Twinkling and Cavorting

Janette's 50th Birthday Adventure Niagara Falls 2014

Tuesday January 7th, 2014 On Sunday night I was sitting on the toilet straining over the Bowel Movement rom !ell" #$T is this% & pineapple%%%%"""' I grunted( I swear i) I ever *ass this thing I+ll have it ,ron-ed to use as a *a*erweight( Or ,etter still, throw a shower and hand out .igars" $hile this may sound li/e TMI it was only that within the ne0t minute or so when the weather re*ort .ame on the radio, it literally sho./ed the shit out o) me"" There they were, the two dirtiest words in the 1nglish language2 FREEZING RAIN!!!! “BOOOOO!!! BOOOO!!! BOOOOO!! WE DON'T NEED THIS!!!” I roared angrily( $e had already had our share o) unwanted drama over the 3hristmas holidays due to more than our share o) unusually horrendous weather this season( In )a.t the wee/end ,e)ore 3hristmas had to ,e one o) the worst i.e storms in history" Thousands o) households were without *ower, some )or an entire wee/ or even longer" 4ave and I were among the lu./y ones( Ours was only out )or 27 hours, Janette+s household )or even longer( Still it was long enough to wrea/ total havo. to our usual routines( 4ave and I , weathered the storm ,y hi,ernating through it, literally living in our ,eds to stay warm( $e had , lost an entire day( That and mu.h o) the )ood in our )ridge( 5oor Janette was le)t home alone at her *la.e while the rest o) her household too/ o)) to 6ewmar/et without her" 7esterday was my )irst day ,a./ at s.hool and the weather was so ,ad I should have stayed home in the )irst *la.e( But I )elt o,ligated to at least *ut in an a**earan.e and )ind out i) I+d ,e missing anything im*ortant, /nowing I+d ,e away )or most o) the wee/( It was too sli**ery to wal/ to s.hool so I stood there )ree-ing while I waited )or the ,us( $hen I rang )or my sto*, instead o) sto**ing at the .orner near the s.hool li/e it sometimes does )or students, the ,us went right to the ne0t sto* in )ront o) the Senior+s 3entre so I had a longer wal/" 28 The moment I set )oot on the sidewal/ on the .orner nearest to the s.hool my )eet nearly went right out )rom under me 9ust as a .ar turned the .orner right ,ehind me( I s.reamed" I) I had )allen I would have landed on my ,a./ with my head on the road and it would have ,een .rushed li/e a walnut ,y that .ar that was turning( I was livid" I ran to the *rin.i*al+s o))i.e in tears e0*laining what ha**ened to me( I should ,e grate)ul I wasn+t hurt ,ut I was angry that anything li/e this had to ha**en in the )irst *la.e( &t least they were ni.e a,out the situation and said they would .all the .ity )or me to *ut more salt on the sidewal/( :n)ortunately, I still .ouldn+t .o*e in .lass( That in.ident had *retty mu.h totaled my ,ase *oints and I was 9ust too agitated to .on.entrate on my s.hool wor/( I don+t really li/e the stained glass *ro9e.t anyway( I hate the way the .ello*hane sti./s to my s.issors and the low ,udget glue sti./s sti./ to everything e0.e*t what it+s su**osed to( I had rea.hed sensory overload and everything around me was too loud( I had to 9ust dro* everything and go home" I s*ent most o) yesterday wor/ing on my ;uilt )or my summative *ro9e.t, however I was u* and down o)ten to /ee* *utting stu)) in my suit.ase( &t least I+d )i0ed the elasti. on my slee* mas/ and mended my tur;uoise tra./ *ants( I+d *honed Janette when I got home to tell her what had ha**ened( $e s*o/e again during her lun.h ,rea/ as usual( The day had ,een going slow )or ,oth o) us( &t least I a.tually sle*t ;uite well last night and had no *ro,lem getting u* this morning( I had to yell at the .a, driver though" There was 6O $&7 I was wal/ing on that i.y driveway" The whole *oint o) .alling a .a, was so I wouldn+t have to wal/ on anymore i.y *avement" I am on the <o Train now and the seat a.ross )rom me is em*ty ,e.ause there is no room in e0.e*t

