Volunteer Needs: Support Group Facilitators KidsKamp and Tinsel and Tears volunteers Office helpers Fundraising event

committees Internship/Practicums Hope at the Hollow Hour Twice monthly, staff and volunteers present the Hope at the Hollow Hour. If you would like a tour of the facility while hearing stories about the work of Ted E. Bear Hollow, contact the office to save your spot for this inspiring program.

Family Testimonies: I have enjoyed the warm and open feeling of every event I have ever attended there. It is a place where you can share your feelings in a safe environment...a place where you can both laugh and cry while slowly working through the stages of grief. It was good to see my children remembering their father and making things that made them happy. We still have the flower pot that we made sitting on our dining room table. They also loved writing a message to him on the balloon and releasing it. We were at Ted E. Bear Hollow when the moment came that I knew our family would be fine because of the caring, encouragement and support we received there. I have a memory of my children eagerly waiting to tell of their experiences at TEBH after the groups ended. The 15 minute drive home went fast because each child had so much to share and most of the time the conversations were continued inside of our house. The children felt so comfortable to share of their journey in their healing process.

For more information or register, visit our website

or call (402) 502-2773. Ted E. Bear Hollow 7811 Farnam Drive Omaha, Nebraska 68114

For children, teens and adults who have experienced the death of a family member or friend.

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All family programs are provided FREE of charge, but families must register in advance to attend. Unless otherwise noted, all programs are for youth ages 3-18 accompanied by an adult caregiver. Please call the office or check our website for specific dates and times.
Monthly Support Groups
This group is open for families to attend at any time and is a great way to get started with our programs. A light breakfast is provided. Children and adults then work with trained facilitators in separate age/ developmental groups.

Camp Hope: A Retreat for Grieving Teens
This weekend overnight camp is a special program for teens who have attended TEBH programs with their families. Campers enjoy hanging out with other teens and participating in a variety of activities such as horseback riding, drumming, hiking, photography, and a campfire. All food and drinks for the weekend are provided.

YAG (Young Adult Group)
This is a special group for 19-40 year olds who have experienced a death, meeting on its own night separate from our family programs. This is an open group so that new members can join at any time.

AHA (Adults Helping Adults)
An 8-session group for adult caregivers who have already attended our 8-session family support groups. This group provides an opportunity for further support and education focused specifically on the caregiver. No children’s program provided.

Mission: Mend kids’ grieving hearts.

8-Session Support Groups
Series are held throughout the year in which the same families attend for all 8 sessions. Having the same people in your group provides comfort and security. Following a potluck meal, children and adults work with trained facilitators in separate age/ developmental groups.

Held in the spring, KidsKamp is an afternoon filled with crafts and activities to honor and remember special people who have died. Families work together with volunteers in this a fun, light-hearted camp.

Tinsel & Tears
This afternoon camp helps grieving families as they prepare for the holidays. Families work together with volunteers to make special holiday memories and crafts to honor the lives of those who have died.

Social Nights
Middle school and high school students who have participated in TEBH programs enjoy several social events throughout the year. These are fun opportunities to relax and hang out with other TEBH youth, meet new friends, and experience new activities.

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