly. Rapport Trimestriel De Statistiques Sanitaires Mondiales WORLD HEALTH STAT Q World Health Statistics Report. Rapport De Statistiques Sanitaires Mondiales WORLD HEALTH STAT REP

World Hospitals WORLD HOSP World Hospitals and Health Services WORLD HOSP HEALTH SERV World of Irish Nursing WORLD IR NURS World of Irish Nursing WORLD IR NURS World Journal of Surgery WORLD J SURG World Journal of Urology WORLD J UROL World Medical Journal WORLD MED J World News On Maxillofacial Radiology WORLD NEWS MAXILLOFAC RADIOL World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics WORLD REV NUTR DIET Worlds Poultry Science Journal WORLDS POULT SCI J Wyoming Nurses Newsletter WYO NURSES NEWSL Xenobiotica XENOBIOTICA Xi Psi Phi Quarterly XI PSI PHI Q Y Reports Y REP Yakubutsu, Seishin, Kodo [Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology] YAKUBUTSU SEISHIN KODO Yakugaku Zasshi. Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan YAKUGAKU ZASSHI Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine YALE J BIOL MED Yao Hsueh Hsueh Pao [Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica] YAO HSUEH HSUEH PAO Year In Immunology

YEAR IMMUNOL Yeast YEAST Yen Ko Hsueh Pao [Eye Science] YEN KO HSUEH PAO Yngre Laeger YNGRE LAEGER Yokohama Medical Bulletin YOKOHAMA MED BULL Yonago Acta Medica YONAGO ACTA MED Yonsei Medical Journal YONSEI MED J Your Child Patient YOUR CHILD PATIENT Your Oklahoma Dental Association Journal YOUR OKLA DENT ASSOC J Zacchia ZACCHIA Zahn-, Mund-, Und Kieferheilkunde Mit Zentralblatt ZAHN MUND KIEFERHEILKD ZENTRALBL Zahnarzt ZAHNARZT Zahnarzteblatt Baden-Wurttemberg ZAHNARZTEBL BADEN WURTTEMB Zahnarztliche Mitteilungen ZAHNARZTL MITT Zahnarztliche Nachrichten Sudwurttemburg-Hohenzollern ZAHNARZTL NACHR SUDWURTTEMB Zahnarztliche Praxis ZAHNARZTL PRAX Zahnarztliche Praxisfuhrung ZAHNARZTL PRAXISFUHR Zahnarztliche Rundschau ZAHNARZTL RUNDSCH Zahnarztliche Welt, Zahnarztliche Rundschau, Zwr, Vereinigt Mit Zahnarztliche Reform ZAHNARZTL WELT ZAHNARZTL RUNDSCH ZWR ZAHNARZTL REFORM

Zahnarztlicher Gesundheitsdienst ZAHNARZTL GESUNDHEITSDIENST Zahntechnik ZAHNTECHNIK (BERL) Zahntechnik ZAHNTECHNIK (ZUR) Zambia Nurse ZAMBIA NURSE Zambia Nurse ZAMBIA NURSE Zambia Nurse Journal ZAMBIA NURSE J Zbornik Vojnomedicinske Akademije ZB VOJNOMED AKAD Zdravookhranenie Kirgizii ZDRAVOOKHR KIRG Zdravookhranenie Rossiiskoi Federatsii ZDRAVOOKHR ROSS FED Zdravotnicka Pracovnice ZDRAV PRAC Zdravotnicke Aktuality ZDRAV AKTUAL Zdravstveni Vestnik ZDRAV VESTN Zdrowie Publiczne ZDROW PUBLICZNE Zeitschrift Fur Allgemeine Mikrobiologie Z ALLG MIKROBIOL Zeitschrift Fur Allgemeinmedizin Z ALLGEMEINMED Zeitschrift Fur Alternsforschung Z ALTERNSFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Anatomie Und Entwicklungsgeschichte Z ANAT ENTWICKLUNGSGESCH Zeitschrift Fur Arztliche Fortbildung Z ARZTL FORTBILD (BERL) Zeitschrift Fur Arztliche Fortbildung