)or in )ront o) my legs )or this stu*id suit.ase( It won+t )it under my seat either( #$hy don+t you 9ust *ut it on the other seat in )ront o) you%' the lady ne0t to me as/ed( #I) I do that someone will yell at me(' I re*lied( #I+ve ,een there ,e)ore" The last thing I need today is anyone yelling at me today or I+ll 5:63! +em"' #<ood )or you(' I thin/ I+ll 9ust .hill )or now until I get to :nion( I had le)tover *i--a )or ,rea/)ast and t is re*eating on me( &t least the train is e0*ress )rom here so I don+t have to worry a,out anyone else getting on( 8:00 pm It was e0a.tly 12 hours ago Janette and I met at the ,us station( It )eels li/e so long ago sin.e this morning, getting o)) the train at :nion and navigating my way through that nightmarish ,ottlene./ o) the .rowd going down all those horrendous stairs to the su,way with all that .onstru.tion going on( &nd I had to ,e on one o) those new u,er trains where there+s nothing to hang onto when I was trying to get o))( The .on.ourse at the &trium on Bay seemed to stret.h )orever( $hen I rea.hed the ,us terminal the #u*' es.alator was .losed )or re*airs, o) .ourse, so I was glad I )ound an elevator( The lady who got into the elevator with me was telling me that the es.alator has ,een li/e that )or the last SI= MO6T!S"""" $hen Janette and I went to the .ounter to *ay )or our ,us ti./ets we ,atted ,a./ and )orth li/e *ing *ong ,alls( The ne0t ,us le)t at >200 ,ut the only de*artures )or the 9ourney home were 11200 and 224?( The other ,us didn+t leave until >2@0( $e wanted to get going as soon as *ossi,le so we de.ided we+d 9ust get oneAway ti./ets and ,uy our return ti./ets se*arately on the day we go home( The whole situation made us )eel /ind o) irrita,le and I )elt li/e I was dying o) thirst so I had to ,uy a ,ottled water( The ,us tri* )elt li/e it too/ )orever( <o )igure, I must have around eight thousand songs on my M5@ *layer ,ut I was in a don+tAwantAthisAdon+tAwantAthat mood" $hen we )inally arrived at the 6iagara ,us terminal we didn+t waste any time( $e immediately ho**ed into a .a, and made our way to the 3om)ort Inn( &s we un*a./ed we had a ,last showing ea.h other all the glit-y *arty stu)) we ,ought and ,lew u* several ,alloons( Janette had ,rought some o) those wild and .ra-y ,alloons we used to get the giggles over in .ollege, the /ind with a /not at the ti* that ma/e a loud ,u--ing sound as they )ly through the air( I tried to do.ument as mu.h o) our silliness and merriment as *ossi,le on video with my .amera(

htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCiB1DE77J0vIF)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC1-*!/h$en70F)eatureCyoutu(,e

$e were ,oth *retty hungry ,y then too so we were glad that the end o) this hallway leads to Gelsey+s( Brea/)ast must have ,een at least si0 hours ago( 6o wonder we were so hungry( $e sat there and en9oyed our .o))ee( Janette had the Heu,en rolls and I had the shrim* ta.os( or dessert Janette had the a**le .ris* and I had the dee* )ried Mars ,ar( $hile we were waiting )or our meals, .olour)ul musi. was *laying and our .ritters got the sillies( $addle and Tralala ,rea/ dan.ed on the ta,le2 htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC<1G!20s$ I&F)eatureCyoutu(,e &nd then $addle had to start a .ongaAline2 htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCtBn0J*1./r1F)eatureCyoutu(,e The rest o) the a)ternoon )eels li/e a ,lur" The )irst thing we did was loo/ )or that 9ewelery store where I had ,ought all those .olour)ul earrings on our last tri* ,ut it was .losed so we made our way to Sauer+s drug store where they have that huge gi)t sho* in the ,asement( That *la.e has always ,een there( &)ter the gi)t sho* we made our way to the S/y $heel and en9oyed a ride(

