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Somebody to love words and musie by Freddie Mercury Freely sop/ako ‘are. Grondman — mf Can any bo- dy. Bach morning I get up, 1 die s Ute inthe amir tor bare = ly stand on errr I] a — * ror and ery is ey eat, yeah 1 have spent all my years in be- le- ving you bu Cece r 3. Lond, what youre do-ing to me Aah ah a Lord, what you'e do- ing to ‘some tenors may join ates, ul » © 1976 by Quoea Musie Lid. voor Nederland: © 1994 ARCO Music Publishing EMI Musie Puaishing ilollsnd) BV Somebody te love, choral cove 1 Hengelo, Holland ~ Lt bien. J some- bo ~ dy some bo ~ dy some-to - dy some-be ~ dy one-body st the end of the ay hod card pay all 1 get down on my Arcee and ivi Somebody to love, choral score 2 Lif some. to ~ dy some-bo - dy some-bo - dy some-bo - dy e- = dy wants to pel me dow they aya 5 » yb ay ® heyy oe gt tat w= tee in yr. Somebody to love, choral score 5