Z ARZTL FORTBILD (JENA) Zeitschrift Fur Arztliche Fortbildung. Beiheft Z ARZTL FORTBILD BEIH (JENA) Zeitschrift Fur Arztliche Fortbildung Und Qualitatssicherung Z ARZTL FORTBILD QUALITATSSICH Zeitschrift Fur Biologie Z BIOL Zeitschrift Fur Erkrankungen Der Atmungsorgane Z ERKR ATMUNGSORGANE Zeitschrift Fur Erkrankungen Der Atmungsorgane, Mit Folia Bronchologica Z ERKR ATMUNGSORGANE FOLIA BRONCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Ernahrungswissenschaft Z ERNAHRUNGSWISS Zeitschrift Fur Ernahrungswissenschaft. Journal of Nutritional Sciences. Supplementa Z ERNAHRUNGSWISS SUPPL Zeitschrift Fur Experimentelle Und Angewandte Psychologie Z EXP ANGEW PSYCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Experimentelle Chirurgie Z EXP CHIR Zeitschrift Fur Experimentelle Chirurgie, Transplantation, Und Kunstliche Organe Z EXP CHIR TRANSPLANT KUNSTLICHE ORGANE Zeitschrift Fur Experimentelle Psychologie Z EXP PSYCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Gastroenterologie Z GASTROENTEROL Zeitschrift Fur Gastroenterologie. Verhandlungsband Z GASTROENTEROL VERH Zeitschrift Fur Geburtshilfe Und Neonatologie Z GEBURTSHILFE NEONATOL Zeitschrift Fur Geburtshilfe Und Perinatologie Z GEBURTSHILFE PERINATOL Zeitschrift Fur Gerontologie Z GERONTOL Zeitschrift Fur Gerontologie Und Geriatrie Z GERONTOL GERIATR Zeitschrift Fur Die Gesamte Experimentelle Medizin Einschliesslich Experimentelle

Chirurgie Z GESAMTE EXP MED Zeitschrift Fur Die Gesamte Hygiene Und Ihre Grenzgebiete Z GESAMTE HYG Zeitschrift Fur Die Gesamte Innere Medizin Und Ihre Grenzgebiete Z GESAMTE INN MED Zeitschrift Fur Haut- Und Geschlechtskrankheiten Z HAUT GESCHLECHTSKR Zeitschrift Fur Hautkrankheiten Z HAUTKR Zeitschrift Fur Hygiene Und Infektionskrankheiten Z HYG INFEKTIONSKR Zeitschrift Fur Immunitatsforschung, Allergie Und Klinische Immunologie Z IMMUNITATSFORSCH ALLERG KLIN IMMUNOL Zeitschrift Fur Immunitatsforschung, Experimentelle Und Klinische Immunologie Z IMMUNITATSFORSCH EXP KLIN IMMUNOL Zeitschrift Fur Immunitatsforschung. Immunobiology Z IMMUNITATSFORSCH IMMUNOBIOL Zeitschrift Fur Immunitatsforschung. Immunobiology. Supplemente Z IMMUNITATSFORSCH IMMUNOBIOL SUPPL Zeitschrift Fur Kardiologie Z KARDIOL Zeitschrift Fur Kardiologie. Supplementum Z KARDIOL SUPPL Zeitschrift Fur Kinder- Und Jugendpsychiatrie Z KINDER JUGENPSYCHIATR Zeitschrift Fur Kinderchirurgie Z KINDERCHIR Zeitschrift Fur Kinderchirurgie Und Grenzgebiete Z KINDERCHIR GRENZGEB Zeitschrift Fur Kinderheilkunde Z KINDERHEILKD Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Chemie Und Klinische Biochemie Z KLIN CHEM KLIN BIOCHEM Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Medizin Z KLIN MED Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Psychologie, Psychiatrie Und Psychotherapie Z KLIN PSYCHOL PSYCHIATR PSYCHOTHER

Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Psychologie, Psychopathologie Und Psychotherapie Z KLIN PSYCHOL PSYCHOPATHOL PSYCHOTHER Zeitschrift Fur Klinische Psychologie Und Psychotherapie Z KLIN PSYCHOL PSYCHOTHER Zeitschrift Fur Krankenpflege. Revue Suisse Des Infirmieres Z KRANKENPFL Zeitschrift Fur Krebsforschung Z KREBSFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Krebsforschung Und Klinische Onkologie. Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology Z KREBSFORSCH KLIN ONKOL CANCER RES CLIN ONCOL Zeitschrift Fur Kreislaufforschung Z KREISLAUFFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Laryngologie, Rhinologie, Otologie Und Ihre Grenzgebiete Z LARYNGOL RHINOL OTOL Zeitschrift Fur Lebensmittel-Untersuchung Und -Forschung Z LEBENSM UNTERS FORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Lymphologie. Journal of Lymphology Z LYMPHOL Zeitschrift Fur Medizinische Laboratoriumsdiagnostik Z MED LAB DIAGN Zeitschrift Fur Medizinische Labortechnik Z MED LABORTECH Zeitschrift Fur Medizinische Mikrobiologie Und Immunologie Z MED MIKROBIOL IMMUNOL Zeitschrift Fur Mikroskopisch-Anatomische Forschung Z MIKROSK ANAT FORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Morphologie Und Anthropologie Z MORPHOL ANTHROPOL Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung. Section C. Biosciences Z NATURFORSCH [C] Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung. Section C. Journal of Biosciences Z NATURFORSCH [C] Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung. Teil B. Anorganische Chemie, Organische Chemie, Biochemie, Biophysik, Biologie Z NATURFORSCH [B] Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung. Teil B. Chemie, Biochemie, Biophysik, Biologie Und Verwandte Gebiete