The view was s*e.ta.ular( I too/ some video )ootage and some gorgeous *hotos o) our surroundings( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCA.Hua@4J/10F)eatureCyoutu(,e


$e , dri)ted along 3li)ton !ill, em*tying our *o./ets hither and yonder( The <reat 3anadian Midway was a ,last( Janette treated me to a ride on the <host Blaster( $e had a great time shooting at all the ghosties and ghoulies in our *ath( Then we went on this ama-ing &) Sa)ari simulator ride( It )lung us around all over the *la.e( I .an+t remem,er the last time I laughed and s.reamed so mu.h" $e saw this ama-ing .ontra*tion while we were there too2 htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC34MJ;9dMi0IF)eatureCyoutu(,e

$e meandered )rom one gi)t sho* to the ne0t until we made our way to the !ershey outlet to ,uy our .u*.a/es( The weather was starting to get ,ad again( It was getting .older again and the snow was really )alling hard( It almost reminded me o) when we were here ten years ago and it had suddenly snowed so heavily that we were u* to our /nees in less than 10 minutes( I seem to have ,ought a lot o) treats )or my hu,,y on this tri*( In one o) the stores I ,ought him a magnet that says #7&7" B:TT1H"' and in another sho* I ,ought him a .ute toy motor.y.le sha*ed li/e a *ig dressed in ,i/er gear(

Su.h a thing would also loo/ *retty .ool as a .arousel animal, I thought to mysel)( &t the same *la.e I+d ,ought the ,i/er *ig motor.y.le, Janette and I ,ought ,ase,all .a*s with .olour)ul #.oil' designs to wear on our 6ew 7or/ tri*( I ,ought 4ave a similar hat in ,lue and shades o) orange and yellow( In the sho* where I had ,ought 4ave the #7&7" B:TT1H"' magnet there was a whole series o) #7&7' magnetsK #7&7" 6I&<&H& &LLS"' #7&7" HO&4 THI5S"' #7&7" S!O1S"' #7&7" BOOBI1S"' #7&7" B&BI1S"' 5ersonally I thin/ there ought to ,e one that says #BOO" B&BI1S"' ,ut that+s ,esides the *oint( & .ou*le with a new,orn had to start hovering around near us at the !ershey outlet when we were at the .he./out .ounter( Than/ <od it didn+t start .rying around us( $e didn+t )an.y the long wal/ u* 3li)ton !ill in this .old weather so the .ashier .alled a .a, to ta/e us u* to Boston 5i--a( It was ni.e and *ea.e)ul in there too and we were *ro,a,ly the only .ustomers in there )or the tie ,eing( Janette en9oyed the ri,s and I had the sea)ood linguini( I was too )ull to )inish it so I let her hel* hersel) to all the *asta she wanted( $hen it was time to go, she )ound hersel) sidetra./ed ,y one o) the ar.ade games and s*ent MD trying to win hersel) a stu))ed )rog""" The hotel wasn+t )ar ,ut the wal/ )elt long ,e.ause it was so .old and we were getting so tired( $hen we rea.hed the hotel we 9ust had to sit down )or several minutes in some .om)y .hairs ,y the )ire*la.e in the )oyer ,e)ore *ro.eeding the rest o) the way to our room( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC34MJ;9dMi0IF)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC!6:TI N1vAIF)eatureCyoutu(,e

&t least the *aint smell had died down ,y now( Several rooms on the way to ours were ,eing *ainted this wee/ and they were 9ust )inishing u* )or the day when we+d )irst arrived( On.e ,a./ in our room, Janette showed me more ,irthday sur*rises and handed me a ,ag o) goodies in.luding a *ur*leAhaired doll and a *ur*le i5od already )ully .harged with several songs( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCM1v;H-hBJ!&F)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCIv7&5EG/)>4F)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC!J17v7D$@NoF)eatureCyoutu(,e

I+m tired ,ut it+s a good /ind o) tired( I a.tually )eel /ind o) s*a.ey( My hands and )eet are /illing me and my li*s are .ha**ed )rom ,lowing u* so many ,alloons( It )eels good to laugh as mu.h as we have today( I never did get to the *ool today ,ut I thin/ I want to ta/e a ,ath a)ter all ,e.ause my hair )eels greasy and I want to soothe my a.hing hands and )eet( &nd now it+s my turn to .ontri,ute to the stin/ in the ,athroom( Trust me, there+s ,een a lot o) toilet humour on this tri* and a lot o) ,ur* and )art 9o/es" Some things never .hange( It+s ama-ing how so mu.h o) our tri* has )elt li/e old times when we were ,a./ in .ollege ,eing /ids again" Then again, did we ever really grow u* in the )irst *la.e% Meh, growing u* is overArated" htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCyMIO31N)AuwF)eatureCyoutu(,e Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 HAPPY BIRTDHAY JA !TT! I )elt so la-y this morning" But Janette was e0.ited and .ould hardly wait to get going" On.e I managed to drag mysel) out o) ,ed we got dressed and headed out )or the ,rea/)ast ,u))et( There was a moment o) drama when I thought I+d ,ro/en the wa))le ma/er( It turns out we+d )orgotten to s*ray it( O) .ourse we )orgot" There were no instru.tions telling us to do so in the )irst *la.e( On.e the lady who wor/s there got the wa))le irons )i0ed )or us we got to en9oy them made the right way a)ter all( $e had a ta,le ,y the window overloo/ing the *ool and there were re*airmen who a**eared to ,e )i0ing something and ta/ing their sweet time dawdling while they .hatted and too/ turns loo/ing at something on an i5hone( I was ,eginning to dou,t i) I+d get to use the *ool at all on this tri*( I )inished ,rea/)ast ,e)ore Janette and headed ,a./ to our room on my own as/ing at the )ront des/ a,out the *ool( I was in)ormed that they were 9ust doing routine maintenan.e wor/ and the *ool would li/ely ,e o*en at >200 as usual( Ba./ at the room I allowed mysel) some time to veg out )or awhile until Janette returned and then I too/ some )ootage o) her o*ening her .ards( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCETSOw1yGs?sF)eatureCyoutu(,e

$e then allowed ourselves some time o) silliness *laying with ,alloons( I wish I .ould reAena.t that *i.ture o) mysel) as a toddler with those ,alloon #ra,,it ears' on my head, ,ut the only sausageA sha*ed ,alloons we have are the long s/inny ones used )or ma/ing ,alloon animals and I need a *um* )or those( I .an+t ,low them u* ,y mouth the way my )riend 4oo4oo the .lown .an(

1"## $W% htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC&;)y=Ivs0y7F)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCIAlB0)ETh0IF)eatureCyoutu(,e Still )eeling draggy, I le)t the hotel with Janette and we made our way down 3li)ton !ill( $e were glad to ,e doing our attra.tions in the morning a)ter all( Janette wanted to *o* into the drugstore to get a .o*y o) the *a*er( $e headed )or the Ho./ Legends gi)t sho* ,ut it was only o*en on wee/ends this time o) year( Just as well, less tem*tation to s*end( It+s usually ,een my tradition to ,uy a GISS TA shirt there and on our last tri* I+d ,ought mysel) a GISS hoodie"

$e then headed )or the :*sideA4own !ouse ,ut the street going towards it loo/ed more and more deserted and trea.herous( O,viously that was .losed too( $e wound our way down 3li)ton !ill( So many * were .losed, .losed, .losed( &t least we )ound a gi)t sho* ,ut it wouldn+t ,e o*en until 11200( So we made our way to the ar.ade( or several minutes all we did was 9ust sit there listening to the sounds and wat.hing the .olour)ul lights until we eventually gave into tem*tation and ,ought several to/ens( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC6aE!OoidvA/F)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCI2d<LhHD4H:F)eatureCyoutu(,e htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCL1vTe!l,N0:F)eatureCyoutu(,e &nd then we *layed several games( Janette tried one where there was a dis*lay o) *ri-es on a revolving ra./ and the idea was to sto* them )rom s*inning at the e0a.t moment the row o) lights aligns with the arrow where the #railway station' is( I *retty mu.h stu./ to the #s*inner' games( It+s *retty mu.h im*ossi,le to win 100 ti./ets or more in one shot( There is only one thin line )or the arrow to sto* on and only )our ti./ets awarded on ea.h side o) that line( In the end I had around 1E0 ti./ets so I .ashed mine in )or a ,ag o) mar,les and several smileyA)a.e ,alls( $e then )ound a row o) .om)y .hairs in )ront o) a huge window that overloo/ed the alls 9ust ,eyond Oa/s <arden Theatre( It was so ,eauti)ul and *ea.e)ul that we 9ust sat there rela0ing )or several minutes en9oying the view as the ar.ade games ,ee*ed and war,led in the ,a./ground( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC9;rEi!*5?7gF)eatureCyoutu(,e

htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vC/<$sylLJMt1F)eatureCyoutu(,e I en9oyed hearing the !awaiian musi. and .ommentary emitting )rom a near,y S*onge,o, S;uare*ants game( It was one o) those moments o) *er)e.tion a/in to the time we )ound those *ea.e)ul seats at the Minolta Tower ,a./ on our 2010 tri*( The nearest washroom was at the Hain)orest 3a)e and on my way ,a./ I was sidetra./ed ,y the huge a;uarium )ull o) so many a,solutely gorgeous .olour)ul )ish( I too/ more video )ootage as I wat.hed them swim around( htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCSI>g:ws1ao0F)eatureCyoutu(,e

htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCLEO!=4:II&gF)eatureCyoutu(,e Then when I got ,a./ to my seat it was Janette+s turn( #Just loo/ )or a door with a ,ig *i.ture o) a .him*an-ee(' I instru.ted her( $hen Janette returned we sat and en9oyed the view )or 9ust a )ew more minutes ,e)ore we *ried ourselves out o) our seats and moseyed on over to that gi)t sho* we+d ,een loo/ing at earlier( <o )igure( :nder normal, who would ,e stu*id enough to ,low M7(00 on what+s , a tu,e o) )lavoured sugar"% I guess 6iagara has that e))e.t on *eo*le and I was one o) them( I still have *lenty le)t( Janette ,ought a .ute, .olour)ul little *urse with a tiny stu))ed uni.orn in it( She /e*t the *urse and gave me the uni.orn( I ,ought a ,la./ TAshirt with a .olour)ul gra*hi. li/e Janette had ,ought on one o) her *revious tri*s and I ,ought 4ave a magnet with .olour)ul @A4 tro* )ish( I admit I li/e it mysel) ,ut i) it+s )or him we .an ,oth loo/ at it( <o )igure, our )ridge is getting .overed with so many magnets )rom our travels( The last *la.e we went ,e)ore lun.h was that gi)t sho* near the S/y $heel( Janette had ,een admiring these .olour)ul glit-y Minnie Mouse dolls yesterday so she ,ought one )or ea.h o) usK a *in/ one )or her and a *ur*le one )or me(

$e then headed ,a./ to Gelsey+s )or our lun.h( On your ,irthday you get a H11 dee*A)ried Mars ,ar )or dessert( Today I ordered the .hi./en .orn .howder and Janette had the ,a.onA,a.on Go,, salad( Our hearts san/ as we loo/ed out the window and saw a .ou*le heading u* the street with a ,a,y in a stroller( $e des*erately ho*ed they were 6OT .oming in !1H1""" #Gee* going, /ee* right on goingP' we muttered as they seemed to s*end an eternity .atting on the .orner ,e)ore they .rossed at the light towards our .orner o) the street( I .ould see the motion o) the door o*ening ,ut .ouldn+t see who was a.tually entering the ,uilding( #Oh noooo"' we ,oth groaned( Seriously, we+d have a notAsoA small )ortune i) we .ould ,e reim,ursed )or every meal in our *ast that+s ,een ruined ,y “WAAAAA! WAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!” Just then the .ou*le with the stroller -oomed *ast our window( I threw my )ists in the air and shouted