Z NATURFORSCH B Zeitschrift Fur Naturforschung. Teil C. Biochemie, Biophysik, Biologie, Virologie Z NATURFORSCH [C] Zeitschrift Fur Naturwissenschaftlich-Medizinische Grundlagenforschung Z NATURWISS MED GRUNDLAGENFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Neurologie Z NEUROL Zeitschrift Fur Orthopadie Und Ihre Grenzgebiete Z ORTHOP IHRE GRENZGEB Zeitschrift Fur Parasitenkunde Z PARASITENKD Zeitschrift Fur Physiotherapie Z PHYSIOTHER Zeitschrift Fur Plastische Chirurgie Z PLAST CHIR Zeitschrift Fur Praktische Anasthesie Und Wiederbelebung Z PRAKT ANASTH Zeitschrift Fur Praktische Anasthesie, Wiederbelebung Und Intensivtherapie Z PRAKT ANASTH WIEDERBELEB INTENSIVTHER Zeitschrift Fur Praventivmedizin. Revue De Medecine Preventive Z PRAVENTIVMED Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie Mit Zeitschrift Fur Angewandte Psychologie Z PSYCHOL Z ANGEW PSYCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Psychosomatische Medizin Und Psychoanalyse Z PSYCHOSOM MED PSYCHOANAL Zeitschrift Fur Psychotherapie Und Medizinische Psychologie Z PSYCHOTHER MED PSYCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Rechtsmedizin. Journal of Legal Medicine Z RECHTSMED Zeitschrift Fur Rheumaforschung Z RHEUMAFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Rheumatologie Z RHEUMATOL Zeitschrift Fur Stomatologie Z STOMATOL Zeitschrift Fur Tierphysiologie, Tierernahrung Und Futtermittelkunde Z TIERPHYSIOL TIERERNAHR FUTTERMITTELKD

Zeitschrift Fur Tierpsychologie Z TIERPSYCHOL Zeitschrift Fur Tierzuchtung Und Zuchtungsbiologie Z TIERZUECHT ZUECHTUNGSBIOL Zeitschrift Fur Tropenmedizin Und Parasitologie Z TROPENMED PARASITOL Zeitschrift Fur Tuberkulose Und Erkrankungen Der Thoraxorgane Z TUBERK ERKR THORAXORG Zeitschrift Fur Unfallchirurgie Und Versicherungsmedizin Z UNFALLCHIR VERSICHERUNGSMED Zeitschrift Fur Unfallchirurgie, Versicherungsmedizin Und Berufskrankheiten Z UNFALLCHIR VERSICHERUNGSMED BERUFSKR Zeitschrift Fur Unfallmedizin Und Berufskrankheiten Z UNFALLMED BERUFSKR Zeitschrift Fur Urologie Und Nephrologie Z UROL NEPHROL Zeitschrift Fur Vererbungslehre Z VERERBUNGSL Zeitschrift Fur Versuchstierkunde Z VERSUCHSTIERKD Zeitschrift Fur Vitamin- Hormon- Und Fermentforschung Z VITAM HORM FERMENTFORSCH Zeitschrift Fur Wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie Und Fur Mikroskopische Technik Z WISS MIKROSK Zeitschrift Fur Zellforschung Und Mikroskopische Anatomie Z ZELLFORSCH MIKROSK ANAT Zentralblatt Fur Allgemeine Pathologie Und Pathologische Anatomie ZENTRALBL ALLG PATHOL Zentralblatt Fur Arbeitsmedizin Und Arbeitsschutz ZENTRALBL ARBEITSMED Zentralblatt Fur Arbeitsmedizin, Arbeitsschutz Und Prophylaxe ZENTRALBL ARBEITSMED ARBEITSSCHUTZ PROPHYL Zentralblatt Fur Arbeitsmedizin, Arbeitsschutz, Prophylaxe Und Ergonomie ZENTRALBL ARBEITSMED ARBEITSSCHUTZ PROPHYL ERGONOMIE Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie Und Hygiene. Serie B, Umwelthygiene,

Krankenhaushygiene, Arbeitshygiene, Praventive Medizin ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL MIKROBIOL HYG [B] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie, Und Hygiene. Series a, Medical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Virology, Parasitology ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL MIKROBIOL HYG [A] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie Und Hygiene. 1. Abt. Originale a, Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Infektionskrankheiten Und Parasitologie ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL MIKROBIOL HYG [A] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie Und Hygiene. 1. Abt. Originale B, Hygiene ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL MIKROBIOL HYG [B] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Erste Abteilung Originale. Reihe a: Medizinische Mikrobiologie Und Parasitologie ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL [ORIG A] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Erste Abteilung Originale. Reihe B: Hygiene, Betriebshygiene, Praventive Medizin ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL [B] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Erste Abteilung Originale. Reihe B: Hygiene, Praventive Medizin ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL [ORIG B] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Zweite Naturwissenschaftliche Abt.: Allgemeine, Landwirtschaftliche Und Technische Mikrobiologie ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL PARASITENKD INFEKTIONSKR HYG Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. Zweite Naturwissenschaftliche Abteilung: Mikrobiologie Der Landwirtschaft Der Technologie Und Des Umweltschutzes ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL NATURWISS Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten Und Hygiene. 1. Abt. Medizinisch-Hygienische Bakteriologie, Virusforschung Und Parasitologie. Originale ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL [ORIG] Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie. 1. Abt. Originale. a: Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Infektionskrankheiten Und Parasitiologie ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL A Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie. 1. Abt. Originale. B: Hygiene, Krankenhaushygiene, Betriebshygiene, Praventive Medizin ZENTRALBL BAKTERIOL [B] Zentralblatt Fur Biologische Aerosolforschung ZENTRALBL BIOL AEROSOLFORSCH Zentralblatt Fur Chirurgie

ZENTRALBL CHIR Zentralblatt Fur Gynakologie ZENTRALBL GYNAKOL Zentralblatt Fur Hygiene Und Umweltmedizin ZENTRALBL HYG UMWELTMED Zentralblatt Fur Mikrobiologie ZENTRALBL MIKROBIOL Zentralblatt Fur Neurochirurgie ZENTRALBL NEUROCHIR Zentralblatt Fur Pathologie ZENTRALBL PATHOL Zentralblatt Fur Phlebologie ZENTRALBL PHLEBOL Zentralblatt Fur Veterinarmedizin. Reihe a ZENTRALBL VETERINARMED A Zentralblatt Fur Veterinarmedizin. Reihe B ZENTRALBL VETERINARMED [B] Zentralblatt Fur Veterinarmedizin. Reihe C: Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia ZENTRALBL VETERINARMED [C] Zfa. Zeitschrift Fur Allgemeinmedizin ZFA (STUTTGART) Zfa. Zeitschrift Fur Alternsforschung ZFA Zhurnal Eksperimentalnoi I Klinicheskoi Meditsiny ZH EKSP KLIN MED Zhurnal Evoliutsionnoi Biokhimii I Fiziologii ZH EVOL BIOKHIM FIZIOL Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii I Immunobiologii ZH MIKROBIOL EPIDEMIOL IMMUNOBIOL Zhurnal Nevrologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova ZH NEVROL PSIKHIATR IM S S KORSAKOVA Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni S. S. Korsakova ZH NEVROPATOL PSIKHIATR IM S S KORSAKOVA Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii ZH OBSHCH BIOL Zhurnal Ushnykh, Nosovykh I Gorlovykh Boleznei ZH USHN NOS GORL BOLEZN

Zhurnal Voprosy Neirokhirurgii Imeni N. N. Burdenko ZH VOPR NEIROKHIR IM N N BURDENKO Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni I. P. Pavlova ZH VYSSH NERV DEIAT IM I P PAVLOVA Zimbabwe Nurse ZIMBABWE NURSE Zimbabwe Rhodesia Nurse ZIMBABWE RHOD NURSE Zobozdravstveni Vestnik ZOBOZDRAV VESTN Zoological Science ZOOLOG SCI Zoonoses Research ZOONOSES RES Zuchthygiene ZUCHTHYGIENE Zwr ZWR Zygote ZYGOTE 1199 Eleven Ninety-Nine News 1199 NEWS