“YESSS!!!” as they trundled on *ast us( $e were grate)ul to en9oy our meal IN PEACE!!!! I /new I wanted to go swimming when we returned to the hotel and I was telling Janette I+ve always s.o))ed at that idea o) waiting an hour a)ter eating ,e)ore going swimming( I+d always thought it was one o) those * o) *ro*aganda thought u* ,y *aranoid *arents to ,e *arty *oo*ers( $hen you+re a /id, that hour ,etween eating and swimming is The Longest !our o) 7our Li)e" But when I started e0* 6ature+s 3all I remem,ered what I+d ,een musing a,out ,a./ in 2012 when I was en9oying the *ool in Mi.higan( The wait one hour a)ter eating thing was a.tually thought u* ,y * *arents to *revent *ool *oo*ing" &nd I G61$ I had to allow mysel) ade;uate time )or digestion ,e)ore I too/ the *lunge( So we 9ust rested here )or awhile ,e)ore ma/ing our way ,a./ to the *ool( Janette didn+t go in the water this time( She 9ust .ame along to /ee* me .om*any( I *lunged in and the water was FREEZING COLD!!!! Swimming la*s was out o) the ;uestion( &ll I .ould do was 9ust stay in one *la.e treading water )or several minutes( I+m not sure how long I was in there ,ut it )elt li/e long enough ,e)ore I got out and went into the hot tu," The hot tu, )elt so good I did not want to get out ,ut I /new I had to sooner or later( I /new nature was .alling again already( It seemed li/e a long, .old wal/ )rom the ste*s to where the towels were sta./ed so I had to as/ Janette to hand me a towel as I ste**ed out o) the hot tu,( $e then went ,a./ to our room and this is where we+ve ,een ever sin.e until we go out again( Ar&und 8:00 pm Tried to have a ,it o) a na*( My hands were /illing me and my legs a.hed li/e hell )rom the /nees down( I )elt a ,it ,etter a)ter Janette gave me a .ou*le as*irins( #I don+t want to ,e a *artyA*oo*er((' she ,egan( #O/ay, let+s hear it(' I re*lied Together we de.ided let+s not go to Margaritaville a)ter all( $hen she made the suggestion it did not ,other me( I was o/ay with 9ust staying here and having our ,irthday .ele,ration )east at Gelsey+s( $e did SO 6OT )eel li/e *utting our .oats and ,oots ,a./ on and ta/ing a ta0i all the way u* there and ,a./( In )a.t we were o/ay with doing the same thing here that we would have done there anywayK 9ust sharing s0ome a**eti-ers and having a )ew drin/s( $e ended u* 9ust sharing two a**eti-ers,K *o*.orn shrim* and loaded na.hos, and only one drin/ ea.h( I had the traditional lime Margarita and Janette tried a *ea.h dai;uiri( $e didn+t )eel the need to get salu,riously sla-o--led a)ter all( So mu.h )or our visions o) *artying li/e a .ou*le o) ro./ stars" O/ay with me( It was ni.e to 9ust mellow out and en9oy the .olour)ul musi. that was *laying( I was getting the sillies tal/ing a,out synaesthesia" #That singer has a ,right orange voi.e"' I said #&nd this musi. sounds li/e )lashing green and yellow wantAaA tins"' 8our word )or .he./er,oardsQ #&nd these vo.als have an indigo sound"' I assure you I was 6OT stoned( <otta love synaesthesia"" $e had thought o) going )or one more ride on the S/y $heel a)ter dinner ,ut de.ided not to( $e 9ust didn+t )an.y the thought o) *utting on all our gear and venturing ,a./ out into the .old( I thin/ we were ,eing guided, we were ,eing *rote.ted )rom something( Janette was loo/ing really tired and )elt li/e shed+ had more than one drin/ even though she hadn+t( $e )elt li/e we might ,e grum*y i) we stayed out any later and the wal/ ,a./ to our hotel would ,e really treadmilly( &)ter we got the waiter to ta/e our *i.ture together we were glad to get ,a./ to our room( I )ind I+m *a./ing my stu)) ever so gradually and my )ingers are /illing me again( I do SO 6OT 6114 T!IS"" I+ve

got I:ILTS TO 1MBHOI41H" I+ve got an 1M5IH1 TO 3O6I:1H"" It s my *ur*ose in li)e to S5H1&4 3&HO:S1L 1N1H O61 STIT3! &T & TIM1"""" Besides the last thing I need is to get the shits at the to* o) the S/y $heel( I thin/ my digestive system has ,een in a ,it o) an u*roar )rom all the e0.itement lately( These *ast .ou*le wee/s have ,een a real emotional rollerA.oaster and these *ast .ou*le days have ,een )ull o) laughs and eu*horia( Thursday, January "th, 2014 124? *m $hew" &nother 6iagara tri* .ome and gone" &nother whirlwind adventure to go down in history( The worst *art o) the 9ourney is over( I am so glad to ,e on the train and grate)ul )or the )a.t that .hivalry is not yet dead( <od ,less the ni.e young man who hel*ed .arry my suit.ase the rest o) the way u* that huge )light o) stairs( Ba./tra./ing to this morning Janette was awa/e ,e)ore I was and a ,it more eager to get going( She was .onsidera,ly hungrier too( I , )elt .atatoni.( $e managed to get dressed and ma/e our way to the ,rea/)ast ,u))et and I )elt ;uite da-ed and -om,ieAli/e as I navigated my way around( I was so thirsty that ,e)ore anything else the )irst thing I did was gra, a glass o) orange 9ui.e( This time I remem,ered to s*ray so I had a *er)e.t wa))le )or today+s ,rea/)ast( I was in slow motion this morning ,ut I went ,a./ to our room )irst to start *a./ing ,e)ore Janette did( I )ound I had to remove everything )rom my ,ag and start over again( I )olded and s*read my dirty laundry )lat along the ,ottom and .overed it with my sarong in order to ma/e more room )or everything( I se*arated all the ,itty stu)) )rom the ,ul/y stu))( The *ro,lem is ,itty stu)) ,e.omes ,ul/y when there+s enough o) it( Somehow I managed to get everything in my ,ag((8Insert Tetris theme musi. here((((Q htt*2BBwww(youtu,e(.omBwat.h%vCMl0?,$,@tD. ,ut it too/ even longer )or Janette to *a./ her suit.ase( She had so many *arty de.orations and other stu)) that it was li/e a .lown .ar in reverse" I don+t ,lame her )or ta/ing her time and having to ta/e several ,rea/s( I also dis.overed more ar.ade ti./ets in the *o./et o) my hoodie( I) only I+d /nown they were there yesterday I .ould have .ashed them in )or a ,igger and ,etter *ri-e" Oh well, I don+t thin/ they really e0*ire( May,e I .an use them ne0t time( I+ll 9ust *ut them in my #$here+s $aldo' tin when I get home( It+s IM5OSSIBL1 to .ome home )rom 6iagara without lugging home another TO6 O 3H&5""" ':00 pm I+m home let the ,ells ring and the ,anners )ly" &nd I am very than/)ul )or yet another wonder)ul /indred s*irit who hel*ed me .arry my ,ag )rom the train to the ta0i( This lady doesn+t drive either so she /nows what it+s li/e having to lug a lot o) stu)) around so we ea.h too/ a handle and wal/ed together( I .an+t ma/e u* my mind what to do )irst( I want to un*a./ and organi-e my gi)ts )or 4ave ,ut I also want to ta/e a na*, get something to eat and loaderi-e my stu)) on the .om*uter( Meanwhile I thin/ I need a )ew minutes 9ust to veg out and *ro.ess everything" The 9ourney home has ,een *leasant and *ea.e)ul and two o) my own songs a.tually .ame u* on my M5@ *layerK #Sad Songs' and # iddlededoo at the $hat.hama.allit(' !earing my own musi. made me )eel nostalgi. to 20 years ago when my )as.ination with the .hildren+s ro./ ,and GI41O ins*ired my songwriting *hase, whi.h in turn, ins*ired Janette and I to move to Toronto and start a new li)e(

Thus ,egan our @0+s( &nd our 40+s have 9ust -oomed ,y( I am )eeling ,oth nostalgi., yet e0.ited and *ositive a,out the )uture( May our ?0+s ,e a wondrous new season o) healing, rea*ing, and new ,eginnings"

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